Tuesday, September 30, 2008

riddle me this #6

Thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u.

1] Why does it seem that folks are more interested in wanting to work for Diddy (even if not on show) than working for self?

2] Why is it that every rapper seems to have the first name Lil or Young?

3] I always here folks talk about the one that got away? What got away from you that you would like back (outside of loot): fish, deer, man, woman, opportunity, job or what have ya?

4] How many more banks will fail in the next 12 months? I think between 50 to 100, what says you?

5] Who else besides Sarah Palin thinks that man and the dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time?

6] How are you prepared to deal with a depression if such occurs and what sacrifices are you willing to make?

7] If the local grocery store(s) in your neighborhood went bankrupt, how do you plan to eat?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

shadow boxing

Point of order: 1] Was kind of hurt when i write about relationships I get more comments than when I write about loot or the economy. 2] Congrats Chipper Jones.

I just took the last 50 minutes or so reading the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. I knew something would have to be on paper today, before the Asian markets opened. I’m really disappointed in this and I am willing to point fingers at both the GOP and the Democrats. First it aint comprehensive and there is no assurance we will be compensated after the said five years outlined in the bill. Im still confused, i mean why do I gotta bail out folks for there intentional disregard of the law, why am i being punished for others stupidity? Fuck insuring Wall street, substituting our tax dollars for more worthless paper in the form or insurance premiums. Am I that stupid? Then if the big willie we put over the loot to watch the corporations, decide to steal or do foul wall street shit, the bill dont even allow for the judicial branch to intervene. Cant even take folk to court. Now that is Bush-esque (loving the bankers, speculators over the regular folk). Dont even talk about dealing with laws that put us in this place like the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 . Rejected a stock transfer tax of 2.5% that would have made Wall street pay for some of this. It still promotes the wealth up to the top jones.

In a few words, this is a piece of shit. They say it is needed, that this legislation is necessary for the survival of the American financial market. They say that some action must be taken I just don’t know if this is the action required to fix the problem. They talk as if it is the do all and be all to deal with our economy. But I don’t see it, I mean; they don’t even know if it will work, at least I don’t. Add to that that if it doesn’t, what will be next.

My problem if passed or not, it is still a 50% chance it will still get worse. I just don’t know how u can come to a dollar figure for a bail out and u don’t know the real value of said assets that the bail out targets. It like paying protection money to a gangster or the Mob; knowing as long as other mobsters are out there, if they aint around (or bought up) they can’t provide no protection at all. From what I read, don’t say nothing about how to deal with the additional 230 billion this will add to the national debt alone and it won’t be effective until January 2010.

Then these sneaky bastards did all of this behind closed doors as if the folks who gone have to foot the bill, me don’t need to know how they plan to spend my loot. So much for state rights, guess they don’t exist anymore. It aint rocket science, Goldman was likely on the other side of the default swaps and these swaps in general were nebulous if they existed at all. All I can see that this bill does is cover up the past stupidity of our elected leaders – it covers up their actual legislative failures.

Like I say, they act like this will work or that they know it will, I aint so sure. I figure two things are possible. The first is a run on the dollar at home, im sure a few more banks gone topple over. I mean 57% of our treasury bonds, in the form of debt is own by foreigners. We can’t stop them, say like OPEC nations from getting together, what makes us so sure them folk wont hook up and be like,” let’s stop buying US Treasury bonds and lets sell them all?” And the way I understand Treasury bonds, they the mid point between what we spend as a country and what we save. Number two would be as I have written before – deflation and ask Japan how that shit can be.

I really think that they should have let the economy fall, then regular folks who don’t care, or who wont read the 106 page bill would have to start saving and get they shit together. Like I said they say it is gone work, I just don’t see it as being that certain. I do know that we some resilient folk – after all we still Americans but them folk on capital hill is way out of touch and out of line for this. I guess that’s what Meth was methaphorically describing in Shadow Boxing. Welcome to the shadow government. And Im gone read it again a few more times, i had to stop shit made me mad jones. vote

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Believe it or not got home somewhat early. Although yesterday proved to a day that would live in infamy: running out of gas and loosing my wallet. But such is life. Like I said home somewhat early, and got a chance to look at some of the debate on CSPAN. I did not listen. In stead I turned the volume down and watched. I didn’t feel that either would have that much to say. But I did look, and not because they were debating, either, just because of the History. Debating at an University that only proffered two things in my mind: SEC sports and more importantly, James Meredith.

As I looked at both masters of many tricks move their mouths, I could only think of the symbolism of having a debate at the place that initially accepted Meredith, but rejected him when they found out that he was not white. He even applied again but was rejected again. Which lead him to file a complaint with the US District Court saying that he had been rejected because of his race. The courts first rejected his motion, but on appeal the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court reversed the decision.

But you know them backwoods crooked letter hump back hump back I folk wasn’t having it so Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, sent federal marshals and the National Guard to protect Meredith since it was being said that if he entered a class room he would be lynched. History recounts that more than 150 marshals were wounded, of which, 28 by gunfire. He went to his first class and folk say the woods walked out in protest and being the scholar he was, his response was that he would already be ahead of them for he would be learning something they would not – classic. Yep, scholar, for after graduation he attended the University of Ibadan in Nigeria (1964-65) and at Columbia University (1966-68).

I felt as if I was the only one thinking about such. I mean the Oxford of today is more integrated than places in New York or DC. And it seems that it has come a long way from the days of hate to the day of de-hate.

So yea, I looked at the debate, but I aint listen to am one of the folks. I guess it was a silent honor to James Meredith in some sort of sickly way. Because in my heart, since the maverick and the Rock star were in discussion, just made me think if either of them had any merit, they would have took the chance to meet with this one man, who lived in Oxford even, and taken a picture to thank him for his efforts. vote

Thursday, September 25, 2008

She gotta give me my ax

My folk Soulstress has been requesting for some time that I do a post on relationships. I have been hesitant since my last one turned out the be the first episode of Friday the 13th. I mean women aint like cereal boxes where you can read that they got bipolar first right under the calcium content. And seeing that such disdain manifest itself directed toward me in trying to keep my lil angel away from me as well as property damage and physical threats, when I pay her rent and car note and all else, I was trying to just focus on stacking some chump – thus the bevy of repetitive post on the economy. But with that said, I got to honor my folk since I perceive myself to be a man of honor.

