Saturday, June 30, 2007

the race card

Irony has an unusually bazaar way of showing its head. While in Orlando this weekend (really Altamonte), I picked up an edition of the Orlando Sentinel – a move that lead many on the instant to discern I was not from around them parts. Although I was really interested in getting a recap of the 2007 NBA draft and provide my own self serving appraisal of the results, two stories on the front page adjacent to each other caught my eyes.

The first regarded a decision by Disney to reverse life time bans on four 17-year old African American male youth (who happened to be Florida State University Football prospects) from Disney for loitering The four were Avis Commack, Nigel Carr and Nickolas Moody and Vincent Williams. The decision was reversed after Philadelphia-based civil rights attorney Adrian J. Moody (father of Nickolas) looked into the situation to see if Disney was using racial profiling given that 45 of the 46 citations giving out for loitering were given to African American and Latino youth.

The other story regarded the U.S. Supreme court ruling to limit the use of race in school assignments in an effort to build diversity. The decision, 5-4 was announced by Justice John Roberts. It is just one decision in a line of many that seems to suggest that the court has moved to the other side – almost Reaganesque. From Gonzales Vs. Planned Parenthood of America to this Meredith vs. Jefferson County.

It just seems so ironic, the juxtaposition of know that one can no longer use race for the purpose of educational diversity, but that it’s ok, to pick people out and use it to ban or even jail them. Thumbs up to the new court for playing the race card.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

going back to Southwick - i mean southpark

As I return from Raleigh-Durham, NC, I am somewhat in a quandry. Today, the Senate will take up the debate on the confirmation of Leslie Southwick, a retired Mississippi Court of Appeals judge, to determine if he will receive a lifetime appointment on the federal bench. Southwick, 57, is President Bush's choice for a seat on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Although many democrats indicate, they will not support his confirmation, the only one that has openly stated his position is Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. Obama said if the nomination reached the floor for a vote, that he would not support him. Obama is also scheduled to be in Mississippi, Southwick’s home state on Friday.

What is the big deal you ask? Well some use the decisions he made in two controversial cases. The one of interest to me centered on a white social worker who called one of her co-workers a nigger. Southwick was a part of the majority opinion that decided the use of the slur was insufficient grounds to fire the woman.

The case ( Richmond v. Mississippi Department of Human Services), Bonnie Richmond was a social worker for the department who was fired when she referred to an African American co-worker as a “good ole nigger” at a meeting with the Mississippi Department of Human Services top executives. According to the courts, Ms. Richmond’s slur “was not motivated out of racial hatred or racial animosity directed toward a particular co-worker or toward blacks in general.” So in essence if one is at work, and you are called a nigger by a white co-worker, it is legal and does not meet the grounds for dismissal from employment.
I was hoping that folks had realized that it was 2007 and not 1807 – but I guess I was wrong.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

full of shit

How many folks do yawl know who have been described as being full of shit? I myself have been described as full of shit, however mostly by women who had some feeling of intimidation about me or my being, or by long time friends who questioned my desire for education – albeit in love.

For example number one, take the following:
ME: “That some stupid shit”.
HER: “You full of shit. You think you know everything. Going out to eat is cheaper than cooking.”

For example number two lets take this:
“Jones main, why you wanna go and get a PhD., you got too much street in you, them crackers aint gone let you get no PhD. You they worse nightmare. You full of shit Jones.”

One should never be proud of being viewed as such by any being. In fact they should be looked at and valued and appreciated. Too many times the simple interaction between individuals goes forsaken and taken for granted. One could easily say “maybe you are right” or “you might be the one Jones to get his PhD I know main”, or something like that. But what do we do, we get defensive and tell folks they full of shit. Unless it is in humor.

I figure we mostly say it when we feel uneasy, and it is quicker to berate and degrade rather than to value or appreciate. We do it because we are unsure of our selves or maybe even plain ole hateful and evil, or worse, jealous. The proper use is in that of the unbelievable as in example number two. But it should never be used to vilify ones thoughts and associated cognitive processes thereof. Another use could be to use such to explain work policies that say you cant make money outside of them own your own even in view of fourt amendment rights (one has 100% ownership of their labor).

