Monday, January 19, 2009

I am a human being

I take this time to say to all of those who will personally take time to be a part of history – the romantic souls who brave the elements and wave on the steps of the Capitol and the Lincoln memorial, to soak in and live and appreciate being a part of history. Even those who were fortunate enough to stand along the rail tracks and hold their kids in their arms and just wave in admiration and respect to the rail cars that transported the President elect and guest to the stop block at Union station.

This is for me a proud time, for my love of history in person has never experienced such an event since the day I saw Memphis burn and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated as a 6 year old child. I take pride in this person as a man, as a father, albeit I am supra critical of him as a politician as I am all politicians that proclaim to serve the people first, over party and financial contributors. Yes the 44th president of this great country has inspired me and I hope he has inspired other, especially to be more than fanatics and drum beaters.

There will be no perfect union, but to dream of such is what is admired, unless it is only a dream deferred with folks anticipating one politician can do the job alone. Such a precept is feculent construct from beginning to end. So in DC be safe for terrorist do not care about cameras in every pole. Be careful on subways for terrorist think and read more than we do. And do watch the man or woman next to you, for just as folks coming to celebrate others are coming to rape, take and pillage. We must be able to realize that pick pockets and strong-arm robbers see large crowds when you may not; that one mans celebration is another mans pain.

I took some flack for the previous post, but I was taught that I would by my parents and grandparents who said that free thinkers make other think, even about things in times in which elation makes them ignore – for thinkers never forget. Obama has shown us that anything is possible, that thinkers are a dying breed but yet invaluable, and that elation can often get in the way of pragmatism: we can look at the populous when Hitler was elected to see such if history is of value to us. Yes I am a pragmatist that leans towards optimism but such does not abrogate my compassion and interest or concern. I was also taught that the reality we share with other, albeit not equal to truth – can offend those that want to hold back that which cannot be restrained – truth and time. For I write what I think and feel, objectively with intent to only express what I think for as I have written before, dick riding aint my thang, and I write my conscious as opposed to what I think people want to hear. I think writers do not care what other thinks of their thoughts for they will accept openly criticism and praise equally. . America is not in a vacuum; our economic problems show us such, as the manner in which the world celebrated when Obama was elected. We should honor this worldly applause and feel the pain abroad equally.

When I see the children in Gaza, I see my two kids, as a single parent that I love unconditionally and desire the best and no harm directed towards them. I see children, and although this inauguration is historic, I relic such yet feel pain for others, especially children who are thinking about things more important than a celebration. Life is not isolated for men, for your child is my child even if they are across the oceans. I am man, and I am a descendant of Africa, and I am American. But that aside, all of the aforementioned are secondary, for I am a human being first and foremost. As such I think human thoughts, and do not separate pain or elation over reality. Just because I am celebrating does not mean I think others are for in many cases they are not. I am human being first, what are you? For I can celebrate and feel pain at the same time. This is raw dawg buffalo, not cute lil kitty cat.


the prisoner's wife said...

i can dig it. i think lots of times, especially now, people are getting caught up in the hype (rightfully so), so the detriment of other issues. i saw Meet the Press yesterday & people were getting on Tavis because of his criticism of Obama. but on the real, such criticism is needed if he (or anyone) is to remain accountable. Tavis also mentioned that what makes presidents so great is that they have loud critics to push them. he mentioned Lincoln being great because of Fredrick Douglas' criticism, and asserted that there needs to be that person for Obama. and i agree.

fly tie said...

"Life is not isolated for men..."

feel you on this.
it always fascinates me how a lot of people seem to think the US of A is all there is. i like how you put the entire last paragraph.

also, i'd like to think thinkers are not a dying breed, but even in my interactions with people i'm close to and also in college (of all places) it was revealed to me/is being revealed to me that this apparently is the case. or else the thinkers just are not in my presence. but i can appreciate your capacity for thought.

Anonymous said...

