Thursday, December 23, 2010

sex and violence US military style

Obama's Poland

A few years ago on an August day, a pact was made between the United States and Poland to deploy US made ‘interceptor missiles’ on Polish soil. Althought it was implemented under the penumbra of protecting European NATO allies from a Russian nuclear attack a move that some considered to be a dangerous move towards nuclear war.

The US also planned to deploy a radar in the Czech Republic as part of this missile defense system as part of a US-controlled missile shield for Europe and North America. In theory it is to protect us and western nations from so-called potential "rogue states," such as Iran but the real deal is Russia.

This is why START is so important for the Obama administration. A while back Russian President Vladimir Putin exposed the shallowness of the US propaganda line by offering a startled President Bush that Russia would offer the US use of Russian leased radar facilities in Azerbaijan on the Iran border to far better monitor Iran missile launches. The Bush Administration simply ignored the offer, exposing that their real target is Russia. In addition The signing of the agreement may lesson tensions between Russia and NATO and reduce the probability of a brand new Cold War arms race in Theory.

Obama backs missile defense too but has cancelled plans to station an anti-ballistic missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic. Obama’s foreign policy adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski and his foreign policy team in addition to father Zbigniew Brzezinski, includes Brzezinski’s son, Ian Brzezinski, current US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Affairs. Ian Brzezinski - all supporters of US missile defense policy.

It was just last year that Obama said he was not going to go with the Bush plans in Poland. But how quickly things change. Refusing to continue the Bush era propsal is what maybe got the deal signed with Russia in the first place - a deal that was signed in April. What is for certain are the comments by Czech Prime minister Jan Fischer, who has indicated that Obama said the US was suspending efforts in Poland but did not give any specific reason.

How quickly do things change. Obama has flip-flopped, in order to the the START treat signed, he has now agreed to continue with Bush's proposed US-controlled missile shield in Europe. Less than 2 weeks ago President Barack Obama committed the United States to "basing land-based SM-3 interceptors in Poland in the 2018 timeframe as part of its NATO" - wide missile defense system in a joint statement with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski when he came to the White House,

They said that detractors of the New START Treaty disagree with the Preamble of the Treaty which contains the following statement, but it seems that Obama has had the last word, getting it passed and all he had to do was give the GOP what Bush desired - a missile defense system in Poland designed to keep an eye on Rusia more so than North Korea and Iran.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy birthday to me

although i don't recall
i was told i was brought home
on the bus in the worst blizzard
ever in Memphis history
that is what is said
of this child of monday night football
both the end and start of generations
the time of milk toast for breakfast
cane syrup and skeleton key's
four television stations
and family
screen doors that opened and closed with the same screech
followed by "stay in or stay out"
and red skelton on sunday night
same time the real world
truly was black and white.
seeing a city burn when a king was assisinated
and sneaked in to hospitals
in colonial bread trucks
while national guards said
not to play in my front yard
encyclopedias were google
wearing seat belts was not the law
and the nation led the world
in math and science
when musicians read and wrote music
and wore belts around their waist
nothing was wasted
especially time and common sense
over-road non sense
for my teachers taught my parents
and had me in check with fan belts
but last I checked
i turned out to be a man
and it was a good thing
sundries with big clear cookie jars
with large red tops in front
and meat cutters in back
selling souse, bologna, liver cheese
and pig feet
i don't know but i was told
i was brought home
on the bus in the worst blizzard
ever in Memphis history
that is what is said

Friday, December 17, 2010

Information is the currency of democracy

Last I heard the United States was supposedly a bastion of democracy. You know freedom of expression, speech, information and religion. But it seems that only is consistent and true when expression, speech and religion is in support of the United Sates.

I find it strange that the principles that we as a nation promote that make us different and stand out, that the rest of the world - namely democracy, and what we fight for in other places is really just a willy nilly catch phrase. It is OK for us to put and plant what we think and call democracy in places like Iraq and Afghanistan - even if folk do not want such or even if we fail. But when other folk use our idealistic tendencies it becomes sacrilegious.

Last I heard the United States was supposedly a bastion of democracy. You know freedom of expression, speech, information and religion. But it seems that only is consistent and true when expression, speech and religion is in support of the United Sates.

I find it strange that the principles that we as a nation promote that make us different and stand out, that the rest of the world - namely democracy, and what we fight for in other places is really just a willy nilly catch phrase. It is OK for us to put and plant what we think and call democracy in places like Iraq and Afghanistan - even if folk do not want such or even if we fail. But when other folk use our idealistic tendencies it becomes sacrilegious.

Our "imperial arrogance" asserts I guess, that the only folks with rights to a free and pen society are us and no one else. We have the audacity to proclaim being open, democratic and proponents of the free sharing of information unless it pertains to information of ours. Then we become the incarnate of Mussolini and fascism. Expression is obviously OK except for the Internet. Why? I cannot answer, but i can say we use our power to make private enterprises including Paypal and and master card to control what the supreme courts have considered expression as well - money, when anything we disagree with is cited or revealed. It is just ridiculous, the greatest democracy in the world asking for an Internet site to be shut down and its owner killed or jailed for sharing information that he did not steal.

How quick we are to reference Thomas Jefferson but forget it was he who wrote “Information is the currency of democracy." I just find it two-faced to say on the one hand we are a Nation of liberty and freedom yet on the other hold freedom of the Internet as being completely different. Even condemning China for their censorship but we espouse the same behavior and practice from a governmental locution regarding Wikileaks. Common sense tells me that if one condemns wikileaks we have to do the same with the New York Times and other web sites.

Freedom in the US is a myth. This is the only postulate that can be contrived from this entire wikileaks fiasco. Such is even more convoluted when we have no laws to even assert criminal behavior on the web sites owners behalf outside of an outdated 1917 espionage act that deals with maps.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Credit Cards At Risk from High-Tech Pickpockets


No African Americans in US Senate - Again

The November 2010 midterm elections did a little more than bring in a new wave of Republicans under the Tea Party banner and removed Democratic incumbents from office. It also ushered in a new age reminiscent of the Senate after Reconstruction.

Unfortunately, what has also occurred is that the United States Senate will not have a single member who is African American.

All three black senatorial candidates, Kendrick Meek, D-Fla.; Alvin Greene, D-S.C.; and Mike Thurmond D-Ga., lost in November and the only one serving presently, Roland Burris, D-Ill.; is retiring after a scandal regarding how he obtained the seat.

