Monday, January 26, 2009

wayne's world

I have been writing and wishing that the election of our new president would at least be a form of vicarious stimulation for many a folk to see and appreciate the value of intellect, of knowledge and more importantly of being informed and of the value of reading. Especially as it relate to young African American men and out youth of all races and creed. This is my greatest wish, superseded only by jones getting the economy right and back to par.

Especially since I am reminded that since forever, even the historic Brown versus the Topeka Board of Education, that the education gap between blacks and whites in this country has remained the same and in many cases increased. The case itself was based on understanding the premise of the Segregation of white and Negro children in the public schools of a State solely on the basis of race, based on state laws requiring such segregation. Marshall argued on my mom’s birthday of December 9, 1952 that such denies to Negro children the equal protection of the laws as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment, in particular as based on "separate but equal" doctrine adopted in Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 .

To summarize the case, Black children were denied admission to public schools attended by white children according to their race albeit white and black schools were almost the same with respect to buildings, curricula, qualifications, and teacher salaries. In conclusion the court decided that racial segregation in public education had a “detrimental effect on minority children because it is interpreted as a sign of inferiority.”

Although this case ended segregation based on race, the achievement gap remains. It doesn’t matter if we speak of reading levels or standardized test, very little has changed. With respect to the LSAT for example, using cut-off score of 145, over 60 percent of black applicants will likely be denied admittance to law schools compared to 20 percent of white applicants. Even with respect to the SAT, the average SAT scores of black students in the early 2000s was 857 compared to 1060 for their white confederates.

I know that historically standardized test scores are not an indication of intellect and that they have been historically biased toward non majority students, but they are a barometer or the academic divide irrespective of economic status. When it comes to reading, math and science the gap is consistent across all grade levels. This may be one reason why drop out rates for African Americans are higher and why since the aforementioned Supreme Court Case in 1954, high school dropout rates of blacks has only decreased by about 3% while there has been no significant change noted for whites.

Now the reason I am saying this is because I just read an interview in GQ given by Lil Wayne. Now I know Wayne aint no role model, but the truth is that parents can’t pick and decide who their kids look up too. Although I accept him as a skillful lyricist, I was troubled when I read in his interview “no one can believe what’s written down.” He continued to say “if there was a book that said, there was this bum with a mansion with twenty bitches in it, you’ll try to use it and put it toward real life. That’s why I don’t write nothing down. That’s why I don’t believe the Bible, nothing that’s written, because nothing that’s written is to be believed.” When specifically asked "so you don’t believe in books? His retort was “there is one I read and get information from. The damn dictionary.”

Now I won’t pass judgment on Lil Wayne, but I must say, that I believe and was taught that education was the great equalizer, that if you wanted to hide something from someone of my color to put it in a book. True, I know kids aint reading GQ, but not to call Wayne and idiot, I think to assert that you can’t believe anything that is written is not productive, a representation of not assuming the collective responsibility that all of us, even rappers have to the general community from which they come. We all cannot be as fortunate to have our bodies tattooed like a national geographic map, or the gold from mines in South Africa in our mouths, or diamonds from Sierra Leone on our necks. But that’s Wayne’s World, not mine.


Bobby said...

I've always believed that the majority (whites) must reach out and do a thousand times more to let everyone of every race know we are all equal. Education...pure education is one major aspect and must be done in acceptance of all and all people are unique.

I understand and agree...blacks and especially young ones should take Obama's election to not just be a "it's about time" but a reason for self betterment and strive for knowledge.

Lil Wayne is who he is, but has a lot of growing up to do...maybe put the weed down for a minute and read a few books:)

Connecticut Man1 said...

I think that, more important than just simply reading, is to first learn the critical thinking skills needed to pick out the truth and fiction from what you read, see and hear. Than you have the foundation needed to read and really learn from it.

It makes reading a lot more work but the benefits of it will reward you for a lifetime.

