Tuesday, May 30, 2006

plush opus in the metropolis

I had a good weekend. But I have been reminded once again that there is a lot of work left for us to change the mentalities of these fools proclaiming to keep it real in these streets. I was hoping I didn’t have to write about this mess no more, but what makes it so bad is that last week I heard that there was shooting at home for one of my home boys (who I do not know personally) Mario Mims. Mims was having an album release party for his new album under his stage name of Yo Gotti. Now this was May 19th, but I just found out it actually happened. Although the say they only heard one shot at the Plush Club on Memphis' Beale Street, three people, a man and two women were injured.

Some at the crib think it was due to a beef between Gotti and another Memphis rapper
Miscellaneous over the song "Memphis Walk." Which was released by released his version of the song two years ago while Gotti just did his version of the song and put it on his new album.

I guess it is like the Mumps or TB, because this shit is going around unabated. I mean in New York over the past week, a bouncer is suspected to have shot four men following an argument in front
Opus 22 Cafe and Lounge. The shooting left a 25-year-old Puerto Rican man dead with three others wounded.

Then there was the
shooting last evening at Miami's Club Metropolis. The result was one 22 year old man dead of a knife wound and another taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital after being shot in the thigh. Metropolis is a nice joint based on my first hand experience. Some of those there in Miami for the event included Yung Joc, Usher, Nelly, and Slim Thug all attended functions and performed at different clubs throughout the weekend but I have yet to find out who was performing when the chaos occurred. I don’t know if we will ever learn our lesson, but at this rate, we will be listening to country and western music, let alone, have any fans to attend these venues to keep the hip-hop game lucrative.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

keep it tight

I think I want to settle down now. In fact I have been thinking about this for a while. The consternation however, revolves around finding the right partner. Yes, she has to be my partner. By definition, a partner is one that shares; and one associated with another especially in an action. We would have to have a solid relationship too, and by that I mean having and knowing what it takes to create a thriving marriage and being connected or binding in mind, body soul and spirit.

In biblical terms, I would like for it to be as written in
1 Corinthians 13:4-7 where real love is defined as being patient with each other, being kind to each other, being never envious of each other, never boasting to or about each other, having a relationship characterized by humility, never being rude to each other, not being self-seeking, not being easily angered with each other, being truthful with each other, protecting each other and trusting each other.

I'm not afraid to love either, i mean if i can give it to my kids and dogs and family I can do it for a woman as well and I'm not afraid of being hurt nor will I fear such because of emotional pain and memories. So I don't think anyone else should be either. For me, the problem is in this age of groupies, tricks and wants be video models, it’s hard to find someone like that. So I still dream and wonder if such is possible. Strike that I do, and I am optimistic and i think/know I have found that one. Its just hard work and ups and downs and some technical difficulities but i know what we got is unbreakable. Just my two cents. So all yawl in a good working partnership/relationship, i hope this motivates u to keep your head up and keep that relationship tight, because its hard work and it wont get any eaiser.

Church Schisms over Slavery

Throughout the history of slavery, one constant was the impact of religion, in particular Christianity, on the institution of human bondage. Europe’s advance into the new world brought colonialism, slavery, and imperialism under the guise of Christianity, which according to Sipe Mzimela, is nothing more than variations of European cultures, specifically German (Lutheranism), English (Anglicanism & Methodism), Scot’s (Presbyterianism) and the French, Belgium and Portugal (Catholicism).1 European or western religions operated differently from other religions such as Islam, with respect to slavery. One difference between the involvement of Christians and Muslims in African slavery was that Islam mandated that people read the Koran compared to European missionaries that felt teaching Africans to read was problematic. Christian missionaries preached all men were equal under eyes of God but yet ridiculed Africans (forcing them through the use of guns) to accept slavery as explained by the Christian concept of suffering and their failure in racial terms.

From the earliest days of the trade, churches and religious views regarding the capture and enslavement of Africans and other non-white people were dominant. The decree of Pope Alexander VI in 1493, that all most all of the Americas were to be ruled by Spain basically established that it was alright for Europeans to use non-whites in the name of God. During one point in time, the enslavement of human beings was such a way of life for much of the new world that religious institutions wedged a vested interest in converting non-Europeans to Christianity. Bartolome de Las Casas, a Christian notable in history, came to the conclusion that African slaves were needed in Hispaniola after he had killed many of the indigenous people by working them to death.