"This is a matter of national importance.There are no African Americans in the Senate, and I don't think that anyone, any U.S. senator who's sitting in the Senate right now, want to go on record to deny one African American from being seated in the U.S. Senate. I don't think they want to go on record doing that," said Congressman Bobby Rush, D-Ill., of threats to not seat Burris two years ago.

In recent decades, there have been six black senators including three Republicans and three Democrats. Barack Obama was only the third black senator to serve since Reconstruction. The other two were

The November 2010 midterm elections did a little more than bring in a new wave of Republicans under the Tea Party banner and removed Democratic incumbents from office. It also ushered in a new age reminiscent of the Senate after Reconstruction.

Unfortunately, what has also occurred is that the United States Senate will not have a single member who is African American.

All three black senatorial candidates, Kendrick Meek, D-Fla.; Alvin Greene, D-S.C.; and Mike Thurmond D-Ga., lost in November and the only one serving presently, Roland Burris, D-Ill.; is retiring after a scandal regarding how he obtained the seat.

"This is a matter of national importance.There are no African Americans in the Senate, and I don't think that anyone, any U.S. senator who's sitting in the Senate right now, want to go on record to deny one African American from being seated in the U.S. Senate. I don't think they want to go on record doing that," said Congressman Bobby Rush, D-Ill., of threats to not seat Burris two years ago.

In recent decades, there have been six black senators including three Republicans and three Democrats. Barack Obama was only the third black senator to serve since Reconstruction. The other two were Carole Moseley Braun and Edward Brooke.

Hiram Rhoades Revels and Blanche K. Bruce, both from Mississippi, were the only two black senators elected in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War.

Obama's election may have been a major breakthrough for racial politics in America. But we still are very much underrepresented if represented at all in the U.S. Senate, since it is almost 2011 and no African American serves within its halls

Hiram Rhoades Revels and Blanche K. Bruce, both from Mississippi, were the only two black senators elected in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War.

Obama's election may have been a major breakthrough for racial politics in America. But we still are very much underrepresented if represented at all in the U.S. Senate, since it is almost 2011 and no African American serves within its halls

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shannon's Release show winning more inportant than Academics

People show their true colors via the simplest of ways. Take for example the educational system, or rather downfall of the educational system in America. A new study was just released looking at math, science and reading competency among 15 year olds around the world. The study was based on two-hour tests of 500,000 15-year-old schoolchildren by the OECD in 65 countries. Results showed that the Fifteen-year-olds in the U.S. ranked 25th among peers from 34 countries on a math test and scored in the middle in science and reading, while China’s Shanghai topped the charts, raising concern that the U.S. isn’t prepared to succeed in the global economy.

We all have a major concern about this in voice but in fact our actions show otherwise, and with the case of the recent firing of University of Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon, graduating students is not as important as winning.

The disparity between black and white NCAA Division I football players has historically been a problem. It is also evident that this situation is not improving, but getting worse. The annual report by the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports indicated that the graduation success rate is increasing at a higher rate for white players than black players.

According to the primary author of the study, Richard Lapchick, the gap is like “the economy, if income for Latinos and African Americans grows at 2 percent but increases 3 percent for whites. Yes, it's getting better. But it's still not great for everybody."

The data was collected by the NCAA from each member institution. The Institute reviewed the six-year graduation rates for each school's freshman class that enrolled in 2003-04 in an effort to produce a four-class average. The findings also suggested that 57 schools had graduation success rates of 66 percent or higher for white football players. This was approximately three times the number schools with equivalent graduation success rates for black football players. Notre Dame and Northwestern were the only schools that graduated 95 percent of their players and at least 95 percent of their black players.

Although it has been suggested that getting more minorities in administrative positions such as head coaches and athletic directors may serve to improve these numbers, this has yet to manifest in a culture where winning is more important than graduating African American athletes. Using the example of former University of Miami head coach Randy Shannon, calls for his resignation have been occurring since the start of the season although he had inked a four-year contract. They grew even louder after his loss to Florida State and having a 5 and 3 record.
The fact is that graduation rates are not as important as winning in the NCAA. I'll bet if Shannon had finished 11 and 1, and had as many players in trouble with the law as Florida’s Urban Meyer or Georgia’s Mark Richt, he would still be coach, regardless of his players' graduation rates. Unfortunately, having the third highest graduation rate in the nation is not as important as winning a game or knowing how to read.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Deficit Reduction Plan Takes from Poor and middle class to reward the wealthy

It is an unfortunate truth that a sizable number of African Americans are seemingly more interested in whether T.I is going to prison again, or Mike Vick’s great performance against the Washington Redskins, or in Tyler Perry’s brutal dissection of Ntozake Shange’s play, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf, than they are in the economy. President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform revealed a recent plan to reduce the national deficit. Unlike most people, I have just finished reading the proposal and the way I read it, the deficit is the least of its targets when compared to cutting taxes for the ultra wealthy.

The guiding principle of the proposal is not to reduce the deficit, but rather to establish an upper limit on revenue — not lower. The obvious point agreed upon by the Democrats, Republicans and other members of the commission is tax cuts for the rich.

Case in point, the proposed tax cuts obviate mortgage interest and health benefits deductibles — things that the middle class and lower economic groups depend on. Yet, all gained from these tax cuts. From my reading and interpretation the tax cuts will be used to reduce the top marginal and corporate tax rates. So, in essence the breaks that regular folks receive will currently result in larger breaks for the wealthy, who do not need them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a socialist, but rather a pragmatist who understands basic math.

Another example is the proposed increase in the retirement age for Social Security. The commission has suggested that the age to be eligible to receive social security be raised to 69, in line with the increase in life expectancy of U.S. citizens. The problem is that most Americans do not have jobs where they sit on their ‘azzez’ all day. Not to mention that African Americans and minorities, for example, have a life expectancy less than the current age for retirement under Social Security. Which, in turn, means that to expect someone to work more years labor-intensive job than somebody like a politician, who sits on their butt behind a desk, is just foul! The truth is that the rich and wealthy live longer and they don’t need Social Security for a safety net.

No way in the world is the work of a garbage man, teacher, janitor or day laborer as easy as an executive, banker or Wall Street lawyer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Tale of 2 Quaterbacks

As you read this, especially if you are a fan of football, you may be still marveling at the gridiron feat composed by one Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles against the Washington Redskins. It was indeed a work of art comparable to Tchaikovsky’s Overture of 1812, Prince playing each of the 16 instruments used to make his first album at age 16 or martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail. His six touchdown sonata included 300 yards in the air and an astonishing five touchdown drives in a row to begin the game.

