Monday, June 30, 2008

the great unifier

I have been told that ignorance is bliss. I frankly disagree with this, but I have finally come across a case in which such may be factual and the case. We have suffered a rather harsh and disturbing 8 years under the current commander in chief. We have seen high fuel prices, a dwindling economy, namely proffered by a reduced manufacturing base, lowering wages, and decline in the housing market and reduced purchasing power of the dollar. There are more I could add, including a costly war that was implemented for over zealous personal gain and/or fame and lowering academic performance across the board from primary school to college.

Yes, GWB has put his foot in it, basically unknowingly and via the suggestions of advisors that seem to have never had the best interest of folk like us in their hearts. I really feel sorry for the next president. I know it will be better in some form or fashion, but the road traversed will be arduous and difficult. Bumpy even with a many of moguls to avoid.

Yep, GWB, his legacy will be an assorted one. But for me, I will always recognize for his inept outcome regarding the current state of political affairs. For me even with the war and stagflation, I will always remember him as the great unifier. Yep, for this one man in his eight years has managed to do what others, even Martin King Jr. could not do. He has managed to bring together, whites and blacks, men and women, gay and heterosexuals, natural born citizens and immigrants, republicans and democrats. For we all know he must go. He has done all of this believe it or not unwittingly. So George W. Bush, I toast to you, leaving office and unifying America, for with you, your folk and your policies, we would not have been on the verge of this new possibility, of a man of African descent, taking residency in the white House.

Caanan. Good look folk, welcome to the roll scholar.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Once upon an Oligarchy

Point of order: Been jamming that Hill St. (saint) Soul, love that cut Pieces, check it, cop that.

As many of you know, i'm forever calling folks out, even myself. I often use terms of endearment such as fk boy, or bitch azz to suppurate these thoughts into manageable constructs. Today I will use another term that I was familiarized with while growing up in Memphis – weak azz bitch. Now before I start, I want to say that this direct objectified gerund is neither race nor gender specific, and tends to be best exemplifying of collective acts that can be perpetrated by individulas or groups, for example the congress - especially the democratic members.

I have always been curious how folks can always say one thing and do another. Like the child that says they don’t want to go outside, but cries when you don’t let them out, or the woman that says she doesn’t want to be with a certain man, but wants him after he has removed himself from her life, or as I have mentioned in the prior paragraph, a congress person who says they disagree with a certain policy yet supports it via vote.

Although unlike most of us, who just get a day off for the fourth of July weekend the Senate went home yesterday for the Fourth of July holiday without doing jack to deal with the pressing economic conundrums facing regular folk like us. All though the folk on both side of the aisle say they gone handle theirs, from my vantage point, they appear to act more like a gaggle of weak azz bitches.

Not only did the housing rescue bill could not proffer any love via a test vote, they also could not approve an electronic surveillance legislation to prevent physicians who accept Medicare (H.R. 6331: Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008) from getting hit with a large percent pay cut. I mean it was passed in the house but filibustered in the Senate.

The only thing that these folks were able to do, I mean by a skunk measure (zero opposition votes) was the passing of a bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that also increases benefits for veterans.

I think the last measure was a good thing. However, it just strikes me as strange that all these democrats voted for this bill, but will likely go back home on the stump, to their districts and talk about how much money we wasting on this war effort. Talking about being two faced and slimy. I mean, it would be disingenuous for me, if I was a poly (many) trickster to say I disagree with all the loot going for the war effort as well as how it is being spent, but yet at the same time vote for the measure. The legislation, passed by a vote of 268-155, with Democrats logging 80 votes with republicans. I won’t call any name this time, but you can find who voted for what here. But that’s why I feel that this republic, for which it stands, seems to be more like an oligarchy each day – u know, “a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes” – namely staying in office and getting paid.

ps: good look SkoolBoi and Gemni girl for stopping by the shop this weekend. Also Ensayn Reality and marcelle ward for the shout outs.

Friday, June 27, 2008

free yo mind and yo azz will follow

I will free your mind today.
thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u
enjoy this RDB classic (least for me) from the past


and my shirts (samples) are in. Happy nappy friday Folk.


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blinded by the lights

I was on the grind yesterday, so I aint get to see the BET awards. Let me rephrase that, I didn’t want to see them and dint give a hopper grass that they were on and even if I did I would not have manifested a desire to see such.

But I became aware that this dumb shit was on when I made my blog rounds today. Seems a lot of mutha fucas think this shit, or such a spectacle is essential and even important. Although I couldn’t figure out its importance, I did not judge or relegate those that did as dumb fucks (I mean u complain about gas prices, but will look at the BET awards as opposed to writing a letter to your congressman about high gas prices). No just lost folks who prefer to live vicariously through the lives of those that don’t know hard work, but do know persistence.

