Friday, February 23, 2007

Tort of Intrusion

President Bush has signed an $82 billion military spending bill that was overwhelmingly supported by the House of Represenatives that will, assist to create electronically readable, federally approved ID cards for Americans (the Real ID Act).. The concept, which is stated to be the barinchild of Wisconsin Rep. Sensenbrenner is outlined primarily as an anti-immigration measure. It would require State drivers' licenses and other such documents to meet federal ID standards established by the Department of Homeland Security. It is supposed to help immigration because it will prohibit states from issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens (as if illegal aliens won’t drive if they do not have a licenses – laughable politics as usual).

In three years from nowall U. S. citizens and anyone in the country will need a federally approved ID card to travel on an airplane, open a bank account, and make use of any government service. One form of information contained on the card is"common machine-readable technology" that Homeland Security will decide on. It will also have "physical security features designed to prevent counterfeiting, or any other fraudulent activity. I take this to imply that biometric information such as retinal scans, fingerprints, DNA data and radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking will be on the card. It seems to be a waste of money first on several levels. First passports alrady have/contain radio frequency identification chips embedded in them. Then there are estimates that it may cost $120 million bills that could actually (God forbid) be employed for real security.

My concern is that the legislation REAL ID will pass because it was attached to legislation that funds military action in Iraq, which means that it basically was accepted and pushed on the people without hearings or debate anywhere. To aid salt to the wound, reports have suggested that production of the card and associated data will be outsourced to a private corporation. Reports also suggest that DHS head Michael Chertoff personally ordered this option to be chosen, which in essecence outsurce State and Constitutional rights from state DMVs to a private corporation. All that is accomplished is that the federal government supercedes states powers and states’ systems for issuing driver's licenses.

The there is the uncanny question in my mind as to why I have not heard anything about REAL ID in the newspapers or on television anywhere? Where is the open discussion on the side of liberty? All this does is help to establish an Orewllian Police State since in October 2004 the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act became law and established and put in place new security measures for driver's licenses as recommended by the 9/11 Commission Report. Welcome to the inevitable, a National ID is coming and honestly, none of this is required nor does it increase homeland security or illegal immigration. As such, this is a tort of intrusion I cannot live with.

The New Civil Rights Battle

Man, let me make one query, what is the new civil rights battle currently and of the future? No, it is not gay rights, but if you do not have an answer, I will take the liberty to proffer that it is simply to get these fools back in line in the African American community.

See, I was raised in Memphis, and I recant vividly the presence of National Guards on my street telling me I could not go outside and play in my own front yard the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. My uncle along with his entire student body cut high school that day and the following day to go down town and wreck some feces. My momma worked at the hospital they took Dr. King to – pronounced dead on arrival. He was transported to the hospital in a bread truck she told me.

Now, unlike in the pass, often the enemy is we and our penchant for self-destructive behavior. Now, we have momma’s stabbing and killing their kids, Momma’s giving their sons guns to go and kill other children and high school coaches taking part in drive-by shootings. Last but not least, there is the presence of the new KKK – so called lyricist in the rap game that promote drug dealing, copulating with other men’s women, disrespect for family bonds and relationships, killing as if life is worthless and material in the form of diamond encrusted watches, teeth, and cars with spinning rims as being more valuable than thought or scholarship in the form of dialectical rumination. Ergo, I submit to you that this is the new battleground for civil rights in our community and that I find myself guilty too, if I cannot get these fools back in line.

Picking and Choosing Sin

Now i am not the churchiest person, or most religious person around, but I do acknowledge right from wrong and doing right to all by the best of my abilities. However, we all know someone or another who is vehement about not committing sin for whatever reason. This is good quality and I admire it. However, there are many folks who do this but seem to pick and chooses their top sin. Some folks may say they will never steal or other may say they living together without being married are sin - or that having sex before marriage is sin. They are correct in all respects; it’s just that it seems disingenuous if these people do other things that are just as sinful. Like getting drunk, having adulterous affairs, being unable to forgive others or even valuing material gains and worldly things more so than the grace of giving and unconditional positive regard to their neighbors.

It just strikes me as funny, that a person who would say that having sex before marriage for example, is sin doesn’t think it a sin to steal, get intoxicated, have affairs with a married person, cannot love their neighbor or all life, would have any hang ups about discussing sin in the first place.

