Friday, February 20, 2009

Monkey see, monkey do

Is it possible for any sound logical mind to hope with any success to guide crowds by the aid of reasonable counsels and arguments, when any objection or contradiction, senseless though it may be, can be made and when such objection may find more favor with the people, whose powers of reasoning are superficial? Men in masses and the men of the masses, being guided solely by petty passions, paltry beliefs, traditions and sentimental theorems, fall a prey to party dissension, which hinders any kind of agreement even on the basis of a perfectly reasonable argument. Every resolution of a crowd depends upon a chance or packed majority, which, in its ignorance of political secrets, puts forth some ridiculous resolution that lays in the administration a seed of anarchy.

The aforementioned quote is supposedly from a book by the Learned elders of Zion. Now I did not want to waste my limited prowess on the subject of a cartoon, but I will. It seems to me that as a people, even as a nation many of us have our priorities all backwards.

I’m sorry if a cartoon of a monkey being shot, even if it alludes too, or is about The President of our United States doesn’t offend me. But It does not and I would be a coward or remiss if I did not express how I feel. I am not a follower, I am a free thinker, and as such, I can respect the opinions of others, but I can not respect folks being intolerant of the views of others with such vehemence that we get stuck on words or images. The truth is it did not offend me, I read the stimulus bill and I know that the folks shooting the gun were not whites, but the GOP (shooting holes into the stimulus plan.) The Chimp was not the President it was the STIMULUS plan, a plan that only a fool will think that the President wrote word for word. Second. If the cartoon did not exist or was never published, it is as if folks think that the same thoughts by the same people would not exist? I wish the sheepeople (thanks Buleman) would pull they head out of their ass. Me I see more important things to address than a cartoon: HIV and CVD rates in my community, massive illiteracy and even the rate at which folks that look like me are incarcerated. Bet you by golly wow that folks in the federal and state prisons think that massive incarceration (theirs) is more important and deserves as much if not more attention than what we as a collective are giving to a cartoon. Shit, draw your own cartoon – use McCain, Bush or who ever and if it is funny and a parody I will laugh. For real though.

This aint about what we know – yes racism exist in America and if one needs a cartoon to show them that, they have been lost long before this. I bet half the folk who upset, if not more, aint read the stimulus bill, let alone picked up, read or subscribe to the New York Post. Truth is that for some of us, it is easier for us to fuss, point fingers and blame than to put in work and act - sad aint it folk?

As I have quoted on Twitter,” Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” - Sun Tzu. I am the victor for ignoring what is not me. I am not a monkey and don’t see myself as such. Now if the monkey was hanging from a tree with a noose around its neck, then I would concur limited anger for a noose would not be funny to me based on our history of lynching folk like me up in this camp. But it wasn’t.

We don’t say a word about Mr. Robert Stanford(who gave 31K to Obama and 28K to McCain) taking $9.2 Billion from Latino’s and African American poor people. Nope, we don’t say shit about that but we will a cartoon. When I am in Africa fighting the spread of disease regardless of parasitic or infectious, I am many times the only person of my color doing so. When I am in the PTA at my children’s school, I am the only man of my color doing so and has been as such for years, when I am in prisons attempting to keep folk that look like me from going back to prison, I am the only one that is doing so.

So peel that banana and ask yourself who is the real monkey, cause some have fallen from the bait. And as we know bait is merely a distraction from the really real. Fish take it because it is a lure and not the real food they require for daily sustenance. So yawl can **** a phalus mane, cause folk here don’t get down like that and will never allow himself to fall for the okie doke. And just because you did, don’t get emotional because I select not to bite. If I am a fish, I’d rather see you get pulled out of the water and stuffed on a wall or placed on someone’s grill. Not me mane.


PoeticMind said...

*appluse* I agree with you 100%. I at first was a little perplexed about the pic but once it was later explained I was like oh whatever. I'm really trying to figure out now how this stimulus bill will later affect me and my unborn children. It's too many other things going on like the highest HIV rates here in DC, no more than 10 mins from my house. Now thats what get me, why isn't no one speaking about that?? That don't make sense to me? BTW very graphic pic, makes you think about how far "we" came.

NightFall914 said...

Interesting viewpoint I do think a lot of people do get worked up for a "cause" without knowing what they are really upset about. I'm still working thru that damn stimulus bill myself lol. But honestly as a (writer/cartoon creator,blahblah.....artist) I feel that MANY people,institutions, etc hide behind art and "freedom of expression" to be cowards. I'm no monkey and Im not so delusional to think racism doesn't exist but that doesn't mean I'ma smile and do a happy "soft shoe" in the face of an insult. Even if teh message was not what people are feeling it is.

That choice of imagery, monkey, white cops killing, coincidentally place on the next page after a whole page story on the president and the bill was lame and not the first time the Post has played this game.(Daily News all day,lol) I don't like "sheepeople" either but I dislike cowards even more. Unfortunately to many people, police bullets are modern day lynching ropes.
I just hope that people aren't missing the forest by staring at the tree, cuz yes there are MUCH bigger things to be worried about.

KevinsTeeTee said...

Very good post Torrance! It's funny how people's insecurities get the best of them. Unless you view yourself as a monkey why take offense? Why go through the rigmarole of calling for action for something that shouldn't be worth the effort.

That's why I dislike the likes of Al Sharpton and company at times because they only come to the aid of minorities when it comes to a white man harming them and "keeping the black man down". Why aren't they around when there is black on black crime? Why aren't they helping to promote young kids to educate themselves in school as well as in sexual behaviors. It boggles my mind the priorities in America especially among our community. No wonder children of today are so lost and out of control.

BuelahMan said...

Fucking POWERFUL, my Brother!

The people are so easily distracted by shiny little objects they wave around us. we fall for the most idiotic issues to be pissed about. Especially when there are things that truly should piss us off collectively, we would rather corral the wagons around shit that makes virtually no significant difference in the lives of anyone.

Sheople, please take your eyes off the little shiny objects (bling) and keep them focused on the real issues that are tearing our communities and nation apart.

Bro Dawg lists many of them here.

OMAYGA said...

Dope way to think outside the box..I have a slight difference of opinion than you but your viewpoint is backed with great reasoning. Much respect.

