Wednesday, December 20, 2006

dis - Respect

We often forget those things that are the most important in our lives, in particular things such as respect, value, appreciation and even love for those who have the most significant contribution in our lives. We men (and not to discriminate, women also) tend to take for granted, how our actions may impact others or even on the extreme end, show the opposite of respect, value, appreciation and even love.

There are some of us that do this on a regular basis. We go out with either our friends or others weekly (not a few times a month) on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend, and never realize that our actions tell an awful lot about ourselves and our true feelings to those we supposedly cherish the most. I’m not talking about grand parents or parents, but rather our wives, girl friends and children (husbands and men for you women). I would imagine for those of us men that do such, we are selfish and self absorbed and of the locution that there is something better out there, maybe for us. Alternatively, while the others in our life work hard to provide for their families, we remain at home, doing nothing productive, maybe sitting with the kids and maybe even living with our momma’s think we are entitled to be taken care of. . In fact, we may be so selfish, that we do not think it is important to call or check on them or the children while we are out or while they are at work.

But what makes us so certain that such is the case? What makes us so certain that while we are out philandering and inter-mingling that while we are out at all ours of the morning, that our partners, that we have selected to be in relationships with, are at home alone? Is it because we know they are with the children? Is it because we feel that we have no obligation to think of them first as we do ourselves? I do not know but I would like to proffer a warning that while we are out, they may be, and in all likelihood if the behavior is sever, are being entertained by another who has the same purported desire, and love for them that we proclaim, however, they are willing to show it by spending valuable time with out partners. Now I do not proclaim to say what it is that makes one seek the companionship and comfort of another, in particular if you place them first or equal to yourself. Sure, some of us are selfish and so myopic that we cannot even see what our actions show or in most respects do not show, but there are reasons for this behavior. Many of which we bring on ourselves.

So next time when you are out and decide that being out with others is more important than being with the partner you claim to have a committed relationship with and love, while you are gone, just recant they may have someone else over showing them the value they feel they deserve needs to be shown by you. So this point of order is basically to say, take care of your partners and all of their needs as they do you. If they don’t, then we will not realize what we had until it is gone and another has taken the prize that we never saw until they are gone. Happy Nappy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

question of the week

first off, happy nappy holidays,. If you lost a lotto ticket, or engagement ring, or watch, worth between 4000 and 5000 bills, how long would you look for it, how hared would u look for it, and which would be the most important to u to find?

Monday, December 04, 2006

End of a Black World

Who said that racism was dead? It is obviously not dead in America. From the redaction of the Murdoch corporation regarding the publication of the O.J. Simpson Book, to the invidious rants of Seifeld comedian Michael Richards calling one of his audience members a “nigger” several times and suggesting that days back in the south he would be “hanging from a tree with a fork stuck in his ass.” Now the Billboard top 100-album chart is reminding us that racism is still alive and that white privilege and supremacy will never die in America.

This week, the Billboard albums chart included a Bakersfield, CA duo called Prussian Blue. Their debut album called shocking the nation "End of A Black World" finished number 4 after selling 91, 000 copies its first week out. I addition, the album is also the soundtrack to a remake of one of the most ridiculous and racist movies in U.S. history "Birth of a Nation". The original movie was directed by D. W. Griffith in 1915 and originally premiering with the title The Clansman.

The Album, which is the third for the sister duo Lynx and Lamb, has songs titled "Funny Rich N**ger" – which is slated to be about Dave Chappel, “Affirmative Blaction,” N.A.A.C.P. (Niggers Against A Colorless People) and “No Darkie In Me” is likely why the sisters moved to a private compound in Salt Lake City, Utah after they received death threats over their last album. Some even suggest that this is the reason their father was shot twice in 2005 by an AME Minister.

One of the sister’s, Lamb has stated "We hope that our album and "Birth Of A Nation" will show our people exactly what needs to be done to make this country safe and white." I guess some things will never change in America, especially racism towards the folks who built this country and helped it accumulate wealth for free.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the terrorist win

A few weeks ago, while speaking at a rally held at Georgia Southern University to support Max Burn’s congressional run, President Bush suggested that a vote for Democrats was essentially a vote for terrorists and that if that occurred, the “terrorists win and America loses.” From the results of November 7, 2006, it seems that the terrorists have won. Albeit, not all of the terrorists, which includes one of my favorites and my homeboy, U.S. Representative Harold Ford Jr. Nonetheless, the Democrats put it on the GOP even if this lifetime Libertarian has to say so himself.

Nationally, the Democrats picked up GOP seats for the Senate in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. In the Congress, they picked up seats in Florida, North Carolina and several other states. Then there is Deval Patrick, who whipped up on Republican Kerry Healy in Massachusetts to become the second African American elected governor of any state, ever. In Georgia, a Morehouse classmate of mine, John Eaves, was elected Fulton County Commission Chairman.

What does this mean? The sea changes affect African Americans namely at the national level. With House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi becoming the Majority Leader, she will play a key role in determining which Democratic lawmakers receive powerful committee chairs, many of which — if her promise of rewarding seniority stands — will go to members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Therefore, cheers to the terrorists.

Monday, November 27, 2006

questions of the day

Collards or Turnip Greens?

Can you turn a ho into a housewife?

Can I love two people as mates at the same time?

Mike Vick or Warren Moon?

please tell y in your comment

Monday, November 20, 2006

can we LYNCH him?

Can we find out where Michael Richards lives, since he thinks that we would be hanging from tree's if it were 100 years ago? Look at him at the Factory in Los Angeles.

Friday, November 17, 2006

challenge to lyricists

I am a product of hip-hop; I could be considered a member of the founding generation of hip-hop. And although I like the beats and the music that I hear, there is something lacking that makes me uneasy. There seem to be a lack of lyricists nowadays. Sure everyone claims to be a lyricist, but there are very few.

By definition a lyricist is one who writes songs, but it seems as if a lyricist should also be socially conscious, creative and never willing to write about or on the same subject matter over and over. Currently, the only thing that one hears about in the hip-hop game is materialism, vanity and falsehoods that do nothing to improve the corpus of listeners that make such artists wealthy. Sure, I have heard that this is what goes on in the streets, and that people want to purchase these songs, but isn’t there a higher purpose to making music than just stacking loot?

