Thursday, January 31, 2008

he has a Coretta.

I was watching CSPAN when I suspect most folk were looking at the Democratic debates on CNN. I on the other hand was listening to a woman tout how “character counts.” Of a woman who acknowledged that things have occurred under the watch of both democratic and republican presidential administrations. She spoke of her mother in law. Of how she had to be naive and had to be a dreamer, for trying to raise a black male in the 60’s. She admitted her biases, since she confirmed her proud ness to be his wife, his woman. She acknowledged that she would be there for him, that she loved him even if he had nothing, for which she started out with, with him.

She spoke of his beauty and his sacrifice and new that they were blessed, for she saw a person who was willing to give up something for her and others. She said that in her household, “your word is your bond, that you treat people with decency and respect, that nothing was more important than ones commitment to their family and their community.

She said that was why she married him. She said that he was the first African American of the Harvard University Law Review. She said that it was not us, but rather those that keep raising the bar. She said that the only folks that are sacrificing in America now were in Iraq. She said that the rest of us had to shop and that we cant even se our blessings. Yea, folk. She was in Wilmington, Delaware, today and he got him a Coretta. And before I finished this essay, she said. They ask if he is tough enough to deal with the republicans.....she concluded, "look folk, we live in Chicago. 'Cause as she said, "most of us dont know the truth when we see it and most folks aint ready for the truth."

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hook, line & sinker

As you can see from the prior post, your folk may be rawdawgbuffalo, but I do have a heart, at least my children think so. But back to the regular rigamaroo. I had to get this off of my chest before the Memphis-Gonzaga game that comes own at noon (when i started this post). But I do have one question? How many of yawl votes hands down for democratic candidates? I am just asking because I personally don’t feel they (nor the republicans) have our best interest at hand. As well, I do not subscribe to the argument that they are the less of two evils. Unfortunately, I just think they are better a marketing their selves to black folk. This is to say that Republicans do not care that much about us and as result do not even attempt to secure any part of the massive voting block we represent. In contrast, the democrats do not care as well but their over-zealous pursuit for becoming elected enables them to smile and address us as a community more than the republicans. If you look at it, its just like fast food restaurants. Burger King and Churches have more joints in our community than Ruth Crisp Steakhouse and as a consequence, we eat at Burger King and Churches more. Couple that with the fact that the advertise to us more we eat there more but it doesn’t mean that they are inevitably healthy food choices for us – but we eat there anyway. Historically, the democrats use race as a form of political marketing more than any other party. Often, their sissified nature makes them; especially if they are white, use key words like “the poor”, “underclass” and “under-employed” to represent black folks. The strange thing is that I is they and the republicans equally who talk about playing the race card, in addition to the media. I mean, just the other night, I passed through the channels looking for some basketball and stopped on CNN. The question they were asking: “Was Bill Clinton the first Black President?” Now I could not figure why any REAL news outlet would make such a query. To me it was like asking if George Bush was the first Martian Bigfoot president. It is not us who own these outlets or produce the nature of the political shows, but sensationalist that prefer to have folks focus on the inconsequential.

The real race issue is that race in
Amerikkka is a factor and in this present campaign and all prior and future ones to come. In fact, outside of the economy, two of the major issues folks running on involve race: Iraq and immigration. So I ask you, why do many of us vote democratic only? Especially since now Senator John Edwards has dropped out of the race, what does this mean for the nomination. Will it solidify the block of voters that do not want to see another Clinton in office? Or will is serve to solidify white voters who do not want nor desire to see an African American in the Whitehouse? Even yet, will it solidify those men that do not want to see a woman in the Whitehouse? These are just a few queries. I mean based on history, a similar phenomena occurred when Richard Nixon was elected president. If my history serves me correctly after an assassination and Hubert Humphrey dropped out the race, the Republican Nixon was elected basically without contest. And the issue about race is real and does not let anyone tell you otherwise. America was built on racism and unfortunately, many whites will feel that their obligation, if democrat, will be to support Hillary. Even more so, those that move beyond this, and fell that if Obama is awarded the democratic nomination, although they say they are democrats, will likely vote for John McCain.

The great African scholar and politician
Kwame Nkrumah in his book AFRICA MUST UNITE (wanna say page 24 but its been 20 yrs since i read it) defined racism and indicated that in order for one to be a racist, the had to be in a position of power to subjugate other races to adopt their standards. Not prejudice which can be equal across all individuals but racism. I say this on the eve of the democratic debate to extend the question, why is it that black folk vote hook, line and sinker for democrats? I think I explained it briefly in detail above. So don’t be surprised is one of the three voting outcomes occur, according to this life long Libertarian – yes my folks are libertarian. I mean, how many of yawl that happen to be African American can say the voted for someone other than a democratic candidate, even those who claim to be independent? I rest my case.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ode to Miss Anne

As I have recanted an inordinate amount of time, I am a country boy. I’m proud to be a country boy and from flip flops and socks, to wearing my hair in Plats, I personify that pick-up truck driving, wild boar throat cutting while its live, Jones who owns throwing axes, rifles and 11 acres to personification.