If you read on the right side bar, have a quote by my folk Genghis Khan. I think along with MLK, Voltaire, Chekih Anta Diop and myself (of course) he is the truth. Thus I honor him as such. Now don’t get it twisted, there are others as powerful in thought and action I admire, but his quote seems to set the tone for how I think and what I post her more so than others

All I am saying is that women like Umph in a man as the Soulstress wrote in her last post, but from personal experience, I find when they get it, they really don’t want it. And based on my personal experiences, jones here done heard it all in the form of grievance and complaint. Women complain about my sex drive as well as the size of man hood as well as all else. I mean I meet women who say they like a smart man and say I'm too smart; or a man with street sense but say I shouldn’t carry a gat or my folk dangerous; or they like a man with a big dick but my dick too big; or that they like a family man but I spend too much time w my kids (they the shit); or worse, like a man who can cook but I’m trying to get them fat. Once, I had a woman call me a show off, cause I was speaking with some Nigerians in Igbo and next to them these folk from Senegal in Wolof at same time. All I have is my mind and my family u know, for real though. I believe relationships are give and take and sacrifice. I believe that the prior should be equitable and that someone should not label me as jealous because I think the family, the unit should come first. Or because I believe that there is no longer the I, my or me, but rather the us and we. I don’t ask for much but I give all, that’s just the way folk here get down.

So if you don’t want no Hannibal Baraca, or no Napoleon or not Genghis Khan, then all I say is don’t fuck with jones here mane. Cause truth be told I am a leader and don’t follow or take orders well, shit I don’t order well in restaurants. So if Genghis Khan or any of my folk rode by my camp and said or asked if I was ready to roll, you just give me my ax and have faith that Jones here the truth and that the truth will return and set you free and at the end of the night plant himself at the base of your wetness, wounded or not and let you feel jones here bend inside your back at the base of your spine. But yawl ladies dont hear me though. there is a difference between a man and a fk boy or bich azz n i double G a z. For on the real, yawl dont want no scholar warrior - dogon priest on bail. vote

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mutha fuca please

I will be going on a brief hiatus from politics and the economy, or at least I think I am and that I will try my best. But seeing that it is very improbably that jones here will serve as some ones campaign advisor, better yet, the chief of staff; or will never ever be the president up in this camp, I got a few thangs I want to say about what I want to here from Obama and McCain and Nader, and McKinney, and Baldwin and Barr. So please preface the following statements with mutha fuca please:

  • Talk about the national debt
  • Talk about prosecuting the folk on Wall Street
  • Talk about eliminating penalties associated with capital gains, if one desires to use money from 401Ks or stocks that they liquidate from their portfolios if the have hardship or use the cash to start a business
  • Talk about regular jones the same way you talk about corporate jones
  • Talk about how we loose so much human capital via prison and the prison industrial complex and how you would treat drug use as a health issue and not a crime.
  • Talk about helping to engender small business growth and reinvigorating the manufacturing sector.
  • Talk about how you will increase the value of the dollar
  • Talk about screening for the best teachers and paying them as if they are the best and connect education to the collective economic well being of America
  • Talk about freezing the rise in pay for senators and congressmen and the need for them not to give themselves a pay raise every 6 months
  • Talk about why the lower and middle class folks can’t and don’t have good paying jobs or afford homes and what you plan to do to fix that.
Yawl need to ask the folks some serious questions jones and keep the kats on point. Whew, I'm Ghost.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fk the VP, who gone be your Treasury Secretary

Ok back on the grind but first two things I have noticed: 1] I have noticed how Obama is saying all that I wrote in my post called slacking on your macking now. 2] My Titans 3 – 0; 3] Aint no gas in GA – there is a shortage in most places except where I live. LMBAO.

Back to the task at hand. I was trying to stay away from the economy. Seems that folks don’t have worries no more. Well I don’t wanna scare anyone, but I do desire for folks to have a semi objective and non biased opinion of things the way this single distorted, sordid and diabolic mind perceives such. I mean Wall Street over the past three Sundays, that’s right Sundays has gone over a dramatic facial. Now Goldman Sachs (as I said) and Morgan Stanley (as I said) are no longer investment houses but rather regular old banks now thanks to you guessed it, basically unilateral decisions of the Feds. Yep regular banks – which have stiffer regulations when compared to investment houses.

I don’t know about you, but I would hope that I am not the only one kind of leery of having basically one man in control of making financial decisions with my tax loot. Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson. And add to that Ben Bernanke, it makes me a bit more concerned. If it was like it was back in the day I wouldn’t be so worried. The old fed maintained T-Bills as most of its asset base. The typically matured in increments of 90, 180 or 360 days and sold at a minimum value of 10 stacks.

I know Paulson think he is doing the right thing and maybe he is, but to compare the value of a MBS to a T-Bill from the historical vantage point I maintain is feculent. Add to that, doing all of this decision making in essence to hand over a black check to these folk with out consulting congress before hand borders on treason to me. Shit, today the Dow dropped almost 400 points and Oil prices posted a record one-day gain today, going over $25 per barrel. I aint buy no oil futures, but Gold, just as the aforementioned is a commodity also [note to self last week u could get 68.78 oz of gold for 50K, today 50K gets you 58.8 oz] . Add to that the knowledge that P. Morgan Chase and American Express fell 13 and 8 percent alone today respectively.

I just say, I feel that we are bailing out folks for stupidity or even worse for making poorly thought out investment decisions. And the plan as I have just finished reviewing, I mean the planned bailout, still leaves it wide open for these institutions to load even hedge funds to dump these distressed assets on the tax payer, I mean the government.

I think we need to dig in for the last 7 weeks before the election and ask these folks some serious questions. Dang man, we know who the VP is, but on the really real, fk the VP, I wanna know who they gone pick as the next secretary of the Treasury. We got it all wrong up in this camp.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

i want the pink one

A woman told me recently, you don’t mess with a daddy’s girl. It made me smile and the simper was so warm that folk here could have burnt the sun. I was hoping she was right and in my optimism got even warmer.