You know if more people approached life with that mentality maybe we as people (not black people, but PEOPLE) would not be so about self and what the world is to provide for them. I am proud and happy that Barack is fulfilling a dream that many have thought would not be realized for a long time, however I've always learned to sleep with one eye open as you know the path to hell is paved with good intent. So while the intent is good, the outcome may lead us to peril. I see nothing wrong with criticism. It's like the government's system of checks and balances, so do humans in the form of critcism. We do not see the flaws in ourselves that others may see. We need more thinkers and innovators because without them we (meaning USA) will get left behind. Especially living in Los Angeles, its hard to find people who want to talk on the intellectual level. The "bling" mentality is entrenched here.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

"writers do not care what other thinks of their thoughts for they will accept openly criticism and praise equally" -same goes for art, the point is not what they think but THAT they think.

This was a beautifully executed post, I resonated with it deeply, thanks for sharing.

Dusty said...

Wonderful, wise words Torrance.

Thank you for them on this day when we honor a magnificent man who left us far too early because of ignorance and hatred.

nicki nicki tembo said...

definitely not cute lil kitty cat, lmao

Lovebabz said...

Human sufferring is not lost on me. I adopted 4 children who's stories would bring any grown person to tears. They have endured much at the hands of adults. Then trown into a foster care system that is underfunded both fiscally and spiritually.

I know something about human suffering. I was raped by my father and sold for sex to strangers for money. I know about human sufferring.

Every fucking day I know what I am destined to do. I am the lighthouse for 4 little souls who depend on ME. So I am comfortable with pragmatism. I know how to take care.

Love makes it all better. Love allows the heart to be light. It allows us to continue to do the necessary work. To uplift and support.

Shanming folks serves no purpose. Using others pain to make your point is not keeping it is callous. It is disrespectful to the those that were harmed.

I know first hand the mandness that is war. I have been a police commissioner and know all too well what violence and lack of community resources can do to a community. I know what war is...I, like many have lost family to wars.

I remain hopeful not in the ability of one man...but in the ability of one man to inspire US all to rise to the very best of our abilities. We are the ones who will SAVE!

I and those who feel like I do are no blinded by Obama as Saviour. Nor are we suggesting that all hope rests on him. We are a people of deep abiding faith. A faith that has carried us through the middle passage ...jim crow...civil rights...war on child left behind.

Your brillance is not because you are learned. But because you can see beyond the ordinary. You can see the linkage of history and current events. To use that gift and talent to be contrite and self a slap to those that have given their lives so that you can sit from the ivory tower and blog.

Instead of finding ways to insult and shame with your "keeping it real" mentality. Use your fine gifts to educate and illuminate. Sometimes we must step out of our sense of freedom and extend ourselves for the greater good.

But then it's your world and we are all but players upon the stage of raw dawg buffalo.

I love you inspite of your ignorance...know that.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

the prisoner's wifeso true and thank u maam

fly tie
i can tell u are a wondeful human being maam

thanks but most folk get upset and emotional when u dont see thing their way -id just rather respect their purview and leave at that

thank u sister

thank u maam, too bad most folk pick and choose as opposed to being consistent

nicki nicki tembo

its cool u can be emotional if u like

Lovebabz said...

Fuck YOU! How's that for emotion....

Strongblkwmn said...

This is indeed an exciting time and a wonderful thing to see, but we all know that there are two sides to every coin. No one is perfect, but it takes a hell of a man to put himself out there to be criticized and pushed, especially in this day and time.

Anonymous said...

What a simple but power post.

Jay said...

I find this post highly hypocritical...not moved or touched by it.

Anonymous said...


That post was rough. But, my Brother, "rough" is exactly what this country needs to snap out of its stupor.

Americans, especially the stupid assed oens who only get their knowledge from the TV, are lemmings and are at fault for not holding these lying, thieving, killing bastards accountable and responsible.

It is high time others (like me, for you know my blog cuts no slack for the complicit fools who call themselves Americans) say what needs to be said.

Snap the fuck out of it, people.

Wake up.

Brother, you keep being REAL.

Fuck 'em if they can't understand it.

(I'm not having my best day, as you can tell)

Anonymous said...

@Lovebabz, he isn't worth getting upset over or the stress...he is just a simple man wanting attention to sell some books, LOL!!!

Everwanting/Karen said...