I just wonder how many times can one talk about shooting folks, selling drugs, platinum teeth, diamonds in a watch on their wrist, cocaine, 24-inch rims or smoking purp? How much can this actually be contributing to the betterment of folks that are already devastated historically by the pangs of racism and prejudice? Now don’t get me wrong, I listen to the same music too, and like most of it, but there is a greater good, people. Not to mention, half these folks talking about the dirt they are doing or are likely to do, don’t even live in the communities they write about.

So y’all folks who consider yourselves to be dope lyricists, show me something, because for the record, you’re just talking out of the side of your neck and repeating news that ain’t newsworthy at all.

Monday, November 13, 2006

take me out to the ball game

Hey had a great weekend. a few bars and a few parties - recant it was the weekend of the BET hip-hop awards.

But on sunday, i was at the dome, with the best of company - my secret service. we had a ball and they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are three - with the exception of the sorry falcons.

Good lookin Cuz for the lux-u-ray Box suite.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Bad and the Stupid

There used to be a statement that was really over used that was taken from a cowboy movie – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I have modified this to the aforementioned title. Why, Well first, yesterday my homeboy, Harold Ford Jr., lost his bid for the US senate seat for the state of Tennessee. I call him a homeboy because not only we are from the same city of Memphis, Tennessee but also because I know him and remember when he would always come over with his father to a neighbor’s house across the street when we were all much younger. I am proud of his accomplishments but this Libertarian here really did want him to win. Nonetheless, he has still made history and I expect greater things in the future from this 36 year Harvard law school graduate. This was the Bad for me.

The stupid well there was a lot to select from. However, I decided to select two, one of which is rather tragic. University of Miami defensive lineman Bryan Pata was fatally shot Tuesday. A senior, he was expected to be taken in next spring's NFL draft. All this opportunity is a waste, since he was proffered an opportunity for both a higher education and a chance to make millions by merely playing sports. I do not know what transpired, but I am certain that there are consequences to our behavior. Sometimes its best to think and avoid situations, but such would suggest that thinking and reasoning are skills that al posses.

Lastly, there is the man that is scheduled to host the BET awards here in the ATL – Katt Williams. The 35 year-old Williams was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after a stolen gun was found in his briefcase, airport police said on Monday after he was stopped at a security checkpoint. First, it is difficult to see this as something other than a publicity stunt, so maybe he can have something to joke about on stage at the fox. But why waste money and time? And more importantly, why travel with a throwaway on a plan, it aint like you ca keep it under your seat. Any way, next time, go to the city of destination if you fly, and purchase a throwaway there, they should be rather easy to obtain.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Something historic just happened recently, Joe Lieberman became just the fourth incumbent senator to lose a primary since 1980. After his lose, he then announced he would continue to run, but as an independent – specifically what he called an independent democrat. Appears as if his independent democratic ways is what lost him the race in the first place.

Lets face it, Ned Lamont, a millionaire cable mogul is new school and without wrinkles. In contrast, Lieberman is stuffy and viewed as a pocket man for a Bellicose President. Some argue that Joe Lieberman has been an effective Democratic Senator for Connecticut and for America. By changing affiliation, this supposedly honorable senator is telling folks it is ok to be a sore looser, to take your ball and go home when you are not picked to play.

Who cares if Leiberman’s loss will make the Democratic Party more extreme far left or that Democratic candidates become unelectable? I just think he send the wrong message, saying that if you lose fairly, then you can turncoat on the folks that carried you and mess it up for them. It also says that Three-term U.S. Senators are obsolete and out of touch with the populous that in most respects are sick of the war/occupation in Iraq. All in all it just says that Senator Lieberman is a wuss and a wuss by genetic make-up is part wimp and part pussy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just a few thoughts

I am not married, but I have been. However, over the years I have come to conclude that there are things that are genderless that everybody can do if their desire is to make it last infinitely. Now I’m not trying to give advice or be Dr. Phil or Judge Judy. But here goes.

Sex is nonnegotiable. Without hesitation, it is the obligation of either partner to serve and take care of the other whenever they require such, unless existing circumstances of the medical variety presents otherwise.

Be Spontaneous, however it may manifest from having sex in a bathroom in a public restaurant to going for coffee and looking at magazines. Even a walk in the park (free) to blow a fat one or have a wine cooler is cool.

Don’t criticize or patronize. Whether it is starting an argument over a cd being put in the wrong place or him making all your problems seem simple and easy to solve, one cannot harp on petty things that make no real difference. In addition, you cannot always simplify what another say when they come to you with their problems. What may be simple to you may not be simple to them and no words may be the best words to say.

Find daycare. Don’t laugh, if you have children especially two years or younger, it is essential to find daycare or else quality time will be reduced to work which may result into petty disagreements that become interpersonal over time.

Fidelity. Just act as if your vows is to yourself as well as her men especially. Being unfaithful implies deceit and deceit is the wedge in trust. You loose trust either you forgive and move on or loose the relationship.

Show value, respect and appreciation for one another. To give one worth in action is more valuable than the words “I love you.” Meaning the goal is to look each other in the eyes and hold hands as friends for life.

Just a few thoughts from a Memphis Mac.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

mindless boy sports

Be truthful, do those who program television and news broadcasts really think that I am going to be interested in the war on terror, the Pope’s remarks regarding Islam, the ramblings of a known racist — Senator George Allen of Virginia or the death of Anna Nicole Smith’s son, when it is NFL Sunday, week two?

Well, I am not interested and I actually wish it were on first thing in the morning, beginning immediately after CSPAN’s “Washington Journal.” That would be perfect timing, particularly when there was no expected sighting of Tiger Woods in his traditional red shirt, kicking a$$.
In addition, my progeny like football, too. Particularly my baby girl, who at 15 months, pulls her little portable chair up, places its back against the sofa, sits down with her bottle and proceeds to look at the games with the same fervor as her brother and I do. She is certain to make a great wife one day for a real man.