This weekend, in-between auto junkyards looking for some parts to fix my truck, or get it fixed, I stopped by an associate of mine Birthday party. His woman had asked me to come through. Now this not one of my real folk but he my folk and I see him regularly at this little Jamaican redneck joint in Fairburn, Georgia called Latitudes. Now I’m in Palmetto, and to put into perspective it is about six miles down Roosevelt Highway from my spread.

The bar, well, they serve Jamaican food, is owned by this kat named Les who is originally from Negril, Jamaica. Like I say, he a cool kat, and a real Rum dranker. The catch is that since it is in the country, half the clientele are NASCAR, bud-drinking rednecks. And they my folk and I love them.

While at the party, one of the bartender, all of which are women, Miss Anne, had added a dish to the buffet – Brunswick stew. If you all aint never heard or tried it, let me tell you it’s the bomb. Again, from me, this country boy, for if anything, you all should know I love sports, getting head, sex, Tequila and Food.

Miss Anne is my girl, she an ole white woman that legend tells us, can cook her ass off, like all of the other r bartenders according to patrons. And I’m glad to be one. The bar is better than Cheers, I mean everybody knows your name and what you drinking. Not to mention the pool tables and DJ that be dropping the best cuts from the ATL to Memphis, as well as country music. Everybody needs a placed like this to go too. And if any yawl in town, best believes I’m gone take yawl there. Now back to this stew. The bomb in one word. And to show how country I am, it was made with pork, possum, Rabbit, Chicken and squirrel. All I could recognize was the squirrel.

Friday, January 25, 2008

a penchant 4 commitment

Not saying that i am looking for one (u never find when u look,it just happens) but I would like to have a committed relationship. I don't know what one is perse, but I would hope it would entail being with a person that had the same mutual respect and admiration for me as I did them. It is just difficult. Unfortunately, I have been told and have come to the conclusion that I intimidate women - yep, nice old me.

True, i have my iniquities and I'm not the most attractive mother fucka or smartest person in the world, but my kindness and unconditional positive regard for others, especially my children and family or a significant other can't be matched. I just know what I aint, and as of yet, i have not been able to locate it. That someone, that special person that would be willing to share my spirit late at night, after work even when they get off. A person that when they would call, they would want to hear my voice and not call just to ask for something or because they needed something. A person that would be willing to hold me and share my bed regardless of where I lived, or what type of pillows I had, or any other superficial and nonsensical excuse. For such woman is the type that will try and kiss u and have a date planned with anotha jones the next night and folk here dont get down with that. Couldnt begin to imagine im in a commited relationship and i'm taking other dames out for food an drinks. First i's disrespectful and second no sister would stand for such.

I want someone that I don't mind giving my last dime to, the same way I would for my children and someone that woud do the same for me. I want them to trust and know that my word would be reflected in my actions toward them and the would know that mere words would not be indicative of love or affection or amorous consideration.

I do know that for me, it would mean having a person in my life that would do anything for me and would appreciate or value that I would do he same for them. I would want them to know that my money and my food was theirs and would hope they would reflect the same reciprocity towards me. I would never give them lip service or lie, for I would hold a person in disdain that did such to me. To them i would be faithful, sincere and honer them with my heart and life. I would like them to have the security in know that if they were cold, that I would shelter them, or put clothes on their back. If they needed a ride to he store or a place to lay their head, then I would wan them to know that my vehicle was theirs and that my bed was as well. I would want to feel as if I could come and see or stay or spend time with them anytime I want and would hope to have the same offering. More so, I would want them to accept my love and dedication as my children do.

I would also want t be able to depend on them and to know the would be there or me as would them. Yep, for me being in a committed relationship would involve the act of binding yourself (intellectually, emotionally and spiritually) to a course of action; or an act to maintain a charge or trust.