Finally caught up with your last 2 posts.Thanks for not sugarcoating and speaking your mind.Yea,not everyone will agree with you,but that is kind of the point,right? I like to look at more than side of an issue and go from there. Keep on serving fresh food for thought and I'll keep coming back for more.

esin said...

@Lovebabz, well said, kudos, you've a new fan ~regards

... Martin Luther King
".. We mark the realization of social morays, društveni moral, with the names of the prophets of Man whom, for their witness, shepard those realizations as though having loosened a 200' tidal wave over the recesses and trespasses of our collective consciouness. Today many will remember a human rights icon; tomorrow will be a bittersweet reminder of a prophet of Man that had a dream.

... and throughout, it is ours to appreciate the progress while acknowledging the distance we have yet to make up... to aspire, hope.." ~regards, esin

Tony said...

Lovebabz, I'm feeling you on this, and I respect your actions.

Raw Dawg Buffalo, no words.

Garth Sullivan said...

c'mon dawg...

let the people celebrate one day...

it's been a long time coming, and not just obama... getting this criminal conspiracy out of the white house is cause for celebration all on its own.

ah agree that we need to keep our eye on the ball and our pocketbooks but you know that hope's like crack...

mah fingers are crossed, but my eyes are open.

enjoy the day.

what a fitting tribute to king.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

I can't pretend to be as educated and well versed in history as you. However, I do know one thing...the Middle East has been fighting for what seems like decades. I really can't understand either side because their religious beliefs should dictate that they respect and honor the lives on both sides. Yet it appears that religion and territory is what is fueling this ongoing conflict. I mean, don't both sides have blood on their hands. No matter what the reasoning, but have not both sides participated in bloodshed that have claimed innocent lives?

From suicide bombings to missile strikes, I don't think anything will ever change. No matter who is running the country. I mean, if you post have to post those murdered on both sides...maybe you have. Unfortunately, we don't live in times of clear black/white; but only shades of gray. Today's allies may become tomorrow's enemies and vice versa.

So, while I may enjoy the inauguration; I don't the ills of the world. More importantly, I don't the ills that are continuing right here in this land. I just wonder,that while black folks were getting lynched and murdered for decades; was the Middle East standing up to our country's policies towards us (black folk)? Or did they go about their business in electing officials and protecting whatever national interest they had at the time and ignoring our plight.

So, I don't ignore the realities of what is going on around me. But, life is so wicked right now; you have to enjoy the little moments that do bring a little bit of sunshine. Tomorrow, I am going to catch a few rays.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

I meant to say "forget" the ills of the world.

rainywalker said...

"But that I could quench my breath and die before you the answer."

Sista GP said...

Number one reason I don't like being in a large group with common interests. Too big of a target for those who disagree with those interests. Prayers to those in DC.

Younger generations seem to have become involved in the political process than ever before. I recall my son reading the names of Barack Obama, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and the other dem candidates in a magazine. He recognized them from TV and Radio.

I've reread the previous post and previous tweets that linked the post and realized my initial thoughts on the post content were unfounded and incorrrect.
Once I separated the text from the pics, the text had different meaning. As we honor Obama for his history-making efforts, we must not forget what's happening in the rest of the world, such as Toyota taking measures to reduce their inventory by half.

BTW, have you found your Teq and the 'other' item?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i can respect that, it is what u belive and feel

yes indeed, and me no diff from you, nor obama, we all bleed red blood and live to die. i am no hero - just torrance

thank u maam

i can rspect that, but u were moved or touched enuff to leave a comment,so dont lie (I COULD SAY SUCK MY MUTHA FUCKIN DICK - BUT I WONT -LOL) - i beg no one to like what i write. wo blogs i would still write what i think. thank u and recant zealots are never touched or moved-ask hitler mayeb u just negro comfortable up in here

america is becoming more facist each day, half the folks i read i disprove of what they say, my penchant is to atleast know what they think thanks folk

u are good, yep, im simple, i apologize if i am not as complex or complicated, or as astute as u, and yep trying to sell books, but obv u aint read half of what i have written let alone of what is on my blog - but appreciate the comment - feelings aint hurt folk. books feed my kids, sounds like u want them to starve, insults, well folk insult themselves im at war "I am the Flail of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon You." Genghis Khan vain maybe but i aint mad Poe said it is the nature of thought to be irreovocable...and if i may ask, how many kids do u have under your roof u provide for and cook for each day?

