Thursday, December 29, 2005

How can you be afraid of terror, when you the only ones with jets and tanks

War is Hell; in fact it is some ugly shit that I would not advise anyone to ever desire to participate in. Right now, the way things are going, we may be on the brink of World War III. Sure, I know idiots of the political persuasion consider a war on emotions as being a fitting target, but that’s not what I’m talking about. No, I’m referring to what may be on the horizon if Zionist tyrants continue using US made weaponry on people that do not have a standing army to protect them.

Israel has been a hot sport for a while, and few weeks ago, right on the anniversary of the Yom Kippur war, it launched a major military attack on the inhabitants of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. It was speculated that as a consequence of these violent attacks between 1200 and 1500 Palestinians were left homeless. The Yom Kippur war really started around 1972, and for what it is worth historically, it came about when then Egyptian President Anwar Sadat threatened war unless the United States forced Israel to accept his interpretation of UN Resolution 242, which required total Israeli withdrawal from territories taken in 1967 war.

Since then, nothing has really changed. Many people do not know that the U.S. government and military played a major role in Israel’s success of the Yom Kippur war. In fact US Navy forces sent both the USS Independence and USS Roosevelt in addition to an amphibious force in the Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic to assist the Israeli government. Also on that October 14, the US Air Force began Operation Nickel Grass, which supplied the Israeli military with more than 20,000 tons of military supplies.

Since the Jewish leader, David Ben Gurion, proclaimed the state of Israel on May 14, 1948, after British Mandatory rule had ended, Mesopotamia has not been the same. The League of Nations decided to make a country in a region where western conquest and Imperialism has been just as much a feature of the immediate environment as the sand dunes in this part of Asia. On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab sectors and as one would have expected, fighting started immediately.

Maybe it’s me but I’m just not stupid enough to accept that these attacks on the people of Palestine are accidents nor are the responses to terror. I find it hard to believe that a nation suited to the bone with F-16 Tomcats and Apache Helicopter, courtesy of my tax dollars is afraid of people without an army, airplanes, tanks and/or war ships. The really threat to security in the region is Israel. They are the only government that has expressed they will use weapons of mass destruction if they feel threaten. If we truly want to go with the concept of regime change, then this government needs to be the first. Especially
Since these folks have continued to be at each other’s necks and will forever be if we fail to see that the problem started back in 1948. So the next time you see or read a bout a young woman strapping bombs to her person and blowing up a few civilians and military personnel, don’t sleep. Ask yourself if she has an army to join? While you at, the next time you want to know why these people have such revulsion and disgust for the United States, look at the Tanks and Airplanes and Helicopters used to drop the bombs.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Punishment of Slaves (1000) - essay i wrote for Word Encyopedia of slavery

The study of slavery is incomplete without an examination of the consequences slaves suffered while yielding towards the human tendency to be free. Slavery can be described as the condition in which one human is the personal property of another. The European form of slavery differed from others in that their masters’ family and as a worker with rights. Slavery under Islam was quite different from European slavery. Muslims had to abide by a religious code of treatment for slaves as ordered by the Koran.

Given that the role of slaves in the western world was clearly demarcated by the master’s ability to successfully strip slaves of their active, collective, and individual personalities by treating and thinking of them as less than human, the punishment of slaves evolved into a significant part of the institution. The psychological benefits included the maintenance of the system as well as lucrative profits generated by fre labor. However, such psychological and physical oppression could neither be implemented or maintained without the use of brute force, mob violence, and punishment. The basic historical picture of the punishment of slaves has focused on the lash. The lash in the hands of white masters embodied the concept of slavery, for it was intended to represent a relationship that would deprive the slave owner of labor. Public floggings were used to degrade, discipline, and deter slaves from engaging in activities that masters perceived as disruptive to the public good of whites. The practice of punishing slaves seemed to have no relationship to the crime but more so he ability to maintain control and embed fear.

