Tuesday, June 30, 2009

cap n trade these

I was really disappointed when the congress passed the recent Carbon Cap-N-Trade Bill. First was that it took me more than two days to read the 1200 plus pages and could only wonder how many carbon gases were released cutting down all them trees and printing all that paper. Second it is supposed to be the first bill created to put a national limit on greenhouse-gas emissions to deal with climate change – which once upon a time was referred to as global warming.

The way I read it, as a law, this bill will raise electric rates 90% and 55% for fuel. If my calculations are correct this will really put our economy in shambles and wipe any real chance of a recovery. My main concern outside of these big companies passing the tax on to us consumers is that the bill is based on past phenomenon. Truth is that the Earth has not warmed in over ten years. Not to mention I don’t know why carbon is so special seeing that the same companies pump a lot more poison in the air including the likes of arsenic and mercury. Add to that the fact that deforestation does twice as much to presupposed climate change than carbon based greenhouse gases.

And folk wonder why I am so hard on poly-tricksters, namely because they don’t keep up with the science and likely failed each and every science class they took for the sake of mastering public relations. Other wise the objective of the bill would be some type of tangible change instead of because truth is that the temperature will only increase .18 degrees over the next twenty years.

Most climatic fluxation are do to reoccurring astrological events like the rotation of the earth on its axis around the geographic or true North Pole, as well as its rotation around the sun in its same ecliptic hemisphere. No Bill or Law passed by congress will ever alter such.

This American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 although marketed as a way to create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, and reduce global warming will do none of the aforementioned. Especially the first and the latter. The only jobs produced will be a bunch of desk jobs for bureaucrats which are just more government pen pushers as well as a waste of loot. Seems that the current leadership all across Washington, DC is clueless when now is the time to smarten up with our economy as bad as it is. I mean we just had two more banks fail in Georgia this week and the steady increase on both individual and corporate taxes hikes is the only change I see thus far. We still have a false money bubble economy and I am just afraid that politicians won’t see this until mortgage rates increase and folks paying $5 to $8 dollars for a gallon of gas. So cap and trade these (holding scrotum tightly).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Perez Hilton is engaged to Mark Sanford

Now if you read me on the regular you know I have a penchant for satire. In addition, if you happen to follow me on twitter, you would have noticed last week and I admit that I initiated a #unfollowperezhilton trend. Also because he is neither Latino (Cuba is in the Caribbean) nor a hotel; because his momma so nasty she pours salt water down her pants to keep the crabs fresh; because he tints his hair with Paas Easter egg dye; and lastly because he doesn’t eat pu##y.

One which I am ashamed to admit I forgot to mention was because he is engaged to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Yes this is not slander, it is tru. They are a perfect match for they have provided me with the real definition of dumb fcks. They have completely redefined it. . With respect to Perez, I found it funny that he would call a man a faggot and get mad and cry when said person or an associate would drop a two piece dark meat snack on his head. And of the dear Governor, well what person in his capacity would think they could disappear for five days and no one would miss him being gone.

It was funny to me that when Jones got back from Argentina, that he confessed to 8 years of banging a-broad (intended-lmbao)when confronted by reporters in Atlanta, he mentioned the name of State Senator Tom Davis as much as he mentioned his wife. Don’t know what he was thinking but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did think that the Appalachian Trail was in Argentina, or even that they were the same thing after all they are both proper nouns of locations that start with the letter A.

Now some may not find this funny but I do, and feel obligated like an intercellular anaerobe to break that Perez and Mark are engaged. They tried to hide it but I broke the story. I mean I remember 10 years ago when the Holier than thou governor rode bill Clinton on his head escapades like a surf board, as well remember how Perez rode Miss California. Just come out the closet Mr. Governor, and Perez, you too, for we all know a real woman can fight.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Now I value the first amendment right of free speech and as such, use this right to express in speech and written form, being critical of each and every administration when need be. However, my criticism is often directed toward valid policy issues based on substance and that have some impact on the US populous.

Unfortunately in the American body politic, some folks cannot be as objective. It seems as if partisan ship and cynicism runs supreme when compared to the objective political reality of common sense. I read where John McCain, Pete Hoekstra and several other prominent members in the Republican Party have criticized President Obama with respect to his statements and the time of such statements regarding the protest in Iran. In essence, that he was not hard enough on the Iranian administration, took to long to make a statement, unsupportive of democracy for Iran, and not picking sides in terms of the opposition leadership. I have even heard folks complain that while this was going on, that he selected to go and get ice cream with his little girls. Saying that when George Bush was out playing golf he was vilified in the media. Let us not forget Bush 43 had started a war on false pretense and no such action has been taken by the current administration.