OMAYGA said...
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Big Cheekz said...

wut up? the hubby & i had a debate abt this cartoon the other night. i said it was not racist, he said it was. he got mad at me when i gave him an explanation similar to urs as to why 'i thought' it wasn't racist. he views the monkey as you would view the noose. i see both sides, but bottom line, the cartoon didn't offend me either.

in my applied psyc class last week a guest speaker from the V.A. hospital in ATL came thru. he said the V.A. hospital here was the 2nd on the list for AIDS/HIV cases a few yrs ago - 2nd to NYC V.A. hospital. now they are like 4th, and that's only bcs NYC V.A. hospital was so large they broke into 3 units. now if i'm not mistaken, a person must be "clean" when they go in the military, so how are all these folk comin out so "dirty". and even tho dude didn't tell us this, i bet the top race for infections was prob African Americans. yea, there's definitely more serious issues out there to deal with than to try & figure if some cartoon is racist.

Craigjc said...

I agree with you, although I haven't given the cartoon the time of day. If it's satire, then satire it is. If it's mean-spirited, folks have a right to complain. But there are more important things to complain about, True dat.

Soulpower said...

I think that it is good that you are not offended by the Post cartoon, it speaks to your level of evolution. I however am not as evolved and was offended. The history is not out of my head or my heart. Is it a distraction to get our eyes off the prize, i.e. our focus off real matters of importance to our community? Absolutely. Yet, there has to be a level of accountability and a level of sensitivity on the part of the media outlet and the artist. Letting it ride as is, without comment, to me says this type of thing is acceptable. It is not.

Marenda said...

Thanks for sharing your perspective on the whole monkey business Raw Dawg.

Hawa Bond said...

For the life of me I couldn't figure out why folks were so offended. I called my fiance and expressed how this "age of the easily offended aka Political Correctness" presents a serious hindrance in talking about real issues and real solutions.

I wish folks could see past the tips of their noses. Al Sharpton was all over this, and reminded me why I HATE that whites seem to think Al speaks for all Blacks.

Hawa, author of Fackin Truth Blog and Cleanse Master Remix

Red Snapper said...

I'm far more disturbed by the lynching picture that you posted then the cartoon in the NY Post.

Yesterday I received an email showing a Barnes & Noble store window in Florida with all of Obama's books and right in the middle was a book about monkeys. My co-workers were livid talkin bout boycotting them and what not. I enjoy B&N, they have storytime on Saturday mornings that my daughter and I frequently attend. And they have very good sales. I'm not gonna stop shopping there. I said that to say that yes some are clearly falling for the bait and not paying attention the matter at hand. There is still racisim in this country and as you and others have commented there are far more important issues that need to be addressed.

As my "gramma" would say "There are bigger fish to fry!"
I miss her, she was fuckin awesome.

Excellent post.

The Socialite said...

I 100% agree! To much focus on somehting that doesnt really matter. Lets pick our battles...

Dallas Black said...

Great post. I was still surprised the Post ran it. But the GOP does not have your insight and I think snicker while shooting holes in the plan. I just wonder if a Giraffe was shot this week if we would have seen the same cartoon. I agree on your symbolism but the Post crossed the line in my opinion.

clnmike said...

Thats an interesting perspective but I see things very differently in this.

This wasnt about the stimululs package.

This was not the first time the cartoonist or the NY Post has played the race baiting game and it is tiring.

The cartoon was clearly taking a dig at the POTUS by the caption that was written, and they shot the chimp thus shot the POTUS.

This wasnt satire this was offensive.

And more importantly it is the type of offensive material that attracts and gives balls to like minded idiots who vandalize people's property because they lost the election, or decide to jump out of a car and beat up a black kid with a baseball bats.

Now you all can say thats not me and I wont give it the time of day.

But there is an jackass out there who is and he is getting bolder by the day as long as he gets his steady diet of bs like this.

And sooner or later he is going to do something thats going to affect you or some one you care about.

I prefer to cut it off at the head.

That way I wont have to do time for doing amateur dental work on an ass who tests me on the street.

Charece said...

I feel you on that one bruh!

2sweetnsaxy said...

I wasn't bent out of shape about the cartoon but I personally thought it was in poor taste. This cartoonist is in the business of news and you can't tell me he wasn't aware of the big to-do about Obama being associated with Curious George during the campaign. To then turn around and use a monkey in this cartoon... I can't say it was racist but you can't tell me he wasn't aware of the potential tie in.

I'm not on any bandwagon or all worked up about it because you're right, there are more important things. But this is just how I saw it and knowing the previous Obama/chimp comparison he could have used a couple of monkeys in the cartoon to pull away from the association.

P_LOCA said...

for real..i thought me and my mom and sister were the only ones that realized that-what ppl needs to realized and bitch about they don't but a lil cartoon which maybe it may not be what it seems like they make a big fuss.
my descendant weren't involved in the slavery but that doesn't mean I don't care for other ppl. I read, I watch tv, I go to school and have friends-very open minded but sometimes ppl take the littlest thing and twist it around and make it something that isn't-why?????
there are more important things going on than some freaking pics..cartoon ughhh!!

Deacon Blue said...

I think that getting bent out of shape about it isn't healthy...but I think a certain level of being troubled by it is warranted.

What if it had been on Bush's watch, and instead of stimulus plan it was Wall St. bailout plan?

Do you not think the person who did that cartoon would be hounded by conservative bloggers and such?

This isn't a matter of blacks being thin-skinned.

I suspect that if it were a chimp that many associate with Bush getting shot, the person who did the cartoon would have had Secret Service up his or her ass.

Just my perspective. But I do respect that you're not letting it bother you. I just don't think it should be lightly written off, either.

Clay Lowe said...

herd mentality is a dangerous thing

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I'm with you there. I got it in an email and I asked folks:

When does signing a bill make you the person who authored it? Are you all being a bit uptight for nothing? I don’t see how this relates to Barack, but maybe its just me.

People were immediately up in arms that I wasn't on the bandwagon with them. I let them know that I'm not made for the bandwagon. Instead, I drive the tractor.

Interesting enough, I did look beyond the surface and checked out some of the artist's previous cartoons and noticed he made fun of NY'ers who are on the national scene.

So I gave in to the slanted way of thinking for a minute and said that at best, dude was poking at Charles Rangel and Edolphus Towns, two African American New York Congressman who Co-Sponsored the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The Sponsor was a Caucasion cat out of Wisconsin. I still thought it was a stretch, but I sided with my people despite not really feeling one way or the other about it.

memphiz said...

I understand what you are saying, but at the same time it's still offensive. Just because people are against doesnt mean their jumpin on tha band wagon.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I see that I might be the only one to disagree with you, but that's not unusual...never the less, I found the post witty, espcially the end, LOL!

