Friday, August 22, 2008

Riddle me this #5 w/ Caveat

Thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u

To the few request for poetry, this will be a once and a life time thing – yep I write poetry too but this blog is for brain cell smashing. TPW, LoveBabz , Sista GP and Tracyee @ KISS, this is for yawl & the rest who got my book. – and Traycee Tell mom I’m glad she loved For You Who Left me While I slept. Thanks for that email, mom got great taste. This will be in Book Anonymous Guess. Late Nite Winds of Club Paradise is at press now. Here goes

Savory as if cinnamon on butter

Toes in sandals, or heels with paint

Orange, red, blue, brown

Taste like citrus and cane sugar on my tongue

As the crease of your wrist

As the crease inside your arm

As finger barely stroke the flesh to frisson

The aroma of your hair in my nostrils

flesh, on ears

Gently plucked with a voice sodden with wishes

Wasted in erections to come

Sedulous as nutmeg sprinkled

On blueberry cheese cakes

Licked off in slow motion

So let me taste your soul

With the glow of my lips

Let me chew your spirit with my penchant

Let me fill my lungs with your aesthetic

She is delicious


i need no explanations

no apologies

i just read between the lines and see

you need your rest

as well as time

for which we shall have even upon the after of death,

night relief for the simplest of minds

such as mine

one that cherishes events as inconsiderable

as kisses, as hugs

as the recollection of eyes as lotion is

applied to the skin

like sleep needled inside hopes ill-found

beautiful at the least

before that moment

when one walks thence

good nights don't remain

when you feel as i do

once absent without opportunity

jealous like hyenas starved -

the wish to encompass again

what i felt never would happen

but what happened may not have occurred

and now i shelter restlessly betwixt the breeze

know not why god brought us together

different reasons possibly

but i recant a difference that is the same

that it was destine

that i can itch and maybe love

once more - that it is not over

and not before i let go or loose hope

you will have to thrust me away

from my knowing

i say what words cannot inform

when others are beloved more

than this soul i project

in verse or prose


conceived in passion well in hand

these thoughts opined

for i will stay

by your side

at this extensive distance

for the wait is the longest shadow.


Okie dokie – riddle me this:

1] Why is that the geek squad drivers I see in black neighborhoods are black and drive vans, but the ones I see in white neighborhoods are white and drive fly azz VW beetles?

2] Why does it seem like most resturamts carry tobasco sauce and not hot sauce, and worse, seem to think they are the same?

3] What happens, what will you do, if Obama looses in November?

4] If magnums are the bigest condom, whay are they so hard to get on?

Have a great weekend folk.


queenbee said...

#1. maybe if you can't fit regular magnums, you need like magnums XXL or something or maybe you just got it like that :)

#2. if Obama loses, black america will be in an uproar b/c I think in most ppls minds he's already elected pres. which unfortunately is not the way to go b/c you have to be prepare and expect the unexpected.

#2. don't like either tobasco or hot sauce -->i know i know, all black do supposedly but not I


Ms. Jackson said...

I hope one day someone will find me as delicious as the subject of your first poem.

Answers to your questions:
1)Best Buy probably only sends black agents--as they call them, to black neighborhoods because the white folks are too scared to go. As to why they are not in the VW Beetles?..mmm not sure maybe to be incognito.

2)To keep our kind out...jk--sort of. Though I have learned to love the Cholula sauce they serve at IHOP.

3)I wil be devasted, not just because of a missed chance at having a black president but for everything we lose if Obama looses. Non-traditional voters blacks, and young people are now engaged in a way they never have been before. If he loses who knows when we will ever have another Democratic president. And the biggest concern for me, after Iraq is the supreme court. The next president will likely appoint 2-3 maybe more supreme court justices. Scarey thought with McCain in office.

4. I think they are thicker than normal condoms, making them harder to stretch to get on--I wonder how many women will read that and become even more curious about you?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

they are the xxl

and there will be as linton Kwesi Johnson sang
Madness, madness
Madness tight on the heads of the rebels
The bitterness erup's like a heart blas'
Broke glass, ritual of blood an' a-burnin'
Served by a cruelin' fighting
5 nights of horror and of bleeding
Broke glass, cold blades as sharp as the eyes of hate
And the stabbin', it's
War amongs' the rebels
Madness, madness, war

Night number one was in Brixton
Sofrano B sound system
'im was a-beatin' up the riddim with a fire
'im comin' down his reggae reggae wire
It was a sound checkin' down your spinal column
A bad music tearin' up your flesh
An' the rebels dem start a fighting
De youth dem just tun wild, it's
War amongs' the rebels
Madness, madness, war

paisley said...

well i am thinking that blogger is free,, and you outta grab you another little slice of it and post your poetry so we can savor it... wow..

Rich said...

1] u know why - u just want everyone else to notice

2] cause they owned by white folks

3] I've considered this as have those in power. The worst thing that could happen is black folks will be mad and some white folks disappointed, but white folks will get over it, like they did when Bush stole the White House and black folks will continue to talk about how America ain't shit.