Obama supports both declarations of condemnation proffered by the House and Senate. But there is nothing more he can say or do. First McCain is the last person I would take advice from given that while on the campaign trail he openly admitted he wanted to go into Iran and bomb it just as we did Iraq. And Pete Hoekstra, well the first three letters in his last name says it all. Only an idiot would select that we pick sides. We stand with all the people of Iran in protest and to do such may place these very same individuals in harms way more so than currently. True, the announcement of the winner by the Supreme leader before the votes were counted is suspect, we must admit that we do not know who won the election and even if we did it would not change our current political relationship or approach with Iran, for we have NO diplomatic relation with this nation.

Obama has to be cautious because being wrong would be the worst outcome if he was to make a cursory decision at this moment. Thus it is wise for him not to pick sides. So to all of them representing that set known as the GOP – squash it. Especially you Mr. McCain, for according to your logic the solution like the former president would be to invade and occupy, since the actually do have nuclear capacity and the people are being controlled by a tyrannical regime. You really cannot compare us to the governments of the European Union because they have made statements regarding the unrest, for they have diplomatic relations with Iran as I stated earlier and we do not. Dang, maybe you need to attend senate sessions more, for it makes me think I know more about US foreign policy than you Mr. McCant, I mean McCain.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I have come to accept unfortunately that the American citizen is under assault from a virus. No not the Swine flu, but rather the incessant use of the word SWAG. In fact I would be willing to propose that SWAG is likely the most over used word in our streets today.

First I don’t know what swag is. When I ask folk they give me words that we already have in the dictionary inclusive of confidence and assertiveness. The way I see it, the word reminds me of Canines and not as in teeth but rather dogs, for dogs are the only animal that I see regularly in these streets wagging their tail. Not to mention the word SWAG (if it is a word) rhymes with wag.

I also believe that if a person has to walk around and proclaim that they have confidence or are assertive then they are neither. And actually believe that it is an artificial high folks give themselves via the things they own, fake materials because they were born with and have very low self esteem. Not to mention confidence is consistent and one is always assertive and if it involves how women react to a man when he enters a room, well such cannot be turned on or off like a faucet or light switch. Either one is such or not and all the jewelry, gold teeth, money and cars will not alter such.

So don’t trip because I don’t see my self as having swagger, because I don’t give a flying hopper grass. I mean all I see and hear that they got SWAG not only have to tell themselves and everybody else to get themselves noticed, they also seem to have a little sugar in their tanks if you know what I mean. So with that said, they next time somebody profess to have swag, or a woman says that a man has swag – please call him this word – SWAGGOT.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

$3 a gallon by July 4th

Was re-reading the great Gatsby again last night for the umpteenth time. And while reading the part that describes Cody, the Copper millionaire, I got side tracked to thinking about the economy again. Specifically how we keep spending money we don’t have and need to borrow from other nations and the impact it will have for poor folk the likes of you and me.

It seems to get worse, I mean the State of California and major cities within its borders such as Los Angeles don’t have a budget but still wasting money left and right – like giving a $2 million dollar victory parade for the NBA Champion Lakers when they closing schools left and right and classrooms have 50 or more students. True the NBA will pay half of the $2million but still is another example of wasteful government spending.

My concern is that folk keep on doing things just to do them, not because they will work. All of them, Obama, Bush, Congress, the senate and the Federal Reserve Bank. Seems as if they do not know what we are dealing with, whether if this is a structural recession or a cyclic recession. As such, the stock markets may be artificially inflated and short term. I mean I know Tim Geithner is a smart man, but his approach to the economy is contradictive to Obama’s and seems more inline with that of Ronald Regan. After all, I remember when he was a Republican and worked for Kissinger and Associates .

