Tuesday, February 28, 2006

what’s your conversation?

The conversations we have and what we entertain ourselves with mentally can present a clear picture of us individually and collectively. I just wonder what it is we talk about or concern ourselves with, and whether or not it proffers any benefit, individually or collectively to us.

I even will not use myself as a beacon; for I know I tend to be one that maintains a destroyed and cynical locution on the world which many I suspect subscribe as psychotic and awkward. So I would go out on a limb and infer that it may go something like this.

We possess a keen interest in Hollywood for one. Folks that we do not know and do not know anything about us. Who marrying who, how much their ring cost and who is having whose baby. Why, as I believe these folks are not thinking about us and what we do?

On the local, it may echo something like this: Who’s dating who? Who has fake hair and who doesn’t? Who’s man cheating on whom? Who just got of jail or who think they are all that. Who is having whose baby and how many baby mommas’ he has? Who can or cannot afford something or who is a thug or not a thug, if the example is music?

Wonder why we don’t talk about who much money we losing by not taking advantage of capitalism outside of sports and entertainment? What stocks will make me the most money in short or long term? Why my school awards my child with A's yet he barely reads on a forth grade level?

The conversations we have tell a lot about a person. Let us see if we can challenge ourselves to talking about things that are more likely to have a major impact on our lives as opposed to subjects that do not.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Black, Brown, Beige and Undereducated.

Just as there is a change occurring with respect to the new image of Europe, a similar occurrence is going on here in the U.S. Europe by contrast, is becoming increasingly African and Arab. As such, the political reference point of the past – one of traditional unchallenged Anglo-Saxon province – no longer can exist. In The U.S. As the decades add up, we will be completely a country of darker shade peoples as well. However, unlike in Europe, where the Muslim, Arab and Africans merge their political interest under a well educated populous, they do and command the governments consider their views valid. We in the U.S just foggle away opportunity and disregard liberty. Shit, we probably don’t even understand the concept of Liberty.

The future seems even bleaker. I mean it is not like we should expect the government to do for us anyway. But rather it should be a view is that this is what we do for government and this is what we expect government performance to be based on that contribution. This will never happen because we aid in the degradation of our own community. If more than 50% of students drop out from high school generally, speaking, how many do you think will be coming from our schools in our neighborhoods? Take it a step farther, if 80 percent of high school drop outs end up in prison and 40 percent of all inmates are darker people, yet these people make only 13 percent of the population, what kind of educated populous will remain to do battle, represent and demand that what we put in we should get back?

I wonder how much money in our neighborhoods is loss as a result. How many more homes, books, cd’s, and service that we provide in dollar terms could we be making? We can see this yet we select to motion toward and support being other than educated.

We allow this to happen on our own and it’s a shame. Simply put until we are proactive in our thinking such that they reflect action, we will force all to value education regardless in the understanding that our kind were killed and maimed just for learning to read. We should value and internalize this image. We need a well-educated populous or else American in the future of us as the majority, will just be Black, Brown, Beige and under educated.

Friday, February 24, 2006

not mine

History can be a judicious teacher. However, not all have the aptitude to learn from the past. With Respect to Iraq, this can be stated in inordinate respects. It is understandable the Bush Administration did not heed the lessons of the thirty some odd years the British were in Iraq. Nor have they learned that one cannot build an army in a country that is occupied by the US – at least not the last four or five times the US has invaded a sovereign nation and attempted to build an army (Panama, Haiti, Nicaragua to name a few).

Most prominently is not learning from Haiti in 1915. Like the Bush Administration, the Woodrow Wilson Administration fabricated a reason to enter a foreign country. The U.S. Occupation of Haiti was said to have been implemented to keep the Germans from establishing submarine bases in the country. The real reason for Wilson’s use of the military was to protect US business interest. History shows us that US presidents recurrently use the military (marines specifically) to protect financial interest abroad. Wilson like Bush desired to impose an American solution on a country that was unable to govern itself. We have failed miserably at building armies across the glob and usually, we end up with an autocratic despot or dictator in charge. Yes, this has happened each time we have removed leadership in power of sovereign nations and attempted to drop American political attributes on non American populations.