I figure if we gone talk it, walk it and be about it. For when people feel their convictions are holier than others, they loose it all in the big picture and end up being the biggest sinners of all.

Lift up Your Skirt and Find Your Balls

As African American men, we find ourselves in precarious and difficult positions daily in life that the average denizen will never experience. Namely due to social, economic and historical factors, we have a hard job of just maintaining respect and our life. The conundrum is that we are few in many, especially those of us deserving of the title of men.

As it stands, we are a dying breed although many self proclaim the title of being a real per say, man. I just think the aforementioned has a responsibility to his community and family as being one. That includes making to the best of his abilities, a stable living environment free from detrimental factors both in the home and neighborhood. This means being responsible enough to provide and take care of our children and our women. It also entails being able to sustain tolerance for scrutiny, criticism, and plane old meanness that will be directed towards breaking us down.

We should be able to critically make decision that look at our families and communities first, even if they may be to our disliking. We should not desire outcomes such as that which lead to the arrest of former Atlanta Falcon Asley Ambrose who is reported to have pushed his wife in the face and threw a glass vase at her after she responded in self-defense. According to police reports, when she tried to call 911, thge brother of the former falcon, Naim Shakir, 24, "tackled her and held her down while Ashley Ambrose kicked her in the side and hit her in the face, according to the report."

So I guess I state this as challenge to us men who claim to be real but are never there at PTA meetings for our kids, never changing diapers, not treating the women in your lives like queens, being faithful and respecting the relationships and commitments of others. More importantly, it means if you cannot do any of these things, then lift up your skirt and find your balls.

The New Freaknic

Yesterday I read the take on the All-star game that was held in Vegas. The perspective was from a man I respect, admire, and actually personified the term student athlete while enrolled at Ball State University – Jason Whitlock. The article was called “Mayhem Main Event at NBA All-Star Weekend.” He suggested that the NBA and the local communities like Atlanta, Houston and Las Vegas have experienced this for years.

He described all star weekend as an “unmitigated failure” and said it was merely a”new millennium Freaknik. I guess the shoe may fit somewhat. After all, I consider myself old school ATL folk and was a participant at each one. Everybody I have talked to that attended the All-star game said they game itself was not the attraction, but mainly talked about the wild parties, the freaky women, folks shooting guns and smell of Purp everywhere. But then again that is what people talk about whenever they go somewhere expecting to have a wild time. Then again, it is Las Vegas, a city that sells itself on the statement “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” They have some responsibility for this also.

Over a three-day period, it is reported that a total of 403 arrests were made by police with a large amount of these being vice-related. Others have stated that 362 people were arrested during the All-Star Game. The say one man was shot at 4 a.m. in the front e of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino as late as Monday and that a brawl broke out around 30 minutes later in a club at the Wynn hotel. NFL player Pacman Jones, Nelly and Jermaine Dupri were at the Minxx Gentlemen's Club. The way I have heard it from news and blog outlets, The Tennessee Titans Cornerback Jones had a bag with $10,000 worth of singles and started to “make it rain” being the College Park Native he is., took the singles out, and threw them in the air all around the club for strippers and patrons. After a few fight broke out, the club owner told him he had to leave. After which one of his boys who was sitting with him while inside went back and started shooting. It was also alleged that by the owner of the strip club that PacMan slammed and punched a stripper before the shootings.

I can expect this from Pacman, given his poor decision-making and penchant for “keeping it real” – really stupid. CBS says that the professional football player was just a “witness to the triple shooting early Monday that left two critically wounded.” The owner of the strip club with the shootings was on the radio saying one of PacMan's crew was the shooter. Also said PacMan slammed and punched a stripper before a bouncer got there and they closed the club all-leading up to the shootings.

Then there was the little altercation between Young Buck and Game. It too occurred durinmg the early morning hours of Saturday (February 17) when Game attended a party hosted by T.I and Jeezy. The event, called The Las Vegas Takeover and was held at the The Ice House Lounge nightclub. All over non sense because Buck got on stage, grabbed a mic and started a freestyle dis of Game on one of Games Tracks [ACTUAL VIDEO HERE]. Security had to hold back Game and his folk escort Buck and rapper Young Jeezy who came together, out of the club.