I figure they had a few singers and a few rappers on. Maybe a lil wayne, or a young Jeezy or a TI or some jones like that. Maybe, I mean i'm just speculating. I know when I was at school, folks like them were hatters. They hated me for clout, and having a pool in my back yard, and hated me because I gave fi’e ass parties. And don’t forget the ubiquitous beat they boy down with an ax or a hammer. It was folk like them that wanted to fight me because of what my folks had worked hard for. That wanted to fight me because they said I was smart or was going to college. But it was just talk, cause they knew in my eyes and heart Id house they bitch azzes , with brain cells or fist, or hammers or bricks and take they woman – they bought when I would just talk,

But what do I know. I Mean women know what up, they like these pseudo thugs, rough necks. But strange to me, cant be to rough if you bitch ass can’t read a whole book or pass a class. But I’m through. Cause if yawl read this, some gone get they feeling hurt if the shoe fit for women, and others gone be mad cause i’m calling them fuc boy bitch azz n I double g a’s. That is if the shoe fit. But I aint blind, nor am I blinded by the lights - i love this song.

Even Stevie wonder, Ray Charles, and Helen Keller learned something in the dark, but we, nope, nada; sun every and each day and we can’t learn shit.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

when sequence was a dress

Addendum. Was nominated by Blackpolitics on the web for a Shiningstar award. Good look - but folk here Libertarian not Liberal Jones.

Back in the day one would hear the word sequence and you would think about them little bitty azz circles with a hole in the middle that would be stitched together on a blouse, skirt or dress. Namely for women. I learned actually what this was, although I had seen them on clothes worn by my mom and granny, when I played the drums in the high school band because our majorettes (fine as they wanted to be) wore outfits made of them small circle things with the holes in the middle.

Not anymore, at least since Geneticists of Leiden University Medical Center have become the first folk to determine the DNA sequence of a woman. They say this was easier to perform on a woman since women do not typically have a Y-chromosome, but rather two X-chromosomes. Marjolein Kriek, a clinical geneticist working at the institute, is the first woman to have her genome sequenced, according to the University. They say it took them about six months to produce approximately 22 gigabases of sequence data of lil momma.

I wanted to write this a while back since it happened in May because I wanted to see if I could verify if the findings confirmed Ohno's theory which estimated that the human genome must contain up to 100,000 distinct genes, since Human Genome Project found that humans today have only 20,000 to 25,000 genes. But I couldn’t. But over all this has some far reaching implications. For one, if I were a geneticist, I would be making loot, charging the supre rich 200 stacks to have their genes sequenced. Then again maybe not, for a mind such as mind may find the fck boy gene, the bad breath gene, the liar gene or the lazy gene. And I don’t need to give folks who have historically, like Carl Jung (who equated Africans to Gorillas and that "Living together with barbaric [lower] races [especially with Negroes] exerts a suggestive effect on the laboriously tamed instinct of the white race and tends to pull it down.") or Sir Francis Galton (the father of white supremacy in the form of eugenics) or even Darwin, any more ammunitions to berate and reduce people of Africa to the status of secondary organisms.

Even worse, they may be folk unlike me that may use this technology and information to play God and in the long run, represent the final step to engendering man made life – as skin stem cells. Any who, I thought it was interesting, and now sequence for me, no longer refers to the tine circles with holes in the middle stitched on dresses or skirts.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

recess is on

Point of order: 1] Putting a stone in my bed does not make u my friend – Damu Proverb. [I say this because some folk, who have put stones in my bed, expect me to be appreciative of them and their stones. I am not.]

2] Read this over my folk spot (beautiful souls of black sisters) the other day, I bet a lot of momma’s (if u can call them that) ask men, even married ones, to sponsor or take care off or support their daughters – dang.

My folk stopped by the shop when I was getting it set up about a month ago. The conversation, tersely, went something like this:

Folk: Jones, whad up? Whad up with the mean mug?

Me: Gave bald fist dap as a precursor to a hug, pulled back and showed him my mouth.

Folk: Jones, not the no teeth mode, real raw dawg. You subject to mack a hundred babes and shoot at a few mutha fucas (he laughed).

Me: Jones, loot. 40 stacks up in this camp. For real though, kids got to eat. I aint studying no babes, if they want me find me, and fuck a mutha fucka. Recess is on Jones.

Yep, this conversation was the impetus for this title. Now what did folk here mean by this statement? I am gone try to explain. See Jones here got no loot coming in at all. Sure done inked a few contracts for a few 100 stacks over three years, but they don’t start until November. Outside of that, just this store for dogs, and my savings albeit they are hefty. And I got my kids, not to mention another human liability. Meaning I gotta eat and they gotta eat and we neck bone pimpin plus up in this camp (prime rib last night and pot roast today).

