Tuesday, September 26, 2006

had a great time this weekend

judged a model contest for nu-south lemonade
my boy is the owner - good lookin Huissen border="0" />

It was at my boys house, he had fun too
And I met Charita - she say she a model
u make the call - she said shed like to kick it with me -i said cool and went and got another plate

i think lil momma here was on that diva juice - 1st runner upI was in by 1215am - even after the party

at Lawyer Milloy's House

Funkadelic is my favorite group

Friday, September 08, 2006

my list

I have been told i am a hard man to please. but i only ask for a few things and they are as follows, do I ask for too much ladies?

1] Unconditional appreciation after a hard days work
2] Occasionally surprises like dropping me off a bag lunch at work,

or having lunch with me without me asking
3] A home cooked meal at least twice a week.
4] Being on call for me all the time as I am with you
5] Letting me taste that cat when I want too,
6] equality/fairness and no double standards
7] Treat me with the respect I show and treat you.
8] iniating sex sometimes instead of saying lets do it – try arousing me first sometimes
9] oral sex without condom – that you iniate
10] letting me know honestly how you feel
11] taking showers together
12] reraining from calling me stupid and saying fuck you
13] showing me you love me as opposed to using words with out actions

is this so much, i only need pig ears and neckbones about 6 to 8 times a yr
and i left them off, as well as the hot water corn bread.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dear momma

What have you been doing in terms of raising your daughters? Have you been able to love and appreciate them unconditionally? Have you been able to show them how to love themselves first over other things? Have you shown them what it means to be a wife and a mother? I have been contemplating these questions for sometime now. It seems as if nowadays, the example of wife and mother are scarce in the lives of our young women and girls. I know that this problem exists among men also, but this time I just want to address the mothers with daughters.

This summer, Six Flags was the spot my son wanted to occasionally chill, but each time I picked him up I noticed that almost all of the girls (ages 12 and up) dressed like tramps and tricks. Tight shorts, jeans so low they showed their panties, and most of them were wearing G-strings and thongs and were proud to show them off.

So what are their mothers teaching them? Is it that money is the route to happiness? Is it that a man’s purpose is to buy them expensive shoes and purses and spend excessive amounts of money on them void of love and respect? Is it that we teach them to appreciate their bodies more so than their minds so they can desire to be strippers, gold diggers, groupies or video dames? We need to answer these questions before appreciation of the material supercedes appreciation and adoration of one’s self. On the surface, it appears as if the priority of young women is to become familiar with the ins and outs of the entertainment industry and money in order to capitalize on a man’s potential more so than the task of developing their own potential.

Momma, what is going on? I am a man who was raised to look after women, especially mine. As a man I am compelled by the instilled responsibility. What’s desired more than a gold-digging, misguided woman is a partner, a helpmate and a woman who respects and loves her family. A woman that exemplifies the God-given grace that dwells in her and exudes a love for who people are, instead of what they have. Mothers should aspire to raise some of them.
--torrance stephens