Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slacking on your Macking

Maybe its just me, but it seems as if all political has gotten off target. Especially when I look at the Obama campaign. The way I see it there are about 50 days left to the super bowl. He needs to be in the tunnel, screaming and ready to take the field. But for some reason he is slacking in his macking, he aint got his game face on, and unfortunately, he has gotten distracted and taken the bait McCain put in front of him. He has been more focused on Sara Palin, Lipstick, Pigs and waffles than on his own play book.

He even act as if he doesn’t see that that is exactly what the opposition desires, for they aint talked about nothing of substance with any semblance of astuteness to this day. Shit, we, the general public know more about lil momma than John McCain. Now I’m not taking sides but I must give my folk an informed heads up on what may be required.

First, fuck talking about McCain trying to say he for change. Let folk talk, he will eventually put a foot in his mouth. Instead, talk about his record, being a friend of big business; make him one of them, saying he is not the common man like (George W. Bush). The best way to do this is to associate it directly to the economy, specifically the failing Housing market. How can a man with more than 5 houses know what such an experience is like? Make sure that you connect him to this in tangible and political terms. Ask where has he been for the past 2 plus decades when all these problems started? Why historically, has he been against regulation of the Securities Exchange Commission and in support of the hideous accounting practices that hide pertinent information to the common investor (like George Bush)? Point out that he believes the market is self correcting, but query as to how can such be, if the problem we see in housing is due to folks on Wall Street paying people to rate securities as being solid or good when they are not (like George Bush)?

They take unprecedented action to save the Big Financial Institutions like the investment bank Bear Stearns but nothing for the common man. Particularly Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Christopher Cox. One of the men McCain was considering as a VP running mate. Make special note of how the Senate banking Committee asked Cox if legislation or more resources would be needed to prevent future problems such as these from occurring, even suggesting that the credit rating institutions, who are paid by wall street to rate securities (MBS’s), have a inherit conflict of interest, and that he said no, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had to be bailed out like Bear Stearns. Can you say corporate welfare? This is not the common man. No wonder China owns 374 billion of US debt in the form of mortgage loans/debt (I spoke of MBS’s a while back).

True, Mccain got a little game, or else u would not have let Jones campaign buy the rights to the top search engines on key election terms. Jones I’m telling you, ignore the mundane and attack your opponent weakness. His ability to think and side against the common man. I’d even bring up that he was a POW, and that he needs to release to the public that he has been screened for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, for no one with such should be answering that Red phone at 3am. Now get busy folk, get your game face on and stop slacking in your macking. Just my two cents, that is if you wanna win, and I got more too. vote


Anonymiss said...

Barack isn't in it to win it. If he can't go hard, then he needs to go home. This "safe negro" mess is tired. I've lost respect for him.

rainywalker said...

I think he needs to get more tuff, he's being to nice and getting sucked into the McCain machine.

DP said...

Torrance - I agree that the Obama campaign is off their game - completely. McCain/Palin is dominating the news cycles and if they followed half the advice in your post, that would change instantly. I'm not sure why they're treating old girl with kid gloves when she basically came out and kicked in the n*ts during her convention speech. That should be enough rationale for them to pick up the pace.

Keli said...
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Keli said... call it macking slacking...I call it complacency...either's not a good look.

Neither side is saying anything worth listening too...and I am just ready for this election to be over and done with already.

I just think that Obama's inexperience is already beginning to show...

I feel damned if I do...damned if I don't.

Where's the hope in that?

Anonymous said...

great post bruh and what a way to make us think. i sure do hope that obama gets it together, because he is close to losin' the race to an old white man and a pretty alaskan woman who knows little about the american political arena.

i am gonna need obama to get that glow back and stop playin' with himself in his spare time. a lot of folks lives are depending on how much he can accomplish in this homestretch, so i really want that brotha to get his act together asap.


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Unknown said...

I agree...he does need to toughen up and drive the issues home. Yep..don't touch Palin. That would be suicide but stick with the issues.

Vee said...

Folk! I agree it's time for Obama to kcik it in to high gear!!! I can't wait to see how these debates are going to go down!!!!

If Obama doesn't win, I'm out of this country for sure. I better start practicing my french!

princessdominique said...