Although I know some people full of shit, I don’t say it out loud often, and actually pride myself on being above such. But then again that’s subjective and I am human.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

we interupt our regular programing

yo, thanks for the nomination, Mega and Dee. And shouts out to folk who told creative Loafing on thier cover on blogging in the ATL that they left out black Bloggers and mentioned me.

Good lookin - long live the gramatically incorrect one knowledgable of language. And Shouts to Capcity, never would have been here if not for u recognizing the aforementioned.

When her idol is Superhead

I wanted to put together a list of things for us men to think about with regards to women. So for the sake of brevity, I have outlined a top ten list. Women, don’t worry, I’m gonna do one on us men this weekend.

10] The clubs and being in the VIP section is more important than spending time with and taking care of your family.

9] She looks at video’s all day and dreams of being in video’s herself

8] When she has money, it is more important to get her nails done and buy chronic than to put gas in her tank or pay her phone bill

7] She says she is saving having sex until marriage but talks about selling her body for money

6] She only takes and never offers and complains and is ungrateful and appreciative of anything one does for her

5] Her ringer on her phone is Kanye’s West “Gold Digger”

4] She thinks it is best and easier to rent her self to men than to have a job
and anybody with some money or who is balling can get them guts

3] You meet her when she is out of town with a married man.

2] She thinks, but is not sure, who the father of her baby is

1] When she looks up to and says Super Head is her idol

If there are any I forgot, please feel free to let me know.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Merci Beaucoup

As we speak, I am in Quebec City, Quebec. I have to work. Never been to any where in Canada prior with the exception for a week in Toronto. It too was work but the problem was that I had just gotten back in the States from Cape Town, the day before this trip, and that is a 16-hour flight. I did not stay in the airport as long as I did this time – six hours. However, there were two observations that stood out. The first is that Black folks do not fly in Toronto because I say none in the airport over that time period and this was a Friday. Second, on every corner in the Toronto airport, folks trying to get you to sign up for credit cards.

However, back to Quebec City. It was nice, quiet, collective, albeit I was there on behest of your government’s scientific interest to talk on health issues related to substance abuse among incarcerated populations. Add to that I was the only African American and the only male with three other white women speaking on the subject.

Otherwise, I could adapt, even though I do not speak an ounce of French. The extent of my French is as follows: Chardonnay, Merci’, Merci Beaucoup, Roland Garos and French Fries. In addition, there was the small mater of not being able to find grits and instead being offered beans. And the fascination that folks have with putting crepes on ever menu item and the limited avaliability of folks of African descent. I knew there were not many because the only folks that rode or I saw riding the bus were white, in fact I only saw one back person on a bus out of about 8 or nine that passed by my hotel.

But then there are other things I will never adapt too. The first are the French language keyboards in English – go figure. The next is getting change back in Canadian loot when you spend US dollars. Lastly, the sun rises at 4.10 am. I mea I got p my first day their thinking I’m late for my presentation, which was at 8am because I saw the sun out, got up, started to dress, thinking I was late and looked at the clock. It was 4.11am. I forgot it was that far up north and close to Nova Scotia. Even with this, I had a ball. Especially when I went to Largo’s, a little jazz restaurant and wine bar on rue Saint-Joseph (picture above. The owner (Gino Stemarie) and I had a ball discussing why he did not carry any South African Wines and he gave me a jazz CD recorded in his bar by this group called the Andre Laure Sextet. One word, tight. I would recommend anyone visit Quebec City unless they need something other than Crepes to survive on – that nearly killed me.

Yeechy and flagitious

The worse thing for me is interacting with fake and phony people. You know, the kind of folks who just do things that are fowl and evil and yeechy and flagitious. Now fowl can be discerned a number of ways. My folk often gives the example of when he took his 18-month old son from his former girl friend when he found out she was giving him gin and juice in his baby bottle – now that’s yeechy. Or about a woman that uses her child by keeping them away from their father because she is self-centered, selfish and desires to hurt the child and him – that’s yeechy. Or the person who always asks and wants and needs and complains but doesn’t even work and stays inside sleeping all day and in the clubs all night over being with and taking care of their family – that’s yeechy.