True, there are are a plethora of other iniquities going on in our back yard, but what's wrong with going against the grain in this issue? (Don't answer that) Although I didn't grow up in a time where Jim Crow laws were "legal" (I use that in quotation marks because it's still going on today, especially in education, but that's another topic), I found the cartoon depiction to be reminiscent of those times and the times prior to that. How are we as a country to move forward if we can't amend the past...amend the that we don't have to deal with this bullshit in the future? Racism is just big of an issue as education, health care, economics, and anything else in our country.Truth be told, our country has so many issues, yet these issues keep on building up because we sweep them under the rug. No, a cartoon isn't going to affect me, but the meaning of it does.I'm negatively affected by racism, as well as every other person who has melanin rich skin. I for one am not going to be that "comfortable negro" and allow it to pass without something being done.

There isn't anything wrong with voicing your opinion about someone, whether it be negative or positive, but there is something wrong when your opinion is racially least for me it is.

rainywalker said...

RDB I agree that these types of things take our eye off the ball. Three branches of the human tree have went extinct and we are the one left. Some days I wonder if we are going to survice as a species.

no_slappz said...

The dead monkey cartoon was a reference to an old concept about chance known as the Infinite Monkey Theorem:

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of Shakespeare.

The joke in the cartoon would have been more understandable if the cartoonist had also drawn sheets of paper filling the air as they seemed to fly out of a typewriter beside the dead monkey. It also would have helped if Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and MacBeth appeared on the flying sheets of paper.

Meanwhile, one of the more interesting aspects about responses from people who were only capable of seeing racism in the joke was the total absence for concern for the woman who was ripped apart by the crazy chimpanzee.

Her face was destroyed, her eyes damaged, and her hands were crushed. If she lives, which it seems she will, she will be a mess forever. However, there was zero sympathy for this woman.

Meanwhile, if you want racism -- anti-white racism -- in the world of bookselling, visit the Hue-Man Bookstore in Harlem off 125th St. next door to the Magic Johnson movie theater.

Meanwhile, the irony of Al Sharpton calling someone or something racist after his Tawana Brawley madness and the deaths he caused at Freddy's Fashion Mart by inciting a murderer is too high to measure.

Anonymous said...

I was not offended by the cartoon, although I winced at the insensitivity of it. I'm sure that the chimp's victim would not find it funny in the least. As soon as I read the caption, I thought about the Infinite Monkey Theorem that no_slappz mentioned. I have read the stimulus bill (hard reading for someone who'd rather read Octavia Butler!), and it does read like something randomly typed by a bunch of monkeys.

Even if the cartoon was meant to be racist, I would say it's just more of the same...we've been dealing with this forever, and we all know it can get much worse than a monkey cartoon. If the monkey had been lynched, it would have been a major issue with me.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

The only thing insulting about the cartoon was the fact that folks try to be sly with their prejudice. Like the Obama bucks. The woman stated that she had no clue that Pres. Barack Obama on a food stamp with fried chicken, watermelon, and Kool Aid would be offensive. Yeah right. At least you put your thoughts out there and stand by your principles. You don't hide behind cloudy interpretations. That is my only problem with the Post. Just man up and say,"Yeah I wrote it and I meant it!" Don't give a half hearted apology either. Go 100% or don't go at all.

There are more pressing issues to get upset about, true indeed. However, it always seems that Black folk have to seat themselves "at the back of the bus" when it comes to us voicing our opinion. People can voice their opinion and snatch prayer out of schools, Christmas trees out of airports, and Mos Def CDs off the shelf. I am just slightly tired of the notion that whenever something bugs us, we are supposed to hold our tongue. Something is wrong with us. We are overreacting.

Again, there are greater issues affecting the community that I wish got more attention. However, something like this can't go unchecked. It is always good to have opposition or clowns would hide behind freedom of speech to post any and everything. There will be more cartoons in the future, but it is important we stick to pertinent issues. Who says we can't fight for equal health care and say your cartoon sucks at the same time?

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Thank you for sharing. I have an issue with us always trying to find the monkey imagery link.

Like the LeBron James incident. We drew the parellel.

Anyway the President didn't write the Stimulus Bill so that Monkey really is Pelosi right? Wait I'm offended as a woman...ok ok...

Anyway thanks for the POV.


Glen Antoine Palmer said...

I also did see the insensitivity of making light of a real life situation where a woman is fighting for her life and I said so on my own blog. It is like folks don't give a damn who they offend nowadays.

BuelahMan said...

Who says we can't fight for equal health care and say your cartoon sucks at the same time?

One is a worthy battle, the other isn't. Waste time and energy on one, while not giving enough to the other.

THAT is the intent for the Sheople.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

Sorry, we should be able to do 2 things at the same time. Like I said before, I was not terribly upset over the cartoon. We are only at this point because someone said hey, "Drinking from this colored water fountain ain't cool." Same water, side by side. But it wasn't cool. Sitting in the back of the bus. Going in through the back door. Those things were fought for at the same time people were fighting for the right the right to vote. It would be silly to fight for the right to vote and not say,"Hey...your racist Looney Toons clips are not cool too." So, you still can face down serious issues and still voice your opinion over something you might not like in the media. Like I said, Mos Def spits a verse criticizing Jews and his album gets yanked with the quickness. Mel Gibson. They don't play that. But when it comes to us, we just have to fall back and shut up. Or get told we can't get upset. I just don't agree with that. The freedom that guy flexed to pen his cartoon is the same freedom I will flex to say your cartoon sucks.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

Here is another example. At my job to celebrate MLK day, the cafeteria had "Soul Food" day. Fried chicken, sweet potato pie, greens, you name it. Personally, I don't think a man should be celebrated with stereotypical "Black" food. I simply contacted the cafeteria and said that was not cool. Didn't stage a march or anything, but it was something that bugged me and I spoke up. I know that there were some that loved the food that day. That's cool. I didn't jump on a soap box and preach to them. They like the food, then they like the food. But I let the people behind the scenes know how I felt. If you are wondering, I work at a predominantly White institution.

nicki nicki tembo said...

Well no doubt that issue probably sold well. I'm sure the Post is pleased with such. Afterall they are in business to make a profit.

We should know by now that the media has long since abandoned the premise of presenting facts and or oppinions in a way that they can be interpreted in a legitimate and reasonably accurate way. Despite the irresponsibility of the media we as individuals have to use discernment in what we receive, believe and finally act upon. We too often give credence to things, issues that little deserve to be dignified thereby giving them pseudo power. It is true that not all that temps thine wondering eye is worthful prize.

msladydeborah said...

I am glad that you made the point about being involved outside of one's comfort zone. That is important enough to say over and over.