4] You heard it here first -- why not come out with your own brand called RAW DAWG CONDOMS, you'd put Magnum out of business in the hood. I want my cut of the proceeds, even got a logo you might like for the wrapper.

neshia said...


NoRegrets said...

I saw that book on your blog and almost bought it yesterday. Then I realized it might not be what a sexually frustrated woman would need.

As for the condoms, I read somewhere recently some in Europe was planning on trying to develop a spray on condom so it could fit any size from small to big. Wouldn't THAT be exciting? (not - no way I'd want to spray that on me if I had one)

MacDaddy said...

Love it, bro. I've written a book of poetry that I'm trying to get published. Maybe I'll share a few with my readers.

Keep up the good work.

freedom said...

First of al, you are not well, my brother. But, hey.

I love the poetry - it speaks volumes. I write myself and plan to post a bit soon.

1-I like the geeks in vans, actually.

2-Tabasco and hot sauce? Definitely not the same, but, you we all look alike anyway.

3-Talk about brain cell smashing! He MUST win. I can't even fathom anything else. Why'd you go and do that, dude??!!

4-Magnums? See, I told you - you ain't right! Peace.

freedom said...

That is: you KNOW we all look alike, anyway. Sorry.

Ma'at said...

you know you coulda asked me about the GS agents. The one's you see in the vans are home installers (fridges, tvs, washer & dryers & shit) the big stuff. The one's in the bugs are computer folks. GS agents are dispatched from the stores closest to the neighborhood, and like most places staff tends to be based on location. hell at my store there are no black agents or installers so the fact that you saw some is interesting. Most white folks are scared of our white installers. Some chick called talking about some long-haired dude with tatts was at her door claiming to be from BBY. *Dead*

*I'm moving to Canada if he loses lmao.

*I despise tabasco sauce and am greatful to be female and in possession of a purse. ( I keeps my own dayum hotsauce)

*Magnums... you need the XLs and if those don't work then it's just cause your sausage is overstuffed.

I think that covers it love.

Yasmeen Christian said...

She is delicious.
I am delicious.
You are delicious.
Are you hungry, satisfied, or stuffed?

James Tubman said...

i wish all sistas tasted like that

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Again, you are a talented writer with strengths in many areas. *applause* I'm so happy to have been able to be exposed to your writing. Thank You.

Now...To answer your riddles...

1~ Dont have an answer bout the Geek Squad but it probably has something to do with the type of equipment they carry around. you know there aren't too many black computer geeks with low budget jobs.

3~ If Obama doesn't get elected, it won't be the first time. And some how they will find a way to shorten his well deserved chapter in the history books, to a few paragraphs.

2~ To white ppl they're the know they aint got no tastebuds. Shit half the time they dont season any of their food...before or after cooking.

4~ Thats bullshit about the condoms. If they could blow one up as big as someones head...then it can fit on all of "you". Sounds to me like someone don't like wearing or it not wet enough (the condom or you horseman).

Thats my 2 cnets and I'm stickin to it.

Peace & Luv

Crian said...

Hey Torrance, not sure what the difference is between tobasco and hot sauce myself and on the question of Obama, I think I could live for another 8 years of a McCain presidency. I think most folks will be alright, as long as the Democrats control the senate and the house, any kind of damage will be limited.

Bee Dee said...

Wow....loved the poems...absolutely loved them!

Lovebabz said...

I rather like this side of you. You come at this with a deep and abiding passion that takes my breath away.

Smashing brain cells is all well and good, however a good poem...a love misssive changes the world.

This makes me happy.

Lovebabz said...

Oh and yes the very erotic.

Well done. Very sexy.

Could be a good...but you know...

Pajnstl said...

1] Why is that the geek squad drivers I see in black neighborhoods are black and drive vans, but the ones I see in white neighborhoods are white and drive fly azz VW beetles?

~~ b/c the hood streets in the hood will f up the undercarriage of a vw bug :P

2] Why does it seem like most resturamts carry tobasco sauce and not hot sauce, and worse, seem to think they are the same?

~~ b/c most restaurants are run by others who are not us and they don't know the difference.

3] What happens, what will you do, if Obama looses in November?

~~ keep on working on working for ME!

4] If magnums are the bigest condom, whay are they so hard to get on?

~~ you're on your own with this one... i havent used a condom in 9 years.. the joys of monogamy

MrsGrapevine said...

1)We have white vw in my neighborhood, then again my neighbors to the sides of, my neighbors to the front of me, and my neighbors behind are all white...

2)Hot Sauce is abundant in Texas, too close to Louisiana, but Tobasco is definitely not the same.

3) If Barack loses I will go on doing the things I do everyday, if he wins I will go on doing the things I do everyday. If he doesn't have sense enough to fight fire with explosives, then maybe he should lose, or pick his arc-nemesis Hillary fro VP, we know she ain't never scarred...