Currently there is a recession in effect in America; regardless of what these cranial constricted and teleprompted bitch azz media pundits be telling yawl. At least by the economic indicators I follow (payroll, employment, industrial production, real personal income and, real manufacturing). Not to mention something I wrote about a few months ago regarding how traditionally when gold, and oil rose, so did the dollar – but not any more. Not to mention folk here was raised on John Kenneth Gailbraith.

As such from my standpoint, there is no better time to start a business than now, for as I have suggested in prior essays, in the future, outside of growing your own food, the only folks that will be able to eat are those that will be able to pay themselves – sleep if you want to.

I mean it is a down economy. Real-estate prices are flat, not to mention there are normally about 5 start up businesses for each start up Idea. I got lucking picking a store for dogs and locating it in the number one dog concentrated area in the city of Atlanta. Especially given that the top two disposable income industries in the country are Porn and dogs Dog food and porn are recession proof), and folk here don’t have a video camera. But again don’t sleep, horse man production will kick off soon, just need some volunteers-lmbao.

But like I said, it can be done, in particular if you don’t require no venture capital, and got your own loot like folk here. Moreover, even if you are starting a business without intellectual property rights (microchip patten for example), now is still a great time. Especially is you aint got no job security - which no one has. The way I see it, with my store for dogs, im with the ToyRus, KFC, Home depots and the like which started off as an Ideal. But I wont get greedy, for now all the folks closing shops. The Layne Bryants, Gaps, Linen and Things. Cause they wanted to make moey by openeing more stores, which looks good on paper, but an empty package because sales dont match.

So I just say this to suggest. Back in the day we had recess, you know kickball, four square and pick up and run. Now schools dont. Recess is on for us now in this economic lull. A lull that proffers the perfect opportunity to make a decison to do for self instead or talk. Scared say ya scared. Im not. Im with the old school, the family business school. Im leaving not only loot and land to my seeds, but also a legacy. Meet my CFO (son) and COO (daughter). With their help, we will create our own reality.

Friday, June 20, 2008

power or deceit

My folk Rich has been leading an extensive discussion on this book called the 48 Laws of power. And I have seen a lot of other bloggers caught up in reading (I hope) this book as well. Although it does not interest me, I have skimmed through it briefly for I could not write what I am about to with out doing such. Initially I asked my boy Tony oh to write about this given the lengthy discussion we Sensei had on the book as well as the epistimological (quality of the reasons for our beliefs) nature of power. But he took too long so I’m going to take my stab at it although I am confident he would have done a better job.

The book is written by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers and to put it briefly, it as much to do about power as it does kool aid. In fact it is more of a book on deception and how to deceive. And by deception I mean presenting a misrepresentation or to mislead, or to brandish falsehood – all of the aforementioned being on purpose, intentional and/or deliberate.

From all of its postulates from Preaching the Need for Change, but Never Reform too much at Once (45) to Working on the Hearts and Minds of Others (43) to Playing to People’s Fantasies (32) to Concealing your Intentions (3) are not even related or associated with power but rather fabrication, deception and falsehood.

This is by no way power, especially to folk like me who has studied the sciences in particular physics. In physics, power is the rate at which work (image to right) is performed or energy is transmitted/ It can also be understood as the amount of energy required or expended for a given unit of time’ in terms of a rate of change of work done or the energy expended to do such work - when a force acts to move an object.

I hate to rain on folk’s parade, but power cannot be obtained from one book. It is not hop scotch. As Malcolm X said in his book Malcolm X speaks “The problem of power is how to achieve it responsible use rather than its irresponsible and indulgent use.” This book is just another way to make money on the non thinking and poorly read weak minded plebeians that think things, even of the esoteric kind can be learned via instruction. For as my boy Tony Oh always says, “It is not the goal to become just a king, but to be a just king.” Francis Bacon was right, when all said and done, “Knowledge is Power", and you can’t obtain such from a single book; I guess, unless one is a fool. For without reading this book, brain cell against brain cell, i feel comfotable that I will smash any one intellectually that does, as well snatch they heart and mind (thats where power lives). Ok, that’s off my chest.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

blinded by the Obamafication of America

Now I know most of yawl are in awe of the prospect of the first African American President in the history of these United States of America, and as well you should be. In fact it is nice seeing people being caught up in history when so many of us don’t know much about the subject. However, with the Obamafication (my own word) of America, there has been a tendency to look away from other things that are important and are historical in their own right. In fact, things that may make his presidency, if he wins in November, even more problematic and deterministic with regards to his success or failure.

This whole campaign started with hoop-la. By that I mean we were in a recession and we were engaged in war on three fronts (Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia). Yep, Somalia, but we wouldn’t know because we get our information from media magnates that we never question or even on our own, search to find out what is really going on in our world. But such is the myopia of a self-centered nation.

If you have not noticed, we don’t hear much about Afghanistan anymore. One should ask why? The way I see it, it is because we have lost ground in the country and region and because we do not want to hear such. We are happy in our frivolity of possibility without the recourse of mental anguish.