I say enough already just bring on the elections and just let the people vote and that will settle that. He's not getting elected. Nobody I know is voting for him.

Anonymous said...

Tell O-man to put that Hawaii laid-back windsurfin Academic jive away.

Kerry/Obama!!! Michelle needs to slap him around a bit, get his back up!

thx, your website cheered my day (in Vermont).

we'll see, not sure if either candidate can deal with the shit acoming.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Yeah, I'm with Anonymiss, the safe negro role is getting played. I know he is scared these tepid white folks will walk away from him if he puts his mack down and pimp slap McCain, but getting beat up on like a little beyotch ain't a good look either.

Sista GP said...

since you are writing in your own name, did you file and publish a notice of intention to be a write-in candidate in the General or Nonpartisan Election? The deadline was 9/2/08.

apparently it is the only way your vote can be counted.

Unknown said...

This whole campaign has turned into a circus ...I'm so tired of hearing about Palin...Watching her get off planes...Its starting to feel like she is running for president and not McCain...I'm so ready for both of them to get back to the real issues at hand

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

McCain is definitely vulnerable on the economy. He can easily be tied to the mess that these Republicans have caused. Both he and Bush have said that the economy is self-correcting and said that they are against regulations, the Reagan nonsense that got us into this mess in the first place.

KIKI said... said exactly what I've been thinking. I've been watching this election thinking "When the hell is Barack gone put his pimp hand down on these fools?" He need to be calling McCain out on his shyt and to hell wit this nobody tryin to be somebody from Alaska!

And can somebody tell me how in the hell she got to be a "celebrity"? Absolutely ludicrous!

Time to roll up dem sleeves Barack and get the baby powder ready pimpin, cause if he dont get his mackin together soon they gone roll right over him. Fuck the's crunch time!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Barack & Biden do need to raise more hell about the economy; I just finished listening to Biden give a speech; he spoke nothing of the grim financial implosion happening as he spoke.

Today will be remembered historically as the Day One of the new Great Depression. Three major financial institutions died and this will set in motion an unfortunate chain of events that make the previous ones pale in comparison.

Protect your money, folks and come read my post today, From Black Monday to Black Autumn, The New Great Depression Arrives

Q said...

You are so right! He needs to reel this thing in. He is being too safe, I guess afraid that white people may think he's becoming militant. He just needs to go Kanye West all over everybody's ass and scream "George Bush doesn't like Black people" at his next speech. Well, maybe not that far...

Shelly- Mom Files said...

perhaps Obama should read The Art of War.

Amenta said...

Way to bring it out. But, off their game? Don't think so. His campaign is coming off like a rookie when he has veterans on the squad he has been TAKEN off his game. So, I question why? How can someone look so commanding giving the nomination speech, run the campaign so weakly? Obama, is in a game that is truly too wicked and he is having a hard time focusing. However, the whole system is off. How can a man so intellegent, so attuned to the community NOT focus on the issues? If I were a rookie at observing this ish, I would be mystified as to how this election is being played out, but I can see through the pavement!
Big up T, on the write up in Rollin Out!

no_slappz said...

torrance, there's a lot of misinformation in your post:

"Why historically, has he been against regulation of the Securities Exchange Commission" -- the SEC IS the regulator.

"...and in support of the hideous accounting practices that hide pertinent information to the common investor..."

The current financial issues were no secret and there was a lengthy build-up of understanding. NOBODY was blindsided. Information and media coverage of weakening financials in the mortgage sector were in the news more than a year ago.

"Point out that he believes the market is self correcting..."

It is self-correcting, and we are seeing the evidence today.

"...but query as to how can such be, if the problem we see in housing is due to folks on Wall Street paying people to rate securities as being solid or good when they are not..."

The rating agencies -- Moody's, Standard & Poors, Fitch and others -- are paid by the issuers of securities. Thus, if XYZ Corporation issues a bond, then XYZ corporation pays the rating agency.

The problem in the mortgage area is the fact that ratings on Pools of Mortgages were based on statistical assumptions that were wrong. In short, we are seeing a demonstration of the logical fallacy known as the Fallacy of Composition.

