Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tea (Total Extermination of Aliens) Party

If one listens carefully, what is said is often not what is meant. I have come to this conclusion with respect to the ubiquitous Tea Party movement. Sure, pundits and the like would assert that it is a movement aimed at pointing out that people are taxed enough already, but I would disagree. If such was the case they would have reared their ugly head earlier for example, during the first G.W. Bush administration but they did not. Instead they waited until it was evident that a man of color without a traditional European name was elected president of these United States of America.

Even if one accepts the conditional that the origin of the Tea party returns one to the colonial roots of America, it does not past the smell test, historically that is. For their presence in North America began with conquest through violence and disease and a sort of self-righteousness that began with the likes of Christopher Columbus, Hernando Desoto, Bartholomew de la Casa and General Amherst.

Everywhere in the new world the descendants of the Tea party touched,overwhelmingly ended in destruction, death and disease. This is their true order, not taxes. Research supports the contention that the Tainos people living on Espanola when Columbus first arrived number near 8 million but 20 and 50 years later they were down to 28,000 and 200 accordingly. Most of which died from disease brought from Europe and the intentional slaughter by the ones who called themselves conquers. The same is true for the Carib of what we now call St. Kitts, where in 1626 English and French soldiers backed 4,000 into a deep ravine, now called Bloody Point where they were brutally slaughtered and killed.

Such actions are those of individuals afraid of anything different and reflecta collective emptiness in one that parades the conscription that one culture is superior and better than the other. This is the central tenant of the present day Tea party. The representation of culture that hunts for sport and not survival, which live by the concept that nobility, is defined as being the conqueror. Even as late as 1893, when Queen Lili’uokalani was overthrown by US military might and made to give her kingdom of Hawaii to United States, this practice defined this premise and continues presently.

Even their hero’s from Ronald Reagan to David Crockett are suggested as such mainly because of this psychopathy and belief orientation. After all, the battle against Mexico and Santa Anna for the Alamo was really a quest, based on fact to take Texas from Mexico to institute slavery in the state. But it can only be expected since they left a world of intolerance, disease, famine, greed and the plague. They used their good to justify the actions of folk like King Leopold of Belgium to bring Africans to do work they could not do or were too lazy to do for themselves. They made treaty after treaty after treaty with the people who were here before them they referred to as savages who taught them how to survive in their new and strange home. And with each treaty came more death, slaughter and murder, for with such it is easier to steal what is not theirs, fail to recant that one cannot discover what other already subsist upon.
Yes this is the history of the so-called Tea party. This is what is meant when they say they want to “take back America.” It is code for getting back to basics and their roots. They do not feel it is a nation for aliens – people from other nations who were here before they came. It is not a nation for men similar to Barack Obama who have names and skin colors they are uncomfortable with, or Mexicans, Muslims or Arabs as their vehement vitriol enunciates.

The tea party is not about taxes so do not let them fool you. They are no different than the sheep with new clothing. They live by the same credo of those they call terrorist but see themselves as being different even though in their history are of men that bomb churches and kill little girls while attending Sunday school. They are those that persist upon majority and mob rule, who send attack dogs on people and batter them with the force of water from hose. They say that the majority do not desire a Mosque near Ground Zero in New York; the same majority that did not want blacks to attend school with whites or have equal rights or the rights to vote. This is the Tea party. Throw away the “taxed enough already” for just as the Klan can become the Council of Conservative Christians, they really mean the “Total Extermination of Aliens” – period. For the reality for me is that I could not pick a current member of the Tea party out from one of the colonial era if they had sheets over their heads.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

nullius in verba

From my earliest writings of the past thrity odd years to now, the careful reader would be able to discern my disparagement for politics, politicians and the aggregated affect such nuance has had on the folks not fortunate enough to use conquest to be on top of others. Most likely it is the thinker, the scientist in me that mandates the preference for the belief “nullius in verba” – take no ones word for anything.

