Thursday, April 30, 2009

How u know if u an Obama Groupie

Ok, we just did a first as far as I can recall, count down the first 100 days of a standing president in office in the form of a formal press conference. The last time I saw count downs like this were for a space shuttle flight. Now Hats off to the President, from where I stand he has received a range of grades personally from an A+ to peace relations with the Muslim world and Health Care to a D- with respect to the economy and Pakistan.

With that said, I want to add how I am some what disturbed by the blind allegiance people give to anyone. In the African American community alone, we have a big problem with this and have labeled such folks as groupies, whether one follows Super head, Lil Wayne and yes, even President Obama. So with out further hesitation, my top reasons you know if you are an Obama Groupie.

  • You accept without question all that the President proposes.

  • You argue vehemently with anyone that disagrees with an approach or policy the President proffers even when one has not read the policy for themselves, and worse

  • His picture hangs on the wall next to Jesus Christ in the front room of your house.

  • You still have a campaign sign or bumper sticker on your car reading Obama Biden.

  • It is sacrilegious for any one to criticize a suggested approach offered by the President and that those who do in your eyes, will suffer eternal damnation in hell.

  • If someone’s disagrees with a particular policy, you are likely to question their blackness (just because i dont agree with giving banks that are gonna fail billions dont mean i am not as black as thou LOL).

  • You feel as if the policies he proposes are written by the president himself, even on Swine flu, health care and economics, when in fact experts other than the president write these positions.

  • You get mad and fuss at idiots like Sean Hanity, Rush Limbaugh and others when we already know that these lames don’t deserve our objective attention for they just plane ole hatters and sore losers (they wouldn't be down with him if he got the GOP a zillion new members).

  • You take the time to read the GQ, or Vanity Fair, or Essence magazines cover stories of the first family are in but wont read his budget plain of recovery act.

  • Last but not least you will not find this post funny,. wont laugh and get mad.

Now this is just a little fun to me, but on the real, as I say we must be critical of the office holder not the man, especially if we want him to succeed – it aint stop with your vote and remember that. Good Day

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

all banks are not created equal

Imagine a time and place in which laws of the federal government contributed to racial discrimination, and imagine, just imagine that these laws were being supported and protected by the federal government. Well this is not past history and not occurring under the jurisdiction of a James K. Polk or a Grover Cleveland, but rather under our nation’s first African American President – Barrack Obama.
Yesterday, lawyers representing the state of New York asked the Supreme Court to let states enforce their anti-discrimination laws against national banks. Four years ago, then the New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer, asked several national banks to explain why they were disproportionately and significantly charging blacks and Hispanics high interest rates than whites. As a result, as big banks do to keep folk from seeing they dirt they practice, they filed a lawsuit. Not just the banks, but also the Treasury Department agency that regulates them.
And what happened was something out of the days of the civil rights movement or Jim Crow - a federal judge said that states could not enforce state fair-lending and antidiscrimination laws against national banks by enforcing fair lending laws against them. If that aint some of the dumbest stuff I have ever heard. So it is ok for states to make laws that could be used to investigate illegal actions at banks that function inside their state, but only the federal government can enforce such when it comes to national banks.

Yep, the federal government says they are the only folk that can regulate national financial institutions. But the strange thing is that the Federal Government (which can’t get the SEC to work) doesn't have the manpower or the knowledge of the various state laws, I mean there are 50 states, not to mention that according to recent data, they - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, only have 10 folk working on enforcement. The case (Cuomo v. The Clearing House Association, 08-453) has the Federal government arguing that by allowing each state to enforce their own fair lending and ant discrimination laws, would get in the way of federal government's supervisory powers.

So in other words, we not only bail out these national banks with no oversight, but also put their interest and protection over the American citizen since states are not able to implement any form of consumer protection and regulatory oversight regarding mortgage lending practices. The use the out dated National Bank Act of 1863 to support their position.

Maybe I am just nit picking, but I think there is something inherently backwards about not being able to enforce nationally established laws (fair lending and ant-discrimination) when America’s history is replete with such and when not doing such makes the constitution worthless. I guess all men are created equal but not all banks. I hope our president can engage his administration to put this on the radar. All he will need is one Executive Order or Presidential Decision Directive, but then again who asked me?