I don't desire fantasy or illusion but rather all that would encompass being in a long-term relationships. I need for her to know that love is not wonderful, easy, or effortless. This means that we would have to work to maximizing similarities and minimizing differences. I don't need for anyone to take care of me, but I would want her to desire to feel that she wanted to take care of me. She would need to understand that we will never always agree, nor will we always disagree on anything'. She as well as I would understand that what is real is not always beautiful and that we would not be immune to struggle. She would understand that I would feel and be able to tell her anything without ridicule or being defensive and that I would accommodate her in the same manner

We would both know, being in a committed relationship, that taking responsibility for one's part in conflict and in lack of satisfaction is mandatory. and in the long run, know that accept her as she is if she is wiling to grow, and that I would anticipate that she would do the same. This would me when I told them I loved them, that I would only tell them and n other and that I would expect the same. If I told such to any woman, then I could not love them. It is not a word to be thrown around and told to each and every person just because they do something or buy something for you.

If i cant have the aforementioned, then I don't think a person is worthy of what I have to offer - my love my smile nor my laugh. You tell me what a committed relationship is for I have never been apart of one, and can't tolerate people who say they will do anything for you, but instead, do not, don't do what the say or keep their word, and worse, only take and never give. Such would mean that they could lean on me, but I could not lean on them; and that what was mine was theirs, but theirs not mine, meaning they would not be my partner or in a relationship, let alone a committed one with me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the midas touch

Extra extra, read all about it, these mutha fuckas want to pass a 150$ billion economic emergency rescue bill with the quickness. At least, this is what I have been able to ascertain thus far based on what Mr. President, Mrs. Speaker of the House and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (yes Virginia, the Treasury Secretary has a name) have stated on the record.

This loot is supposed to serve as an economic stimulus to jump started the already stagnant economy (which I wrote about a few weeks ago) with roughly 66% allocated for tax breaks for individuals ($880 for individuals and $1600 for families) and a significant proportion of the remanding one-third to businesses given it also includes some additional but narrow support for unemployment benefits and food stamps for the poor.

I just wonder why they could not see all this shit approaching? A perspicacious person would have seen the possibility of such. Ronald Reagan started all this mess some 30 years ago. The California cowboy Actor as President Jones put in place policies that reduced the Feds typical role of providing government safe guards for the general public. Namely, protective acts that dealt wit such public concerns like water and food quality/safety and the safety of pharmaceutical drugs.

But it wasn’t all on him. Let us not overlook former (getting some head) President Bill Clinton made what Regan did even worse. It was Clinton who repealed the Glass-Steagall Act (which historically kept banking and Investment houses separate). By this act alone, he made the financial industry like Wal-Mart – one stop shopping. The act was put into lace after the Crash of 1929 (Black Tuesday) and the great depression since both were mostly caused by "improper banking activity or what was considered overzealous commercial bank involvement in stock market investment."

Under his watch, Congress passed the Private Security Litigation Reform Act (H.R. 1058). This is why it is difficult to prosecute, prove and to convict K-Street supporting crooks of security Fraud anymore. It also led to a new dawn in American business by creating an environment ripe for the Tyco’s, Enron’s, and Ken Lay’s to doctor books, profits and stuff their pockets while companies folded, went bankrupt and millions of investors taking all of the losses. I could continue and link this with the present environment of sub prime mortgage lending but such is self-explanatory.

I do not know what they are trying to do. To me what is being proposed and implemented inclusive of the Federal Reserve Bank dropping the over night lending rate to 3.5% don’t do anything. Sure in the short term, it’s like holding pressure on an open ax wound. But like an ax wound, the bleeding may stop, but the person still requires major surgery and may even still get gangrene.

For the general public, the 3.5% cut means that the prime rate will drop to an equal amount to 6.5%. So one may see this if they have credit cards since most folks have variable interest rate credit cards.

So again, this is nothing new. We have set ourselves up for this with Lame leadership including the Bush’s, Bill Clinton and Reagan. I mean am I stupid? Why would going into debt an additional $150 billion help the economy while we are approaching spending 500 billion on Iraq alone? Then we really don’t know the true impact of the sub prime mortgage hustle because there is no way to determine what banks portfolio’s are really worth, or how much lot they have really lost – at least the way I figure. Add to that this past week, interest rates of short-term treasury bonds (6-month) dropped to their lowest rate since 2004 and companies like Delta and United (although the are airlines) reported last quarter losses of 50 and 53 million dollars accordingly. So please tell me if I am wrong, before I transfer 12-15% of my portfolio into gold ingots.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

to whom it may concern:

NOTE: I wrote this last year when my son's school suspended him for defending himself after a white boy hit him. Didn't want to write on politics today so I found this. Hope u dont mind. And for the record, he was reinstated that day. The things they try and do to our young men. Fathers stand tall.

I am writing this letter in reference to the disturbance that my son (in picture) was alledgedly involved in on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. I am disconcerted given from my terse understanding of the situation and the resulting suspension of my son. More disheartening is the understanding that the white male youth was not suspended when he was involved as a "mutual combatant."