4) Just be glad you are not from India or somewhere in Asia, unfortunately regular skins are too big, and apparently they need to be made a step smaller than those made for Americans.

Keli said...

Sometimes poetry can smash brain cells...take you to a whole other level of cognitive thought...

If Obama loses...honestly, I don't know if there will be too much of a difference...McCain wanting to reinstate the draft troubles me...but Obama has not shown any growth since the dems gave him the nom...and this democrat voted for Hillary in the primary, and has yet to see Obama offer anything outside of fluff. This election year actually saddens me...historical as it is, there is no substance to the candidate...

What I will do if he wins or loses...continue to learn of the issues pressing my local community and be an active force right here at home.

fly tie said...

(ok..not supposed to be here, but..)

latex condoms aren't that great for a woman's *goodness* anyway...

SjP said...

My, my, my. Like Solomon and his Sheba. My, my, my...

Who knew that tabasco sauce and louisiana red ain't the same thing?

Live on...

I gone leave that one alone...

LovexHate said...

Sweet poem.
And my gosh.. you got a thing for feet enit? lol.

No comment on the questions 'cause im not american lolol.

msladydeborah said...

You've share some nice pieces of your work.

It is early in the morning and I need to stimulate my brain. So I'll have it with a couple of your questions.

If Obama does not win in November~and Flipper becomes the next POTUS, I plan to have a national day of mourning first. Then I plan to make sure that me and mine are in position to survive the next round of domestic terrorism via the White House.

I have in house Geek Squad and he doesn't drive a VW or a Van.

Only those of us who use hot sauce understand the importance of distinction! I have started carrying little packets of my fave to use when I am away from home.

As far as the condoms are concerned~don't they make them in different sizes? Or are you bragging cause you got it like that? :-)

shine said...

hum...think that i may have fallen in love all over again.

MsMarvalus said...

I've had enough of the lurking...

I never understood why folks think tabasco and hot sauce are the same...they are not!!!

If Obama loses (I hate to even think the thought), I worry about what Black folks will do...someone said earlier it is because some of us already have him elected Pres...whatever the case, I think there will be a minor uproar...

Um, the condom thing? Im'ma leave that one alone...but where you live again?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Y thank u sister poet

LOL and id sell them in my store for dogs

My fault 4give me

Get it LOL they love sonnets

U should mane, id love to read the thoughts of another scholar in verse

Im a scholar warrior – y I aint right


Canada – lol y

Yasmeen Christian
Always hungry, never saiated, and love to stuff

James Tubman
U and me both

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B
U like it raw folk? Lol and deep how - lol

We shall see folk

Bee Dee
Thanks my fellow poet

Message her back from inside here body = slow long strokes folk

Ill drink to monogamy – don’t know how fools want an open relatyionship in the days of HIV and condom reduce risk don’t prevent contraction

Ms Te-has, I mean texas, I know u know yo hotsauce

So u liked the verse, that book wont be out til next year – im glad u a warrior, wheres my application jones

fly tie
Does goodness = wetness?

U know KISS mom’s said my verse reminded her of the book of Solomon wow

Thanks hon and u silly

LOL not bragging, just wondered about that. U try and u will see what I mean

With the words or the man?

Lurking, booooo lol, I track a few u aint the one from miss K-12 are u, and im in palmetto, outside ATL y? LOL

NoRegrets said...

Exactly. It's the combination of that and the Pomegranate post, and hence, not buying the book. I'll try a different book.

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

These are some tough questions brother!

1. If one needs more than the Magnum, Magnum Xl, if still not roomy enough, stay away from me! LOL!

2. If Obama loses, I am moving to Africa for sure!

3. I used to be addicted to hot sauce but I've always been cool with tobasco too so I've never actually thought about that one.

You are a plum fool too! Stay up.


Anonymous said...

Wow Rawdawg. Your poetry reveals a part of you I never saw before; such depth; such heart; such soul. Beautiful and soul stirring. Thanks for finally sharing this part of you with us! PLL, CordieB.

PS. I can't help but notice your constant relationship with women compared with food and eating (lol).

Anonymous said...

Dawg forgot to mention- the riddles were hilarious and I imagine original! First black riddle creator I know of. Cool!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Yes maam

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress
LOL what country u in now sister

And what does it reveal
And yes women are sustenece like food
And I eat both

Y thank u sister

Sheliza said...

1] The Geek Squad is run by racist bastards.

2] They must cater to the caucasian folk.

3] Things will only get worse. We will pay $8 a gallon instead of $4.

4] LOL! What a bragger!

tz said...

*snaps* If Obama loses, some people will lose all hope. Magnums...I don't know I have a vagina! LOL

T.C. said...

loved the poetry...

most politically in tuned folks know that obama is NOT in the white house yet, BUT we still hope...we do have to be prepared for 8 more years though of this current situation...

Hillary tried her best to get her supports to understand that its totally NOT about her...but some folks just don't want to know

Anonymous said...

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