the word is powerful, and folks today have confirmed i am powerful. thank u hon

babz is the truth. wish more folks were like her. im just not one to get mad cause folks say what they feel, would rather learn. like if i aint a dallas cowboy fan, some would hate me. i am me. take it or leave it. nobody will shit, live, eat, die for me or provide for my kids as i do

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Especially since you are in Atlanta. I am also glad you gave Obama credit for being a good father. From reading your blog I can tell you are a good dad too. Your right Obama can't solve everything, but hopefully he can influence some people to make things a little better.

Princess Katrina said...

I totally agree with you! Great post. I wish more people would understand and view the world in this perspective rather than isolating themselves with their ignorance and greed.

Amber-Alert said...

if ur human u dont really act like it...i think ur readers deserve more than ur dismissive comments (well more-so the readers that dont agree with what ur sayin)...interesting blog tho

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i try to be, but im certain again, some folks would think otherwise - which is alright with me

Princess Katrina
thanks but many folks feel that if u dont see things their way that u bare wrong - i just belive in e4xpressing your beliefs, even if i dislike them, id rather a person tell me they are racist than dont

thats what makes america great, we can walk sid by side and not see eye to eye, its the frreedom to say it, i will never dislike a person cause we dont agree - mchildish and even facist

paisley said...

you always speak your mind.. i love your truth whether i agree with it or not,, i know when i come here i will hear your truth... today is a proud day for all people and i am glad to be alive today to be a part of it even in just this small way....

Anonymous said...

indeed, that this silver lining exists should not obscure the cloud.

we all i think, hope for the best.

Truthful Trish said...

Feeling the blog, thanks for showing love on mine :)

you have a lot of truth on your post and thats something hard to find now a days, i enjoyed it :)

Melody.Darlene said...

torrance my dear! ive been so busy lately and have neglected u a lil. :(

well i'm BACK!

AuTh3nTiK said...

Not taking away from the entire post, because it was a thought provoker and it touched on some things that I too have realized at 22 years old, but I really like this quote specifically:

"can offend those that want to hold back that which cannot be restrained – truth and time."

For only in TIME can TRUTH be revealed.

I too am glad this moment has come BUT I continuously urge people to keep their vision clear. Don't get caught up in the hype of what's going on. Don't eat everything that is put in front of you. We're all human and subject to error.

One post down, one million more posts to go (lol j/k)

*We perish because of the lack of knowledge; confused because of the lack of understanding; and are made fools because of the lack of wisdom.*

Anonymous said...

Hi Torrance. Obama knows he can't do it alone, that's why he's surrounding himself with smart people, AND bringing in all us regular people, as much as he can.

We need heroes, especially right now, and I'm keeping Obama as my hero. It's OK to do dream big and be idealistic sometimes. My own little insignificant life hasn't been what I'd like for it to be, so I need the hope right now, badly. Life is hard, for all of us in different ways. I'm getting divorced and just starting to tell people about it. It'll be a good thing in the end but... doesn't make life easy right now. So bring on the hope. I'm loving Obama, and all that he stands for and symbolizes. And I'd like to find my own Obama someday, too.


RunningMom said...

"Thats what makes America great, we can walk side by side and not see eye to eye, it's the freedom to say it, I will never dislike a person because we dont agree"

Amen to that. I'm happy about and enlightened by all viewpoints. I'm not the deepest thinker in the world, and my blog isn't at all serious - but like many readers, I appreciate a good debate.

I'm happy for Obama and his family, I am happy that my son has someone who looks like him, is left handed and loves basketball like him as the President of the U.S.

But that doesn't mean I have forgotten all of the rest of the ills in the world.

Everyone needs balance and everyone has their own reality.

For me, I watched and celebrated today because even though it shouldn't be a big deal - our first Bi-racial / African American
president got elected into office! And that IS a big deal. We have changed the face of the nation forever. It's been a long time coming, and I couldn't be more proud of our nation.

Imagine how much better we'll be as a whole when we come together to make future changes. We have seen for ourselves what we can do when we collectively exclaim "Yes we can!"