If each person in this nation would select just one cause or work on one need that is present in this nation a whole lot would get accomplished.

It is easy to bitch, moan and groan if you are not committed to doing anything except that.

I learned years ago that some of the people I admired the most in life took the time to get educated-even if that meant going to the library and spending hours reading and researching on their own. We now have the ability to do so right at our fingertips and some of us never utilize it. So I feel you on that tip.

Having been in the position of being the only person of color in different situations I have learned to adapt and carry on. What can we do? Wait until everyone else catches up? By then it may be too late. We have got to learn to be of an inclusive mind when it comes to important issues.
You know you get nothing but love from me for being that dad at the PTA, because I don't see too many fathers period. And the ones that I do see are often non-involved for different reasons.

There is no excuse for not gaining understanding. That is written in the scriptures as a necessity of life.

We are in Catch 22 as usual. We are going to catch hell if we do and we will catch it if we don't.

I will say this again my brother, until we start thinking on a higher collective plan and make some serious plans to turn ourselves around mentally, economically and emotionally, we will be in the same old boat with one oar in the shyt.

BuelahMan said...

The freedom that guy flexed to pen his cartoon is the same freedom I will flex to say your cartoon sucks.

I think you have every "right" to be as pissed as you want to be about anything that you so determine pisses you off. Good for you.

But in the scheme of things, the outrage is better utilized and focused elsewhere is my point.

Its the shiny little objects that gather our attention... When there is an 800 pound Gorilla in the room beside you (was THAT offensive because I'm a white guy?)


Glen Antoine Palmer said...

Whatever man. We can agree to disagree. You can state you feel I have a "right" to my opinion and then proceed to try and devalue my "right". If I did not make it clear before, the cartoon really did not upset me. It was the sly prejudice and half apology afterward. When dawg posted those graphic pictures right before inauguration, he made no apologies despite some backlash. He stood by his principles. There wasn't any ambiguity. There wasn't cloudy interpretation. His face is out there for people to see. In your opinion, you think effort should be concerted elsewhere. Hey, maybe for some people. However, I can accomplish whatever projects I have going on at the present time and still disagree with something in the media. And no, I am not offended.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thanks sister for your support and HIV is more offensive than a cartooon to me

i feel u and understand folk

i just dont like us being eaisly distracted

thanks folk

i can get with that, it was the folks who got mad at me because i didnt get mad or look at it as just a cartoon. thanks bruh

Big Cheekz
yep the infectious disease problem is really real for AAs

good look folk

i can respect your honest and your view, it just upset me when folks would not accept mine when i did theirs

anytime sister

Hawa Bond
political cartoon are supposed to be powerful and evolke emotion

Red Snapper
thank u and me too

The Socialite
well said folk

Dallas Black
i can respect that man.

i see your point and valid, i just did not appreciate folks tellin me i was not down for black folks cause i disagreed. I saw the monkey as Geithner and Rubin lol

and where have u been jones?

i agree regarding poor tatse, but i did laugh

we are easily distracted, why we will always have a slave menatality

Deacon Blue
but i would have not linked to him either - he aint rwrite thebill, maybe chenney though lol

Clay Lowe

Rich Fitzgerald
we have a saying dopwn south or up south - NYC folks no diff than the racist down here

true, but it just seems as it is, especially folks who dont even read or buy the post. Im sure some black biz advertise, will folk boycott them too?

Beautifully.Conjured.Up s
its cool to do that, but as i said, when folks say im not with black folks or with the cause cause i dont agree with them - its sad, when they dont do jack but complain


no_slappz said...

im pressive - where u been folk

yes it was insensitive

Glen Antoine Palmer
i feel u, but again, it was my point that for folks to get mad at me because i did not agree was foul, especially when i respected their [position and did not try to change their mind - they are just opinions - neither right or wrong

OG, The Original Glamazon
not to me, geitner, reed, pelosi,rubin and some folks on K street lol

nicki nicki tembo
yes we should know

so true, just food for though

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I think it was important to denounce a cartoon like that running in a major metropolitan daily, and not because I love Obama -- you know how I feel about him! -- nor because I'm a saint. I'm a sinner -- big time.

It was important from a peace, freedom and social justice point of view because whatever the editorial goals of the paper were, a violently racist cartoon (in a basically tolerant city but one which is still carrying a lot of what Giuliani dragged in) strengthens the very kinds of culture which accepts limitless wiretapping, militarized police and private prisons.

But I won't go any further than that. It's not my job to teach manners to jackasses. And Obama's a big boy he can take care of himself.

I never let that incident control my thought process or dominate my posts. I said my bit and now on to substative things.

I really can't think of anything good Obama has done, but he sure has botched a number of things badly. As I said on the show, the Stanford Bank in La CdP was not a problem because we have coverage rules and there's no bailing out. The very next day having gotten no clarification from Stanford because he was on the lam, the Ministry Of Finance, looked up their books, saw the potential for problems down the road but nothing in danger now so they went in and seized the bank, padlocked the door and sorted out how to pay off every single creditor from the kid with a piggie bank to the biggest hedge fund.

The asset coverage requirments to do banking business here WORKED. As did swift action by the Finance Ministry. Once every customer who lent money to the bank is paid and the loans from the bank are auctioned off, the money that remains will be held in escrow pending some kind of joint agreement with the US Treasury, Venezuelan and Aniguan Ministries of Finance, and the regulators of banks in any other country Stanford did business.

Venezuela used the bolt cutters and the padlocks in time, apparently as did Colombia. Antigua did not and is having problems.

Whoever is president of Panama whether the lame duck Torrijos or Balbina Herrera or Ricardo Martinelli and I assume Chavez and even Uribe have control of Stanford's local assets and liabilities. It has been a very sore point with current president Of Panama, Martin Torrijos, that while he never even got a call about the trade deal Obama said he wanted, Obama went out of his way to criticize the Panamanian banking system, calling it "shadowy" and not helpful to "OUR war on terror."

Consider that Panama has one of the world's model banking systems and is the largest private banking nation, it was clear to Torrijos what Obama meant. He meant that he was frustrated that Panama is agnostic on America's military adventurism and depends on it's ability to guarantee ALL customers privacy, discretion, solidity, and property rights. This is opposite to the behavior of the countries in the "coalition of the willing" which essentially allowed the US full access to every client's details and allow expropriation without due process.

"Shadowy" my ass. Obama just wants to disrespect other nation's sovereignty the same way Bush did and Torrijos won't let him, because Obama can act like a schoolmarm and whine and pout all day about "the war on terror" but it's not Panama's nor Venezuela's nor Antigua's business. Antigua has already made the mistake once of letting the US military into the banks and brokerages to spy and seize at will in the "war on terror."