Things are hardcore in Afghanistan. Just a few years ago we were claiming victory over the Taliban because they had been removed from power and scattered into the hinterlands. We were claiming a change since we were able to install President Hamid Karzai into what we felt was a fledgling democratic government. Now true, recent reports have noted that Hundreds of Afghans (not thousands) have been holding demonstrations in support of his leadership, however we don’t know why and don’t even ask why. Namely because they are scared and don’t think he has the balls to keep the Taliban from reclaiming the country. Yep, I said it. We don’t either.

Hundreds if not thousands of Taliban have been reclaiming the country as it did before by force. A few weeks ago, like it was something out of Sun Tzu’s the art of war or the hand Book of Guerrilla warfare, the Taliban implemented a rather hep and precocious assult on Kandahar’s prison that resulted in the freeing of all the prisoners. Now not any prisoners, Taliban fighters. After this they have been able to take over a number of villages just outside of the largest city in southern Afghanistan, Kandahar, forcing US, Afghan and NATO troops to redeploy to meet the threat. Redeploying for me says two things, they did not think or expect such and that they do not have enough troops to deal with the Taliban.

So it is still on in this small poppy rich, land-locked country. But we wouldn’t know, because we are caught in to watch political play-offs and many of us would rather focus on the Obamafication aspect of this political season, than issues of war and economics – although we say otherwise. vote

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pressed associations

Yo, on the real, I wanted to post something else. I mean I still have Recess-is-on and this Billy I wrote a few weeks ago called pomegranate p***y. But I will drop them sooner or latter. Any how, I’d like to thank my folk at Bucknaked politics and Poor and stupid for the impetus for this. I mean, I read blogs, not just so-called black blogs. The problem is that politics to me is more than just the Election and Barack Obama.

As such, a blogger that is, the media serves a major role in how I get mad at shit and re-evaluate what they regurgitate to me under the auspice of news and information.

If you aint heard, the Associated Press (AP) has decided to give the business to bloggers who reference (not publish) their news reports. Even direct quotes from folks that they don’t even own – LOL.

The way I see it, they should be happy folks linking to they bitch ass on line because it increases their exposure. Nothing I write comes from them with the exception of stories I may get from them that I provide a direct link to their site.

But again this is the age of the fk boy or as one blogger called it the bitch man, for they are complaining about DIRECT quotes ranging from 39 to 79 words – a paragraph. I just don’t see why they get to make or define what fair versus excessive usage is? The AP aint the courts and last I heard the courts define laws and not a single media conglomerate. I just say face it folk, this is the new media jones. Yawl basically obsolete with the exception of quote feeding. I mean that’s what yawl do for them 1500 plus newspapers yawl get loot from. I’d figured they would be better served exposing the 2 U.S. senators, the two former Cabinet members, and the former ambassador to the United Nations who got point waived and lender fee waived loans from Countrywide Financial. But why pick on Senators Christopher Dodd (chairman of the Banking Committee) and Kent Conrad, of North Dakota (chairman of the Budget Committee and a member of the Finance Committee) , or former U.N. ambassador and assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke when big fish like no named bloggers can be thrown in the frying pan? But then again, what do I know?

Folk: I need that stack, if u aint heard Celtics won

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Point of order: 1] Big Brothers are great for little sisters (see pic)

2] Nothing Like Neckbones (see pic) with potatoes before Game 5 of NBA Finals - on my stove.

3] Tiger is the MAN.

4] is this a fad, but my homeslice did a review of a poem had in a lit journal. Im flattered.

I have often ruminated on where the term or phrase player hater arose. I have queried regarding both its ontological and teleological definition and purpose – not just the meaning.

The strange thing is that there is this term, as well as the recognition of “hate the player, but not the game" yet the SELF proclaimed hatee, never abides by this credo for his intrinsic motivation is always selfish and seen at themselves. Bazaar aint it jones?

Now I aint gone Kierkegaard this shit, I mean this non empirical investigation is one of many subjective, yet topical realities that bewilders me (like vegetarians when our teeth are made to eat meat or how folk fail to see GOP and Donkeys as the same thing).

Yep it is not a lie; I hate players and haters, but not scholars and folk. I think there is a difference. I mean I hate the New York Yankees, but love baseball, does that make me a hater? To the two bit cathode ray tube inundated serf, it does. But such is that of the fk boy mentality. Or the racist mentality. Believe it or not, disliking the act has no direct bearing on the person. Least the way folk here see it. You can be a Dallas Cowboy fan, sit next to them, drink your liquor, root against their team and have much love for them the individual.

A step farther seems that they are always the same folk who calling other player haters. Unfortunately my name aint Milton Bradley or Parker brothers, so game playing unless on a field or with my kids is reserved for stadiums and TV for me. Life is too short, not to mention expensive. So feel free to call me a player hater for I have an official player hater degree (PHD), as well as maintain a pretty hard D***. My fault. Any who, with that said, I reserve my right to call folk or policies as being foul, lame, bull shit or by any other country proper nouns laced with explicatives at any time I objectively come to such a conclusin. And to honor Paul Harvey GOOD DAY.