The more I read and observe what is happening within the beltway, especially as it pertains to other nations; either the blatant disrespect of sovereignty by war and occupation, or the feculent avoidance of barbarism and human mistreatment by nations our government consider our friends, the more it is obvious that our legacy as a per supposedly western nation is one of shame, deceit and brutality. laws do not change, just their names, for action and inaction alike has the same consequence historically.

Not to beat a dead horse, but this Libya example is almost comical. The reasons proffered for intervention are even more fanatical, when we look at and examine the desire to protect the innocent. Maybe the innocent dwellers of lands endeared with oil reserves, but not solely the innocent. By that logic, worthy locations would have our attention. The Sudan where millions are having been displaced and tens of thousands butchered. The Ivory Coast, where more than 500,000 have been displaced and a civil war looms.

It reminds me of the Monroe Doctrine which in 1823 gave the United States to use military force anywhere in our immediate region if we felt such was necessary. Not for the sake of nobility or civility, but rather, whim and fortune. The same approach we use now, similar to when we sent more than 20,000 troops to the Dominican Republic to keep the murderous and torturous regime of the Trujillo family in power over democratic change in the 60's. Just as we supported the Duvalier’s in Haiti for years and their practice of regular and seeming ritual practice of mass executions.

But what should the astute historian expect form a nation with a similar history? It is as if we get off on supporting the immoral and persecuting the good. President Franklin Pierce, who even with signed and crooked treaties with Indians desired the extermination of the people on the land before them is a reflection this belief orientation. Even thepronounced President Roosvelt was of the same vein, afterall he unfaltering made the choice to drop atomic bombs on Japan when they had already surrendered – an action that was unnessary and only demonstrated the action of a tyrant.

I am only writing this to assert my fear of what we have become as a public. All to quick to settle for convience and to lazy to question what we are confronted with whether or not it comes ffrom our elected figure heads or what is spouted on television. If we do not return to what makes us as individuals both powerful and great – being self informed, well read and unwilling to accept without query – we may as well start digging our own graves.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Michele You Ignorant Slut

Over the past week several major global events happened that may be an indication of things to come in America. No, not the nuclear meltdown in Japan or the no-fly zone in Libya or any other unrest in the Arab world, it all involved the European Union. The government of Portugal basically fell apart and the Irish bond yields hit above 10 percent and more than a half million people marched in the streets of England protesting draconian economic changes and high unemployment.

But no one in America has paid attention to this, especially no Republican politician. Politician the likes of Michele Bachmann, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Speaker John Boehner and Paul Ryan have seemed to ignore what has been occurring in Europe which demonstrates the impact of extreme deficit cutting and cutting spending has when there are large rates of unemployment. According to Republican leadership and theory, slashing spending at large intervals all willy nilly will increase confidence and subsequently have any major impact on growing the economy and job creation.

However, Europe has demonstrated that cutting the deficit in the approach Republicans desire to take via major reductions in government spending may have severe and unintended consequences. Their deficit before job creation approach borders on a mental illness.

The recovery of the US economy is way off in the distant future and to think otherwise is similar to REM sleep. I mean again, just look at England and Ireland. They tried to bail out the banks and what happened? After their actions in June of 2009, now we see even higher unemployment. They faced then what we are starting to confront now in the US – increased headline inflation and increased core inflation. I mean just take a look at the cost of food and gas over the past year.

Yes, the GOP seem to busy attacking Obama and trying to save face with the common folk who placed them in office to see that job creation is essential before tackling the deficit. But their leadership is too busy to see this. Maybe I should have gone to an institution of higher learning like Oral Roberts University and then I could have the knowledge of a Michele Bachmann especially regarding history, but I do not. But I can say in light of her and the others who follow the mantra of being a deficit hawks, in the immortal words of Dan Aykroyd– Michele you ignorant slut.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The True Reason The Administration Bombed Libya

Deception as a tactic has both advantages and pitfalls. It seems that the Obama administration has not calculated nor considered either from their promotion, support and initiation of a no fly zone over Libya. The overzealous mandate for the incessant bombs over the North African Country makes me consider several issues that the main stream media and associated pundits have yet to consider let alone discuss.
First, the US has no strategic or security interest neither in Libya nor in seeing Quaddifi removed from power. Although the premise of protecting civilians is promulgated as being of utmost importance, they do not say if rebels start to kill ruthlessly once they reach the immediate areas around Tripoli, that the US will protect pro government supports equally as vehement. This throws a wrench in what is apparently illogic US logic.