Now I do not get Mr. Whitlock with his nearly 350 pound self. But he sounds more like ESPN’s Bill Simmons than a brother. Simmions described the event as the “hip-hop Woodstock”. I would expect Mr. Simmions to be afraid but not Mr, Whitlock. I am 6'2" and barely 180 pounds but I am not afraid of anyone. The only thing I am afraid of is not being able to take care of, provide, and protect my family. However, Whitlock basically said that he was afraid of his own folk in 2007. Now I am hard, extremely hard on my folk but I am not afraid of them nor promote to feel uncomfortable or threatened by people that look like me. Mr. Whitlock I still respect you but let’s attempt to expose the problems without stereotyping all our folks. We do need to check our behavior. Especially those behaviors that are self-destructive and artifical and rooted around money defining who we are. However, you have picked the wrong side, and may even be the personification of what Frantz Fanon called “Black Skin White Mask.” I do respect your opinion, I am just not afraid of my own kind.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the kind of guy u take home to momma

I do not know what to make of our incessant acts of violence and disrespect towards one another. This past week was no different. One would figure with all of the festive activities and parties and evens going on around the country.

Around a week ago, Jeezy had a party for the platinum success of his new Album at this swank ATL nightclub. From what my folks tell me, there was little incidence in which a man beat down a young woman. The alleged man is Rodney Hill and he is the boyfriend of soulstress Monica. According to reports, the altercation occurred the night of Young Jeezy’s platinum party in Atlanta, GA at the Velvet Room. They say the party was packed and everybody, especially the women, were pushing and trying to get as close to the gangster rapper Jeezy. Even in the VIP, it was reported that the party area was extremely crowded. It was at this time it is reported that a diminutive woman was said to be standing in front of Monica’s fiancé “Rodney Hill”.

After which, it is said that his glasses were caught in the young woman’s hair and he went into a raging triad while all the time the young woman was apologizing to him. Onlookers who saw the event first hand alleged that Mr. Hill then grabbed her by her hair, pushed her to the floor and started to pound on little momma. It is stated after he beat her up and when the young woman stood up, her eye had been beat shut. It is even said that he wanted or threatened to beat up a friend of the young woman with a bottle. Need I not say that Mr. Hill was not arrested for this act of manliness?

I don’t see how any woman first of all would want to marry a man that beats on women. I do not want to say this is the woman’s fault, for I feel that no man should hit any woman (unless they are giving their daughter a spanking). However, I wonder what was it that lead this woman to be so caught up to see a rapper. One could suspect she was even intrigued by his self-proclaimed thug and gangerstism, which again, I do not see what a woman would find so appealing about a man that purports a propensity and enjoyment for hurting people in his community by killing and selling drugs. I will say that It does not surprise me.

Many of these men have no home training and couldn’t even spell or use the words gentleman or responsible in a sentence. Where were the men at? I mean they so hard and stuff, they should have whipped his ass. Oh, they likely beat on women too. However, women flock to these events I guess in hope of being choose and used by a fool. Even if they know this person via their lifestyle, running back and forth to jail (maybe even prison)will likely always lie, and cheat and be unfaithful and uncaring to his significant other. I would like to think that we can all make the tiny steps to stop this nonsense. However, it seems as if we never will as long as folks like Rodney Hill and Jeezy are the kind of men women want to take home to meet their parents and our little boys want to grow up to be.

Hey Rodney, find a man to beat up on. You can step this way, but I apologize, I don't beat up on women.

who needs counseling more?

Tim Hardaway or

Britney Spears?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

obsessed with celebrity

Harvey Wheeler wrote a book called “Beyond the Punitive Society” in which he wrote, “Man is a social insect." This is no more evident in the obsessions, albeit sickly that we have with fame and celebrity. Whether it is a bout the girl from the Mickey mouse club who shaved all of her hair off her head or the preacher who say he aint gay no more or the fat dame who married the 85 year old Jones for his money and died in Florida, it seems that there is a morbid fascination with celebrity that this nigga here cannot fathom.

The real conundrum for me is that I cannot suppurate why one would follow with conviction and seriousiousness beyond the surface interest, these topics. In the African American community, although we don’t get as much TV coverage, the same sickness is evident.

What is all this about I ask? Most folks don’t know what it is like to drop $15,000 In one night a club or in a mall, but yet we seem to follow them in magazine or television, as if they were first Sunday and communion is being served. Many of us would do anything to get an autograph, or to find out what us going on in their personal relationships than handling our own business. We would rather be in a club that a famous rapper is supposed to make an appearance at and having our picture taken with someone famous than to stay at home and cook dinner for our family. All the time, the celebrity in most cases desires to remove themselves from your preoccupation with them. I'm willing to bet if i was on tv or had a hit album or was in a movie I'd havefans and groupies too which is scary on the real.