First is the recantation overheard by my son regarding the comparison of the participants in a monochromatic fashion, specifically the references of behaviors described as "black" and "white." I would hope that professionals such as you would not participate in the usage of stereotypical references that would suggest, "everyone knows black boys can fight." Or that the clothes one wears is indicative of being in "a gang."

Such a locution, I would remind you is similar to he disposition of those school administrators involved in the "Jena Six" situation. Albeit on a smaller scale, the white students involved were not suspended nor dismissed and the punishment was less sever than the young black men involved. I would have anticipated that professionalism would have proffered better judgment. I was informed that my son ran from the scene when in fact he walked to basketball practice as he does each day at that time. In addition, was informed that he was handcuffed, when neither he nor his associated resisted arrest. Lastly, I was informed that he was accosted verbally as t why he changed clothes, when it should be common knowledge that one changes clothes for basketball practice as well as football practice, which he also did regularly.

There is an additional concern regarding the LABELING of my son as being part of a gang and/or exhibiting "gang-like" behavior. I would like to know your definition of gang like given the courts have admitted that such definitions are broad and not exact enough to connote actual gang membership or participation in a gang. Four your information I have included four such definitions. Neither of the three apply to my son for he is not a criminal, nor an eloquent, nor had any social affiliation with the first youth who accosted the alleged victim.

  1. A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.
  2. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents.
  3. Informal. A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis: The whole gang from the office went to a clambake.

An additional point of order regards the videotape. From my current understanding, I do not see the exercise of due diligence nor due process on your behalf. I understand it is the essence of your allegations, since only the words of the white youth were accepted as the truth. Again, I hope the stereotypical assertions of what a white person says when compared to a black person is always right. If such is the case, then it is an incessant extension of history fro Dred Scott, to Medgar Evers, to the Sccotsboro Boys and Emmitt Till who were convicted on the lies of white men just based on the fact they came from white people. Due diligence serves to confirm all material facts in investigation. Such would mean that you would look at the cell phone video and discern if it was complete or chopped or edited. If the first portion of the fight was not on the tape, according to you purview, they way in which the tape is being used against my son, then there is a chance the first fight did not occur. Then there is the issue of sequence. Was the tape in the sequences of events as described by the young man who asked my son "if he wanted some too?" And proceeded to hit him. The history of America dictates that Black men defend them selves from white men. I am certain you can understand why such is the case, regardless of the size of the individual. Due diligence means that you would know that my son has never been involved in a fight throughout his public school tenure. Can you say the same for the alleged victim? Or did you not investigate such before you made your presupposed judgment of guilt against my son.

As an infectious disease expert and a behavioral epidemiologist, I use a corpus of variables to come to conclusions regarding disease prevalence, vector concentration and tenable pandemic expectations. Not a single variable, nor the single word of a single material witness. I would advocate that you seek the truth in this mater and defer from your stereotypical purview of asserting that black youth, particularly males are always the perpetrators and their word can never be trusted.

Torrance T. Stephens, PhD.

I have attached my CV for the record.

Friday, January 18, 2008

thank we free

Yo folk, this is self-evaluative…. we some fked up folks. We seem and appear to care about the mundane, music, sports (of which I am guilty also) entertainers, what folks think of us and anything that really has no direct bearing on our immediate lives. I spent tonight looking at "Boycott": The Montgomery Bus Boycott while I figure many folks were or are out having fun, at a bar, or a club or just out in the streets. And for the record, Jeffrey Wright and Terrence Howard put it down. We didn’t have such worries or cares when we were in the bowels of slave ships being transported to foreign lands.

It is just that now; our slave ships are landed in front of us, on walls and in our bedrooms and come with remote controls. The folk in Montgomery went 381 days without riding the bus. Taking cabs, car pooling, walking and what have you to express their passion for right and showing that thing were not, as the say ALL GOOD. We can’t go without a telephone, a car, a television, the club, or any other material contamination with out bitching and complaining or fusing. Then there is the conundrum of being too lazy to read and the tendency to take what ever we see on the cathode ray tube as being gospel without query.

I aint trying to be deep, albeit folks say I am and chastise me for such, but if the perception is that I am, then so be it. I’m certain Martin King Jr. said the same. But necessity and reality dictated that he had to be deep for others were too shallow(2 quote Gnarles Barkley "its deep how u can be so shallow"), to soft, to scared, to un-informed, poorly read and too preoccupied with the surface contingent to observe that things were not as good as they appeared.