Of course, the catch 22 here is that you need to learn to read well enough to learn those critical thinking skills to apply to your future reading...

Anyways, yep! If you want to open all of the possibilities for yourself in life you really need to open some books.

Assertive Wit said...

His very statement is why semantics are so important in the day to day language we use with one another...many people beg to differ on that but leave one word out of a very important sentence and it has been known to cause fights, murders, and other altercations that would be prevented if people did one small the words they use when they open their mouths or write.

Now, Wayne is by no means a full blown idiot...he wouldn't be the man he is today WITHOUT an education so what he was quoted as saying...well, one day, when I bump into him, I'm going to ask for clarification because his craft (rhyming) is based on nothing but words so if words mean nothing then he should really define that statement or retract it for him saying the only book he reads is the dictionary, I laugh. He can't be serious...maybe that is a new frame of mind he has succumbed to since he has pumped himself full of God knows what kinds of drugs but I have the right mind to believe that 5 years ago, he did read more than that...hell, even a year ago.

Sometimes celebrities blurt things out that they don't realize the general public will carry around and use to their advantage...and also make them look like idiots at the end of the day. In Wayne's case, this is very much the issue...he simply needs to watch what he lets come out of his mouth. I'm curious as to how many drugs he was hopped up on when he did that interview...

The Urban Scientist said...

Like you, I believe education is the equalizer. "Believe nothing in books". Then what references are worth believing or at least checking out? His statements speak to the anti-intellectualism that is plaguing this nation and reaking havoc in black communities, especially poor ones. I think his statements are irresponsible because he'll get more air play and listening time from today's youth than someone like you....I hope the age of Obama ushers in a new respect for education.

Tayo ( said...

Okay... then by that same logic, should we not believe in what Lil Wayne said in GQ? True he was not the actual writer, but those were his quoted words that were "written down" for that article...

Maybe that's faulty logic... and that's probably why I didn't end up in law school ;)

Urban Thought said...

Perhaps he should have said, "everything you read isn't true."

I think Wayne spends most of his time too high to realize what he is saying.

I think what makes the big difference is what people do outside of school. A lot of people in our community think education is a 9 - 3 (school hours) type deal. It's those extra educational activities that will get you to the next level.

Lovebabz said...

I have no idea who Little Wayne is. But I do know if I had to judge him on the GQ article he is an idiot and surrounded by folks who support his idiocy...for their own agendas.

I guess I could argue he has a right to his belief and his so-called artistry does not have to represent who he is. I mean we all too often separate folks behaviours from their music, acting, painting, writng etc. Is Miles Davis any less great because he was beating the shit out women. Is R. Kelly's talents separate from his pedophilia?

At some point folks who blindly look away, explain away, justify bullshit will have to reap what they sow. It is not the role of records labels to be better or expect better or produce better (although I wish they did). As long as records (CDs) sell, and as long as WE buy...then we condone the bullshit.

In 1989, when her son, Milo, was a fourth grade student at Annie Fisher Elementary School in Hartford, Elizabeth Horton Sheff joined with others and began a long and arduous journey to redress the inequity between the level of education provided to students in Hartford public schools and that available to children in surrounding suburban districts.

This journey has become known around the State of Connecticut, and throughout the United States as Sheff vs. O’Neill – a landmark civil rights lawsuit that seeks to prepare all children to live and prosper in a growing racial/ethic, economically globally connected world. The plaintiffs in this case continue to advocate for the State of Connecticut to uphold the constitutional rights of children in Hartford schools.

Anonymous said...

from connecticut man1:
I think that, more important than just simply reading, is to first learn the critical thinking skills needed to pick out the truth and fiction from what you read, see and hear. Than you have the foundation needed to read and really learn from it.

Exactly. Lil Wayne sounds like someone who either wanted to throw out a lil blurb for the media or someone who gave up on reading simply because he could understand the information he was being presented with. But then again, who knows. The man is one french fry short of a happy meal. I read another interview about him (in blender or something like that) and he sounded even crazier. that was when I gave up trying to understand anyone who would tattoo 'fear of God' on their eyelids.

ps: torrance, if you don't mind too much, i need more facts about my question in my blog. pretty please.

