Sunday, May 31, 2009

A measure of wheat for a penny

Now Obama, he cool with me, he like a jones I grew up with next door. But I do see the continuation of the same from past politicians. This is their tendency to speak for the common man but only implement policy for big corporate interest. All I am saying is I wish him no harm, but I will call it like I see it. Personally, I think folk got half yawl jones faded. It seems as if Yawl don’t pay attention to nothing folk say but rather just suck his balls and lick his shoes like five year old Bloodhound.

I know it is bad now, but things are really about to hit the fan. These days it seem as if nothing is safe and even worse that the political machine in Washington is making it all worse. From anthrax on lettuce, to the economy and to disease, it aint looking to good for the United States of America, and the world for that matter. The way it appears, the country is no longer we the people but rather we the corporation. I just wonder who said that saving big banks on Wall street and saving the jobs of the folks who work with the big three auto industries are more important than all the other folks around the country who losing their jobs? It is as if the President is doing all he can to give the remaining 20 percent of the GOP ammunition to make him a big target. Just as it seems as if he is doing and more concerned with the same interest of the GOP also – big business. Not to mention right wing extremist done lost they fckn minds.

Now I’m no pagan, but I am well versed in text such as the Koran, the teachings of Buddha and the Bible. In Rev. 6:6, there is a passage that describes the direness of circumstances the world will face prior to the tribulations. It says A measure of wheat for a penny. It was part of the prophecy of the six seals. In biblical theory, the seals represent problems due to war and famine and the self-defeating character of sin in the form of the world's self-inflicted judgment upon itself – the terrible effects of man. I say this because it seems as if what Obama did Just last week, when he gave his economic speech at Georgetown University, and his staff asked and obtained permission to cover up a monogram symbolizing Jesus' name in Gaston Hall can represent the fifth seal (Souls Under the Altar).

Then there are all of these Earthquakes around the world and in place here like Georgia and Texas. China is calling for a new global currency controlled by the International Monetary Fund Coupled with depleted water supplies and even poisons and drugs in said water, just makes one think, and understand how some may consider that the new commander in chief is the anti-Christ, I don’t but I have actually been in conversation with some that do.

Yeas the signs of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the six seals (false peace, war, food control and Famines, disease and pestilence, hell on earth). Never before have I seen such hardship. Just yesterday the dude around the corner from me went out of business, as well as another salon down the street. On the same day. Today I see for lease signs in the window. Never before have I seen the homeless and beggars saying “I’ll take your pennies if you have them.” Yes, a measure of wheat for a penny – maybe soon to come

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What the GOP Used to be

It is strange how times change, and how the sensitivity of a pluralistic political system is not actually as plural as it appears to be on the surface. A few decades ago the delineation between republicans and democrats was clear. Such cannot be said so today. I think it may have actually died with Jimmy carter or earlier. I am not certain, but I do see a shift, that unlike the past, when it was a party of the people, for and by the common man, it has morphed into the new GOP and is merely the party of the large corporations.

It is now, just as Bush and his predecessor, the party of bailouts and handout and tax breaks for the wealthy. It is in bed with K-street equal to if not more than the Republicans. Truth be told I cannot see any distinction, from the handling of the war, to the economy, to gun control. Now true, I don’t support bailouts, or the purview that we must stabilize the economy or gun control, plus I am neither democrat nor republican. However I do see what has transpired and have been giving some thought to these changes and their impact on America, especially the regular mutha fucka. See a real democratic approach to the economy from my perspective would be to give each small business no matter what industry a check for 30,000 with no strings attached, they would buy from vendors and put the money in the banks (that are failing left and right) which would stimulate upward growth and allow banks to have capital on deck for lending.

The Democrat Party now only has a single moral obligation – avarice and money. They are just as dishonest as the GOP and have no moral fortitude or integrity. They are merely concerned with power and fame the way I see it. And don’t even mention middle east policy or the restriction of free speech. Yep, today the democrats are what the republicans used to be and it is sad for the Republican party is about to be a fossil and it will be a while before a new party comes to the forefront to claim what the Democrats used to be – that is if you asked me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

no news is good news

Strange to me but it seems since his Inauguration, there has been little mention of Iraq, outside of the occasional statements made by Secretary Gates or the anticipated troop withdrawals Obama ran his campaign on. No more images even on the great cathode ray tube. When Bush was in office, seems that is all we read, heard and saw.

