Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nipping at our Nose

Since the season to be jolly is over, I just want to say a few tings, economically that is. For the past 16 months I have been trying to prepare folks for the impending economic “dark ages” that may be on our door step, or even nipping at our nose. I say this for what we have experience thus far, may be very small in comparison to what waits ahead for these United States of America financially.

As history has shown, most of our problems are man made and as such our days as a world dominant leader of nations are numbered for we are now basically broke, with an economyripped apart and entirely dependent on loot borrowed from other nations. Businesses will find it hard to survive. Not just Wall streets and banks but any and even the small. What has happened is that America has turned from a producer to a consumer. And as such all of us are going to have to do some serious re-evaluation of our lives and life styles for the impending implosion of what we used to take for granted. The main problem is that politicians will not be able to solve what the have let happen on their watch. Not to mention they always desire a quick fix and or the easy way out – which normally ends up being a short term fix if that.

Yep we aint even seen the start of this mess. States like Illinois, Minnesota, New York, and Massachusetts are in the process of selling and privatizing parks, and lotteries just to make ends meet. Even cities doing what they can to stay a float. Chicago is trying to lease Midway Airport for $2.5 billion, if the feds approve the deal and has already inked a deal with a company regarding parking meters. But as I said, these are merely short term fixes and may even make these municipalities loose money in the long run.

It would surprise me none if states like California, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida will be bankrupt before the end of next year. Strange aint it, that Federal municipal bankruptcy laws came about in 1934 during the Great Depression. California's unemployment rate is more than 8.4%. Michigan’s is more than 9.6% Rhode Island is above 9.3%.

Yep the shit is about to hit the fan even with the Treasury and Federal reserve throwing all but the kitchen sink at the financial markets to fight deflation while not even noticing how folk like me taking a hit. And we don’t know how many more folk like Madoff are still on the loose thanks to the Chris Cox SEC. Not to mention that we are currently experiencing asset price deflation in an econonmy that seems tto be grinding to a halt.

So a toast to the Feds, and all them other folks that have lead us to the eventual destruction of the U.S. dollar and the global monetary system upon which it’s based. For the truth is that U.S. government debt is at $10.5 trillion and our government continues to advance a policy of deficit spending. I figure the Fed’s next move will be to push for the all powerfum Amero (new currency). This will drive up oil and gold and all else meaning that investors won’t support the U.S. government’s monetary policies. So I drink again as the U.S. dollar retreats against other currencies and commodities. Wish more folks read John Moorlach, the accountant who predicted the 1994 Orange County bankruptcy. He suggest that maybe Up to 10 Municipal Bankruptcies in 2009. So hold on to your hats because folk needs to be a magic Negro to deal with what I see on the bunson burner. But me no economist, so don’t listen to me mane. Just let jack frost keep on nipping at your nose.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking up to idiots

I would like to hope folk a blessed holiday season. But I must get back on the grind, for my reservation desires to promote self determination, and given the current worldly state of affairs, the window of opportunity is gradually closing. As we a wait the historic day where the new president of these United States assumes office, I still would like to reinforce that we should not look at jones as a savior, as 40 acres and a mule, of meaning emancipation, or that we have overcome.

We have not. The President Elect is but one man, in character and content that exist in all men. It is on us to assume the burden of responsibility for his success or our failures. We are the real folk that have to put in work. To assume the importance of liberty , in particular in the capacity of being versant and well informed. The decision is only ours whether or not to re-evaluate our current priorities and rearrange them such that the general community in the form of our neighborhoods, schools, and families are first. We must admit our faults and our general collective responsibility to correct what we can. Some of us men need to lift up our skirts and find our balls, and some of our sisters need to stop defining materialism and cosmetic falsities as being things of value. And most of all we, all need to stop looking up to folks that do not represent values we desire for a healthy community to reflect.

I hope that with Obama, folks will get a view of the possibility of family, the importance and the attractiveness in intelligence and reading and staying informed. I hope that people can observe how this one woman defines womanhood via being the supporter of her husband and children regardless. I Hope that people see in him, the value of reasoning and thinking as well as leadership. But the truth is, that down here on the grown level, we more than likely look up to idiots. I mean its cool to have a favorite musician or actor, but don’t allow them to be the source of information that you use to make your decisions. Nor be so absorbed in their life that you desire to be like them or live their kind of life. Don’t tolerate people who disseminate dumb ass, criminal and basically mal-adaptive behavior that you know is foul – but it makes u dance. We cannot complain. I feel if we don’t speak out and in action move to change that which we consider foul, then we are just as much of the obstacle.

All we do is follow, and we tend to follow idiots, or have more or as much interest in them than ourselves, All we do is follow. We rarely ever observe things, think about them and putt into action what we say. It is on both of us: the people and the president elect. I don’t want him to get up there and change the “our” you spoke about Mr. Obama, to the WE [Washington insiders]. Yep I still have a problem with you saying you gone change the “old boy “ network of “Washington Insiders – but I can let that pass for now. Because it remains on us and I am afraid and hopeful in the same instance. The window of time is small and we need to do something for a change rather than ask or expect for one person, to be our savior – he still is a politician.

Friday, December 26, 2008

gift jones

Hope all yawl had a happy nappy holiday thus far. I just wanted to spread a little cheer before I go back into history, economics, sex or politics. I didn’t get no gifts for xmas – well a few. But I gave and I’m fine with that. Now check it, I wanted to show my appreciative and frugal side – albeit women say I am cheap with the exception of those in my family – they call me frugal. Granny takes it a step farther and says I can hold a dollar. Any who, wanted to give yawl women some gift advice for your man that he will appreciate better than any store bought gift and they free. So here my top 10, and not in any particular order.

1] Washing his hair and oiling his scalp – and if he has dreds, a lil grooming.

2] A brick (or brick for each toilet in his house). One brick in the toilet, well you would not believe how much on his water bill he will save – men love saving loot. Brick in back of toliet displaces water, dont need as much, save $300/toleit a year

3] Cooking him a dinner. Don’t even have to be his favorite. He will appreciate it most def.

4] Taking him to the park and walking with him hand in hand. Great gift and cheap too.

5] Full body message, and I do mean message as well as full body – can’t go wrong with that.

6] cleaning up or at least helping him clean up his home – priceless in affect and sentiment.

7] Learning how to make his favorite mixed beverage. For me easy, hot sauce and tequila.