Unfortunately, as opposed to pronouncing this historical accomplishment on its own merits, the America I live in as expressed via commentary, prefers to couple this even with his past of dog fighting and incarceration (that serviced his criminal debt) albeit more than two years past. I find this strange and have asked the question why this is so? Yes, Vick did commit a crime and he also paid for it, but in comparison, Pittsburg Steelers’ Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, seems to have been given a pass although his iniquities have occurred during the current year and are recurrent. I did not hear one mention of his problem behaviors during the Steelers beat down by New England this past Sunday Night. But for Vick, it is a continuous theme.

I suspect that the main reason why Vick is always discussed with his past and Roethlisberger is not, is rooted in the fabric of American history. In America, African descendents have always been considered less than white people and even equated to livestock in the US constitution. Consequently, dogs were regarded in higher esteem by whites than slaves or the African Americans trough the times of Jim Crow up until the civil rights movement – maybe this is why dogs were released on protesters during that period. Thus it would not be unreasonable to assert that Mike Vick and what he represents humanly is not as important or valuable as a dog to many. Likewise, that it is more heinous to fight and kill a dog than molest, assault or have forcible sex with women- in particular under-aged college girls, with GBI documented bodily fluids of her alleged attacker.

Now I may be wrong but my recollection of history is not. America has always saluted rapist, drug addicts and other sultry types if they were of European descent. Thomas Jefferson (who raped his slaves), Rush Limbaugh (drug addict), Andrew Jackson (Indian killer) and now Ben Roethlisberger.

I guess it is easier for folks to speak about redemption and forgiveness than it actually is to do such. Folk just need to get off Vick’s phallus, but I know they will not, for they do not desire to see him as the MVP and in their mind he will always be behind Tom Brady, Matt Ryan and even Ben Roethlisberger; for he will never have blond hair or blue eyes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GOP More Concerned With Obama than China Passing US

Since the Democratic party took an old-fashioned butt whipping from the GOP during the midterm elections, one can only assume that their “just say no” mantra and incessant attacks on President Obama and his administration will not only continue, but might even accelerate and become more pointed.

As a result, we should all be on guard for the Republican-dominated Congress, along with the assistance of Fox news and other right-wing extremist groups, to ask for investigations into the fledgling Obama administration. If this speculation is true, then there are several areas for certain that the GOP will likely target over the next few years.

First, based on what has already transpired over the past two years, it is clear that Representatives Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Lamar Smith R-Texas, will likely lead the charge. Both have been attacking the Obama administration since day one through often strange and bizarre press releases. Now after this past Tuesday, the actually have some pull, since they will most probably become the chairs of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the House Judiciary Committee, respectively. And what does this mean; it means that they now have the power to subpoena presidential staff and appointees. But what will they investigate?

Well, based on all of the attention Attorney General Eric Holder received for not investigating the New Black Panther Party, one should expect to see a monumental government waste of money on this. The Obama administration decided to limit the scope of the civil case and the Department of Justice was strongly criticized by the GOP for dropping the case against some of the members of the party. Then there will also be some interest in how the administration dealt with the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Issa has made it clear that he had some major issues with how the president handled the natural disaster, stating that the Obama was more concerned about his image than the oil spill.

Whatever happens, it will be very interesting. It won’t be a surprise if they decide to hold hearings on his religious beliefs or whether he was truly born in America. So the question is, how long will it take for the Republican-led House to start investigating the Obama administration?

If they do, it will show me just how stupid the GOP and worse, how much they hate America. For if they were competent and loved this great country, they would focus on the nation and not politics. It is as if they cannot see how China is running around us like the Roadrunner. China has the world's longest network of high-speed rail, giving China more high-speed rail tracks than the rest of the world put together. But Republicans don’t see this and say stupid things like they do not want high speed rail. That is what the Governors-elect of Wisconsin (Scott Walker) and Ohio (John Kasich) said during their campaigns. This has also been a point made by Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., the committee's ranking GOP member, who said that he believes high-speed trains are a good idea, doesn’t agree with the projects selected by the Transportation Department for funding. Other idiots include New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Florida, Governor-elect Rick Scott.

Republicans have shown they are the party of no, but now they are the party of China, doing all they can to make certain the pass us by as number one in the world as soon as they can.

Monday, November 15, 2010

There is a hole in the economy

It gets me as to how folks can propound on the esoteric meaning of nothing in the world of economics. Especially here in America, were we hear how to solve problems with solutions that do neither have method nor definition. All reminds me of an Island song I would hear harry Belafonte sing when I was a child growing up, “There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza.” If ever was there a need of a song to be remixed, it should be this one and the word bucket should be replaced with economy.

What is their not to see? It seems that politicians, albeit not very good in math as most Americans, want to make this a complex issue and act as if the solutions are massive and difficult – for lack of a better phrase, as if we are talking about Calculus or differential equations. Unfortunately it is not that complex and really a function of basic, simple, remedial math – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

The simple truth is that the way we are going economically is unsustainable. We are borrowing as a nation more than one-third of what we spend. I mean, let me put it another way. We as a nation, the United States, are spending $3 for every $2 we are bringing in the form of GDP.

It is also infelicitous that our political leaders know this and don’t or won’t tell us or worse, they do not know or understand the rusticism of the situation at hand themselves. For if they did they would do something and stop pointing fingers at each other. If they do not, you can best believe that the global capital markets will do it for us and like at the G20, we will not be in a position to do anything about it. We see what has happened in London, with students marching against the conservative political leadership, or last year in Greece with protesters in the streets or even this year in France. Don’t sleep it can happen here also.

But what is more troubling and scary to me is that if the Government, regardless of political affiliation does not see on the horizon what I fear, and that is a collapse in the bond market. I mean if the US is a company, with a massive debt problem plus $12 trillion and counting, with all these nations like China holdings of dollar-denominated short-term U.S. securities, including Treasury bills, and other custody liabilities, and the feds drop $600 billion into circulation, the value of the dollar may drop.

If this happens then it would not surprise me if foreign governments no longer want long-term US debt and will dump all the bonds on the markets if interest rates rise from current lows. This is not as farfetched as one may think given what has just occurred in Ireland and soon maybe in Portugal.