Side Bar: Got my first 100 comment post, done had a many with 70,80, 90 but a break through so yawl read the comments to Real in the field to see what Sun Tzu was really all about. Warfare is won in the mind. Mind empowered with thought and not with empty words and rhetoric (mindless banter).

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I first came across the word denouement in a 7th grade honors English class. It was really part of a program in the Memphis Public Schools called CLUE (Creative Learning in a Unique Environment). Don’t know why they asked me to be in it, by the 8th grade I got kicked out for playing paper football and reading comic books, but I think what got them was when I did a Book Report on Valley of the Dolls – any who.

The word is a French word meaning "unwinding," and supposedly refers to the outcome or result of a complex situation or sequence of events, an aftermath or resolution that usually occurs near the final stages of the plot of a novel and normally occurs or starts after the climax is over. For me, it occurs only after all the conflicts have been resolved.

I wanted to use this word to describe my present sentiments about me and mine, my community that is for it is almost reflective of a tragic story, like The Princess De Cleves by Madame de Lafayette or Rameau's Nephew by Denis Diderot or even my own A Matter of Attention, which is about a writer who tries to figure about what it is about writing that he loves so much when he makes no money from it. Such to the extent that he feels he has to select the Love of his life (Margarita) or his writing, which to him is more loving than any woman could be.

The way I see, many of us have lost our ways, whether it is the person who is too lazy to work hard for a small few and select to sell drugs for quick profits or the woman that wants to take off her clothes for men for a green piece of paper. Whether it is a teacher in our school system that spend more time on what she or he will wear and in Lennox Mall than the Library. Or even those that cannot abide by the adage of doing unto others as they would like other to do unto themselves. Regardless, we have a problem for in reality many of us fail to realize that a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

We have lost our way, and I aint no preacher nor am I a prognosticator, but just a regular man who cannot compass when we started to loose our way. It is as if the fortitude for lying is more acceptable than being honest and telling the truth. Or that fake images mean more than evincing a sever depiction for other to know or learn about us. I mean in music and movies, this is so vivid. We admire the oleaginous flow of a TI or as Lil Wayne but yet do not take them to task for glorifying infidelity, personal responsibility and having the common sense and decency to evaluate the impact of their messages under the guise of the beat being funky or they just making money. We don’t tolerate the same irresponsibility of George Bush, but we can from folks who in action are just as foul and dangerous to our understanding of communal value. No wonder the family and lack of respect for such is rampant. We expect our mates to love our children as we do after a failed relationship yet will not do the same, for if they are not our children we hold disdain. We expect for people to love us unconditionally yet we cant or don’t love ourselves enough to know or understand love. I see why the Native Americans could not come to agreements or treaties with the white men of the era for they did not practice what the preached and were dishonest. We say family is important but the truth is it is not. especially for us men who place running the streets over calling or being with or kids, or those women who would prefer to place their feelings over their children and use them as pawns.

So, I guess I will close and say. We need to look at how we contribute to dissonance in chaos in our own minds and hearts and stop blaming other for what we do and don’t practice ourselves. In this novel, the one we all are involved in, is at its Denouement, and one of a very crappy E Lynn Jerome Dickey Tyree Novel if you asked me – my 2 cents

PS: Bags are in. you Like?

side bar: KG deserves a ring.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Raised or spoiled

Point of order:
1] left the shop round 830. A woman was driving in front of me weaving and I could see she was like texting on her phone, I flashed my lights she threw the finger weaved and sped some more and a cop pulled her over. Are folks that stupid? I laughed as I passed her under I20.

2] I slept to 945 today and turned in almost as soon as I got home last night – yum.

3] My folk did a book review and interview on me, im flattered.

Ok, sorry about that, I mean yawl having to deal with the back in forth with a commenter and myself and several others. Any who, on these few days before father’s day, I just wanted to say a few words and offer some blessings to fathers that are putting it down for lack of a better phrase.

See as men, we know the value of family, which means that family and especially our children are the most important tangible asset we have. We know it is not how many cars we drive or how much money we obtain but rather how much time we give providing, nurturing and raising our kids to hopefully become responsible adults.

Too many of our boys do not see this and as a consequence fail to recognize and worse replicate manhood in one form of attribution – being a father. Likewise, too many of our little girls grow up without a father in their household and fail to recognize what role the father plays in said household. For boys, it may manifest in running the streets and never being man enough to be faithful to a single woman or even respecting women as one would their sister or mother. Foe girls, it may manifest itself in that traditional view of I don’t need a man or that their looks and sex is all that defines them.

