Friday, September 05, 2008

Never Ever Never

Ok, not to much today, although I do feel like bussing John McCain out for his statement last night: "whose descendents arrived on the Mayflower to the Latina daughter of migrant workers…".Wonder why he didn’t include those of us who came as slaves?

Any who, today’s sermon is for the grown and adult. Nothing erotic, just for them folks that take care of themselves and their communities and except personal responsibility via action. These are just some things I firmly believe in. So with each of the following I just want you to preface each statement with Never Ever Never.

  • Ask a person to pit their children against each other or attempt to divide children, especially if they are brother and sister.
  • Suggest or tell another person what to do or how to run their household.
  • Think of your self before your children.
  • Take or make use of a service without paying or having the loot to pay for such service.
  • Take pain pills after surgery if you are a single parent, and you have kinds in your home that depend on you. (I never do after oral surgery because I know how hard they make me sleep when I don’t have kids). Not to mention, today up in this camp a woman did such and her foster child was left in the car and suffocated to death.
  • place anything EARTHLY over your family
  • Have sex or make out with your woman’s/man best friend, even after you break up if you value friendship.
  • Bite the hand that feeds you.
  • Blame others for your lack of effort or hard work.
  • Loose control and allow others to distract or upset you
  • Live beyond your means; buy tennis shoes, or go to the club, when you have not paid your bills or don’t have food in your home to cook and eat.
  • Live to keep up with the “Jones’s.”
  • Follow others, but rather lead, even if no one follows you.
  • ask folk to do for you what you wont do for them or yourself
  • Feel sorry for yourself and fail to acknowledge the blessing you have in your life
  • Think or accept what you see on television as being news, or factual or the truth without looking up or checking out the information for yourself.
  • Gossip

So take that with ya jones, and have a great weekend, of to class for me folk.


Shelly- Mom Files said...

Those are some good ones. I hope you have a great weekend as well.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. You definitely spoke the truth, I need to print it and give it to my sister, she needs to read this. Have a great weekend.

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

I am glad you caught the same thing. I guess we truly ain't welcome in massa's house.

chauncey d

The Jaded NYer said...

good list. I have to work on a few of those myself, namely living beyond my means and losing control because of others. It's a daily struggle.

enjoy your weekend.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Never Ever Never
Forget that choosing LOVE over Fear is the real revolution.

Never Ever Never
Forget That extending one's hand in love and friendship is nation and community building.

Never Ever Never
Forget that when someone loves you they have your best interest at heart...always.

Kitty said...

Great list All-Mi-T! Have a fantabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great list, need to give this to all young folks.

Have a good weekend!

MsKayotic said...

I likes. I say everything on here is right. Can I add...

Never Ever Never not protect yourself when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex on anything.

RealHustla said...

Hmmm, this list seems sincere but impromptu, possibly inspired by some recent interactions and I am nosey. Thanks anyway for these great reminders.

1/3 said...

This is a great list to live by. I hope you have a great weekend as well!

MP said...

nice list! have a great weekend as well!

no_slappz said...

torrance, the following is an addition to an earlier comment of yours about issues surrounding Euclid. In this case, the subject is Einstein, what he did, didn't do, and why the important thing is that we now have the knowledge, which is more important than the names of the people responsible for presenting it to mankind.

Great and Imperfect
September 5, 2008; Page A13
Einstein's Mistakes
By Hans C. Ohanian
(Norton, 394 pages, $24.95)

"Ask anyone where E=mc2 comes from and you will invariably be told "Einstein." The name is forever paired with the famous equation, and the two together -- emblazoned on T-shirts, public monuments and book covers -- are synonymous with genius, like the image of the wild-haired physicist himself.

"The problem is that Einstein was not the first to discover the equation: It was known for several years before he presented it in his celebrated 1905 paper, "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend on its Energy-content?"

"Nor was the proof that he provided there complete. It was only in 1911 that the physicist Max von Laue offered a full proof of the startling assertion that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared -- a truth that has ever since affected our understanding of matter and motion, not to mention the fabric of the universe itself.