Politicians, there is a hole in the bucket. We have a sovereign debt crisis and all yawl do is point fingers at each other. We see that neither the Bush Tax Cuts, nor Obama’s massive spending have not worked. Regardless, something needs to be done now before it is too late, and it must entail at looking at entire projects and not bits and pieces. For inaction, may take our jobless rate up like Greece while they are trying to tackle their deficit. Maybe we could learn something from the difficulty they face now trying to restore fiscal soundness to their economic policy – naw, that would be too simple, instead we pass the buck, a borrowed buck at that,.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Constipated Now Nows

While many of us continue our habitual over zealous consumption of stuff and things of no real economic value, two events have occurred since the November mid-term election that may be of critical economic importance regarding the future of America, three if one includes the proposal presented this week by President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

The first was the announcement by the U.S. Federal Reserve this week of $600 billion of extra money being put in the economy. Specifically they will use the loot created out of thin air and computer virtual reality to buy $600 billion of long-term Treasury bonds (about $75 billion a month) through March 2011. They call this “quantitative easing.” In theory, this can be defined as a willy nilly, hocus pocus way to promote a stronger pace of economic growth and recovery. By my math, in addition to the pronouncement made by the New York Federal Reserve Bank to reinvest maturing mortgage securities owned by the Fed in Treasury bonds, that projects to approximately $900 billion of Federal bond purchases in the next six months or almost half the loot issued to finance this year's federal deficit.

The second is the meeting of the G-20 in South Korea. We know that most of the attention during this meeting will be directed towards the global economy. Particularly, monetary and currency policy and international trade. This will be an up hill battle for the US, since most of what we see that is jacked-up economically is our fault. I mean since the time of Nixon, we as a nation encouraged all of this, when we decided to get cheap stuff abroad via Chinese, Vietnamese and Latin American labor and taking the dollar off the gold standard.

Yes, once upon a time there was a gold standard in which the monetary unit is a fixed weight of gold. This came about via the Bretton Woods agreement put in place after World War II, allowing several countries to base their exchange rates to the U.S. dollar. But like I said previously, this ended in 1971 when President Richard Nixon ended the dollar-gold peg, leading to what we have now - floating exchange rates. Even stranger is that at this time, Alan Greenspan, who arrived in Washington in 1967, as a campaign advisor to Richard Nixon, wanted to reshape the economic landscape of America via deregulate, But I digress.

The China/US relationship is a clear example of what I am trying to say. They have pegged their currency to the dollar, which keeps the value of the Yuan artificially low, thus giving them the ability to flood the US market with cheap products. The consequence was that it gave China the ability to use the dollars they earned to buy US debt, which let us live way above our incomes. Unfortunate for us, this created a trade imbalance between the two nations, growing dollar reserves in China and creating a trade surplus (just as what we see with Germany).

Chinese dollar reserves currently are estimated at about $2 trillion. If the Feds puts too much money into circulation, these reserves may be devalued. And if China isn’t happy, and their value is decreased because the dollar is reduced in strength by the Feds actions, a trade war and a worldwide recession would not be far fetched as a probably outcome. Funny thing is we complain about china keeping the value of the Yuan fixed, but the actions the US central bank is doing by flooding billions in the world market, is the same thing, only via monetary policy.

What the federal Reserve has done is to take more risk with respect to our economy, an untested risk, which could not have come at a more dangerous time globally for the US. Banks already have about $3 trillion in cash, they just are hoarding as opposed to lending or spending. Thus such actions seems to increase the risks of higher inflation sooner than latter, especially now since the places we used to get cheap labor from is outcompeting us and holding our economic growth stagnant.

Now, other wealthy nations are super critical of the US economic policy as were of theirs 30 years ago, with the clout being on their side now. Especially the German and Chinese with respect to the Feds actions and overall macroeconomic policies. I just don’t get it, what will buying bonds do to encourage job creation? We still spend too much. On December 31, 2010, the Obama stimulus package, will end and thing will really be up in the air.

I do not know what the end game will be but I can say from our actions at home and our buddies around the world. And on the real the U.S. needs to generate at least a million plus jobs annually to keep up with new workers entering the job market alone. From the actions of the G20 summit there are several things we see. First is obvious, that no one wants to be in any paper currency. This may be why a former banker at Goldman Sachs and deputy secretary of state under George H. W. Bush, suggested a return to a modified gold standard. Second, that we are not in a position to tell other nations how large of a surplus or deficit they can run. And last, Unfortunately neither individual folk or our government have learned anything from the last 6 to 10 years of economic disarray. It is very obvious that folks still think and behave the same and still have not taken responsibility and just spend as much loot as they brought in – Governments included. Foir even with this second round of “quantitative easing," Amercia sure feels constipated to me. And may require Funkadelic - Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aryan and white nationalist Group wants to send blacks back to Africa

Historically, the “back-to-Africa” movement, which sought to encourage the descendants of displaced Africans throughout the world to return to their homeland, was championed by African people living in America. Activist Marcus Garvey was one of the main advocates of such a vehicle for self determination and community empowerment.

Today, a Maryland-based organization has started the "Motherland Project,” a movement designed to encourage African Americans to leave the United States and return to Africa. Founded in 2003, the Center for Perpetual Diversity advocates preserving the white race through racial segregation. Their slogan is "Save Europe" and the first sentence of their mission statement reads, "Native Europeans are in grave danger of becoming extinct in the future. Actual extinction may still be hundreds of years away, but the point of no return may be reached in the next 10 years. If nothing is done, soon it will be too late."

Interestingly, the group supports contemporary back-to-Africa rhetoric. In fact, leaders share that it will actively seek grant money to assist in relocating African Americans. To my recollection, this is the first time that a white power/supremacist group has taken such an approach. Now, this isn’t to say that they want what’s best for African Americans or Africa. On the organization’s website, founder James Schneider calls African Americans a "retrograde species of humanity."

Supposedly, the project is run by an African American woman. Contact information on the website says that those interested in the project should contact the director of CPD's Motherland Project, Sharity Ross-Petit, at (301) 792-5810 -- when I called, the number wasn’t working. The organization has posted a so-called picture of Ross-Petit, 52, standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Given the history of such white supremacist organizations in America and the increased fervor with which Aryan and white nationalism has contrived over the past two years, I’m highly skeptical of such claims. Especially when CPD’s website suggests to white women that "you must never let a Negro get you in a place where nobody can see you. The nicest Negro will suddenly turn into a raving madman when he is alone with you and does not get what he wants."

Don't believe me? You make the call.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Football, Hypocrisy and Cam Newton

One of the best books on sports I ever read was William Rhoden’s “Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete.” In the book, he provides a lucidly terse commentary, backed by historical occurrence, that the African American athlete and today’s sports industry are equally comparable to the slave and plantation respectively. More specifically, that the industry of sports today, whether professional or amateur, is no different than that of the slave era plantation, which was exclusively distinguished by white ownership and African American labor.

