Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2 things

1] It is a shame when I have to say that I am glad to hear that a rapper at age 33 dies of natural causes and not of gun shot wounds

2] My son’s favorite song when he first started to talk was “Pocket full of stones” by UGK.

Chad Butler, dead, dang. I used to only listen to three six mafia, UGK and 8ball and MJG when I was finishing my PhD. In the late 80’s and early 90s, that’s all we had in the dirty.


Anonymous said...

Good look - I'm old school too. Loved that album and SHORT TEXAS. These are Pimp C's lyrics from that song:

I don't give a fuck who you be,
You ain't 'bout to sell no fuckin' dope in P-A-T.
You can be Tony Montana in this bitch,
Have a boat-load of dope,
But ya still ain't sellin' shit.
'Cause we don't know ya face,
So I don't really figure...
We gon' let ya come up and sell dope in Texas, nigga.
See, you don't understand it's our muthafuckin' cuts,
So, steppin' like I said befo',
And take ya muthafuckin' nuts.
After the last nigga brought his fuckin' ass down,
Tryin' to sell that fuckin' dope that he bought in H-Town;
Couldn't sell in Houston, so I guess he figured,
I'ma go to Port Arthur and run them fuckin' niggas.
Brought his fuckin' gun,
Guess he shoulda bust...
So they took his shit, and put his dick in the dust.
Stupid-ass nigga had the nerve to come back,
Rollin' on them cuts in his white Cadillac.
Got to the block, and the guns just exploded,
Shot his car up with the 9, end of the clip, and didn't know it.
Sent a nigga home to his mama like a ho,
They jacked all his money,
And they stole all his doe.
Can't be trill in the Villa of the Trillas,
'Cause where I'm from, nigga,
House some muthafuckin' killas.
So, have yo shit attached, before you come check us...
Pimp C, bitch...P.A., home of Short Texas.

Sage said...

@ 33 dies of natural causes: natural causes at 33?! Scary.

Nic said...

Can't say I know dude, but it sucks to leave THAT early!


memphiz said...

It is a shame, because I was thinking it was going to be drug related. But dying from natural causes at 33 is crazy something just is not right.

MrsGrapevine said...

I think my original comment got lost in the blogger matrix.

@Memphiz: Dying at 33 of natural causes seems drug related to me. We all know what lean does to the system. Even if he quit.

I'm glad to see we have something in common. UGK & 8ball MJG brings back so many memories. I can tell you what I was doing when each album came out. My first 5 rap tapes were NWA - Straight Out of Compton; Too Short - Don't Fight the Feeling; Scarface - Mr. Scarface; UGK - Too Hard To Swallow; Geto (Ghetto) Boys

Yes, I was too young to be listening to these albums, but they sold them at the corner store for $5, bootleg, of course.

Kayos said...

Man! Natural causes?!? At 33?!? Wow. Makes me contemplate my own mortality. It's a shame.

I grew up listenin to these cats. He will be missed. Gosh! So young.

Anonymous said...

Texas rappers are dropping like flies. Big Moe died of a heart attack in October and he was only 33 yrs old too.

UGK is my favorite rap group next to Outkast. They are truly the underground kings.

RIP Chad aka Pimp C

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

preface - fplk, yawl know im an old school flip town, bluff city, one town cat - memphis and on that note.

Anon - thats my fav song, followed by ridin dirty

sage - it is only scary if u fear death, ill be 4-pound in dec on 22

nic - u should know, im sure u heard of big pimpin w jayZ , now ya know

memphiz - u right, and i kicked it wit theze cates in the early 90s they my folk

grapevine - read the preface

kayos - aint that the truth

sourthern gall - read this 10:13 AM
and C told me "i ws the first BT nigga he ever met with a phd "bonafied trill"

deepnthought said...

I am a fan of UGK. So, I was a little sad to hear it.

Sincere said...

That is crazy to be happy he died of natural causes as opposed to senseless violence.. I grew up in DC but I was a big UGK fan, probably the only one... I loved the fact that he spole his mind at all times no matter what! he will truly be missed... Oh yeah and I was able to add you to my homepage.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

deep - what a lot of folks dont knowis that he was a musician first. His pops was a professional trumpet player, and he studied classical music in high school and got the highest rating for his instrument - tenor sax, in his state. I was in the band from jr high to high school and could on get All stae B band (second level for precussion) so he was tight.

Sincere - u aint never lied and its a shame i had to think and say it

HerShoeAddiction said...

so natural causes

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this was some crazy news. I can not say that I am too much of a fan of UGK, but I am familiar with their work, especially with Bun B having made a lot of guest appearances on other rap artist's music.

This is a tragedy indeed. Thirty-three is very young to be passing due to "natural" causes, but like you said, it is better than hearing that he died over some crack overdose or gunshot wounds.
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Anonymous said...

Now, where's the connection to Ruby (the programming language) here?

Anonymous said...

Okay you have my interest piqued. I like your blog and the topics you cover. I will be checking you out again so consider your self blogrolled. By the way I am starting up my Writer of the month Series for the first of the year. I will be checking you out.

Much Love

Literary Felonies said...

Yeah, that rapper droppin' dead early thang, for whatever reason is unnerving, leading to all types of what/plot/scheme/method/machine/'re/they/gonna/whip/up/next/to/kill/kill/kill/murder/sui-homi/cide/my/brothas conspiracy theories.

UGK- one of my fav's!

Don said...

Short Texas was the bomb song. It turned alot of dudes in my old neighborhood out. And that was back then before the professionally hooked car systems. lol.

Pocket Full of Stones, One Day, High Life, Diamonds & Wood, Tell Me Something Good, Murder ... etc. All classics.

UGK are true Southern Rap pioneers.

I think maybe the codeine slowed his heart beat down over the years. Maybe they consider that as natural causes. I don't think there's any coincidence how other Tx rappers (syrup heavy set) like Big More and Dj Screw also died.

Lil Flip could be next.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lit fel - im with ya on that

ingrid - thanks for the drive by and good words

anon - joined a directory and selected all, my fault

marcus - get with the dirty, u missing out

hershoe - yep, natural causes

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Twin - I mean Don, aint that the truth, ridin dirty and the new joint w outkast

lea78 said...

i did a post about this the other day, I was devastated like i knew him personally. my 18 year old cuz was like"what's the big deal, he only had that one good song with Jay-Z Big Pimpin" I almost slapped the ish out of him. R U Crazy? Is my only response to him, I wish I still had a tape player b/c I still have their first record on tape. My fave songs has Front Back or Let Me See It, Hoodrat, man I can keep going on and on, but he said it best, One Day You're Hear and Then You Gone. rest in peace baby

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