Such people justify their behavior as normal and acceptable and often blame all things that are negative on others and not themselves. Never being responsible and taking accountability for their actions. I guess if we look around us, for a person to exist as such on an interpersonal level may express the emotional miscues of one that do not love themselves. If one had loved for themselves then they could love others. But if here is no love of self, there is no love for anyone else and saying I love you for them is nothing but words with no action. Last I heard love is a verb meaning action.

The fowl and yeechy folks we interact with or know cannot express love nor an appreciation for life as a pure form of human bonding and interaction. This why their behavior is perceived as being of a smelly nature. So the next time someone you know exhibits yeechy behaviors, just let them be, stay away, live your life by example and not word. I mean I could say there is no war in Iraq or that no more troops are coming home in body bags, but that don’t make it true. Just as I can say I love you my child and still give you gin and juice in a bottle to shut you up, because I’m your mother.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Haute Couture

Went to a fashion show over the weekend. My boy wanted to shoot some models to build his clientele and my girl was star of the show. Now I am not a frequenter of fashion shows, let alone runway fashion shows, outside in 92 degree weather, when I was at home, sprawled naked across my bed prepared to watch the college world series in the anticipation of three SEC teams making it to Omaha.

I got their somewhat late, had to drop little momma of at the sitter and her disposition was again one of recalcitrance. In addition, when I arrived I had to use the bathroom so I stopped at my homeboy’s studio, which was across the street to take care of that. He was trying to convince me to go to some celebrity basketball game at Morehouse with those over his house (Dem Franchise Boy’s and this other kid that engineer’s for him). I respectfully declined and went on my way.

I arrived somewhat late. However, it was not late enough to miss the majority of the show. My boy was high post at the end of the runway snapping and my girl was looking like a real model. I saw her but she did not see me. I was on the backside talking to this guy with a barb-Q pit selling meat and beer and water who I found out was from Memphis too. But she did not see me I imagine since she called me from cell found to query about my location. To stop a fight I told her I saw her and described what she had on.
But the Bar BQ pit was the bomb. I mean it was the first fashion show I had gone too that served meat. So I enjoyed myself to the utmost, sitting in the shade, watching my girl model and my boy mogul every model into buying his pictures as if he was Mr. Haney on Greenacres, and eating ribs. Now that is fashion show and my idea of haute couture.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We turned two yesterday

We turned two yesterday. Not really me or my son, but my little princess. Nothing real major other than a few gifts and the ubiquitous cake and party at the daycare center of five kids. But still it was a special day, and our special things included to use what many would consider boring.

After getting my hair washed by a friend, I picked lil momma and the real party was on. With her, it began by assisting in the demolishing of a three-piece fish snack with fries and eventually passing out in the car seat on the way home. Yes, she is a true party animal. After a quick nap, we were out again to get her brother who was playing in his third baseball game in three nights. As usual at all the baseball games, she tries to follow her brother to the dug out but waits behind him, calling his name with her fingers through the fence. She has a ball at the baseball field and enjoys the games. She even points and says “Ba’’ball” when it is on television or at the park.

The game was ok; it was their third win in a row this week and ended with a final score of 12 to 1. My son had an error this game. But it happens, not to mention I told him it was Karma. See last week he was mad because he did not get the MVP trophy on his high school baseball team. They gave it to the senior, which they should have. He got the most outstanding offensive and defensive player trophies, in the ninth grade and that was 2 out of three. He had the errors I figured because he was complaining and was not humble.
But he knew it was her birthday too and he smiled and we got some chicken wings (40). Went home in celebration, without cake and watched San Antonio get up in some Cleveland ass. Yep a good day. Albeit i'm gonna waste some loot at Chucky Cheese Sunday, it was good day. It was like we all turned two years old.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yum yum eatum up

Now I consider myself to be a connoisseur of fine delectables and confections. I have eaten some things that many may have not even considered edible. I would mention for example, Crocodile, Chimpanzee and Bush baby (to this day I do not what genius or species this rodent resides in), but I do not wish to offend the delicate palate of my reading audience. However, there is one thing that all men must seek nourishment from to remain vibrant and high-post.