I worry that this may be some type of new mental disorder, for I feel that too much absorption with celebrity and fame and the desire for such could make the weak minded feel insecure and make them fall into depression or anxiety because they want the same thing.

Folks in the 2003 New Scientist magazine reported that one-third of Americans had what they called "celebrity-worship syndrome". I figure this means that the weak among us idolized people more successful and beautiful than ourselves because we are disappointed with who we are as individuals.

It so bad now that most young men I speak with and ask what they want to do, 9 out of 10 say they want to rhyme. They don’t mention being a scientist, a lawyer, a physician, a coach or a teacher – but rather a rapper. Even the women are caught up in this so much that if they cannot be with someone famous, they wil be with someone who is next to someone famous just for name sake and recognition. This means that even if you are not famous but are associated with someone famous, you have fame as well even though it is artificial. Like Game says in his new song "you wouldn't get far" F'n them rap stars You know who you are..." Maybe this aint nothing to worry about, but you tell me, if we are more concerned with taking a picture with someone famous or wanting to be a rapper more so than a politician or businessman, then what does that say about the future of our community – enquiring minds would like to know.

Friday, February 16, 2007


The other day was Valentines Day. I did not have real one or at least no volunteers. Sure, I had the wishes for a happy V-day, but that is another story. Not to mention the murderous vicar St. Valentine was not my idea of the kind of man that should be venerated by holiday.

Any who, son spent the day with his mom and aunt. I have truly raised a fine young man. So I pick up baby girl from the sitter and head for the house. I was already as usual, hungry than a motherfucker. I start peeling some potatoes and stewing them in a skillet and cooking some green beans and Crowder peas. Next, I pulled out that black cast iron skillet my mom gave me and loaded it with Crisco. I had seasoned the pork chops that morning when I was coking breakfast. I cooked breakfast every morning because I noticed it is a lot easier to get my son out of the bed with the smell of bacon than with my voice.

So as I start to fry the pork chops, I can only smile as the aroma saturates the air. Lil Momma is right up under me, so I have to leave the kitchen because she will grunt incessantly as food cooks until I give her something to put in her mouth. When all is ready, I realize that there is no bread in the house. I am like severely disturbed at this time, because what is the use of having any fried food – especially pork chops and or chicken, when you have no bread. So I did not worry, I went and looked on the side of the refrigerator where I knew I had stashed a loaf of white bread. But it was gone too. It was sacrilegious for me to have all that good food, and meat soaked up with hot sauce, and no bread, not even white bread to sop up the hot sauce and pot liquor with. So I say this just to point out, always have bread in the crib, especially if u a meat eating, hot saucing, house shoe wearing country boy as my self - anything else would be sacraligi-Fried.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i didnt have no valentine yesterday except 1

and she loved it

happy lovers day

tell me, what do u have planned
for thet special someone that u
hold first in your heart?

Where are the Coretta's?

Today is indeed a rare day. Initially I was just going to post the blog below titled “To the Left” which ran in Rollingout urban weekly this past week. However, through my voracious appetite for information and my penchant for reading a minimum of 6 to 8 papers daily, I have to write about something else. Yesterday, I posted on a new breed of mother, and described what I felt were women that were really less than women, those that placed themselves and their petty concerns over their men and their children. I am afraid I have to continue this rant. As much as I have talked about us men, in the past, I see that I can only express my concerns objectively.

In New Orleans a teenager, Clarence Johnson is being charged with second-degree murder for the shooting death of another teenage boy in his neighborhood. Currently in jail on $250,000 bond, after turning himself in Friday, Johnson was booked for the murder of Robert Dawson, 17, on Wednesday night in Central City.

Now check this, his mother, Vanessa L. Johnson, 44, was also charged with being a principle to second-degree murder, for giving him a gun and for advising her so to “handle his business” and kill the teenager who he had been involved in an altercation with on Wednesday. According to police reports and newspaper articles, she was quoted by a witness as saying, "Kill them all," according to her son. Next, the mother allegedly had a friend who was in her home at the time drive her son from her home on Erato Street to the corner of Simon Bolivar Avenue and Clio Street where Clarence set and waited in ambush for Dawson at a sandwich shop.