Monday, April 27, 2009

keeping our eyes on the ball

You know historically, if we couldn’t do nothing right in these United States of America, we could train some of the finest and brightest minds in the world as scientist. This is still true today albeit not to many folk want to be scientist as opposed to rappers, entertainers or pro athletes. And even in light of new intellectual circles the likes of India, China and Brazil are emerging to the top of the coffee as of late.But as far as our being proactive and forward thinking, we seem to sometimes take our eyes off the ball. Let’s take so-called terrorism for example. We have been so caught up in looking for folks with bombs wrapped around their somas that we don’t even move beyond thinking for ourselves. Not to mention we always want to contain them in certain regions as well as certain disposition. My problem is that bombs and guns and airplanes are not the only way to strike fear into the hearts of the affeared – especially us in the west. My diabolical mind has me thinking other wise.

For example, since the peanut contamination in South Georgia, I wave wondered what would be the quickest way to strike terror in the world I live in is to attack my stomach, I just wonder if our intelligence community has thought of this? I mean I was just a child when I first heard of Swine flu. I remember the new because it was in the year of the bicentennial, 1976, and occurred at Fort Dix where a young solider was killed by an influenza not seen since the plague of 1918-19.

Swine flu normally infects pigs, but has been detected recently in people in Mexico, the U.S., New Zealand, Canada, and the U.K... And just yesterday in New York officials stated eight "probable" cases, of swine flu have been documented. And over the past year, we can recant of food contamination -- salmonella found in pistachio nuts; Halal International Processing, a York, S.C., recalling almost 3000 pounds of beef, chicken, goat, and lamb products, and today in Georgia, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today recommended that consumers not eat raw alfalfa sprouts, because the product has been linked to Salmonella contamination.

I won’t even talk about things over the past 3 years. Like On December 4, 2006, health investigators linked an E. coli outbreak that has sickened approximately 22 folk at Taco Bell restaurants in New Jersey and 14 in Long Island And remember not just meat, but that E. coli infections are also associated with sprouts or leafy vegetables such as spinach. That same year three people died and more than 200 fell ill from an outbreak traced to packaged spinach grown in California.

Now I’m not trying to scare anybody (folks who don’t grow their own food) but, if I know this I think so-called terrorist do too, but aint so sure about our homeland security apparatus. Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria are just a few of pathogens that can invade a food product and food poisoning causes about 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and up to 5,000 deaths each year. Listeria is found in soil, vegetation, raw milk, meat, poultry, cheeses (particularly soft mould-ripened varieties) and salad vegetables. I just want to make sure that we think and discuss and talk about such possibilities and that if we really want to secure our homeland, our food should be first and that we can never take out eyes off the ball. Besides folks like aren't NSF types, we cuss, hunt wild turkey on our frams and spend quality time with our kids - being a scientist and 185 IQ or not.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ménage à trois

POINT OF ORDER: wanna thank my home folk for giving me this ward: Rippa

Although last week I got a little off of my chest regarding Pakistan, I still really aint clear my throat. I mean I’ve been thinking and recant that the former military Dictator Pervez Musharraf was a shady character and ruled his country with an Iron hand. As such it would not surprise me if he is in bed with the Taliban trying to re-appoint himself to the Presidency. Yep folk is foul like that and I will take it a step farther.

President Asif Ali Zardari recently signed the law to enforce Shariah or Islamic law in Swat to quell as if such would stop the Taliban insurgency in the region. But I would be surprised if cronies of the former military dictator have infiltrated that camp and pushed this law on the table. Musharraf never wanted to leave but the US kind of twisted his arms promoting democratic elections, even though a dictator, he was likely the only political/military figure in the region that could take on the Taliban.

Musharraf if you remember launched a military campaign against the Taliban in Swat in late 2007. Now it seems that he will be back in power soon. Just my two cents, I mean it all makes sense now, for who else would be able to save the nation state of Pakistan? No one else and especially the new government whom are already at odds with the US foreign policy position.

So just take that, when the new government is on the edge of failing, and/or being over run by the Taliban, recant I said it here first, that your boy will be back in power. Not to mention, they economic problems in Pakistan make what we see in the west like we in Disney world. So what’s next, I say Ménage à trois. Bush was in bed with Musharraf and Obama willl be too soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

i am all-mi-T

If I were god……………………….all women would have and be required to wear a cat woman suit

If I were god………………………….instead of horns, all cars would have phasers so when we would blow our horns, instead of honk at them, we would Blow a car up and drive through them as if in deep space

If I were god ……………………………….IRS would mean internal reffa (weed) service.