See I still remember when I was six, and Dr. King was murdered in my fair city of Memphis. I can still recant of that day. Of my uncle marching from Hamilton High School, the same school I attended, with the same teachers that taught him and my mother and her sisters, heading toward downtown to burn it down – and that they did. That night all over the city, I can still see to this day the National Guards in their jeeps and on every corner, telling me directly, couldn’t play outside after 8pm in my own yard. I could see the flames lighting up the sky all the way from downtown.

Yea folk, we got a problem, we thank we free, not think, for if we thought, then we would discern the opposite, that we are still, if not more slave than ever. Our passion is not justice, or liberty or self-determination but instead, money, fame, status, and the penchant to not to wan to be bothered about any thing that requires rigorous thought, planning or rumination.

So I write this, take the time to pen these ruminations of mine in honor of the aforementioned man on the weekend leading up to his commemoration. For I learned from him and others that there is a great urgency to attempt to present the invisible to the blind, in times that are perilous when the masses cannot. You see, I take pride for being able to recant his speeches, as well as those of others, and knowing that I have read nearly all of all he and such individuals took the time to write from within the corpus of their being and spirit via their intellect. See I am a fighter for what is just and even worse what I believe in as long as it is not petty. I don’t like to box, albeit I can, for I’d rather beat a person down with brain cells. My momma always told me that if you wanna hide something from a nigga put it a book. I took that lesson to heart and came to realize aint no body deep, others are just lazy and desire for others to do the work for the, So with that said. Dr. King, toast to you. Good Lookin'.

And my folk Eb .... thanks for making me reflect, i guess i cant help it...u good people

Thursday, January 17, 2008

basic thrust equation

Yo don’t tell anybody, but folk back in the classroom teaching Statistics at CAU. Albeit I am suspended with pay I am a scientist and a teacher and miss the chalkboard. Any who, given my penchant for thought crimes, I decided to make sure my bran cells still functioned given their propensity for being saturated with tequila and additional cyclic alcohols.

Although my PhD is in counseling psychology, if I had to do it al over again, I would likely select either particle physics or solid-state physics. With that said, as a person, as a man, u know horesman love him some sex. I mean, if I had my way and a steady partner, five times a day of me bending my manhood at the base of my partners spine, or the back of her throat would be more than amenable for me. Some may say this is excessive, but I have Sir Isaac Newton (Notice how he looks like Alexander Pope Below)to back me up on this.

Based on Newton's third law of motion, I feel that sex, and the attraction for having sex is like a force - a push or a pull upon an object, which results from its interaction with another object. I mean the desire for having sex is the result of such interactions. Regardless of that force being words smoothly uttered in the ear of a companion or the grinding of ones stiffness on a fat ass ass, some forces result from contact interactions (frictional, tensional, and applied forces are examples of contact forces) and other forces are the result of action-at-a-distance interactions (gravitational, eye contact, telephone call, tect message, a smell or magnetic forces).

When I am aroused, such forces activate my senses to seek satisfaction from another object, namely females. According to Newton, whenever objects A and B interact with each other, they exert forces upon each other. R Kelly would call this a bump and grind, but not me; it is much, much more.

When you sit a woman in your lap when in a chair, and she straddles you I a frontward position, my body exerts an upward force, or thrust inside of her such to....well we wont go there. None the less, there are two forces in this case (excluding gravity) resulting from this interaction - a force on the chair and a force on each person’s body. These two forces are called action and reaction forces and are the subject of Newton's third law of motion. Formally stated, Newton's third law which states that for or every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. According to Newton, size does mater because the size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. Such may result in the rolling of ones eyes in the back of their head, grunts and groans from the oral cavity and even of the scrotum slappin' incessantly against the posterior, given the right position.

This is to say, as Newton’s 3rd law postulates, for every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction. Meaning that forces always occur in pairs. If object A exerts a force F on object B, then object B exerts an equal and opposite force –F on object A. Add to that, Newton's 3rd law always involves more than one object (one partner or multiple).

Although rational physics tends to suggest these laws via the concepts of mass and force (Newton actually formulated the second law in terms of momentum, not acceleration). Id prefer to look at the simple example of P**** and D***. Newton's Third Law Consider the motion of your body when you are firmly inserted in your partner when her feet are firmly held with your hands by her ears.