Of all of his many errors of omission and commission mostly careless, I believe that Obama's lack of respect for the personal freedom of his own citizens and the lack of respect for other nations' sovereignty is his one of his worst problems. Well, the carelessness and lack of attention to detail are also pretty bad.

It seems to me that Panama's government did exactly what a capitalist government is supposed to do in these situations: guarantee the clients' assets.

The BushBama government's approach is the "shadowy" one. Let's bailout any of the 15 largest banks no matter what and continue to so. That's not negotiable. Then, the customers' money? Well, we'll see what our blue ribbon panel reports. That part is still unclear and blah blah blah blah blah.

If the Swiss are too stupid to realize that giving the Department Of Homeland Security all the SWFT Codes and account numbers was bad because their economy is all private banking, that's up to them. Obama has demanded access to ALL of UBS's files and the Swiss government not having learned its lesson,, is so caught up I guess in this dreamy Obama-fever thing that they're going along with it despite a high court ruling FORBIDDING such a thing this time!

I'll give Obama all the credit in the world for being so fuckin charming that a sovereign nation built on the foundation of sound private banking would break its own laws to betray on of its oldest banking institutions. Wow. Barack Obama must have some magical powers alright.

I guess they only work in that time zone because Panama which was the main beneficiary of Switzerland's falling for Bush's charm, is going to get another Christmas present in March. My guess would be no less than $3 trillion in Swiss accounts will go to Panama.

The current president is not fooled by the trick bag and neither are either of this year's candidates for the presidency,not Martinelli who's a leading businessman here and certainly not Herrera who's had no end of hassles with the US. She's a pol, but she's invested in a blind trust and well understands how important Panama's own bank practices are to its economy. Obama is just another head of state. She is no fool either. She might be PRD and she might have been a radical as a student and have a "poor-people first" orientation in social policy but she's no fool. She realizes that Obama has ruptured the 30 year relationship that the PRD and the Democratic Party enjoyed.

She didn't let image and theme cloud her judgment. She knows that she's a slight favorite to win it and can only expect problems from Obama so she went the other route. She is notorious for leading a protest against George H W Bush's visit in 1992, carrying a sign that said "Civilista Visto, Civilista Muerto," which mean We'll Kill Any Special Policemen In Our Way.

Bush had to run to the plane and there has been a chill ever since. Balbina mended fences with Bush, Senior, who was only too happy to do so with an enemy of his son's who was also a rising star in a private banking nation. Then she went to Drayton McLane, who owns the Astros, as well as some massive holding company. She'd become friendly with McLane awhile back and threw out the first pitch for the Astros 2nd game at home. And more Texas moneymen who get the idea of why the US needs a rock-solid private banking center in its hemisphere. The Caribbean is fine but it's too small now and too vulnerable to US military and CIA surveillance. And they're being Republicans -- the kind who put business first and ideology second -- who have no love for Barack Obama didn't hurt a bit.

I find very sweet irony in the fact that in terms of international sovereignty, property rights and personal freedom, George Bush, Senior, and friends check in far more understanding than the great savior does. No, it makes sense. She and Bush, Senior, were on opposite sides of a bloody conflict, and the years have passed and the world looks different so why not take a chance and see if she could mend fences and establish a relationship with a powerhouse in the US. Good thing, because, believe me, Balbina Herrera has a lot of Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters in her which means she has no Obama at all!

Wait a second. Neither Torrijos nor Herrera nor Chavez nor Uribe nor Carasquilla have "given him a chance." Is everyone supposed to "give him a chance" in renewable 100-day or 2-year chunks? UNTIL EVERYBODY IS IN PRISON, BROKE OR DEAD!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

BUELAHMAN: (Sorry Torrance, Buelah's site still rejects my comments...) If I didn't see a larger, personal freedom, issue in the monkey business, I would have written less about it and said less about it.

You know very well that I have been steadfast in my criticism of him. And the first time he does something good, I'll be happy to praise him equally.

What people miss about Obama is that he is icewater veins with Ebeneezer Scrooge's heart. Ruthless. In terms of ability to lead, I think he's oversold and underprepared. I terms of winning elections and keeping up his approval ratings, he's a preternatural genius. Nobody's better.

He's the best triangulator the Democrats have ever had and it is not an equilateral triangle. He knows very well where America's choke points are and what the people want to hear and need to hear. They want to hear "post-racial and post-partisan." They want to hear "uplifting words of unity." They NEED to hear that he's pro-war, pro-death penalty, pro-police state, anti single-payer health care, anti-sex, and most of all in favor of religion in politics and government. They need to hear it but they don't mind if he whispers it.

In other words, he uses fluffy Democratic Party lingo in front of a series of policy preferences that are pretty close to those of his predecessor. After all the rending of garments, he and Lieberman are once again thick as theives, while he's given the Black Caucus the high-hat.

Certain protocols have prevented him from being a complete right-wing autocrat. The financial services sector won't tolerate the church shit. The entertainment, arts and fashion sectors will not tolerate complete despoiling of the environment and allowing Peabody to pour benzene effluent into the Ohio River. Obama would like that but Hollywood gives him more than "clean" coal does. He'd like to enshine Military Criminal Procedure into civilian law, but he got too much from the trial bar. He'd LIKE to use some good old 1980s Reagan Latin policy on labor at home, but he got too much money from unions. So, since nobody actually DID anything about George Bush, he's got Bush's policies with UPLIFTING WORDS. I think he's been a disgrace so far.

It was in seeing just how sinister and right-wing he really is that I thought that it was important to show HIM as much as any of his opponents that there are good reasons to moderate a bit. If he didn't see that racism was something that could even piss-off Whites, it might give him some pause the next time he's thinking of something really OUT THERE like twinning the Effective Death Penalty Act and Patriot-2 into a super-big Brother PATRIOT-3.

You know my issues. I don't approve of the death penalty. Obama likes it. I don't approve of incarcerating children with adults. Obama likes it. I don't believe in indefite war anywhere on Earth, Obama likes it. So, maybe, just maybe if he sees that the public is a little bit more civil-rights and civil-liberties oriented than he is and we know how he needs to be adored, he'll think twice. I don't know if it was effective or not. And now I'm off the monkey cartoon issue and long on to other stuff.