8] Taking a bath with him. Especially if you got a 100 gallon tube. Make sure the pomegranates ready.

9] Asking him to sing for you. Even if he can’t sing, pretend and enjoy it. If this is too much to deal with, 9a] is hand writing a coupon to him to redeem what ever he desires at anytime – with no expiration date.

10] Dancing for him. Lap dances preferred and poles are unnecessary. Especially if like me and don’t like strip clubs.

Now just a lil fun. Gifts can be used any other occasions from birthdays to valentines day. So think about it and save some loot,, no ties, shirts, socks (maybe liquor), but it is a recession and we need to learn to save. Not to mention, every one is gift jones in some form or manner.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

pity the fool

I would hope that no one ever feels sorry for me, or better yet, that I will never have pity or sorrow for myself. I know things are hard for all not just me, but with perseverance, and the lessons we learn or can learn from our life experiences, I am content that it could be better and more, that some have it worse.

The banter and frolic that is orated in the form of words and phrases as complaints, should have no place in the vocabulary of any one with a roof over their head, food in their stomachs or disposable income to buy more shoes or CDs when they have more than they can listen to or wear.

I keep my blessings in my mind, especially the two young ones that follow my every word and call me poppa. I just want to remind folks even when things seem to go of course, if your money aint like you used too, or you have to have a drop down drag out with a life long friend, or be upset because a movie wasn’t like you thought it would be, get over it. We forget that it is the simple things that matter. That Christmas is about an open heart and the music, the memories from Christmas past. That we are not living in a Cholera epidemic, or walking in shopping malls where folks may have a bomb strapped around their waist. That we can sleep at night peacefully even when in pain without the threat of a warlord or solider coming in to kill our entire family.

So although as I said before, times are rough, don’t worry, have faith. So you don’t know if you will be able to pay that mortgage, or keep your internet on, or pay the car note. What you do and need to know is that you at least had such; that you have the ability and prowess to succeed; that you have worth and value in your heart and smile; that you can love even if you don’t feel love. Used to be a character on TV back in the day called Mr. T. He wore a lot of gold around his neck. Was never mad at him for that, for his reason was because his ancestors had to wear chains not by choice so he would honor him by weaning gold chains as a reminder. Not like rappers who wear chains because they use such to show they have money. Money aint what makes you valuable, no grass hopper, it is your heart, smile and acts there off. And as Mr. T said, “I pity the fool” that thinks his value is in the form of what they own as opposed to accepting their blessings, no matter how small, of being able to breathe to smile and see another day. Happy holiday’s folk and happy birthday to me (dec. 22). so buy my books.

Friday, December 19, 2008


As a kid growing up in Memphis I was very much into sports. From organized sports including the big three to golf and tennis. But it was nothing like my favorite two games growing up. Pick up and run football and 21.

Pick up and run was the best because there was normally only one kid in the neighborhood with a football. Everybody it seems had basketballs but such wasn’t the case with footballs. So on any one of them three open fields from Castalia Heights, to Magnolia Elementary School of the field by the ditch next to South Parkway Gardens Apartments. In Pick up and run would be any where from four to forty young men playing no-holds bared football in which who ever got the ball would run and be subject to being gang tackled (which was usually the case) by all else playing.

Now I loved that, but didn’t love it more than 21. 21 was the basketball equal to pick up and run. The best games were played with 15 or more people. Object was to be the first one to get to 21 in points via free throws or a regular basket. We never played the tip version, for real ball players had to take it back pass the free throw line and score between all those playing. We had another version called Arkansas 21, which was also called rough house – which was strange since the winner had to score 36 points.

I say this because not always do I get the chance to talk of my love of sports and politics without a discussion of economics or some other mundane esoteric stuff. But I just wanted to know if folks imagined like me, what the games of 21 will look like for the future occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I will give Obama the benefit of the doubt, that he does enjoy 21. I mean James Joes, although 54, was a forward at Georgetown back in the day and Eric Holder (next AG) played ball at the reputable Stuyvesant High School in NYC. Add to the mix Obama’s personal assistant – Reggie Love who played round ball and football at Duke University and Arne Duncan, who lettered in Basketball at Harvard - Mr. Obama (a member of a Hawaii state basketball championship team back in the day – may need to step his game up. I mean I hear Susan Rice was one of Washington, DC’s best point guards back in the day.

What does this mean, well really nothing, except I love sports, and wish they would televise some of the games one day – I mean professional basket aint like what it used to be, and well 21, is always 21, especially if you aint got enough folks to run a 5 on 5 full court game.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Universal Nincompoops

Wanted to thank all yawl for the kind words and support via last post. Now back to our regular scheduled programming. I love to make fun of stuff; I mean Satire is in my blood. I have always looked to the works of folk like Miguel de Cervantes and the greatest satirist of all from my purview – Voltaire. I even like some of the modern cats including but not limited to Dave Chappelle, Aaron McGruder , Jon Stewart, and Mel Brooks and don’t add SouthPark.

Through satire, me as a writer, is in a position to holds prevailing vices up to ridicule via the employment of wit and humor such to criticize any institution or individual – hopefully in an attempt that they might be improved. However, it appears that even satire is not safe from the fangs of political correctness and the new world order.

The United Nations committee has passed a “defamation of religions” resolution that seems to over ride the significance of free speech and the freedom of expression. For some reason, it seems that the UN doesn’t see that such expression is a right and freedom connected directly with individual thought, conscience and belief, and seems to miss the point that as an international body, that they should first proceed to protect people in exercising their freedom of religion, versus the singular protection of religions.

This single resolution says that satire is nothing more than defamation of religion and even Blasphemy. Blasphemy, like you can actually defame a thought or idea or even something that may be true. The main sponsors of the resolution are predominantly Muslim nations. This is the 4th year in a row in which the resolution has been approved. Do they know that folks like me or the writers of South Park, if ever in them countries, by the UN understanding, these got the places to arrest me and even put me to death, just cause I make fun of say, the Pope, or George Bush, or Christianity, or Islamic fanatics or even a monarch (by the way, the King of Saudi is supposed to be equal to a God). Guess talking about them off limits.

Satire is what keeps folks honest. It’s called humor, and the main outcomes are a smile or a laugh. I guess I will be held for I see the UN stands for Universal Nincompoops more so than United Nations and for all them Islamic Nations pushing this – suck a dic*. And while I'm at it throw on a vfew more years to my sentence for the terrorist should have flown planes into the UN. Now that is satire. Blaspheme that.