I say this just to inform the layman that to me, saying that "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” is a basic thrust equation, but I must admit, that thrusting in a female orifice, is much more that simple physics (Pangloss in Voltaire’s Candide described sex as Physics-LOL).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

worldly MF

u know, folk here consider himeself a worldly mutha fucka, so I tell my self to never get stuck into thinking we Alexander Pope (to left w/ wig) up in this camp. Read his Essay on man for additional perspective. Any who grasshopper, i'll read almost anything and if u feed me u can have your way with me (not the men)....a few stories that caughtmy eyes

1]Polish teen derails tram after hacking train network

2]And Then There Was One

3]Price of gold breaks through $900 level

4]Maybe lowering voting age to 16 in the UK

5] Man Texting While Driving Hits Train

6] Beyonce, George Bush Mug for Their Hometown

ps: first time i ever mentioned Beyonce in a blog - must be slipping. Eb, im not deep no more

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Wonder how much Money Bill and Hillary Paid him. Read 4 yourself. I would add my perspective but i would just say "hatters everywhere we go." and if that dont work for her, just make his plane run into another plane.

any who back to the game and beveraging

Friday, January 11, 2008

sunni or latter

With all this election stuff, it had almost slipped my mind that we were still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and trying to contrive 5 speed boats as an act of war with Iran. Then there is the northern end of Iraq, where the Turks and Kurds going at it. But as expected they say things are going well when to me they are not.

I mean if I was an Iraqi and running the government of Iraq, I would move to take our state back and urge all, Sunni’s and Shite to join in battle with the Kurds against Turkey. This may engender nationalism of my people for Iraq, and at the same time anger the US, who move for a unified Iraq but really don’t want one – and did I add, would likely be forced to help Turkey if such popped off. But this wont occur for we have effectively divided the country and encouraged secularism in the country with our pre-emptive policies and morosely laconic foreign policy.

We are now, since the surge (what ever that is) recruiting villagers of Iraq that are members of armed Sunni groups known as Awakening Councils. In theory they supposed protect their neighborhoods with the help of the US military. Haven’t we been down that path before? In 2005 The U.S. military command in Baghdad acknowledged that they paid Iraqi newspapers to carry positive news about U.S. efforts in Iraq and we saw what that got us.

Now paying folks that want to see us dead an we know they want to see us dead like that’s gone solve the problem and make the country whole and safe. The Awakening Councils are estimated to be 70,000-strong and growing. Such short sightedness tells me that the US has not even thought of the long-term implications of empowering folks that hate and want us out of their country and who also have sever disdain for the Shiite-led government established by the US. I mean these folks are very well trained and well armed. Which begs to ask what will they do when we eventually withdraw troops (cause they will leave one day – just like the British).

Not to mention in November of last year, audits revealed that some 17K of these folks were being paid but not standing post. But what can one expect when u hire folks 10,000 at a time and pay $10.00 a day (quarter billion dollars a year).

But as I said and back to the main point, the country is divided and I am not the leader of the government nor Iraqi. The Kurds up North, the Sunnis and the Shite down below. We are funding the well-armed folks in the Sunnis who hate us and let a mainly shite government set up in the country. So we funding to rival militaries and expect that we leave, the country will be all peachy keen.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

hope 2 die

1st I want to thank Ingrid D. Moore Curry for making me the featured writer of the month on her blog.

You know all good, and even great things come to an end. Such is also true for nation-states. The Roman Empire fell because it was fearful of technology, it had no more folk to conqueor and because the Empire's economy could no longer be fuelled by the exploitation of new colonies. They had to raise higher and higher taxes to maintain itself and its armies and the people pulled a Hall & Oates (can't go for that ,no can do).

Babylon's fall came as a result the loss of commercial relationships with other nations and depopulation, although Biblical pundits use Isaiah 47 and Revelations 16 to assert that the fall was a punishment from God due to their “false religious system”. And we all recant the fall of Constantinople by the he Ottoman Turks Empire in 1453. Today class, I would like to postulate that the next major empire to Fall will be the United States of America.

From all I can tell, it shoud not be a strange observation that the country I am citizen of is going under. Some may suggest that what I am saying may be seditious, but I would just assert that my view is just that, an observation. And If I can tell, I’m certain folks involved in the machinary of government know also. I mean based on the way our economy functions alone, it got to break down one day.

There was even a report in the mid 1970s by the Stanford Research Institute and compiled by the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policy. To sum it all up, the breakdown will be that of our form of capitalism and democracy mainly as a function of globalism and monopoly capitalism. We talking about the greed and avarice that so many cooperate and political namesakes maintain where the people at the top always implement policy for their pockets as opposed to the betterment of the greater population – meaning they have a penchant for manipulating such to maximize profits for the individuals associated with these multi-national corporations.

And thinking about it, it is not that I am the first to say such. W. Cleon Skousen's book The Naked Capitalist talks about such as well as the noted Georgetown historian Carroll Quigley in his book "Tragedy and Hope.” I first heard of him when President Clinton gave him props during his inaugural address. The book is a historical work covering the period in the US between 1890-1960 (classic must read on REAL U.S. Modern history).