So you fathers out there, hats off to you. We know it is not a single day but each second of each minute of each hour we receive our reward and understanding of fatherhood. We know that we want to give and spoil all of those under our roof what ever we can even when we cant, but don’t because we know that by spoiling our children, we do a dis-service to our ultimate goal – raising them to be hardworking and responsible adult human beings that never feel sorry for themselves or blame others for the miss steps and bad experiences in their lives. Yep, there is a difference between spoiling a child and raising a child and I would like to think that fathers, who are fathers, know the differences and intentionally shy away from the first. So keep on doing and for those of us who have women in our lives that cant value our role or need, turn the other cheek, for although they may not admit it, God knows what we do is a good thing, something we are supposed to do, and remarkable and for me that reward enough.

ps: props to Ken Griffey Jr on that 600th jack

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

real n the field

Point of order: 1] Bumping that Al Stewart Year of the cat in my shop as I write.

2] “I'm not the greatest; I'm the double greatest. Not only do I knock 'em out, I pick the round.” Mumahhad Ali

My boy Dante stopped by the shop this week (in photo). He was one of my former students. He gave me a great compliment. He said outside of his dad, I was the only man that he had ever received real guidance and inspiration from. He also said that I was part of the reason he decided to go into doing his painting full time for real (other pics).

Note: If you meet him don’t be asking what is he painting or that you need some pictures because his work is too abstract for he will say “open your brain and see what you can see folk.”

You see he is an artist, and one his painting will be on the poster for the National Black Arts festival this year (PSA – I have 2 signings during this event). A world renowned artist at that with his works hanging in some of the top museums and galleries around the world. In our conversation, we talked of politics and of the state of the world today. In essence we came to the conclusion that it is on. That race is being obviated these days and that it is all down to surviving.

I use this to just say that what we see as war currently, is about to change. We only see Afghanistan and Iraq, but war soon will be pronounced in these streets over here in the USA. For it wont be too long when folks start waking up in the morning and seeing 11 or 12 folk in front of their cribs with gats not to just rob people, but to eat. For can goods and gasoline. Yep we are about to go through some turbulent times here in these United States of America and if u cant pay yourself, as I have said before, you wont eat, unless you take to the streets and tax others the wild wild west way.

I aint trying to scare nobody, nor am I attempting to be prophetic. I am only offering a warning. For down here we have a saying, “These ni***z are real in the field (gerund being none race specific).” And naw, this aint the rhetoric of 19th century scholars, but the plane truth. Just the other day down here in East Point, Ga, two white boys went up into a gas station, and stole gas in broad day light. And if you know East Point, folks don’t even speed there. Broad day light and when East Point 12 rolled up, they just started bussing, in broad day light. BLAP, BLAP, BLAP. They even turning over Urns up in this camp, you know on grave sites and selling them.

Yea folk its on, war overseas is faux pa now, its finna be over here up in this camp for as it has been said, THESE N****Z IS REAL IN THE FIELD. So don’t be surprised if they start buffaloing cribs for can goods and grits. vote

Monday, June 09, 2008

n the key of life

Yo, no biggy today, but watch out for RECESS-IS-ON and REAL N THE FIELD latter on this week. Jones truck fckn with him. I’m tired 16 hr days, no kitty head, barely basketball. So mind numb time. Tell me

What song would u use to describe me or how u feel about me or my writing?

Ps: Inventory control

More inventory

Sunday, June 08, 2008

LIVE spelled backwards

Staying with what I was trying to assert in CAN U DIG IT via my subtle reference to David Hume (how many yawl picked that up – slappz , BuelahMan's, Jackie, love babz , Curious, Badtux and Kelso not included, LOL), I have come to the conclusion that some folk just cant deal with kindness and even hate those that are kind? Albeit I have yet to thoroughly ponder this, I have made some cursory judgments regarding the aforementioned thesis. So I will attempt to give my take on such as a function of life and as well as living.

Hume’s (1711-1776) major philosophical works to me was Enquiries concerning Human Understanding although I know some would suggest A Treatise of Human Nature or Dialogues concerning Natural Religion. In summary he wrote about cognitive attributes of human behavior in terms of philosophical naturalism (my purview and I may be wrong). I think he may have been responsible for the dramatic change in Kant’s view of the world which suggested in essence that our own individual representation of things is what provides meaning and perception (I may be wrong on this too). But if not, I would venture to say that this is how I see evil. Not as a man with a red three piece and a pitch fork, but rather the representation of such.

Personally I have had a lot of good and a lot of bad things happen to me. More good than bad and even with the bad, I have always been able to find something good out of it. Truth is some folks can’t deal with bad and even worse cannot connect their actions and how they treat others to the negative outcomes in their personal experiences. They will continue to do wrong per say, treat others as they themselves do not desire to be treated and even worse, build upon lies until they have no way to control what they have amassed.