Monday, December 15, 2008

the season 2 b jolly

I think I knew this for a great part of my life. Just one reason in my fiction is based off of my experiences in the form of things I have seen or was personally involved in that is with the exception of my science fiction. This past Saturday morning I went through an ordeal that was somewhat night marish.

Just imagine you are resting in your own home, in your bed, a sleep. And all of a sudden, you are awakened to someone sucker punching you in your face. The first response is confusion and astonishment. You see your blood spattering everywhere. The reality hits when you hear the voice, one deranged saying the are the giver and taker of life; that the are Pablo Escobar, George Bush, the personification of evil, and worse that this person is one of your best friends for the last 20 plus years. All this happens in 5 seconds, and the battle ensues. You know your children are in the house, you know you opened your doors to this person after a divorce, yet he has taken your kindness for granted. That he has been talking to himself, and screaming out loud outside for no apparent reason – that he disrespected you and is no longer welcome.

Eventually your son is frightened and he grabs a bat. You desire to grab an ax, but don’t want to kill at first, although such is in your heart when protecting ones family. So another bat is grabbed. And the protective phase has transcended reality towards the beat down with bat phase. And the assailant is subdued. Your son calls the police and the kids are held in another room until they arrive. He is arrested and taken to the 13th floor of a hospital where the mentally ill and deranged are contained.

All you can do if you are brave is to move on. But it is difficult when you are both sad and angry and knowing that your children may not feel safe and are afraid in their own house. Even worse, for you know this person is no longer welcome and that you may blow his head off on first foot on your property. Dang – aint that some shit. But it is the season to be jolly, and I am blessed and thankful and will keep the spirit of giving in my heart, even if that means.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thought Amnesty-rep yo city

Some of you may know I am from Memphis and that I am proud of that. Ass well you may know love music as well as read and write music. It has always been in my Family from Pops (kicking Maurice White – EWF out his band in HS), to my great Aunt, Evelyn ‘Whip” Young leaving home and 16 and causing a ruckus in our family to travel and play Alto Sax with BB. King and cutting cross Isaac Hayes yard each day from elementary school seeing he lived up the street from me. So my question the day. Give me the best musicians in your city – here is Memphis and in no particular order.

Issac Hayes

The Bar Kay’s

Ike Turner

B.B. King

Elvis Presley

Al Green

Maurice White (EWF)

Tina Turner

Bobby Blue Bland

Hank Crawford

John Lee Hooker (in Pic)

Howlin’ Wolk

Booker T & the MGs

Kirk Whalum

Jerry Lee Lewis

Justin Timberlake

Anita ward (Ring my Bell)

Phineas Newborn, Jr.

Top that: And remember no rappers allowed or else i would have included 3-6, Mafia or Eightball & MJG, but this is a start. Happy nappy weekend

Thursday, December 11, 2008

From Pendegast to Blagojevich

I’m sure a few of yawl done caught wind of a certain state governor was arrested in his warm up suit – without the gold chain. Which was funny because it is so fitting of Mafia Dons and block watchers? As such, I can feel some that feel the Golden boy, a certain president-elect, may be damaged or tainted or hurt by this. And I just waana say don’t worry.

Now I consider my self to be a top shelf advocate of the importance of history. Moreover not often I can use modern or current day events in an attempt to make parallels thereof. As such, I want to try and ease some the fearful ruminations associated with one of the other aforementioned having a negative impact of the image of the other. For before Obama there was a Truman.

It’s hard to believe that he was just 13 presidents ago, he being the 33rd president. He started out as judge. I think from my reading about him, that his approaches to foreign policy and national security will probably best follow him. He put in place the National Security Act in 1947, which unified the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Truman also dealt with the Jewish-Arab problem in British-controlled Palestine prior to the creation of Israel. And I would be remiss if I didn’t include the Korean War (North Korea and South Korea), the start of the cold war with Russia and most importantly, his decision to drop the bomb on Japan; even when historically we knew they were trying to surrender before that. But this is not the point.

Truman, is like Obama, epitomized the American dream that anybody could become president of the United States, being he had no college degree. He was honest and humble and stood for the regular person. Just like Obama, has demonstrated the same democratic idea. But just like Obama, Truman prior to becoming President had a tenuous relationship with a one with Thomas J. Pendergast. Pendergast was Blagojevich before he was born. Pendergast sponsored Truman for the Senate through his powerful and corrupt political machine, which eventually landed him in Leavenworth for tax evasion in 1939.

Truman was an honest man, as he was regarding his association with Pendergast but still had a stigma associated to him from his relationship. Because it was Pendergast who backed Truman’s 1934 successful primary and general election races. And just as Truman, Obama appears to be an honest person as well. And just like Truman’s relationship with a corrupt person, the Governor of Illinois will have less of an impact on Mr. Obama, especially since he did not fund him.

So no worry, Obama will not be tainted. This is an example of one: Chicago (old school machine politics) and greed of a natural born Hustler. So do not fail for the bait, or you will be talking about something that makes no nevermind. Truman was honest and had integrity just as Obama does. The both are(were) men of good will and the people can see such. The only difference I see was that Truman's suit game was top shelf.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No strings attached.

Just want to say for the record, yea, I tend to harp on shit, in particular if it is what is on my mind. Butterah you know, such is just the way things are with me. Found out today against my dismay, that folk up on Capitol Hill finna give away some more of my loot. I was against it with Wall Street and I still maintain the same position respect to the automobile industry.

I still don’t get what the bailout will accomplish, but I won’t get into that. Let alone the massive number of Insurance companies purchasing Bank holding companies so they can get some of the loot too. I believe that one cannot rescue a person or institution that wont rescue they self. And a stock market that hit 89k mark over the past few days don’t mean jack to me for there is still no liquidity in the market, world borrowing is down nearly 80% and money still being withdrawn from Hedge fund accounts (1.5 trillion in Hedge funds world wide), tells me that these aint the average folks investing or making calls on stocks. Not to mention yesterday, from a few newspapers alone, I counted more than 12 thousand jobs lost (in one day). Just in Jan. this year the DOW was at 13k, and im posed to be happy with 8.9k?