It examines the mechanics of international bankers and of the organizations they formed to influence behind-the-scenes political and diplomatic activity. He provides insight on groups such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations. I would suggest he 1300 plus pages to any lover of history. So revealing and detailed, that it was pulled from bookshelves and its publication was halted for several decades. He spoke of what he called financial cpitalism and explained this tersley in his examples regarding the power of bankers, esecially investment bankers over governments.

Just going over the copy I have recently brought all of the current thoughts to fruition, especially the decline in the US economy and the increasing impact that our government policies is having on the entire world. But it would not surprise me none if what I have described happens within the next decade or two. And this is on the real, based on my own objectivity, cross my heart and hope to die.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Go figure, but seems to me before the Mitchell Report came out, each and every day, some where in the United States someone was talking about Barry Bonds, his use of steroids, and their often fatuous purview (since use of HGH is not illegal in baseball) and how they think he should have some ridiculous reminder behind his homerun record. Many of these folks are in many cases likely afflicted with respect to laying sport proficiently in the first place. And like magic, all of this talk stopped. Mainly because the folks who were talking made such sweeping statements that they have to eat crap with respect to who they think worthy to be in the hall-of-fame. Many said Barry, because of this would never make it.

The Mitchell Report named some of the golden boys: Rick Ankeil, Eric Gagne, Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemons.

While being interviewed on 60 Minutes by Mike Wallace, Roger Clemens said he was never injected with illegal performance-enhancing drugs by his former trainer Brian McNamee, who told former senator George Mitchell he injected Clemens with steroids in 1998 and with steroids and human growth hormone in 2000 and 2001. Mitchell released his report on illegal performance-enhancing drugs in baseball last month. I looked at the show and saw him basically trying to save face. I aint gonna say he lying, but.....

Now maybe i am stupid, but if it takes a physician to prescribe lidocaine, why didn't a doctor do the injections? Moreover, he never mentioned that he had received any injections from his trainer in any of his previous denials regarding steroid use. Not to mention he was not a Biology major while at the University of Texas.

Since the Report, nobody talking about or picking on Barry Anymore. Add to that, now the same folks who said that he should not be in the hall of fame or that his record is tainted, will have to say the same about the names I called out earlier and that makes me happy. Unfortunately, since such is the case, they do not even discuss Steroid use in baseball and the assorted implications much anymore. No Barry, no steroids unless like 60 minutes. They didn't eve run a show on the topic until the goldenboy himself was called out. Last week I was using allogory and my understanding of Moliere's Tartuff to explain hipocracy. This is another prime example. I mean its like the governors in the world of sports talk have given the aforemention, and Mr. Bonds by default clemency, a pardon, a commutation of sentence, or a reprieve.

So I think the moral of the story is it is ok to throw stones at glass houses unless the house got members of your family inside. Meaning if Roger gets in, so must Bary both with or with out an asterisk.

im it

ive been tagged so i will play albeit i dont want to
so 7 things u dont know about yo folk

1] combined SAT 690 but they say my IQ 185 go figure
2] Never wanted to go to college
3] member of the first all black high school golf team to go to city championships in Memphis
4] read and write music, got own recording studio and more than 7000 songs since 1985 recorded and in mp3 form
5] vinophile - preferabbly s. african wines
6] was hit by a car (he ran light and didnt like my social club?
7] been stabbed or cut, knives and ice pics 7 plus times

These the folks im finna(im country) tag
the prisoners wife, soul cruzer, paris romance, soul of Emmanuelle Elie, lucious librarian, maurice garland & v anthony rivers

Friday, January 04, 2008

poor mr. or mrs. next president

It was my intention to not discuss the caucus results of Iowa and or Barack Obama at all so early in the election. I was hoping after reading a substantial corpus of blogs from around the globe I would see a majority of the implications discussed. Especially after such a "stunning" victory (others words not mine; stunning to me is 50% of the votes).

For the record, your boy here likes to stack a little change. Easy change which means using your brain. Maybe some consulting or statistical data analysis mostly, but also in them markets, precious metals and Forex exchanges. I mean I bought my first stocks when the DOW was at 3500 (which fell today 266.84 to 12,998.28). So one could suffice to say I have accrued and nice sum of chump change.

However, I feel that whoever the next President is, there will be something to deal with that won't be easily dealt with either with the rhetoric of experience or new leadership. This week, an ominous and unfortunate event occurred, the price of oil went over the mythical $100.00 a barrel mark. Although it returned below that level, it did happen.

