Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That’s makes 10

Things are not as rosy and the democrats and republicans are painting them. Unfortunately the outlook proffered by them economically is not presented as serious as thing are on the really real. Down here in the dirty, in Georgia in particular, we got wind that another bank/lending institution failed. Yep, Integrity Bank of Alpharetta, Georgia.

This is the 10th US bank to fail this year. Many of these are in my mind a result of what I wrote about before as well as dumb ass Federal Reserve policies proffered by Alan “the green hornet” Greenspan, Bill Clinton and Both the Bush’s. Oh and Ronald Regan too. And specifically, from this savants purview, of how Glass-Stegall removed the barriers between Wall Street and Banking Institutions. Throw in a floundering real estate market, foreclosures up the azz and the worst decline in housing since the Depression, I figure we are only seeing the start of this avalanche.

This year alone, the following banks closed/failed: Columbian Bank and Trust of Topeka, Kansas, First Priority Bank of Bradenton, Florida, Reno-based First National Bank of Nevada and Newport Beach, California-based First Heritage Bank; Staples, Minnesota-based First Integrity Bank and ANB Financial in Bentonville, Arkansas; Hume Bank in Hume, Missouri; and Douglass National Bank in Kansas City, Missouri. Add to this that I think the first bank to fail when the housing market started to slump was Net bBank, also headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Then since the FDIC don’t do nothing to protect or warn the general public outside of insuring depositors up to a certain dollar point, they just reported that the have classified another 117 banks as being a problem for the second quarter alone (30% more than the previous quarter).

Since 2000, the FDIC had closed 36 banks since October 2000. In 2002 alone there were 11 banks that closed and before, in 1994 12 banks closed. The very fact that these institutions are failing is a major concern for me because such is deflationary in essence. By deflation I am referring to a reduction in general price levels that are due to a reduction in the supply of money. This is often due to reduced spending at the government and individual level as well as a drop in the level of investments. The consequence of such mainly seen in increased levels of unemployment.

Like I said, the current presidential candidates don’t seem to talk about the economy in tangible terms but more in chic rhetoric and sound bites. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have yet to read any economic statements that even talk about the threat of deflation or the state of the banking and lending institutions in our great country, have you? This is number 10, any bets on how many more will be gone by the end of the year? Maybe there will eventually be one big super bank – like in old school China or Russia. vote



Anonymous said...

Deflation (I never heard of that).

The Love Collective said...

Banks are falling because the U.S. economy is in shambles, a house of cards. As long as our government is in the Greed business, it's going to be rough. Sigh.

uglyblackjohn said...

I think that your last sentence is more true than many would like to believe.

MsKayotic said...

Deflation indeed!

If the economy is failing then why wouldn't everything else, Including the banks. We are in a state of recession and I hate to see it get worse.

Oh and BTW...did you see that the Great Governor's daughter is 5 months pregnant. Girl is 17.

Q said...

Yes, "deflation", just like my own bank account...lol.

Keli said...

That's because neither candidate truly as a grasp on the issues that plague our economy at this time.

brran1 said...

With things happening the way they are right now (the economy, credit/mortage crisis) I'm not suprised to hear this at all. So much for this country being created for the people, by the people.

Anonymous said...

You're the preacher... I'm the choir.

I have been warning about this since almost the first day I started my blog.

In the case with my company


I call on manufacturing in the SE USA (TN, AL,and MS) and my work is a leading indicator of the economy and general manufacturing in America (which is one of the strongest indicators to use in evaluation, imo).

I have seen a huge outgo of jobs to Mexico and China, with some Asian and German automotive to step in and ease the fall out.

But overall, I see more work in automation (which gives few labor jobs) and much more movement to cheaper labor overseas (if those products are not easily automated).

My hope is that they open enough McDonalds that we can all have the service related jobs they are trying to force us into.


Unfortunately, most American are ignorant to the plight and it is because of ppl like you, Brother, that the word gets out at all.

I commend you!

CC Solomon said...

Our status as a super power is slowly deminishing. The next global political wave will hit soon and we will drown in it. Let me go get my green card to Canada right now!

RealHustla said...

