Monday, March 30, 2009

Show you azz & azz holes will watch.

Point of order, no more photo journalism from me. Was down and out for three days with chills, fever of 104 and swollen glands, not to mention a sore throat that did not allow me to talk (my students loved that). I was also reminded that it is very hard and even impossible to write when one is sleep – learn something new every day. Any who, was back in class and was about to cover/introduce analysis of variance (ANOVA). I asked my class why we use T-Test and the assumptions of the T-test. They did not know and could not tell me. So I asked them to tell me the name of a reality TV show, and they named about 20. On all case I asked who they were. They looked at me like I was stupid.

So I said in essence, yawl know these folks, who they dating and don’t know what we cover in class. “Tell me who stupid?” Yawl pay about this much”, I proceeded to open my arms as wide as I could and continued. “Is that not more important than some show on TV that aint even real but acting?” They all shut up and I proceeded to write and work my problems on the board. Now what I am about to say is conjecture and the opinion of folk here alone. But I do not see the fascination of looking at something on television that obviously aint real. I mean in most cases, it is merely folks, insincere folks, trying to get famous, make someone or get with some star.

Is the fabric of America so dilapidated that we no longer desire to work for self and cannot think for self and what the easiest way out to what some perceive as success. It seems that folks get on the shows and go to town showing they azz and acting a fool, as if they have no home training. As if the main requirement is to be mentally and intellectually dysfunctional. Not to mention, that many deal with the most morally abject problems in our society – going to jail, greed, and sex. Seems too that the majority of these shows, especially with women, are designed to do what I figure a woman can do without being on TV – find love. What woman in their right mind would be on a show, chasing a man that is boning and grinding and kissing every woman in the house? Women that fight each over in spectacle like the old day gladiators of ancient Rome. And I suspect the men are just as foul too.

Now all this is speculation, for reality TV for me when I was growing up was sports, especially boxing. I figure a reality show should at least be real and teach you something. I remember folks used to say wrestling was real, just as they say this stuff today is real. I have maybe seen a portion of a few of the shows when over folks houses and they would always laugh when I would ask what or who is that. I have only seen two of today’s reality shows that taught me something and close to being real. Survivor man – where I learned how to piss around sand with plastic and a cup underneath to generate water and Man versus Wild (where I learned how to cook a boa constrictor- I normally sauté snake meat).

I don’t know where we are headed, it is as if we care to admire and watch folks that show their azz on TV in an effort to either get attention or attract fame. Even if that means fighting and chasing a man and throwing one’s self after said man as if a groupie or gold digger, when we know their parents or grandparents aint teach them such, or if being a rude tough guy who is disrespectful and self-centered is what defines manhood.

Now I know some of the shows, that deal with singing, or cooking, or moddeling , or designing or home decorating are different in some respects. But still, tell me, why do student I teach care or no more about so-called reality TV than their course work? Why would they laugh at me for not knowing who the fck they were talking about as opposed to laughing at themselves for not knowing what they covered already in class? Well one thing I do know if you show your azz on TV an asshole is sure to be watching.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

fundamentals still aint sound

As of late I have become disappointed. Now I am a man who lives at his means, well really below my means in the current economic climate. I just wish the folks in Washington, them in the Whitehouse and them on Capital hill could see such. Now I know many get mad because I hold our leadership to task, but it is what we do given the principle of liberty. And if any of yawl know in 2003, I wrote an essay in my book Dirt Behind My Ears, predicting that Obama would be our first African American President. 4 years before he even ran and 6 years before he was sworn in - so don’t trip.

But what bothers me is the lack of clarity and I hate to say it, transparency. I mean the Democrats won the white house by being very critical of the Bush Approach to the war and the Economy. Not to mention John McCain gave them the Whitehouse when he said the “fundamentals of the Economy were sound.” Particularly, it was how Obama kept hammering at Bush by saying that the deficit spending of his administration was irresponsible – which it was. The problem for me is that although in office briefly, his first proposed budget triples this fiscal year’s current deficit.

This is not an example of the government tightening their belts. As an individual American, I cant triple my debt and expect to survive or be economically responsible without fear of loosing my home or my business. I in fact have had to tighten my economic belt just to make ends meet. Why can’t the current administration and the folks in Congress do the same?