So women, get off your high horses. Who cares if football is a game for boys? No matter what, regardless of our ages, we are still children at heart. I would likely look at something newsworthy on the weekends if it were of interest to me, such as the human rights disgrace in Darfur, Sudan. However, until then, be comfortable that you at least know where your man is, and be thankful for mindless boy sports.

Monday, October 09, 2006

the last 4 letters

Truth, trust, hurtThere are some things that are nonnegotiable. Most of these are esoteric, but nonetheless important and invaluable to mankind. However, I have come to learn that many of us have not accepted these esoteric concepts as being worthy of practicing, especially when it comes to being truthful and telling the truth.

It seems that many people are comfortable with being dishonest and would prefer to withhold the truth or even lie for whatever reason. If a person lies to you, they have no respect or value for you or themselves. I feel that all I have is my word, and that my words should be backed with action. In other words, if I state I will do something, I will; and if confronted on any subject, I feel obligated to tell the truth, regardless of the outcome.

No matter what you do when you interact with other people, be truthful and honest. By doing so, you can’t go wrong. The least of your problems is keeping up with your lie and your actions will leave other people with the observation that you deserve respect because of your truthfulness, despite the fact that it may hurt others. But then again, the truth hurts, and it is no coincidence that the last four letters in the word truth can be used to spell hurt; meaning it will always be better to be told a hurtful truth than to be told a comforting lie.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

add it up

Over the past few decades there has been a severe decline in academic achievement in the children that have been matriculating through both our private and public school systems. This is consistent for all academic disciplines including reading, science and math. However it is math, and the curious disdain that we have for this subject in particular, that I would like to discuss.

A recent report released by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) has documented what we have been seeing occur all along — American students are poor at mathematics. The study was conducted over a three-year period and concluded that the United States ranked 24th out of 29 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. As a state, Georgia also ranks among the lowest in average SAT score (1477) at 46 out of 50 states and remains last among all states in math.

Without math there would be no money, no calendars, nothing. Students from Finland and South Korea were the top scorers on the survey. We need to have a true understanding of the importance of learning information. Math, specifically. Sure you won’t be asked to do axiomatic set theory in the workplace (albeit I do, with regards to some forms of regression analysis). But it is still nice to know.

One day, you won’t have the skill set to make the batteries that go into the calculators we will use to do our adding, subtracting and division. What then? Oh, my fault, math is stupid and we hate it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

had a great time this weekend

judged a model contest for nu-south lemonade
my boy is the owner - good lookin Huissen border="0" />

It was at my boys house, he had fun too
And I met Charita - she say she a model
u make the call - she said shed like to kick it with me -i said cool and went and got another plate

i think lil momma here was on that diva juice - 1st runner upI was in by 1215am - even after the party

at Lawyer Milloy's House

Funkadelic is my favorite group

Friday, September 08, 2006

my list

I have been told i am a hard man to please. but i only ask for a few things and they are as follows, do I ask for too much ladies?

1] Unconditional appreciation after a hard days work
2] Occasionally surprises like dropping me off a bag lunch at work,

or having lunch with me without me asking
3] A home cooked meal at least twice a week.
4] Being on call for me all the time as I am with you
5] Letting me taste that cat when I want too,
6] equality/fairness and no double standards
7] Treat me with the respect I show and treat you.
8] iniating sex sometimes instead of saying lets do it – try arousing me first sometimes
9] oral sex without condom – that you iniate
10] letting me know honestly how you feel
11] taking showers together
12] reraining from calling me stupid and saying fuck you
13] showing me you love me as opposed to using words with out actions

is this so much, i only need pig ears and neckbones about 6 to 8 times a yr
and i left them off, as well as the hot water corn bread.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dear momma

What have you been doing in terms of raising your daughters? Have you been able to love and appreciate them unconditionally? Have you been able to show them how to love themselves first over other things? Have you shown them what it means to be a wife and a mother? I have been contemplating these questions for sometime now. It seems as if nowadays, the example of wife and mother are scarce in the lives of our young women and girls. I know that this problem exists among men also, but this time I just want to address the mothers with daughters.

This summer, Six Flags was the spot my son wanted to occasionally chill, but each time I picked him up I noticed that almost all of the girls (ages 12 and up) dressed like tramps and tricks. Tight shorts, jeans so low they showed their panties, and most of them were wearing G-strings and thongs and were proud to show them off.

So what are their mothers teaching them? Is it that money is the route to happiness? Is it that a man’s purpose is to buy them expensive shoes and purses and spend excessive amounts of money on them void of love and respect? Is it that we teach them to appreciate their bodies more so than their minds so they can desire to be strippers, gold diggers, groupies or video dames? We need to answer these questions before appreciation of the material supercedes appreciation and adoration of one’s self. On the surface, it appears as if the priority of young women is to become familiar with the ins and outs of the entertainment industry and money in order to capitalize on a man’s potential more so than the task of developing their own potential.

Momma, what is going on? I am a man who was raised to look after women, especially mine. As a man I am compelled by the instilled responsibility. What’s desired more than a gold-digging, misguided woman is a partner, a helpmate and a woman who respects and loves her family. A woman that exemplifies the God-given grace that dwells in her and exudes a love for who people are, instead of what they have. Mothers should aspire to raise some of them.
--torrance stephens

Friday, August 25, 2006

homeland insecurity

The recent terrorist plot uncovered in London to blow up planes destined for the United States has proven to me that we have truly lost our minds and more important, the ability to think and reason critically. During the entire event, it seemed as if the media was more concerned with telling honest Americans about our security weaknesses and flaws and showing them what technology was being used to protect them, that they forgot we were also giving terrorists an introductory 101 class on how to blow us up.

Now don’t be quick to judge me, but I figure that the so-called terrorists (which I just prefer to call regular maniacs) are watching television and reading the newspapers as well and are taking notes. What really gets me is when they tell the public/terrorists via an undercover operation of how easy it is to get in the airport bypassing security. Then there is the ubiquitous mentioning of mundane information such as reporting that baggage and other support personnel are not screened before they are hired. Lastly, it is the way they suggest new ways for them to attack us, including mentioning how easy it is to get a bomb onto a subway train in any town.

