Wednesday, September 26, 2007

come after me folk

these the fuck boys who called for the Jena 6 lynching. Im gonna pull my virus skills back together and do what i can to their web site. Who down with me folk? Im gonna leave comment after comment. and his name if true:

Bill White
Location: Roanoke, Virginia, United States
I am the real and original Bill White, Commander of the American National Socialist Workers' Party.

on a positive note, scientist found 11 new species of plant, inscets and animals in vietnam.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

where dem dollars at

Boy oh, boy, I’m glad my broker honored my request to put a quarter of my account in pounds and Euro’s each. Im certain by now you have heard that the dollar dropped to $1.40 against euro.This slide has been goin on for about 3 or 4 years now, but never has the change against other currencies been so dramatic. This was after the Federal Reserve cut interest rates in the beginning of last week.

The query is multifold, inclusive of asking what does it say about Greenspan's successor, Ben Bernanke. Not only do we have to worry about the decline in the greenback, but add to that the bust in the housing market and a reduction in manufacturing, this should have a major impact on the U.S. economy.

My concern is that politicians are not even talking about the importance of having a strong currency for the country during the current political dialogue. Especially since it has been reported that China has stocked piled about $200 billion US dollars. Then there is the Arab move to confound all of this. Borse Dubai has just secured 28 per cent of the LSE as part of a wider deal with the US-based Nasdaq designed to settle their long-running battle for control of the Nordic exchanges and telecommunications operator OMX. The Dubai group bought most of Nasdaq’s 31 per cent stake in the LSE for £14.40 a share in cash. In return, it will take a 19.9 per cent stake on the combined Nasdaq/OMX group and receive cash.

Now days the dollar is equal to the Canadian dollar, which places the “loonie" at its highest point in about 30 years. This is important to me since see first had via my travels abroad how the value of the dollar is shrinking. If the dollar keeps dropping, it makes imports more expensive and maybe even increasing the likelihood of inflation.

As I mentioned last week about China, the US trade deficit in goods and service was $726 billion, as we had way more imports than exports. True, a lot of this is a consequence of the increasing price of oil; we may be seeing the beginning of a larger pain that will come in all of our pockets. So yawl keep track of your investments and it might be wise to start looking a forex exchanges and funds to make sure you hold on to your loot. So when Gangtsa Boo ask wher dem dollars at, we can answer china and Dubai. I take my investment seriously, this is America, and yawl can see some of where my money is in my portfolio on the side. And like Paul Harvey- Good Day.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

bling 4 a king

I am not ashamed to say it but to me, most folk who seek fame over character have little or no integrity and low self-esteem. This is particularly true by my speculation for entertainers and athletes.

Many of us know that we are in a very different era in America. For the first time, a man that looked like me is being honored via a memorial in Washington, DC and his name is Martin King Jr. I look very highly at Dr. King, not only for his astuteness as a scholar, or the fact that he is like myself, an alumnus of Morehouse College, or even his letter from a Birmingham jail, but because with all of is faults, he was a man of character and integrity.

People say that we need to support the memorial to Dr. King and I agree. They are holding concerts and asking for loot left and right. I just don’t know why it is so hard for us to get the loot we need with all of this so-called new money in our community. So I just say this as a challenge. I Mean, I would like for folks to show me they aint fuck boys and want to be gangsters. So this is to you, TI, Lil Wayne, 50 cents, Nelly, Young Joc and Young Jeezy – represent like men do for what is great and what is right. Give up your chains and bracelets or at least one for the King. What’s the matter, are you to selfish to give up some bling for the king? So represent, or continue to risk nobody’s like me calling yawl fuck boys. And that’s what yawl are, if you don’t stand for the betterment of our historical legacy as opposed to being greedy and selfish.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

lucky # 6

I know a lot of folks up in arms over what happened a year ago around this time in Jena, Louisiana. I am too; I’m just upset that stories like this don’t get coverage on Nancy Grace or Larry King, not even Montel. But what would one expect?

Based on this, it is obvious that O.J. Simpson stealing his own shit back (if such is possible) is more important to white news media outlets – yep I said it WHITE. So I suspect that means what I am about to introduce now, albeit I feel the average reader knows about it, will be on television around next year (2008) this time.