Some would argue against such but I would say his premise is on point, in particular with respect to the hypocrisy being evinced regarding precarious allegations directed toward Cam Newton. I have wondered, since the New York Times and ESPN ran with the story of him taking money “supposedly from a no name former quarterback,” what was the reason for doing so? It was strange because it happened after Auburn beat LSU and became the number one team in the land, albeit for a week. Now all of a sudden records from the University of Florida have been released regarding allegations that Newton once cheated while in college. Again, I can’t understand this, unless the University of Florida and Florida football head coach Urban Meyer have something to do with this. It would not surprise me since Newton was first enrolled at the University of Florida.

Now it seems that the mainstream writers and the coaches alike are doing what they normally do to African American athletes who are successful, or considered recalcitrant. But what can I expect; the proclaimed legendary Pop Warner, Coach of Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School threw Thorpe under the bus when he didn’t want to play football for him, causing him to have his Olympic gold medals to be taken away. Pop Warner lied and said he had no knowledge, when he did and knew that Thorpe would gross him $10,000 each game he played.

Folk the likes of Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens, and Willie Mays knew of this environment. Mays even told his God son Barry Bonds to look after himself because baseball didn’t care. As was evident when they looted the negro leagues for more talented players for less than half the price, the same way they do Latin American players now. Barry Bonds as a result of his attitude and his purported cheating via steroids use may not make it to the Hall of fame, when he deserves and more obvious cheaters like Gaylord Perry and Whitey Ford have.

A say all this just to question the dynamics of sports, what is it that would make some suggest that Mike Vick less than a quarterback than Matt Ryan, or that Cam Newton, although a greater physical specimen, is not as smart a quarterback as Tim Tebow or Kellen Moore? I cannot answer these but It does strike me as strange that all of this attention, albeit it unsubstianted, directed toward Cam Newton, ironically happens prior to his race for the Heisman Trophy and National Championship chase. Maybe it is just me or maybe there is truly a level of unprecedented hypocrisy in college and professional sports – God forbid you use the R-word, for the reality is this is what Black kids who show exceptional athletic talent should expect.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Black male and Gay: Reality TV or castration

Historically, African Americans — especially males — have been portrayed in a multitude of stereotypical caricatures. The noted author Sterling Brown studied and wrote about this extensively, with respect to the images of African American men in literature.

In the past it was playing roles like Uncle Tom and Buckwheat or as Brown wrote "a harmless eunuch who could be tolerated if he accepted that role or the raging beast who could be killed without conscience if he did not."

During Sterling Brown's time, in the Harlem Renaissance era, the daily image of the African male was one who wore torn and ragged clothes and oversized baggy pants. Thus, over the years males have developed a psyche best seen through the psychologically emasculation of our personal image and self-concept.

It is no wonder that white men would lynch and castrate African American men from slavery through the modern era. This trend is continued today in the images created by white and blacks that we see inordinately on television and the wide screen. If you have not noticed, there are a large number of men playing gay roles and even cross-dressing.

This group of characters is way more visible on television and more popular than positive heterosexual images of African American fathers on shows slotted for prime time.

In the '90s, cross-dressing characters played by Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx were hugely popular.

The sketch comedy show “In Living Color” ratcheted things up another notch with a skit titled, Men on Film, in which Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier played extremely effeminate flaming gay men named Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather.

Since that time, new gay characters with prominent roles can be found on network and cable television.

“Noah's Arc” is about the lives of four black gay friends and even shows intimate relations between many of the characters.

Then there is Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model" show, which features J. Alexander, a man that looks and dresses like a woman and even walks around in high heel shoes. Miss J. as shim is called, is a judge on the show and a runway coach.

Not even gangsters are safe. In the HBO hit series “The Wire,” Michael K. Williams, who plays Omar Little, a drug-dealing thief, plays the role of a homosexual. The character has even had several boyfriends.

It appears that there is an overt and focused attempt by Hollywood to place more African American men in the role of gay men. Why is this? Is it a result of the history of how the majority has treated African American men as outlined in the many writings of Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison? Or is it an extension of the practices promulgated during Jim Crow and reconstruction that often saw strong African men hanging from trees with their genitalia cut off and stuffed in their mouths?

Whatever the answer is, it is impossible to separate what we see in Hollywood and on television from the historical truth in America: there is still a movement afoot, through overt and covert means, to emasculate African American men.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Supended sentence

African American males, from elementary school to high school, are struggling academically. This has been confirmed in a new report outlining suspension rates of African American males. According to a national study co-written by Daniel J. Losen, a senior associate at the Civil Rights Project at the University of California Los Angeles, and Indiana University Professor Russell Skiba, there is a growing disparity with respect to the treatment of white and nonwhite students in terms of suspension.

Using U.S. Department of Education data on suspensions, the findings support that black males in middle school are suspended at higher rates than white students. The study also reported that Palm Beach County ranked No. 1 among 18 large, urban school districts nationwide in terms of the frequency with which it suspended black male middle school students in 2006. Fifty-three percent have been suspended at least once. Milwaukee was second with 51 percent. Other cities, including Atlanta, reported suspending more than 35 percent of African American male middle school students during the same time period.

The national sample was comprised of more than 9,000 middle schools. The study also observed that 28.3 percent of black males, on average, were suspended at least once during a school year, This is a rate almost 3 times the 10 percent recorded for white males in middle school. African American females of the same age group were suspended more than four times as often as white females (18 percent vs. 4 percent).

The study suggests that as a result, many African American male students miss valuable class time during the middle school years, a critical period in their academic and social development. The report, titled “Suspended Education: Urban Middle Schools in Crisis,” found that 175 middle schools in these districts suspended more than one-third of their black male students. Eighty-four schools suspended more than half the black males enrolled.

The report confirms what many have suspected for years. In Nashville, Tenn., nine metro middle schools have suspended more than 50 percent of African American males, mainly ages 9 through 12, according to Vanderbilt University psychologist and human development specialist Maury Nation.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

You Big Dummy

Imagine this; Fred Sanford is at home, sitting down listening to the election returns from around the nation on his radio from NPR. Well not really, imagine me at home in the bed listening to the national election results on the radio, after all that’s what amounted for my entertainment last night. All I could say to myself, upon return upon return were Mr. Sanford’s legendary description of his son Lamont “you big dummy.”

