Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who'd a thunk?

I always wanted to know what would be the prospects of a civil war, on these shores, in my lifetime. I mean, I wasn't around then nor was there a media outlet that could broadcast the gory war details on the cathode ray tube each night at 6pm. But after reading Hell's leading daily, and a few more links including FiredogLake, I have gotten giddy over the prospects, and of all places, California. I won't write about it from the perspective the aforementioned did, but I would like to add my own twist.

Seems that if civil wars will ever happen again up in this camp, it will be on the state level where counties try to succeed and form their own state. Now don't laugh, I'm bneing objective. It seems as if farmers in California, mad at the passing of the animal rights initiative called Proposition 2. It passed mainly because voters in the high-population counties couldn't think of putting themselves in the shoes of farmers when compared to the shoes of pet owners. It is kind of backwards to me to let folks who don't own or run farms to vote on them. You don't ask folks who are not having surgery if the person who is having surgery should, especially if they are awake and competent. But what do I know, I'm a country boy who owns an 11 acre farm.

Yes farmers, the backbone of grocery stores, restaurants, and deli's feel that "if they can't appreciate agriculture they should live without it. They belive that there should be two states : the 45 interior counties come together as a separate state and 13 costal counties being another. In their words, the farmers that is, by letting "the mass numbers of farm uneducated city dwellers dictate farm policy is committing agricultural suicide."

I don't know about you, but regardless of it being political, or agricultural, this shows me that the economic times in our country are manifesting themselves in ways never imagined. I'd like to see a civil war, the civil war of California fought on TV – cool, huh. It may gone a long way to take some of the air out of the social revolt that may be in the edge of occurring with the state sending out IOU's instead of tax refunds. Who'd a thunk?


Erin Michell said...

Since I am a current resident of California I prefer not to bare witness to a civil war in this state, but that's just me. But no telling what might happen after this tax season and IOUs!!!! I wonder if the government will take IOUs, I think not.....

Craigjc said...

It's getting bad in Cali. As for civil war, the factions - incredibly diverse - prolly couldn't unite enough to make it happen. You think SoCal could break away from the NoCal though?

Ingie said...

Everyone should have a vote. Isn't that like saying only the slave owners should of decided if slavery stayed in existence?

Kiarah C. W. said...

Well the last thing I want to see is another war. I did not even realize this was going on in California. It is kinda unfair to let people who don't have farms vote but we all vote on things we don't experience all the time. I think they are just going to use that vote to regulate animal abuse on farms because some people take things to the extreme.

Sista GP said...

What's wrong with 'allow these animals to lie down, stand up, fully extend their limbs and turn around freely'? We breed and enjoy the same courtesy.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Erin Michell
i agree, what will be next and thanks for the love folk

wonder where the purp county's gone lean too lol

then they should distinguish between live stock and pets, would u be made if farmers didnt send chicken or cows, i wouldnt - folks need to think and not be emotional - that got us obama (joking) lol

Kiarah C. W.
i agree as a farm owner

Sista GP
u bought them in kroger before u knew dont trip..and they aint equal to me, dont ;pay taxes, or vote or eat me i eat them lol

BuelahMan said...

I heard Jim Rogers (one of those financial guys who predicted the current crisis long ago and now is trivialized as nonsense from the very ones who caused the mess... and will the Sheople say, "Amen"?) say that one way to make sure you survive the economic crisis that is coming (for what we have seen so far is NOTHING, yet) is to start farming.

It just so happens that my wife is heir to a 175 acre farm (half wooded/half farm land) and it is my intent to move there if shit get much worse.

At the very least, I can see this 47 year old non-farmer beginning to learn a new trade as spring hits.

Civil war?

Hell, we can't even get enough Americans organized to carry out a decent anti-war march, how the fuck do you think a civil war could ever be carried out?

The American Sheople are set for the slaughter, Bro'. This is unfortunate, but true.

Larry Gambone said...

I wonder if those are farmers in the old sense of the word, and not corporate factory farmers who have chickens in cages, cows that never leave their stalls and all that? Cages have been banned in Europe for example. Interfering with real farmers would be ridiculous, but banning factory farming would be a very positive thing.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Since I'm a Cali Gal I wouldn't like to see that happen here either. I'm not so upset about the I.O.U.'s but what I want to know is are they paying penalty and interest like the charge us if we're late.

As for Prop 2, for me it wasn't about emotion or distinguishing a pet from a farm animal. It was about the health of what they're selling me to eat.

Red Snapper said...

As a vegetarian the livestock does not directly effect me. I am wanting fresh, healthy, hormone free fruits, veggies and grains tho. And I mus say that we all should have the right to vote, on whatever topic..........as long as the person doing the voting is educated on the proposion.


*Bumpin Ball & G*

Glad to know you're here folk.

JR said...

There has long been a movement in CA to split the state up into smaller entities. The most popular was a three state plan. N. CA, Central CA and S. CA.

The producers have been trying to separate themselves from the takers for quite awhile now.

Anonymous said...

Everyone gets to vote like the lovely people above me have already pointed out. Its up to the farmers to take their case to the people that can change things. I ain't that mad about the IOUs though. Don't mind helping Cali out.

rainywalker said...