So today, something new, instead of Alexander Onealing (critisizing), I am gonna offer a few suggestions that I would put in place if I was like a senator, a president or an economist. The first I know can’t occur, but may be used in the future when folks wanna give loot away all willy nilly.

  • If you give ANY loot out, don’t ask folks to bring you a plan, you give them your plan with a "take it or leave it” caveat.
  • For the Banks and wall street: Mandate they use the money to erase the balance of all outstanding student loans. This would be one way to foster consumer spending.
  • As opposed to buying toxic assets and injecting capital, for banks, next time you may consider really attempting to stop home foreclosure rates by buying 35% of are the mortgages in America. You don’t have to purchase the entire mortgage for that will only assist 4 to 5 million of the 50 million across the country. This would make payments manageable, improve equity in said homes. And please just don’t use Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; make them for all home lenders. All one would need is a standard agreement (as the Treasury made with Banks) for people to apply. This would be the best foreclosure mitigation approach from my view.
  • Never let the Treasury department be in charge of stimulus or bail out programs because they don’t attach any strings. The Treasury “expects”, not know or has mandated, for banks to start lending and making credit available when in fact they did not state the manner in which funds received will be used. They say they “want” to work with congressional oversight committees and the Comptroller, but didn’t write it in so it is not a prerequisite for getting any of that massive sums of loot.
  • Instead of giving money, buy shares in exchange for my loot so these banks can own up to their share of the debt in actual cost.
  • If you are doing an infrastructure development/stimulus plan, don’t just focus on Urban areas. Be even handed with rural areas as well. It don’t sit right with me when I give money for Urban development and the bus stops at the end of the city boundary.
  • Try and structure economic preparedness in our budgetary policy like they do in India, where the work from the construct of deficit confinement. As such all the do from growth to stimulus to tax efforts are designed to manage deficit growth to 2.5% or less.
  • Study some these other stimulus packages being placed on the table around the world. I know China is putting one out worth $581 billion US/ And say study, not copy, because from what I can tell about the Chinese effort – it is lacking and don’t focus on human capital development – a no-no to me. So be sure to invest in human capital, this will increase social spending. One way would be to give 40 to 50 thousand dollar grants to people desiring to attend college for the next 4 to 5 years. Again this is an investment and not a give away. And I would be remised if I did not say jack up the investment in scientific research at the university level as well.

Now these are just a few ways I think we may see this economy swing around, it’s not about top down or trickle down - it is about bottom up. So Mr. Obama, I know your hands are tied, but you got to stop being so politically correct and think outside the box. Don’t be asking for no plans, or waiting for GM to give you no plans, make your own plan folks and tell them fools to break themselves or go home empty handed. Don’t be a pasty and stop shelling out our loot with no strings attached. Five to one the Big three gone roll through this loot and be out of business still before next Spring.

Monday, December 08, 2008

i dont give a Smoot

You know some folks say im hard on Obama, and others say or ask why I don’t like Jones or give him a chance. I do like jones and I am giving Jones a chance it is just that read and listen to what he says and instead of excepting like a coward or slave, I study his words and approaches to problem solving. This is because my penchant is for him to succeed.

I listened to his radio address this past weekend and was glad to hear that he was changing his tune and even suggesting some things I had suggest a few months ago in this blog when I first heard his economic plan. Namely that he desires to revive the economy through a job-creating public works plan (hopefully on a state by state level). In addition, his prowess showed because I aint her the word “spend” not once, instead it was replaced with the word “invest”. However, he aint mention no cost estimate for his plan or talk about how it will be disseminated, and even more importantly, what structural changes would be implement (laws abrogated) or international issues that needed to be addressed to get the economy rolling. This is important because common folks seem to be more detailed regarding the economic crisis we face than politicians – inclusive of him.

As such I am scared that he may consider a Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act (men in pic) approach to help with this problem – which I don’t think is a smart thing to do. In June 1930 this act was designed to increase the protection afforded domestic farmers against foreign agricultural imports. Now I know it is far fetched, but he has stated on the record that he would “strengthen the productivity of our workers and businesses; by enforcing our existing trade agreements and negotiating better trade agreements.” I also know that he has not said anything about issues related to free trade, especially since the deficit reflects the amount of foreign investment to the U.S. economy; which for the record without, we would have a whole bunch more foreclosures and business closing their doors.

And back then, although it was no bail out, it reminds me of the bail out since it was enacted to protect a certain economic sector – farmers. The bail out has similarly targeted banks, now auto industry and maybe next, states and credit card companies. For after the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act was put in place, like now with the bailout, folks asking for increased protection came in from all the other industrial sector special interest groups,

Now I’m gonna keep an open mind, and recant, In not hating but rather thinking and want to know what Jones got in mind regarding free trade because legislation like the Smoot-Hawley did not make the depression any better for it was enacted after prior legislation to deal with the economic problem like the Fordney-McCumber tariff. All I am saying is that I don’t give a Smoot, but that enquiring minds would like to know.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thought Amnesty (12.7.08)

Thought Amnesty:

Was thinking about my favorite TV shows of the 70s? I know many yawl weren’t born. No particular order with the exception of #1. So here goes.

1] Monday Night Football – what can I say I am a child of Monday night football, loved that theme and saw the first game.

2] MASH - greatest satirical writing ever I think.

3] James at 16 – That was a cool azz show. Albeit set in Boston.

4] The odd Couple – another great song and really had the feel of the original movie

5] Dark Shadows – only soap opera I ever liked and it was about a vampire. Even though it started in 19966, it was on until 1971.

6] Kolchak Night Stalker – one scary dude but it was raw dawg monster fiction on the TV screen.

7] Paper Chase - about these cats in law school - very well written.

8] Kung Fu - what more can I say grasshopper.

9] Julia – Just like Dark Shadows, it started in 1968 but continued to 1971

10] The Mod Squad - they was just some cool kats

What says you. Good day

Thursday, December 04, 2008

public jones

Point of order: cant wait to chris cox bich azz out of the SEC

Dear Mr. Paulson and Mr. Bernake:

It is both with great pain and pleasure I pen this letter to you. I am extremely disappointed in the manner in which you have brazenly attempted to deal with the economic consternation that confronts us all. It is not as if you two are ill-informed over the subject matter that you attend to on a daily basis, on the contrary, you both are learned men of letters in the disciplines of both finance and economics. With that said, I must advance the premise that your intellectual prowess with respect to problem solving is severely lacking.

