Friday, January 16, 2009

my dear Watson

It has come to pass that times are perilous, and that men and women both must remove the mask of fear and inaction just to persevere. What many of us take for granted. I say this just as a reminder and for the purpose of releasing what is contained within my heart. Many of you know that I am an avid reader; I mean I will read anything. I have a many favorite authors, writers, historians and philosophers among others. However, one of my favorites included Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle. Many folks know of him as the creator of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

In his books, of which I am sad to admit I have only read three, he painted a vivid picture of intellectual prowess and thought. His words seemed to float off the paper. A physician by training, he was able to show what scholarship and passion could produce in the written form.

I use this as an example because it is my desire to express as detailed and briefly as I can the significance of thinking and problem solving and caring in this new frontier that we may be on the edge of as citizens of these United States of America. We must be prepared for the unexpected for as we know, often history repeats itself. I am not asking for much, just time and effort and a setting of new priorities, for change is inevitable but only if we as individuals accept and deal with the harsh reality that confronts us.

In Atlanta, there has been an increase of armed robberies, break-ins and muggings. Folks seem to be so desperate that there has been an increase in muggings and purse snatchings. On some streets, particular in the Atlanta University Center and downtown Atlanta, you can walk up and down the side walk and see piles upon piles of shattered car window glass from break-ins. Likewise, more and more people have begun to carry concealed weapons – just yesterday a man was shot by such a person when he tried to rob him outside of a restaurant.

Yes, our America has regressed; taken a step backwards. Yes, we need to be reminded that we are all Americans, and even more so, we are all human beings and that even in the worst times, we should force the greatness and good out of us at all and any cost. Now my moral compass may be shaky, but I do attempt to abide by good in so far as reason can calibrate such. But the future as it stands now may not be as stable. And it is based on a personal desire to be the best I can.

I am not a pedantic, albeit my essays and verse and assorted blog post seem to cover terse yet complicated subject matter. Again I am not, I just love truly the engagement of myself in thought, and in rumination in a diverse corpus of subject matter be it science, philosophy, economics, foreign policy or even human interactions. Now is the time for all of us to extract the same – to be as knowledgeable and understanding in as many subject areas as possible, for our personal success and existence may depend on such; maybe even our lives.

This brings me back to Mr. Doyle, for his characters in particular Holmes and Watson, demonstrated what the mind could do when well informed, exercised and even better, and expected to accomplish such via problem solving. Holmes was not alone in his brilliance although most folks may conclude such.

I used to have folk back in the day award me with accolades, saying I was rare, that I was brilliant, that it was a good thing and that the world was lucky that I used my mind for good and not evil. I sincerely appreciated those sentiments and even more, respected those who said such for in battle, I know they would die for me and that I would die for them. We must never forget that Watson was a genius in his own right. And for all of the Watson’s in the world, this beer, and tequila and hot sauce is for you.


Sista GP said...

good props to Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.

noticed your restraint last night, lol

Kellybelle said...

I agree, a new way of thinking is in order. One of my new favorite writers is Sinclair Lewis (how did I miss him?) and his books always warn of the danger of group think and boosterism--which basically describe the last 8 years and most of the midwest.

When you have rich people whowd rather commit suicide than live in the world with a little less money, you kow something is off. Especially since most of the world lives poor and manages to keep on keeping on. We've been lied to--the titans of industry have been telling us they're better and we're weak. Now it's time to shake that off and discover for ourselves how powerful we are.

Kofi said...

Happy 09 to you as well.

Crime is up in CT too. Usually when it gets below freezing, folk stay inside and crime drops. But frost-bitten people are still running around mugging folk and breaking into cars.

Just this week our state announced it's extending unemployment benefits because the unemployment rate went up.

MacDaddy said...

Yes, I've noticed that crime has gone up in my former home of Atlanta. And the crime there and other places is forcing us to use all we have learned, to glean from all we have read, to carve a new life in these hard times. Blessings.

Lovebabz said...

You are so masterful in the way you weave things together. Loved this. (YES I know...BIASED)

Apologizing for calling you a Baby (actually a fucking baby) last the end of the show...after you left...