Missionaries taught Africans that it was the will and desire of God for them to suffer oppression, discrimination, and exploitation. The scope of the evangelic effort was evident by the number of missions remaining on the continent after colonialism. In the Congo, there were 669 Catholic missions alone.2 History is replete with accounts of missionaries from various denominations and country actively implementing national policy objectives under the guise of religion. At one point in time, the Portuguese, built a fortress on the island Arguin, off the cost of Mauritania, to hold slaves that were taken from the mainland (1440) purportedly as part of an effort to gain Christian converts.3 In 1663, Frenchman representing the Lazarist missionary tried to convert one of the Antanosy rulers of Madagascar to Christianity. This eventually resulted in the loss of Fort Dauphin and the death of the missionary. But the policy was continued when in 1664 when the French government encouraged mixed marriages, only to the extent as the wife was baptized and accepted the Christian faith.4

In many ways, the church through its clergy, and as an institution supported and encouraged the very onset of the European slave trade, as well as attitudes about Africa and Africans as being heathens without knowledge of a supreme being and/or a Christian understanding.5 Slavery involved absolute obedience and submission which both the clergy and slave masters tried to instill.6 Some even claimed to be possessed by the Holy Ghost, as was the case with Swiss Father Vernaud. Others like Juan Gines de Sepulveda suggested that some people were inferior and needed protection of slavery under the direction of gentle Christians.7 This position was based on the dialectics of Aristotle. This matched Puritans views of Africans as vehicles to be controlled if they accepted the Christian way.

The religious cloak on slavery in the Colonies was no less overwhelming. Given that many expeditions were set forth by the Dutch, Portuguese, France, and England, it is not unexpected that collectively whites became associated with other philosophical perspectives. Some have advanced that in colonial America, the terms Christian, European, free, and white were synonoymous.8 Laws in many cases supported his and continued to justify slavery since many were based on biblical laws of the Old and New Testament. Puritan slave codes in New England were modifications of old testament version of slavery. In the colonies, acts such as the statute passed in Maryland in 1639, stated all rights of its Christians with the exception of slaves and Virginia, which in 1640 denied Africans the rights to bear arms.9 In 1667, the Virginia House of Burgesses said that “baptism” did not remove the condition of slavery. There was heavy Quaker involvement in the slave trade. William Penn owned slaves which were transported to the United States on a Quaker ship called Society.10 The Puritans were also intimately involved in the institution of slavery for profit. The Puritans’ west Caribbean activities could best be represented with New Providence Island, which was well known for the pirating of illegal cargo in the form of slaves. In Peruana, it is noted that in Corboda , a thousand slaves were sold from two haciendas owned by religious institutions and that the Covent of St. Theresa owned a ranch with more than 30 slaves.11

Some may have expected for the church, as a bastion of religious humility, would speak out against the violence of perpetuating human bondage and degradation. The fact is that they did not because the labor of African slaves resulted in commercial, industrial and financial wealth in which many religions collected proceeds from. This is not to say that over the centuries, churches did not actively speak out against the institution. In the beginning, Pius II, Paul III, Urban VIII, among others condemned the practices between 1462 to 1639.12 Eventually, many religious institutions saw and could no longer ignore how brutal and inhumane slavery was. Many of these institutions began to stand along side the slave in support of abolition and anti-slavery. However, it was a little too late, since many had already become wealthy from the trade and still had the blood of those considered savage and inferior on their hands. European religions on the behalf of missionaries and religious leaders, facilitated Europe’s occupation of Africa. This is a factual occurrence whether it was the Dutch Reform Church of South Africa which overtly sanctioned apartheid or the Catholic enterprises at Goree.

Monday, May 22, 2006

saturday in the park

Had a great time this weekend. I was the Marshall at graduation too, which meant all the faculty had to enter behind me and Maya Angelo was our speaker. I don’t know if it was the fact that there were three game seven NBA final games expected in near dates or that no famous people or anyone I knew got shot or injured. It started early Saturday morning, had to take my son to the airport at 6am to catch a flight to St. Louis for his aunt’s wedding. I would have attended but I had graduation to deal with at the school of Medicine. I got this snappy photo with our interim president – Dr, David Satcher. This will be his last graduation as the head of the School of Medicine.