I agree. Folks need to know if all that interest they are being promised is actually going to post to their accounts. Most times though, the new bank that acquires the accounts from the failed banks take on the responsibilities of the failed banks and the consumer is cool.


MP said...

i was just saying this! thank you for posting about it. People have to realize!

T. Michelle Theus said...

This is some truly scary stuff the U.S. is going through. And you're right: they do talk about it in soundbites designed to get us all riled up and later when you really think about it they haven't said much. We really have to keep our eyes open and stay conscious.

Nevertheless, I'm really excited about this election. Either way, we're in for a wild ride. We'll see where they take us next but I'm optimistic.

Cassia L Rainne said...

T. Michelle we gotta take us. WE have to.

The government approved some foolish lending practices and when rates jumped, mortgages adjusted people who did and didn't read the fine print got themselves caught up.

My mom has a mortgage company and refused to do those loans and that is why she is one of the few still standing strong...but a lot of people did some truly illegal junk.

Amenta said...

Peace T, This is the real news. The so called candidates and their ilk are well aware of whats going on. They treat the general public as if public hasn't the ability to comprehend whats going on. They hide behind the IGNORE-ance of the public, by not speaking planly about the banking situation. Now, if they did mention this would it create runs on banks? Really these candidates speak of nothing substantial, and the whole world is falling for sound bites. The economy is in a shambles for real but, don't think is not by design!

Anonymiss said...

Just when I was thinking about upping the amount that I stash in my savings account. I'm scared to save now. "Brown paper bag" sounds pretty safe right now.

The Socialite said...

When will they ever talk about the real issues that effect us? No they rather talk about minor things, and cloud our minds with issues that are stupid. We get caught up in them, and we too began to not focus on the issues that are really hurting us!

msladyDeborah said...

Yesterday, W stated that the economy is improving. And that we are seeing a little relief....(Yeah, right)

I do not profess to have a great body of economic knowledge. But I do realize that our debt owed is larger than our money coming in.

Totally bottoming out may be a good thing. If it happens then the illusion of "it ain't broke" is broken and then we can get on to the business of repair.

Lena said...

I went to get a slice of pizza today...it went up AGAIN. From $2.50 to $3.00. Now I may not be so politically minded but I know when my wallet it getting it harder and harder.

This whole economy is ridiculous. I don't see any of the relief that our President says we're having. Hell, I think my bank is up to go under considering they've been closing a lot of their branches.

rainywalker said...

Raw Dawg,
They are printing money down there in Washington 24 hours a day. The Federal Reserve and Alan baby aren't even part of the Constitution.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

TORRANCE: You are absolutely right. Without doubt. Case closed.

The problem is that the USA is and has been on the verge of STAGFLATION (REESA-FLATION?) for a while. Greenspan is a horrible, horrible craven man, about the only good he did was stick to standard Fisherite monetary policy during Clinton's presidency.

Hoping to avert the normal business cycle to promote the Bush presidency as it hit its downward inflection point. Whether that point was from slow movement downward to downward velocity or from downward velocity to downward acceleration at the end of the Clinton years is up to those who've done the math.

Greenspan shifted gears, signalling he supported a change from the tight monetary policy of the Clinton years to a much looser one. Everyone remember his weird statement "running big surpluses is dangerous"? Wha'?

The policy he could control, money supply, he shifted from tight to loose as well. He really put on the devil's horns when this continued even though multiple wars were imminent.

One could argue that the bursting of the tech bubble and its knock-on effects warranted something on the order of the Keynesian (albeit military and wealthy peoples' Keynesianism) move to loosen fiscally combined with the Fisherite loosening in monetary policy, was responsible policy in order to make for the soft-landing those styles of policy were meant to do.

A little looseness in a downturn, yes, sure, 20 billion here 25 basis points there, but not a COMMITMENT to giveaways, war spending and free money! This continued throughout Greenspan's time as Fed Chair as the huge increases in government spending combined with easy credit made a housing boom an easy replacement for a tech boom. The tight economic policies of Bush Sr and Clinton combined with the earlier Voelcker policy had left both an inflation rate and unemployment rate that allowed for A LITTLE wiggle room. Not economic arson, but a little wiggle room.