Believe me, buddy, I am not delicate. I don't get upset in the slightest when I read Jew this or Jew that or Jew the other. If someone wants to be ignorant that's their business. I really don't give a rat's ass. Stories about the Jewish Banking Conspiracy absolutely crack me up. Or the Z.O.G. Or how the Jews and the Masons have joined forces in some sinister conspiracy to prevent Russell Simmons's net worth to go over $1.3 billion. Or Christ-killers. Or whatever. Please. It's hilarious. I don't know anything about a Mos Def lyric. I saw the guy live at The Cooler in the city some years back and enjoyed the show. I thought he was excellent on Bway in Topdog/Underdog. I don't get spun out of shape over ethnic insults and generalizations thrown at me at all. But there's no material social gain by me making a big stink about an anti-jewish remark.

Obama is great for the cameras. For speeches. For a narrative about the US which doesn't exist. He's useless on policy. He had planned a "fiscal responsibility summit," but I guess that poll tested poorly or worse the focus groups liked the idea but wanted PEACE to be tied into budget-balancing. But shit if it take racial themes to push him towards leading in progressive, peace and personal freedom direction, why not?

Gunfighter said...


ActsofFaithBlog said...

*Thank You* I already wrote about how stupid it was for people to get all upset over this but to read some of these Black political blogs you'd think this was the equivalent of 9/11. Sigh. I took the pill to get out of the Matrix and all I see are people tied to the "machine". These Civil Rights Industrial Complex organizations are not doing anything that will affect real change. I mean if there was a plan and agenda for empowerment would people even recognize it let alone do it? Who's going to successfully boycott Rupert Murdoch at this point anyway when he tv networks, MySpace and movie studios and newspapers? Like some people screaming on the corners will change anything. He'll just cut a check if that - and it's not like Sharpton or Jealous would say no. Why aren't 75K people protesting the poor quality of their residential areas like those that signed the Color of Change protest email? Where's the organizing of a Guardian Angels for poorer Black areas with crime? Why don't people turn in the known criminals that ravage their areas or leave? This is why so many have put Obama on a pedestal. They don't want to do the internal work of changing their mindset nor the external work of stepping into leadership roles. And it's not just this situation - it's across the board. And it's not every Black group in this country either: it's the African-Americans. Anyway I will end this here but I have had my entire thought process about the "Black community" and other issues particularly facing Black women completely shift away from the average knee-jerk reaction. Most people are sheeple and will remain that way. Right now I'm thinking about Detroit and Katrina and how many Blacks will find themselves on the streets or stuck on roofs waving a white flag in shock that they've been left to fend for themselves and are likely to perish because they were counting on the "kindness of strangers" or even people they may know, but they themselves did not PREPARE for every possibility. You know I'm glad Obama won but if it the ish hits the fan a LOT of Black people will be out of luck.

esin said...

" cause some have fallen from the bait "
thanks, D, enjoyed the read,

no_slappz & kelso's nuts,


uglyblackjohn said...

By calling someone Black a "N*****" (from the safe distance of the Post offices) while stealing their wallet - you get away with their wallet.
I just wish Obama could have responded with "Mutha' Fucka'... please!" and then have been done with it.

Shy said...

Hey T! I have to agree with you on your viewpoint concerning this here issue. I got an email from a friend,who along with the NAACP, is calling for the removal of the Editor-In-Chief of the NYP and any others associated with the decision to print the cartoon and what-have you. But at the end of the day, what does that solve? There are still gonna be racist people with racist thoughts! Like you said, what makes us think that even if the cartoon didn't exist, the mind-set wouldn't? We have bigger fish to my county needs to concern themselves with why we have the highest rate of syphillis cases in the state...maybe the country!! But'll always be the one who is about his business, and that's how it should be. Keep doin what you do, mane! :-)

Carla said...

Great post, Mr. Free Thinker. :)


Interesting article. Thanks for checking out You have a great site as well. Let me know about the blogroll.

Curious said...

I may be wrong but I sort remember Obama saying something about a pig with lipstick is still a pig and a whole lot of people got upset by it and said he was referring to Gov. Palin. Is it any wonder then that when a chimp is shot and it is referenced to the stimulus bill, a lot of people may think that they are referring to the President?

We live in a time where thousands of people are looking for something to justify to themselves that they have been wronged and this cartoon gave many that excuse.

Sure this whole thing is not worth losing sleep over but it was potentially offensive and the editorial board of the Post failed to see that and is why they have apologized for their short sightedness.

Princess Katrina said...

Very very very very well said.

Urban Thought said...

I cannot disagree with you. I wasn't even moved by the cartoon. At some point, I wish we as a people can come together for a good cause as quickly as we react to a cartoon.

Brian E. Payne said...

Ditto! God Damn it!!!


Sister Girl said...

Your point is well taken...


Linda said...

I'm just thinking.... we've had 8 years of chimp cartoons (for bush) and the cartoonists are still going through a withdrawal period.

If I were Obama, I wouldn't take it personally ;)

Greetings from the netherlands!

Sista GP said...

My initial thoughts were not of racism. I saw gun-happy cops which is never good. I thought the chimp represented Bush for the many sites that compares him to a chimp.

think most people looking for racism will find it eventually

Patrick said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow... Someone else has read the protocals... I thought I was the only one.

Anyways, I agree about the lure. All the mainstream is misdirection. The internet has pretty much become the misinformation super highway. So much so to the point that you have to know in advance exactly what it is your looking for, then you have to sift through a dozen or so articles just to come across something important. (I forget which protocol dealt with the media)

People rob a bank for a few grand and go to prison for thirty years
Berny Madoff steals 50 billion and gets house arrest in a penthouse suite apt. And from some of the sources I have they needed him to get arrested so they could claim on the insurance.

Ever hear of John Swinton. or what about the Harold Rosenthaul interview and his convenient death shortly there after. 98% of all media being owned by 6 conglomerates. I can go on.

A cartoon of a chimp being shot was not unintentional, and it got just the reaction it was supposed to get.

no_slappz said...

casper, you wrote:

"Wow... Someone else has read the protocals... I thought I was the only one."

Your statement is troubling on two levels, at least. First, millions of people have read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Thus, if you think the Protocols manuscript is a secret, you are way off.

Second, you did not disclose your position on the claims made in the Protocols.

Do you believe the document is a forgery? Or do you think Jews are actually conspiring to take over the world?

Based on your subsequent statements, it appears you think Jews are plotting something big.

You wrote:

"(I forget which protocol dealt with the media)"

You wrote:

"People rob a bank for a few grand and go to prison for thirty years..."

Absolutely false -- unless the robber has a long criminal history that compounds his sentence.