It seemed to fit the evening correctly, both in terms of describing the democrats and the Obama administration and the fools who voted the GOP in office around the country by a historic level. In fact not since 1948, when Truman was president have we seen such a large take over of the house by one party. We know what happened nationally, now in the US House of representatives the GOP controls 239 seats, a pick up of 60 and also added 10 gubernatorial seats that they swiped from democrats

But even more troubling is what occurred on the state levels. In Georgia for example, the second Republican governor was elected in a row since 2002. Prior to this Georgia had not had a Republican Governor since Reconstruction. And for your history Buffs that is since Benjamin Conley in 1872, who ironically was one of the persons who assisted in promoting harsh resolutions condemning the state's failure to comply with the Reconstruction Acts of Congress in the organization of the General Assembly in an effort to reseat the colored members, kicked out by democrats.” A former Whig, Conley had opposed secession and retired to his plantation near Montgomery, Alabama, for the duration of the war. On his return to Georgia after the surrender it was natural for him to join the Republicans and to support the congressional plan for Reconstruction.”

But back to my point. In the state house the won 17 seats giving republicans 107 of the 180 seats and in the senate the control 37 of the 56 district senate seats.

Now what caused this? I don’t listen to pundits but I have my own developed postulate on the outcome. Now unlike many I don’t credit this too the Tea (Taxed enough Already) party, and don’t understand how folk, especially black folk can suggest such when they likely don’t even know what the acronym stand for or their beliefs, albeit most of which are rooted in agoraphobic based nativism. But I can say first and foremost is President Obama.

President Obama selfish tendencies and his ethnicity brought this on. Only a fool, taking office after George W. Bush, who inherited an economy in shambles and on the brink of collapse would put health care before Jobs and stabilization of the dollar. I just don’t get it, I mean it seems to be misdirected attention to spend 18 of your first 23 months on passing health care with the way the market and unemployment situation is currently. Moreover, Obama also appointed some foxes (Geitner and Sumners) to run the hen house and allowed the to suggest policy, without critical examination too solve the economic crisis that history tells us would not be able to improve the economy that has taken 20 years to get this bad in a two year period.

All of this has made me prophetic since two years ago I stated that people were blinded by the “Obamafication of America” and we were moving from “Tobe to Joe Six-Pack.” Now the lunatics run the asylum.

Now Obama has to depend on Black folks to keep him in office, since he may loose the Latino electorate since he promised to deal with comprehensive immigration reform in his first year – which he did not, just as he promised to address needle exchange – which he did not.

The tea party is another issue. It seems that they do not understand that one cannot fix an economy as bad as ours in one or two years (idiots). Plus they are dishonest, for if the pundits knew anything and were honest, they would call this election for what it was. No, this is not an anti-incumbent protest vote; it was an anti-democratic incumbent vote. No it was not anti-Obama vote; it was an anti Black man as president vote. Which in summary means that this vote was directed to punish democrats for promoting and getting a black man elected as President.

Black folk if they were smart could learn something from the tea party. Instead of voting democratic without question, and complain about the GOP, if they truly desired change they would join the GOP, and vote for their own kind and once elected form their own political coterie. But requires too much though and many, as I said drank the kool laid – since they were just happy to have a black man as president. See what a vote does, nothing, for America is not a democracy it is a republic – and only land owners make decisions in republics, You big dummy. Now we have a collection of Andrew Jackson’s all over the place and all that is missing now is David Duke. Arizon just passed by a large margin, Prop 107, legislation that bans preferential treatment and discrimination prohibition (Affrimative Action) so the way I see it its on and all down hill from here - thanks for nothing.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Job Loss, USA

Most Americans are keenly aware of the horrible economic state of affairs the country is facing. However, there is a small group of people those with jobs and benefits — who don't think the economic outlook is as bad as some say. In addition, they don't understand that our problems are part of a larger and more systemic global economic problem that is just as impactful as what we experience directly at home. This essay is for such people to inform them of the dramatic changes that may suggest that the economy is not going to improve anytime soon.

On Thursday, Oct. 28, the pharmacy chain operator CVS Caremark announced it will eliminate 300 employees who work in customer support and other operations to reduce corporate costs. These job cuts will affect staffers across the country, but more than half are at the company's customer support center at its headquarters in Woonsocket, R.I.

Astoria, New York-based Home Services Systems Inc., a home care agency that provides 1,900 seniors across the city with personal care services such as feeding, cleaning and bathing, reported it may be forced to and lay off more than 2,000 home attendants by year's end after losing its long-standing contract with the city. The agency filed a notice with the state Labor Department on Oct. 14 that indicated 2,065 employees will be laid off as a result of the contract loss.

On Friday, Oct. 29, a report was leaked regarding plans for a large reduction in the workforce of the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, S.C., by 2012, due to the completion of work under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. An internal memo details a phased workforce restructuring plan that would reduce the workforce by 1,400 employees, through a two-phased involuntary separation plan.

West Penn Allegheny Health System of Pittsburgh, Pa., announced that it also will be laying off employees. Four hundred workers will lose their jobs as part of an ongoing restructuring plan.

And states have had their own share of woes as well. New York Gov. David Paterson said he plans to lay off an additional 898 public employees by the end of the year.

I am just presenting this information to show people that it is bad and may even be getting worse. The sad truth is that this is not reported on television and it is beyond me why it isn’t. We all need to prepare ourselves for the future, because the economy will not be improving anytime soon.

Monday, November 01, 2010

TI and Gucci Mane Celebrated, Mumia Abu Jamal Still Forgotten

It is easy to feel concern, compassion or apathy, about what people openly discuss and talk about frequently — especially in this age of social networking with regards to sights like Twitter and Facebook. I joined Twitter around 2007, but have yet to open a Facebook site. From my perspective, the main benefit is that one can easily share information as well as keep track of events that are provided by news outlets, mostly newspapers that I would otherwise not be able to via a regular medium. However, it does have its negative aspects as well.

Last night, via Twitter, I found out that Atlanta hip-hop artist Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis had been released from jail. Not that it was important, but the interest it attracted and the unexpected joy and veneration with respect to his release was. Personally I could not understand it, but next it dawned on me that these people have never to my knowledge used this medium to gather momentum with respect to another individual in a similar position, Mumia Abu-Jamal.Jamal was a journalist and the founder of the Philadelphia Black Panthers. In 1982, he was convicted and sentenced to death for the alleged killing of a white Philadelphia police officer.

He has been in prison since 1981 and on death row since 1983, for the aforementioned murder of Daniel Faulkner. Prior to that, he was best known for his award winning reporting on police brutality in the city of Philadelphia called “Voice of the Voiceless”.