The concern is that Bush won’t tell us, the citizens of the United States of America the truth – what business interest are we protecting? Not Mine!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

we no longer make that model

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to request a catalog for the woman of my dreams. I have looked high and low the regular way, but I figure it may be easier to get one via mail order catalogue. To make your selection easier, I would like for her to have the following characteristics:
1] I would like her to be able to accept me as I am and love me unconditionally.

2] I would like for her to open her heart and arms to me and my family with out question

3] I would like for her to be mine and only mine and appreciate me with every bit of passion her heart can muster

4] I would like for her to support me and be able to bring me up when I am down

5] I would like for her to do for me as I would for her

6] I would like for her to be faithful to me as I would to her and never cheat on me as I would never cheat on her

7] I’d like her to fix me neck-bones and hot water corn bread even if she didn’t eat pork because she knew I liked pork

8] I’d like her to want to desire me sedulously, amorously, and sexually every time she saw me

9] I’d like her not to be mean, evil, vile, and/or heinous.

10] I’d like for her to be strong, secure and optimistic about herself and what she brings to the table

11] When she calls on the telephone, I’d like for her to ask about me, and my day and not ask, need or want something all the time instead.

12] and doesn't complain saying that my penis is too large

This is all for now, if you need any additional information I can be reached at this address.


Dear Sir:

I regret to inform you that we no longer have that model in stock. In fact we no longer make those anymore. If you like we can send you a list of our money hungry, groupie selfish women. That’s all we have in stock.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the new negroes

Is there a lack of news, should I say, real news that it has to be made up by poli-trixters? I am trying to figure out why there is a high level of interest on theses folks from Dubai, United Arab Emirates taking management control of several U.S. Ports?

First, the deal was announced in November of Last Year and came about as the result of a multi-billion dollar purchase of a British Shipping firm. Dubai World is getting the shaft for being an Arab country just like companies are discriminated against in the US because they are owned by Non-whites. That’s it. I don’t even expect them to run security, I mean there is customs, FTA, and at worse private US security firms.

Why are folks up set? They are obviously professional or else they would not operate, with the grace and approval of foreign nations including China and Britain, but as well profitable. The British do not have a problem with these folks, then why do we? Well it may be rooted in our western historic practice of distinction based on supremacy, skin color, and fear. Most of which, when we speak of fears, goes to the collective unconscious that some of certain races feel for dogging and treating other cultures like shit. They feel bad, and they know some people don’t forget, even if it occurred decades or centuries ago. I know I don’t forget and wish I could have been down with Nat Turner and David Walker.

Also, many in the west know that the U.A.E. also do not acknowledge the existence, right and legitimately of Israel.

These folks are full of shit. It really makes me think they don’t read and actually base and or worse – develop policy based on what they see on Television. Meaning that they have concluded that they have found the new Negro – The A-rab. It’s ugly as I look at it, seeing in the same light how politicians talked about people of African descent in the same way. All of the distrust is based on where they come from and how they look as opposed to who they are. The ubiquitous white dame grabbing her purse on the elevator when a folk with dreds (this time me) gets in not knowing I do not have the desire or ambition to jack her – let alone that I have a PhD; albeit sometimes I just want to snatch their purse for GP.

I know how they - Arabs - feel. I get the same as a male of the same hue. Some folks without pigmentation need to check their selves. If they would just look at their fears, we may be able to work things out. It is much to do about nothing. Like I said, the facts are we have known about this for four months (at least I did), and if we are truly scared, say we scared. Truth be told, I have more fear riding through Buckhead than I would on a Port run by Arabs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Jones, it has happened again, another blond, blue-eyed young woman is missing and has made prime time television. This time Jane Doe is named Tiffany Sessions. Now I have been over this for a while, is their an inherently different and unique value that a woman has if she is white, blond and blue eyes? Slim has been missing for eons and now she get on the tube? How many sisters go and have been missing for a day even and don’t make media room footage?