Obviously, we have wasted all that Homeland Security money. Our ports are still vulnerable, more than 40 percent of goods imported to the United States comes through the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports, yet our government has only spent $40 million for port security purposes while they spend that much each day on airports with no reasonable facsimile of security. So all y’all in the media, just go on and tell them how to bomb us, and we will just keep on taking our shoes off for no purpose when we go to the airport.
--torrance stephens

Monday, August 21, 2006

man on the side

One of my homeboys and I decided to go out the other night. We had a ball in the heart of Adamsville — the flat lands. I will not name the edifice but let’s just say that it starts with the initials JR. Any who, while I was there I noticed that everyone was super-friendly. Especially the women.

After we had been formally introduced to everyone that keeps the club running smoothly — especially the lady security guard with the Glock pistol on her side, we assumed seats near the deejay booth. Eventfully, after a few more hand shakes, and obvious amiable interactions, a woman approached us. My homeboy always introduces me, out of courtesy, to all of the women in the place, but I had my eye on the security person.

She was wearing practically nothing, which actually showcased more of what she was trying to conceal. All of us, including my friend cordially conversed, so when he decided to excuse himself from the conversation, Ms. Security and I continued talking. I gave her my business card when she inquired about my profession. I was really preoccupied with the deejay and the infectious music he was playing, as well as the perfectly mixed Absolut and tonic the security lady had bought for me.

When my friend came back, he whispered in my ear that we were heading to another spot. I informed my newfound lady friend of my departure while she looked me up and down and proceeded to write her number down. She said, “take my number [and] give me a call, I have a man but you can be my man on the side.”

My first thought was — Damn! So I told her that I couldn’t afford the things required to hold the title of being her man. She just looked at me and smiled. I could only wonder if this is what relationships have been reduced to. Simply a game you play with men as pawns. I mean, do women disrespect and devalue solid relationships? Naw, I refuse to believe that. It must have been the atmosphere or perhaps the drinks.

Friday, August 18, 2006

is she a gold diger-lol

This aint mine, my boy sent me this on line, you make the call.

*Does the girl come off as super charming, super classy, and image conscious?

*Does they seem long on personality and short on personal content?

*Do they come off as the type of person who would be judgemental about, non-character aspects of a person?

*Do they seem like the person who is "always on the guest list" of the in-crowd and seems to put a large part of her self-image into that fact?

*Do they seem to have a life-of-the-party, celebrity-of-the-scene persona?

*Do they seem to get fingerpointy about people who have a considerably "less than cool" image?

*Do they seem to be totally and completely lacking in personality or fashion quirks?

*Do they come off as the type of person whose life centers on charming and witty, but superficial conversation topics (especially he-said/she-said gossip)?

*Do they seem to get thrills from having or doing this "faaa-buu-lous" this and that - especially if it will make for great monday morning water cooler conversations?

*Can you see them fitting in well with the types of crowds whose body language, tone, and general personas seem to say "ACTION AND EXCITEMENT! THAT is what we are all about"? (Especially if this is accompanied by airs saying "Anybody who can't 'keep up' with us simply is not worthy to be treated as an equal")

If you answer "Yes" to a substantial number of these questions, then I think you should (to use weather service terminology) a "Golddigger Watch", even if she doesn't seem to have a lot of expensive clothing, or this and that. Of course, many women will score "Yes" on at least one of those traits. Furthermore, not every woman who scores highly on these traits will necessarily be a golddigger. EVEN SO...a substantial number of "Yes" answers should be a warning sign telling you "Proceed With Caution! Higher Than Normal Chance of Her Being a Golddigger!".

You may or may not disagree with these traits, but that's what life's experience taught me. I'm not rich, but I've seen too many women with a lot of those traits in my life to completely dismiss them as a warning sign of a woman you should avoid.

Bottom line, If you're with someone only for the money, and you pretend to love them...then you're not just a're a liar...and that's never good. Because theres nothing wrong with a guy spoiling his woman but if your guy is treating you right then you should spoil him back. Not just a one way situation..Thats what a gold digger is

Friday, August 11, 2006

Siccing the dogs on them

From Nabatiyeh to the Beqaa Valley to the south to Ashrafiyah, Israel is cutting some heads over in Lebanon. The U.S. made F‑16I, with there navigation and targeting systems have been smashing the feces out of targets in Lebanon, most of which are civilian infrastructure. The say its to get at dropping Hizbollah's military arsenal to about 50%.

Maybe I am the only one to think this but it appears as if the capturing of two troops was just an excuse and that the IDF had been planning to do this regardless for some time. I mean they didn=t invade in on October 7, 2000, when Omar Sawayid, Benny Avraham and Adi Avitan were seized by Hizbullah . They didn't even bomb at that time. But now for some reason, with the help of the U.S., they proclaim that their actions are merely a rescue operation.

No question that hezbollah runs southern lebanon, but that is no excuse to bomb indiscrimantly, even places like the predominantly Christian Ashrafiyah. What Isreal and the U.S. fail to accept is that Hezbollah is a bourgeois nationalist movement with support throughout the Arab world.

US has no leverage with any country in the region effectively cut diplomatic relations with Syria and encouraged talk of regime change in Damascus.They repeat endlessly that Israel is merely exercising its right to defend itself, and the blockade and bombing of a sovereign country, Lebanon, was provoked by Hezbollah's kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers.

They conveniently ignore the statements of the families of the captured Israeli soldiers, who have demanded that the Israeli government negotiate with Hezbollah for the release of their loved ones as part of a prisoner exchange, and criticized their own government for refusing to take diplomatic steps, wondering out loud whether the soldiers have been abandoned in the pursuit of expansionist aims.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

unfair - unbalanced

just tell me whay cant a black man get the SCORE
hey why dont we hear about the number of sorties,
mortar and/or tank shells dropped on Leb?
we hear about the number of missles hitting isreal?
just a thought for being fair and balanced

good footage of what the IDF is doing can be seen here

Monday, August 07, 2006

E 85

With all of this talk about fuel, rising oil and gasoline prices, it strikes me as off-based that we as a country have not mandated or twisted the arms of big oil companies and automobile manufactures to get on the ball and do something. Supposedly there is something being done, a new fuel, which has been around for a while is currently on the market. E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline that is used in flexible fuel vehicles. The U.S. Department of Energy is classified as an alternative fuel.
According to the federal government, an alternative fuel is a fuel that can be used over regular vehicular fuels such as gasoline and include natural gas, and alcohol (including ethanol and methanol) among others. A flexible fuel vehicle (FFV) is a vehicle that can run on a blend of ethanol up to 85% and/or straight unleaded gasoline.