This was merely a reflection of the trail established at the start of the Transatlantic slave trade to the colonies. Extending the boundaries of an European world view through the slave trade lead to the conception of Africans as distinctly being an inferior creature. Because of this belief, Africans and other indigenous populations were treated like chattel. Workhouse irons and brands were common as were laws that reinforced the inferiority of slaves justified cruel and unusual punishment for minor offenses. For example, slaves were not allowed to leave their master’s property without slips of papers and could not meet in large groups, carry weapons, or hit a white person. At the same time, however, slave masters were free to impart punishment whenever and however it was deemed necessary without legal persecution. Where large numbers of slaves were concentrated, white men were required to form patrols. Slaves were also punished for playing with white children, running away, being disobedient, and committing crimes against the Sabbath, such as selling liquor on Sunday. 1 A common punishment for slaves who had attained reading or writing skills was amputation. Slave narratives indicate that the removal of a finger from the joint was considered a warning for stealing a book and that beheading was punishment for a repeat offense.2 Slaves could also be punished by death if they attempted to harm others. However, the basic punishment for most offenses was based on Hebraic law and required a whipping of approximately 39 lashes.

One case which occurred in 1640 in Virginia, saw 3 slaves (one white) punished for running away. The white man had the terms of his labor extended for 4 years while an African named John Punch, was endeared to work for his master for the remainder of his life. In Richmond, VA, a slave could receive nearly 40 lashes for stealing a pair of boots (1825). In the city, there are countless accounts of burning slaves on selected parts of the anatomy as well. Looking at the example of New York rebellions in 1741, we see that slaves were denied legal counsel and that the authorities expressed regret that nothing more extreme was available than hanging or burning Africans at the stake. Consequently, eighteen were hanged and thirteen burned alive the stake.3 After the Virginia slave conspiracy said to have been organized by Gabrielle Prosser, at least 25 slaves had been ordered to death by the courts of Virginia. Outside of particular punishment of slaves, history is ripe with accounts of random murder. Gilberto Freyre often reported rampant murders of African Slaves by colonialists in Brazil.4

The historical records are also replete with evidence regarding the psychological aspect of the punishment of slaves. As mentioned, fatherhood nor marriage was recognized by whites on the behalf of slaves since it would impinge upon the concept of property rights.5 Slave narratives are abundant with descriptive punishments for slaves. One woman recalled a slave boy who had killed his master had received a swift trail by 6 white men and, upon his confession, they took an ax and cut off his head. Another account regards a blacksmith who pu5t crooked nails in the shoes of white men’s horses so, if they belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, he could tell who the members were. After telling on the Klan members, the Klan killed him. Another tells of whites taking slaves to the Turk Creek bridge in South Carolina, lining the slaves up, and shooting them off of the bridge. Another reference to her mother being punished by fifty lashes when she refused to obey her white master.6

It is obvious that the punishment of slaves in the new world by their masters was brutal and inhuman in most respects. Punishment was a means by which slave owners and the institution of slavery was maintained in order to maximize the economic context singled out by Europeans as being the prevailing factor in determining the manner in which slaves were treated. Punishment was implemented for a range of so-called crimes that facilitated slave owners’ ability to hold other men and women in perpetual bondage.

1 Belinda Hurmence, Before Freedom: When I Just Can Remember. (John Blair: Winstom-Salem), 1989, 121.
2 Janet Cornelius, We slipped and learned to read: slave accounts of the literacy process, 1830-1865, Phylon 44(3), 171-186, 1983.
3 Daniel Horsmanden, The New York Conspiracy, ed. Thomas Davis, (Boston, 1971)

4 Gilberto Freyre, The masters and the slaves, (New York, 1956)

5 Fredric Bancroft, Slave trading in the old South (Baltimore: J.H. Furet, 1931), 197.

6 Belinda Hurmence, Before Freedom: When I Just Can Remember. (John Blair: Winstom-Salem), 1989, 6-31.

We gone meet again

It’s been more than three weeks, and I still have night mares reoccurring on the Memphis Versus Duke Game in the pre-season NIT. I can’t help it, I’m just crushed. It is nothing worse than knocking someone’s teeth out, making them cry and still having to return to the hood a looser because they got back first saying they won the fight.