Think we would have the same attitude or spirit if McCain was in office? Nope.

Let Obama be who he is meant to be: Our leader, our face, our hope.

And then we - all of us - every last one of us, need to get to work. For ourselves, for our neighbors, for our families, for our country.

We can't help others heal if we're still broken ourselves.

Truly Blue said...

never stop telling the truth - who cares if the weak-minded can not handle it - shout it from the rooftops!

stay strong & continue being 'a voice crying out in the wilderness'.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo feeling this. I think we all can sit back and taste some of this history being made and try to appreciate life a bit more....stop all the animosity.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing Kai and I a happy new year, you do the same...

clnmike said...

You are who you are and if you cant be real to that out hear than why bother.

Lovebabz said...



He affects my sensibilities and I react...I respond and discern. I may not always agree with the delivery of the message, but I always agree with the message.

I am a dreamer...big is half full... Torrance is pragmatic...always thinking about how you gonna do X when you ain't got enough for Y...LOL! and I and sheer tenancity will make a way. And he will say...that is not enough you gotta have on and so forth. We are Ying Yang...LOL Complimentary.

I am not angry or mad...just dissappointed...not in him so much as with the delivery of the message.

He raises the dialogue...pushes the envelope and always backs it up with history!

I am however detoxing off him for a bit...LOL!

Be well.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

I'm giving him a chance (tm).

He's going to have to deal very soon with the thing that took my country's eyes off the inauguration and onto the the threat US Republican influence on Obama's hemispheric policy poses.

There are no terrorists here. This is a capitalist nation with a mixed republican/parliatmentary system of government. Its transfers of power for the last 20 years have been peaceful and orderly. There is no military. Foreign policy is trade-based and treats each country equally as to access to markets.

FOX NEWS and the NATIONAL REVIEW want our ex-Speaker Of The Assembly kidnapped and tried in the USA for a 20-year old "crime" during a US invasion. It was case of self-defense during a war and he was cleared of all charges locally, something The Hague has affirmed.

Oh yeah, ex-Assemby Speaker Gonzalez and Barack Obama happen to have the same attorney. The media wants Obama to fire his attorney and send forces here to kidnap Gonzalez and try him in US Federal Court. Obama is known to "reach across the aisle." So, I'm "giving him a chance" to do the right thing here and just chill out and back up his attorney.

If he doesn't, this will end with a world of problems for the USA: $7 TN getting swapped into EEU or CHF and Medvedev telling Obama that if one boat or plane attacks here, he'll consider it an attack on the Russian Republic. I understand that Obama's "Lincoln" model is very seductive for the press but why would he even consider something like disrespeting the sovereignty of the world's largest private banking center which is a peaceful, capitalist, mixed republican-parliamentary state with a USD currency board? The USA has precious few friends; why make a new enemy out of an old friend?

It's the small issues like these where a little less "thematics" and a little more study of geo-politics and economics and maybe a topper-off of some more milk of human kindness pay off.

He can't possibly think that President Torrijos is some kind of ignorant Latino brute. The man has a master's in finance from Texas A & M and is the son the founder of the PRD (assassinated by Noriega's goons with help from points North), the first governing progressive party in this nation's history. He has had annualized growth of 9% in every year of his presidency and has implemented a social sector that would put the most liberal US Democrat to shame and I don't think he's done enough.

I don't ride on anybody's jock, either. If you're for me, I'm for you. If you're not for me, I'm not for you.

Personally, I think Obama has become way too seduced by the K-Street/MSM scene to the point that because Gregory Craig (of Williams & Connolly) is NOT K-STREET ENOUGH BECAUSE HE'S A DEFENSE LAWYER DESPITE BEING 100% K-STREET.

It's yet another case of the same old men in Washington grinding axes but Obama could really mess up here by NOT standing by his attorney and letting the whole thing go.

He's the most popular man in the world. He doesn't need to please the media on EVERY issue. And this is a no-brainer. He either deads it right here and nothing bad happens or he tacks Republican and buys the USA no end of pain for no gain.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thanks maam, my goal is not to ogfend ever

i am with u and we all hope for such

Truthful Trish
thanks maam im flattered

thought u were lost in Vegas - lol

not a million lol

Anonymous Anonymous
i agree - hope he shows folk its cool to be smart

i can agree and respect that. i celebrated too, nothing wrong with that.