Yum Yum eattum up is what I call this elixiar. It can only be obtained from one source and she is usually finer than a motherfucker. I would hope all men accepted and understood this phenomenon as I anticipate and expect all women to desire the scrumpshush utility of a good fat and long country sausage on the tongue, or better yet – in the mouth.

There is no special fork or special spoon to devoour this savory dish. On the contrary, one must suppurate it s nectar in a gentle manner. This is important since the more it is stimulated, the more nectar and nourishment revealed. Even sound effect such as a gentle and incessant hum will work wonders.

I don’t get the chance to eat yum yum eattum up often, but I wish I could. It will always in these eyes be in the company of ribs, fried fish and neck bones.

Much Ado about Reparations-circa 2002

Reparations: The act or process of repairing or the condition of being repaired. the act or process of making amends; and/or something done or paid to compensate or make amends. All of the aforementioned definitions are nouns that refer to something given in compensation for loss, suffering, or damage suffered at the hands of another.

This is the new calling card of descendants of slaves in America and it is not difficult to see why a big push is being made for such in light of the fact that the United States will never proffer such restitution -- reparations for slavery. The way I see it, there is no way possible for millions of white folk to pay let alone admit that slavery was so damaging to our kind. One problem is the observation that most whites did now own slaves. Complicating this is the current administration position on the issue of race. Both President Bush and the Attorney General have blocked any discussions on the issue of race and white privilege in America as well as issues related to compensations for African Americans. They even refused to send representatives to a conference in Durban, South Africa where racial issues were being discussed. Only an simpleton would think that those same forces would ask their corporate sponsors to tax themselves as a punishment for becoming rich off free labor in the form of slavery? Another concerns are that the vast majority of people who have spoken publicly on the issue have been less than articulate on the main points.

The Entire United States of America benefited from the institution of slavery. This includes individuals able to afford slaves, insurance companies that insured ships and human cargo, builders making slave ships, loggers who cut down trees to the smallest businessman? All of these people profited and benefited from the institution of slavery both financially and socially. In the final word, the truth is we will be lucky if we get an apology for slavery. This however, is very unlikely given the current locution and attitudes of the political public in this age of growing polarization in America. Is it possible to provide reparations to 36,000,000 or more African Americans for the enslavement of some Africans in the United States between the 16th and 19th centuries? I say yes. Establishing regional banking institutions that assist in developing and providing no interest loans to individuals for education and business development purposes can do it. This type of an approach would be apt given how racism as a consequence of slavery resulted in reduced access and opportunity for African Americans.

Whatever the solution for empowerment, we must do something. Something other than try convince some white folks about the morality of reparations and the obvious disinfanchisment of descendants of slaves complicated by not being able to participate and have a history of wealth and its intergenerational transfer, in a manner similar to people of european descent in America.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Only if

In the world of political decision making, the mundane oftens becomes the ridiculous. Almost two years have evaporated since mother nature devastated the city of New Orleans and the adjacent areas with the use of a Storn named Katrina.

Since the period of the initial slow response and the displacement of tens of thousands of people, the government has finaly agreed to allocate 14.4 billion dollars to rebuild the city of New Orleans alone. Although a significant proportion of the city’s population has yet to return and that a major part of the city remains in ruined and dilipated conditions, it has been proposed that 3.5 million of the reconstruction or relief or whaever it is called aid, should go to the building of a Katrina memorial.

Now forgive me if I am wrong, but I don’t think Katrina will ever be forgotten in that area. Add to that thet I figure almost 4 million dollars can go to builind a lot of homes and providing needed basic service. But then again am not a politician.

But if I were, I would not state my career on using money unnecessarily when there are so many people in need. I just wish that some folks like me would get the nerve, with all of their sins and iniquieties, maybe believe enough in this republic and the correlated political machine to run for office one day and do what needs to be done. But that won’t happen, I would have prefffered to fight Sadaam in a boxing match as opposed to put other folks life at risk. But that just this main here folk.