Since 1869 US crude oil prices when adjusted for inflation averaged about $18.59 per barrel World crude oil prices over the same time period averaged $19.41 per barrel. In 1980 and 1990, crude oil was $37.42 and $23.19 respectively per barrel. As of June 30, 2006, U.S. crude oil prices per barrel were $73.78.
High oil prices have aided to the record earning accrued by companies like Exxon Mobil, which reported a first-quarter profit of $8.4 billion this past April. But I do not foresee any change in the cost of crude oil with increasing demand and US lazy and selfish Americans driving more each day and out penchant for large gas guzzling automobiles. They say that Alternative fuels like E85 are the wave of the future. However, auto manufactures are resisting the change especially in concert with the big oil corporate giants in the US and abroad. In addition, it is difficult to get E*% in most places. There only three laces in Georgia, nine in Texas, six in New York, and four in California. Iowa retailers indicate the highest monthly sales for E85 in comparison to any other states in the country.

Politicians should put their money where their mouth is and focus on legislation that would force big oil companies and automobile manufactures to be proactive in this quest for alternative fuels or else we may be back to the horse and carriage days on I-85 in the future – real soon.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Falling Star

Now I don’t look at the view, but my girl does and a lot of other women I have heard about. However, being that I am a male, I cannot look at the show personally because for one, am working during that time and two, I suspect it is for women – especially stay at home moms. However recently, last night to be exact, I saw on the news that they did not renew the contract of the only sister on the show – Star Jones.

Now, I only really found out about slim (no pun intended) when she married that light skin jones. She never really appeared to reflect and/or represent the spectrum of African American women I have seen in my life for her lifestyle was a lot more glamorous and materialistic than the women I have known. Not to mention, her wealth kind of placed her out of the spectrum of normality from my perspective.

Now I have heard for a while, a few months at least that they were going to release her from the show. However, it did not come out officially until the end of June when she announced this abruptly on the television show. Her folk, Barbara Wa-Wa (Taken from Saturday Night Live) knew about this all the time but intentionally mislead her view audience by not sharing the information to the public. Instead sources reveal that she wanted to stage an even on the show at a time selected by her.

Barbara Wa-Wa also evidently knew that she wanted a change and that Rosie O'Donnell would be selected in her place. I guess that’s why Rosie started using star as the butt of many of her recent jokes.

Although I think Star brought a lot of this on herself, I hate to see the media pile on any person of African descent. In addition, I can no longer see Mrs. Walters as a Journalist for I believe she intentionally lied, meaning she knew about this for a while now. So you sisters out do what you do, and I suspect that many of you will no longer watch the view. They didn’t want yawls viewing audience anyway for if they did they would have replaced her with another sister. I guess Ms. O'Donnell is expected to replace star. But how can u place a heterosexual, slim Africa America woman with a Fat, white Dyke

Friday, July 21, 2006

The New Knights of the KKK

The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan used to wreak havoc around these parts. Now they have basically banished, or better yet morphed and transformed into either: 1) white men with blue eyes in business suits, or black men driving expensive cars, wearing big platinum chains, with dreds, fades and gold-teeth encrusted with canary diamonds. Yep, bitch I am speaking to you and as you can see, some of you folk is bitches too. I am so sick and tired of young men from my loin that claim to the public that what they have, and doing crime, defines who they are and a makes them what they have become.

It really is the best dream of the Knights of the KKK – I mean have people they despise and deplore do their dirt for them. To make it simple, they continue to encourage the stereotypes and promote self destruction to the extent that it has reached pandemic proportions. I hear songs that proclaim the manliness of killing and shooting another. I hear songs that encourage women to be unfaithful to their commitment to their men. I hear songs that give confidence to the ill importance of school. There even seems to an inordinate amount of songs that target “baby mommas” and how delightful it is to receive sexual gratification from this select bevy of women. And last but not least, songs that proclaim the material riches that you accrue are more important than anything else – in particular if they are displayed on one’s car.

The Ku Klux Klan was formed in the Late 1800’s as a social club by a group of Confederate Army veterans White superiority and violence were used to show blacks there place in American society for lack of a better phrase. Please folk, especially my men in the entertainment industry, lets try and check ourselves and decide what type of legacy you desire to leave for your kids and others, one of self-enhancement, or one of self-destruction by a new invisible empire.

Friday, June 30, 2006

How can you be afraid of terror, when you the only ones with jets and tanks -circa 2003

War is Hell; in fact it is some ugly shit that I would not advise anyone to ever desire to participate in. Right now, the way things are going, we may be on the brink of World War III. Sure, I know idiots of the political persuasion consider a war on emotions as being a fitting target, but that’s not what I’m talking about. No, I’m referring to what may be on the horizon if Zionist tyrants continue using US made weaponry on people that do not have a standing army to protect them.

Israel has been a hot sport for a while, and few weeks ago, right on the anniversary of the Yom Kippur war, it launched a major military attack on the inhabitants of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. It was speculated that as a consequence of these violent attacks between 1200 and 1500 Palestinians were left homeless. The Yom Kippur war really started around 1972, and for what it is worth historically, it came about when then Egyptian President Anwar Sadat threatened war unless the United States forced Israel to accept his interpretation of UN Resolution 242, which required total Israeli withdrawal from territories taken in 1967 war.

Since then, nothing has really changed. Many people do not know that the U.S. government and military played a major role in Israel’s success of the Yom Kippur war. In fact US Navy forces sent both the USS Independence and USS Roosevelt in addition to an amphibious force in the Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic to assist the Israeli government. Also on that October 14, the US Air Force began Operation Nickel Grass, which supplied the Israeli military with more than 20,000 tons of military supplies.