I’m sorry, you can call me racist but really I am a pragmatist and as well a scholar. If it seems strange, that a woman gets more recoginition being missing after years, over other women of lesser time and alternate ethic persuasions, it is not by accident.

I just get tired of my own folk saying this is not a race issue. I agree, it’s a value issue. White women are more important than my sisters according to media outlets. I didn’t make the rule they did, and I’m just not myopic enough to miss it. Sure, I should care more about Destiny Child singing their final, final apperace at the NBA all star game. Sure I should care that if I say I was shooting Quail, and shoot a man in the face and neck three times at point blank range it may not work for me. Regardless, empiricism suggest that this difference in value of women based on melanin content is disturbing to me.

The trip is that her ROLEX, is supposed to be the catch to ending the case. A Rolex, a watch that more than 95 percent of Americans cannot afford, is the only clue they are using to make her human. I guess Truman Capote's view of breakfast at Tiffany's takes on new meaning now. I’m just gone stop while I am a head main. I’m a father, and I just feel slighted, because I know in the news room, my daughter won’t be given the same dap as slim Joe Willie wop. Fuck that trick man.

Monday, February 20, 2006

GG or Jacob the Jeweler

Just as the next individual, I enjoy stacking a little change when I can. This is America, home of greed and avarice. It would only then make sense to me that wealth accumulation should be something we focus on a little more as opposed to buying and spending and shopping. But I am troubled by the spend all and save nothing mentality. This is no more evident than in the entertainment industry. This includes musicians, actors, athletes and don’t forget politicians.

Now there is nothing wrong with flossing’, whether you have it or not. But I think there is a bigger picture we need to conquer. What value should be taught to those we know and love the most from our community? I’m not cheap, but I am frugal, and so I make 6 figures annually, I have been able to save twice that on behalf of my children in their names and not mine.

The issue for me is why does, or how necessary is it for a person to have several watches worth anywhere between 25 to 100 stacks? Regardless if one has the money or not, how much time can one tell?

With $25,000, a person can buy about 6850 shares of Occulogix Inc (RHEO). At 3.65 a share, if it doubles, that will be more than 50,000 and such stocks can double in a few months. Or better yet, $100,000 can get you 1992 shares of Goldcorp Inc New (GG) out of Canada and 1034 shares of ING: Russia; A (LETRX).

Now this is not to down Mr. Jacob the Jeweler. After all, if I had been in a family of Jewelers, I’d use my craft to take advantage of plebeians that desire jewelry that valued more than 100 thousand stacks also. But in this age of multi-millionaires going broke after a few years on the job – especially rappers and athletes, it is my duty to suggest other alternatives than buying a bevy of Sierra Leone diamond laced watches.

I’m just mad that my folks are not taking advantage of the system as others have put in place. Dick Cheney know the deal – become vice President and get your company free welfare I mean military contracts and take your pay check and invest it in stocks, real- estate, and precious metals. So the next time you want to get your child or your wife some jewelry, get her a 1000 shares of Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD) – the only folks that make the bird flu vaccine and watch her smile after 6 months, when she doubles her money, gets that necklace and have some chump change in her pocket too.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Dialectical Ruminations

Jones, a man hasn’t tooted his own horn in a long time. But I shall regress, make up for my past offense and do so. Albeit, I am at war, and there is an extreme lack of scholarly and well-versed mother fuckers of similar ethnic persuasion that can have my back in the rudimentary aspects of verbal joust and dialectical rumination (the name of the 2nd sbm album in 1988), I will do so hesitantly.