After that I had to get home and run a few errands. In which I was also able to take a nice evening nap, starting at around 1pm. I got a call from my boy Shorty Greg. He wanted me to meet over at the barbershop on Bankhead across from the spot his car wash used to be. He said he wanted me to go to a block party that his old neighborhood was sponsoring – Kimberly Courts. Now for yawl folks who don’t know anything about the ATL., it is located on the heart of the Westside in the area of Simpson road, and Bankhead.

After hanging out in the parking lot by the barbershop, my daughter and I followed Short Greg to the park. As soon as I got there I was almost in heaven. The music was loud and the best of what the Westside had to offer. The food was cooking, and I was welcomed as if I was from KC myself. Greg took me around and introduced me to folks (me, him and Mook-B (D4L status) go way back). Since I had baby girl with me, I posted up in the back of this truck that was filled to the brim with Ice and beverage. Young Dro and his folks were there passing out his new mixed CD with DJ Drama. I was more impressed with this young kid named Carlos who Greg said put on the party every year, and this was the 5th anniversary bash. The kid road up in a Chevy with butterfly doors open, with his boy in the passenger side and pulled out a lot of gallons of Absolute and Hennessey.

They way Greg walked around, you could have sworn he was the mayor of Kimberly Courts or at least running for office. He had all the women taking care of me from bringing me plates of food to getting me beer and cognac. And the best thing about it was that it reminded me of being home, and that these were real folks and the only violent acts I saw regarded dancing drinking, laughing and me and shorty greg taking pictures with my daughter by his car. Good lookin’ Short Greg, I will be back next year for sure.

Friday, May 19, 2006

thank yall

You know its Friday and I just wanted to say that I work with the greatest folks in the world. Albeit I am the only man in my office, the women, sisters I work with are the bomb and they let me know they appreciate me all the time. So today, this is just a quick shout out to these ladies they know who they are.

They say I have nice feet since I wear open-toe and open-heel shoes all the time
They fix my coffee and wash my mug with out me asking
They always are in a good mood and happy and smile
They say I smell good and always congratulate me when I get a publication, grant, or award [Yesterday I got Faculty of the Year award at Morehouse School of medicine]

They say I am a good parent and a good man and a good father
They say I look nice nearly every day – even though I don’t think I do

So this is just a little thank you to these women. Thanks TTS

Thursday, May 18, 2006

why u wanna go and do that

I was talking to a friend yesterday while the basketball game was on. She indicated that she was having problems with a certain man she was dating. I was trying to pay attention to her but Detroit was loosing and I wanted them to win. She finally admitted that he was not the problem but that she was. The problem, which I didn’t consider a problem was that she was attracted to folks she saw on TV and in videos and craved them to the extent of actually trying to meet them. She told me that she had met one such person and that he propositioned her knowing that she had a man. I got of the phone and continued to think about this even after the Detroit loss. So I started to write.

At first I was gonna write today about Rush Limbaugh and some other rich folks (inclusive of the Kennedy’s) who do drugs, get caught and are slapped on the had – if that. But I decided to table that piece until another day.

It made me think of how many folks actually desired folks they saw just because they were famous or on television , video’s or movies? The strangest part was that she really loved her man but still felt that she was missing out on life since she could not be with someone famous.

Bun B said it right when he stated “movies got these folks fucked up in the mind.” Is it so bad that folks don’t respect anything about a relationship that they will proposition you knowing that you have a significant other, or are engaged or even married? And if a person decides to accept the proposition, how do they look at that person and do they think they are different such that they won’t turn around and do it again, when they are together? I just want to know what these folks be thinking. Personally, if a woman propositioned me, I would first think that if she did it once she would do it again and therefore wouldn’t be the kind of woman I would desire to date or be with. Next, I’d think that if I sacrificed my relationship that I had worked hard to maintain, I did not believe in it in the first place or that this person could never honor a relationship at all. So fellas and ladies what do u think is this fucked up or am I just an old school country boy who needs to move beyond wearing flip flops and socks and wife beaters? Or is the question of the day as T.I put it

“go and tell a nigga no wit an ass so fat
hey why u wanna go and do that love huh?....
and the relationship been faithful to a nigga so wack,
hey why u wanna go and do that love huh….?