And I am talking as a person who started his own business with $60,000 of my own cash, as a person who pays himself and as a single parent. I am not one who depends on others to write me a check to live on and I don’t expect folk who don’t to really get what I am attempting to say. I mean this budget as well as the bail out place US and tax payers to more exposure and risk than the government, more so now than anytime in history.

Not to mention I am tired of folk giving me the okie doke about the Wall Street financial giants saying they are too big to fail. Folk, this is capitalism, business fail all the time and others take their place. If they to big to fail, to me they too big to exist. Then you talk about Banks and Bank holding companies in one breath as if they are the same. They are not. The FDIC can deal with banks, but can’t go into Bank Holding companies like AIG or Citigroup. So You not putting loot in banks, but rather bank holding companies.

Dumping money in a failing institution aint the way to solve this problem Mr. President, we need to restructure our finical system in concert with giving these folk loot. All around the nation, from the local to state level, governments are reducing their budgets not expanding them. Why can’t the federal government do this? And its not just the Dems, it’s the GOP too. They talk all that mess and don’t even have one constructive suggestion to suggest. They just complain. Now true I said a long time ago Geitner was the wrong man for the job and gave out about 10 others I thought were better to get us out this mess. But he there now so I aint tripping, but for the GOP to say he should leave without offering who they would replace him with, and bich over little nit picking shit borders on stupidity.

So I say April 15th, if you owe some loot tell them folk to suck your private parts and don’t pay. If they aint got the balls to let the banks fail, or tell these mf’s they giving our loot too who still run the companies that got us in this mess to resign, or don’t revisited getting the laws on the book that got us in this mess such as the commodity futures modernization act, they can fail economically too. Cause our fundamentals still aint sound.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Y u biching

Yep, I am asking a question, why are you bitchin'? Why are you complaining? What do you have to complain about? Why you getting mad over bich shit? Did some one call you out your name; are you just a soft person who gets offended at the drop of a dime? If so, then I am likely talking to you.

I have written a zillion of times how I think folks should just work hard and don’t complain and how if you like what you see when you look in the mirror and live every day with kindness in your heart, then each day is a good day to die.

After my homeboys dispatched of Maryland by 19 points, I left the shop early. And it wasn’t a block buster day with respect to sales so I came home and cooked. For the first time in a while I watched the NCAA Wrestling championships. Great matches I must say. But what struck me was a match in which this kid loss. He ended up getting 4th place but he was truly a champion and a representation of what it means to not feel sorry or get upset or complain about shit. His name was Anthony Robles.

And although he did not win he was an All-American for the 2nd year in a row. What struck me besides him walking off the mat with his crutches and the 10 minute standing ovation he received from the entire arena was what he said in his interview. In essence he said he had been made fun off, called all sorts of names and that it never bothered him. That he knew who he was and that they were just words. That he made it because of focus, determination and hard work, and that he never let anything anyone said distract him or hurt him, that he believed and knew he was always a champion.

So for me, it’s a great look to hear such refreshing words in a time when folks get mad and upset over small things; over words, or complain because they think it is hard. It is refreshing to see some one that I would love for all kids to look up too and focus on as opposed to Chris Brown and his court case, or Lil Wayne, Andre 3000 or Kanye West.

So the next time you feel like bitchin about something, or your feelings get hurt when someone’s says something you don’t like, or get mad when a monkey in a CARTOON is shot – reflect and just try and walk in his leg. Yep, he has just one, and although he did not win the NCAA national championship, in my heart he did, and he is a champion. Many of us say can't, or I can't do that, but the real winner never use the word can't. He never did.

Friday, March 20, 2009

lil moma in college

lil momma went to college today again. She was my best student, always wanted to teach my kids at university level. She sat in front row too and said Statistics is her favorite class. So what her pencil upside down.

A nation of Ralph Tresvants

I have come to notice that it seems to be the business of the day for us in this country to be over sensitive and too politically correct. It is as if we have no backbone or fortitude and even intolerant to the point of where we want and expect all to be or think as we do. This is a scary thing for me for it borders on totalitarianism and even fascism. By the first, I mean the ideology in which all social, political, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual activities are subordinated to the purposes of a guidance that purports there is one way to behave or think. Moreover, to the point in which nearly every aspect of public and private life has to fall into a single all-embracing ideology that regulates and restricts free thought, discussion and criticism.