If I were god…………………………………..Memphis would win NCAA each year in basketball, U Tenn. would win football, and can’t forget them lady vols

If I were God -----------------------------------------Tofu would not exist and pork would replace it and all vegetarians with Canines and incisors for teeth would be banished from the planet earth

If I were god …………………………………my di** wouldn’t stay hard after I came.

If I were god……………………………………………duels would happen each day in the congress and senate.

If I were god……………………………….throat would be something all women could do.

If I were god……………………………………………there would be no need for prisons and they would not exist.

If I were god……………………………………Hip hop music would have lyrics that spoke of history and particle physics

What am I saying; I am ALL-mI-T.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Hour Away

Being so caught up on loot and the current economic crisis I am often forgetful of the importance of being informed on a worldly stage. But I was just reminded of this. I mean I was asked to write an essay by this news weekly in Atlanta on Obama and his trip to the Summit of the Americas this past week, so I did. Sure I burst open a few GOP perspectives and nonsensical projections, but overall, I was only reminded that Mr. President has big problems and needs to step his game up.

We still have major problems in Afghanistan and especially its neighbor Pakistan. It seems that The Taliban is advancing more and more each day. Not only in the ability to run the courts in feudal courts in both of the nation states above, but all so in their ability to influence the local inhabitants and occupy more territory. They are all over the Swat Valley in Pakistan and looking as if they are becoming entrenched in the area northwest of the capital

How much are they in control? Well let us just say they are patrolling the roads military style and broadcasting messages on loud speakers throughout the area. Which tell me that the so called peace effort offered by the new government has no weight and will likely fail? And this is just a week after the Pakistan's president signed off on the peace pact. The Swat Valley has seen some of the heaviest fighting between the Taliban and security forces over the past year. But it also seems that the new government’s agreement to impose Islamic law in Malakand in an effort to end the fighting with the Taliban may back fire. It is hard to know what is true and fact however, they do this in Pakistan but in Afghanistan, the Taliban denied they were holding peace talks with the government and continue to be able to conduct “high-profile attacks” even as US troop strength continue to grow.

I know Obama understand that Pakistan is a major problem with what we confront in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, he may get his wish and have troops up in that camp before we can say another US bank has failed. For the Taliban is now in control of another district in the country's northwest just 70 miles from the capital. They have also banned music and television and stopped women from entering into a popular shrine of a Muslim saint.
The Taliban has placed the ball in our court now and I wonder what the President will do or plans to do for I have not heard in detailed plans to deal with Pakistan in concert with the Taliban. I just hope he don’t wait until the last minute like Bush 43 or until the government is over thrown and the Taliban running thangs up in that camp. They way I see it, now the Taliban is only an hour away from the capital, and if history is correct, they aint got no problem with taking over and ousting a sitting government.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

date rape

Point of order: 1] A shame when folks talk on they cell phone and drive; 2] the recession is really hard on some folks, and 3] The title is not making fun or taking lightly the seriousness of date rape.

Some of my family (the women) have insisted that as a single parent, and given my penchant for women and self asserted standards for what I find is exemplary of women, that I should date. Now on the surface, being a single parent of two is not an impediment, albeit having a son that plays all three high school sports and a three year old grown woman are my priority and make it difficult to date, it is not impossible. Especially seeing that we are out the house at 645 each morning and at the shop by 730 and do not leave until 8pm – then usually on our way to one of my son’s baseball, football or basketball games.

I really love it, although it can be tiresome especially since we eat breakfast at the table each morning and night, no matter what time we get home. But I took my cousin up on the offer and this is how it went, and why I don’t like going on dates. For the record we will call the culprit Lil momma. Well lil momma called and asked me to go and see Seal with here. She said it wasn’t a date, and that her sister suggested that she should ask me to go with them to the concert. So I said yes. Now when I ask a woman on a date, I do the mandatory date things. I pick her up; I pay for everything, and the entire nine. If I ask a woman out best believe I will be taking her out and won’t expect here to do anything. I will even ask up front if there will be a problem with the time and accommodate to make things amenable to such.

Now I guess it is different for women. For lil momma, on the eve before the date, called and told me she wanted me to come and pick her up – yep drive, and check this, at 630pm (an hour and a half before I close my shop). But I was cool, I over looked the fact that for this date I would have to stop making money. But then came the mission creep. After this she wanted me to come and get here when at first she said I would not have to drive. Next she asked if would get some wine and some food since it was at an outdoor concert hall popular in Atlanta where one can bring their there own food and beverage.