Dawson, also 17 became the 21st murder victim of 2007. The irony is that he and his family had just returned to the city after being displaced to Texas after Hurricane Katrina. Dawson and his mother traveled 10 hours via bus from Dallas on Wednesday to New Orleans. He had only been in the city four hours before he was murdered. The mother is in jail on $150,000 bond.

Now, maybe I am wrong but there is something very problematic and un-motherly about a woman giving her son a gun and asking him to kill another person. Let us get a grip folks, all of us as individuals and parents. As a woman, it is a duty for you to correct us as men and boys, for we can be very silly and childish at sometimes even if we are responsible. Please, do not let me marry a woman like this, for if she would expect my child to act in such a fatuous manner, what would she expect from me? She was probably more concerned with her image (her son being seen as tough)as opposed to what was right versus what was wrong. With women, or mothers like these (uncaring, non-compassionate, unthankful and ungrateful), who needs enemies. Where are the Correta Scott Kings, do they make them any more? Because I want one of them.

To The Left

Popular music seems to define our culture and existence today. From movies to music, one can see this influence. The other day, I was at a Bar my boy owns and I was having a drink (on the house). I over heard a woman talking to another woman and she quoted in explanation to a question the woman asked, that “he was to the left.”

Now I like this song, I think that kid Ne-Yo threw down on and I love the guitar riff, but I just do not understand the lyrics. I mean, why would one want to replace an obviously no good, cheating and unfaithful man with another no-good, unfaithful and cheating man?

Many of us fail at relationships because we do not understand that to make one work, we have to be self-less and giving unconditionally. In addition, there needs to be an understanding up front of the needs of each party. One problem I think women settle for these types of men is because they do not have anything to do outside of a relationship or worse, have nothing to bring to the table. I mean outside of shopping, going out for food or drinks, what do most bring to the table. I mean, some may work, but if they do, what else can they talk about ?

I think the message that this song gives is messed up. Many of us, men and women are ungrateful for what we have, but when we do find the person of quality, we complain and say we are bored. Then with the one we place to the left, we complain because he does not have the qualities or characteristics of a faithful, honest and hard working man. So the next time you sing this song, ask yourself women, do you really want another fool or do you want a man, and are you able to appreciate and value that man for being such, or will you still complain?

Monday, February 12, 2007

a new breed of mother

Talking with an associate, I have come to the conclusion that some people are not fit to be mother’s and even worse, that there is a new generation, or a changing of the guard regarding those characteristics and qualities that are required to be a loving mother. A few weeks ago here in Atlanta, there was report of a woman age 26, killing her two children. Twenty-six year old Felicia Williams was arrested after a woman-hunt for murdering her own two children and beating her father in a county outside Atlanta. The children, ages nine and 5, were brutally stabbed to death.

Their are so many women who are unable to have children, it puzzles me how a woman could not have compassion in her heart for them, or anyone from her family that has likely shown here love and support for here entire existence. The children were staying with their grandparents, so there had to be some sort of support for Ms. Williams.

Unlike days before, women seem to have changed. As opposed to thinking and putting their children first, it is more about themselves. Being selfish as such does not do anything for the children and or the community as a whole. In order to be a parent, a friend, or a lover, one must have compassion. This means not say mean or ugly things to people intentionally, threatening them, not being responsible and yes even stabbing or killing someone. I was taught that true compassion is love in action. At least she left them with people she knew, nowadays, a woman will be so quick to get out in the streets she is likely to leave her kids with anyone. Then there is the possibility, especially if she has a little girl, to expose her to risk in the form of rape and physical abuse just by parading an assortment of men around her child. I am a firm believer that you just cannot leave your child with anyone nor should they be exposed to a multitude of people – different women if you are a man and different men if you are a woman.

The two children shared a casket together and were laid to rest with them holding hands. So please people, if this is not you, do not condemn my thoughts for they a pure and come from the heart. But if they do, then re-evaluate your life style and ask yourself, if you are responsible and caring enough to sacrifice what ever must be done, for the betterment of your family – especially your children.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Forgotten Genius

In this time and age where it is difficult to find something to look at on television worthwhile, I was granted a blessing this past week. Outside of ESPN, CSPAN and the occasional show on HGTV, it is not easy to find material that makes one want to sit down and view it in its completeness with their family. This past week, the Public Broadcasting Service series NOVA aired the life story of one of the most remarkable scientist of the 20th century, Percy Julian.

