Friday, August 15, 2008

Intro to Memphisian 101

I will free your mind today.
thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u

Point of order: 12Kyle stopped by shop again. Nice tie folk. Now Candy, Bombchell, Ms. Bitchie and Brran1 got to make it through, I mean yawl in the ATL

2] Love babz placed a wikapedia link up for me she said I coined phrase bloglebriety - she say i am such-lmbao.

A few weeks ago No Regrets said I talk a foreign language and Kelso labeled it Memphisian. I gave yawl a remedial course. Now its time for the first 3 hr credit billy, so here goes.

1] Murch: Similar in meaning to much. Often used to describe someone’s wild escapades

Example: Mane, Jones there is murch to murch for me.

2] Panty-draws: Undergarments typically worn by females. Not to be confused with panties (paperbag covering deuce deuce or 40 oz) - see pic.

Example: Lil Momma take them panty-draws off and come correct.

3] Chickenhead: Typical description of Cannibas, especially of the purple haired variety. So potent that if it is taken out the bag it will stand up and via smell say cocka-doodle-doo. In other places used to describe a women with lest than stellar or desirable qualities as a mate.

Example: Jones, I got that chicken head.

4] Dana: Similar to “than a”. Used to exclaim the profoundness of an event. Often used twice for that purpose.

Example” Mane, they was wilder dana mug.

5] Mug: Short for the MF word and often used as a noun to inform exclamation. Also used as a form of punctuation similar to an exclamation point.

Example: mane, she was finer dana mug. (notice use of two terms in one sentence)

6] Zwagin: Beyond swinging. Typically reserved for the life style of those acknowledged as raw dawg buffalo.

Example: Jones, we was zwangin’ harder dana a mug last night. (Again, use of two words in a sentence)

7]KFC: Acronym for Killafied Cap. Used to describe bomb azz felatio that extends beyond the plain ole “chewing” or “skull”.

Example: Lil momma, you got that KFC.

Now study hard, we down with pop quizzes up in this camp. Extra credit below:

8] Wa-ta: Pronounced water. Used as a synonym for moonshine, usually made by someone’s aunt, uncle or grand mother.

9] SBIO: Picked up from old school book/movie classic sybil. Used to refer to a crazy woman. Acronym for 16 bitches in one. vote


Anonymous said...

KFC so i take it you are finger licking good, and I can only imagine LOL

Miss April Joy said...

I have to admit I am so slow when it comes to our "other" language. I don't wanna talk a course either lol, it is pure humour

Blog Queen said...

you are wild...

Blog Queen said...

you are wild...

brran1 said...

What are the hours for the shop tomorrow? I'm heading back home on Sunday so let me know and I'll stop thru tomorrow.

BuelahMan said...

Damn, dude.

I have a hard enough time with English.


MP said...


Anonymous said...

LMBAO... thanks for intro.

koffeedyme said...

LMAO... I thought I was the only one.. I stop trying to understand along time ago

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

hilarious..and yes, you are one of the anomalies.

NoRegrets said...

Again, I appreciate the dictionary entries. Pretty soon I'll be picking it all up and people 'round here won't understand what the hell I'm saying. Did I tell you my middle name is Colonel? ;-)

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious.

Thanks for stopping by my spot, I will definitely be passing through here again.

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

love all of these!! lol

Rich said...

mane, u wyla dana mug.

U know i'm country too. I jus be frontin' like I'm not.

profunksticated said...

LOL, dawg!!

Shy said...

Lovin that Memphis slang! Thanks for the lesson, lol. I use "mug" all the time in my own speech. LOL...I'll be in Memphis for a weekend next month...I wanna meet some locals and have a conversation with them using the words I've learned. Should be interesting! :-)

no_slappz said...

always good to build the vocabulary.

T.C. said...

and i am still totally lost...HA!

Sheliza said...

Thanks for the definitions. This helps me to understand you better folk. You like that one don't you?! I hope you have a great weekend!

12kyle said...

i told you that i was gonna stop thru.

good break down

she's thicker dana luke dancer


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Well it’s I know I will need to KNOW who got that chicken head when I visit ATL! *lol*

I guess that is the only time its good to have that chicken head?

Have a good weekend folk!


Sweet KeiKei said...

lmao @ lil mama u got that KFC & SBIO

i miss tha south

fly tie said...

entertaining indeed. i'm familiar with most, though in my world KFC stands for "kidney failure and cancer", but i'm now aware of how diverse the acronym can be...

The Socialite said...

Keep defining more...there are some other words I do not get. Down South has alot of additional words to the english language.

Miss Mika said...

Wow bruh

KFC??? Really???

All of these are firsts for me. What rock have I been under all of this time???

Kayos said...

You know that smiley on Yahoo that looks like you rollin on the floor laughin.

Well that's me!! Hahahahaha!!!

Keli said...

Mug...that's the only term that I am familiar with...and I probably use it a bit too often, lol.


Days like These! said...