You wrote:

"...Berny Madoff steals 50 billion and gets house arrest in a penthouse suite apt."

He's undoubtedly guilty of a committing a massive fraud. But he has not gone to trial, nor been convicted. Hence, he has not been sentenced. He is getting extra nice treatment while prosecutors build their case and when he goes to trial he will receive a sentence that will put him away for the rest of his life.

You wrote:

"And from some of the sources I have they needed him to get arrested so they could claim on the insurance."

Your claim is just plain stupid. First, all Madoff investors are facing a near wipe-out due to criminal fraud. Second, the only obvious beneficiaries of the fraud were Madoff and his wife -- as long as it lasted. Everyone else is a loser.

Meanwhile, the $50 billion figure is phony. That number is the total amount investors would have if all the actual capital given to Madoff grew at the rates he claimed. But that did not happen. He made no investments for the last 13 years. Thus, at best, the capital he got was sitting briefly in Treasury bills while he distributed it in the usual Ponzi Scheme manner.

Therefore, the total amount of missing money is a fraction of $50 billion.

You wrote:

"98% of all media being owned by 6 conglomerates."

First, your claim is false. Second, the American media offers every perspective -- ultra rightest to ultra leftist -- on the political spectrum. No point of view is ignored.

Third, you do the usual thing of failing to define "media." It is a fluid concept and no entity or handful of entities dominate. But conspiracy theorists are incapable of grasping this obvious fact.

You wrote:

"A cartoon of a chimp being shot was not unintentional, and it got just the reaction it was supposed to get."

A chimpanzee brutally attacked a woman in Stamford Connecticut and was then shot to death by cops.

The cartoonist took an actual event and converted it into a political cartoon. If the event had not occurred, and had the cartoonist created the cartoon from his imagination, I might accept the subtext of your comment.

But your comment gives the feeling that you think the shooting of the chimpanzee was staged for the benefit of the cartoonist, thereby enabling him in his desire to impugn the president in racial terms. Nonsense.

Miriam said...

Good point!

I think its offensive, but not high on the priority list.

But still offensive.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ No_slappz: It's silly to waste your time debating on the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. You give it way more "valence" by discussing it seriously than by ignoring it or making fun of it. I think it's an important historical document to read to have a sense of the scale and scope of world anti-Semitism, but to debate the validity of the claims is fun with words, nothing more.

Anybody who thinks that the POTEOZ is anything but bigot's agit-prop should ask themselves if they really think that a key ingredient in matzoh is Christian childrens' blood. That kind of puts a wrap on that book. What I find hilarious is that people still read it.

Other than your views on the cartoon which I don't to debate for all the reasons everyone has set forth, I really enjoyed the rest of your comment and found myself in the rare position of agreeing with every one of your points. All very sensible and very well argued.

I think that Caspar probably has few if any Jewish friends so he has no way in to the culture to see that the realities are nothing like the fantasies. You can't get 5 Jews to agree on what to make at a backyard barbecue let alone conspire to take over the world.

If Ted Turner or Sumner Redstone or Rupert Murdoch or Bill Gates converted to Judaism, I sure missed the message, so I don't quite get the media-conspiracy thing. But, anyone can always get a laugh out of me by mentioning the "Protocols..."

Maybe the reason a lot of Jews outperform in society has to do with their reading James Joyce or The Principles Of Corporate Finance instead of "The Protocols..." but to each his own.

Anonymous said...

Listen slapps, I just don't have the time to fight with you. If I would have met you a year and a half ago it would have been and unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. I spend exactly 10 mins of time on the internet every day at this point. I upload everything into my media tablet and I'm out the door. I am running three businesses (4 if you count my career as a fighter) plus two young children (maybe another on the way)

The fact is that I really don't care what you think is true or false. Its a waist of time to argue about the protocols anyways because its PAST TENSE, Its already happened.

The fact that you are in disbelief about the over concentration of media is irrelevant, it exists with or without your belief. Hell I will even go so far as to say that probably most of what you believe is probably wrong because the fact that their is such a powerful control over media. How can you NOT question the views you are fed just by the accusation alone that the media could be controlled to that extent. Its irresponsible not to investigate into the validity of everything your fed with just the possibility of such an allegation regardless of by who it is made because of the gravity of what the implications could mean. Which could very possibly mean that everything you know is wrong (or at least 98% of it) Even if its half as bad as 98% there is still a serious problem.

So basically what I am saying is that everything you respond with is irrelevant because all of your sources are corrupted with the exception of maybe 2%

The reasons I come to Torrance's blog is because he does his own independent research and comes to his own rational conclusions which is EXCEPTIONALLY rare. Not to come here and haggle over how much Berny Madoff stole or to define what I consider to be "the media" or to elaborate on my position on subjects. I look at things I find to be screwy and point it out when its appropriate.

Mans natural state is in enslavement regardless of what you believe. Throughout human history there are only blips here and there of the people being truly free. And that's because (lets face it) most people are sheep. Yet these blips are what is constantly being propagandized as the norm. Goethe once wrote "None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" for those who believe in the Bible its even told that our ultimate end is enslavement or death to the point that if the man upstairs doesn't come back no flesh will be saved alive. Even as an atheist the fact remains that we are going to destroy ourselves, Its in our nature.

In regards to Kelso's comment, Its not that I have had limited exposure to Jews. I learned business management from Jews, I have served with Jews in the Marines, I'm from a city with a significant Jewish population, I believe and follow the laws of the old testament as the Jews. The fact is that there are extremists in every religious sect. The Jews have the Zionists, the Catholics have the Jesuits, Islam has numerous radical groups, Hindus and Punjabis, even the Buddhists have their fanatics. The fact is that it doesn't matter to me whether a small potion of the Jewish community is trying to control the world or not, whether its propaganda or not, I am to much of a little guy to have any say in the matter. It exist whether I choose to believe it or not.

And just as a bonus before my ten minutes run out

AOL-Time Warner, created when AOL bought Time Warner for $160 billion in 2000. The merger brought together Steve Case as chairman (non Jew) of AOL-TW, and Time Warner chairman Gerald Levin (a Jew) as the CEO

Walter Isaacson, formerly the editorial director of Time, Inc., bacame the new chairman and CEO of CNN News Group, which oversees the news empire that Ted Turner built.

Time Warner's publishing division editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine, (Jewish) is the largest magazine publisher in the country. Time, Sports Illustrated, People, and Fortune etc.