Since the Jewish leader, David Ben Gurion, proclaimed the state of Israel on May 14, 1948, after British Mandatory rule had ended, Mesopotamia has not been the same. The League of Nations decided to make a country in a region where western conquest and Imperialism has been just as much a feature of the immediate environment as the sand dunes in this part of Asia. On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab sectors and as one would have expected, fighting started immediately.

Maybe it’s me but I’m just not stupid enough to accept that these attacks on the people of Palestine are accidents nor are the responses to terror. I find it hard to believe that a nation suited to the bone with F-16 Tomcats and Apache Helicopter, courtesy of my tax dollars is afraid of people without an army, airplanes, tanks and/or war ships. The really threat to security in the region is Israel. They are the only government that has expressed they will use weapons of mass destruction if they feel threaten. If we truly want to go with the concept of regime change, then this government needs to be the first. Especially
Since these folks have continued to be at each other’s necks and will forever be if we fail to see that the problem started back in 1948. So the next time you see or read a bout a young woman strapping bombs to her person and blowing up a few civilians and military personnel, don’t sleep. Ask yourself if she has an army to join? While you at, the next time you want to know why these people have such revulsion and disgust for the United States, look at the Tanks and Airplanes and Helicopters used to drop the bombs.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Current Seas (circa 2003)

It is strongly recommended that people in the US should get out and see as well as experience other parts of the world outside of the America’s. This is a practice that I like to keep in effect. In doing such I have noticed over the past year the dramatic slip in the purchasing power of the US Dollar. This can be no more visible than when one makes regular currency exchanges. On my most recent trip to South Africa and Malawi, I received 6.5 rand to the dollar. It was somewhat upsetting since three months and 6 months prior I got 8.5 and 10.1 to the dollar respectively.

We you have to the chance to travel, you regular get a first had observation of how strong the dollar is as a s sheet of paper currency. What you can purchase abroad with it compared to at home in the States is mid boggling at times. This is in particular to countries in Africa and Asia.

I speculate the recent declines are associated with the deficit and the looming anticipation of trade wars brewing between the US with China, Britain and the European Union. The most recent exchange rates have $1.20 Euros to the dollar. This type of strong reduction in value will prove problematic not only for US citizens but also financial markets around the globe. Since every thing, including all commodities and world markets are valued and based on the dollar, decreases in its value will likely make every one try to devalue their currency so they will not have to, as a country or nation pay more for goods. Over the past 18 months the dollar has dropped 27 and 19 percent respectively to the Euro and the Japanese Yen.

The large and growing deficit being increased over the tenure of the current administration is one contributing reason for the dollars decline. This sea change of a sorts is related to a few things. The deficit is growing more daily while at the same time the US economy still sees Americans buying more stuff from abroad than they are selling abroad. Couple this with a loss of about 3 million jobs over the same period, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this just may be the start of something troubling.

Although we see the stock market rising, when the dollar falls in value, we will likely see a decline in the purchasing of US Equities and Bonds by foreign investors. No one wants to by Bonds if the currency underneath the bond is weak.. Gold is at a seven year high and that thing we call the deficit is expected to grow to $500 billion or more. Like I said, travel more America, get out the country. WE can’t buy much in our country anymore with the dollar, so we may as well spend it abroad, where we get more bang for out buck.

Monday, June 12, 2006

DVDs are Fundamental (circa 2005)

There is a new disease infecting our community. It specifically targets our children and younger adults. No, I am not speaking of a new strain of HIV/AIDS or violence, but rather something more heinous and without a viral etiological connection. I am speaking specifically of our ability to read as well as our desire for the written word.

This is not an issue of having a skill deficit by rather the failure of seeing reading as being important and essential. I was taught that it was my duty to read all I could get my hands on, and this was not just limited to the sports page, horoscopes or what my particular subject interest may be. I often remind my son that more than 150 years ago, during the period of American slavery, it was illegal for slaves to learn to read and that if they were found out of having such a skill, they were punished by being blinded, having their tongue cut out, or death.

Now I am not going to place blame on the school system, since the foundation for reading should be established in the home, nor will I attach this reduction to external elements of the environment such as television, cable and the new age culture of music videos and play station consoles.

Albeit these are required to understand the lack of love and pleasure our children should or would find in reading, the most significant factor is the home. If we truly concerned ourselves with this issue, then we would elevate reading over other past times, particularly in environments where reading should flourish such as in the car. I don’t claim to have all of the answers but I do know, if we were concerned with this, we would have books and newspapers in the back seats of our cars and trucks instead of video screens and DVDs.

Friday, June 09, 2006

change in blog status

The newspaper I write for has asked that I not publish my essays until they run them first - sorry. So until they catch up I will publish old essays. Thanks TTS

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cowards and crooks

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that public employees who speak up about possible government wrong doing, fraud and general criminal behavior via their jobs are not protected against employer retaliation by the First Amendment. In the case Ceballos v. Garcetti, they ruled that ruled that the Los Angeles County district attorney's office did not violate prosecutor Richard Ceballos's freedom of speech by demoting him after he wrote to supervisors that a sheriff's deputy had lied to get a search warrant.

Ceballos was evntually reassigned as a trial attorney and denied a promotion, which he suggested were retalliation for his writing the memo (a violation of his First Amendment rights). This suggest that since employees have obligations to make complaints on their jobs by using internal grievance procedures that are within their job description, when they do level complaints they have no First Amendment protections regarding what they may or may not say.

In essence thay are saying that it is the duty of the citizenry of America, especially thoes that work with the federal government, to support any unethical conduct by federal top-dog beuracratis against both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I find this strange given that it is the civil duty of federal employees to speak out against waste, fraud and any behavior that can be considered as criminal as American citizens first.

In the opinion, Justice Kennedy, Chief Justice Roberts, Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito, said that Ceballos is entitled to no First Amendment protection for his speech for writing a memo to his superior arguing that a case should be dropped because there were inaccuracies and "misrepresentations" in an affidavit used by a sheriff's deputy to obtain a search warrant.