I can't eat KFC without thinking you now! :)

The Flyyest said...

you are a foo wit this one!!! hahahahaah mayne you talk like that too!!! hahahahahahahaha

jones, you crazy dana mug!!!!

i miss ya!!!!

The Flyyest said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tha L said...

Umm...remind me to never show my westcoast ass up in the ATL. 4real tho, even after your explanation, i STILL don't understand half those words...maybe i'm just slow.

Big Cheekz said...

u crazy fo this! i'm loving KFC though, that was a new one to me. LOL

paisley said...

who ever it was that said you speak a foreign language has spoken for me,, but i gotta say,, when you break it down ,, i get it... whoa,, now that's scary....

Traycee said...

This was too funny...This Cali Sista has never heard not one of those ...Thanks for the lesson

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Im flattered but u don’t want none of horse man folk. For real though

Miss April Joy
Glad to see u agin my fellow twittervillian

Blog Queen
Like u aint. Blog looking great folk

Good look folk, had to call u out to get a drive through foul LOL

And where have u been bruh?

Glad to make u do so

I knopw im silly

Thought u aint love jones no more either folk

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]
Hope that is good jones

U flirting with me hon, folk here always looking for da chewing lol

Anytime don’t be a stranger glad to make u smile

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup
Thanks folk have a great weekend

Wilda dan dana folk great talking to u again last nite jones

How u living happy 27th folk

That sounds like advanced study lol

no_slappz said...
Slappz, my man, and stay off the harley and have a great weekend. Back to rumination Sunday – hint munich agreement of 1938

Free yo mind and yo azz will follow lol

U know I did FOLK lol

Good talking to u as usually folk
She thika dana dana lol

OG, The Original Glamazon
Cock-a-doodle dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sweet KeiKei
Don’t mess with them sbio’s folk LOL

fly tie
Reality chk, I didn’t know u ok sister?

The Socialite
U know how we do

Miss Mika
Folk how rthe ,lil man, thought u aiont have no love for jones no more where u been mane?


Just study hard

Days like These!
Always looking for that chewing hon, hope u b smiling

The Flyyest
Correction, wilda dana dana. Thought u kicked folk tot eh curb jones

Tha L
Naw u welcome here folk, but this is all memphis

Big Cheekz
Any time folk, im OOC (wait til next semester for that one)

Y is it scary hon?eat weekend

well guess we gotta educate yawl jones

Bombchell said...

HA HA HA SBIO is the most hilarious!!! never heard it. lol so if used referring to a guy it then means bitchassness?

yeah i've heard panty drawers, lol doesn't every state say that?? lol

wa-ta I'll understand cuz I can speak creole.

BUT i have never heard the others HA HA .

DNLee said...

check out my latest post...It's about hometown -- South Memphis Brother doing the thang.

Urban Science Adventures gives a Shout Out to the Big Doc - Dentist from the Hood

laughing808 said...

ummmmm......I think I'm gonna fail this class. Can I get some additional extra credit work.....

ROFL @ Zwagin and KFC

Waiting for Zufan! said...

If I hadn't read some posts a while ago that left me with a spinning head, I'd have said you were making this up!

You're funny.

NoRegrets said...


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I use dana, mug and panty draws...KFC and SBIO now thats original...I might have to start using those

Garth Sullivan said...

im gone to slow roast me some chickenhead right now mane.

Garth Sullivan said...

of unknown origin, but, used by my crowd frequently.

twomp - twenty dollars.

as in i need to pick up a twomp of chicken head...

Garth Sullivan said...


ta -wamp

rainywalker said...

I got the Wa-ta with the peach taste and its good.

Lena said...

Ah now some stuff makes more sense to me...gracias!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

This was funny dana mug! Now let me study so I'll be ready for the quiz...Peace & Blessings

RunGirl. said...

Taking notes.

I always learn so much over at RDB.

RunGirl. said...

Ok ok ... let me stop akin' like I aint from da south and dis be some new shut ...


Jay Midnyte said...

Raw Dawg go back to my site and listen to the Game and Nas joint.

Andrew Louis said...

...Not really sure how I ended up here? But, how can get a link to that feed you have?

msladydeborah said...


You are truly silly! I needed a good laugh after grocery shopping today. Thanks for giving it to me.

The Dreamy One said...

you know i was reading this extra hard trying to figure out what u were saying,lol

but i got it.... i feel all special

have a great weekend honey, and i will have to learn the lingo for when i go down to the ATL

LovexHate said...

I had to read over some of that twice 'cause I was like huh?? lol.

Lisa said...