It appears that our priorities are backwards, giving more attention to Gucci Mane and other rappers who are incarcerated inclusive of T.I., Lil Wayne, than people who actually contribute positively to our community. Neither Lil Wayne nor Gucci Mane could compare to Mumia Abu-Jamal in character, community development or integrity. Yet Mr. Davis, speaking to a group of reporters said "My time in jail was trying, but I grew from it and am now a stronger and better person. I want to continue on a positive track and truly focus on being a role model to my fans and my community."

It is a shame and maybe even a sign of the times when a former president of the Association of Black Journalists and the founding member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Black Panther Party, gets less attention than people who through their music, applaud greed, self-centeredness, materialism and violent self-destructive behavior. Someone please explain, I just cannot not comprehend it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

America: A Nation of Peter Griffin's and Homer Simpson's

Sometimes I wonder what has happened to America. On the one hand you have folk who occupy themselves with celebrity culture and reality television and on the other, extreme zealots that use presupposed intellect to propound lunacy and outright hatred. In either instance, both sides of the above coin redefine idiocy and make it seem like stupidity has replaced suma cum laude.

Now as far as the first side goes, they are just as dangerous as the race baiting, islamaphobic nativist that are on the other end of the continuum and equally as dangerous. They tend to know when Lil Wayne is getting out of prison and how many times Lindsey Lohan has been arrested that who is their representative in the state senate or how to solve a polynomial.

It is this segment of the population mainly responsible for America ranking 26 in the world in math, science and reading comprehension. There book is the music video and they read TMZ and other entertainment blogs as if the information they contained was just as valuable as the Wall Street Journal. They are more apt to spend time in clubs, bars, lenox mall and the local car wash than the PTA, library, or helping their kids do homework.

Unfortunately these folk are not our nations only problem, for on the other end of the spectrum is a cavalcade of ignorance just as appalling. Although rather knowledgeable, this group lacks the ability to lucidly employ reason, problem solve or think critically. They unlike the previous who are oblivious to all outside the entertainment industry and have a penchant to allow fear and the disability of retrograde amnesia with respect to history, to direct their understanding of the world.

It seems these folk hate all that is not reflective of traditional White Anglo Saxon Protestant culture. The hate the current president for several reasons – that he is Black, has a name unlike theirs and that he lives in the Whitehouse. They even compare him to both Hitler and Stalin, while forgetting these two fought against each other in World War 2 and that on the down low, they believe in the racial superiority that Hitler preached. They have a disdain for other ethnic groups and religions for example, like Muslims and immigrants in particularly from Mexico; while confidently forgetting they come from similar origins.

Using the example of Islam, they forget theirs a history of Popes Innocent the III and Gregory IX, who massacred and murdered people, conducted the inquisition against heretics in the name of their one true God and religion – Christianity. Doing the work of a God in their views supported the beheading of non-believers and burning them at the stake. No different than the horrid beliefs of Islamic Sharia Law in my purview regarding infidels.

Or the case of Mexican immigrants, forgetting how they came to these lands without papers, illegally, cutting off heads of the Native Americans who were here before them, murdering women and children in order to steal their land – this too in the name of their white god.

This America I live in is backwards. They pray for TI not to go to prison but let Mumia Abu Jamal rot in prison with no interest. They applaud Thomas Jefferson as a founding father but ignore his documented goal to take without trade, the land of Native Americans and his wish for their extermination. I even just read a piece by John Avlon of the Daily Beast noting that 46 books have been published demonizing President Obama in his first two years of office compared to 6 and 11 for George Bush and Bill Clinton at the same period of their presidencies.

So why? Why is this bivalve of my America in 2010? Took me a while to come to a reasonable conclusion but all I could come up with was that this nation has been reduced to these types of people. One the one side, there are the Homer Simpsons and on the other, the Peter Griffins. The rest of us are in the middle shaking our heads, moving them from left to right as if we are watching a tennis match.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Church by Definition - a place for slaves

Some may perceive that the church, as a bastion of religious humility, would speak out against the violence of perpetuating human bondage and degradation that has historically been inflicted upon the descendants of slaves in America. Throughout the history of Africans in America, from slavery to the present day, one constant has been the impact of religion, especially Christianity, on the physical and mental enslavement of African Americans.

Europe’s advancement into the New World brought colonialism, slavery and imperialism under the guise of Christianity, which according to Sipe Mzimela, is nothing more than variations of European cultures, specifically German (Lutheranism), English (Anglicanism & Methodism), Scottish (Presbyterianism) and the French, Belgian and Portuguese (Catholicism).

Christian missionaries preached all men were equal under the eyes of God, but yet they ridiculed Africans while forcing them to accept their inferior societal status under the “Christian” concept of suffering. History has described this concept as the white man’s burden, for if the Africans did not accept Christianity they were killed.

This is one reason European religions — on behalf of missionaries and religious leaders — facilitated Europe’s occupation of Africa. This is a factual occurrence whether it was the Dutch Reform Church of South Africa, which overtly sanctioned apartheid or the Catholic enterprises at Goree, and continued such on the shores of North America and the new world. Missionaries taught Africans that it was the will and desire of God for them to suffer oppression, discrimination and exploitation.

Up until this day, albeit their are many churches and even African specific denominations such as in the Methodist Church, the same belief orientation exist in mind, practices and teachings of ministers ordained in the christian faith. The simple truth is that there is a historical fact that what is employed to provide salvation has mentally been used to make us slaves. Not to mention that the current state of the church seems to serve the pockets and privilege of the minister more than the flock that they attend to.

As a people it is difficult to refute that the Christianity that many of us practice now was forced upon us by the Dutch, Portuguese, French and English, and that the terms Christian, European, free, and white were synonymous. We can see this linage clearly both in the Scripture and the laws of this great nation as well as the increased visibility of white supremacists and Aryan nationalists cloaked under the guise of Christian identity.

The black church seems to have lost its way over the centuries since many of its teachings, although espoused from biblical origins, often were in contradiction to the state and church it represented. Today, as in past, it is not a bastion of religious humility, but rather a expansive commercial, industrial and financial entity that is devoted to wealth accumulation over the benefit of self-determination, free thinking and personal empowerment of the people it claims to represent.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Is America Trying to Kill Haiti?

In January of this year, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake killed more than 250,000 people in Haiti. Since then the country has been struggling to rebuild and restore infrastructure. The response from the United States was immediate with USAID being charged by President Obama with leading the U.S. government's response to the crisis.

Ten months later many problems remain. More than a million Haitians are still living on the streets between piles of trash and rubble from destroyed buildings. Even more unfortunate is that none of the $1.15 billion the U.S. promised for rebuilding has arrived. Although 50 other nations pledged more than $8 billion for reconstruction, less than $700 million of that had reached Haiti as of the end of September. The money was pledged by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was to be used mostly for reconstruction.