I am resistant, like I said I am at war and I am a scholar. In these times a nigga would prefer to spend 25 stacks on a watch rather than half and library or 10,000 shares of GG – Gold Corp out of Canada. This means that the bevy of folk well–read in multi displinary subject matter is limited, and one has to keep their own intellectual deftness up to par without the assistance of others. When I was in undergrad, at Morehouse, there was plenty folks like this. As there were plenty of folk like this from South Parkway, Castalia, Glenview, Bunker Hill, Alcy and Orange Mound back at the cut.

But for the record, with respect to my own horn, I will say that I am as prolific as pro football. Not to many folk practice the cannon like the old school did. See, I’m a writer. I write if I make loot, folk read me, or not. I do not just pen novels. I’m old school like a quart of Stag. I write essays, in fact I love them but I also write novels, plays, and non fiction with short stories being equal to essays and verse. I have a book on the Transition to Democracy in Nigeria when I lived there in the ninety’s. I have a book of plays scheduled to come out at the end of the summer via print on demand. I will speak of it later.

I have finished 3 novels, a book of plays, 6 books of verse and an epic in iambic pentameter (Memphis style) and 4 books of short stories. I write like the old school folk. Fittingly, I admire the prose of Frantz Fanon, Poe, Dumas, Hughes, Angelo, Ninn, and Neurda. Moreover, of the 16 finished books, I have 5 published; with 3 more expected this year (Look out for Freak Type Scene).

I'm not afraid to write about anything, but my preference is what comes from my heart, experiences and personal purview of the world i live on. Writing is like my blood, I mean, even my momma said it was my woman. So give me a break when you read what I write, because I write how I think and talk, and what I feel and believe.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

soul searching

just wrote this left the essay i wrote last nite at home

What if, you were madly in love with a person, and they were your woman or your man. You decide to take them out and ask what they would like to do but they are undecided and cannot make up their mind. Then all of a sudden, they say they wanted to hang out with their Ex, how would your feel?

I asked this question to four people, one man (myself) and three women. All three women said they would be mad, disheartened and upset. The man said it would be disturbing, since the person could not make up their mind to state what they wanted to do with him, but had obviously planned earlier to hang out with their ex, which to him meant they had been thinking about this a while and desired to spend time with that person more than him.

The women also indicated such a position. They could not understand why a person they were in a relationship with would even say such a thing, knowing that they wanted to go out with them. It just makes me think that we as people are never completely truthful with our situations and are never satisfied. It also makes me think that we do not value what they have when they have it for such a situation would indicate – at least to me – that the person who would say such a thing knew that such a statement may engender pain and/or indifference to that person. But I guess when you pretend to care for a person and really don’t you do things to intentionally hurt them – go figure. Bottom line is we all need to do some serious soul searching when it comes to relationships, because if we don’t make ourselves happy, we will likely make others miserable.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

us or them

Why is it that when good old U.S. citizens are in need, the government (federal, state and local) turns the other way and even seems to slide something up the anus without any Vaseline? This is what the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is doing to the folks who have been uprooted from their homes and livelihood as a backlash of Hurricane Katrina. In fact FEMA has issued a statement suggesting that that evacuees from hurricanes Katrina and Rita will loose funding for hotel accommodations.

This means more than 12, 000 families (New Orleans alone) made homeless last year will have no place to stay. To make things worse, people who lose homes can only get federal rent assistance as opposed to their mortgages replaced. I just don’t know why we always fucking over our own kind. Other than the fact that they are mostly African Americans, it just doesn’t appease the senses to try and understand such behavior.

Thanks to U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval these families will have no where to go on short notice, but the government, will no longer have to foot the bill, which has thus far accrued a cost of nearly 275 million dollars for accommodating these individuals in hotels. In total, about 54,000 families were still living in hotels in hard hit states of Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

My problem is that we do not have money for these individuals but we still continue to give – willy-nilly money to rich countries that do not need such assistance. Over the period from 1974 to 1989 alone, the U.S. government gave Israel a total of $16.4 billion in U.S. grants based on congressional research. Since 1949, or the creation of Israel, we have given the Israeli government about $84,854,827,200 according to figures from the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. This means that on average, Israel gets anywhere from $3 billion to $5 billion annually from the US – money of which they are not required to pay back.