So after putting in work like I asked her to go out on a date, we finally get to the joint. There I come to find out the folk she said were going to be there were not and it ended up being me and her, and worse Seal. Now as I looked around, the place was crowed but not packed, and it appeared as if she and I were two of the eleventeen only black folks there. And she was having a blast albeit it seemed to me he was singing songs by Al Green, James Brown, Sam Cook and some more folks. Didn’t sing none of his songs until the end of the show when he came back for an encore – he did rock them though. And all the while all the white folks were dancing and sing all the words to HIS songs as if he was Prince or George Clinton.

I took her home as soon as I could. She did buy me a bottle of Tequila, but that was beside the point. I hope she aint think she was getting some – not at all. I would have preferred to been at home, childless dranking by my lonesome looking at the fight. Besides I done seen seals before at Sea world and Marine land when I was growing up. I was grateful, but just one reason why I don’t date or go out on dates, Id prefer to cook, sit at home, look at the stars, converse and maybe plane ole bone. This was no date, but it sure was date rape in the form of mission creep.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thought Amnesty (4.16.09)

Hanity: Our guess tonight are Congressman Joe Willie Wop and Dr. Torrance Stephens, of the blog Raw Dawg Buffalo. Let us start with you congressmen, what do you think these people are trying to say?

Congressman: They are telling the government that they are out of touch with the people. What the government doesn’t understand is that it is not their money.

Jones Here: Well Congressman, you are one of them, you in DC and I pay your salary. You sound disingenuous

Hanity: Well that aside Dr. Stephens, you are a reasonable man, My Grand father came here from Ireland, and I’m certain he could not believe or realize that one day his children would be spending all of their money for the sake of corrupt Wall street Bankers

Jones Here: I agree, but you must admit that Obama and Bush both did this. To blame one and not the other borders on stupidity at best and bich-azzedness at worse. And you speak of fair and balanced. [Looks over at Congressman]…Why aint you talking?

Hanity: You are wrong, my grandfather came for a better life and freedom and liberty and not excessive taxation.

Jones Here: I will give you that but my folk, unlike you grandfather, did not have the choice to come here and were slaves that likely gave your grandfather wealth. Your freedom and liberty historically for me is my slavery and servitude without representation.

Hanity: Point well taken but that is not the point.

Jones Here: excuse me, you brought it up folk, not me, besides, if you aint looked around this is not representative of America, I am the only one here of my race and ethnicity. You speak as if Obama made the 600o thousand pages of tax code did he?

Hanity: That’s besides the issue.

Jones Here: It is it is not Just Obama dude – it’s the Senate and Congress. I mean you a millionaire, im poor, you aint the common man folk.

Hanity: That’s not entirely true sir, America is a land of opportunity for all, is it not?

Jones Here: In some fashion, but seeing that I’ve been here, family wise for 400 plus years and still trying to come up.

Hanity: Now sir that is racist if I have ever heard such?

Congressman: It certainly is?

Jones Here: I will give you that slavery was based on race – but again, you changing the subject. I did not hear you say the same about Bush 43 when he made up Tarp out of thin air; And as I said I disagree with the economic policy of the President, but not the man. You talk about him so much I think you got a man crush, do you fondle pages too.

Hanity: Cut the mic. We will be back after this commercial break.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the hunted

I write this under the auspice of celebrating my one year anniversary of being in business. I have read and been told that any where from 70 to 85 percent of start up businesses fail before the first year. All of the other business owners have been congratulating me as if I have made it. But I have not and do not feel as if I have. The reality is that I am merely a single man, a single business and realize that via introspection, much more work for my betterment and all connected with me needs to be done.

And although I am foul in character, and in nature, my disposition dictates that there is more to me than patting myself on the back can accommodate; that requires being appreciative of what I do have as opposed to what I do not.

I don’t know if I should be mad or sad, but truth is it is disheartening to acknowledge today what are accepted as the standard characteristics of the male species. I just don’t get it, where it comes from or how we as men, and even worse – women, promote sucg dumb azz behavior. How is it that we as men can see it fit to spend or even plan to spend more time in the gym, or working out than in the library, as if it is our external that defines us more than what makes us men – integrity, intellect and character. Sad thing is that we will be the main ones that vilify women for caring more about the external cosmetic virtues of existence – e.g. appearance, yet we do the same thing. Are we that shallow or caught up that we cannot mark priorities of wisdom as such over vanity?