The way the college basketball picture is shaping up; there is one word that I can use to adjectize it – exciting. The most exciting teams to me being Memphis, Kentucky, Florida and unfortunately Duke. I must be objective – they got the win over us. But being objective, I must also consider several other facts. Memphis is currently fifth in scoring offence behind my other home folk - Tennessee. Duke isn’t listed in the top five. Memphis is also third in rebounding with 45.4 boards per game and 17th over Duke, in 3-point shooting. Meaning, if it weren’t for the referees, the Blue Bloods would have not had a chance, especially running just seven folk against ten.

What is it about Duke and their plane blue uniforms that make the world ignore that they are truly like the Bad Seed. Not only do the men in black and white protect them, but the sports comentators do such also. When the end of the season approaches, you know the time of the conference tournaments, it will be on, for I know we gone meet them again. In the mean time, im just gonna savor the Gonzaga win and the joy of all my folk around the country calling me saying my boys ball.

Monday, December 26, 2005

a pick up of eleven yards

It’s near the end of the year, and again I find myself looking at football. Sure I am in the midst of family, but football is also my family, especially this time of the year. The time where teams are trying to clinch play-off births and others just desire to be spoilers. Players who are sucking up the pain threshold a little bit more, to endure the wear and tear of 15 games. Throwing it all on the line, with targeted abandon and ambitions to knock the snot out of their opponent. And I sit back, with remote control in hand while screaming out loud, next to my baby girl.

The only regret is that this will be the last time I will ever see Monday Night football on ABC. After thirty five years, the show will end. I am a child of Monday night football. I was raised with Keith Jackson, Howard Cosell and O. J. Simpson. I even remember dandy Don and Frank Gifford. I had to be around 8 years old when it started on ABC. I couldn’t wait for the Monday night games, back then that was the only sporting even one could see on television during the week.

I still see those yellow suit coats in my mind and recant when I was pissed off when they changed the original theme music. Just hearing the old music got you excited and that was the era when during half time, they would show all the highlights from the previous Sunday.

For some of yall, its just a sporting event, just a football game, or it’s just a running play, but in these eyes, it’s a pick up of eleven yards and a first down, and for the record I despise the other team. Like I said, my daughter is going on seven months, and she likes football too. I guess we will cherish this last Monday Night Football game together.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Death Do Us Part

As a father my nigger, I can’t imagine what Tony Dungy is going through. I don’t know if he is like me - my first born is my son, I'd be losing control. According to reports, James Dungy, the 18-year-old son of the Indianapolis Colts head coach, was found dead. At 6 feet seven, he was a massive figure of a young man.

If you have been sleeping under a rock, Dungy is the head coach of a team who just received their first lost and known for being the scape goat for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The year they fired him, his team, and not John Gruden’s, won the Super Bowl. Dungy is a man of stern character and always has the right things to say all the time. Albeit I never met the man, I sincerely suspect that he is a man in all since of the word, meaning his family (immediate and football team) come first.

The situation really puts things in perspective. After all, we are grown men who query at the extremes about a game and sport called football. We, in particular reporters - which am not, ask questions about the mundane and decisions on a 100 yard field that really don’t add much to the lexicon of daily life styles, choices and values.

According to ESPN, the medical examiner's office has not announced the exact cause of death which will be determined by an autopsy, scheduled for Friday morning. Like I said, I could not begin to fathom, how I would feel, being successful, and extremely involved in my son’s life, to hear that he was dead at such a tender age. Please , you men especially, grab your son’s, little brother’s, cousin’s and nephews and show them their value while they are still alive - all precious gifts leave our fold sooner or latter. Let’s just pray that it is latter.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

2-day is my birthday

and i am so alone
i want to feel loved
but i dont have hugs or kisses
to look foward to - no intamicy
no shower of unconditional affection
i went to sleep by myself
and will do so again tonight
i wish it was over already
or at least time for the first football game

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

savage beast monsta - front porch 11.24.2000

savage beast monsta - front porch 11.24.2000

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savage beast monsta/sameblakmuthafucas - niggaz round da house lookn 4 dope [4.12.2004]

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Rhine Stone Cowboy

It may be near the end of the world. I say this because I have heard and seen the unthinkable in the American culture – a movie about a love affair between two cowboys. Yes, that’s right, two cowboys and not a cowboy and a cowgirl. Virginia Barkley, the Lone ranger, Matt Dillion (Gunsmoke) and all the Cartwright’s (Bonanza) would be rolling in their grave right now.