[Torrance: note well, I wish there was an American leader here that you LIKE whom I could praise. I'm going to have to give some praise to earlier Republicans and Clinton, recognizing that none of their overall philosophies correspond to my notions of peace and justice. Deal?]

Greenspan got out of town as the economy was merely pregnant with problems, many of which were masked.

Exit Greenspan, enter Bernanke. He inherits an economy in a state of weakness but with one booming sector -- housing -- and all the financial services which fed it also doing well. The shift in fiscal priorities from tight/fair to loose/fascist (I used the term advisedly -- enormous military and domestic control spending combined with reductions in high multiplier social spending) combined with a dollar slightly below par and "misery" figures ("i" and "u") still tolerable.

He's got to toss a coin now. He can put the brakes on hoping to squeeze the inflationary pressure out and support the slightly below par dollar and risk dampening the only life in the economy -- the housing bubble. Or, knowing that fiscal policy would be MORE WAR, MORE DOMESTIC SOCIAL CONTROL, MORE TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY, he could just close his eys and really go for it and keep cutting and hope to grow his way out of the problem.

He chose his party and a very bad gamble.

That worked for a year maybe and then the markets figured out all the rot inside the housing boom and got to where it should have been or stayed years earlier despite Bernanke's efforts and as always total Democratic surrender on fiscal matters. "Support the troops" was all that was necessary to get every budget through with minimal opposition.

All of this leads us to where we are today: economy in recession, inflation rising, weak dollar and a governing party committed to much more of the same. In the best of times, fiscal and monetary policy are very difficult to get right. This one is a nut-cracker. Tight to control inflation? Loose to control unemployment and hold off depression? Or sit tight and hope the markets figure it out?

Personally, I think a finessed policy of tightness overall, slow and steady with a lean to cutting taxes in the high-multiplier consumer bracket is probably and a commitment to less spending on war and social control bureaucracy is best combined with a commitment to slow, steady dollar support. But I don't have to be right about that. Or about anything at all. And I know about this stuff.

It's too complicated to be resolved HERE. How is going to be presented in a a sound-bite slogan form to a public that doesn't know or want to know about macroeconomics but is in love with all things military?

There's your problem. McCain stubbornly proposes leading the country into a Hobson's Choice of death by fire (inflation) or death by depression (ice) or most likely death by both.

Obama's mum on the issue, merely emphasizing the targeted tax cuts which are popular. He dodges the more complex issues of monetary policy and world f/x and commodities prices. This is wise. Very few voters understand any of that and Obama's discussing it would merely play into the hands of Republican strategists who would like to paint him as an "out of touch elitist" and McCain as the "man of the people." For the same reasons, Obama can't address a commitment to peace and less bureaucracy because then Republican strategists can make him "Barack Hussein Obama, traitor". Obama plays coy on the wars and the military buffet. Sometimes approving, sometime criticizing.

It doesn't make him a bad guy. It makes him an American pol who wants to win.

That's where we are. We know McCain is committed to more fiscal and monetary and military insanity but he's direct about it. We suspect Obama has a good sense of macroeconomic caution and a good sense of the benefits of peace and diplomacy, but we have to just guess. And HOPE. And see what he does when called upon.

It's no fun, I realize. But if people ask the hard questions, organize to put pressure on the candidates, and let the consultants know they want something like other countries have instead of this circus, it's possible to get some real answers and make a smart choice.

Kofi said...

It all sort of makes you wish you could just buy a safe and put your loot under the mattress, like when you were a kid.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Defaltion is serious folk

The Love Collective
Smh with ya

yep, and thanks for the drive by and nice blog folk, questions on side are killer

Yep I saw. What was mccain thinking – its gone be interesting

You deflate your own account u party animal LOL

And that’s scary to me

yep, and that’s a shame and scary too

u know I know u know and thanks, and I should be thanking u the all –mi-t king of satire at the mcdonalds line LMAO

The Canadian dollar is stronger – u a smart woman

Now u preaching – do folks still read?