We all talk about how we despise playing games, or that game recognizes game, but it really don’t matter in the big picture if we throw out collective and personal responsibility. For we will say such and talk such when in fact we will spend more time with a play station, or X-box than we do trying to improve and enhance ourselves spiritually and intellectually.

We know more about our favorite teams, and mundane television shows, movies and entertainers than we know of our own family, history or even worse, our own children or their teachers. Yet we will complain vehemently and loudly without lifting a finger to participate to attempt a change. Yes we men, are merely bench warmers in our future for active participation requires making choices but we would rather follow, and be like the next man (often fakers they selves as a consequence of fame and idolatry) than think and engender greatness for ourselves, for if other do not know of such, it is worthless; for to us fame is the only thing of value.

So if real recognize real, then let’s be really real, we are the hunted but many of us do not realize this. We accept what we preach among each other, especially other black men under the mantra of keeping it real, when in reality we keeping it real fake, for only an idiot would postulate such when life in itself is a reality. What is really real is that we would spend more thought and consideration to deciding to get our car wash, more time indeed than we would spend on reading to a child, whether it is our own child or not. Now that is really real, and I can talk this shit folk. Jones here don’t need no accolades or pat on the back for I get it each time my cash register rings and when my kids call me poppa and take the time to talk to me and place their lips on mine. I get it each time I see a former inmate I know keep the job I assisted in helping them find – for they got it on their own, or when I assist a man in a diabetic coma out of his car and give him CPR (as I did last Friday in front of my shop). Yea that’s what keeping it real is all about. Not the promulgation of negative attitudes and stereotypes that foster disingenuous effrontery in the form of being hard for the fact is that only thing men can have hard is they dick. So that’s what’s up, like I said, we the hunted and half us don’t even know we the prey and falling for the bait hook, line and sinker like a red fish in a bayou in Louisiana. And folk wonder why I call folk fck boys and BAN’s (bich azz n I double g a’s). So dress up your cars, buy them fancy clothes, and all the air force ones you can, for I like a nice tailored Valentino suit too, but it aint jack with out my brain cells. For brain cell against brain cell, I’ll smash am jones any day and if I was weak, emotional or insecure – I would cut some heads too, but that’s a last resort.

Addendum: good look to Mahogny Speaking for giving me this award.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Anal pore state university

I just got wind of something. I heard some stuff about a lot of universities complaining for having the current President speak at their institutions. Now although I think it is acceptable to be critical of someone via policy and position they take on issues, but to nit-pick, as if you are taking your ball home because you aint get picked to play is completely different.

First I want to give a big Sphincter award to the University of Notre Dame. I do respect your right to decide if you want a man to speak at your institution because his position is in opposition to your position. With that said, to refuse the president of the United States for such borders on idiocy. I’m sure you don’t turn down money from individuals who have had abortions or even believe differently that your esteemed position on the topic. Nor do I believe you refuse entry to women who have had an abortion or men who may have paid for said abortions. But you are a cursory target. But Arizona State University is a different matter all together.

This up coming graduation season, it seems as of now Arizona State University will be one of three campuses where the president will send off the graduating classes of 2009. Unfortunately at ASU, the first African American President of these United States of America however, will not be awarded an honorary degree in Law. ASU Media Relations Director Sharon Keeler suggested that their institution processes for selecting commencement speakers and honorary degree recipients are provided “for an achievement of eminence” and that the President was not considered for an honorary degree because his body of achievements, at this time, does not meet such criteria.

Now let me get this straight, being able to become the first African American President is not noteworthy, illustrious or redoubted and is not an “achievement of eminence”? I would like to say to all involved to this leave the crack pipe alone for I see fried eggs for brains in honor of Nancy Regan. Not to mention I looked and did not fine one instant where a sitting president who gave a commencement address was not awarded an honorary degree.

I also think they a bunch of azz holes, correction, anal pores for it is the state of John McCain and they may be just sore losers. Not to mention I wonder how much the McCain’s may have given the university prior. But what can expect from a school that playboy Magazine has rated as the number 1 party school in America. I guess the faculty and administration keep beer bongs too. Not to mention it is hard to forget that the state of Arizona was one of the last to support a national Holiday for the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I do not recant a similar standard or argument being evinced when the Vice Minister of education of the People’s Republic of China Wu Qidi was awarded such a degree. Add to that, Barry Goldwater was 38 years old when he was given his honorary degree in May 1961. This was a few years before he even obtained the Republican nomination for president.