If you didn’t know, April was the deadliest month in seven months with respct to US fatalities in Iraq. In fact the civilian death toll has also been steadily increasing . On April 29, 2009 in a news conference President Barack Obama was asked if recent violence in Iraq would affect his timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops. Strange thing was that same day three car bombs killed at least 51 people in markets in Baghdad. Although Obama answered by saying that we have not “ seen the kinds of huge spikes that you were seeing for a time” and that “the political system is holding and functioning in Iraq." True the number of deaths is not as great as it was in 2007 and 2008 the same time period, but the Iraq's government says that 435 civilians were killed in April, which means the count is likely to be greater than that reported. This by my math represents almost an 40% increase since March.

This is very disturbing because it as if since the number of deaths is lower from the past year that it makes it acceptable, putting in the context of the current President. Even stranger is that during his campaign his mantra was that “the war should have never been fought . But turned around on February 27, while addressing US troops at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina he said the US military “have fought against tyranny and disorder."

After just over 100 days in office, the current Administration is considering reversing course by leaving U.S. troops in Iraq, which makes me think , like all politicians, saying what the folks want to hear is all that count for following up on such actions are not as important as getting elected. But I understand that politics is a big old game. The real deal is that we seem not to be even able to trust our media to give us the real deal. And things may be getting just ready to hit the fan the way the Taliban is putting down and with these new images that the President has said he will not release to the public. Again I had to go to a foreign sources to see 16 of the 44 pics. But in the big picture the war, and folks dying in Iraq, political lies and the like are not as important as American Idol results, Mike Vick getting out of jail, Rihanna and Drake hooking up or Nas and his woman. So make no never mind about me. I guess no news is good news.

Monday, May 18, 2009

200,000 settler's

For the record, I actually wrote this the same day I wrote the previous post. And as well many of you know that I frequent the subject’s of Asia (the middle east and Israel) and assorted topics. While running for President, Obama indicated that he would continue to be supportive of Israel in the same manner of prior administrations. Strange this is that the current agreement on the table via the Annapolis accord suggest a two state solution. However, from a historical perspective this implies that he would not attempt to force a two state solution on the Zionist government nor will he be willing to negotiate with presupposed terrorist.

But this aint gonna really work since Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu stated Israel's viewpoint in a satellite broadcast to attendees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC, America's pro-Israeli lobby) annual conference. When Obama addressed the same group before his election, in Chicago last March, Mr. Obama spoke of "a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel: our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy” and that the US “must preserve our total commitment to our unique defense relationship with Israel by fully funding military assistance and continuing work on the Arrow and related missile defense programs.

From the way I see it, this is contra to a two state solution for such support would only help Israel maintain its military edge over all those in the Gaza area. For the Idea of a two states solution is endorsed by most of the world. Although Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn’t speak of such and only says that he does not desire to govern the Palestinians. Not to mention in order to do such, it would require for Israel to stop expanding settlements in the West bank/ Gaza regions. But this won’t happen because the number of Jewish settlers on the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) is almost 300,000.

In Memphis we got an old saying, scared say ya scared. Its ontological disposition describes actions in the form of being hesitant often always evince uncertainty. The prime Minister don’ and likely won’t talk about ending settlements or a two state solution. This means that He and Obama got to bump heads. And remember, former president George W Bush also wanted two states and the folks we give all them tanks and planes to said ok – but didn’t. So did Secretary of state Condoleeza Rice – but the didn’t. Obama is going to have to have King Kong size testicles if he plans to push this because as they prepare to meet – new settlements are going up now. He needs to tell them what they are "illegal outposts" set up without formal government permission.

So my advice to you Mr. President is not to fall for the okie doke, for we know they will talk all day about Iran, and nuclear weapons, but won’t mention the settlements and a Palestinian state. Truth is to do such would mean that more than 200,000 settlers would have to be removed. Question is does Obama or is Obama willing to carry a big stick and talk loudly? I have my opinion you tell me yours.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The raw dawg buffalo on it

As many of you know I have a penchant for women and sex and food and family and writing for that matter, but let me stay on sex. True I am a five times a day kind of man and albeit in the past I have lost women for complaints regarding size and my indelible desire for penetration at the aforementioned frequency, there are only a few positions I admire, for they allow full entry – a must and extremely pleasurable.

It goes without speaking, the classic missionary that results in feet by the ears and toenail polish on the walls. Not to mention you can raise your partner by her hair and ask her to watch as you disappear inside of her soma. And side ways as well, I think this allows for the greatest maximum accommodation for invisibility.