As laymen, I have come to the conclusion that all of this is the result of marketing and selling materials/papers that have no value, or if it does, it maintains a negative value – debt. The support you have purported towards the collateralization of debt, mainly as accrued in the financial services section is what seems to be the root of this recessive evil folks such as I are confronted with. In addition, it appears that your math does not take into consideration that this could be obviated when home devaluation stops. Which could be instantly dealt with if the money was given to home owners and mandated fixed rated advocated across the board for all mortgage compaines, holding companies and banks would adopt or be forced to close their door. It says in the constitution we the people and not we the corporation.

Instead, your approach has been abstruse – difficult to understand. First you basically block the short paper exchanges, which from my limited understanding of economics, is how most money markets function, not to mention if you would have injected capital into Lehman Brothers, which you did not, the DOW would still be in double figures. It is bazaar that you said you had no authority to save this financial behemoth, yet when your folk from Bear Stearns and AIG called – you were quick to stick out your necks and my loot without hesitation.

Moreover, your approach never includes a serious evaluation of dealing with fractional banking systems as we have in America, or else you would consider a reduction in the reserve requirements for banks. This may or may not free up credit but it would be an approach that would not require any of my loot. But still, it is housing valuation that is the concern via the mortgage backed securities you seem to so dearly love. Not to mention from my purview, the issue is not going to be solved by massive injections into banks (for which you have no way to tell where the money has been spent) from my louction, but morso with respect to conforming loans. Yet I recant again, I am not an economist.

The aforementioned are intellectual deficiencies that I can understand. What I cannot tolerate is the disdain for the general public for you speak to me as if I am rich and I have money and you don’t. I wonder if you really ever had to struggle a day in your life, or live with friends, or even ever loss a job. In your tone there is no empathy nor compassion for what the average person experiences and lives.

So sirs, I recant, I am very disappointed and even offended by the lack of professionalism, and understanding you evince with respect to economics, the understanding of the problem, problem solving skills and lack of comprehension towards the general public. For slaves would have been lynched for lessor offenses. Yet I bid you a good day.


Public Jones

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

open thread (12.3.2008)

My next post wil be called "manmilk or baby batter". However, I am accepting suggestions for the next four post following that. So please leave your suggestions. No titles please. And enjoy the pics of my lil princess.

And she will not take them boots off since she got them - go figure

Monday, December 01, 2008

War of the worlds

The lethal attacks last week in Mumbai got me to thinking a little more on the future prospect for peace in Southeastern and central Asia. I have always felt that if there was any chance of a big jump off in the region, it would be the threat garnished by the three nations with nuclear armaments: Israel, India and Pakistan.

Now I know most folks feel that these attacks were the result of a terrorist group that may or may not be affiliated with al Qaeda., but on a lower level, I cannot see such. The Mode of Operandi was almost Navy seal like and seems to have a military feel on the surface for me, but I have not really studied it that in depth. But what I have studied is the history of consternation between India and Pakistan, which for me is the center of what is or may be jumping off in months or years to come.

India has the second fastest growing economy in the world only behind China and historically, has had problems with its Islamic Neighbor with which they share a common border. They have a somewhat lengthy history starting back in 1947 and in the near recent times in 1965 when the Second Kashmir War fought between the two nations over the disputed region of Kashmir. In 1965, India crossed the boarder and attacked Pakistan, which as I have always regarded as a major source of instability since past history informs us that both have threaten to pulverize each other, even if that meant using nuclear weapons.

I don’t want to get to deep on this, however, I would like to offer some food for thought, namely that I feel that the tensions are running deep for these nation states, and since both are very major players in our presupposed war on terror, something may need to be done if we are sincere about stomping out Bin Laden’s folk. What I feel will happen is that Pakistan will begin amassing troops along the border of India, which means they will be taking troops away from its border with Afghanistan and reduce their efforts to rid the region of al Qaeda and the Taliban. India has not seen so much destruction in its financial capital since March 12, 1993, when a series of 15 bombs exploded across the capital, killing 257.

So to make things short, this is a very dangerous situation, and all of this history is the result to me of the British in the region, and over the state of Jammu and Kashmir. H.G. Wells wrote a tale called War of the Worlds and I’m sure many of you have read the story. Although what we see between India and Pakistan doesn’t involve aliens, an alien culture started this via colonialism. Let’s just see how this plays out. Because I wouldn’t be at all surprised if India preemptively attacked their nuclear rival adopting the Bush doctrine for themselves

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bike Lady (10.8.08)

Point of order: Two though Amnesties in a row. This a short story (UNCORRECTED/UNEDITED) from my next colection FREAK TYPE SCENE. Will B back on the grind monday. Enjoy or not.

Bike Lady (10.8.08)

The Fall was just two days in, meaning the South Georgia weather was still crisp with the acumen of summer yet tempered with the animosity of the half moon. It was a great time for, to see the kids running outside and even more so was the sensation of smelling steaks and ribs on the grill, even when around the side of the house chopping wood. It was supposed to be raining but the sky had not yet opened up to poor its blessing onto the earth or to nurture the first shedding of pine needles on the ground. In fact it was the opposite. It was bright and warm and mellow and refreshing. Not to mention, tomorrow Tripp would not be going into the shop and that he would be childless.

The next day, after dropping his son off at school and his daughter at the sitter, he returned home. He could take pleasure in know that his little girl would be spending the night at a slumber party with six other little girls. He knew she needed the estrogen being that each day she was surrounded by her brother and himself and that she was more used to being around them than other women, especially other little girls being that he was a single parent.

The weather men as usual were a day off on their predictions. The inclement weather rolled in like a Hurricane hitting the gulf. It was not windy, but it was dark and the mist of the impending showers were swept in with each intermittent gust. He hurried into the house for he would not be able to clear the last two trees he had hoped to clear on his day with out the kids. Instead, he started to cook: Neck bones with potatoes and cabbage. He know his children would be upset seeing that that was one of their favorite meals among many, but as usual he would cook enough for them to enjoy the following evening.

It was approaching 4pm but to the layman it would have appeared to be closer to six or seven PM. The rain had started to fall and with each ephemeral minute, it began to come down harder and harder. As his food cooked, he stripped and returned to his bed. He pretended that he was on some beach in Antigua and likewise, accepted the make-believe premonition that his shot of Tequila was some tropical drink with a tiny umbrella toothpick on the side. Upon which he dosed off.