So employees will not have any incentive to use the protocols of their work place for grievances (where there is no 1st admenednt protrection) but will more likely speak out in public if they want First Amendment protections. This is rather
doltish and witless seeing that if they speak either privately or publicly, they can be fired for what is essentially personal private speech. Even if they just speak publicly, they loose any chance of keeping their jobs because they did not use the employer's circumscribed guidance for complaint.

What does this mean? It means that the Court's decision basically makes it hard for folks to tell or whistle blowon any wrong doings. The truth is that the brave people who do stand up as honest American and tell, are still subject to retaliation by their supervisors . This is even if the allegations and complaints are true and point to criminal behavior. Maybe this would not have happened if
Justice O'Connor had not left the bench January 31, before the opinion was completed. Originally the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that the Ceballos case was "inherently a matter of public concern" protected by the Constitution. Alito was the deciding vote that broke the 4-4 tie. The present administration supported Garcetti citing the U.S. government is "the nation's largest public employer."

The court has in essence done what congress, via the constitution is no able to...." make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." In this decision they say that First Amendment rights do not apply to government employees who speak within the scope of their jobs. I just find it hard to belive if I found my boss selling plans to the Taliban, and I told on him, I could be fired and charged with a crime. Personally, government workers speaking out on the job have the same kind protection as any one else speaking out in public as citizens. What remains to be seen is what kind of civil servants will we have , or will it leave us with a corpus of cowards - afriad to speak out about criminal acts by their supeiors for fear of losing their jobs, or crooks - selling plans to the enemy, padding their pockets, taking bribes and disrespecting the public good.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

plush opus in the metropolis

I had a good weekend. But I have been reminded once again that there is a lot of work left for us to change the mentalities of these fools proclaiming to keep it real in these streets. I was hoping I didn’t have to write about this mess no more, but what makes it so bad is that last week I heard that there was shooting at home for one of my home boys (who I do not know personally) Mario Mims. Mims was having an album release party for his new album under his stage name of Yo Gotti. Now this was May 19th, but I just found out it actually happened. Although the say they only heard one shot at the Plush Club on Memphis' Beale Street, three people, a man and two women were injured.

Some at the crib think it was due to a beef between Gotti and another Memphis rapper
Miscellaneous over the song "Memphis Walk." Which was released by released his version of the song two years ago while Gotti just did his version of the song and put it on his new album.

I guess it is like the Mumps or TB, because this shit is going around unabated. I mean in New York over the past week, a bouncer is suspected to have shot four men following an argument in front
Opus 22 Cafe and Lounge. The shooting left a 25-year-old Puerto Rican man dead with three others wounded.

Then there was the
shooting last evening at Miami's Club Metropolis. The result was one 22 year old man dead of a knife wound and another taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital after being shot in the thigh. Metropolis is a nice joint based on my first hand experience. Some of those there in Miami for the event included Yung Joc, Usher, Nelly, and Slim Thug all attended functions and performed at different clubs throughout the weekend but I have yet to find out who was performing when the chaos occurred. I don’t know if we will ever learn our lesson, but at this rate, we will be listening to country and western music, let alone, have any fans to attend these venues to keep the hip-hop game lucrative.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

keep it tight

I think I want to settle down now. In fact I have been thinking about this for a while. The consternation however, revolves around finding the right partner. Yes, she has to be my partner. By definition, a partner is one that shares; and one associated with another especially in an action. We would have to have a solid relationship too, and by that I mean having and knowing what it takes to create a thriving marriage and being connected or binding in mind, body soul and spirit.

In biblical terms, I would like for it to be as written in
1 Corinthians 13:4-7 where real love is defined as being patient with each other, being kind to each other, being never envious of each other, never boasting to or about each other, having a relationship characterized by humility, never being rude to each other, not being self-seeking, not being easily angered with each other, being truthful with each other, protecting each other and trusting each other.

I'm not afraid to love either, i mean if i can give it to my kids and dogs and family I can do it for a woman as well and I'm not afraid of being hurt nor will I fear such because of emotional pain and memories. So I don't think anyone else should be either. For me, the problem is in this age of groupies, tricks and wants be video models, it’s hard to find someone like that. So I still dream and wonder if such is possible. Strike that I do, and I am optimistic and i think/know I have found that one. Its just hard work and ups and downs and some technical difficulities but i know what we got is unbreakable. Just my two cents. So all yawl in a good working partnership/relationship, i hope this motivates u to keep your head up and keep that relationship tight, because its hard work and it wont get any eaiser.

Church Schisms over Slavery

Throughout the history of slavery, one constant was the impact of religion, in particular Christianity, on the institution of human bondage. Europe’s advance into the new world brought colonialism, slavery, and imperialism under the guise of Christianity, which according to Sipe Mzimela, is nothing more than variations of European cultures, specifically German (Lutheranism), English (Anglicanism & Methodism), Scot’s (Presbyterianism) and the French, Belgium and Portugal (Catholicism).1 European or western religions operated differently from other religions such as Islam, with respect to slavery. One difference between the involvement of Christians and Muslims in African slavery was that Islam mandated that people read the Koran compared to European missionaries that felt teaching Africans to read was problematic. Christian missionaries preached all men were equal under eyes of God but yet ridiculed Africans (forcing them through the use of guns) to accept slavery as explained by the Christian concept of suffering and their failure in racial terms.

From the earliest days of the trade, churches and religious views regarding the capture and enslavement of Africans and other non-white people were dominant. The decree of Pope Alexander VI in 1493, that all most all of the Americas were to be ruled by Spain basically established that it was alright for Europeans to use non-whites in the name of God. During one point in time, the enslavement of human beings was such a way of life for much of the new world that religious institutions wedged a vested interest in converting non-Europeans to Christianity. Bartolome de Las Casas, a Christian notable in history, came to the conclusion that African slaves were needed in Hispaniola after he had killed many of the indigenous people by working them to death.