I suggest that we take this money and provide for our own kind, unless the US is prepared to get some land in Israel and send these folks there. The League of Nations/UN did such in 1949, why not do such now. We just take the Israeli land and it will be all good for these 50,000 plus families. They way I figure it is either us (the US and the citizens of this country) coming first or them. No if ands or buts.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Leroy, I mean Dick Cheney

Wonder what it would be like to shoot a man at point blank range, about 3 feet away, three times and not get arrested or do any jail time? Well that’s what happened to the Vice President, Dick Cheney. Over the weekend, Cheney had shot and wounded a friend while out shooting people – I mean quail.

I guess having such name recognition was why it was not made open to the public for nearly a day after the event. How could it be, I mean a man is shot, and there is not police report or nothing on the news for an entire day? The man, Harry Whittington was hit in the face, neck and chest by the Vice President. At the time they were on a 5,000 acre private ranch south of San Antonio. First, how can you actually call yourself hunting when you are on a controlled ranch, with Quail that are farmed raised and can’t fly like real Quail?

All The Vice President got was a warning citation for not having a special bird-hunting stamp on a Texas hunting license he had purchased by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. I speculate if he was of a different hue, he would have gotten the complete business, let alone if it were Leroy Cheney we were talking about as opposed to Dick. I bet even if he dies, as a result of the heart attack he just had as a consequences of a piece of birdshot moving to his heart, the white man who shot him won't get charged with murder nor manslaughter.

So the long of it is if you are a white vice president, you can shoot a man three times, in the face even, at close range and say you were shooting at some birds that cannot fly. Instead of a mug shot, purp walk and finger prints, all you get is a warning and a fine of seven dollars, the cost of an upland game bird stamp.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

these niggas shootin' again

Yesterday, I was consuming food and beverage in a favorite as well as conveintly located venue after work. It was Friday, and I was preparing for the weekend. Mind that, I had just finished an essay a few day earlier on the stupidity associated with some folks in lieu of having seemingly infinite fiscal resources. What happened?

Well, after meeting with my folk, I was preparing to leave for the cut. As I was exiting, a kid down with this rap clique in the ATL limped in coming through the door. He and a few of his folks, who were recognizable to me by name, sat across from me the whole time as I read the wall street journal and drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon 16 oz. They consumed pink colored drinks which I concluded were cranberry juice and Grey Goose. Any who, he limped passed me; dripping blood on the floor of the restaurant from is right leg/foot. I had heard four pops outside, but I paid it no attention, but was now reminicing on the sound formulating that they could have been the sounds of either a four-pound or nine double M’s going off.

His folk passed me running up the street saying that he was gone kill them mother fuckas while at the same time, his boys pulled up in a suburban, helped they folk in the car, and speed off. Now I’m still walking to my truck. And see another man (innocent by-stander) shot lying between two cars parked next to my vehicle. As I’m looking at Jones, and telling his folk in the barbershop behind me to get him some blankets to help prevent hypothermia from setting in cause its cold and he bleeding all through his shirts, i'm just tripping.

My home boy, who owns a recording studio less than a block away from all of this, walks up and asked me what had happened. I told him and he said “Damn, these niggas shooting again; it’s hot around here, L (innocent by-stander) got shot last night, punk ass nigga shot him in the back.” The story was that he was trying to help another aquaintance of ours, the little brother of a popular singer who had done a song with a popular rapper in the city, who the boy who had been helped to the car was folk with. He says they were trying to rob him. I won’t go into any other details, for the sake of my folk who are really on the sideline. But when will all this stupidity stop. Seems like the adage – the more money the more problems – maybe true, But on the real, it is our feculent stupidity that continues this trend of urban violence. And the and thing is, that if it is beef, it aint edible and it’s unfortunately connected to people who want to be gangsters for no apparent reason. Nothing wrong with being hard, but there is something wrong with not being smart.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rampant Mediocrity

In the world we live in, there seems to be a downward trend in ethics regarding hard work, mastery of ones craft and being exemplary. This can be seen everywhere one looks from movies, to literature, to political discourse to even the construction of buildings. A while back, which really was not to long ago, one was lauded based on the mastery and the quality of the products they produced. Now days, it seems to be the reverse, that such quality and exceptional works are rare and that thing that are just bland, average and the run of the mill same old, same old are the most sought after and available materials.