Second, the hypocrisy displayed by the current administration causes additional consternation. Looking at Yemen for example, where in theory we have a strategic interest, we are taking no action. Yemen is a country in which we have evidence that al Qaida is holding training for terrorist attacks against the US. There is also a division between the military between defectors from the monarchy and those loyal to the US confederate President Ali Abdullah Saleh. We are not involved at all yet a split in the military is likely the US worse fear seeing that it may lead to isolation for us not openly and aggressively supporting the youth revolt. They already are more anti-US than most other Arab nations and this may push them closer to Al Qaeda.

This week in the small nation, rival tanks deployed in the streets after three senior army commanders defected to support protesters calling for the U.S.-backed president to step down. Last Friday President Saleh's forces opened fire from rooftops, killing more than 40 protestors. The United States instead of stating they need to protect the citizens – ignored this act completely.

We say that such a vacuum in Yemen may result in an opening for Al Qaeda politically. The same is true for Bahrain, Libya and Saudi Arabia just to name a few but we only militarily get involved with Libya. Plus we see what our military insersion in Afghanstan has produced – no progress and a more enduring Taliban. We should have also been able to see what Iraq taught us – that billions of dollars and hundred thousands of troops cannot mandate democracy.

The United States and the West forget their historic colonial and imperialistic past when dealing with the nations and the fact that many of these places we call nations were never nations until others outside of the region drew the present day maps. Iraq is a region of Kurds, Sunni’s and Shiite’s we forced together. Afghanastan is a similar nomadic land, and many are run by autograts in the form of monarchs.

This is our problem. Yes, the real reason we are using military might in Libya is because we want to take attention away for not being consistent in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Places were Kings and Sunni minorities rule oppressed Shiite majorities. Places where the use of force and guns on protestors causes more instability when we claim our worry is instability. The President was even protested in Brazil this week on his Latin American visit. And what did they use to break this protest? Rubber Bullets.

Our assult on Libya is misplaced and more like the move of a bully or a punk. Punks never deal with the problem at hand but rather they find a scapegoat to take away attention from the problem. Which in this case is America’s national security; which is not a function of Libya or Col. Muammar Qaddafi, but what happens in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. We must never forget they lyrics of that classic hip hop song – “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down.”

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New York Republican Says Deport Latino farm workers and Bus African-Americans from the inner city to pick the crops

Playing the race card is one consistent theme among Republicans across the nation. Whether it is Tea party faithful calling for all immigrants to leave the country or Former Gov. MikeHuckabee saying that President Obama grew up in Kenya, it is the best way absent of any progressive policy to motivate the GOP base. Now there is New York Congressional candidate Jack Davis.

In a recent interview, Davis suggested that Latino farm workers be deported -- and that African-Americans from the inner city be bused to farm country to pick the crops. His comments were not the first time the political leader made such statements. In 2008, he made a statement to the Tonawanda News in which he stated said: "We have a huge unemployment problem with black youth in our cities. Put them on buses, take them out there [to the farms] and pay them a decent wage; they will work."

Davis, a former democrat, ran for Congress in 2004, 2006 and 2008. Now he is collecting signatures in an attempt to become the Tea Party candidate in the May 24 special election. His comment was in response to a question about immigration

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Obama's State Department Turns Away From and ignores Sub Saharan Africa

President Obama is quick to join the protest against Republicans both inside and outside the Beltway. Likewise, his “on the job training” in dealing with social unrest in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula is also prominent, especially when it makes him looks grand standing on the side of Democracy In Tunisia and Egypt. This is in stark contrast to the manner in which he deals with similar issues in Sub Saharan Africa.