What can we do to help them see RH comment above is my worry

T. Michelle Theus
That’s what we all have to be optimistic – where u been folk?

Miss Soul
Mom is a smart cookie

Thanks jones, and that is classic IGNORE-ance and when u gone drop another jewel for me. The last post made me mad . we men are foul at times.

I aint mad. I liquidated all my stocks in March

The Socialite
Yep blood sports, trickery and deciet

is he still on Coke? And I don’t either, just be going by the lent in my pockets

Damn didn’t u say it went up last month?

that’s the concern and tyhey got loot and what they do – wanna divide us with bs

So true and the strange thing is that they do this and print more money but don’t place the money toward the debt or toward new business innovation. The FDIC with they bitch azzes will bail out a bank but not the common person – these the ones who need help and keep us a float -US

And kelso – I like a lot of them, but I still regard most of them as stupid, poorly read – I mean Woodrow Wilson was foul – but he was smart and I can respect that

And you know I aint picking opn either of the two, I just call it like I see it objectively – or try too

I think that is wise – if it is gold lol

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: Loose monetary policy in conjunction with a strong entreprenurial culture and a healthy and productive middle-class and working-class?

Are you crazy, man? That's their ENEMY. Tobin covers this formally and Hartmann popularly, but a capitalist society with those elements -- entrepreneurship, and a secure, thrifty, middle and working class -- is a WEALTHIER society because of the stronger labor productivity, intellectual and human capital. It is also a society while stronger and wealthier overall must ipso facto be FAIRER as to the market allocation of the wealth.

Full bellies and strong, healthy, families make for a populace that has free time to abandon false gods (Obama was SPOT-ON in that remark--I give him credit) ask for MORE FREEDOM, MORE PROPORTIONALITY, FEWER TAXES, NO WAR, AND "JAM TODAY" FOR THOSE BELOW ON THE ECONOMIC LADDER, AND CONTINUED STEADY GROWTH.

Neither a top-down hierarchical Republican "facha" nor a weak disorganized Democratic coalition can get with those simple concepts which really do UNIFY. Most people want loot. Most people also know the meaning of "enough".

Your Wilson response makes perfect sense. I am pretty sure you don't have any axes to grind that don't deserve it, based upon a dispassionate analysis. I'm more pro-Obama than you are so I know our disparate views of Bill Clinton are based on other issues -- upon which we probably agree; I exercised my right NOT to vote in 1996.

Wilson was a bastard but a smart bastard. So was Jefferson, unrepentant slaveholder.

And Lincoln who cared fuck-all about whether or not there was slavery.

And FDR who was personally anti-semitic and cared fuck-all about European Jews.

And JFK who was the hawk's hawk.

And RFK who was one of a triad of bastards, with Cohn and Schein, complicit destroying lives and nearly destroying the US entertainment industry while on McCarthy's HUAC.

LBJ was a bastard, a power-mad, racist, corrupt son of a bitch.

They were all smart, though, and all did a lot of good maybe not though for the most angelic of reasons.

For me, Clinton was a good president, not an angel, probably a bastard, but not in those fellows' league. I acknowledge that there were abhorrent racist elements to his 92 and 96 campaigns, and getting a sign-off from Jesse Jackson, Jr, and Vernon Jordan didn't make them right. Clinton took some bold gambles for his nation though and they worked out.

A tacit homophobia, a coy flexibility on Iraq, and an overt coziness with the religious right he's notionally against have characterized Obama's campaign.

So what?

If some time in the future I can write that Barack Obama was a bastard but a smart bastard who did right by his country and the world for all the wrong reasons, his presidency would rank among the greats, even though I'm unconvinced that a nation-state is flexible enough to deal with this level of technology.

That's another day's topic.

I don't deal in absolutes either.

Morality is a personal issue. We aren't dealing with avatars in a video game; we're dealing with flesh and blood men and women who would presume to lead.

Peace, prosperity and justice, however, are public issues and the path is not as important to me as the arrival. Maybe that's why I like Obama more than the Lama LOL!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you bruh. all of these talks on energy and conservation and no one wants to talk about how to rebuild our economy and keep our banks from closing left and right. what good is it gonna be to a have an environmentally-friendly country if there is no money to support the movement. i think they need to prioritize-get the money right first and everything else will fall into place!