Red Snapper said...

That is indeed "Wayne's World" and I don't want any part of it. This man has children to raise and I'm curious to know if he is discouraging them from reading as well.


*eating an avacado.......mmmmmmm*

nikkiblanco said...

What I hate about everything concerning "our people" is that it is always so generalized when we are an intricate cultures with many different things causing the lower test scores and such.

1. The differences in what we teach our children the "purpose in life is"

2. The goals we set and our view of what success truly is.

3. Our economic status, home life, etc.

4. The umbrella of race over all of those ideals (and more: religion, cultural awareness... and so on)

We can't simply put it in terms of black and white, or majority and minority to find the answer.

When I was growing up, education was not the first priority within my family, it was religion, survival, family, and then education. Survival of the family (a huge family) meant going to church (as seen by my grandmom), cooking, keeping a clean house etc. Education was last on the list. I was expected to pass, not expected to get A's. Because of this, my counterparts who lived with education as a priority had a much more focused outlook when it came to school, and what to do after school. When we look at just myself--we can see the difference, but add in other factors in the lives within our communities and you have a people that on average doesn't perform as well.

It also seems to be a trend within our community to go for the fame versus the education. Rather than both. This is very popularized. This is where setting goals is crucial... if we think that fame is the most important and seek that first and never reach that goal... then education never plays a part in that process.

Lil Wayne is a "role model" to some but he can never take over a child's mind that has a parent that communicates and create discussions and debates: at the dinner table, in the car, as a part of life. It starts in the home: what are you teaching your children? What are you teaching them about goals and success and how success is percieved within your household? These are important factors in the rise of test scores... and while we are taking care of our own household--helping another take care of their children is important--because these are the children that your children will be playing with at recess...

I do not have all the answers. But again, I do know it is more intricate than black and white.

Craigjc said...

If he said that, then that's an ignorant statement, but it also explains why he still drinks the slizzard daily. READ A BOOK!

Dusty said...

It's the poor folks period that get the short end of the education stick in my humble opinion. Brown, yellow, white, black..Poverty is the greatest equalizer when it comes to getting screwed over.

In my county alone...the only schools failing completely on the standarized test bullshit are in the POOR areas. You don't find the upper class schools in middle class and above neighborhoods failing..nope.

It's a class thang once again.

Jay Midnyte said...

Well he did say he went to college for Psychology. And he did say he prides himself on being intelligent and associating with intelligent people.

It was a dumb statement though lol

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Yeah well perhaps you boy lil Wayne was on Sizurp when he said that.

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Oh and dude, I never got those books, I still want to check'em out.

Mike from Detroit said...

I've been in the Hiphop industry world through family who plays professional sports. The world was okay but sad at best. I laugh at dude. No kid I know likes dude. I watch my God Child. His parents have him inprivate school. They also mode and shape him into a great young man. I have a role in it. I call a few industry folks. They sit down and explain what the the deal rappers like duke you spoke of. Its' some good people in the Industry.

A lot of these guys are a joke. One came up North. He kept playing thug image. He got the country slag beat out of him. I tried to tell him he was not in the south anymore. That stuff he pulled downbottom won't fly. He was very disrespectful.

Money, 2 Great loving Parents at home, Parental Involvement at school and a great private School is key. Also making sure your child is hungry for education. Taking the ACT/SAT early is key. I'm talking 7 or 8 grade early.

Anonymous said...

This boy need his ass beat.

Could he possible be suffering from a God complex because he is so successful in his career? These statements seem to imply that he has decided to define what education and knowledge is.

If you can't believe nothing that's written why da hell does he have all those tattoos written on his body?! I guess it's okay to read pictures but not words.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha. . . Dawg you so crazy! Thanks for keeping it real! Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

Aunt Jackie said...

that sounds like a sensationalist quote from a journalist if i ever heard one!