There are several troubled spots in Sub Saharan Africa currently that neither the media, President Obama or his State department have addressed publically. Most prominently are what is occurring in Uganda, The Ivory Coast, the Sudan or even what is occuring in Zimbabwe. If Fact until today, Obama has been basicaly quiet on what is occuring in the Ivory Coast.

In Uganda, President Museveni, the formal rebel leader has been in power ever since he took control of the nation twenty five years ago. He is a very close ally of the United States and receives 100s of millions of dollars in Aid annually – while the populating is gripped in extreme poverty and joblessness. Obama has never addressed or spoken about the dozens of deaths over since 2009 occurring during youth protest against the government. Even this week, thousands took to the streets of Kampala but they are ignored and portrayed as invisible by the present US administration.

In the Ivory Coast, after free and fair elections, Laurent Gbagbo still refuses to step down after losing the presidential elections this past November. Although this past December, President Barack Obama urged Ivory Coast’s incumbent leader to cede power to the “legitimate winner” of the polls, he was not as forceful as he has been with his counterparts in North Africa or even in Iran. The United States has agreed with Ecowas that sanctions should be put in place but outside of that has shown no leadership on the issue. Mean while, Ivory Coast's incumbent leader has seized four major international banks that had shut down operations because the banks did not respect the law and closed without proper notice. The banks included offices for Britain's Standard Chartered, France's BNP–Paribas and Societe Generale along with U.S. bank Citibank.

In the Sudan, students, mobilized by online social networks, rioted in Khartoum, throwing stones at police cars and chanting. Unlike the recent uprising in Tunisia and the ongoing one in Egypt, but there is also the issue of southern Sudan's recent referendum vote, which approved secession from the north. As Khartoum is located in northern Sudan, it remains unclear what relation, if any, the uprising has to the recent referendum. One thing is clear, however: the winds of change are blowing across Africa and the Middle East, and whether they will bring stability and democracy or more civil war and dictatorship remains to be seen.

Prior to Tunisia's popular revolt, Sudan was the last Arab country to overthrow a leader with popular protests, ousting Jaafar Nimeiri in 1985. And just like the other recent revolts, the Sudan is in an economic crisis associated with government overspending and bloated import bills caused foreign currency shortages and forced an effective devaluation of the Sudanese pound last year.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Obama Hesitant in Libya Because Saudi Arabia is Next

I find it surprising that almost three weeks after turmoil erupted in Libya, there is still no assertive policy position enumerated by the Obama administration. Now I know it is not easy to slap words on paper or read them from a teleprompter that will actually have weight and action, I do doubt the balls of all in Washington to address this conundrum. Inclusive of chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee john Kerry and Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

The President talks a mean game regarding “a range of potential options, including potential military options” but what is not stated is the problems of dealing with Libya while a future eruption in Saudi Arabia is likely eminent.

Like most other monarchs in the region, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia may follow the Libyan Cornel even though he has offered economic bribes. Saudi Arabia recently mobilized 10,000 security personnel into its north-eastern Shia Muslim provinces according to reports preparing for next week's "day of rage.” This could be both a nightmare and headache for Saudi Arabia's Monarch and the Obama Administration who it has been reported are in talks with the Saudi’s to get supplies and weapons to the Libyan opposition.

This new Arab awakening of rebellion and in Saudi namely from the Shia majority is similar to what the administration is ignoring in the Sunni-dominated nation of Bahrain, where protesters are calling for the overthrow of the ruling al-Khalifa family. Obama knows that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is reported to have told the Bahraini that if they do not end the Shia revolt, he will.

At least 20,000 Saudis are expected to gather in Riyadh and in the Shia Muslim provinces of the north-east of the country in six days, in an effort to overthrow of the House of Saud. In a desperate effort to avoid any outside news of the extent of the protests spreading, the Saudi’s have enacted fascist blogging regulations that prohibit non-citizens from write about news and chat room users being made to register with the government. Bloggers even need to obtain government licenses and to strictly abide by Islamic sharia law. Even “internet sites containing video and audio materials” created from mobile phone/smartphone content will fall under the newspaper and be defined as falling under the Saudi Press and Publications Law.