Missionaries taught Africans that it was the will and desire of God for them to suffer oppression, discrimination, and exploitation. The scope of the evangelic effort was evident by the number of missions remaining on the continent after colonialism. In the Congo, there were 669 Catholic missions alone.2 History is replete with accounts of missionaries from various denominations and country actively implementing national policy objectives under the guise of religion. At one point in time, the Portuguese, built a fortress on the island Arguin, off the cost of Mauritania, to hold slaves that were taken from the mainland (1440) purportedly as part of an effort to gain Christian converts.3 In 1663, Frenchman representing the Lazarist missionary tried to convert one of the Antanosy rulers of Madagascar to Christianity. This eventually resulted in the loss of Fort Dauphin and the death of the missionary. But the policy was continued when in 1664 when the French government encouraged mixed marriages, only to the extent as the wife was baptized and accepted the Christian faith.4

In many ways, the church through its clergy, and as an institution supported and encouraged the very onset of the European slave trade, as well as attitudes about Africa and Africans as being heathens without knowledge of a supreme being and/or a Christian understanding.5 Slavery involved absolute obedience and submission which both the clergy and slave masters tried to instill.6 Some even claimed to be possessed by the Holy Ghost, as was the case with Swiss Father Vernaud. Others like Juan Gines de Sepulveda suggested that some people were inferior and needed protection of slavery under the direction of gentle Christians.7 This position was based on the dialectics of Aristotle. This matched Puritans views of Africans as vehicles to be controlled if they accepted the Christian way.

The religious cloak on slavery in the Colonies was no less overwhelming. Given that many expeditions were set forth by the Dutch, Portuguese, France, and England, it is not unexpected that collectively whites became associated with other philosophical perspectives. Some have advanced that in colonial America, the terms Christian, European, free, and white were synonoymous.8 Laws in many cases supported his and continued to justify slavery since many were based on biblical laws of the Old and New Testament. Puritan slave codes in New England were modifications of old testament version of slavery. In the colonies, acts such as the statute passed in Maryland in 1639, stated all rights of its Christians with the exception of slaves and Virginia, which in 1640 denied Africans the rights to bear arms.9 In 1667, the Virginia House of Burgesses said that “baptism” did not remove the condition of slavery. There was heavy Quaker involvement in the slave trade. William Penn owned slaves which were transported to the United States on a Quaker ship called Society.10 The Puritans were also intimately involved in the institution of slavery for profit. The Puritans’ west Caribbean activities could best be represented with New Providence Island, which was well known for the pirating of illegal cargo in the form of slaves. In Peruana, it is noted that in Corboda , a thousand slaves were sold from two haciendas owned by religious institutions and that the Covent of St. Theresa owned a ranch with more than 30 slaves.11

Some may have expected for the church, as a bastion of religious humility, would speak out against the violence of perpetuating human bondage and degradation. The fact is that they did not because the labor of African slaves resulted in commercial, industrial and financial wealth in which many religions collected proceeds from. This is not to say that over the centuries, churches did not actively speak out against the institution. In the beginning, Pius II, Paul III, Urban VIII, among others condemned the practices between 1462 to 1639.12 Eventually, many religious institutions saw and could no longer ignore how brutal and inhumane slavery was. Many of these institutions began to stand along side the slave in support of abolition and anti-slavery. However, it was a little too late, since many had already become wealthy from the trade and still had the blood of those considered savage and inferior on their hands. European religions on the behalf of missionaries and religious leaders, facilitated Europe’s occupation of Africa. This is a factual occurrence whether it was the Dutch Reform Church of South Africa which overtly sanctioned apartheid or the Catholic enterprises at Goree.

Monday, May 22, 2006

saturday in the park

Had a great time this weekend. I was the Marshall at graduation too, which meant all the faculty had to enter behind me and Maya Angelo was our speaker. I don’t know if it was the fact that there were three game seven NBA final games expected in near dates or that no famous people or anyone I knew got shot or injured. It started early Saturday morning, had to take my son to the airport at 6am to catch a flight to St. Louis for his aunt’s wedding. I would have attended but I had graduation to deal with at the school of Medicine. I got this snappy photo with our interim president – Dr, David Satcher. This will be his last graduation as the head of the School of Medicine.

After that I had to get home and run a few errands. In which I was also able to take a nice evening nap, starting at around 1pm. I got a call from my boy Shorty Greg. He wanted me to meet over at the barbershop on Bankhead across from the spot his car wash used to be. He said he wanted me to go to a block party that his old neighborhood was sponsoring – Kimberly Courts. Now for yawl folks who don’t know anything about the ATL., it is located on the heart of the Westside in the area of Simpson road, and Bankhead.

After hanging out in the parking lot by the barbershop, my daughter and I followed Short Greg to the park. As soon as I got there I was almost in heaven. The music was loud and the best of what the Westside had to offer. The food was cooking, and I was welcomed as if I was from KC myself. Greg took me around and introduced me to folks (me, him and Mook-B (D4L status) go way back). Since I had baby girl with me, I posted up in the back of this truck that was filled to the brim with Ice and beverage. Young Dro and his folks were there passing out his new mixed CD with DJ Drama. I was more impressed with this young kid named Carlos who Greg said put on the party every year, and this was the 5th anniversary bash. The kid road up in a Chevy with butterfly doors open, with his boy in the passenger side and pulled out a lot of gallons of Absolute and Hennessey.

They way Greg walked around, you could have sworn he was the mayor of Kimberly Courts or at least running for office. He had all the women taking care of me from bringing me plates of food to getting me beer and cognac. And the best thing about it was that it reminded me of being home, and that these were real folks and the only violent acts I saw regarded dancing drinking, laughing and me and shorty greg taking pictures with my daughter by his car. Good lookin’ Short Greg, I will be back next year for sure.

Friday, May 19, 2006

thank yall

You know its Friday and I just wanted to say that I work with the greatest folks in the world. Albeit I am the only man in my office, the women, sisters I work with are the bomb and they let me know they appreciate me all the time. So today, this is just a quick shout out to these ladies they know who they are.

They say I have nice feet since I wear open-toe and open-heel shoes all the time
They fix my coffee and wash my mug with out me asking
They always are in a good mood and happy and smile
They say I smell good and always congratulate me when I get a publication, grant, or award [Yesterday I got Faculty of the Year award at Morehouse School of medicine]

They say I am a good parent and a good man and a good father
They say I look nice nearly every day – even though I don’t think I do

So this is just a little thank you to these women. Thanks TTS