Keli said...

He was just talking out the side of his neck...if he does not believe in books why did he pursue a college degree.

The shame in all this is that the young man is intelligent, meaning if he took a standardized test he would fare well. He was an honor student once upon a time...

what happened?

Oh...yeah...cocaine is a hellavu drug.

And we should have placed value upon learning before voting a black man into office. The thing is, some young black men look at Obama and feel that he can't relate to them, he could never understand their struggle, so black president or not, they still don't give a shit.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Hmm. I just read the interview and Wayne is seemingly facetious throughout the majority of it. I'm not denying the possibility that he meant exactly what he said, but I think it is equally likely that he is 1. feeding into the emerging wave of anti-intellectualists or 2. he's fallen victim to cannabis induced haze (the interviewer notes he lit a blunt while it was in progress)

Either way, as educational funding continues to wane, we all need to increase our self-education and awareness, or the future wil not bode well for us-any of us.

ChocolateOrchid said...

I heard them talking about this on the radio this morning. Straight foolishness! I am disappointed by what Wayne said. Suprised? No. Shocked? No. Just disappointed. So many young brothers (and sisters) are into his music. For the most part, I also like it. However, this is ridiculous. I hear some artists say that they aren't role models but they really are. Whether they want to be or not. The fact that they're famous and making money and in the limelight automatically makes them role models. So whether or not they like it or want to be, they do have some social responsibility to uphold. Wayne just does not give a damn. I hope that he wises up. At least for his kids sakes.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Ok so with that applied I do not beleive the GQ article because it was written!! *lol*

Knowledge is power and that's that!


Kofi Bofah said...

Lil Wayne is allegedly on every drug imaginable.

I don't even wish to entertain his argument right now...

memphiz said...

lil wayne is a sad mess.

Kofi said...

I'm not sure Obama can, will or even should overturn the ignorant side of hip-hop all by himself, but I gotta say it is definitely a flip of the script to see a black man in this day and age make a national statement by pulling his pants up.

A Go Bytch said... does come off as an excuse to deny all options of reading a book but I can agree in saying be careful what you read because not everything is the truth..."Christopher Columbus" rings a bell anyone...


Princess Katrina said... how is anything that is spoken any different? It is just recorded in history in a different does he also mean that he doesnt believe his own material? Then why should our youth listen to him and look up to him?

I do agree in the context that he may have intended to "mean" that instead of reading something and accepting it for actual fact, you may need to find your own position on the situation, and most of the time people will read just about anything and accept it for cold hard fact. That I agree with, yes, most of our youth do not think for themselves, but sometimes its hard to be creative in your own opinions because we are taught to think a certain way for so many years.

clnmike said...

"but not to call Wayne and idiot...."

Why not?

That was a pretty idiotic statment.

Whats written is not the problem it's when people do not question it.

Nikki Wadley said...

"if you wanted to hide something from someone of my color to put it in a book". In my opinion, Lil' Wayne is the poster child for that statement. I'll say it for you, "He's an idiot". In most of his music, he sounds high and he really isn't talking about much. But, enough about him!

As far as the rest of your post, once again you have made me think. Perhaps, this is why I am such a sponge for information. I value any type of education; be it formal or informal.

Amber ♥. said...

yeah i agreed with what Wayne said until the bible thing. come on. its okay to question things but how can u not believe anything u read. i thought i was dont believe anything u hear and only have what u see. if u dont read how will you learn and have knowledge. wayne is smart though. he has a degree. but some people can say some dumb ass ignorant shit.
good blog brother

toni said...

Not believing anything that's written is not believing in his own critical thinking skills. Not believing in his own ability to wade through ideas to find ones that resonate for him. ...Or he's just lazy. said...

Lil' Wayne is a liar! He had to pick up some type of book, besides the dictionary, because he is a graduate of the University of Texas. I hate when rappers try to down grade themselves for a dollar, because of this the kids of today believe every word the hype.

nicki nicki tembo said...