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Yep, it's bad out here, no doubt about it. It's hard to get by, and the scary thing is that it seems to keep getting worse. Something's gotta give.

That link is funny.

Vee said...

sounds like we're on the brink of another Depression of sorts...
And the middle class will cease to exist. There will be the haves and the have nots.

Tera said...

It's a good damned thing we have you to break this stuff down for us, because as long as politics exist, we will only hear about things in terms of how they want us to see them.

It's no different than playing on certain populations (i.e. gays, single mothers, Christians, Catholics etc.) based on the issues that affect them and creating tunnel vision...thus they don't pay attention to the rest of the issues that affect the entire country.

This is a crisis situation we live in, and I shun to think of where we're headed.

Shelly- Mom Files said...

deflation is the truth!

I like your little 'vote' at the end. How clever you are folk! Have a great day.

yummy411 said...

ugh i'm sick. i never thought i'd see a recession.. something left for the history books..ahhh well..

how's it going fam? your daughter gets more adorable each day!

Miz Cheekz said...

this might be a dumb question - but what happens to folks money when the doors to these banks close? are folks just azzed out?

no_slappz said...

big cheekz,

A depositor's money is insured up to $100,000. Thus, if you have $100,000 at one bank your money is safe.

If you have more than $100,000 at one bank under your social security number, then you MIGHT face the loss of some or all of the amount exceeding $100,000.

But historically, depositors have gotten back a portion of the amount OVER $100,000.

no_slappz said...

Some bank history is relevant here.

There are about 8,000 banks, 2,000 Savings & Loans and 9,600 Credit Unions in the US.

The failure of 10 banks -- they were all small -- means nothing.

The failure of 10 or 20 more means nothing.

Meanwhile, banking is heavily regulated and the FDIC and other regulatory agencies know which lenders are in trouble.

But there is nothing to be gained by acting like Senator Chuck Schumer, who went public with the news that IndyMac Bank was on the verge of collapse.

The FDIC will arrange a takeover of a failing bank by a healthy banks. And it usually takes no more than a single WEEKEND to get the job done.

Under those circumstances, it is easy for the FDIC to ensure that depositors are completely safe from losses, no matter how much they have on deposit.

But when Schumer announced that IndyMac was about to fail, he started a "run" on the bank. Then it did fail and he turned a small problem into a big problem.

Anyway. Few banks have had problems, despite press to the contrary. The big problems arose with Mortgage Banks, which are not "banks" in the traditional sense.

The core problem was loose lending standards. People who would have been denied mortgages 15 years ago were given massive amounts of borrowing power.

As a result, homebuyers became real estate speculators. The new borrowers had no equity in the game and traded almost exclusively on Other People's Money.

For years banks were criticized for tight lending standards. The chief complaint was that black and hispanic borrowers were denied loans more often than white borrowers.

However, it was true that black and hispanic borrowers did NOT have the same credit profiles as whites. In short, standards were tough and mortgages were given to those who made downpayments of 20% or more.

Over the last decade that changed. Standards got much looser and mortgages were given to borrowers putting ZERO money down in a lot of cases.

Others, who owned homes that had appreciated, were given Home Equity Loans that were spent unwisely.

If you believe lenders were mistaken, they you must expect that future real estate purchases will require big downpayments. That's sensible, but it will lead to more claims of racist lending practices as it did in the past.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Obama, liberals and progressives should cease dealing with the non-sense of Gov. Palin's daughter's pregnancy and hit the economy hard, making the connection between the war in Iraq and the failing economy.
And emphasize that McCain/Palin administration would be more of the same. McCain made a mistake when he didn't select a veep to shore up his greatest weakness (ignorance on anything related to the economy); and we should make him pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the education Dawg! You always make it interesting! PLL, CordieB.

Sista GP said...

Makes me want to pay off my house and car, convert the rest of my funds into gold bars and store them in my septic tank. Who would go looking for gold in a tank of ish?

Miz Cheekz said...

thanks no_slappz! the info you provided is new to me & very helpful. i was feeling a lil ignorant on the bank facts :)

T.a.c.D said...

this is definately scary

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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