Obama’s problems are multiple. First regarding Libya is the overall perception of America interfering in Middle Eastern and North African Affairs as they did in Iraq and Kuwait while recanting the problems of being inactive as well as repeating what happened in Iraqi Kurdistan, Rwanda, and Bosnia and Herzegovina by not getting involved. And if the Saudi royal family, a "key ally" of the US and one of the world's principal oil producers decides to use violence against demonstrators, all will hit the fan. Especially with oil prices near $120 a barrel.

Yep, I admit it is easy for me to sit on the side lines and ruminate on what I see and think based on my understanding of behavior and history. Sorry to say Obama and most politicians who are not blinded by singular lobbied issues can not to the same. Guess there are no balls in Washington anymore.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011



A More Perfect Union

The two phrases of importance herein are “we the people” and “more perfect union.” In Wisconsin, Ohio and several other stats around the country, a battle for these two phrases are underway. The consternation is that Republicans do not agree with these founding principles albeit they claim the innateness of the constitution as being sacrosanct, but what can one expect from racist, sexist, kkk, bible toting republican backing nutt sacks?

Not to mention these same folk claim to know how to correct the economy and create jobs yet the only economic prescriptions they advocate support individuality and ignore social responsibility while enriching self on the backs of the hard working citizenry. The way I see it the query remains do they? The social issues seem to be more paramount. I figure if a person doesn’t want an abortion don’t have one and if you do not want to marry a gay person don’t – a lot of my heterosexual confederates do just that. But back to the Wisconsin example.

Although many believe that the governor of Wisconsin is conducting a personal raid on pensions and attack on collective bargaining as being essential to balancing the budget – it is not What is not overtly discussed are the facts. One is that just a few days after taking office the Governor gave more than $100 million in tax breaks to large corporations. This on top of the fact that corporations really do not pay any taxes as it is in Wisconsin. More than 60 percent of Wisconsin corporations pay no taxes at all.

Factually the Governor is attempting to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class during the middle of a recession. Not to mention he desires to make up for differences in the tax breaks for corporations he gave with $78 billion in the pension fund. He like the Governor of Ohio does not want folk to have a say in their money they put in their own pension. It seems strange that while Gov."I don't need any Blacks" Kasich of Ohio takes from folks making 50k a year, he has given his chief of staff a raise of $50,000 not even being in office six months. If this is ok, then the next thing would be someone telling you they have control over what you put in your 401k, what is the difference. A pension is similar for it is just deferred pay for work done. You can’t tell me a DA working for the state makes the same as a lawyer working in the private sector. If it is ok to raid union pensions then it is ok to raid a 401k or a credit union as well as prevent class action law suits.

Across the nation, the GOP has gained almost 700 seats in state assemblies. Fifteen are considering Arizona styled immigration acts including Kentucky, Nebraska and Oregon and several others are pushing for the drug testing of welfare recipients. In North Carolina, Republicans are trying to repeal the state’s Racial Justice act – it allows inmates on death row to use statistics to appeal based on discrimination. In Wisconsin they are trying to repeal a law that requires police to record the race of folk the pull over.

Go figure, from inside the beltway to the state level, the GOP is dealing with everything except the economy and jobs. I have yet to hear of or read any job creation legislation on their behalf. And I am sure they know the US trade deficit has increased to its largest gap in four months – by 33 percent. Mainly due to extending the Bush Tax cuts (which increased their beloved deficit). We have $365 billion in imports from China while we export $10 billion there in the midst of increasing oil prices.

They complain about Obama’s budget yet admit they do not have one of their own. Although the public decree is to focus on jobs and unemployment, they seem to have formed their own Napoleonic Rhenish Confederacy while at the same time the metternichian principles of the Tea Party in congress attempts to maintain political hegemony via sleight of hand and inquisitional methods. The more I try and understand, the more confused I get. I mean where does the GOP get spending cuts, abortion and civil rights as being what the electorate wants dealt with first from when our economy is sinking? Strange for again, I thought it was jobs.

America, I hope we are not that stupid. A more perfect union is we the people, not we the corporation.