"They take unprecedented action to save the Big Financial Institutions like the investment bank Bear Stearns but nothing for the common man."

False. Bear Stearns was bought by JP Morgan Chase and 50% of Bear's employees lost their jobs as a result. If you think dumping half the workers and selling the company for a song is "saving the insitution", then you have a harsh attitude when it comes to "saving" something.

"Particularly Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Christopher Cox. One of the men McCain was considering as a VP running mate."

The names of potential running mates were provided by an eager press. Not McCain. It is meaningless that a media outlet might have suggested Cox as a running mate.

"Make special note of how the Senate banking Committee asked Cox if legislation or more resources would be needed to prevent future problems such as these from occurring..."

The only requirement needed is sane standards for underwriting mortgages. The problems arose from mortgages issued to people unable to supply sizeable downpayments.

The sub-prime lending business is an old business. In the past, people who wanted mortgages but preferred to keep their personal finances private were required to cough up larger-than-normal downpayments. That way, if they defaulted, the lender was covered.

However, over the last few years, lenders eased their lending standards. Instead of buying homes, people became real estate speculators because they could obtain a house without risking any equity.

Moreover, many people made a foolish and fundamental mistake. They bought homes that cost more to own than to rent. A lot more. That's a huge error.

It was the borrowers who became predatory.

"...even suggesting that the credit rating institutions, who are paid by wall street to rate securities (MBS’s), have a inherit conflict of interest..."

In the normal course of business, no one makes money if the borrower defaults. The Rating Agencies -- if they were to do the job you are suggesting -- would have needed thousands of new analysts to look at every mortgage in every mortgage pool to determine the credit quality of each one. I suppose almost every mortgage should have been reviewed. But that's more than a Rating Agency can do.

Moreover, it is accepted wisdom that the Rating Agencies are behind the curve when changes are underway.

Thus, the long list of non-Agency analysts were in a position to freely contradict the Rating Agencies. Many did. There were plenty of credit analysts who said things were going down hill.

"...Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had to be bailed out like Bear Stearns."

There is NO comparison between the demise of Bear and the government action on behalf of Freddie & Fannie.

"Can you say corporate welfare?"

Wrong. This is not corporate welfare. The beneficiaries in the debacle of Bear, Fannie and Freddie were NOT the companies, and certainly not their employees.

Homeowners are the beneficiaries.

"This is not the common man."

On the contrary, It Is the Common Man who has been saved.

Miz Cheekz said...

interesting facts you pointed out here folk, as always. thanks!

MP said...

I think that barack is getting caught up in all the foolishness that the mccain camp is putting ut there. their point is not to have to discuss the issues. barack is getting side tracked. he doesn't need to get tough he needs to get focused.

Melody.Darlene said...

oh lord... this election has got me stressed the fuck out. just by reading some of the comments to this post alone. everybody needs to get off their lazy asses and stop putting in their two cents about how obama aint doin shit. wtf??? he cant do it alone!! dont just be vocal about it, be PRO-ACTIVE about it! volunteer, spread the word!! what happend to taking action and taking control of our country like those of the 60s?? our generation is FUCKING LAZY!!!

and palin?? dont even get me started on her! if mccain wins, sara palin is one heart attack away from being president of this country. she doesnt even kno what the bush doctrine is!!!

everyone says obama is proof that anyone can be president... i disagree. obama is qualified to be president. SARA PALIN is proof that ANYONE can be president! ANYYYYONNNE!!! That woman is new to politics, she's an idiot, and just 2 years ago she wanted to be an ANCHOR WOMAN!!! wtf??

god bless america.

Unknown said...

Powerful Post Torrance!!!

You laid it all out there, kudos brotha,kudos to you.

Obama seems to be mailing it in...he needs to hit McCain with the proverbial baseball bat, right upside his noggin.

Otherwise, he is John Kerry with a tan..and Kerry was a wimp...Obama is better than than. Much better, or so I thought.

Unknown said...

i agree, so much.

these debates are going to be crazy.

paix, ASia Dee

Anonymous said...

I failed to see any factual support to substantiate no slappz' attempt at correcting the information put forth in this piece. The raw material of opinions, stats, and facts put forth on this site are awesome!