Maybe that why she is the way she is. Why she reaches out for me while in her mother’s embrace, or why when she sees me gazelle like, she jumps in my arms. Or why every times she pretends her phone rings she answers “Brain cell; or sit down with her toy laptop on her legs telling me she ordering dogfood too. Yep, maybe, in the rambunctious recalcitrance she gleams, I just smile and say yes or ok.

So I guess I got the best of both world, guess my sperm work like that. First Born is my number one son. Fellas, gotta get you one of them. Second born, baby girl, fellas you gotta get you one of them too.

Especially the latter, I mean the way she crawls on me, lays her head on my shoulder when she is my arms, even how she sleeps in my lap – can u say the bomb. And I really love it when she say “naw folk, we don’t get down like that” or “nothing jones” or “that’s my song.” So fellas, I don’t know what gives. I mean love your kids, I don’t care if they momma crazy or you crazy. Nurture that spirit which has originated from your loin for love sake, and make no excuse and let no obstacle get in your way for doing such.

Cause if u true, learn to live the love in the experience of buying your baby girl cupcakes with pink icing just because she say “I want the pink ones.” I guess money and the economy aint everything. vote

Friday, September 19, 2008

bank of America

It seems as if some don’t really live recession or if it really exist as others say does not. I know for me it is hard and recession is felt daily in my pocket. Ironic to me is how fiscal conservatism (the word as uttered by Republicans and not the actual practice) leads it seem to this mess and even to our greatest financial disasters the way i see. Coolidge, Harding (depression), Keating (Bush/Regan) and now this. I really don’t think it is the responsibility and that there can exist NO reason for the government to bail out the result of presupposed free market activity, if such is self corrective? I mean they seem to be a bit willing to me and not arduously trying to discern of it as if it is wise to spend MY loot on such without my permission.

This is the real war on terror we need to go after. Economic terrorism. You can not just take trillions of dollars from an economy (the Iraq War – both really) and not REASONABLY expect not to have problems. And these fools wanted to privatize social security. If they are, they need to be committed on insanity if not held for criminal liability for corporate felonies –dang that’s right, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 prevents such from occurring. Not to mention whoever thought of giving tax breaks to the rich and suggesting such creates jobs is shootin’ up because the take the loot and invest overseas – not here.

I don’t profess to knowing what has to be done, but something has too, they even sneaky at the Whitehouse, spend all that loot on buying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and not put it on the budget; like 200 billion dollars in any form is of non budgetary status. But I guess it should be expected since folk don’t Articl1 section 8 (To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures) no more. Thank you Woodrow Wilson for the Federal Reserve. Shouts out to Lyndon Johnson for privatizing Fannie Mae. Shouts out to China, that 374 billion you own in all this debt you purchased, meaning my federal tax dollar coming you way; free of charge. And for being the birth place of AIG in 1919 – gotta check for yawl too.

Fiscal conservatism – hum bug. These GOP hoodrats dont practice fiscal conservatism. What’s fiscal or conservative about allowing stuff to be sold when you cannot even calculate the value of the asset, or if it is an asset alone? Don’t know body know how much the paper they buying worth but they buying it anyway. Go figure, I’m through with economic, makes me mad. So I’m gone try and not think about the fact my dollar is .71 cents to the Euro and I aint have nothing to do with that. I would offer some advice, but I only advise self, based on personal thought processes designed specifically for me and mine. I can say learn your money, how to make it work for you, no matter how little you have. Learn investment, learn money, learn the markets.

And not investment the U.S. government way, they say it’s ok for fed debt to grow in short term to maintain a viable economy – maintain dang jones. I don’t know, I just want to know do the government run the banks, or the banks run the government? Bank of America, has a nice ring to it. vote

PS - meant to say me love some Kimmy Cantrell ( in pic).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the fat lady aint started singin' yet

For the record, tonight I am writing this without the assistance of Tequila and hot sauce – I know a shame. So If I make too much sense or not enough forgive me, for I left my wallet at the shop and I am eating black olives, brie cheese and drinking blueberry/pomegranate juice (dick hard food as I like to say). But for me it is a state of Emergency, especially since folk like Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson seems to always act ex post facto and put shit in place to deal with problems but not prevent them.

Now I will be the first to say I aint no investment banker nor am I an economist, but I read and don’t consider myself to be a stupid mother fucker. There are several things about the economy I want to point out. First, all of this shit has happened under the watch of republicans and all these chump bitch ass folk wanna do is put a band-aid on an amputated leg. And hate to say it, But Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and AIG is only the beginning of what is to come. I remember recently how Paulson said that the problem that we have is because “We have an archaic financial regulatory structure that came in place a long time ago, after the Depression. It really needs to be rebuilt."

From my understanding of history, the problem during the depression was stocks. Yep stocks, for back then they were not regulated as they are today. In the current economic picture, we got to deal with some other thangs, namely hedge funds and derivatives, which are a lot more complex and no where close in resemblance to the classic stock or bond. But like in the depression era when stocks went unregulated, today derivatives and hedge funds and what they call credit default swaps, can be bought and sold and packaged without ANY federal or state regulation (yawl economist and investment genius correct this layman if I am wrong).

No regulation, nada. And we came to this like I have said in many post before, due to many folks, but one I have yet to mention is Former Senator Phil Gramm. Yea, yawl know Jones, he said that Americans were whinning over the economy. He currently is McCain’s economic advisor and I must say with him at the helm, I can only see the economy getting worse. A few post ago I wrote about how he led efforts to pass the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, which served to reduce government regulations in that separated banking, insurance and brokerage activities that had been in place since the Great Depression. But more importantly to jones here was his role in getting the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 passed.

Now let me tell yawl about this. True, he is the VP of USB, a Swiss bank and one should expect such, but this was some sneaky and scandalous shit folk pulled mane because it made specific provisions that products offered by banking institutions would not be regulated as futures contracts – no regulations by feds or state governments, like stocks before great depression.