"Einstein tried for years to come up with better proof of his own but could never get it quite right."

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Thanks sister same to u

Thank u have a gr8 weekend

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle
Yea, it mad me fume

The Jaded NYer
Recognizing such makes us human and greater spirits

Great additions

U too folk and thanks

thanks and some adults too

True dat

All I write is in some form or fashion. But I wrote it last week and wanted to post last week but GOP got in the way LOL

Thanks sister. Keep your head up

Thanks folk

Great point bruh. Be safe and enjoy the weekend

Keith said...

Love this post...I did do one of those once...Took some pain killers after a root canal once when my daughter was little and fell asleep. Woke up , she had half of my wife's clothes draped
all over the living room floor and
had make up and lip stick all over
her face. She doesn't remember, but of course..I do..So when I read your post and saw that example..I had a good laugh. You have a good weekend too man.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

thanks for stopping by raw dawg! how's the shop??
I agree with all of these never evers cept the one that says "think about your kids first" a mother I used to put the kids before myself and think only of them and their wellness..but I found out the hard way that I must take care of myself..mentally, physically and emotionally before I can truly take care of them...of course I put them first and foremost relationship wise ;)

T.a.c.D said...

always on point...

Miz Cheekz said...

u had me on everything 'cept gossip. gossiping is in my blood. LOL - have a good wknd blog buddy!

Amina said...

great post! Amen on "
# Feel sorry for yourself and fail to acknowledge the blessing you have in your life"

Unknown said...

Lovebabz said...

Never Ever Never
Forget that choosing LOVE over Fear is the real revolution.
so so true.

regarding the sentence in red from the post, i had the misfortune of hearing that televised political noise & hoopla in the background last night as i was doing other things. that line & its noninclusiveness is the the only thing i remember.

not surprised. no expectations.

Unknown said...

I remember when I had major surgery..I didn't take pain medication b/c I was afraid I wouldn't wake up if I needed to for the kids..Hahahaha..I just suffered through the nite till their father got home from work....People said I was crazy for that...But I was just trying to stay alert for the kids...

Oh...I can't stand being around someone who is always feeling sorry for themselves..Its depressing

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

Never Ever Ever think what you see on TV is real...take it from me, we put allot of time energy and effort into creating illusions!

Anonymous said...

Great list, would add Never Ever Never give up on your dreams.

Thought about teaching, don't think I have it in me :-) Have a good weekend and fun with class.

KIKI said...

No truer words could have been spoken! Definately words to live by.

Have a great weekend T!

Anonymous said...

Great List!! I agree with everything except for gossiping....LOL!!!!

Suzy said...

Very, very true. Good post!

Keli said...

I don't have kids and I am not fond of pain pills...had my wisdom teeth removed and left those things sister's friend has knee surgery back in HS, and it did not take her long to become addicted to the pain medication...

I so feel ya on the flossing for folks, but your household is not in order...but I really wanted those $200 jeans...but now I have to get an extension on my electricity bill...not sexy.

Submariner said...

I love the one about pain after surgery.

James Tubman said...

im so guilty for most of those things

im such a lazy shiftless bastard

msladyDeborah said...

What a nice way to end the work week. As you know I love good brain food!

Skoolboi Krush said...

Great list, T! Especially the one about feeling sorry for yourself and not acknowledging your blessings.

Still Patrice said...

Great list!

enjoy yourself this weekend :)

a.eye said...

"Loose control and allow others to distract or upset you"

So true, yet, for me, especially when it involves issues related to me or people I hold dear, it can be hard not to do this. But I try to stop myself and bring myself back to center when it starts to happen.

Can't let others control my inner peace.

The Dreamy One said...

never ever never

foget the people who try to lead u in the right direction.....sometimes people get offended when you try to tell them the truth!!

and i hope this is not a personal attack sir!!! remember that no one is perfect, we dont always get it right most of the time!!

Happy Friday

The Dreamy One said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PrettyBlack said...

Loved the list...I will definitely take that advice. Have a wonderful week-end.

Unknown said...

Definite rules to live by!