On the other hand this election is a joke. Neither of the candiates have gotten where they are in gutter politics without being "safe". The packaging is different. The economy, jobs, healthcare, these wars - ALL about C.R.E.A.M. not the common man. I believe it was Woodrow Wilson that said "the business of America is business".

Missouri native, and yeah you gotta "show me". And babz up in here do fish, riflery, sports and cook daily. Single after 14 yrs of marriage, kids in my bed, which is why I have to be more careful when reading your post. Naw, I love your post. Keep putting it down - no pun intended.

MuscleDaddy said...

This is where the 'experience' thing proves out.

If the Obamessiah had ever actually run anything, he'd know that being pulled off-task doesn't get business done.

I'm a little confused as to the whole "kid-gloves" thing... the media has taken shots at/spread smears about
- Palin,
- her husband
- her kids,
- whether a woman can be a mother and have a career (NOW being suspiciously silent on that one)
- that her town wasn't big enough
- that her State isn't big enough (borders two foreign countries, complete with oil-drilling/exploration concerns - oh yeah - budget-surplus in AK now)
- "Troopergate" (btw - having been a cop, I wouldn't want that dirt-bag Wooten representing MY agency & also btw - the Public Safety Commissioner serves at the pleasure of the Governor)

By contrast, when was the last time you heard anything on NBC/CBS/CNN about:

- Tony "Convicted" Rezco
- William "Bomber" Ayers
- O's "Friend and Colleague" Kwame "Convicted" Kilpatrick (hey! He needs his OWN middle-name!)
- Acorn (Obama supporting group) faking voter registrations...again.
- His role in the Chicago/Daly political machine (how someone is supposed to learn 'Change' from THAT...)
- How he could no more disown Wright than he could the Black Community (watch out, Black Community)
- Obama supporting/fundraising for Robert Byrd (do I have to continue with that? - see "watch out")
- His complete lack of understanding of international issues (call the UN Security Council on Russia for their invasion of Georgia... when Russia has veto power over the security council...?)

Chris Matthews gets "thrills up his leg" every time Obama speaks, Katie Couric starts foaming at the mouth any time Obama's qualifications are questioned, Charlie Gibson calls her confidence in her own abilities "Hubris" (to her face), Oprah has "suddenly" found religion in "Not using her show as a platform for candidates" (now that she's already had The One on twice)

... but Plain's getting "kid gloves"...

Or are you referring to their grudging admission that Trig is actually her son and not her daughter's?

I guess that they've actually stopped asking for DNA-proof could mean that they don't universally loathe her quite as much as they seemed to before her speech...

- MuscleDaddy
(back & proud)

The Socialite said...

Well stated! I knew from the start that McCain had a plan when he picked Palin...way to take us way off topic McCain!!!! Obama why are you falling for it? Hopefully he checks out your blog and is a regualr he can learn a few things.

Christopher said...

The Old Coot rolled into Florida today without his sidekick, McCandy, and the sorry sucka' could hardly fill a stadium with 3,000 old folks.

Guess even the old folks don't want to come out to see a 72 year old, who looks like a lab rat and smells like old powder down below.

Phew, I can't blame 'em.!

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to get Obama over here to hear some of your info. I must admit the suddenly quiet, get along Obama is irritating me. I keep thinking maybe he's got something up his sleeve.

All I know is that Americans by and large don't like to think much and the more he lets McCain and Palin run off at the mouth and not counter, the worse it is for him.

Bottom line for me is that ever since he got the nomination when Hills suspended her campiagn, its like he is sitting on his ass.

I keep hearing how the young folks aren't being counted and how they will come out in droves. Well guess what if memory serves me that didn't happen last time and we got stuck with Bush again. Kids are fickle and while I want to count on them, I won't.

Hopefully the debates will get his campaign energized again.

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

In the words of Method Man in "How High".....

Get Em!!!!

Anonymous said...

O's freak is weak I agree, Your rhyme is way better but I had to try. Agreed the clock is ticking and for whatever reason O looks like he's running out the clock looking to take a knee with the score tied. It's time to blow Palin off the table and attack this old bastard on his cronies, his maverick bullshit 90% BUSh voting record and his damned cancers that he seems to have like assorted chocolates in a big old box. I also think O needs to call Palin a pig and McCain an old wrinkled ass mofo. What's the advantage in being half a brother if he can't throw down some smack on these two ? It would be the greatest campaign ever.