He woke up abruptly, not even realizing that he had been a slumber. It wasn't the rain, albeit he thought it was, but rather a knock at his door. He gathered his robe and proceeded to answer. He could not believe that any of his folks would desire to see him in such horrendous weather. But it would not have surprised him any if such proffered to be the case.

Opening the door to his astonishment, it was a woman whom he had seen before. When had seen her, he was either driving out of his drive onto the street either heading out or coming home. Whenever he had seen her, she was either running or she would be on her bicycle. He always recalled of her motions, of her terse yet ballerina like appendages taking her too and from her destinations, which he had figured either home or for exercise. She was grace personified, a stallion in the complexity of Meted, an image that he kept in his mind such to the extent it should be bronzed somewhere and displayed in a museum for she was more than beauty and more than woman she was the molecular combination of elegance and refinement, even when she was running or on her bike. Often she he would pass he would slow down his vehicle just to get a double take of her poise in his rearview mirror and savor her disposition as if a fine wine on his way to his destination.

Trip had never met her formally, but he had waved seeing that they had seen each other often. He was just taken aback that she had noticed him to the extent of approaching and knocking on his door. Add to that that his house was 200 yards from the street up a country dirt and gravel road.

"Hello", he said trying not to act surprised. She was soaking wet and maintained a pair of red shorts and a white T-shirt bearing the mage of barrack Obama. The rain had revealed to him a blue sports bra underneath her top however, he was trying not to indicate to her that he had any admiration for her lithe figure.

"Hi, I know you don't know me, but I see you all the time when I am running."

"Would you like to come in, you are soaking wet, rain got you, guess you don't watch the weather channel. My name is Tripp, Tripp Hughes.

She laughed and extended her hand. "Tara, Tara Jenkins. I know your name. Been meaning to introduce myself but each time see you, you are speeding off in that pick up truck of yours."

He laughed and griped her hand firmly, but not hard. "You make me feel bad and just to think I was gonna invite you in."

"Don't have too I am already in and gonna, you are country aren't you? Nice house, never knew what all I ever saw was that dirt road was back here. You not scared to live back here by yourself?

"Well I have to children, just free from their pleasure today and I am a single parent, but nope, I aint."

"Well, I was trying to make it home but it kept raining harder and harder so I came up here seeing not another house for a while, is this all your land?"

As she dripped on his wood floor he continued. "Yes it is, here let me get you something. Turn your head. He took off his robe and gave it too her. She turned her head as he requested but did situate herself to maintain a glimpse of his nakedness and the appendage that he maintained below his waist. He quickly returned to his room and draped himself with a towel.

"I have some clothes if you would like to change. They aint woman clothes but a t-shirt and some boxers if you like and you can keep the robe. I was cooking so if you like I can show you to the restroom.

"That would be kind of you."

He showed her to the bathroom and returned to the kitchen. "Just give me your clothes and I can toss them in the dryer.

She came out and he was in the kitchen, standing over and smelling his neck bones like an artist would a fine watercolor. She watched him. She liked what she saw. It wasn't his dreds, nor was it his smile. She went back into the restroom, passing through his bedroom to return to where she had entered. She stooped in his front room and admired all of his art. She could tell or suspected that he was worldly.

"You have a lot of art, nice."

Shouting from the kitchen as not to be distracted from his neck bones he returned. "Yep, all them years of living in Africa folk and I got more that need to be framed and displayed. I like this house cause it reminds me of how I live when Im in Africa. You ever been there?"

"No "she said. She walked to the kitchen. "Africa, what do you do?"

He turned around with his spoon still stirring and opined. "If I told you jones, I'd have to kill you."

She laughed and walked into the kitchen. The house was roomy and spacious yet quiet and humble. He placed the top back on his vitals and addressed her directly. She had not changed clothes and kept the robe on he had given her, and the hair; well it was still wet from the rain. He admired her pony tail.

He looked down and said, "I am who I am and if you hate so be it, and placed his lips against hers. He pulled her close to him, and the muscle of her firmness sent ripples up his spine. She did not resist. In his mind he desired to take her to his bed but he could not wait. He opened the slip not in the belt around her waist that kept the robe tightly against her body. There was no blue bra now. His hands gripped her waist and rose upward like the sun in the morning, against her curvature and made their way to her waist and eventually towards her breast. He cupped them equally with both hand and placed them together such that he could house both nipples in his mouth at the same time.

She sighed and at each sigh, he seemed to gain momentum and more confidence. She pulled back and looked down and what she had seen swinging when he first gave her his robe. Her hands began to show his kiss appreciation as she grabbed him. She motioned downward, her mouth against his chest and crossed her disposition back and forth from his neck to his chest. She was brave and no where in her action did she evince any hesitance. With him in her hands, she knew she would be forced to extend her jaw into an uncomfortable position. She let him slide beyond her tonsils with such ease and enjoyed it. She let go and went back to the head of his shaft and ever so firmly pushed her lips together around it. Her mouth had never been so moist. She enjoyed herself and slowly went back down his shaft. She wrap her mouth around his head and used quick movements as she held grip around that monstrous base. She stroked increased her alacrity; for she could feel the veins in his manhood pulsating. She wanted to taste his liquid, but he pulled away.

He picked her up, robe open and slide her on top of him. He pressed her back against the refrigerator and stroked up inside of her until he met resistance. But it did not stop him, he was confident that he would break through and in his mind felt as if he could eventually feel himself come out of her mouth. She wiggles in slight pain and amazement and sheer gratitude but did not waiver. She was determined to work as much out of him as she could take. The concern was she was taking more, much more than she desired physically, but mentally it did not matter. She wanted him and he wanted her and she played out in her mind such occurring over and over again.

Still with him impaled in her he removed her to the sofa and trusted several last times. She felt the warmness of his elixir slide down the inside of her back, and her ovaries ached; not in pain but for more of the same sensation. He laid his head on her shoulder and just breathed. They shared the sofa together and went to sleep. Good for him the neck bones were on simmer.

When she awoke. He was up. He had taken her clothes out of the dryer. She watched and smiled and smiled and watched. .

"Would you like some neck bones?" He asked as the Southern Gentleman he was.

"No thank you, I don't eat pork."

"I placed your clothes on my bed, they are dry now, and I hope I will see you again."

She said nothing and went to his room and got dressed.

