Monday, July 31, 2006

Falling Star

Now I don’t look at the view, but my girl does and a lot of other women I have heard about. However, being that I am a male, I cannot look at the show personally because for one, am working during that time and two, I suspect it is for women – especially stay at home moms. However recently, last night to be exact, I saw on the news that they did not renew the contract of the only sister on the show – Star Jones.

Now, I only really found out about slim (no pun intended) when she married that light skin jones. She never really appeared to reflect and/or represent the spectrum of African American women I have seen in my life for her lifestyle was a lot more glamorous and materialistic than the women I have known. Not to mention, her wealth kind of placed her out of the spectrum of normality from my perspective.

Now I have heard for a while, a few months at least that they were going to release her from the show. However, it did not come out officially until the end of June when she announced this abruptly on the television show. Her folk, Barbara Wa-Wa (Taken from Saturday Night Live) knew about this all the time but intentionally mislead her view audience by not sharing the information to the public. Instead sources reveal that she wanted to stage an even on the show at a time selected by her.

Barbara Wa-Wa also evidently knew that she wanted a change and that Rosie O'Donnell would be selected in her place. I guess that’s why Rosie started using star as the butt of many of her recent jokes.

Although I think Star brought a lot of this on herself, I hate to see the media pile on any person of African descent. In addition, I can no longer see Mrs. Walters as a Journalist for I believe she intentionally lied, meaning she knew about this for a while now. So you sisters out do what you do, and I suspect that many of you will no longer watch the view. They didn’t want yawls viewing audience anyway for if they did they would have replaced her with another sister. I guess Ms. O'Donnell is expected to replace star. But how can u place a heterosexual, slim Africa America woman with a Fat, white Dyke

Friday, July 21, 2006

The New Knights of the KKK

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan used to wreak havoc around these parts. Now they have basically banished, or better yet morphed and transformed into either: 1) white men with blue eyes in business suits, or black men driving expensive cars, wearing big platinum chains, with dreds, fades and gold-teeth encrusted with canary diamonds. Yep, bitch I am speaking to you and as you can see, some of you folk is bitches too. I am so sick and tired of young men from my loin that claim to the public that what they have, and doing crime, defines who they are and a makes them what they have become.

It really is the best dream of the Knights of the KKK – I mean have people they despise and deplore do their dirt for them. To make it simple, they continue to encourage the stereotypes and promote self destruction to the extent that it has reached pandemic proportions. I hear songs that proclaim the manliness of killing and shooting another. I hear songs that encourage women to be unfaithful to their commitment to their men. I hear songs that give confidence to the ill importance of school. There even seems to an inordinate amount of songs that target “baby mommas” and how delightful it is to receive sexual gratification from this select bevy of women. And last but not least, songs that proclaim the material riches that you accrue are more important than anything else – in particular if they are displayed on one’s car.

The Ku Klux Klan was formed in the Late 1800’s as a social club by a group of Confederate Army veterans White superiority and violence were used to show blacks there place in American society for lack of a better phrase. Please folk, especially my men in the entertainment industry, lets try and check ourselves and decide what type of legacy you desire to leave for your kids and others, one of self-enhancement, or one of self-destruction by a new invisible empire.