This is certainly the case for movies and music. In both situations, we see that trends and popularity is more essential than skill and eminence. With regards to movies, it appears that people need to see certain things and display certain things, to appeal to the masses which are sub-par in intellectual prowess and capacity at best. When people who have worked on the craft for years are les desirable than a face from the music industry, it is not unusual that

In music there is a similar outlook. Whatever is hot at the time is more important than creativity and attempting to challenge the cerebral sphere of the genre. Literature too is not immune to this for we see the focus, at least in African American literature and fiction is on what can be simply put as trash versus literary fiction – fiction that shows skill that is unique and does not follow the ubiquitous feeling that some writers show as “following what will sale.” I do not write to sale, I write because I love it and feel that I owe the canon of literature for even if I did not publish and sale my books, I’d still honor my craft.

Yep, we live in an age where mediocrity is rampant and exceptional quality and craftsmanship is rare. Maybe one day we will see this, and put all of this trash where it belongs – in the dumpster.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stupid Mutha Fuckas Unite

introducing the ASMFFBI

From the look of things there is a new movement that needs to be recognized. I would like to take the opportunity to label this as the Association of Stupid Mutha Fuckas and Fuck Boys International.

Case in point: In New York over the weekend, there was another scene of needless violence in an environment that should have been the least likely for such to occur. A video shoot, I figure should be a festive event, not to mention an event in which most of the persons involved are either paid, entertained, or offered in-kind financial outcomes in the form of cameos for public relations purposes.

Trevor Smith, also know as Buster Rhymes, while shooting a video for the first single on his latest Album, lost Israel Ramirez, one of his personal body guards as the result of a fatal gun shot wound. Initially, the rapper said that he did not witness what had happened but Israel Ramirez wife/widow told the New York Post that Trevor Smith called her and said he saw it all.

Complicating this is that it is speculated that all of this is the result of some stupid nigga shit commonly called beef, between a few anal pores - Rhymes' producer Swizz Beatz and G-Unit rap-group members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. Supposedly the shooting may have been the product of an impassioned spat between Swizz Beatz, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks inside the soundstage area of the video set. They way it is asserted, Banks and Yayo got something against Beats, and Beats dislikes Banks and Yayo – go figure.

In theory, these niggaz have all that their little materialistic minds can crave – money, women, infidelity, drugs, jewelry and guns. What more can a nigga with an IQ less than 85 desires, outside of respect and legitimacy? It just strikes me as strange, that in a world where our children can’t be assured quality health care, a good education, or living above poverty and in a world without violence, that sphincters like these members of the ASMFFBI still fail to see and count their blessings and move our community in the direction of prosperity, betterment and collective self-empowerment.

I’m tired of this shit, and wish that somebody would look at the big pictures and re-align the priority of what is best for the sustainability of the community and neighborhood from which we come. I wrote about fuck-boys before and I would love to stop. But until they disappear, I will continue to call them out and say what I perceive needs to be said. I am not scared. I was raised on Medgar Evers, martin King and Malcolm X. So if these folks don’t like what I am saying, I work at Morehouse School of Medicine and I ain’t Casper – meaning I’m not invisible. Find me if you want or don’t like what I say. But my momma said you can never be afraid of a fool or a person who doesn’t use common sense and judgment. I guess I will never be a card carrying member of the ASMFFBI.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