I don’t get it. It is cool to disagree with any elected official on policy and [political positions – that I understand and respect. But making up stuff on the fly that makes one looks feculent and idiotic is impossible to comprehend. Although the University of Notre Dame will not or does not want to award an honorary degree to President Obama they will because of the attention they have been attracting. Now as for the Arizona State University, I would like to provide you with the honorary degree of anal pore state university.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

4 peanut butter

As many of you may know, family is essential and likely the most important part of my existence on this planet as a human being. As such, I have been blessed through action, word and deed to have amassed a corpus of advice, stimulation and knowledge from my relatives, in particular my elders, especially my grand parents.

As a single parent it is essential I feel to have a bond with others. As a man, I think this bond is maximized in a single dedicated relationship with a woman. Now true, I aint had one in a while and my disposition may evince otherwise but it remains true.

It in my mind is the greatest tandem, the most valuable partnership, especially if we walk side by side and act as if it is us against the world. For such a mutual disposition announces trust, honest and dependability first and foremost above all and promotes the family, collectively – hers and mine.

Now I know the man I am is not an individual accomplishment, but rather the accomplishment of not only the men in my family, but also my aunts, mother and grand mothers and even in the case on my first and only wife – her and her mother a sisters. It just seems today that finding women as such, women who would rather give than take, women who place the family over self, women who care more about the home than those that succumb to external, and often contradictory outside influences are a dying breed. Women that assisted to make me had no concern about what others thought, they did not think of themselves as an individual and such needs and desires as being more important than they mean – no they were not selfish. The thought of events as we as opposed to I and me or my.

I think that this is dead, for it is more important for some to think of their goals in isolation, albeit they may be dependent on a man, than the equity espoused as a union. It is as if what one would desire individually, does not even proffer thought in concert with another. I say this to give my folks, the women in my family props, for my grand mother said and told me a lot of things. One I have said before is “that if you a ditch digger, be the best ditch digger and they will always call Torrance to dig that ditch.” But another was about relationships and she would just say “for peanut butter.” Her logic was that if we had to eat peanut butter, I will be with my man for love is like that. Anything else will only destroy a relationship if it is not based on love. So I want a woman who can get down with “for peanut butter.” And given such, I have just two choices. 1] Wait and not be involved with women at all (which aint my nature) or 2] bone and disown until I find the one I want to keep for ever.

Monday, April 06, 2009

freeman or slave

Point of order: 1] was trying not to post in honor of the basketball gods, sorry couldnt help it 2] aint thera flu the best thang since hot sauce?

In 1996, while I was in Senegal, I caught word of something that was going on in America. It reminded me of Waco in a sense given that I was living in Nigeria when that federal siege and stand-off was conducted. It involved a group of patriots know and the Montana Freemen.
From what I can recall of the stand-off between the Freemen and the federal agents that surrounded their 960-acre farm lasted 81 days can be reduced to the concept of individual sovereignty. The Freemen believed in the doctrine of individual sovereignty as expounded by the Sovereign Citizen Movement, and rejected the authority of the U.S. Federal Government. As a consequence of these beliefs they implemented actions to set up their own parallel systems of government common-law court, banking, and credit. Now some would say they were just plane ole right wing zealots, extremist or racist, but in a country where we look at television more than we read; and know more about celebrities than the constitution, history or science, then it is not hard to be an extremist of one concerns himself with the latter.

Their belief ironically was an extension from what this nations was founded on. The Revolutionary War was fought for one purpose only SOVEREIGNTY. Fuck what you heard, it wasn’t about freedom or religion or the British. In fact expost facto to the end of the revolutionary war, the colonies were each separate and Independent countries and still are today for each FREEMAN 21 years of age or older who owned land and was able to vote was a king in his own home; was untaxable (land and his income included). The Freemen of Montana understood this and viewed the U.S. government as a Foreign Corporation when compared to the state. As such, a corporation cannot have citizens, and that people accept to become citizens of this corporation when they accept a social security number and register to vote.

