Sunday, August 03, 2008

the greatest evil

Point of order: 1] Cap and Miz represented at the shop. They say my new tag line is come to the dog club, and take yo teeth out.

2] Satire - A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.

First I lied. The McCain post will be next. Any who, I know that most of us are mad as hell at these big oil companies taking all our loot and grossing big profits while at the same time they getting they corporate welfare on (Slappz I know you will disagree). And yes they are a great evil, but the greatest evil if you asked me (which u aint) are insurance companies. And they seem to be of late, at least since Hurricane Katrina, putting it down.

Insurance is an easy business, all they live to do is collect premiums and try they best to keep from paying out claims. With the help of the GOP, Lobbyist and judges that unlike days of old, got money invested in all kinds of stuff, they may be making civil claims and law suites for the regular man a thing of the past.

Now it is very possible that I am wrong, but times seem to have changed for the worse. After the oral argument in the Exxon Valdez case, I realized that Judges aint judges anymore and making loot is the trump card, since Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. had to rescue himself from hearing the case cause he owned stock in Exxon. And then after the U.S. Supreme Court had a divided vote regarding the decision on Warner-Lambert Co. v. Kent, because making money for many of these judges, even on the local level is more important than administering justice. I mean they couldn’t even hear a class-action lawsuit that accuses more than 50 U.S. businesses of helping South Africa's former apartheid regime because just five of the nine justices could hear the case, and six are needed for a quorum. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Breyer and Alito Jr. have holdings in some of the companies named in the suit and Justice Kennedy's son works for another, Credit Suisse Group.

Now the aforementioned is problematic, but what has put the icing on the cake for me is how I have Notice the company Logo for State Farm on almost every baseball field in the majors, and even during the college world series. I was used to seeing their commercials on TV, but since Katrina, seems like they have taken a scorch and burn approach. Maybe it was due to State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. being charged with a "pattern of racketeering" as a result of them manipulating engineering reports after Hurricane Katrina so they could deny policyholder claims. Since then, goo-gobs of homeowners have sued their insurers for denying their claims after the Aug. 29, 2005, storm. It was the first time an insurer was charged with violating the civil Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act, commonly known as RICO.

Since then, State farm has been on a roll, trying to get politicians, including McCain and Obama, to limit and squash the ability of folks to file civil laws suits, with due process in front of a jury. State Farm has historically spent a lot on this, but they have steeped their game up as of late. State Farm has spent has hired the Fowler White Boggs Banker firm to lobby on its behalf. Like I said, State Farm has been pushing for changes in Florida's no-fault insurance law too.

So true, the Oil companies are not folks I like too look up to, I mean Im down wit making loot, but not via extortion. But at least they have a commodity that we demand. We don’t even need insurance, it’s a fabrication anyway and when we need it, they fight us tooth and nail to collect. Maybe this is much to do about nothing, I mean they are the biggest crooks next to politicians to me, but at the rate that judges are recusing themselves, they may just want to give all judges stock in their company and they won’t have to worry about law suites at all.


Jay Midnyte said...

i'm cool with the humongous oil profits (even though they should be using the profits to reduce the price of gas), but when that combines with the government willing to bail out (corporate welfare) these big companies, that's crossing the line.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The drunken Exxon-Valdez captain who wrecked the part of Alaska via the oil spill only got community service! As for the judges, couldn't they draw straws to eliminate one so they'd have the necessary odd number to hear the case rather than 'set it aside'? But they won't, and Exxon likely won't pay dime for the damage.

Torrance, since you're doing a McCain post soon, y'all come check out a seriously scary article I posted on him today:

Thanks For The Warning, McCain: Urban Blacks Will Be Treated Like Insurgents

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Damn you learn something new everyday...I had no idea about this....its a damn shame..I was just talking to a friend about how hard it is to get health insurance now we gotta worry about home and car insurance being very sad..I hope who ever is in power doesnt allow them to be able to bypass civil cases..that would be a crime against the working class.

Curious said...

Not much to say here other than you are right. Some people will look at politicians, or lawyers or oil men and say that they are the scummiest ones around, but I believe that honor should go to the insurance industry. Whether it's auto, home or medical they will always find a way to delay or screw you out of something.

I have relatives in Florida and they say their insurance has risen 400% since Katrina hit Louisiana and their coverage has been reduced. What kind of justice is that?

Anonymous said...

"Insurance is an easy business, all they live to do is collect premiums and try they best to keep from paying out claims."