The movie, called "Brokeback Mountain," has received seven Golden Globe nominations, significant reviews during its screening at the Toronto film festival and has won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. The movie is based on a story by author E. Annie Proulx. Starting the story in the early '60s, two young men are hired to tend sheep for a summer in Wyoming and find themselves lusting each other. They continue to meet with each other over the years forming what I suspect is supposed to represent an amorous relationship.

This is not to suggest that there is no such thing as a Gay cowboy or that something is wrong with a person being gay, it’s just awkward. What will be next, a story about Crip and Blood gang leaders having a love affair and holding hands inside the strip club? In some ways it reminds me of an older movie called the Midnight Cowboy, which was about a male prostitute and his sickly friend trying to get by on the streets of New York City. Then again, maybe it is a take off of the popular song by Glenn Cambell that ranked the charts in 1975 - 'Rhinestone Cowboy’. Maybe this is what he meant when he sang in the chorus, “Like a rhinestone cowboy - Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo.” Go figure.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Wrong Folk

Seems to me that there is always some sort of press conference or surprise visit, to Iraq or Afghanistan by members of the current administration. If not, then there is some event or speech in front of some news camera addressing the nation about the war of terror.

In any event, they all recant presupposed positions outlined in prior news conferences, speeches and surprise visits. These visits are always in front of the military. Not the Iraq military opps – I forgot we destroyed them and disband them and did not include them in on our no planning for the future of Iraq. But rather the U.S. military. Not that I have Presidential or any political aspirations, but if I were in such a position, I’d be trying to address the Iraqi people. I wouldn’t be trying to motivate our troops; I’d focus on the people of the country I destroyed. The military nor the American public won’t have to live in Mosul, Baghdad, or Tiqrit.

The federal government again is lunching. It is not important in the global picture to appease the American public. The Bush administration has already relegated the general public as incompetent when it fabricated justification for war.

The Vice President misses the point, the discussion should not be about whether or not the war is winnable, but rather laying out our course of action for a self sufficient Iraq without ANY U.S. military and intelligence presence. We are speaking to the wrong folk. Five speeches in less than three weeks, but none to the Iraqi people – humbug.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

all our MUZK live FOLK impromtU - UNREHEARSED

savage beast monsta - citizen soverign-corner of my eye 1996

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savagebeastmonsta/sameblakmuthafucas - way down upon the chatoochie river-9.8.1997

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savagebeastmonsta/sameblakmuthafucas - eery morn -5.30.2000

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Bankhead (Read it in the Headlines)

I’ve been up in this camp, Atlanta for a long time. I have seen the highway grow and widen and I have seen at least half of the buildings that dot the skyline built. I was around when there was an Omni that was often described to stand for one million niggers inside as well as the AUC when Clark College and Atlanta University were not merged. I remember the old 112 that required a membership card. Now I am caught in another change that is disheartening – Bankhead highway is now Donald L. Hollowell Parkway.

Now this is not an indictment on Mr. Hollowell. For the record, this man was the truth. He didn’t seek fame, but he handled what he believed in – equal rights for all Americans. In the 1950s and '60s, he was the main lawyer to argue Atlanta schools desegregation cases. With that said, it is difficult for me to call Bankhead anything else, even with the signs proclaiming otherwise. It just doesn’t appease the senses to ask someone from Atlanta to do the Hollowell Bounce in contrast to the Bankhead bounce. I can’t see T.I. singing the praises of Zone one with a punctuated Donald L. Hollowell Parkway.

I may be making an issue over nothing, but Bankhead has been good to me. I have numerous associates who live and own business over in that camp. From my boy Shorty Greg and his carwash to Mook-B and his D4L crew and their studio. No matter what the green street signs read, it will forever be Bankhead – read it in the headlines.

Review: ButterBrown by Rollingout

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Age of the Fuck Boy

Everywhere you turn, terminology that is new, yet representative of old concepts are popping up all over the place. There are many words that have been used to characterize the concept but one of particular interest is that of the fuck boy.