True, the price is a function of increasing demand, especially from countries in Asia like china and India, but it is also a major consequence of the falling dollar. It is also a function of disruptions abroad due to civil unrest and war. Not to mention, that in America, there is no productivity in manufacturing, we make nothing anymore, no job creation and as noted in 2007, a 40% increase in consumers filing of bankruptcies. The latter itself is the function of another indicator - the increase in foreclosures and the decline of the housing market.

Now I'm no economist, but I think I was taught well by my 10th grade Econ teacher at Hamilton High School in Memphis, Dr, Moyer, but I can say that when Bush came in, we had a surplus and now, by the next 120 day, who knows, maybe inflation. And the Federal Reserve may not be able to do nothing about it. I mean as long as I have been investing, in particular in forex and precious metals, the dollar normally increased proportionally to the price of Gold. Now the dollar goes down as gold (and oil) increases. This scares the fuck out of me and the 300K plus I have saved over the years.

So yep, Obama won Iowa. I do wish him the best albeit I am supporting neither democratic or the republican nominee. Nonetheless, still more states and regardless of whoever wins, I feel sorry for poor Mr. or Mrs. President, whoever they maybe.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

the tru and the false

I know most folks read new and recent shit. And stuff they were told that are classics from their family and teachers. Instead of sulking over the holidays, I read a few books, don’t know why but I’ve been into plays lately. Just finished reading a book of plays by this French Jones named Racine. He posed to be one of the best French Play writes they say. But Jones can’t put a finger on Moliere and reading him made me go back and read Tartuffe – some of the funniest shit a nigger will ever read.

Folks don’t write like they have a command of language and intelect anymore. Especialy folks my complexion. Just like music today we want to write what sales or what folks will buy. And just as in the music game, there are few real indepenent and spirited voices in Arican American literature. And yo folk her aint no E Lynn Jerome Dickey Tyree type. I mean if I didn’t sale books I’d still write: plays, essays, verse, short stories what have you.

Voltaire, true is my all time favorite and I am honored to say so. But few folks presently have or evince the intellectual squib or derision, to even approach the skill of a Voltaire or a Moliere – albeit I try.

Tartuffe had me rolling main, just like the first time I read it in the 9th grade. At that time, I was mad I had to read a motherfucker whose name sounded like a pocketbook made with fish eggs.

In the story, I mean the play; the author is able, without the employment of dialogue or soliloquy, to show the heart of hypocrisy. The main character, Tartuffe is a hypocrite who deceives this cat named Orgon into giving all his shit to him. Now his woman, a real woman, Elmire, after she couldn’t show her man Tartuffe was a regular mark, flirted with Jones so that she could find out what Tartuffe was really about.

Thus all of the play is about Orgon and the people around him and why would he cherish a person who only desired to take advantage of him. To make a long story short, Orgon finally realizes Tartuffe's character and directs he moves out of his home. Being the fuck boy he is, Tartuffe tries to take all of Jones shit and at the same time disgrace and tarnish his name and reputation.

All of this reminded me that there is nothing new. That’s probably why of the entire play written by Moliere the following quote sticks out the most: “Your simulators don't disarm my wits. Like courage, piety has its hypocrites. Just as we see, where honor beckons most, the truly brave are not the ones who boast; the truly pious people, even so, are not the ones who make the biggest show. What? Do you really see no difference between devoutness and devout pretense? Do you want to give them both the selfsame place, honor the mask just as you do the face, equate artifice with sincerity, and take similitude for verity? Isn't there any difference for you between phantoms and men, false coins and true?” (Act 1, Scene 5, Line 324-338).

Tartuffe was the ultimate Christian in word but his actions showed that he was a hypocrite. He was the first to take and never give and blame others before himself. And believe me you there are Tartuffe’s, all around us. Folks that say others need Jesus in their lives but lie neglect their kids and don’t provide for themselves. Folks that point and blame others but never taking responsibility for their actions. Folks that say they love others in words, but cut, stab, shoot and destroy the property of others. Maybe it’s nothing, or maybe I’m like Cleante when he said in the play “I don't possess the wisdom of the ages, and I am not a learned sage; of sages; my only knowledge and my only art is this: to tell the true and false apart.” (Act 1, Scene 5, Lines 351-354).

PS: shouts out to West Va pouncing Ok and D. Williams and 20 assist

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

From 1159 to 1214

Sounded like Mogadishu
Round and pop and clip after clip
In the air
My neighbors
I smiled out here in the country
Toasted my second tomato juice
To me this NEW year
We can take care of ourselves
All manner and sizes
Explode into the night
So I raised my smile too
Let 32 out in 5 seconds
Into the wind