As a child, I grew up idolizing Dr. Julian because I was always interested in chemical and chemistry and blowing up stuff, but never knew of any other chemist other than him growing up in Memphis. Born the grandson of slaves in Alabama, he attended DePauw University in Indiana. Just to pay for his education he worked as a waiter and even a ditch digger. He received his A.B. in 1920, graduated Phi Beta Kappa and was the valedictorian of his class. It was his goal to become only the second African American with a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the time. However, even with good grades, no school would offer him entry in such a program. Even the people who wrote letters of recommendation for him explaining his brilliance asked the universities of his selection to discourage him from getting a Ph.D.

Eventually, he went to Fisk University as an instructor in chemistry and eventually to Harvard as an Austin fellow. He received his Masters at Harvard, but was unable to seek his Ph.D. Julian had to travel to Europe where he finally received his PhD in chemistry from the University of Vienna in 1931.

Although he loved academic science, it was difficult, because of minor scandals and racism, for Dr. Julian to work in Academia. However, he was able to secure a job with the Glidden Company as the Director of Research and Development – this was some decade before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball. Julian’s accomplishments are many folds: he synthesized a soy sterol to manufacture male and female hormones,
progesterone and testosterone. Julian also synthesized the medicines physostigmine for glaucoma and cortisone for rheumatoid arthritis. He held more than 100 patents.

The show was aptly called "
Forgotten Genius”. I was just happy to be able to see such greatness, such stamina and such perseverance at a time when children are up and feeling blessed that I was able to share this moment with my son and daughter. Good Look Nova that was the bomb show.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


You know we got some serious ills within the confines of our community. Case in point, I was told by a friend of mine about one of their friends. She is 25 and she just broke up with the father of her child. She didn’t work or have a car, but it seems as if she was provided for fairly well. As the story goes, after a major domestic dispute in which Dekalb County had to be called (and they shoot during domestic disputes and kill), she moved out into the apartment of another man.

It appears that all the while before domestic disputes, slim was creeping with Jones who she moved in with. Now Jones has an apartment but he too is car less as well as jobless like slim. Now through their mutual creeping and co-habituating, sexual relations were occurring. Come to find out now slim is pregnant again, with car less Jones.

Now this is not funny, albeit it may yield a slight simper or two. It is really more the ridiculousness of the situation and poor decision making than is comical. What is it about some of us to place ourselves into situation in which we use emotion as opposed to reason to operate on? Jones is obviously the rebound guy, and she likely knows that, but yet she boning condom less, without a commitment in the form of employment or engagement to the dude. Add to that what is any grown African American above the age of 18, not doing with a job or a way to sustain them, in particular if they have a child? But that what being trifling, young dumb and no income will get you.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On the Colt 45

I wanted to wait a day before I gave my take on the super bowl. History aside, I am a sports fan and had to actually let it sit in that this was the last professional football game for a while. Therefore, I just though during this somnolent time it was best to reflect on this being the last football game for a while before giving my two cents.

First, I was elated for both Dungy and Manning. I was mad when he was released from Tampa Bay and brought in Gruden to win a super bowl with Dungy’s team. In addition, Peyton, well being from Tennessee, I bleed Volunteer Orange and I remember him never being able to beat Florida and Tennessee winning the National championship after he left.

In summary, Dungy played smash mouth football outside of a dome stadium. He beat the Ravens, Tom Brady and crew and the Chiefs by stopping the run and ball control. To win the Championship, they beat a team that played out doors in Chicago by running the ball down their throat and making Rex Grossman be Rex Grossman in the rain.

Yep that is what happened, 42 rushes, working the clock and ball control kept the defense tired and the special teams off of the field – the only legitimate offensive scoring threats the Bears had to be competitive. All of this was reflective of the coach. Dungy was smart enough to know this and it showed. He was unwilling to take a field goal because he knew the Bears would be less likely to score with the offense compared to the special teams being on the field. Then there was the strategy that was evidently no strategy at all when the Bears had second down and one on the Colt’s 45-yard line and Rex Grossman was sacked at the Chicago 44 for an 11-yard loss by Anthony McFarland. Although I think that Bob Sanders should have been the games MVP for his interception and pop that took the ball and Cedric Benson out of the game.