Is this really how yall men feel? And would you women say yes?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

new hampshire and Iowa?

Riddle me this Batman and woman? Why is it that of all the cities, states, municapalities and principalities that it has been selected that Iowa and New Hampshire be the profile for all of these United Sates of America? I cannot figure it out. Neither of these places on the outside is reflective in posture and human make up of the rest of the country. Taking Iowa for starters, African Americans make up 2.1 percent of the total population compared to 12 percent nationally and they have a home ownership rate of about 72 percent compared to 66 percent nationally. Add to this that 92 percent of Iowa’s land is devoted to farming which is the highest percentage for any state in the country.

In New Hampshire we can note a similar picture. African Americans comprise less than 1 percent of the population with just 6.5 percent of the total population being below the poverty line. In comparison, Georgia and South Carolina the African American population is 28.7 and 29.5 percent respectively according to 2004 census numbers with both states having 13 percent and 14.1 percent below the poverty line respectively.

In a different way if we take Los Angeles for example, they have more people in the city than almost Iowa and New Hampshire combined. Major cities have a different barometer. In a place like Memphis you have a city that is 62 percent African American Des Moines; Iowa has about 8 percent with Concord, New Hampshire with just 1 percent. These small differences in demographic profiles for me suggest that politicians will always be off point if these two locations are the central means by which to find out what is important to common or most Americans. Unlike the farm retail, most African Americans business owners are in urban areas that focus on retail. In 2002 African American-owned firms accounted for 5.2 percent of all nonfarm businesses in the U.S. In addition, retail trade, and health care and social assistance accounted for 28.6 percent of all African American-owned business revenue.

It just doesn’t make any logical sense to me, given the manner in which problems and issues come to the fore based on environmental circumstance that varies across the country. I feel that politicians will always, miss the picture and never desire to want to get it. All they are concerned with are lobbyist and re-election. So if you are anticipating that any of these Presidential hopefuls, from Hillary to McCain really care (and Newt also) then think again, cause listen to folks in Iowa and New Hampshire, may have them think Slavery is popular according to main stream America once again.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

just some weekend fun

my son is #21 on this AAu team. Check him out lokin' all serious when i still have to remind him to feed the fog and put up the dishes. But he irons his clothes - lol

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

every day i'm hustlin'

I’ve been doing a little research lately. Especially since I have wasted too much valuable blog space talking about the fatuous shit fools do. Namely black men in the entertainment industry – particularly hip hop stars. Not all, but enough to call them out for the feculent stupidity the perversely purport to be reflective of being real. Check this out: At the University of Michigan, the 2005 entering freshman class included 443 African American students. At Iowa State University, the 2005 entering freshman class had 311 African American students. The University of Kansas had 152 African American Freshmen enroll this past Fall. Also, this past academic year, at the University of Washington, there were 118 black freshmen in a class of nearly 5,000. This represented the lowest number since 1999 and was even less than when they first started letting African Americans attend the University of Washington. Lastly, among the University of Colorado’s 30,000 students there are fewer than 450 African-Americans inthe freshman class.

It took me a while just to find some of these schools. The information is somewhat hard to get since many school only list aggregate data for all undergraduates by ethnicity. But none the less, we can see that there is a problem here not to mention more than 70 percent of new students in freshmen class that are African American are women. This mean that African American males are not going to college. I wonder why this is the case? Strike that I know why. We focus so much on material things that we are not taught any more that the only real material is hard work and what we can do with our minds. I remember my folks telling me it was important to study and learn to read because a long time back in the days of slavery, one was killed or maimed for doing such.

We need to reinforce as best we can the importance of education. I remember when I got my PHD and went back to the cut, and told my boys that I had a PhD. they said “who would give you a phd, nigga you a mephis nigga.” I had to tell them that I earned it and still they eventually believed me but said “they don’t want to give no nigga like you a PHD.” I knew what they meant. Like they were saying I was to well respected and had a history of dirt, for any white institution to award me a doctorate for I was just the kind of person their system was designed to destroy - just like my boys saw themselves. I learned of this first hand when I was one of 3 African American Male professor level faculty at the Emory university Rollins School of Public Health out of more than 400. Our success as a community depends on education belive it or not and not hustling, selling drugs, how man dames we fuck, or who makes our watches or the kind or rims we have on our cars. We must do this to expose the world of the diversity within our community such to successful deal with the challenges that confront our community.