One reason for the delay is that in the U.S., although both the House and the Senate passed a bill that would make $917 million available for aid to Haiti, the U.S. Senate has yet to pass an authorization bill that directs exactly how the money will be spent. This is because one senator, Tom Coburn, R-Okla., is holding up the bill because he is opposed to the creation of a senior Haiti coordinator because the United States currently has an ambassador to the country.
Meanwhile, deaths in Port-au-Prince are increasing due to a lack of food and shelter. Data shows a mere 2 percent of the debris and rubble from the earthquake have been removed and 13,000 temporary shelters have been built. A new report released by the international charity Oxfam indicates that the food aid pouring into Haiti is harming the country's economy, especially its agricultural sector. The majority of Haitians depend on agriculture for their livelihood but instead of AID we let disease fester - and we knew this would happen.

The only good think is that state side resident Wyclef did not run for president or it would havce been worse. remember a song by UGK back in the day that said "movies got these boy's f****d up in the minds." It specifically reminds me of celebrities and how some with fame think that's all they need to do anything, along with money and popularity that is.

Unless you have been under a rock, you should have heard by now that Wyclef Jean, the producer, singer and songwriter of the infamous Fugee's has indicated he plans to run for president of Haiti. Also, that the almost son-in-law of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is also throwing his hat into the political ring and is running for mayor of his hometown, Wasilla, Alaska. Johnston's manager, Tank Jo
nes, confirmed that Johnston's campaign is part of a reality TV show.

I do not know Palin, Johnston or Wyclef but I will make a broad statement that non of the aforementioned are qualified to be Mayor or President. Why might you ask?

Unfortunately, money and fame may get you the attention and the votes to win an office, but it does not qualify one with the proficiencies in economics, health management or a knowledge in parliamentary procedures required to make a substantial contribution to a major governmental body. In addition, it requires a substantial knowledge base to discern, understand and solve the problems one is confronted with and discuss them with advisers and experts in their selected fields.

I think Wyclef Jean is not qualified to be president of Haiti for the same reasons I thought Palin was not qualified to be vice president of the U.S. His candidacy is a cover up for U.S. military occupation of the country. The truth is that Jean has extremely cozy relationships with Bill Clinton and others who desire via neo-colonialism to make Haiti a tourist location for the rich and a mass pool of cheap labor for U.S. commercial interest and factories.

Jean was the former Ambassador to the U.S. and his uncle currently serves in that post. While Ambassador, he never met with the United Nations, World bank, the IMF nor any other major international political body. If he wanted to make a difference he should run for a seat in New York or New Jersey, supporting the interest of the millions of urban Americans who made him rich, but he won't. Cause the way I see it he is either the black Sarah Palin or Levi Johnston - all letting the people of Haiti die regardless.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Keynesian Economics is on Life Support and I wish it would die

In less than two weeks on November 3rd, the Federal Reserve next policy committee will end. It is suspected, if Chairman Ben Bernanke is true to his word, the central bank will attempt to drive down interest rates even lower. This if true, since traditionally the Federal Reserve bank usually cuts short term interest rates to spur economic activity, will show their traditional advocacy of Keynesian approach to economic growth. Unfortunately this is also problematic if trying to avoid inflation is of any importance.

John Maynard Keynes is the father if what many refer to as Keynesian Economic Theory. Keynesian economics is a theory that promotes the view that total spending or aggregate demand is essential to dealing with improving economic outputs and inflation. Its premise is based on the assumption that economic activity is influenced mainly by public sector decisions – mainly monetary and tax policy. The main output from this perspective is employment and not prices. This since monetary and tax policy cannot impact employment if prices or cost are not rigid entities. One reason why KET is obsolete, for if wages, if measured in terms of dollars, will not be able to define real or actual purchasing power at the individual consumer level.

Another unfortunate aspect of KET is that all economic solutions are designed and targeted directly to deal with the business cycle versus the individual worker or wage owner. Mostly due to the observation that there will always be a delay between when economic policy takes effect and when the individuals in charge, like the government actually recognize that an economic problem exists and the time it will really takes to impact the economy.

These methods are opposite to the prior approaches to economics that pushed for more of a Laissez-fair capitalism, which in its simple nature excludes the public sector in the market unlike Keynes. In fact, Keynes advocated for a central bank to be used to expand money supply, which assumes that putting more loot in folks hands would result in an increase of consumer confidence, which would result in people spending more since Keynes believed that putting money into the hands of the people would eventually go to the wage earnings of another.
But history has proven this wrong, although Bernanke, Obama and all the presidents and Fed Chairmen before both of the aforementioned act otherwise. First history is not equal to theory, which it is obvious Keynes could not comprehend. Second, the belief that massive deficit spending will flood the economy with money is equal to accepting that the Easter Bunny is a real creature that lays colored chicken eggs. The truth is that the economy is not starved for money. Thanks to the bailout, Tarp and prior bank rescues, their reserves have actually increased via the structurally built-in deficit spending under the guise of Keynes. Subsequently, allowing the Federal Reserve to release as much loot as they want for them to use to buy up unlimited amounts of bonds, commodities and securities unlike we the common person. That is now since the government can’t print money but rather have to borrow it from the Central bank.

This all with the applause of the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers and Warburg’s and the forced yet illegal Federal Reserve Act of 1913 – but that’s another story.

I mean tell me if I am wrong, but all the US Central bank does is lend loot interest free to banks that gamble, I mean invest it on Wall Street without any risk – cab you say savings and loan? Because all the banks they lend to is not for them to lend to others or extend and free up the flow of credit, but used to buy up all the assets and infrastructure in America. They got money they just don’t lend it or provide credit – they instead use it to make themselves rich – an assumption that Keynes never considered in his public sector government central bank spending to help the economy models. After all TARP, with the approval of congress gave banks the unfettered authority to seize all the property they desire, while at the same time decreasing the value of the dollar, making all that us regular folk buy more expensive.

All I am saying is that KET as has been practiced historically and currently promulgated by Obama and Bernanke has a troubling impact on mostly us main street folk who lived on fixed incomes. The stimulus to be honest about it was too little too late, not to mention the folks it was designed to help were the banks that CAUSED this recession. The fact still remains that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation and no more apart of the US Government than Waffle House.

Thomas Jefferson spoke of such and said it best when he wrote: "If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Mr. President, Keynesian economics doesn’t work and is on life support due the idiot Wall Street bankers you take economic advice from. Please do not necessitate it.