When she returned she said, "Thanks for welcoming me into your home as you did." She kissed him gently on the cheek and once more on his lips. She parted them for him with a quick but unhurried darting of her tongue which he was prompt to match.

She continued, "You think it will be raining tomorrow?"

"I don't know lil momma, I don't know but I shole do hope so."

"You are country," she said getting onto her back with a simper and a laugh. He laughed too. But such was only appropriate since they had started out with smiles and laughs. He continued to watch, her legs moving elegantly as she peddled away from him down his dirt and gravel road.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Riddle me this #8

Thought amnesty: u dont have to think today

1] Why didn’t I save the picture with common and my daughter in front of my shop, but saved the one with my girl who owns the beauty salon a few doors down?

2] Where are we getting the money from for these bailouts and the stimulus plan? Is it from we the tax payer, are we just printing it out of thin air, or are we getting it from China via debt as usual?

3] Why folks hate on me when I talk about Obama’s policy, cant they separate the policy from the man?

4] Why would we risk bankrupting out government to bail out bankrupt companies?

5] Why do we have these weekend meetings and rush these deals through on Sunday night without serious rumination, and think they will be a solution, but trip when they do not work?

6] Why do folks know more about Halie Berry, Lil Wayne, or Barack Obama than they know the constitution?

7] Why are off balance sheet assets (toxic assets) basically of an unknown value and why aint it against the law or criminal not to put all assets and losses on the balance sheets like small business owners as myself do?

8] What FOOL will invest in a company like Citigroup when you only get dividends of 1 cent per share held for 3 years (for Paulson only)?

9] What is commercial backed asset paper, if it aint money, isn’t it worthless?

10] With 20 billion of TARP funds left, will treasury go back to congress and ask for some more loot?

Just a few queries I feel average folks who think should ask unless they dumb fucks. Happy nappy THANKS-STEALING – me thankful for the white man making me a slave and killing off the Indians. Back Friday. Good Look Ms Williams for stopping by the shop while you were in town.

Monday, November 24, 2008

shoulda, coulda, woulda

I feel like im playing the drums. I know I may harp on things a bit too much, but I write about what I think. I aint trying to get no brownie points or shit, just trying to see if folks think along the same lines as I do about an assortment of topics. Now back to loot.

Ass backwards, these folk finna buy 100 big ones of Citibank, when they say all is good, everything is fine. I just don’t see why the feds gone buy now, what they said they were gone buy at first, when they didn’t. I just want to say BO, don’t bail out folk when there is no transparency to the assets they hold.

Applied probability of default is all im asking because all these folks is doing is week by week stabilization. Somebody has to restore order – confidence. Buying bad assets aint the ticket. We got to handle this shit from the bottom. Shit, should have injected loot into the student loans or gave grants of 25K to all small businesses with caps under 250k. But what I know? I just know how to count and make money.

Aint no market for anything toxic, assets included and im talking derivatives as well. Don’t nobody want nothing they don’t know the value of, that’s why I still say Obama, like the rest of the poly-tricksters is stupid – giving loot for shit one don’t know the value off.

Barack can’t do jack (hands were tied from jum street), for we still gone loose at least a million jobs next year. That’s why I know he can’t keep his campaign promise, what he lied to folks about on raising taxes or giving tax breaks. But the supple are just that and believe what anyone will tell them. That’s why I said Bernake and Paulson was just throwing loot in the wind. And I was right, but I aint saying it just to say I was right – dumb fucks.

And I aint gone get into the g21 (albeit they say 20). I had to read the word ensure about 22 times in their statement they released November 15th at the Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy. Add to that I couldn’t the word should used more than 60. This says to me or really confirms that these folks really shooting from the hips and fail to realize that nobody can monetize assets if we don’t know the value, if any said assets have. Banks will continue to lead the decliners - I say invest in mines and chips (computer)

Common share holders are the critical aspects of a bank but we make these equity injections above the common share holders, and we wonder why they don’t work. Why, because we talking about trillions of dollars and they just making sure folk got enough loot to pay themselves. No wonder things are getting worse - the approaches being used seem to be azz backwards and the answers aint nothing but should a, could a, would a. So Mr. President Elect - hit us with the up and up and dont fall for the okie doke - they setting you up, thank god u a thinker.

Friday, November 21, 2008

coming round the mountain when they come

The first time I met Ron Brown was at his home. Was in DC for the Morehouse Howard Game and one of my best Friends Dave “go-go” Gordon, was dating his daughter at the time. We sat around his kitchen table, he, go-go, his daughter and I and had breakfast. He was a funny cat, would later on that year go ahead to run Jesse Jackson Presidential campaign.

I never had the chance to met Mickey Leland. But I did work with folks, when I was a Research Specialist living in Southeastern Nigeria working with Africare that had. Congressman Leland founded the House Select Committee on Hunger in 1984 until his death in an airplane crash in Ethiopia.

Both of these men, as the current President elect defined the epitome of leadership, public service, dedication and more so than all else – intellect. They had a passion for life that showed in the manner in which they were committed to assisting and helping others. On April 3, 1994, as Leland, Ron Brown, then Commerce Secretary, along with 34 others also died when their Air Force plane crashed into a Croatian mountainside. He had gone to Croatia to broker a deal between Franjo Tudjman (a neo fascist) and the Enron Corporation.

I never quite was comfortable with Brown’s death being an accident for a number of reasons. First, in an effort to protect his son from prison, he threatens to expose an Asian fund raising plan operated by the Clinton White House's prior to this trip, which by the way had no Enron reps on board for they took their own aircraft. In addition, out of custom, the White House orders the Air Force to skip the "safety" phase of the investigation and move directly to the "accident" phase. Also strange was that the Croatian responsible for the airport's navigation system was found with a bullet hole in his chest.

No autopsy was performed on Brown after the crash albeit pictures were circulated that appeared to show a head wound that was similar to one that looked like a bullet hole. For it was bazaar that of all the 35 on board, Brown was the only one reported to have had died of "multiple blunt force injuries”. I can’t say that Brown or Leland were assassinated, albeit I think it was some strange stuff going on. Not to mention both of their planes did crash into the sides of mountains: one in Croatia and one in Ethiopia.