If we don’t, then there will be no diverse work force, nor future leaders to represent us or worse, no professionals (physicians, Lawyers or what have you) coming back to serve our needs in our neighborhoods because other folks wont. They may exploit the economic potential but they wont be focusing own the needs of the community as we do because they will not be of that community. So folks, give me a hand and lets start promoting this war we are in that seems to like for us as people, and especially as young men of African descent, to seek internment in a correctional facility more so than in a school or university. I guess until then, every day I will be hustling.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

strong black woman

First, I am not a woman nor am I a black woman, let alone a strong black woman. For me, I have see the later my entire life. The type of women who would go and pull their man by his ears from a crap game and drag him to church. The kind that would hold down two or more jobs as well as be a homemaker to her family and kids. The kind that won’t take no shit from anyone and who still had enough time to make certain her family and kids had food on their plate. The kind that would be cursing out her son (me) but at the same time putting food on my plate.

But I have just come to findout that this White female by the name of Kathy Griffin is holding a television comedy show called STRONG BLACK WOMAN. The show is being released and shown on the Bravo television station.

The show, which is supposed to air on May 9 2006, was produced by Emmy-winning Production Partners Inc who also produced HBO's "Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker" and "Curb your Enthusiasm."

I may be making too much about this but I was extremely offended when I saw her and the title. Our women have it hard enough for another person from a alternate species to make money off of what they are not. I say we take the time to drop an email at the Bravo channel, which is part of the NBC Universal Cable Entertainment division, an email and let the know what we think. My rant is over for now.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wild, Wild Mess

On the previous episodes of the ASMFAFBI, we discussed a shooting with some of Jeezy folks in Miami that resulted in an arrest, Corporate Thug member Slick Pulla getting popped at Slice in the ATL, and a Beef between Busta Rhymes' producer Swizz Beatz and G-Unit rap-group members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks that resulted in the shooting death of a Body Guard. Today, we have two more incidents, unproductive that have resulted in two more unnecessary Deaths.

Last night in Cin – OH-Ten (Cincinnati, Oh), a member of T.I.’s entourage was killed and three others were wounded in a gun battle at a night club. Before the shooting, it is alleged according to eye-witnesses that it started as a fight in an after-hours club during a party for T.I. (Clifford Harris) and fellow College Park rapper Yung Joc after a show by the University of Cincinnati.

At Club Ritz, a group of men confronted T.I. and his entourage. Belive it or not I have been to the Club before back in the day when I did some consulting for a clinic up that camp. My boys, one of which was a mortgage broker and the other a Sports Management head, would take me there to get some relief outside of the Vernon Manor and its happy hours. It was wild back then as I recall with folks fighting and all. And I a certain that this has not changed and is likely not the first time someone has been shot or killed there nor will it be the last. From what I have heard so far, T.I.'s folk started making it rain money and some of then OH-10 wanna be gangasters tookit as an insult when the money landed on them, thus starting a fight. Twelve (police) say that T.I.’s folk were followed by men in two sport utility vehicles. They say T.I. and his folk tried to leave (good for them) but were followed onto the highway when their vans were shot –up, leaving his personal assistant and spokesman for T.I.'s Grand Hustle record label, Philant Johnson, dead.

Meanwhile in Houston, a few days before on May 1, 2006, rapper Big Hawk (born John Edward Hawkins) was shot multiple times and died. According to reports, he had gone to one of his folk’s house play dominos. They also think that he was shot by more than one person. Big Hawk was the brother of legendary Houston MC Fat Pat (born Patrick Hawkins) who was also shot and killed back in 1998. He was a member of the Screwed Up Click. DJ Screw died in 2000 and folks still have not resolved the cause of his death.

Somebody needs to get the message across that something is wrong. How many folks have to die because of greed, jealousy and personal insecurity? This is truly a wild, wild, mess.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

y i gotta pay

To start off with, I just want to say that if you want to make some loot, a person needs to get an office on K street in DC and start to lobbying. Not lobbying for anyone but rather for big business like defense contractors. This past Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted to support a plan proffered by members of the Senate from Mississippi to give Northrop Grumman $200 - 500 million for hurricane-related losses that its insurers are unwilling to pay. Gruman owns the Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, which was severly damaged during last years hurricane season. This support will be provided over and before support supposedly for hurricane relief funding.