That’s another reason I say McCain is stupid, for picking a man who is the VP of a bank with 12 billion in losses last year as his top economic advisor and because McCain himself say he is learning economics by reading Alan Greenspan’s book – LMBAO. Not to mention Gramm aint write it but rather it was drafted by Wall Street lawyers. They do this shit via what are called structured investment vehicles and this shit aint even on the balanced sheets.

With the aforementioned and they way they keep they books, via Gramm’s help, we will never know what the actual losses are or will be. Add to that the way they cover this stuff is through another shady side bet called credit default swaps which are “expressly” deregulated via the Act mentioned above. Credit default swaps are the most widely traded form of credit derivative. They aint nothing but bets between folk on whether or not a company will default on its bonds. This is easy to do cause all the banks been doing is giving out mortgages for homes, bundling them up as securities and selling them to others

All I am saying is what we are seeing with Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and AIG is only the beginning because these are based on faulty MBS. Next its gonna be credit cards, student loans and all loans – even private equity loans (corporations). Yep the fat lady aint even started to sing yet and we the tax payer got to pay for this and get the shaft with no Vaseline because the feds will bail these folk out and let the CEOs leaves with 100 millions and even pay for big company but not folk who loose their homes.

All I am saying is handle yours because it WILL get worse. But yawl don’t hear me though, but I bet you getting your toes done, smelling the microwave pop corn and talking about what you eating and dranking at some fancy retro chic Bar. Not me mane. Not me. Like I said, the fat lady aint even started singing, so I would advise you to stuff your mattress, at least a little at a time. vote

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the vultures are circling

I was trying not to write until, or post until Thursday and I had some tight stuff too. But as yawl know I be on my loot and have spent most of this day transferring funds to locations overseas. First of all, give me my props, I have been talking about the future financial gloom for the past 2 years. I have also said that neither Obama nor McCain talked about such and when they did, they seemed to sound like first graders trying to outline the quantum mechanical principle formulated by Wolfgang Pauli in 1925 in his exclusion principal.

I mean, although yawl say Im boring, I have been trying to warn yawl for a while.
But I recognized such was not as important as discussing lil wayne, Brittney Spears or Kanye West to many.

Briefly, in September of last year I spoke of the decline in the value of the dollar
. Then in December I wrote about the 500 Billion folks appropriated on the Omnibus Appropriations Bill. In January I wrote about how the economy was gone be in shamble for whoever the next president was gone be. Later that same month I wrote about the fucked up fundamentals involved, or should I say thinking regarding passing a 150$ billion economic emergency rescue bill in an attempt to stimulate the economy. To me it was like giving a blood transfusion to a dead man. I even suggested like the Roman empire, whose economy really caused its demise, so would be rthe future of this country.

In March I started to drop game on the lame. I stated how important it was to have money outside of the US in places like say Seychelles.
Especially given how our export trade deficit was approaching 60 billion annually. In April I had finally gotten the chance to read McCain’s, or what McCain called an economic plan and I wasn’t impressed. I also talked about another sign, of countries like Iran switching from the dollar to the Euro for pricing petroleum and oil. As well as the first on a few post on the Yuan and its impact on the dollar and china on our economy.

In May I took it a step farther suggesting the possibility of within two years, that the price of Crude Oil will be hovering around $200 a barrel. In June it was getting worse so I suggested in a post for folks don’t be surprised if the next war will be hear with folks running up peoples cribs stealing grits, gas and tuna fish. Followed behind how for me it was a recession and that only those in the future who were gone eat would be those who paid themselves and grew they own food.

In July I wrote about how our economy had not been this bad since the 20s and 30s, since now we have a domestic financial debt of more than 20 trillion dollars, with a national debt of 350% of our GDP. Especially since the government seems to think the constitution said we the corporation instead of we the people.Then I went on to talk more about my concerns with China and how the housing market aint been this bad in 70 years. And how it aint all on the government cause we common folk spend instead of save. Dont even add how we were being bought up by foreign countries and ten banks failing this year alone, one could see, from this minds purview, that the writing was on the wall.

This is why I am very rigid on both McCain and Obama. McCain, is likely the most false and stupid.
Yesterday folk said the fundamentals of the economy is sound, to quickly follow with pointing fingers (which a leader does not do). I cant see anyone letting him get away with this, seeing he has 7 houses and his wife is one of the big whigs that makes loot off of such reckless behavior.

We cant keep bailing out the rich. It is not sound economics. And we dont have enough loot thanks to two wars and wasteful spending on Behalf of the past eight years, Of George Bush and deregulation started by Clinton - and throw in some international trade agreements.
What will be next? Well don’t sleep, Qatar and the Emirates and Saudi and yes, China is in the back ground like Vultures in the sky, ready to buy up all the waste of the Greenspan, Bernake, Bill Clinton and Regan and Bush crews fucked up.
Like I said folk , this is only the beginning jones. Goldman Sachs Group quarterly profit plunged 70% over the last quarter alone. And before tomorrow, the Feds will likely give some bridge funding to keep Insurance Giant AIG solvent. And Don’t be surprised if WAMU and Wachovia be next this week. So look in the sky, no it aint falling, but the Vultures are circling. And don't forget, I told you so. Giess you can take a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. Unless they drinking an Interview with R Kelly on BET. vote

he hate me (#500)

This is my 500th post. So Thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u.

Just tell me what u like or dislike about my blog and most memorable post - i think its the people blog, and what the heck, ask me what u want - i may or may not answer. Good day. see u thursday. And excuse the comment below, its for my folks No Slappz regarding the prior post.

Now slappz
McCain believes in enforce existing financial market regulations and not enacting new ones. The there is McCain’s record and involvement in the Keating five - the last big collapse of US financial institutions, that cost taxpayers over $200 billion (in today’s dollars.)

And what is the evidence that it is self correcting? And that is my point, if I don’t like your rating, I can pay someone whose rating I like. THE MBSs were never solid securities, im certain u can agree on that C+ if that.