T.Allen said...

damned if you do, damned if you don't. if he didn't fall back-he'd be coined the "angry black man". he falls back and he's "punkin' out". there really is no 'right' way to compete in such a slanted and subjective campaign.

Christopher said...

I also think O needs to call Palin a pig and McCain an old wrinkled ass mofo.

FOFLAMO! If only. If only.

I would fall on the FLOOR!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Anonymiss that is definetly how he actin'

i agree completely

in memphis we got a sayin SCARED SAY YA SCARED

Keli I agree and it shows he may be too soft

yea man, the glow, or the thrill is gone - did pali snatch it?

Blog Queen
he can attack her, but not with lipstick

Veronica Wright
hopefully francophone africa
and look at u usin' folk, folk lol

princessdominiqueyep, before the econonmy makes us a 3rd world country

i know his wife would handle thangs

not the safe negro LOL

sista gp
it would be a symbol, protest

so true sister KISS so true

y are we the only ones who can see his weaknesses ios what i wanna know

where is that soutside of chigo he speak of?

Kit (Keep It Trill)
true and me loved the post folk

LOL with the Kanye approach

Perhaps that would be a good start
and learn ultimate fightying skillz

Ensayn1good look folk u saw that - yep rookie esque

Blogger Big Cheekz
thanks sister

yep he is distracted and acting scared to throw blows

i could not have said it better, but is america ready for such a drastic change?

he shole is acting like Kerry

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. they shole is i may even watch them

Nicki Nicki Tembo
thank u very much for the love and we common americans aint got 5 houses and hurting

that Trig line is classic and we both know all these poly tricksters are some dirty folk

The Socialite
i dont know sister, u rthink they do, and loved the red carpet pics

they not even letting her take questions from the media

im murch too murch for them, and i hope he aint waiting for the debate w 49 days left

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B
well said sister

he better start doing something

politics is like wrestling - no holds barred

Christopher said...
LOL u and me both

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Now slappz
McCain belives in enforce existing financial market regulations and not enacting new ones. The there is McCain’s record and involvement in the Keating five - the last big collapse of US financial institutions, that cost taxpayers over $200 billion (in today’s dollars.)

And what is the evidence that it is self correcting? And that is my point, if I don’t like your rasting, I can pay someone whose rating I like. THE MBSs were never solid securities, im certain u can agree on that C+ if that.

“Keating used Senator McCain to lobby the Reagan administration successfully to appoint not only Lee Henkel (who then served as Keating’s “mole” on the FHLBB until I blew the whistle on him), but also another individual chosen by Keating. The FHLBB was run by three presidential appointees, so this would have given Keating majority control over the agency regulating S&Ls. The Reagan administration was set to make these recess appointments over the objections of the White House director of personnel, who opposed the appointments because when he called Arizona Republicans to vet the proposed appointments he learned that Keating “had a reputation for buying politicians.”

The only Fallacy of Composition I have observed is malignat McCain saying the fundamentals of our econonmy are strong yesterday in FL.

McCain promised to ``replace the outdated, patchwork quilt of regulatory oversight.'' During his 26-year career in Congress, McCain has supported proposals to cut, not increase, federal financial regulations.

In 1999, McCain voted in favor of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley banking deregulation act that let commercial banks and investment firms merge for the first time since the Great Depression. And, while he supported the Bush administration's takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, McCain says he wants to sell the mortgage finance companies to private buyers.

And it is true, where did JP Morgan get the loot – US tax payers. Y do I say this? Because JPMorgan Chase and the federal government teamd up on the bailout of Bear Stearns, a last-ditch move to save the investment bank . It calmed the market for a few – but such intervention aint SELF CORRECTING JONES.

The FEDS lent (si that a word) JPMorgan $29 billion as an enticement to buy the troubled Bear and its liabilities. As collateral, JPMorgan put u[p $30 billion worth of WORTHLESS mortgage-backed securities and other complex investments, which are basically the most problematic assets on Bear's books. JPMorgan has to repay the Fed loan with interest at the "discount rate," which is currently 2.5 percent.