These were not some average run of the mill, local-jocal country cats. In fact they were the opposite, well read, informed of their rights under the constitution and had the skills to implement what they thought. They used "Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code", a "Bankers Handbook" and various materials regarding the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to file notices of liens against public officials. These liens were supposedly sold to generate equity to fund efforts to pay of the US national debt. Since the liens they filed conformed to the UCC, and that their "Justus Township" court had an interest in a tort claim for damages created (national debt) by public officials for violations of their oaths of office. The Freeman viewed public officials' support and support of the credit system as a non-constitutional act that was "...depriving the people of their property until our posterity wakes up homeless...”

See the Freemen saw in 1996 what we are experiencing today - the perpetual national debt fiat credit system, and of the relationship of that system to inflation and price manipulations that were financially undermining and bankrupting the private individual class of individual Americans – especially farmers and ranchers.

Now I am bring up this lesson from history to assert one thing, and that is that in order to be free and have the ability to exercise one’s liberty, we must be aware and informed. What is going on now in the present with respect to our government is criminal and in many cases unconstitutional. It is as if we accept without query and believe what is told to us just because we like the messenger without any additional forethought what so ever. But such has always been the nature of serfs. Maybe the Freemen had it right after all? Maybe not. But one thing for certain, they did show a lucid example of what it means to be a free man as opposed to being a slave – that believes whatever is told to them and afraid to find out or answer questions on their on.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Government Motors

I wanted to write this a few days ago, particularly after I read the comments regarding how the administration plans to deal with the automobile industry. Now many of you know my approach to economics as well as my position of this crisis. First I think that there needs to be a restructuring of our financial system, that we can’t keep on giving folks money to waste, that we need to produce something the rest of the world will purchase and that we should let the free markets deal with this – let businesses fail.

Now if you have not read his remarks, I suggest you do so with the quickness. From what I have discerned, after several readings is frightening. It seems that what his auto task force is undertaking is in direct conflict with the constitution of the United States, specifically the Taking Clause of the Fifth Amendment. Now I know that many of us dumb Americans aint read and don’t know the constitution, and likely couldn’t tell the difference between the fifth or sixth amendment if asked. The Fifth Amendment provides that private property shall not be taken without just compensation and includes a provision known as the Takings Clause, which states that "private property [shall not] be taken for public use, without just compensation." This only applies to actions by the federal government. The Takings Clause imposes two requirements on government in order to exercise this power. The first being that the property to be acquired must be "for public use," and second, that the government must pay "just compensation" to the owner of the property that is seized.

It sounds to me that the government is getting in the automobile industry. I mean the programs of the government have never worked better than those in a free market. This is something that I would expect from a communist country like China or a socialist country like France – but not here. First, there is the issue with Chrysler, in which we are about to PAY a foreign company $6 billion plus (not an American company) Fiatto transfer its cutting-edge technology to Chrysler and, after working closely with my team, has committed to building new fuel-efficient cars and engines here in America.” In addition, there is the statement “the United States government will stand behind your warrantee". And check this, like an investment bank, the Federal government announced it will now begin to practice automobile financing via the “the Treasury Department's Consumer and Business Lending Initiative”...and “auto finance companies to increase the flow of credit to both consumers and dealers.”

Then there is the statement that my tax money (recovery act funds) will be used “to purchase government cars” and go out as “other federal fleet purchases as well.” How can the government get new cars with my money when I can’t afford to do such? Why not save our money so we don’t have to borrow anymore from Asia. This is not tightening ones belt buckle. Add to that that the IRS, as if it doesn’t have enough stuff to do regulating our tax dollars will become the governments automobile marketing firm. In his own words the President stated: “Third, the IRS is today launching a campaign to alert consumers of a new tax benefit for auto purchases made between Feb 16 and the end of this year -- if you buy a car anytime this year, you may be able to deduct the cost of any sales and excise taxes. This provision could save families hundreds of dollars and lead to as many as 100,000 new car sales". The current Secretary of the Treasury can’t even get Deputy’s in house to support his efforts, but we can create another wasted job at the federal level for a Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers.

I do not know about you, but this is a very slippery slope. First no one in the administration is brave enough to tell us how many more bailout they are going to provide to big business or how much money they will continue to give and borrow abroad. Not to mention it will only be a matter of time before a couple of the corporations getting bailout loot will fail anyway.The sad thing is that I always her “now let me say this clearly” and “we have to do this”. We do not have to do jack. What happened to bankruptcy, at least that way nobody will have to loose their jobs while undergoing restructuring. I believe that business owners should either work their way out of their economic problems or fail for that equals a free market to me. But then again what do I know, it sounds live General motors’ don’t exist no more and has now become Government Motors.