Anonymous said...

so much truth in this...have a good one!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

That’s something I to learn to deal with, pain after oral surgery with kids

Gemini Girl aka GG
Coming alone slow but surely

How u living folk

Big Cheekz
Gossip is like that lol

A lot of folks dont

fly tie
true indeed

Depressing is right stay away from them types if u can

Aunt Jackie
Telling tricks of the trade – lol how was the bday sister?

Exquisitely Black
I should have thought of that

Thanks how u been mac momma

LOL and where u been folk

Thanks hon have a great weekend

So what is sexy LOL

Its true

James Tubman
Yea right u aren’t even the type

Y thank u scholar

Garth Sullivan
How did I forgetb that one

Skoolboi Krush
Cant wait til we kick it again

U too sister

Stuck in my head
Yep guess its like tao

The Dreamy One
thanks hon, glad u safe No body perfect and only the fool thinks as such, but to strive doesn’t require perfection and how can this be personal – it is true for all remember that no one is perfect, we dont always get it right most of the time!! so should I stop being so hard on obama and mccain and others? lol

Thank u sister

We can only try

Carole McDonnell said...

Have a great weekend! When folks start talking about the mayflower I also kinda cringe. They forget the Native Americans, the Spanish settlements before the mayflower, the Euro-pean blacks who arrived before the Mayflower with the dutch, and the African slaves. they need to get their history books multicultured. -C

Anonymous said...

You do have a good point about the slaves! John McCain....UCK! He can eat my dust!

Those were some interesting things/lines to live by or note to one's self. I agree & disagree with some, but we all have our opinions to live on..

Anonymous said...

Good post. These are definitely words to love by.

Marvalus said...

These are excellent words to live by...thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

I've been obsessed with finding a job...still having faith something will come along soon.

Even though you may not see me commenting I am reading your posts religiously.

Anonymous said...


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

so true

Anonymous Jayde
thats what makes us great accepting agreement and disagreement

Anonymous Mocha Dad
thanks for the love

anytime and thank u

i understand sister i recant when u lost it and even stpd posting them beautiful plates of food
thanks 4 the drive by

shine said...

Second to last comment--so true.

Mizrepresent said...

Love the list...and i completely agree.

Never ever Never - forget that respect is earned.

Ms.Seven Supa Sized said...

"Ok, not to much today, although I do feel like bussing John McCain out for his statement last night: "whose descendents arrived on the Mayflower to the Latina daughter of migrant workers…".Wonder why he didn’t include those of us who came as slaves?" LMAO! You are so RIIIIIIGHT about that.

"Have sex or make out with your woman’s/man best friend, even after you break up if you value friendship." <---I tried explaining to an associate that I would never mess with a mutual friend because I used to deal with his cousin (Firefighter). That's just nasty and screams jump off in their case.

"Live beyond your means; buy tennis shoes, or go to the club, when you have not paid your bills or don’t have food in your home to cook and eat." AMEN!!!

"Feel sorry for yourself and fail to acknowledge the blessing you have in your life" Hallelujer!!!

"Think or accept what you see on television as being news, or factual or the truth without looking up or checking out the information for yourself." RIIIIGHT!!!

T.Allen said...

Great list. I am so guilty of allowing folks to "drive my bus". Sometimes I get so angry over trivial matters. I'm a work in progress, point is-I'm working on it. I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Linda said...

I can just say..... amen! ;)

greetings from holland!

Tera said...

"Lose control and allow others to distract or upset you..."

I DEFINITELY need to get better about this one...

Katrina said...

I agree with you 100%!!!

Katrina said...

by the way, I hope you had a great weekend!!!

DB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DB said...

good words to live by. some of them seem so obvious, but people still struggle with them.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

spoken like a true legal expert

im preaching to the chior in u folk

we need a collection plate and remember food is no substitute for sex sister

thats old school drive my bus when u gone make some stuff for dogs for your folk?

aint that the truth, u find your innoncence yet?

yep or else have HBP

thanks hon, i know u loving the knew shoes, next time we need some toes (painted) in the pics - lol!

so true, how have u been folk?

Anonymous said...

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