I personally think that he and Summers may be setting Obama up for the Okie Doke, waiting until unemployment gets to near or above 11% nationwide before they actually start the real work on fixing the economy. And I will not be misled by their talk saying the dollar is getting stronger for to me, a weaker Euro doesn’t mean that the dollar is really stronger. The bigger part of the problem remains with Ben Bernanke, for I can’t tell if he will adjust interest rates in terms of current commodity values or the housing market? What ever the case this July 4th, don’t trip if gas is $3.00 a gallon in south - $5.50 or more on the west coast). Just my 2 cents, thanks F. Scott for making me see straight again.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Me sorry Ms Jackson

For me there is no greater challenge and honor as a man than being a father. I say this with the impending return of Father’s day approaching. No biggy to me for each and every day I can smell, hug and see the smiles of my seed’s is father’s day. However, I know that many disrespect fatherhood. Men sometimes do not take the reigns of appreciation and responsibility of being a father as important, however, this is not what I will focus on in this essay, but moreso those select few of women, who devalue fatherhood, the importance of their children having a father and having that person actively in their child’s life.

For me, this is important for I have yet to figure out how one can have so much disdain for another in their heart to use a child as a vehicle of revenge. This is not motherly and even is selfish for the interest and personal emotional desires of the mother appear to be more important than the child. I know this personally, for one that I was once engaged too is doing such as I type. She once asked me to choose her over my son, which let me know she was not the woman for me. In addition, she always put her self before the interest of her own daughter even suggesting that she did not feel as if she had to put her life on hold and behind the life of her child.

She has found and used my only weakness against me as a man – my seeds. She has made dangerous allegations against my son, one who she said she would make our lives miserable and do anything to hurt us, and attempts to keep my daughter away from me and her brother. So on this fathers day, I would like to make this plea to all the women who use kids like tools to hurt and harm their fathers – you really only hurt the children, for as a man and an adult, I will always be able to take care of myself but children cannot. Not to mention all kids need both of their parents. So I will never consider a woman a mother or the motherly type if she expects a man to choose her over his kids, nor if she would prefer to keep her child from her father because he no longer desires to be apart of the mothers life or if she just wants to be vile and evil for “glory built on selfish principles is merely shame and guilt. So me sorry ms, Jackson, im for real – sorry I don’t want you in my life – but my children will be forever. Happy father's day to me and all the real men representing love unconditionally. Again real men, not the likes of Lil Wayne.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama Bernake & Bush Greenspan

I am not quick to second guess folks, but I am astute enough to use reason to figure out stuff. Case in point is this bailout. I know have harped on this and the economic recovery act and these artificial efforts to stimulate an economy with no production or manufacturing base both for the current and pass administrations, but I still just don’t get it. It is like they do not or have never run a business as I do.

The way I figure we should as a nation, produce more and consume less. This is simple supply side and cost revenue accounting, they way most small business folks and family keep their books at home. It is just hard for me to see any difference economically from the methods of Obama Bernanke and Bush Greenspan. Yep they both need to be one person since both are connected to the hip with their Federal Reserve namesakes.

The problem is that these pair of two headed Cyclops thinks that it is ok for Americans to go around, at the expense of our own loot, with foreign money. This is some of the backwardsist azz shit I have ever heard. Hello, credit got us into this problem. It seems that all we care about is credit, from the administration to the common man. On the top end, it will most likely lead to some sort of hyperinflation and on the other – we just want a credit card where we can put a pic of or children or cats and dogs on.

Obama said that credit was the life blood of our economy. I would like to disagree. Credit is just what got us into this mess, servicing debt, complex financial instruments that go unregulated and the reckless Federal Reserve Bank that is just borrowing more and more money while making the fake ass artificial interest rates that seem to only benefit Wall Street. I say this because every where I look I see declining wages as well as declining competition because that’s what bailouts do. I just don’t get it, I mean albeit I wrote my name in on the presidential ballot, I did believe Obama mantra of change, but unfortunately it is more of the same, for I can see no difference between Obama Bernanke and Bush Greespan. Please folk; don’t confuse the policy with popularity.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Lil Momma turned four this past Sunday. With all this drama with her female parental unit, I didn't know I would see here until last momment. So I trew a party for my Princess in 45 minutes. Enjoy

Thursday, June 04, 2009


I consider myself and equal opportunity offender. Not that such is my attention (not intention) , but it is rather likely that what ever I write, type or say will offend some one. Politically, this is true for black folks, white folks, gays, republicans and democrats. However, I have never seemed to offend thinking minded folks who are objective and take side with information as opposed to a person (as many of the current Obama supporters do this day).

But like I say I call it as I read it. Didn’t see Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s address to the National Press Club but I did read the transcript. Like wise with respect to the President’s address in Egypt. But the latter is not important, I just want to straighten out some things regarding why I consider politicians as not being honest and trustworthy. True, I think the love America, but at times I cannot tell if they love it equally as more as they enjoy capitalism, avarice or fame.