But although these are great, the best to me is the reverse cow girl. It starts with the mount, where she slowly learns to accommodate her self as if getting on a horse. And as the man I am, I rise up, to please my glottis along the ripples of her spine and barely graze my finger tips down her side until I reach her hips. I wait patiently like an Anaconda in the Amazon for ambush, for when she finally glides down my length and width; I grasp her hips and hold her. Then I rotate my hips to provide the gyrations that will be required for her to enjoy the Ferris wheel in her mind in an effort to make her juices turn my manhood white and meander down my thighs like a small creek.

The advantages for me are that Penetration is quite deep and that I can control the depth, intensity and angle of penetration. I can also relax and recline and without physical strain. Not to mention she can easily stimulate her clitoris on the base of my mass. Only problem is that I cannot see her or gaze into the beauty of her eyes. But none the less.

After the caress of her structure with my hands, and lips against her back, the arch I creates allows me to grip her hips and thrust and she cant get away. Yep she can’t get away and therefore if forced to enjoy all I can provide and satiate me until my elixir is released. Yep, reverse cow girl, that’s my favorite – dang. Especially when she falls off, curls up in a fetal position, and shakes and shivers like the terminator - eyes still rolled in the back of her head and my knees shake.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dance of the Semantic Fairy

It seems that the new retro-chic term action of the day is bailout. Back in the day it was smoking. But as we found out the government figured out you could make some loot, kill off some of the population and that all was required was a little warning. Just today we don’t get no warning attached to any of the bail outs, and I just found out that Obama may be pledging for the Bilderbergs [Bilderberg's head Viscount Davignon in pic] or the Illuminati, given his strong consideration leaning towards bailing out News papers but I will defer and get to that in a few.

What has my mind on point is this budget ish. Add to that this proposal to try and squash tax haven for folks like me that read. I mean if I read the laws and it is not wrong for me to follow them because politician’s aint smart enough to out think me – I figure me good. However, for those that aint, I aint mad and if the missed an opportunity, but don’t make it retroactive if you aint gone get rid of Sarbanes – Oxley.

If you don’t know by now, the President anticipates a $210 billion dollar wind fall by messing with the Swiss and Panama banking systems, but the concern is that it is all ex post facto. Not to mention he uses this to make math in the form of stating what his actual budget cuts and in roads to tackling the deficit will be. I mean we have no idea and folk aint telling how much it will cost us to service this deficit, which is about $1.8 trillion. I mean the average “main street” person like you and me have cut their spending by more than 10 percent, but not this administration, they have cut the budget by less than one half of a percent.

Problem is Jones be talking like he doing something. Saying that he has cut $17 billion dollars of programs that don’t work. Truth is yes he has, but when you create $18 billion in new programs that you don’t know will or wont work, the money is still in the loop, To me this is not a cut but a shift from something old to something new, which means the argument of not working as an excuse is fatuous and not cutting the budget at all.

Do not want my president, an expert in constitutional law acting or pretending he is an expert in fission and fusion which it seems he is with his decision regarding Yucca Mountain research lab cuts – and I don’t care if the all regard infrastructure. But yet he got money to reduce our most valuable tenant of the USA republic, no government involvement with the Media and press. Actually reminds me of the Bilderberg’s, Rockefeller, Paul Warburg and the club of Rome. In particular their desire to want to run and control all nes and media, for if such occurs, they will be ill equipted to challenge the government. We saw what that got Russai, cause don't sleep, if the government buy any interest or bail out any news papers - string gone be attached and that means bye bye to free thinking and a free press and the first amendment.

The way I see things, until we know where this money is coming from we won’t know what is really up. The signs I see around me say the economy is getting worse: store, liquor and small businesses not keeping stocked shelves and even stores like mine, more lengths of high with big billboard saying rent me, and the homeless numbers, well you tell me. So Mr. President, a $1.8 trillion dollar deficit? Tell me what is the interest for mathematically it tells me that we as a government will have to raise interest rates to service the debt alone and from a simple math perspective, such will be a greater raise and increase than the stimulus which means it wont stimulate – tell me if folk her wrong jones. It is all semantics, and sounds like it would have been more appropriate by a waltz written by Tchaikovsky.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Heard the lyrics to one of the stupidest songs I done ever heard. So I decided to bite the lyrics, since many of the so-called hip-hop artist talk about garbage. So I dedicate this to all the BAN rappers who cant speak of things beyond, rims, gold, diamonds, money, patron, airforce ones, the clubs, and ther self proclaimed thugish(fk boy) ways. Here goes.