“Keating used Senator McCain to lobby the Reagan administration successfully to appoint not only Lee Henkel (who then served as Keating’s “mole” on the FHLBB until I blew the whistle on him), but also another individual chosen by Keating. The FHLBB was run by three presidential appointees, so this would have given Keating majority control over the agency regulating S&Ls. The Reagan administration was set to make these recess appointments over the objections of the White House director of personnel, who opposed the appointments because when he called Arizona Republicans to vet the proposed appointments he learned that Keating “had a reputation for buying politicians.”

The only Fallacy of Composition I have observed is malignant McCain saying the fundamentals of our economy are strong yesterday in FL.

McCain promised to ``replace the outdated, patchwork quilt of regulatory oversight.'' During his 26-year career in Congress, McCain has supported proposals to cut, not increase, federal financial regulations.

In 1999, McCain voted in favor of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley banking deregulation act that let commercial banks and investment firms merge for the first time since the Great Depression. And, while he supported the Bush administration's takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, McCain says he wants to sell the mortgage finance companies to private buyers.

And it is true, where did JP Morgan get the loot – US tax payers. Y do I say this? Because JPMorgan Chase and the federal governmentt teamed up on the bailout of Bear Stearns, a last-ditch move to save the investment bank. It calmed the market for a few – but such intervention aint SELF CORRECTING JONES.

The FEDS lent (is that a word) JPMorgan $29 billion as an enticement to buy the troubled Bear and its liabilities. As collateral, JPMorgan put u[p $30 billion worth of WORTHLESS mortgage-backed securities and other complex investments, which are basically the most problematic assets on Bear's books. JPMorgan has to repay the Fed loan with interest at the "discount rate," which is currently 2.5 percent.

The risk to the Fed—and to taxpayers—is IF these MBS turn out to b completely worthless, then the Fed would be out the whole $29 billion. Under the terms of the deal, JPMorgan would pony up the first $1 billion in losses.

And about Mr. Chairman Bernanke: He defended this shit, and in April this year folk said "Given the exceptional pressures on the global economy and financial system, the damage caused by a default by Bear Stearns could have been severe and extremely difficult to contain," that is what he told the Senate Banking Committee.

I would go on and wont even touch Cox because he was being considered. Tell me if I am wrong jones? vote

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slacking on your Macking

Maybe its just me, but it seems as if all political has gotten off target. Especially when I look at the Obama campaign. The way I see it there are about 50 days left to the super bowl. He needs to be in the tunnel, screaming and ready to take the field. But for some reason he is slacking in his macking, he aint got his game face on, and unfortunately, he has gotten distracted and taken the bait McCain put in front of him. He has been more focused on Sara Palin, Lipstick, Pigs and waffles than on his own play book.

He even act as if he doesn’t see that that is exactly what the opposition desires, for they aint talked about nothing of substance with any semblance of astuteness to this day. Shit, we, the general public know more about lil momma than John McCain. Now I’m not taking sides but I must give my folk an informed heads up on what may be required.

First, fuck talking about McCain trying to say he for change. Let folk talk, he will eventually put a foot in his mouth. Instead, talk about his record, being a friend of big business; make him one of them, saying he is not the common man like (George W. Bush). The best way to do this is to associate it directly to the economy, specifically the failing Housing market. How can a man with more than 5 houses know what such an experience is like? Make sure that you connect him to this in tangible and political terms. Ask where has he been for the past 2 plus decades when all these problems started? Why historically, has he been against regulation of the Securities Exchange Commission and in support of the hideous accounting practices that hide pertinent information to the common investor (like George Bush)? Point out that he believes the market is self correcting, but query as to how can such be, if the problem we see in housing is due to folks on Wall Street paying people to rate securities as being solid or good when they are not (like George Bush)?

They take unprecedented action to save the Big Financial Institutions like the investment bank Bear Stearns but nothing for the common man. Particularly Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Christopher Cox. One of the men McCain was considering as a VP running mate. Make special note of how the Senate banking Committee asked Cox if legislation or more resources would be needed to prevent future problems such as these from occurring, even suggesting that the credit rating institutions, who are paid by wall street to rate securities (MBS’s), have a inherit conflict of interest, and that he said no, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had to be bailed out like Bear Stearns. Can you say corporate welfare? This is not the common man. No wonder China owns 374 billion of US debt in the form of mortgage loans/debt (I spoke of MBS’s a while back).

True, Mccain got a little game, or else u would not have let Jones campaign buy the rights to the top search engines on key election terms. Jones I’m telling you, ignore the mundane and attack your opponent weakness. His ability to think and side against the common man. I’d even bring up that he was a POW, and that he needs to release to the public that he has been screened for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, for no one with such should be answering that Red phone at 3am. Now get busy folk, get your game face on and stop slacking in your macking. Just my two cents, that is if you wanna win, and I got more too. vote

Saturday, September 13, 2008

something 'bout my back stroke

Point of order: Just found out I have a chapter in a new book called Black Sexualities: Probing Powers, Passions, Practices, and Policies" (NYU press). My chapter is on sexual health among inmate populations and I have been asked to write a chapter on Substance Abuse for the 3rd Edition of Health Issues in the Black Community with my Folk Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University.

2] Jamming Bon Jovi – Dead or alive and just finished listening to Thin Lizzy – The Boys are Back in Town (them white boys used to rock afros).

3] Folk loving these Icelandic Fish skin chews for dogs and cant wait on my dog food made of Ostrich to get in. And Rollingout did a piece on my store.

Manes, Jones here have some of the darndest things happen to him. I think that is one reason I like the short store as my favorite form of prose (the ordinary language people use) because I can just change a name of two and bam – fiction. Sometimes these occur in life events and as in the case of last night, via phone call. Starting with me answering:

Jones: Yes

Lil Momma: Hello Torrance

Jones: May I ask who is calling?

Lil Momma: XXXX

Jones: XXXX, and how have u been maam?

Lil Momma: Ok, I’m in your city, at the airport.

Jones: Yea, sup with that Jones?

Lil Momma: Layover missed my connection, delays due to Hurricane they say.