The picture looks like "Bloody Row" at Antietam. Spent two days there at a research project, intesting but sad.
I have reviewed your post today and spent a few hours expanding on it. California was an interesting pick for the start, it was my selection also.

MuscleDaddy said...

"You don't ask folks who are not having surgery if the person who is having surgery should, especially if they are awake and competent."

Funny you should make that analogy.

Seriously though, I've found that it's almost never about "What's best for..." or "What 'X' wants..." or "The Children!!".

It's about pushing people around 'cause you think you can.

- MuscleDaddy

P.S. - Erin Mitchell, that pic just ain't fair - especially right up there next to where I'm trying to sound all intelligent!

ActsofFaithBlog said...

It's my understanding this has to do with the quality of what we're eating. If farmers are using growth hormones and unsanitary practices then we should have the option of not using them. TThere needs to be some standards. Look at that GA peanut factory. I'd also like to see a ban on high fructose corn syrup. They've got 7 years to comply. We have a host of other problems going on with the dumb-ass Guv, no state budget, the attack on the SEIU and a ridiculously high unemployment rate.

Black girl with long hair said...

cali is just self destructing man... between the smog and the big-ass budget deficit... how long can it survive?!

but, as a resident of illinois... aka land of the corrupt politician... i'm in no position to comment, lol!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i love it when u use sheple, and u only older than me by one year big bruh - well said and sorry to upset u mane - again

Larry Gambone
mane fuck europe - again, grow and eat your own food on your farm as i do - u wont have to worry bout such - y depend on others for what u can do yourself - not to mention no one has complaines the last 100 years - but i can respect your point of view

where im from folk who care about what they eat grow and raise their own food - u dont have to buy it true

Red Snapper
next it will be tomato plants and squash - u know how many americans dont think

he man, long time no see. so how likely will this outcome be and what will happen in other states?

i respect that and like u i will help any american black, white, gop, dem, gay straight short or tall - constitution and being a neighbor means something to me

yeap i wish we could (americans stick together and seperate from washington - and yes you are right, and good book man, i just finished a month or 2 ago was Lee's Dispatches: Unpublished Letters of General Robert E. Lee, C.S.A., to Jefferson Davis and the War Department of the Confederate States

i think u right and really know u are. and she is a beautiful woman so i feel your pain - how have u been folk. i know u on the front line so be safe mane

sounds like an FDA issue then

Black girl with long hair it is a microcosm of the country. it in the end will be left to we the people, and not we the corporation

Anonymous said...

You just doing too much this time, babe!

BuelahMan said...


No, no, no.

Invigorated. I like my juices flowing, my friend. Otherwise I may just give up.

(Who am I kidding)

You just keep preachin' your message (my snarks aren't always meant in disagreement, but more a slap in the face of "Sheople" as a wake up)


Anonymous said...

k_michael says:

One overlooked bit of info in the "agricultural food-producers vs city animal-rights activists" seems to me to be that, when animals have certain relatively minimal living requirements met, they produce better - the meat and pruducts (milk, eggs) are simply of a higher quality. The same is true of feedstock. If you want to produce quality meat, you have to give the animals feed that meets their nutritional requirements. That's one reason why meat is less efficient as a food soruce in comparison with non-meat foods: animals have nutritional needs that are not all that different, generally speaking, from he nutritional needs of humans, in terms of vitamins, minerals, and calories. The main advantage of milk products and eggs is that they can be produced form foodstuffs thet humans can't digest; the advantage of animal flesh, including fish, is that it has such a high amount of protein in the number of calories it contains.

At the same time, animal rights poeple forget that extensive agriculture still has a tremendous inpact upon the environment; for example, given that animal wastes are not used as fertilizer for the most part, nitrogen (a vital part of the fertilizers required for intensive agrigulture) is derived from - yup, petroleum. They also forget that vast amounts of technically-arable land is located in ares which receive very littel rain (which is why these areas were colonized by drought-tolerant grasses and weeds), so the water used to irrigate that land must come from aquifers, which are, in turn, being drained at greater rates than natural weather cycels can replenish them. These areas had become pastureland early on because at least some breeds of cattle, as well as sheep and goats, were able to convert these low-nutrition grasses and weeds into human-consunmable protein.

In the end, niether overly-mechanized factory farms, NOR animal rights activists, really "get it" when it comes to a significant number of cold hard realities.

So, although the bickering doesn't surprise me, and armed conflict would not surprise me, it would be, as is most armed conflict, based not upon rational analysis or factual information, but rather, upon dogma and self-interest.

ActsofFaithBlog said...

The FDA is useless and corrupt. Prop 2 wouldn't need to have been written if there were enforceable standards at play here. When everything's "voluntary" and corruptible (i.e the lobbyists) people will continue to get sick, be poisoned and die. There's no coincidence that the UK has banned high fructose corn syrup or that their dairy is of the same quality as organic but not "certified" as such AND cheaper than in the US. I couldn't believe how much better purchased food tasted even the American candybars had more cocoa and used actual sugar.

LeNoir Tyrannical said...