hopped up off tha bed
don’t gotta turn my brain on
get up fix breakfast for my kids
yeeeeea kiss um on the forehead (ohh) x2

keep my brain on
rather have intellect than airforce ones
yeeeeea, yeeeea
Take kids to school, and NPR on
now its time to turn it up
yeeeeea, yeeeea

i got a question why so many rappers BANs
i got a question why so many rappers BANs
they just talk about money and fake nosense
promulgating ignorance, under false pretense
men wassup, yeeeea
men wassup, yeeeea

when i was 9 years old, i read every book I could
and will die for knowledge
(all-mi-T tellem)
Men wassup, yeeeea
hopped up off tha bed
don’t gotta turn my brain on
get up fix breakfast for my kids
yeeeeea kiss um on the forehead (ohh) x2

im still a scholar,
i wish a lot of yall would get lost somewhere.....
yeeeeea, yeeeea
have nothing to prove to nobody,
still read every thing I can
yeeeeea, yeeeea
and help my kids with homework,
Men wassup
yeeeeea, yeeeea

now everytime my kids get an A
every time they say they love poppa
everytime you see them they polite
say wassup
yeeeeea, yeeeea

hopped up off tha bed
don’t gotta turn my brain on
get bup fix breakfast for my kids
yeeeeea kiss um on the forehead (ohh) x2

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

is pig pu**y pork?

I have learned that magic is the art of illusion and that it only works on one species of organisms – humans. Not insects, nor fish, not reptiles. Now with this said, it is not hard to say that we humans can be tricked to believe, accept and follow anything without query. Now I know yawl that read my tractates on the regular will say this mantra is often repeated in my essays, as well as the concept proffered first by Thomas Jefferson that ignorance and freedom are incompatible.

It seems that we have allowed our ignorance to get the best of us for a long time when it comes to politics and politicians. I mean they have convinced us that we have powers that we don’t have, even the current commander in chief. In fact I would imagine that the job description for the President of the United States of America would read “to convince the people that they have powers and rights that they do not have.”

I don’t think it has been this way all the time, but I can likely say some of this shit started with Lincoln and was really put as the status quo under FDR. Now I know FDR is loved by many as is the current President, but the way I see it he was a foul draconian politician, who just like the current leader of our nation, used a banking emergency to tax folks up the azz and pass everything he wanted without question.

See on June 5, 1933, America changed, that was the day FDR took America off the gold standard. It was almost as if he was in the loop beforehand, or was privy to some info the common man aint have. This was to me the greatest trick, well the second greatest trick played on the American people. During this year, under the War Powers act of 1917 and the said banking crisis, he was given basically the powers of a dictator. Only trick greater is the illusion of the IRS. Yes the IRS, for by constitutional authority, we are not required to pay “income taxes” and because the IRS was not created by congress. Tell me I am wrong.

I mean from what I can tell it is a trust operated by the Secretary of the Treasury. After we (the US) conquered the Philippines and Guam, the internal revenue law of 1904 was passed. And not as a Bureau but as a trust that CREATED the Bureau of Internal Revenue. They even did it again when they established the 62nd trust for the United States in 1940 with respect to Puerto Rico.

Now, I’m not hating, I just don’t believe FDR was the man as they said he was, and that the IRS really aint by constitutional authority required to ask me for my loot. We have seen this before, with Lincoln, and with the Victory Tax Act that was implemented under FDR. But we Americans need to wise up. We can not be so enamored at the person who is president that we forget that it is our country and that to tax and tax and tax when it really aint our constitutional requirement is foul. So let us speak up, it don’t mean we don’t like Obama, it just says that we take our existence or fiscal existence seriously. So don’t ask me if I think The president is pulling the wool over our eyes, and I like the man, but I will say as a question, is pig Pu**y pork?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

i miss my kids

Most yawl know my kids mean the world to me, and they have been rasied by me lonesome most of their lives. But over the past week have had some contrived evil drama and neither are with me.
So im sad and miss my kids. She always said she would do anything she could to make my life miserable, threatened to kill me and him, do anything to hurt my son, and to keep him and his siter from being together.

Now she calls asking for her Biti and he checks on her. She follows that boy everywhere and He protects her like the fine young man and big brother should.