I remember when I discovered what "mug" meant. My sister and I were talking in our parents bedroom and I said something like "funnier dana mug. . . " my dad reached for his belt. . . we were in a total state of confusion (until he told us what we were saying) - wish I'd had this list in Memphis (where I grew up too) back then!!!! LOL!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Hope u aint one of the sbio types – lol and the store, well we don’t sell dogs, just dog stuff and I am the owner

Will do homeslice

Maybe lol

Waiting for Zufan!
U know I try to my readers smiling and thinking

U silly don’t start none wont be none

Thanks homeslice

Garth Sullivan
U know I done heard of that folk lol – we call um ducats (like Spanish gold). Slow roasting sounds good

Save me a sip - dang

Anytime sister

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
Girl u making me laugh

Im flattered

I knew it, u got that country girl simper

Jay Midnyte
Will do folk. Will put my Georgia post up today sometime

Andrew Louis
...thanks for the drive by any way

Glad to be of service scholar

The Dreamy One
U know atl is a whole nother language shawty

My fault babe, im country like that

Pops was old school, I bet she and u rember that thanks 4 the drive by folk

2sweetnsaxy said...

This was great. :-D

B said...

Now why didn't I know of any of those terms? I need help...

Anonymous said...

I see you still have my pictures Horse man - im single again call me

Anonymous said...

call me if you aint with that crazy bipolar chick that called and threatened me babe

A.M. said...

I feel "educated." Thanks for the class hehe.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

TORRANCE: Jones as a native of the state please employ your best Memphisian and get the WA-TA out of Mr Cohen's and Ms Tinker's hands before they turn an interesting microcosm of American Politics v2008 into an epic disaster that will ensure American fascism into the 22nd century.

I have absolutely no idea what these two people are playing at but there's no good that can come out of it. I think they're both deep into their WA-TA. They'd have to be to be running a primary like this. Clinton and Obama was a 3-round minimum weight fight compared to what's happening there.

I've seen this movie before. The race for Gracie Mansion in 1993. Appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, David Dinkins did a very good job as mayor of NYC in his first term under extremely trying conditions. He protected the city's cost of capital. He got the Tennis Center. He caught a bit of the economic breeze that Bush Sr and Clinton's tight policies in earlier years made possible and he got crime to drop finally after something like 20 years straight of upward movement.

It was pick 'em going into the later stages and then BOOM! Crown Heights...Giuliani leads a police riot in protest of Dinkins civilian oversight board and you got your early favorite for this year's Republican nomination making mischief in the city for 8 years.

That was bad but outside of NYC who really gave a crap about some Jamaican kid and some Australian "Black Hat"? It was a purely New York thing that really only New Yorkers understood.

In a general election year which has ONLY been about race, religion and ethnicity and far, far from issue-based, this primary will stay local for about two more minutes before the press turns it into a freak show. And Barack Obama will have to carry the whole weight of it himself while trying to hang on to a fading lead.

Feature what's going on up there. You've got the incumbent. A Jewish Democrat and early Obama super-delegate who's perhaps the only White pacifist in the South (other than Ron Paul) trying to get cute by hanging out with Klansmen. And his opponent, the African-American woman, responds by turning her campaign into a PowerPoint version of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. These are the DEMOCRATS! Can you imagine what the REPUBLICAN must be like?

About the only reason to not make both of these clowns quit in favor of some consensus Democrat is that Obama will be asked about this every day and it's such nitroglycerine that it MIGHT force him to talk about those three little things he doesn't seem to want to discuss: fiscal policy, monetary policy and foreign policy.

He's been able to dodge that stuff so far by saying "$1000 tax rebate" and Jesus as his answer to every question. He sure can't answer "Jesus" to THIS question.

If you're too busy, Harold Ford, Jr, is the only one I can think of who can resolve this mess before it becomes a worse mess for Obama than a contested convention would be. He's very comfortable with both the psycho-Zionists and the Church Police.

Then again, it has to be YOU because Ford has every interest in seeing Obama fail so he can try again for the DNC leadership.

Just tell both Cohen and Tinker to get lost and that you're the libertarian who's going to win the seat.


I'm not kidding around at all about this. You could actually DO IT.

Damnit, if I read one more thing about Oprah Winfrey's magic touch "assuring" an Obama victory, I'm going to upchuck a bowl of sancocho and a six-pack of Balboa lager into my sink. 30 million Sterling, none of which could tell Oprah Winfrey from Dave Winfield, saw the juicy price on McCain and took it.

socialedisturbed. said...

LMAO!!! this was funny

shaun. said...

KFC....thats wild. imma get that poppin up north.


nice blo man.

Sauce said...

Represent folk!

NoRegrets said...

Very true... I'll be in Hotlanta in November, 2009, so we'll see then. :-)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Thank u sax queen


Anonymous (Adria)
How could I forget – see u aint. Don’t have number. Im still 20yrs older that u but guess u don’t mind. lol

U aint bneen in class with me yet maam lol

I was with ya until u mention oparah LOL

Well I try

We all searching for that KFC

u know it jones

Im here folk

Soulstress said...

hilarious..esp SBIO hahahhaa. I kno a few of dem;)

L'Artiste said...


philosopher said...


P_LOCA said...

WOW you guys in the south have basically your own language down there huh?
very interesting!

Anonymous said...

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