This is the age of the fuck boy. Now what exactly is one, I will attempt to describe. From my perspective, this is a person that is insecure yet brash at the same time. They talk a lot of smack and tend to brag as if they were the kings of the world. FBs have one main goal, to present an image of something that they are not. To me, by definition, a FB is one who believes that what they have is more important than who they are and they would be willing to do anything, even if it is harmful to the community, to make that loot and stand on their box proclaiming they are the greatest thing since the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Notwithstanding, the personal inclination to define themselves by what is in their pocket as opposed to what they can create with their minds and how they promote community betterment via the sponsorship of family values.

It is so bad now that you even have FBs calling other folks FBs, especially in the music industry. Now this is not in reference to all musicians who do such, for some have earned the privilege to call a spade a spade. But when the people doing the talking expound upon a lifestyle that they no longer are involved with, it makes ones question their sincerity. So you folks need to watch out because this is the age of the FB. Real men for lack of a better word are an endangered species. So those who know and see what I am talking about, protect your children because I would not want my son to grow up to be one or my daughter to marry one.

Monday, December 12, 2005

That Nigga Crazy

Over the weekend, we lost another great and genius mind from the hallowed halls of the African American community. Richard Pryor died at the age of 65 from a heart attack. I grew up looking at Mr. Pryor as being the funniest person ever. And I do mean ever. I can go back to the first time I saw him on Saturday Night Live in the Late 1970’s when he was seen choking a possessed women in a parody of the Exorcist. In the skit, he was scared until the possessed girl started to talk about his momma. I also remember when his comedy routine came on HBO. I had to see it at least a hundred times or more.

What made Mr. Pryor the best was that his comedy was based on the special and political environments of the 1960’s and 1970’s? He spoke about all that we as African American men felt as our world view. On his album “that Nigga’s crazy, he talks about two men who want to see who has the biggest penis. To conduct their contest they stand over a bridge. The first man says, man, this water is cold, the second said and it’s deep too. On his album “Is it something I said,” the two most memorable sections deal with race in America and drug use. In “There is a shortage of white people” he basically says that what people had stopped fuckin* and would move to the extreme of talking about how he set himself on fire smoking crack cocaine.

Richard was brilliant and I cannot say this enough. He also had a very successful movie career with box office hits including Toy, Stir Crazy, Harlem Nights, Jo-Jo Dancer, Which Way is Up, Silver Streak, Brewster Millions, and two of my all time favorite Greased Lighting and The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings from 1976.

Yes, he was the first t openly curse with specific accent on Nigga and fuck, but he was also the greatest comedic mind since Charlie Chaplin in my eyes. I wonder who will be next. See Richard maintained his comedic influence eve through his movie career. Now days, it seems as if current comedians who become actor don’t. I am going to miss this main dearly.

The Perfect Man

As many of you all know, I love to eat and I consider myself to be a connoisseur of fine foods as well as beverages. As a consequence, I am always out eating some where when I am not at home enhancing my own culinary skills. Given such I often find myself at the bar as such to expedite service and consumption.

I was out for such an experience this past week. Just so happened I sat adjacent to three young women who were having drinks. I wasn’t attempting to ease drop but they were talking rather loud considering the spoke with food in the mouths and in between sips of some green concoction in martini glasses. I summated they were not martini’s for I had never seen one of the frozen variety. They talked because they were excited that they had met two young, popular and successful moguls in the music industry. They spoke of how they met them and where they met them – in a strip club. How one was with his woman and the other was not. They even discussed how one, which was a producer, had informed her that he was married and that he wanted to “kick it with her”. She indicated that he did not wear a wedding ring at all.

They were enamored with these men and their money, so much that one said they were perfect. Her friend agreed and said something to the extent that yes they were because they were stars, on television, in the music industry, had money and were married. She continued that they were the best men because she would not have to be with them all the time and that they would be able to buy them “things”. I though a good man didn’t cheat on his wife or family. Maybe I’m wrong or just too old school. But if this is the case, a brother like me would never get a woman today because it looms that responsible, respectful people with character are not consider perfect specimens for companionship.

Friday, December 02, 2005

savage beast monsta/sameblakmuthafucas - sometimes i wonder

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savage beast monsta - as is productions (3.2.2000)

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savage beast monsta - zulu indian fine (8.5.2000)

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