I just want to say folk, watch your back, the Capitol Hill and K street cats is some shady mutha fucas. And I will tell you this I will never forget fine folks, and Ron Brown and Mickey Leyland were just that. And I don’t want history to put you in the same sentence with them ever – never ever. And pleas do watch out for them mountainsides – they are killer.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

actions speak louder than words

For the record, I love me some Africa. And I have been blessed to have lived in Nigeria for 13 months, 3 months in Ethiopia, four summers in a row in South Africa, and two six month stints in Senegal. I won’t even mention the Malawi’s, the Benin’s the Zimbabwe’s or score of other countries I have visited.

As we get closer to that historic day on which the President Elect is expected to take his oath of office, I have started to think about how or what his main foreign policy targets will be. Sure I’m certain that he will deal with the Asian countries located in what many call the Middle East, and that he will have to bump heads with Putin in Russia, but I’m not so sure where he will place the needs of the continent I love so dearly.

I would suspect or hope that the tope two will be Sudan and the Congo, followed closely by Rwanda. We know that genocide is the rule of thumb in the Sudan and has been so for a while. As a national government, all we have done is utter words, phrases and clauses and looked, on purpose the other way. I wonder what is Obama’s plan for dealing with the Sudanese Government and the Arab Janjaweed militias which are supported by Khartoum? Even after a July 30th UN Security Council resolution the Sudan still has yet to meet its commitment to rein in these militias.

I say this for almost 15 years after the atrocities we saw in Rwanda we must not let history repeat itself. I say this for I believe we have not learned our lesson since 1994 as a nation supposedly of moral statue. I was looking for any position papers that he may have written on the Sudan, Congo or Rwanda – but could not find any (just a statement from 2007). I just wonder if Obama really meant what he said that the United States should support the immediate deployment of an effective international force to not only protect civilians and proffer the delivery of humanitarian aid, but also to disarm militia, or support the African Union troops to do such.

Since this shit started in 2003, an estimated 450,000 plus have died as a function of and disease, and another 2 to 3 million displaced to neighboring countries. I know Obama was hard on Bush for his inaction, but my query is what is his plan, and what actions does he plan to take to support his prose? Yep, the economy needs to be dealt with, as well as issues of national security, but what will he do of substance outside of imposing tougher fiats that target Sudan’s oil revenue or implementing effective diplomacy? I know he has co-sponsoring six bills on the conundrum – but they still remain words on paper that have not yielded any results.

I’m not saying Obama can really do anything, but he can try. Especially now since we see what did happen in Rwanda, may be starting up again via the Congo. General Laurent Nkunda has actively recruited member of the Rwanda military to accomplish his stated goal to “eliminate” the militias who assisted in the genocide of nearly a million folks in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Even using and forcing children to kill in his effort.

So Mr. President elect, you were right to hold Bush accountable for his strong words but non action, just hope you don’t mind if we don’t forget, and remind you, or hold you to the same standard.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bich do your job

The bottle of Partida blanco is empty and no more hot sauce, but the effervescence remains. Been thinking lately (not like that is nothing new), and I really would like to know where is the Attorney General and where that mutha fuca been for the last 8 months to start? I would not be surprised if a lot of folk don’t know who the current Attorney General is or even what Department of the government they work out of.

The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the Office of the Attorney General. They are supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of the Federal Government. Michael Mukasey is the acting US Attorney since 2007 I think. But I have yet to hear his named mentioned at all this year. That is strange to me given the massive amounts of fraud and manipulation that has reared its head in this age of collateralizing debt and massive financial fraud. Yep I said it fraud,

A lot, not all, but a significant segment of what had happened to our financial services sector has been the result of negligence, incompetence and greed – and for lack of a better phrase – criminal behavior. From the very bottom of accepting mortgages with no money down to the manner in which securities and commodities have been traded in unregulated and a seemingly black market fashion, there is enough criminal behavior to go around. Even Henry Paulson, who said we would use the bail out loot for capital injection to supposedly buying troubled and toxic assets (which now he is doing neither) borders on criminal behavior to me.

I think instead of making a fat salary, Mr. Mukasey needs to re-read the constitution and start seeking out all these crooks from Wall Street to the Capital Hill, and start prosecuting folks. He can start if he scared, with the hedge fund industry and work his way left and right. The hedge fund industry is estimated to control about $US2.5 trillion of assets, most which are beyond regulatory supervision. This is one sector of the financial sector that can be blamed for volatility in stock markets as well as destabilizing our banking sector. The main or one what they have done such is by the short selling of stocks of companies that has resulted in reducing the values and even bankrupting said companies.

George Soros, who testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee last week suggested that hedge funds will be hit hard and maybe even destroyed by the global financial crisis to such an extent that possibly 75 percent of the money they manage may be lost.

I know some of the folks in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, UBS and Bear Stearns have some foul folks doing some foul things, and I would suggest that the AG start to investigate, if not, I hope the President Elect will hold the folks responsible and send these folks to jail, so what the contributed to your campaign, fair is fair and such will go a long way to restoring confidence in the market and responsible financial behavior in such institutions. So as me and my folk sang in 1996, Bich do yo’ job.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

thought amnesty (11.15.2008)

First wanna say good look to my folks at There ….Already for giving me the Superior Scribbler Award. I wanna pass it on to: Rich, averge american patriot, Love Babz, Kelso, Slappz, Ms Lady D, Curious, The Rippa, Boss Mack, Buelahman, 12kyle, Zack, monroe anderson & the Glamazon.

Now. Was thinking, After November 4th, 2008, my most historical memories in my life outside the birth of my seeds – my order hear goes.

1] Martin Luther King Jr. Assignation – I was there.

2] Obama election – would have, or maybe would have been number 1 if I was there.

3] Planes flying in the twin towers (was teaching class at Emory at the time. Cut TVs on in class and saw second plane fly into 2nd tower. They cleared school reports were one was heading toward the CDC. My building was next to it.

4] Hurricane Katrina (can’t say I expected to see in America, what I have only seen in Africa)

5] Falling of the Berlin Wall (Amazing is all I can say).

6] Million Man March (speechless)

7] John Thompson winning National Championship in 1984

8] Rodney King Verdict (Can still see that coward throwing a brick into the head of Mr. Denny and raising hands like a touchdown.

9] Arthur Ashe winning Wimbledon (I will never forget that Sunday - July 5, 1975)

10] Tony Dungy winning the super bowl (really two African American coaches paring off in the Super Bowl).

So what are yours? Full life, ey?