Private Insurance is argueably the biggest rip-off in the history of Capitalism.

George M said...

Damn Dawg,

Didn't mean to post in anonymity.....too impersonal.

George M

4GOTTEN1 said...

It's funny how it's okay to rob people as long as you do it through what seems like a legitmate bussiness and don't use weapons other than the twisted laws on books.


Great post..oil co are a beast...

But I think I am more upset with cigarette co these days for some reason...

AND NO i don't smoke.

no_slappz said...


Regarding oil companies -- for every Dollar Exxon collects from customers, One Dime is net profit.

In other words, the net profit margin at Exxon is about 10%.

What profit margin are you aiming for in your business? Is it higher or lower than 10%?

Since you believe oil companies are inherently corrupt and that they control oil prices, do you have an explanation for how they do it?

Meanwhile, if you want to see oil prices decline, there are five easy strategies.

First, remove all barriers to drilling and producing oil in the US.

Second, use less oil.

Third, remove all controls on refineries. Congress has required refiners to custom-blend gasoline for each region of the country. But Congress has repeatedly changed the rules whenever it became clear that the additives needed for the custom blends were failing to meet expectations. Due to these silly rules, supplies are unnecessarily tightened, which means prices rise for no good reason.

Fourth, use more natural gas -- methane. Today's cars can run on natural gas, the gas used for heating and in the kitchen. Detroit already sells vechicles than run on natural gas, but few places sell natural gas to drivers. Post Office vehicles run on natural gas. So do many buses and some taxis in NY City.

Fifth, expand coal use. Pollution control equipment can clean the exhaust gases from facilities that burn coal, like power plants.

no_slappz said...

torrance, you said you were bothered by insurance companies.

Keep this fact in mind -- Homeowners' Insurance DOES NOT insure against FLOODS.

The ONLY source of Flood Insurance is the Federal Government. But few homeowners in New Orleans had federal flood insurance.

Why do you expect an insurance company to pay a claim for a disaster that it does not cover?

Many of the cases in New Orleans are disputes about the CAUSE of the damage to homes.

Meanwhile, as for homeowner rates climbing, well, thank the people who brought you Global Warming. They claim that "Global Warming" is causing an increase in the frequency and destructiveness of storms.

If these nuts are right (they are not) then insurance companies must increase their rates to reflect the higher level of risk that exists.

no_slappz said...

jay midnyte, you wrote:

"...they should be using the profits to reduce the price of gas"

If Exxon earns a 10% net profit and gasoline cost $4.50 a gallon (NY City price), then what would gas cost if Exxon refunded its "profit" to customers?

Based on your argument, Exxon would send 10% back to customers, leading to a final cost of $4.05 a gallon.

However, you are probably generous enough to allow Exxon a 5% net profit, which would mean customers would pay $4.28 a gallon.

You wrote:

"...when that combines with the government willing to bail out (corporate welfare) these big companies, that's crossing the line."

What are you stating? What "bailouts"? What "corporate welfare"?

no_slappz said...

kit keep it trill, you said:

"The drunken Exxon-Valdez captain who wrecked the part of Alaska..."

A section of the Alaskan coast was covered in an oil slick for a brief period. The area was cleaned and all is normal again. Of course a lot of people collected a lot of money for claiming whatever they needed to claim to receive cash compensation. There is always a corruption problem when people are offered money for claiming they suffered "hardships" due to an event. Things get lucrative when the event has human origins.

You wrote:

"...Exxon likely won't pay dime for the damage."

Exxon paid for the clean-up. Even if the "punitive" portion of the award is reduced, there is no way Exxon escapes payment for "damages."

xoxo Jaimie said...

its a shame how people are always being taken advantage of.

brran1 said...

I lost all faith in the insurance companies after Hurricane Katrina. It just goes to show you that ppl are all about making a buck nowadays and NOT doing right by people. Oh well, I just hope they realize that Karma's a bitch. Real talk.

MP said...

I must admit that I have never looked at insurance companies vs oil company before but I do have to agree with you.

The oil companies are greedy extortionists but people aren't smart enough to unite and actually evoke change. Everybody is mad about it but they keep on buying gas.

Ticia said...

The world is evil -

Anonymous said...

Definite food for thought, as always good post.

12kyle said...

mannnnnn, every time that i pass by an exxon station i wanna run up in there and kick somebody's ass!!! LOL

good post. droppin mo science

Anonymous said...

It's truly unfortunate you all have no clue about insurance. The next time you have an auto accident or your home gets broken into, who are you going to call?