Jones: I can see that, I mean gas went up 65 cents in half a day may as well make you late too. Long time no hear, what gives? And you still got my number

Lil Momma: I know, I never really forgot about you…

Jones: Str8

Lil Momma: Do you have mine?

Jones: Nope would have but last woman broke my phone when I tried to film her burning down my house and saying she was gone kill me and my son.

Lil Momma: You silly.

Jones: For real Jones – slim was Twilight Zone jones. Butarah, you know do tell.

Lil Momma: Well you are not easy to forget. Something about your backstroke.

Jones: [Laughing] u aint never see me swim.

Lil Momma: Boy you know what I mean, I remember you beating me comatose, and you know what u toting. Can you come and get me?

Jones: [Laughing} A city girl using tote, country-esque. I would but last minute and I’m in the bed Jones, without the Kids. I’m lounging.

Lil Momma: Well, can you come and have a few drinks with me, my treat.

Jones: I wish babe. Wish I had known before I got naked. Just got out shower and air drying under the fan.

Lil Momma: Ok, call sometimes, I really missed you, and you wrong for the visual.

I will spare you the mundane nuances of the entire discussion. But she did make me smile, and made me remember some things that I should have already immortalized in fiction. I guess I believed she missed me, but back in the day, it was like I was the flail of God (where did I get that from – LOL). Not that I aint wanna bone, and I do have a sever penchant for free liquor, for my favorite liquor is free, as well, my favorite beers are cold and free. But I just aint the one for moon walking, you know, she had me and let folk go, so I leave that type of dance to Michael Jackson and Usher.

But what struck me was the reference to my back stroke. It was if she remembered me, but remembered how I almost beat lil momma twat into a coma. I know I told her that back then, but she even remembered. I aint never remembered no kitty like that and cant recall any one specific one out the, well we wont give no number. I mean is it really possible to recall of such, to keep such vivid in ones mind over the years. I remember parties, or fights, or football games, but not twat. I do remember her red toenail polish and how it stained the flat white paint above my headboard of my bed, and how she squirmed when I torqued my hips to the left, and how her eyes reminded me of a person having an epileptic seizure when ever I bent myself inside of her. I even remember the shutters, or me having to release one of my hands from her ankle to cover her mouth as to not wake my roommates, who said the next morning I was throwing down. I don't know should I have believed her? is it possible to remember a man by they way he messaged your back from inside your body with slow long strokes?

It was just weird; she remembered the back stroke when I recalled the elements of a fine fictional piece. I was happy and told her such in honor, for when she said it was “something about my back stroke”, I said, that’s a song.

Back to politics and economics, and history Monday. Thanks Tera, I won Blog of the day

Friday, September 12, 2008

Intro to Memphisian 102

Thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u.

Point of order: Ice cream in the background, the Chef, Raekwon of Wutang.

Ok by now yawl done had enough to go on Lamar Terrace and converse with some folk from the cut. But if you wanna blend up South Parkway in between Castalia Heights and Glenview Park, you may require a studier vocabulary so here goes.

1] AM – typically used as a universal pronoun and often precedes “body” or “thang”.

Example: Mane, I wish am body would step up to me jones talking that shit.

2] Ducat - Used to describe money or loot and believe it or not was used in Europe during the slave trade to represent 3.4 oz of gold coinage. Now, I don’t think most of my folk know this but this how me and mine use it.

Example: You got some ducats to put on this weed?

3] Afeared - used to connote the “A” as in the Latin” not or no” and linked toward being horrified. People who use such are typically raw dawg, venerated in their neighborhoods and referenced to not having Kool-Aid for blood.

Example: Jones, mane, bitch azz nigga thank jones afeared of him.

4] Lunchin – when a person aint thinking but still not crazy, just not aware. Really not ruminating to ones fullest potential and can likely get some one shot, hurt or killed.

Example: I dont fuck with Jones mane, he be lunchin’ .

5] Dat popped – in many places they may say high, drunk or fucked up. Folk in Memphis take it beyond the esoteric to described not knowing where you are or what happened. Can lead to fisticuffs or shooting on most occasions. Most cases used in the past tense.

Example: Mane you was dat popped last night.

6] Beenin – refers to how one is adroit in maneuvering a vehicle when driving using only the crease of the wrist to steer the vehicle.

Example: Jones, I was beenin that Cadillac.

7] Earl Campbell - the combination of 3 and 4 when shooting dice. The most desirable point in craps/

So a lil more on how jones her talk and why enjoy and have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i cant b faded

Somebody told me recently that I was intimidating; that I can be a bit overwhelming and that they could imagine some folks shaking when they may first meet me. They also said that they imagined it took a lot before any person was considered by me to be my folk, but that when they do that I was loyal. My response was, “I am not intimidating Jones, I’m meek and the meek shall inherit the earth, I’m just Hanes Jones, panty hoses – no nonsense.”

I know that some are laughing at Jones for describing myself as meek, but in all truth-e-ness, I am. Yep, meek, and forgive me for as I write this I am listening to Bill Summers and the Summer’s Heat You can call it what you want to and beveraging outside of my shop selling stuff for dogs.

I say this for in my short and shallow life time, I have seen a lot and I have experienced a lot. From trying to find a cobra in my home and locating it when I lived in Nigeria to having to sneak one of my best friends in his home after being stabbed in a crap game over a side bet. From being interrogated inside a Nigeria prison and having to buy my freedom on drummed up charges for $200 US to having to deal with allegations of rape for me, as well as similar allegation toward my son toward his sister by the same mentally ill person who vowed to make his life and mine miserable, to feeling the cold plated pain of metal inserted in my gums in an attempt to rebuild my mouth after being hit by a car and landing on my face.

Yep, I have seen and experienced a lot. And none have any impact on how I view the world or the way I treat others, for I still love Nigeria and I still paid the rent for the one who accused me of raping her, when such did not happen, even as she attempts to use our daughter as a pawn. And I still eat neck bones and ribs albeit the pain in my mouth remains and presses the metal in my gums harder against what remaining nerves I have in my mouth. Yet still, I am kind and likely the kindest mutha fucka am folk gone ever meet.