Last week, Megan Williams (in hospital bed photo) found out first hand what it means to be ignored and treated like a chattel. And according to police, it’s likely that it all was the result of her being an African American woman. The 20 year-old was forced to eat animal feces and to lick up blood. She was also sexually assaulted, made to drink water from the toilet and had her hair pulled out. In addition to the aforementioned, she was repeatedly called nigger while her captors beat and stabbed her. In total, Megan was stabbed four times and had been choked with a cord, according to allegations.

She was found by authorities about 35 miles southwest of Charleston, West Virginia. The six suspects who have been arrested and charged are: 1] Frankie Brewster, the 49-year-old woman who owns the home where the alleged attacks occurred, who said he was alone when authorities noticed Williams calling for help, 2] Bobby R. Brewster, 24 (in picture), 3] Karen Burton, 46, 4] her daughter Alisha Burton, 23, of Chapmanville, 5] George A. Messer, 27, and 6] Danny J. Combs, 20. The charges range from, sexual assault and malicious wounding to kidnapping, and assault during the commission of a felony. Last I heard, all are in custody based on a $100,000 bail each. O.J. had to post $125,000 in contrast and he didn't stab or rape or choke nobody.

I say this because it seems that I uncover something everyday that upsets me and turns my stomach and makes me feel as if I wish had some Toussaint's, Demark Vessey’s and David Walker’s around this camp with me to handle what needs to be handled. But the reality is that we care more about making the Band, Music Video’s or America’s next top Model, or Monday Night Football to really care, or else it would’t take so long for us to attend to such issues?

So don’t be surprised if Ms. Williams story don’t get on the radio or in or ears until another 365 days. I just wonder what is I about the number six, that’s means trouble for folks that look like me?

the new super hero

Growing up I was a big fan of comic books. I loved the super hero’s and arch villains even more. I didn’t lean much for DC comics and the likes of Superman and Flash, but towards the Marvel group with Luke Cage, Black Panther, Iron Man and the Avengers. Although I haven’t picked one up in a while, I do see a new Super Hero or super villain arising on the world stage – China.

The way I see it, China is about to move in front of all these rinky dink powers of the G-8 great west delegation. And they doing so with professional criminal without a criminal record accuracy. You can start off with the Yuan. It was devalued for the first time in a decade in 2005 when the changed it from being valued on the dollar to a group of currencies.

Since then, the Yuan has appreciated 6.35 percent against the US dollar and this past July hit a new high against the US dollar given a trade surplus at mid-year projected to be US$100 billion. But that’s not all. If that wasn’t enough, they started attacking our kids via toys. Most of the recently recalled toys (lead or chocking hazards) were made in China (about 75% of U.S. toys are now made in China). And these re dangerous toys after the Chinese get through:” Easy-Bake Ovens that trap children's fingers in openings, resulting in burns; Portable baby swings that entrap youngsters”.

Then there is the toothpaste that has been reported to contain diethylene glycol, a toxic chemical used in engine coolants that has been distributed through the US to hotel chains. Add to this, the recall of some 450,000 tires made by Hangzhou Zhongce of China due to a fault that increases their chances of blowing out while driving causing the driver to lose control.

I tell you, we worried about the middle east when China is on a slow creep to jump over us. It shouldn’t be long, seeing that the trade surplus grows larger each day between US and China, which was estimated at 15 billion with US in august 2006, and their exports increasing yearly. I guess this means a new super hero or super villain is on the block so find some kryptonite.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

makin' progress

One could argue that since we declared war, invaded and subsequently occupied Iraq, that things have been getting better (that is if you are a recovering cocaine addict as is our current head of state). Otherwise, such an assertion would be fatuous. Every since major military operations ended in Iraq some four years ago, we have still been conducting major military operations. Not to mention, inconsistent and running water, electricity and high unemployment was unheard of prior to our invasion and is now a daily reality for some 70 to 80 percent of the Iraqi populous.

Add to that the fact that the government we installed is basically dissolved, with leading figures such as Judge Radhi al-Radhi, who ran the Public Integrity Commission set up by Paul Bremer recently resigned due to death threats (a fortune for him since a substantial number of politicians we have installed have already been killed).

We were told that the troop surge was supposed to reduced the insurgency and create an environment for a democratic government to function. Instead, it has gotten worse, with almost 4000 troops to date loosing their lives, another 20,000 wounded and now there are recent reports of a cholera epidemic in the North of the country that is heading down stream. All of this, 7 years after 911.