The risk to the Fed—and to taxpayers—is IF thes MBS turn out to b completely worthless, then the Fed would be out the whole $29 billion. Under the terms of the deal, JPMorgan would pony up the first $1 billion in losses.
And about Mr. Chairman Bernanke: He defended this shit, and in April this year folk said "Given the exceptional pressures on the global economy and financial system, the damage caused by a default by Bear Stearns could have been severe and extremely difficult to contain," Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee.
I would go on and wont even touch Cox because he was beinmg considered. Tell me if I am wrong jones?

SjP said...

"he needs to release to the public that he has been screened for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"

I thought about that yesterday cause every nam vet I know got some real issues...some so bad that they can't even celebrate freedom day without divin under a car when the firecracker go off - and forget about watching deer hunter or platoon! Hell they won't even talk about Nam except for when they were getting hi.

no_slappz said...


If all US lenders were to have followed the simple principles of lending -- Creditworthiness of borrowers AND a healthy DOWNPAYMENT -- would would have a happy housing market today.

Do most borrowers speculate in real estate? No. The vast majority of homeowners buy their homes with the intention of living in them while their value increases.

The Fallacy of Composition issue applies. Each mortgage originator figured that any bad mortgages it issued would get lost in the sauce of the big pools into which they were mixed.

But too many originators operated on the same philosophy. Hence, the pools contained too many bad mortgages.

As for Rating Agencies -- there are only a few and if you look at their work you will see that when they all rate a security they all give that security almost exactly the same rating. If one firm gives a security an AA rating, the other ratings will be no lower than AA- and no higher than AA+.

Moreover, independent analysts all over Wall Street enjoy a brisk business in offering credit analysis that differs from the work of the Rating Agencies.

You are mistaken if you think that investors base their moves solely on the opinions of the Ratings Agencies.

Remarkably, no one has mentioned Ginnie Mae lately -- the Government National Mortgage Association. There are reasons. But the most obvious is the fact that it is sailing along without any headaches.

Again, the evidence of self-correction in the market is all around. Self-correction includes some pain. The stockholders and employees of Bear Stearns will tell you that.

The stockholders and employees of Lehman will agree. And the stockholders and employees of Merrill will also agree, though their pain will be the least of the three.

AIG too. But the services provided by these companies will continue. Most of the securities they held will continue to exist but they will sit in the accounts of other firms.

As for JP Morgan acquiring Bear, JPM received a $29 billion LOAN -- a 10-year LOAN -- to complete the transaction. Repayment is a requirement of LOANS. The quality of the collateral does not change the repayment obligation. Bailouts require FREE money, or, in the current context, money from taxpayers.

There was no consideration of adding Cox as McCain's running mate. That idea was a creation of a speculating press that needed to fill space in newspapers and the airwaves.

Meanwhile, if you want to nail McCain for bad judgment with respect to the complex Savings & Loan issues of the that day, fine. But in relative terms, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayres and Reverend Wright are about a hundred times worse than Charles Keating (he went to jail). However, the worst of the damage from that bad judgment will arrive in the future.

CCG said...

Aaaaaahhh, so it seems. if Barack truly wants to Paint the White House Beige; he needs to UP his A-GAME!!!

msladyDeborah said...

I agree with you on this one T. O had better man up or be prepared to have his ass spanked in public.

It is not like the maverick twins can't get got. But Barack has got to step up his game and have it.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing Paling and McCain as American insanity, i can't even believe this can be real that people would really go for it. Another Bush alike coming will destroy united states, i'll be packing back to Europe. McCain is even worse than Bush, he is just mentally sick, and this idiot alaskan.. The world will not forgive you for that one if you choose those puppets.

Sister Girl said...

I agree with you all the way....this is NOT the time to sit on yo' azz when so much is on the line !!!!


paisley said...

i do not know much about actual politics... but what i do know pretty much comes from here... i dont always say so ,, but i do enjoy your viewpoints,, and more often than not agree...

Anonymous said...

How old are you...curious to know?

Anonymous said...

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