hard 4

Man, man, man, what a nigga gone do man. I love sports, I love football, but I do wish that officials did not have as much a part in the outcome of the game as I have seen now, in Super Bowl 40. At first, I thought that at this time of the year, the striped shirt Jones would be basically invisible. Now I realize they want attention too. It started with the offensive pass interference – which was make believe and resulted in a touch down being taken off the board. But I let that slide. That is until; the Seahawks were driving and had made a completion for first and goal on the one, only to have it turned back because of another cal that I refer to as the invisible phantom hold. It was both invisible and not there. Add to this that there was an interception thrown in an effort to make up yardage and the Seattle Quarterback was hit with a penalty for going low on a blocker when he made the tackle. I never wanted to admit that the NFL front office had a favorite or rather the officials had a favorite – sop much for neutrality. I’m not going to even mention the fuble that they had to review because they, the best in the NFL missed the call. Why can’t they let folks leave it on the field, like the greatest Super Bowel ever between St. Louis and My Tennessee Titans? Now that was a game, and the officials were basically invisible meaning the players handled their based on skills alone. Damn man, a nigga sure does miss hard four. Maybe it's the flu I have or the fact that I don't have a woman to nurse me while I have the flu, regardless the men in stripes will always be the MVP

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Trick or Treat

Yo, I am a father. I have the greatest son any man could ask for and recently, I added a daughter to the fold – not like she a yearling or something, but rather my newest clan member. I love the both to death and I have fears for both as well, but the fears I have for my son are completely different and not as scary as those I have contrived to develop for my daughter. Namely because as a man, you can accept some things as being inevitable, in particular as an Africa American man. But my daughter, I am just afraid to think.

With the new focus of our individualistic culture, I am afraid that my daughter will value something other than herself as being the most important commodity she has. As it stands, with videos and music, women are nothing more than hoes. Even in the movies, television soaps we see the same imagery. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the kind of man who liked hoes, tricks, freaks, and bitches and unfortunately, via my south Memphis up-bringing referred to them as such. Even in the understanding that I did not regard the women in my family (with the exception one cousin) as being this way.

Now with a daughter, I am scared. I am scared that she will turn out to be one of these women who defines a man by how much money he has, or more specifically, how much money he will spend on her. I am afraid that if a man offers here a few hundred dollars, or a purse, she will get on her knees and service him orally. I’m afraid that she may end up doing something and selecting a man that may result in her being in a porn movie or worse, dead along some remote rural highway. Dang, I never thought being a father was so hard, but when you have little girls, it’s an entirely different picture. I just hope she will not be a trick, but rather a treat. Guess her mother and I got a ot of work in front of us.

Friday, February 03, 2006


This is a new America; one resemblance of place Adous Huxley or George Orwell ruminated. On Wednesday, February 1, the House of Representatives voted to send President Bush legislation that would cut spending on federal benefit programs about $39 billion over the next five years. Ironically, it was signed right after his State of the Union address. The Budget Reconciliation Bill passed just barely, by a vote of 216 — 214.

The bill has cuts in it for Medicaid, child support enforcement, and student loans programs. From its language, it is not a wonder why many feel Bush is anti-minority as well as anti-American. By slowing the growth of such programs that have traditionally served as a net for the working poor, it may result in lower wages for many single parent households and reduce the number of individuals trying to improve their social standing by going to college or trade schools. Any one that desires to go after a student loan now will have limited fiscal resources with the proposed $11.9 billion in cuts to the student loan program, not withstanding the supplement of higher interest rates on such loans.

In addition, folks that receive Medicaid will now have to pay higher co-payments and deductibles, on prescription drugs and emergency room visits for non-emergency care. Some folks made out like bandits. Rich dairy farmers get a $1 billion income subsidy program physicians get support the loss income from cuts in Medicare fees. Then there is the House version of that bill would broaden tax cuts for capital gains and dividends for the wealthy.

I don’t know what will be next on the Horizon, but it is evident that things for the poor, minorities, women, children and the elderly are getting worse while the friends of the politicians are lounging. 216 to 214, talk about popular support.