Sumner Murray Redstone (born Sumner Murray Rothstein is a Jew

Working for Redstone as CBS's chief executive is Melvin A. Karmazin. (Jewish) He is the boss and biggest individual shareholder of the company that owns the CBS Television Network, 14 major-market TV stations, 160 radio stations, the Country Music Television and the Nashville Network cable channels, and a large number of outdoor advertising assets.

Walt Disney Company's chairman and CEO, Michael Eisner, is a Jew.

Walt Disney Studios, headed by Joseph E. Roth (Jewish), includes Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, and Caravan Pictures. Roth founded Caravan Pictures and it is now headed by Roger Birnbaum (Jewish) Disney also owns Miramax Films, run by the Weinstein brothers, Bob and Harvey

Edgar Bronfman, Jr. He headed Seagram Company, Ltd., the liquor giant, until its recent merger with Vivendi. Seagram owned Universal Studios and Interscope Records, the foremost promoter of "gangsta rap." These companies now belong to Vivendi Universal n June 2000, the Bronfman family sold Seagram to Vivendi, a French utilities company led by gentile Jean-Marie Messier. The combined company, Vivendi Universal, will retain Edgar Bronfman, Jr., as the vice chairman of the new company, and he will continue to be in charge of its entertainment division. The strategy for this merger seems to mirror that of AOL-Time Warner. Vivendi Universal will paid off the debts it assumed in the merger by selling Seagram's alcohol business, retaining its media empire.

Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish Australian, but Peter Chernin, who is president and CEO of Fox Group, which includes all of News Corporation's film, television, and publishing operations in the United States, is a Jew

Under Chernin, as president of 20th Century Fox, is Laura Ziskin, a Jew who formerly headed Fox 2000. Peter Roth is a Jew who works under Chernin as president of Fox Entertainment. News Corporation also owns the New York Post and TV Guide, and they are published under Chernin's supervision.

The Associated Press, which sells content to newspapers, is currently under the control of its Jewish managing editor, Michael Silverman, Silverman reports to Jonathan Wolman, also a Jew, who is executive editor for the AP.

The Sulzberger family also owns, through the New York Times Co., 33 other newspapers, including the Boston Globe

OK, I got all this after digging for about 5 mins, and frankly I just took the prominent snippets. I am now even more concerned than I was before I started this rebuttal. Half this stuff I didn't even know.

Now if you will excuse me I am way past my ten minutes, and I got work to do.

MssThang said...

Ppl really should stop playing the blame game and ask what can they do to change our situaton in the US. Then,do it! Funny I caught Malcolm X on TV the other day (I hadn't seen the movie in years)- anyway,I was reminded of how organized we were then compared to now! :( Seems now we as a ppl are more passive, just floating. Little respect for bodies,education,family,etc. SICK Okay, went off subject a

no_slappz said...

Casper, let's see, you found roughly 15 Jews who reached the high end of media management. Of course they represent the complete spectrum of political views, going from one pole to the other. Undoubtedly you think this divergence of views is part of the plot.

The interesting aspect of the manner in which you list Jews who have achieved and earned high positions in their fields is to characterize them as part of something sinister.

I suppose there are reasons to agree. Your group of media-mogul Jews hire a lot of blacks. Disney, for example (founded by Walt Disney, a non-Jew, and controlled for years by the Disney family), promotes black talent. Jews are probably experimenting with ways to erode societies around the world before seizing control.

The NY Times employs black reporters and editors, though a couple of top black editors and reporters went down in scandals a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, their experiment of infusing black sensibilities into the minds of NY Times readers backfired.

Anyway, it's an interesting sign of your mindset that you find achievement among people linked only by a common religion to be troubling.

I should think, then, that achievements among people who are linked by both race and religion (blacks are overwhelmingly Christian, though Islam has gained some ground) would trouble you even more. Maybe not.

Despite the fact that basketball was a sport popularized by urban Jews, none, as far as I know, play professionally today. Isn't basketball a black sport these days? Boxing? Football?

Sinister? Don't you agree? Frankly, I see it as a Jewish plan to distract black and non-black sportsfans around the world while everything of value is falling into the hands of the master-puppeteers -- the Jews. It's true. You're on to it. Good work.

Entertainment. Yeah, especially comedy. Blacks or Jews -- who leads? Who wins? But most important -- who is in control? Jews, of course.

Maybe this Jewish control explains the high rate of violence among black rappers and hip-hoppers. It probably reaches up to the top of the media world.

Do Jews rewrite news to suit themselves? Do they use pseudonyms to hide their self-serving work?

Let's see. You mentioned Gerald Levin, a Jew who was head of Time-Warner for a while.

Did you know Levin's son was an English teacher in a Harlem public high school, and that one of his students (a black student) murdered him? His killing was probably part of the conspiracy that has been afoot for nearly a century.

Anyway, Casper, you've got Jews on the brain, a clear sign of something. But I think you are in Japan, where there are no Jews, so you have little to fear from the pending takeover spelled out in the Protocols.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ CASPAR: I had no idea that you were a fighter. I've been around that world because of my mom's people for many years. I stayed interested and involved when I moved to Panama. I don't back fighters but I know plenty of people who do, here in LaCdP, in NYC, in Palm Springs and in LV.

My son enjoys watching the fights and taking lessons here.

But take this for what it's worth. It's not healthy to have such an obsession with Jewish people if you yourself are not Jewish that you'd know who #2 and #3 people at Hollywood studios are if you plan to have a successful fight career.

I'd think it would distract you from your purpose and might cause you to make a very bad faux-pas at just exactly the wrong time.

I know a lot more about current fighters than I know, for example, who's Catholic or Jewish or Presbyterian in the business world!

But to each his own. I happen to think that THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION is a big steaming pile of dung. And I have a 9YO son so once again I find a big steaming pile of dung pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

@ Slapps. You cut me to the quick. LOL as I was trying to get to earlier, I really don't care, its just the way it is.

@ Kelso

Yea I fight amongst other things. Its a therapeutic thing for me. Becoming a professional isn't so much about being famous, its more of a personal quest. Tempering and honing myself to an edge. I would fight regardless of money or reward.

Obsession is in my nature. everything I do is full tilt whether its fighting, self-education, economics, business, religious beliefs, etc. Just because I look at things for what they actually are doesn't mean that one subject preoccupies my mind. I have been called antisemitic, and a Jew lover, and a racist and a race traitor (amongst a million other false contradictory accusations) The fact is that I just piss people off. I just I don't care about niceties anymore.

Tell your son to keep with it. The benefits he will get from the lessons will be an asset to him throughout the rest of his life. Not to mention its alot of fun.

Anonymous said...

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