I can’t be faded, no I am not from the streets, I am the streets as well as the world. I take life for what it is; an enjoyable experience that my cells applaud for as a mass we know the only certainty in our future is death. Add to that, as of now, I hope such a disposition is engendered by my seeds, for they are the only valuables I have outside of what I can create and dispense with my mind. So if some find me intimidating, that’s on them for I feel no matter where I am although it may not be true, that I should run things and that somebody has to be number one, so it may as well be me. You can call it what you want to. vote

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

open thread (9.10.2008)

Thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u.

Had something else to put up, really a few things. But someone had the audacity to tell me that Taye Diggs was one of the best black male actors since 2000. I wrote about Jones when he stayed next to me in a suite at the Rose bank Hyatt in Johannesburg. Any who All though I don't go to movies, here are my top 5 (in order).

1 (Tie) - Forest Whitaker & Don Cheadle – Consummate actors in line of Sidney Poitier and Oscar Micheaux

2- Samuel Jackson – No Comment

3 - Terrance Jackson – No Comment

4 - Jeffrey Wright – another one movie did it (Basquiat).

3 - Djimon Hounsou – one movie made it for me on a flight to South Africa (Le Boulet).

What says you? And don't pick folk cause think the look good or fine ( ladies). LOL
Look for CANT BE FADED 2morrow

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

take note

Point of Order: Jamming that Chrisette Michelle (ironically) - if I have my way.

A few weeks ago, maybe a month, I made reference to males who wear wife beaters over they azz as if they were draws. I don’t want to seem like I am hyper critical of African American men (although I am), or that I pick on us moreso than the sisters (but I do); I do want to say something about Michelle Obama and a few reasons I think sister (all women really) should take note, and try to use her as a role model instead of folks like Keisha Cole or Beyoncee Knowles. Now these may not be true and are only my opinion of what I can gather since I have not met her personally.

1] She speaks well and is well read, but at the same time proffers the disposition that if had to, she could handle her’s anywhere.

2] She doesn’t abide by the traditional definition of Baller. Since the common definition seems to rule men in graduate and professional school, without gold-teeth and they draws showing as typically being un-baller-esque.

3] She does not seem to be the type of woman that would chase or be with another womans husband; or even better get with a man after she knows she is pregnant by another man.

4] She selected a man based on her understanding of family, and family values and not because he lavished her with Louis Vuitton or Gucci, but rather was impressed with his values, character, work ethic and intellect.

5] Swagger for her is not seen as some artifical material but rather as genuine honesty and compassion as expressed by respect, value and appreciation (as can be seen in the smiles of her kids and her interaction with others).

6] She knows her sports and has extreme dedication to her teams.

7] Her hair is one color, without extensions from horses or women living in India.

8] Five to one in a throw down, she could take Cindy McCain and Sara Palin in an Indian Death Cage Match

9] She can cook, and places nothing on this EARTH above her family, not even herself.

10] She got with her man not thinking what he could do for her, but what she could do for THEM. She is not the type to ask anyone to do for her what she cannot do for herself (take note of this ladies).

What better standard in a woman to look up too, outside of your mom or grandmom (in most cases)? If you can add more – feel free to do so. Just my two cents, so take that with ya. Good Day.

Now listeing to Goapele - First Love , I be jamming Jones.

Monday, September 08, 2008

raising Dylan Klebold & Eric Harris

Didnt want to write about Sarah Smile no more. But couldnt let this pass. Thanks to my folk From the left for this

Any similarities? Or


Saturday, September 06, 2008

ping pong n sh*t

Point of order: Got an email from GQ. Seems somebody nominated me as a man of the year candidate. I’m flattered, was it one of yawl? Link here

I guess John McCain and his running mate are so busy stealing Barack Obama’s mantra of change; and that Obama is so busy trying to show a segment of white folk he aint no follower of liberation theology, that North Korea done fail off the map. Wish they both could be forward thinking but I guess that is like asking George Bush to like black folk or McCain to mention slave ships in those welcome to the shores of America.

I guess both of them are so caught up in their mirrors looking at themselves that they aint even thought or even remember that country over there yonder, North Korea. I was being the slimy muther fucka I can be when it comes to economics and politics and find out all kind of stuff. For some reason or another, few have made reference to the recent announcement that Pyongyang has started working to restore its nuclear facilities – specifically the Yongbyon nuclear plant. But you know how we do, we look the other way and say some shit like North Korea is only moving equipment out of storage – LMBAO. I Mean, how could this be when THEY said a few weeks ago that Last week that they had stopped dismantling the Yongbyon nuclear reactor?

At least Obama wants to meet with these fools, McCain old azz don’t even want to talk, and he a leader. Shit, crips and bloods can meet, I expect my President or any jones who desires to be my president to have the balls to meet anyone – I would. If my penchant was to put my country and protect my folk first.

I know both of them are in opposition to President’s Bush modified approach – but they aint being asked about it thoroughly on the stump. I just wonder how McCain can say we down with Nuclear power development but yet other countries can’t be. Why we got to be the only ones in the world that want to reduce a dependency on foreign oil? So what they got the North Korea’s declaration of its nuclear program , we need to be consistent in our foreign policy and keepJones on point.

All I’m saying folk, is I may be just a cat from Memphis, but that don’t mean I can’t think. I trhought6 yawl was battling for my vote. But seems to me yawl want jones here to write his own name in, and I aint running for office.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Never Ever Never

Ok, not to much today, although I do feel like bussing John McCain out for his statement last night: "whose descendents arrived on the Mayflower to the Latina daughter of migrant workers…".Wonder why he didn’t include those of us who came as slaves?

Any who, today’s sermon is for the grown and adult. Nothing erotic, just for them folks that take care of themselves and their communities and except personal responsibility via action. These are just some things I firmly believe in. So with each of the following I just want you to preface each statement with Never Ever Never.