I still think the St. Louis – Tennessee game was the best Super Bowl Ever, but this one did show that the best coach and the better man and the teacher one,. It also showed that good men do end up first.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Leg Blocking

As a man, there are just two things I expect from a woman I am involved with. The first is that they place me equal to or above me in their lives and be willing to do anything for me as I would for them and most importantly, not to leg block. Cooking, well I’d like a meal a few days a week, but I can cook for myself and have yet to find a woman suitable to match my skill set in the kitchen.

For those who do not know, leg blocking is a famous wrestling technique some women master and use during the process of intercourse. This technique when used properly is as infamous as the Boston Crab, the figure-Four leg lock and the DDT all combined. I suspect its purpose is to prevent maximum penis implantation. My question is why would any women not be amenable to the reception of fat long stiffness? My answer is that only a supreme being would know? I mean am I wrong for expecting my compainion to meet and greet me to the fullest extent of her physical prowess. There is always i pillow or something near I figure that one can bite on if such is too bad to bare. But then again i was taught it was pleasing pain by some former associates of mine.

I mean isn’t it a blessing to have one‘s spine messaged from inside of their body, especially if one has the capacity to reach it. Is it a feeling of satisfaction to feel the external appendage contained in that protective sac of your mate smacking that thang? So why squeeze the thighs or please your feet between mine as if they are wedges? These are just a few personal queries for the purpose of education and maybe some entertainment purposes only. But enquiring minds would really like to know.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Dogma of the Excuse

As some of yall may recant, I am about to publish a book of essays. Here is one i found that i wrote in 1991, think it was published in a UCLA based newspaper called NOMMO, March 1991 Vol 22, No. 4. BTW, this will not be in the aforementioned book.

Carter G. Woodseon, the astute African American historian and social scientist, once stated that “To know the possibilities of a race an appraisal of its past is necessary.’ This important to note, given the infectious manifestations of centuries of displacement of African peoples by materialist cultures. As a collective union, and particular, as African descendents living under western influences, we lack a true understanding of world history. Barashango stated that without a competent understanding of the past, one cannot understand and/or determine the direction of their future. It is true then, and not an excuse that the effects of slavery, which produced the ubiquitous definition of racism in these United States as many understand presently, have contributed significantly to our present status, appearance, condition. To advance that by documenting the fat of slavery and racism in reference to our present as an excuse, is the equal of suggesting that just because one drops a brick on your toe two weeks prior, that the injury, pain and discomfort experienced today, is not the result of the same brick.

As a people, we have a tendency to believe everything we are confronted with. Like black crime. Now think about it, you never hear of white on white crime, but we know it happens. I am not justifying any action, just pointing out a blatant inconsistency. This is what I call Dogma or settling for prescribed and, ‘or established opinion. To white people it is an opinion that there exists black crime, although white on white crime does not exist, when it does.
There are some who believe, or should I say perceive – because it is based on the organization of external stimuli, that slavery and racism are excuses for the present conditions afflicting African peoples world wide. But from a historical perspective, to hold and value the opinion, the perception and the belief that the present situations of Africans peoples around the globe, especially in America, is not a result of slavery and racism, presents a view that is not supported vehemently by historical, economic, political and scientific evidence. Reading is fundamental. Let me show you what I mean.

For in addition to lacking an understanding of world history, we also don’t understand or know in most cases what racism is. Racism is the act of oppressing peoples based on racial distinctions. African Americans can not be racist because we are not in position to oppress others. Africans all over, from Australia to Denver, Colorado have to depend on Western oriented systems for all aspects of their development. It is the European ordered political systems, that African Americans had no part in forming, that we used to define this republic. The fortune top 500 will always be incessant reminder of these truths, of which, their very foundations were buttressed on slavery. More than 1600 acres was donated to Harvard by a famous slave trader.
Diop, the extraordinary Africans scholar and scientist, documented, through the Rhind and Moscow papryi, that even the scientist, documented, through the Rhind and Moscow papryi, that even the sciences have manifested certain tendencies of racism. He demonstrated that the exact surface of the sphere and circle, the volume of a cylinder, and the calculation for P had been documented in Kmt (what the Greeks called Egypt) some 2000 years before Archimedes. Diop. Diop noted this peculiar given that Archimedes, who studies in KMT, never made references to these facts in his works. On the Sphere and Cylinder or Measurement of the circle. In addition to these facts, problem 56 of the Rhind mathematical Papyrus shows how calculate the incline of a pyramid – the same as finding the tangent.