Truly Blue
i only say what i feel if it is true so be it, i will never hold back what i think and thank u

i could not have said it better and thank u

well said folk, well said

detox, never thought u was high, just the love of him and change is all i saw. thanks for the love folk

Didnt know 1] fox and folks wanted such and 2] they have the same lawyer

T.C. said...

i definitely feel you on this, i too will be extremely critical about the actions he takes or doesn't take with regard to what will happen in this country...its a VERY proud moment but that doesn't mean that because he is black he gets a "pass" NOR does it mean because he is black that he will fix all BLACK issues and problems you i definitely feel you

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T, BUELAHMAN: There's a reason you fellers have graphic button links on our site in addition to being on the tabular lists. We, too, deal in unvarnished opinion and are dedicated to an everlasting search for some truth whereever it resides.

Barack Obama is the MOST POPULAR AND TRUSTED PERSON IN THE WORLD, BY FAR, ACCORDING TO POLLS. So, anyone who believes that Torrance's skepticism has hurt the man in any way is not reading public opinion polls. No blog skeptic can prevent anyone from enjoying his win or take away his "chance" to govern.

Barack Obama unless I'm totally off-base here is now the head of the Executive Branch of the government of the republic of the U.S.A. Whether you measure his power in the US scientifically by Shapley Value or anecdotally by knowing the significance of the office he holds, Barack Obama is in a position of great power. No one person in America is legally vested with the power that Barack Obama is. Full stop.

The Congress collectively is slightly more powerful, the Bar collectively is slightly less powerful.

Barack Obama is not the ruler of the world and probably not the most powerful person in the world. The Chairman of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China is more powerful than Obama. So is the President of the Russian Republic, Dmitriy Medvedev. No other one person is close in terms of publicly-granted power. Alexei Miller and Bill Gates are more powerful than any of them, materially speaking, but let's be serious here. Torrance has done nothing to diminish Obama's power as granted him by the Constitution of the USA. Only the voters in 4 years or Congress may relieve him of that power.

The majority of the American people followed the greedy, craven, indifferent Bush Administration over the falls in a barrel and allowed him to have MORE power than either the Chairman of the CPPRC or Putin/Medvedev had despite an oppostion majority in the Senate twice and in the House once when Bush's approval ratings were historically low.

The amount of mischief and out-right malfeasance that Bush got up to during his final Congress until the very last moments of his presidency was staggering.

The question on the table here is are you planning to allow President Obama that much control and more over your lives? Are you ready to cede him even more of your rights and liberties, knowing that while there are plenty of differences in style, presentation and cognitive gifts between #43 and #44, the policy priorities are pretty close?

Most of you have read the proposed stimulus package before Pelosi, Boehner, Reid and McConnell will have had a chance to get at it. Do you like it? Is it all you had hoped for? With regard to Gaza, everyone was aware that Israel would be granted special liberties protected by US military might under an Obama Administration just as under all those that preceded him to 1948 with the possible exceptions of Truman, Eisenhower and George Herbert Walker Bush. Do these policies suit you?

Does the choice of maintaining a concentration camp at GITMO or codifying military law into civilian law leaving a very cloudy gray area sound good?

Does USAPATRIOT2 and the "amended FISA LAW" granting government's ability to monitor any person's communications at any time suit you?

Do you believe that the USA is granted imperial status as-of-right or do you believe in the sovereignty of each individual nation?

These are all legitmate questions and to ask them and/or answer them does not take away from Barack Obama's achievements and good qualities. They don't diminish the pride anyone felt and continues to feel.

But Torrance made a good point. Barack Obama is no longer Barack Obama. He is the President Of The United States and will rightfully be judged as such by word and deed by the mighty and humble alike the world over for better or worse.

creatrix said...

well said.

i don't get to come over here enough, but i'm typically pleasantly surprised when i do.

keep thinking. peace.

Mahoganydymond said...

This is why I enjoy reading your blog... We suppose to write what we feel... You also have very valid points..

Anonymous said...

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