Another thing to note is this: AN INSURANCE POLICY IS A CONTRACT...A CONTRACT...there are things that are covered and things that are not. READ IT AND ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU NEED TO!

I mean do you all really have enough $$ to take care of ALL the costs involved with an auto accident or theft of your home?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Mccain post... Oil and Insurance companies are some of biggest crooks you can imagine...Both getting rich off our dime....

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Jay Midnyte
Yea folk, u know slappz gone be upset lol

Kit (Keep It Trill)
I could not have said it beeter and loved the Mccain pioiece, u gone make slappz think some too LOL

It should be a crime if politicians actually cared

I know and state farmed feed that FL lobby

George M
No problem folk thought is passionate

It shole is aint it

Thanks babe and how is the love life

I agree it reflects on congress and all branches of government if u asked me

It was the breaking of the levies and how can they so stupid to think no water will be a consequence of a hurricane

They don’t need the loot

Stop harassing – joking, good point

xoxo Jaimie
Yep, that’s why we got to keep informed, and that aint bet or mtv

Karma is that and folk still try and deny it

Yep, distractions

And how.

Thanks scholar

Tryin folk, was looking for u friday

Im a libertarian, don’t protect me from myself folk .
Just do what u say u gone do after collecting my loot. Sounds like something someone who worked for state farm would say folk. Don’t be a coward show your face and url.

Thanks babe, anon before u may hate

NoRegrets said...

Good pontification! I had not heard about the recusing. At least they do that and not take part in a trial - that something. But not enough. It makes me sad somedays to think about what US Citizens are willing to turn a blind eye to. Are we all ostriches?

T.C. said...

oil companies are the biggest thieves there are...and i KNOW that the politicians GOT to be in on it because there is NO other way they should be having as HUGE a profit that they have been making consistantly for the last what 5 quarters come on....

Anonymous said...

When I think of all the money the oil companies are making, and the many, many, conspiracies and cover-ups that go on in Washington, it really upsets me. Sometimes I feel that we pay our tax dollars to be lied to at the end of the day. And Insurance companies are sickening. They would much rather worry about saving their dollars than being honest and providing the coverage and care that so many deserve. It's very rare that you find a health insurance, especially health insurance, that allows you to have your coverage and actually "be covered" without a barrage of questions, tests, surveys, and quizzes, before you can have a payment for a procedure passed. It's ridiculous. We pay high amounts for our premiums, but have to fight to get the coverage we aim for. It's time for me to get off of this subject, because more than anything it upsets me more to see what our children and elderly go through because of this. Thanks for sharing Raw Dawg.

Christopher said...

The SCOTUS ceased to have any cred or respectability the day they voted to toss 7,000+ untabulated ballots from Miami-Dade and install the Motherfucker from Midland in the White House.

One more chip in the great experiment called the United States of America.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I'm scared of my insurance company. (nationwide)
I am always praying nothing will happen to my house so I won't have to call them and they holler at me :(
or deny me (even if I am paying faithfully every year).

The thought makes my stomach hurt.

clnmike said...

I agree with this post.

Isnt Judge Scalia the one who keeps screwing over Mumia Abu Jamal request for retrial?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ JAY MIDNYTE: THAT's "fascism" as conceived by Mussolini. Power concentrated in three "branches" of government: THE EXECUTIVE, THE LARGEST CORPORATIONS, THE CHURCH.

@ TORRANCE: Insurance is 3-card monte. Even when they pay off on a claim you're getting paid even money on something whose true odds are 2/1 against and if you try collecting you get chased away.

Or a shell game which is identical.

Darius T. Williams said...

You know - this is really so freaking true. Oil companies first. Insurance companies second. Good for you for pointing this out!

Big Cheekz said...

Yea, insurance business is crazy business. If I never use the life, car, homeowners, etc. insurance - I should get some kinda return or bonus after a few years. That would only be the right thing to do & since it would only benefit me the consumer, I know it won't happen.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Yephead in the sand

So where is your loot invested?

Saying ridiculous is nice

We all in a Petri dish

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon
U and me both sexy, I mean sister

yea mane, he a bitch aint he?

Kelso, tru monte Carlo. You are so right

Darius T. Williams
Yep, greedy tyrrants

Big Cheekz
But we can change if we try – sly stone

CapCity said...

had a blast hangin' out wicha folk! will get those flix 2 ya soon's i recuperate from all dat HEAT!!

Anonymous said...

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