OLIVE BRANCH: I am brushing up on my neck-bone cooking skills...with the divine help of Sista GP. First ATL meal will be in your honor...neck bones...tequila...hotsauce and really good beer (I'm a beer snob)

((hugs)) (smile)

Sista GP said...

Babz, we can't forget about the cabbage and hot water cornbread.

I took notes from the lovely ladies of Soperton GA

Myraine said...

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Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

It's real out there, I have been saying, Keep ya heat close. Don't let that Sunshine fool ya, it's freezing out there, and I don't mean physically.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

You have a way with words my friend.

Doug said...

This country, a lot of people still seem suspicious of intellectuals and thinkers. Have you noticed how "elite" has replaced "liberal" as a curse word? They certainly don't mean the economic elite, since those are the folks using the word. They're talking about people with an education.

I've never understood it. What's wrong with being well educated? Who else would you want doing your open heart surgery, designing your roads, or (for that matter) commanding your armed forces?


This is my first time posting here & it was absolutely lovely.


This is my first time posting here & it was absolutely lovely.

msladydeborah said...

Hello Ducks! :-)

Holmes is one of my favorite detectives. I have always admired how he uses information and intelligence to solve the case. He was also created in an era when people read books as a form of entertainment and information.

It has always been obvious to me that you are a passionate and intelligent person. What keeps me returning to this blog is your generous nature. There are a lot of smart folks on this side of the world. Very few of them can make it interesting and plain at the same time.

I have never felt that you flaunt your knowledge before others. I do feel that you open up and share it so we all can be on the same page. (Even when we didn't know we needed to be on that page.)

I hope that as time moves forward that we all find it within our hearts to gather what is available and to share it among ourselves. But knowledge that is not acted upon is rendered useless. So there definitely needs to be some action coupled with that.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


I'm not surprised to find so many fellow "Baker Street Irregulars" here. Among the stories is "The Adventure Of The Yellow Face" published in 1894 which laid bare American racism in a way no work of fiction written in English by a White man had before.

1894. 114 years before Norman Mailer's ghost invented the satire "Sarah Palin."

The second half of "A Study In Scarlet: The Country Of Saints" is one of the great -- um -- "Mormon-SKEPTICAL" polemical works of all time.

Who knew Doyle would have also been able to predict the SECOND BIGGEST SOCIAL ISSUE of 2008 as well as the first?

One of the happiest memories of my childhood was my mother reading me "The Red-Headed League" before bedtime and I've been reading and re-reading the stories every few years since.

Good look reminding us.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

lol at restraing and a study in scarlet is a classic

well said and mr. lewis is a good look as well

dang man its getting rough out here

thanks and just be safe

they were just words babz but apology accepted and i am flattered once again

thank u madam do return

Tha BossMack TopSoil
yep heater season year round now

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts
y thank u

scared of the unknow maybe?

thank very much

i suspect u are right - what will we do to make sure things to get to that point - just be safe

thanks and i love a study in scarlet

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ LOVEBABZ: I think I can write for Torrance here and make the point that you are a profile in courage and the choices you've made with RAW DAWG BUFFALO RADIO bear that out.

You're right that Torrance's point of view ought to be heard by the widest audience possible. You could have gone in any number of directions with your choice of #3.

Despite knowing that I share many of Torrance's interests and definitely share most of his political views and am no wallflower in the debate, you made the unconventional choice, taking on the burden of a 2nd skeptic, a skeptic with a whole different set of experiences from a whole different part of the world, but a skeptic nonetheless.

It's his vision and I'm just glad you had confidence in yourself and in me that you could get more out of him with me there than with someone who would support your point of view everytime. You make your own task harder for the sake of making the work better.

You knew I was going to encourage him in his iconoclasm and indeed to to go back to the thinkers and artists of yesteryear to try to make sense of today and the 1000 tomorrows.

That is self-confidence and intellectual bravery on your part at a level few operate.

Anonymous said...

once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Anonymous said...

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