And this is why parenting can't be no part-time job.

Sister Girl said...

Here's my spin on this:

Why would you write something down that could come back to someday incriminate you ? And perhaps he has a disorder that challenges his ability to spell correctly & he's embarrassed (You know pride goeth before a fall).

I don't buy into Lil' Wayne because he is just a momentary thing that will get OLD like everything else. His lyrics don't hold any value to the quality of life & just because you hold a degree don't mean that your mind can't harbor criminal thoughts or an actual act of it.

Take a look at a lot of people serving time behind the bars & see what educational background some of them would amaze you !


Anonymous said...

And oh yeah, did someone already say this man is making excuses for being illiterate? I mean, I never suspected it until now. Who would say "I never write nothing down because I can't read or write." He had to come up with something more hip to say I guess.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yea man and america depends on all of our youth and they all need to be motivated

Connecticut Man1
I agree but reading endenders probling solving the way i see it - especially critical thinking

Assertive Wit
maybe itsa the incessant drug use - idk

The Urban Scientist
i agree very irresponsible

Tayo (
GQ or lil wayne its the message that matters to me u know?

Urban Thought
i could have lived with it if he said that

u aint missing nothing folk

im sorry i will and i think u both may be right on this

Red Snapper
smh with ya

i agree, especially with fame, i dont desire such, just to be the best at what i do u know

well summerized

must b the ignorant class lol

Jay Midnyte
no he fronting like he hard, i should jack his fk boy azz

Kawana Aminata Oliver lol i take it u never got them i sent 3

Mike from Detroit
man no disrepsect thaken when u think


sad huh?

Aunt Jackie
i can see that

lmao at the cocaine statement.

i agree with each word u wrote sister

maybe he to young to be wise?

OG, The Original Glamazon
i will give u that but it still made me livid

Kofi Bofah
maaybe because u are smarter than me i just got mad u know 4 give me pls

i cant see your page

i just want him to be an influence to those that use hip hop today as such

A Go Bytch
americans need no excuess just achievement great point

Princess Katrina
thats what paulo freire said in PEDAGOGY OF THE OPPRESSED

as usual keeping it really real

Nikki Wadley
thanks babe i just dont get what he was trying to say or prove

Amber ♥.
thank u sister

lazy and sad now that is really fronting

nicki nicki tembo

Sister Girl
i could not have stated such better

Jay Midnyte said...

Wayne isnt hard I hope we all know that even though there is still some who really believe he's bloodin lol

poetrystruth said...

Sad but oh so true. I have a teenager and it's hard as hell trying to get him to embrace the quality education that lays at his feet. The same education that so many who have nothing would kill for. I'm sick to death with this rapper bullshit. We have ALWAYS put a high value on education in our home, it's true you can lead them to the library but you can't MAKE them read.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Jay Midnyte
true soft as soap suds

i will do my part sister and thats all we can do

TJ Loco said...

Lil wayne is probably too high to think before he says shit!!! Thats why he just says it and mutters all through the damn songs

he is skillful but needs to come back on level ground!!!

I have watched and been a fan of lil wayne for many years but never followed his footsteps, meaning I might have done some of the things he has done but not because he did it.

This is what we need to teach to the kids, like bobby said everyone is unique!!

So do what you do, but do it the right way!!

Oh my good did I just steal from spike . .lol

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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eda said...


THE 78' MS. J said...

Lil wang is an idiot. Anyone that would listen to anything this dude says is also an idiot. I can't take anything a man says seriously when he has two women pregnant an ex-wife and another baby momma. Why would anyone listen to him on any subject? He might have been intelligent at one time but his thinking is so screwed up until dude is totally gone and gassed up on his own hype. And for the record all he talks about is sex and pussy how many ways can you talk about sex? I think if he went to some sort of detox and actually finished his education instead of letting baby mind fuck him he would have been a different type person.

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