So caught up in themselves and their selfish attributes, they evince the me first position and are often so needy that they cannot see or observe or even respect the needs of others. So when others are kind and caring regardless, it festers more mean spiritness within in them because they desire others to hurt as they do, when they should desire not to hurt and focus on being considerate and caring. Yep, this is what I get when I try to understand meanness and hatefulness in others. I realize the true object of such is themselves.

To put it bluntly, evil is just live spelled backwards. Those that are afraid to accept the cards they are dealt, and fail to love themselves, are more likely than naught to be reflective of evil, for they, in my humble opinion are simply afraid to LIVE, or see their lives as a blessing.

Approaching the Bench: 1] Shouts out to my new Blog roll fam: go get it girl, k i s s, trouble ink, disturbed stranger, change within, y paisley, go zack,cliffs crib,black folk don’t swim, gotta have faith ,words n music, married 2 the game, jameil, ms. sula, spiritual-vitamins, waiting 4 zufan, nia naturally, trula, only my opinion, taffy ,silence between the words, socal muchacha, let it b the truth, coup de coeur, b hippy chick, da pewviews, ivory blossom, theophania, cordie b, seven, ambular, lina & curly curvy nervy

2] Blog Fam I met this week for first time at book signing and otherwise: the rich house, capacity 4 private eyes, str8 from d A, skoolboisplayground, Gee Gee - Made Over, b12th planet, bittersweet symphony & Literary Felonies. I already knew tony oh and Miz.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


It is she

At age three

Means the word to me

On this day

Life was blessed

With a smile at best

Just want to say

born on the same day as Prince

u princess

I love to hear you say

I want that daddy

And poppa eat, eat

My poppa

your brother and I

will hold down the shop today

for u

Thursday, June 05, 2008

From static’s to stochastic’s

Point of order: 1] I feel like the Taliban when they run stores in the US cause my daughter be in the back playing on the sofa like they kids do – sleep even. LOL

2] Just found the dog for Obama T’s, but they asking to much for folk to make a profit and u know the deal (profit over P***Y)

3] Heresay susggest that my daughter’s mom is having a bday party for my daughter who turns 3 this week at piedmont park and she aint gone tell me. I got lil momma a bike. Guess what she desires is more important that our daughter – good look. You always invited folk. Anywho.

4] Shouts out to my folk Sm Double O VE (Smoove-right) and Garfield - we call him ginsu (On Left. Remember Shai? Well I do stayed in my warehouse with me when they signed they contract, when my son was born, 2 days before I went to Nigeria for my first post doc-good look)

5] "I roll with real NI double G A's, who live life foul." Children of the Corn - Hell Up In Harlem

Now folk, as I sit here on the toilet ordering University of Georgia dog bowls and dog shampoo made with mint and green tea, I aint mad, but I know some of yawl think Jones a stupid mutha fuca, or a lame, or a fk boy. Truth be told I am not, and more than likely one of them same black mutha fucas who is kin to u and you family. Yep the black sheep, the lone wolf. So just to demonstrate the acumen or lack of that I may possess, folk here gone drop the bomb on areas of expertise that all should be adept in from my personal purview: Static’s and stochastic’s. Why, because I am a human being of word and action and one can have neither without a terse understanding of force and calibration. For me, words and actions are equal to forces, forces that define modes of operandi and perspective.

As a simple introduction, static’s simply is the study of rigid bodies that are in equilibrium. Essential in the understanding of such are the concepts of Force (a push or pull exerted by one body on another), particularly with reference to scalar quantities (something that only has mass or length or time) and vectors (something with magnitude and direction such as velocity). Now what does this mean? Well for me, its simple, it is my goal in life to aggregate and or combine thought and time in such a way to make it a force as if I were a super hero. Time in this temporal form being representative of all my experiences past, present and those to come.

Although most physicist reduce these principals in terms of Newton’s (In the meter-kilogram-second system, the unit of force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram one meter per second per second, equal to 100,000 dynes), my preferences is to reduce such to dollars, brain cells and inter personal relationships. In theory, when all the forces which act upon an object are balanced, then the object is said to be in a state of equilibrium. However, this don’t mean or imply that all the forces are equal to each other. Consider my relationship with my former woman, or better yet with my former employer or even in sex. With the first, I did every thing force wise a man could on the positive, from providing ALL her needs to persuading her to seek professional help inclusive of insurance. But her force in return was to be deceitful, lie and not even feed folk when he was tired or a back rub under the guise of she was saving herself for marriage – when she used to before. And worse putting herself before her family – which jones here never did.

With respect to my former employer, I was the first and last to leave and published more and provided more research funding in my short time their than any other in the same period. But they, even when knowing when they hired me, wanted to take my loot for theirs under the auspice of I did not ask for permission to make loot when I had said contact 6 years before working there. I gave them my all, which they never did.

