Wednesday, December 20, 2006

dis - Respect

We often forget those things that are the most important in our lives, in particular things such as respect, value, appreciation and even love for those who have the most significant contribution in our lives. We men (and not to discriminate, women also) tend to take for granted, how our actions may impact others or even on the extreme end, show the opposite of respect, value, appreciation and even love.

There are some of us that do this on a regular basis. We go out with either our friends or others weekly (not a few times a month) on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend, and never realize that our actions tell an awful lot about ourselves and our true feelings to those we supposedly cherish the most. I’m not talking about grand parents or parents, but rather our wives, girl friends and children (husbands and men for you women). I would imagine for those of us men that do such, we are selfish and self absorbed and of the locution that there is something better out there, maybe for us. Alternatively, while the others in our life work hard to provide for their families, we remain at home, doing nothing productive, maybe sitting with the kids and maybe even living with our momma’s think we are entitled to be taken care of. . In fact, we may be so selfish, that we do not think it is important to call or check on them or the children while we are out or while they are at work.

But what makes us so certain that such is the case? What makes us so certain that while we are out philandering and inter-mingling that while we are out at all ours of the morning, that our partners, that we have selected to be in relationships with, are at home alone? Is it because we know they are with the children? Is it because we feel that we have no obligation to think of them first as we do ourselves? I do not know but I would like to proffer a warning that while we are out, they may be, and in all likelihood if the behavior is sever, are being entertained by another who has the same purported desire, and love for them that we proclaim, however, they are willing to show it by spending valuable time with out partners. Now I do not proclaim to say what it is that makes one seek the companionship and comfort of another, in particular if you place them first or equal to yourself. Sure, some of us are selfish and so myopic that we cannot even see what our actions show or in most respects do not show, but there are reasons for this behavior. Many of which we bring on ourselves.

So next time when you are out and decide that being out with others is more important than being with the partner you claim to have a committed relationship with and love, while you are gone, just recant they may have someone else over showing them the value they feel they deserve needs to be shown by you. So this point of order is basically to say, take care of your partners and all of their needs as they do you. If they don’t, then we will not realize what we had until it is gone and another has taken the prize that we never saw until they are gone. Happy Nappy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

question of the week

first off, happy nappy holidays,. If you lost a lotto ticket, or engagement ring, or watch, worth between 4000 and 5000 bills, how long would you look for it, how hared would u look for it, and which would be the most important to u to find?

Monday, December 04, 2006

End of a Black World

Who said that racism was dead? It is obviously not dead in America. From the redaction of the Murdoch corporation regarding the publication of the O.J. Simpson Book, to the invidious rants of Seifeld comedian Michael Richards calling one of his audience members a “nigger” several times and suggesting that days back in the south he would be “hanging from a tree with a fork stuck in his ass.” Now the Billboard top 100-album chart is reminding us that racism is still alive and that white privilege and supremacy will never die in America.

This week, the Billboard albums chart included a Bakersfield, CA duo called Prussian Blue. Their debut album called shocking the nation "End of A Black World" finished number 4 after selling 91, 000 copies its first week out. I addition, the album is also the soundtrack to a remake of one of the most ridiculous and racist movies in U.S. history "Birth of a Nation". The original movie was directed by D. W. Griffith in 1915 and originally premiering with the title The Clansman.

The Album, which is the third for the sister duo Lynx and Lamb, has songs titled "Funny Rich N**ger" – which is slated to be about Dave Chappel, “Affirmative Blaction,” N.A.A.C.P. (Niggers Against A Colorless People) and “No Darkie In Me” is likely why the sisters moved to a private compound in Salt Lake City, Utah after they received death threats over their last album. Some even suggest that this is the reason their father was shot twice in 2005 by an AME Minister.

One of the sister’s, Lamb has stated "We hope that our album and "Birth Of A Nation" will show our people exactly what needs to be done to make this country safe and white." I guess some things will never change in America, especially racism towards the folks who built this country and helped it accumulate wealth for free.