I can astutely suggest this with respect to Dick Cheney. First it is obvious that he is talking out the side of his neck and unlike me, who attacks the policy positions of all Presidential administrations; he is attacking the man and the party. In his recent address to the National Press club, the former Vice President said that “We had a lot of blind spots after the attacks on our country, things we didn't know about al-Qaida. We didn't know about al-Qaida's plans.”

Blind, more like ill informed and even when they had the information they ignored it. Can say at least the current administration tries to stay informed. He added that “the broad-based strategy set in motion by President Bush obviously had nothing to do with causing the events of 9/11. But the serious way we dealt with terrorists from then on, and all the intelligence we gathered in that time, had everything to do with preventing another 9/11 on our watch.” Cheney even passed the buck saying “You know, Dick Clarke. Dick Clarke, who was the head of the counterrorism program in the run-up to 9/11. He obviously missed it. The fact is that we did what we felt we had to do, and if I had to do it all over again, I would do exactly the same thing.”

Dick Cheney has spoken about Obama relentlessly. But this is the man who said that Sadaam Hussein and Al queida were connected at the hip when we knew, even before the Bush administration took office, that there was no meaningful relationship between Sadaam Hussein and Al queida with respect to 911 at least. I mean the former head of the Counter terrorism program, Richard Clarke begged Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for an” urgently" high-level National Security Council review on al-Qaeda via memo on January 25, 2001. But as we know he was refused and Vice President Cheney states that he does not recall, suggesting to me he as Vice President did not think it was a threat or important to be informed about terrorist – a claim that he currently directs toward Obama.

In addition, Clarke, on September 4, 2001, warned the administration, via memo of information regarding plans of an attack by al-Qaeda in a memo in which he wrote” ''to imagine a day after a terrorist attack, with hundreds of Americans dead at home and abroad, and ask themselves what they could have done better.''

Dick Cheney is one of the problems with politics. They don’t read shit, depend on experts to formulate policy, yet don’t have the time to read what said experts place on their desk. I don’t mind talking about policy, but it is disingenuous for this man to when he slept on the job and got us in the mess. Obama can't help if he better informed and smarter than Cheney, its just a fact. I just want to ask him, in the words of Kate Nash, “why are you such a dickhead?”

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What happened to main street folk?

I have always used reason to gauge decision making, and when months ago I wrote that Obama’s decision to bail out the big three in the auto industry was a waist of money; I was asked to give him a chance. But reason suggested to me that anyone who would suggest such was not really thinking at all, were not proponents of the free market system, and worse had little if any understanding of math and economics.

I specifically pointed out, and correctly that the automakers' problems are their own doing, a function of bad business decisions, messed up labor agreements and a result of making sub-par, gas guzzling cars that nobody around the world, not even Americans want to purchase. Not to mention, it was only designed to stabilize the industry , like a band-aid on a cut and not solve the problem for it would not stop what the market forces had in store – that one if not all would still fail, need to file bankruptcy and go out of business anyway.

I have never supported the use of U.S taxpayer dollars to reward the mismanagement of any business, instead I felt as if Main Street, the small businesses, those that are responsible for 80 percent or more of job creation should be getting loot if any business deserves such. I don’t by the mantra of Wall Street nor the big auto manufactures cry of being victims. How so I ask, since the Detroit companies, especially General Motors, have way too many brands and dealers to operate efficiently, at least in reference to their current market-share levels.

What gives the President the right or authority to steal my money and give it to supra rich mutha fuckas who operate failing businesses? No wonder the right says that we have corrupt Socialists in power now, who run our government. And these are the same folks who say we should not just pass folks in schools because of their grades, yet say in essence if you are a failure in business, you are rewarded. Like the more you fuck up, the more you can take tax money (rob) the citizens of this country. Jones aint ask me if I wanted the auto industry or Wall Street if they can have my loot. I mean if the car industry couldn’t be effective in their own industry why or how can the government be?

I think we would be better served if Obama gave $100 stacks to every citizen in the USA to pay they bills and get rid of they debt. But me no democrat nor am I as smart as big wigs in the white house or on capital hill – I just think and ask what happened to main street Mr. president, recant, you said we would be first? I just wish I could communicate without conflation and derogation that private interest do not equate, nor are the same as economic interest, especially the economic interest of the American citizen.