The President and his assorted collection of puppets still say we are making progress. Which indicates to me that his only strategy for the country is to leave office and have the mess there for another administration or more to clean up.
This if such is the case, it means that his plan has only fostered Sunni extremism, an environment ripe for sectarian and civil conflict and more than 1000 attacks on US forces weekly. Truth is we destroyed Iraq and do not even care nor count the number of Iraqi civilians that have been killed or wounded. Yep, we are making progress – progress toward being the most hated country in all of the Arab world.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kicking In Doors

Main, it is getting rough out this camp. In the last month, I have heard stories from several of my boys about folks bum rushing cribs in Southwest Fulton County down her in the ATL. One of my folks say his boy was in the house when a crew of four bussed in the door and started running through his crib. Since he was home they scatted out with the quickness. Another associate of mine had his car stolen and the crew was using his car to do more jobs.

Many of them are young boys with no respect or no remorse, figuring its best to be gangsta and take another person stuff as opposed to work for it. Not to mention, there have been crews hitting Big Lots, CVs’s and fast food joints. They are so brash that on camera they have been caught wearing the same thing – white T’s and Atlanta Braves caps. Add to the mix, the recent increase in stealing ATM machines by dragging them out with trucks and with fork lifts, seems as if no young brother desires to earn a living unless it is by doing dirt for quick hard cash.

Yep the kicking in doors left and right up in this camp. I just hope they don’t get to my end of the county. Cause I heard there have been several home invasions in my city of Palmetto. All I got to say is two things: 1] It mean what it says when they read the tresspassers will be shot sign and 2] I got enough land to bury them and their car – some folks don’t call 911.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


You are the light of earth
The light of life
Love in a chalice as wide as earth
the elegant solstice of your simper
Smiles at me like the sun in june
A tuned to the image I see
That sparkle stars in your eyes
For this single request
To judge my actions
What I do that is good
The sacrifice made from this heart
A mere effort certification forever
Allowing for the craddling of my passion
My affection
To share me, all of me, all I can offer
All I can give
For I see magic in your eyes
And I have waited and wanted forever for you
So come to me
And you will find out
Until the end of time
I will give you everything
For the heart I saved
Awaits for you
Your body like an open room
Your breast like ripened fruits
Perhaps in time
I see as it passes now
If I touch this
It will exist beyond my words

the last poem from anonymous guest (publication date march 2008)

Monday, September 03, 2007

down 4 life

Main, Jones, main, a nigga love music. Was raised on music, from Memphis main, home of Beale Street, Old Hernando, Sunbeams Hotel, Stax records, Issac hayes and Three six mafia. So Jones, main, a nigga love music main.

I realized that after I had my interview with
Shorty-Lo, his album coming out in a few, and him and Born Immaculate, just as Lil Mark, Short Greg, Fabo and the Legendary Mook B, and I go way back. While I was there, D4L studio on Bankhead, I also ran into some more of my folk - Shorty B. Legendary Musician in old school mode play 16 instruments, was the bassiest for Rare Essence and reknown eastside Oakland Hustler. In fact I meet him through my folk , reknown in his on regard from the Westside of Oakland-lol. He still loked the same. He had his right eye shot out traping back in the day, I mean when i met jones in 1990.

But I was thinking, cause I asked and really told
Born and Lo that they had mentored a lot of folk. I mean they used to recored in My studio in 1988, back then when Mook was in the county (Harris county - old projects across from what is now Morehouse Statidum and Borned had a Warehouse down the street from me on Walker Street). Being the diplomate he is, Born said "I aint gone call no names God, but they know who the are." So I speculated, Parlee, Frannchise Boys, Young Ralph, Yola, and Shop Boyz among others-many others. Humility is still represented in the streets, at least by my folk. DJ Scream was in that joint too .
And then he said, but their will never be another sameblackmuthafucka - savagebeastmonsta. So I smiled, knowning that he knew our music was ground breaking. Then he added Fabo think he you. I fell out laughing. But like I said whats up, i loved kicking it with my folks, But is it me or the world, Shop Boyz funky for real though no doubt. But aint nothing wrong with giving props, I mean sound like Dougie Fresh to me - "Only play this at night", which sounds like the theme from Fantasim to me. But they my folk, and we go back, thats whay they call themselves Down 4 Life. Get Shorty's new joint - them yola and Kool ace joints slammin'.