And sex, well I am rather proficient in this area, for I treat all things I do like I’m cleaning my plate. And the processional of messaging a woman’s back from inside of her body until the point of incessant release and shivering well is often never reciprocated in my direction.

So for me this is important, static’s that is, for it allows me to model my practices accordingly; such to discern whether an event is a trend or cyclical – stochastic. I know this is boring but all I am saying is that things we say we hate can have daily application. For example, the way I approach business now, I base forecast of profit in terms of a simple sthoastic model 50, 100, 200, 300 dollars a day. And this is based on how I see the forces, whether scalar or vector, interacting with my thought process. So just accept this as what is a simple tutorial on how to combine energy, thought and time, and for that matter orgasms.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

what says u

Point of order: Didnt want to post any of the five essays I wrote yesterday, maybe one day. Shout out to my folk Husla3x who wrote this post on your folk. And The Villiager who said i was #25 of Black blogs (when I thought I was a blogger).

1] what do u think my five best blog post have been? Mine are:

live free or die
a diamond treated like glass
thank we free
Sticks & stones
A good day to die

Honorable mention: outside the box, age of the fck boy, Leg Blocking, the name game, we turned 2yesterday,4getting what real folk go through, a penchant 4 commitment,female dog gluteus maximus negro
2] I did this test I found at Miz and Ticia sites. Supposedly its what Torrance means. What says u?

You are a seeker. You often find yourself restless - and you have a lot of questions about life.
You tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. You're most comfortable when you're far away from home.
You are quite passionate and easily tempted. Your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.
You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.
At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.
You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.
A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.
You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.
At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

Monday, June 02, 2008

can u dig it

I lied. Looks like the enthusiasm of hustler genes revisited conglomerated in my being will have me talk about something a little bit more, meaning I’m finna (i'm country) talk about loot again, and its accumulation there of, in ways that impose upon thinking and personal communal responsibility. And communal responsibility being that which shows no harm, that which elevates and drop that hammer of beneficence on a (I wont say).

And as I said before, me and mine, folk that is, is a tight set. I mean especially the Memphis Cats, Morehouse Alum, or fellow pay your own self folk. Whether they be white black, Jew, Christian or what have you. See we are protective, and basically know that we are few in number as the knights of Templar or the Dogon Priest that protected the temples (libraries) of Timbuktu.

We extend our selves in life to extend the olive branch first as opposed to extending a weapon of calamity such as the Axe (my preference followed by hammers). As such we are protective of one another as bonded by our personal obligation to our community, family being first.

With that said, my folk from the crib and who attended Morehouse with me stopped by my shop. Heard from him recently when he left a comment on my post GIVING WINGS TO ANGELS. We greeted, drank, chiefed and talked.

First I never realized how many folks watched the WIRE, and how one video clip that he described to me of a cat executing jones in his store, could get folks so upset. Me never seen the show. Second, never new how much love so many folk had for folk here. He said I was like “Malcolm X King Jr.” and that I was a rare breed and that kats from the crib and especially Morehouse wasn’t gone be with Petsmart no more but that they were “T-smart” now. He peeped the spot and said I was like the dope man and had the corner on lock and that cat’s aint on thinking like this. He also dropped 200 plus on food and clothes and in particular an 85$ hand-made studded collar.

As we talked, before he left the convo went something like this.

Folk: “Jones, you hit it mane, this the lick. You got the perfect place and you got the corner on lock, you like the Omar of the dog world.”

Me: “Straight, good look folk – Bald fist dap.”

Folk: Jones, you the Omar of the dog world, except you got no comp.”

Me: Laughing.

Folk: Jones, we got your back, let the haters hate; they don’t know how we get down. You got me to hit them books. I’ve been in business for myself for 9 yrs now.”

Me: “I see like that Black range Rover.”

Folk: For real though Jones, cause I live in Marietta, I’m coming back, and you serving free wine, don’t need no Liquor License for that. A head of the game folk.

Me: Brain cells jones.”

Folk: I’m coming back, hold it down, Omar – can you dig it?”

Me: Stood up, put gat in back of my pants, Bald fist dap. “Alright Love, good look folk.”

Folk: “high post bruh, higher than most”

Me: “Think about it, Special Ed.”

He made me smiled. So fellows, represent. If I succeed u succeed. If I fail, you fail. Let’s hold hands, talk to each other and put it on the table. Let’s hold down the fort and make certain that we all eat, that we all provide and that we all give. Let’s handle ours first, in our homes in our schools, PTA’s and take control of what is really real – and aint talking reality TV, lottery tickets or the NBA finals (but ‘m down with that too).

And I aint just talking to the African American men, You white men (in the case of buelah man a self professed redneck-lol), Asians, Africans, Caribbean’s or what have you. Let us represent as men folk. Let us show government and big business America is not one spelled with three Ks in substitution of the C, but a stalwart for family, family rule, and that neighborhoods rock – dude.