Now there are those who might advance the premise that this is old material, that it has nothing to do with the present situations of African Americans. But it does. For the occurrent and practical of us, it indicates that occurrences of these conditions was not by accident, but rather contrived. This is to say managed. Archimedes did not accidentally take the information back to Greece without giving credit to his teachers. He knew what he was doing. Moses knew where he actually got those ten commandments. Just look in the Temple of Ramses VI. You’ll find the same ten commandments along with 32 more that the Kemetic people called the 42 Negative confessions. It’s even documented that the priest and scholars had to repeat the daily. He knew what e was doing. Daedulus took architecture and the rule of frontality to Greece from Africa. But few history books if any give credit to its origins. Orphus took back to Greece the fable of heaven and hell. They all knew what they were doing.

Francis Bacon knew what he was doing when he wrote, in 1624, New Atlantis when he stated:
“An holy hermit desired to see spirit of fornication and there appeared to him fowl a fowl ugly Aethiop.”
Cecil Rhodes knew what he was doing when he formed a monopoly of the Diamond mines in Southern African in 1888. That’s why he formed the Rhodes scholars program, so that they, the elite could rule without question. He forced Africans off of their land and ` made them work in the mines without payment. He even had this idea about converting all of African from Egypt to South Africa into a British Commonwealth.

It is important to know information like this. Why? Because it reveals a pattern of operations specific to the influence of European cultures on people of African descent. Carl Degler wrote a book that described a historical comparison of slavery in North America to slavery in South America. Both cultures, tried to suppress African customs, dances, languages and religions. But in North America, as the author notes, slavery was based on the color of the individual. In Brazil, for example, Africans, Mulattoes and other people of color could own slaves. Even revolts were handled differently. Severe death penalties for salves were not as prevalent in Brazil. As in the United States. In North America, Nat Turner was hanged in Jerusalem, Virginia along with seventeen others. The famous and monumental Denmark Vessey conspiracy, in which no whites were killed, thirty-five slaves were hanged. Their heads were cut off and placed on placed on poles as deterrents, you know, like starwars and George Bush.
In order to understand the history of African people involvement in the development of the new world, the attitudes of European and African peoples and how they view themselves and each other is paramount. Mark Twain provide a terse view of this in Huckleberry Finn.

“Good gracious – anybody hurt.”
“No’m. Killed a nigger.”
“Well it’s lucky because sometimes people do get hurt.”

This is firm evidence of the way white people viewed and continue to view African Americans. This text is still a significant part of American Literature classes. We fail to realize that in the very beginning that words like English, Free, Christian and White were synonomous, this to state that they meant the same thing; In colonial and post colonial America.
We live in post-colonial American now. Slavery is important because it was a major factor in determine American race relations. The government and the colonist defined slavery as a perpetual state, ‘durante vita’ –for life. Now if the government that we use presently was designed to support such, and if no major changes to these referred systematic processes have occurred, then why should African Americans perceive that such a system will catalysis change in the African American communities?

Why is it that we think that attitudes that inundated the founding of America, do not exist today. In may 1971 issue of Playboy Magazine John Wayne was quoted in an interview as saying, “I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated at a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.” Albert Schweitzer suggested that Negroes were children and tat “with children nothing can be done without the use of authority..” HEeconcluded by saying that if he was our brother, he was the eldest brother.”
We must not ever except any dogma in reference to ourselves and our communities. As we see, if we do not define ourselves, others surely will. The acknowledgment of slavery and racism by peoples of African Descent is a truism and a document fact. It is not an excuse. Those who continue to think otherwise should understand, that although they did not come over on a boat today, their elders and fore parents did a longtime ago.

We need to take a serious, serious look at our institutions of higher learning. We are not teaching this type of information. We need to look at them from a historical perspective and should ask ourselves the question, what are we doing? I’ll tell you, we are doing the same thing that was going on when our fore parents got off the slave ships. Because as soon as our students get out of college, we sell them off to the highest bidder. Whether its IBM, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Martin-Marietta, we give them away as if they were cheap labor. We do not even consider the point of how they can best serve the interest of the African American community. I was taught never to forget off my relatives and I am not about to start now.