I'm sorry but I think animal rights are a crock. Not always but often the argument is for lack of a better word, retarded. These animal rights junkies are the same people who got to Afrcan to save elephant tusks while totally ignoring the immense human issues of poverty and disease often as a reslut of the West's hand in Africa. These people are idiots and theyu make me sick. Is it not possible to listen to scientist and use animals as a rescource w/o destroying populations? yes! Does that require that we ignore the cost of human life all over the world why we do it. No

clnmike said...

I feel the farmers pain cause lord knows I get upset when I feel a city dweller like me is being held hostage by small town bumpkins who act like that there is not a world out side their own.

But it seems like these farmers just need to invest in some lobbiest and a PR firm to get the job done.

Kamika said...

No, I don't think our California economy could bear an actual civil war. I'd hate to see it. I would like to see our governor recalled though!

Sandra said...

It'a getting really bad in California. To think California has the 8th largest economy in the world. I don't want to see civil war but we need to put fire to the feet of the politicians in Sacramento. Arnold now understands that being Governor is not an easy job.

I don't vote for him.

msladydeborah said...

I love learning something new. Today the 411 on your post is my home schooling lesson for the day.

Living in the O-State, I know a little something about farming and urban dwelling. If there is a conflict growing in Calli, before civil war breaks out-I would like to see the I can show you better than tell you method of conflict resolution.

Basically what that means is simple: You help vote in nonsensical laws that impact my livelihood in the wrong way-you will be hungry when you roll up to Kroger's. I figure in this type of situation, you would eventually reconsider what is for the common good of everyone involved.

Curious said...

I don't like the idea of buying cheap cotton T-shirts and shoes from China made from slave or prison labor. I also don't like the idea of being sold items laced with poison either for myself or my pets. Should I not have a say in these matters because I don't live there?

If a Californian believes that farms that are run like killing factories and not farms, and that animals that are tortured before slaughter is harmful to the population as a whole, does he or she not have a right to say how they feel about the matter whether or not they live on a farm?

Linda said...

*lol* I don't know where people get the idea that cages have been banned here in Europe.. because if they were, about 99% of the farmers would violate the rule ;)

I'm all for the animals.. *lol* I don't mind them getting killed, but let them have at least a little fun in life..

Unfortunately, space is scarce here in Holland, but still we are planning on getting a couple of chickens in our backyard.. you know.. for REAL eggs and stuff. Oh, and eventually chicken soup. If we have the heart. *lol*

greetings from the netherlands ;)

nicki nicki tembo said...

You taking the balknization of the US a step further huh? I don't suppose that a rural-urban split is anymore off the mark. I believe thinking people are already aware of that a civil war of sorts is being waged. The politics and economics in this country are literally killing us and destroying the country as it was founded. As Buelahman extorts the "sheeple" are feeding at the trough, many have already been slaughtered (literally, figuratively and mentally). The rest are being prepped.

nicki nicki tembo said...

oops meant exhorts not extorts - forgive me.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

what ya mean folk, my fault brain cells will collide

lol brother u know how u me and kelso get, thanks for u two holding it down and educating
Anonymous Anonymous said...

k_michael says:

well said and point taken - all i say is grow your own food and raise own live stock or hunt easy as abc

true but no diff from a ballot iniative to me - worthless

LeNoir Tyrannical
animals dont pay taxes the way i see it, i eat them they dont eat me

dang u calling me a small town bumpkin - my city has at least 2300 folks and my farm is just 11 acres

thought he was making movies lol state needs to get his royalities

well i dont think it is a serious as the civil war it was just a postulate on my behalf

y thank u and i guess

i can respect that

sister they way u cook, u gone need more than a couple 3 hens and one rooster is my suggestion
nicki nicki tembo
that is so dang sexy say more pls

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

nicki nicki tembo
impressive again as always folk

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I was so infuriated about the new American War President that I decided to do a big post on women in South American and USA politics who are focused on peace and criminal justice reform, poverty, and making a difference basically. Just to take a deep breath and appreciate good people when Obama seems to just take pleasure in disappointing me! HONOR ROLL: Balbina Herrera (PRD-PANAMA), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), Piedad Cordoba (Liberal-Colombia/Antioquenia) with nice notes on Diane Watson (D-CA), Maxine Waters (D-CA) and a token man whose been as front and center on world peace as any American pol, Jim McGovern (D-MA). Plus, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (S-Buenos Aires), Michelle Bachellet (S-Santiago, Chile), and Ingrid Betancourt formerly (Green-Colombia-Bogota).

All of them make you feel that there's some oxygen out there for peace, social justice and personal freedom advocates and it's not all Obama As Patton All The Time.

I have to give you credit for having the good steam on Pelosi. To be involved in the peace process in Colombia with Senator Cordoba shows me she can get deep sometimes. And will definitely be a force pulling Obama in the social justice direction just as you thought.

BuelahMan said...

Mornin', Kelso.

And will definitely be a force pulling Obama in the social justice direction just as you thought.

I don't have near as much faith in her intent as you two do.

If social justice was her deal, then Impeachment would NOT have been off the table.

To me, Pelosi is just as much an opportunist as any of the Obamaites.

Anonymous said...

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