  • Ask a person to pit their children against each other or attempt to divide children, especially if they are brother and sister.
  • Suggest or tell another person what to do or how to run their household.
  • Think of your self before your children.
  • Take or make use of a service without paying or having the loot to pay for such service.
  • Take pain pills after surgery if you are a single parent, and you have kinds in your home that depend on you. (I never do after oral surgery because I know how hard they make me sleep when I don’t have kids). Not to mention, today up in this camp a woman did such and her foster child was left in the car and suffocated to death.
  • place anything EARTHLY over your family
  • Have sex or make out with your woman’s/man best friend, even after you break up if you value friendship.
  • Bite the hand that feeds you.
  • Blame others for your lack of effort or hard work.
  • Loose control and allow others to distract or upset you
  • Live beyond your means; buy tennis shoes, or go to the club, when you have not paid your bills or don’t have food in your home to cook and eat.
  • Live to keep up with the “Jones’s.”
  • Follow others, but rather lead, even if no one follows you.
  • ask folk to do for you what you wont do for them or yourself
  • Feel sorry for yourself and fail to acknowledge the blessing you have in your life
  • Think or accept what you see on television as being news, or factual or the truth without looking up or checking out the information for yourself.
  • Gossip

So take that with ya jones, and have a great weekend, of to class for me folk.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sound like an air freshener

Point of order: 1] Rib-eyes, green beans and fried tomatoes tonight.

2] will hit my blog roll in am, started teaching statistics at CAU and dealing w bipolar folk aint no joke to deal with . Sorry for slacking folk.

First off, I wasn’t gone touch politics for a while albeit it is the week of the GOP convention and last week I said I would. So I will keep my word. Now don’t get me wrong, I still got NEVER EVER NEVER on deck and INTRO TO MEPHISIAN 102. But folk here has to call it how he see it at this current juncture in time.

So this is for you, the GOP. True I hate on the Democrats too, but this is your day. I guess that all you say is for the social conservatives, which means it aint for me, since I am Memphis Mac. But I hate being played like a step child. You say “hope is a false promise”, but if such is the case, then it tells me you do not have faith or abide by such. Meaning that hope and faith from your point of order is self serving. I also want to add that folk here tired of sound bites, albeit you say that Barack Obama is a sound bite fiend. I agree. But problem is yawl is too – please show me a distinction. You say John McCain is a leader, and that we need a leader like John McCain. My problem is that I don’t follow nobody, let alone a politician, that is supposed to serve me. I figure Jones supposed to follow me. That’s what is wrong with this system in the first place. So don’t get it twisted, I don’t follow nobody folk, I just don’t get down like that abiding by the 14th amendment as I do.

But it is nice to see McCain go after the black vote; I mean what better way to do such than with a grand momma in her 40’s. So much for abstinence only education and the scary thing is when you see it don’t work, you still prop it up like cold fusion. Not to mention yawl sound like democrats. I mean you complain and say Obama gone have all these programs to spend our loot, but yet you tell me you gone build all these nuclear reactors like it aint cosin' me jack. Where the money coming from, tell me that. Oh my mistake, you don’t even acknowledge deflation as a threat to our economy – and I don’t make 5 million a year folk, seeing that’s your standard of being poor. And don’t be giving jones here no incentive for having health insurance, as much money as I have spent in Iraq, I should have paid for it by now, although I know taking care of Iraqi’s is more important than me in terms of dollars. Fuck them jones, I aint got no problem with them, but I do with them getting more from my tax dollars than I do. Besides, when they or if they come up in this camp me and mine gone handles ours, even on your behalf even though I don’t support you – but that’s how Americans get down.

I won’t touch on Palin, although she does remind me of that Indo-G song “when I die, die, don’t you cry, cry remembers me, Palin, Palin.” So take that had to get it off of my chest, I mean I’m down with country first, but it sound like a disinfectant or air freshener, and I prefer Fabuloso. And true, McCain maybe the most prepared and most experience, but dont forget - most likely to DIE in office. And please no more images of Republicans dancing off beat on CSPAN.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That’s makes 10

Things are not as rosy and the democrats and republicans are painting them. Unfortunately the outlook proffered by them economically is not presented as serious as thing are on the really real. Down here in the dirty, in Georgia in particular, we got wind that another bank/lending institution failed. Yep, Integrity Bank of Alpharetta, Georgia.

This is the 10th US bank to fail this year. Many of these are in my mind a result of what I wrote about before as well as dumb ass Federal Reserve policies proffered by Alan “the green hornet” Greenspan, Bill Clinton and Both the Bush’s. Oh and Ronald Regan too. And specifically, from this savants purview, of how Glass-Stegall removed the barriers between Wall Street and Banking Institutions. Throw in a floundering real estate market, foreclosures up the azz and the worst decline in housing since the Depression, I figure we are only seeing the start of this avalanche.

This year alone, the following banks closed/failed: Columbian Bank and Trust of Topeka, Kansas, First Priority Bank of Bradenton, Florida, Reno-based First National Bank of Nevada and Newport Beach, California-based First Heritage Bank; Staples, Minnesota-based First Integrity Bank and ANB Financial in Bentonville, Arkansas; Hume Bank in Hume, Missouri; and Douglass National Bank in Kansas City, Missouri. Add to this that I think the first bank to fail when the housing market started to slump was Net bBank, also headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Then since the FDIC don’t do nothing to protect or warn the general public outside of insuring depositors up to a certain dollar point, they just reported that the have classified another 117 banks as being a problem for the second quarter alone (30% more than the previous quarter).

Since 2000, the FDIC had closed 36 banks since October 2000. In 2002 alone there were 11 banks that closed and before, in 1994 12 banks closed. The very fact that these institutions are failing is a major concern for me because such is deflationary in essence. By deflation I am referring to a reduction in general price levels that are due to a reduction in the supply of money. This is often due to reduced spending at the government and individual level as well as a drop in the level of investments. The consequence of such mainly seen in increased levels of unemployment.

Like I said, the current presidential candidates don’t seem to talk about the economy in tangible terms but more in chic rhetoric and sound bites. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have yet to read any economic statements that even talk about the threat of deflation or the state of the banking and lending institutions in our great country, have you? This is number 10, any bets on how many more will be gone by the end of the year? Maybe there will eventually be one big super bank – like in old school China or Russia. vote