In essence, US taxpayers wil have to foot the bill for losses that should be borne by insurers of the huge defense contractor the way i see it and stand by the little man and woman.

Thanks to Folks the Likes of Trent Lott and Bob Helm, a former Senate Budget Committee staff member and Pentagon appointee, it seems that the interest of Northrop is more important than the thousands of people still waiting to rebuild their homes and lives in the devistated region of the gulf. So what if the NG shipyard had huge costs not covered by insurance due to Hurricane Katrina, that is no reason to place a huge defense contractor ahead of the other Hurricane victims. The Seneate is not vgoting to help them with the problems they are having with thier insurance companies so why do they care so much about NG?

Northrop Grumman is a defense contractor that specializes in building ships for the Navy, managed will get this loot to cover what congress defines as “disruption costs” due to Hurricane Katrina.
The concern is that Northrop Grumman's insurance company will cover these very costs.

I wish congress would bail me out of my losses at the ticket of $500 million in so-called ‘emergency’ bailout loot on my pockets behalf. Add that to the fact`that Northrop Grumman has had a 25% increase in its stock price since Katrina, what the congess is saying is that governement is supposed to cover a company's business costs for contracting delays and still have to pay for the products that they have ordered from them - stupid.

This is just another mindless reflection of fiscal foolishness that appears to say that defense shipbuilders are more important than the true Hurricane Katrina sufferers.

Monday, May 01, 2006

far from the truth

A while back, Tocqueville and an associate of his Gustave de Beaumont obtained permission to travel to the United States to examine their newly developed prison system. In 1835, Tocqueville published his famous work Democracy in America, which a significant part spoke of the elucidation of his views on crime and punishment. From his observations, conditions have not altered much from the times of the mass storage of mostly males of color for industrial benefit and without some type of rehabilitation.

The prison system has become an industrial complex, but it still has remained the same way in which Tocqueville described what he saw in the America South when he wrote that by imprisonment Anobody thinks of rendering them better, but only taming their malice; they are put in chains like ferocious beasts; and instead of being corrected, they are rendered brutal.

This difference is evident in the caustic environment in which men at even younger ages are castigated and left without opportunity. There is nothing good about going to prison unless you are making money from cheap labor or you like becoming a more hardened criminal by learning from the masters in the game. Then there are other risk, death, rape and maybe even contracting infectious disease.

Of the over 2 million inmates in the United States, it has been estimated that about one in 10 has been raped. One study conducted in Nebraska reported that 22 percent of male inmates had sex against their will. The rates of infectious disease are well higher in prisons than the general public. It is estimated for example, that about 2.5 percent of al inmates in America have HIV nationally according to the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics. In addition, the chances of contracting the virus are 5 to 6 timers higher for inmates than the general public.

Still many US prison systems do not attempt to protect inmates via condom distribution. In 1991, the World Health Organization reported that 23 of 52 prison systems surveyed around the globe allowed promoted condom distribution. Condoms have been available in Canadian federal prisons for 10 years. In the US, five jail systems, in Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, and two prison systems, in Vermont and Mississippi, make condoms available to their inmates. The excuses provided for why most don’t include condoms being used as weapons, to hide contraband and that it would suggest that sex is acceptable while incarcerated.

What makes this problem more insidious is that men can go into prison for three the five years and come out with problems ranging from mental illness to practicing homosexual acts, yet do not acknowledged the situational sex that occurs in prison as being. Some state prison systems attempt to avoid this by allowing conjugal visits. In Mississippi only legal marriages are acceptable for conjugal visit privileges. Inmates can qualify for conjugal visits are those that at minimum custody levels and display good behavior. Inmates that may transmit sexually transmitted disease are not eligible for conjugal visits. Visits are normally an hour long and come with soap, condoms, sheets, pillowcase and towels. The inmate and spouse are searched before and after each visit for security reasons. The Federal Bureau of Prisons does not permit conjugal visits.

Prison in America has not changed since the travels of Tocqueville and still have no benefit to the incarcerated, the community other than generating a criminal and uneducated segment of society that tend to be male and African American. Although many in the so-called hip-hop generation promote a culture that places incarceration on a pedestal, such is far from the truth.

The profetcic Flava Flav

said 911. was a joke. u make the call.