It is so bad that folk can get offended over anything, especially if they are grounded on the correctness of politics and even more so if they attach emotions to their supposedly empirical and rational thought. I feel that such behavior, and I use the word feel intentionally, is detrimental and even dangerous to free thought, creative prowess and ingenuity. I even think such behavior is one reason why as a nation we have fallen collectively as world leaders in science, technology, industry, and education. We have no backbone and will continue to fade into obsurity for we don't even have the ability to stand up forth right in the midst of disaggreement or even accept that folks may think and do differently than our own standards.

So all of us really need to re-evaluate what is it about us that makes us so intolerable and so sensitive about little things that we miss the big picture? What is it about us that always defines a purview with I or me or my before the collective? Get some backbone folk for the way it appears, it is as if we have become a nation of overly sensitive gnomes, even more sensitive than Ralph Tresvant. Good day

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

May as well tax my farts

Yo, before I start, I wanna thank the President for revisiting and accepting that his recovery plan over looked the folks who produce 80% of the job creation in America – small business owners like me. I appreciate that, although many of us don’t have SBA loans and save our own loot to start our own businesses – like me. So you can still do a little more. Second, glad you finally addressed them original gangsters, I mean bankers I spoke about in my last post with respect to AIG. Now to make a lot of folk happy, press some criminal charges for their criminal behavior. But unfortunately, I have something else I want to say about one of your proposals.

Namely what you speak of in your recover plan (by now I am sure that everyone has read it) regarding legislation to create a cap and trade system on greenhouse gas emissions for the production of energy. Now dumb azz me wants to know what the fuck is a cap and trade system on greenhouse gas emissions? And why does it seems that Carol Browner seem to be able to foster this position without the economist on your team having a say so on this proposal?

I worry both about the short and long term economic impact of mandating energy company’s pay for the right to emit carbon dioxide. To me taxing the release of carbon is a carbon tax that will be passed out to folk like me who hurting the most. This is really just an increases in the cost of energy for not only will production and transportation cost go up but also the cost of staples such as food. For we all know the few manufactures left in America will either pass these costs along to the customer (higher prices) or layoff folk.

Obama’s administration is proposing goals and timelines for reduction of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide. If so, to me this is saying your recovery plan is designed to make unemployment higher and encourage less economic growth. Maybe the President should stop kicking it with the man who lost his own state when he ran for the Presidency and the self proclaimed inventor of the internet Al Gore. Because to me, this sounds like some Al Gore shit. That’s right; him and his folks are SELLING Carbon credits via his new company.

And don’t hate, all I am saying that President Barack Obama’s plan to raise taxes on greenhouse gas polluters (big industry) will just be a tax increase for all. I mean at least think that the possibility exist that these big companies as all normally do, will just mean higher electric bills. I’m sure the President will raise his anticipated $646 billion over 10 years, but at the cost of folk here who will have given a trillion dollars to big banks and Wall Street companies. Because derivative traders the likes that grew out of the Enron school of thought will end up with more loot in their hands - Wall St. crooks. Because this will have the greatest impact on the utility rates of states that depend mostly on electricity from fossil-fuels and them that produce fossil fuels for power generation. Then folk speak of transparency but I don’t see it since the after hour market trading will inevitably just raise up the cost. My query is why pick on carbon? Shit, there are a lot more pollutants more harmful than carbon like mercury and arsenic. I’m still trying to find out when CO2 became an environmental problem.

So for me, its just hard to figure out how the Obama budget will work or is factual seeming that it is purported on getting billions from a program that doesn't exist and for which no legislation is written for. Especially after reading the MIT report on the subject (which says you wont raise as much loot as the administration claims). Maybe I should be looking at Harlem Nights or Baldwin Heights or one of them other BET shows, or maybe even Chris Brown. Naw fuck the dumb shit, if I don’t keep on keeping on, they will be taxing my farts next – they admit carbon too.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Were I'm from, flip town, one town, bluff city, flip town – Memphis; them young boys had a saying called OG. It meant original gangster. Albeit I have never been involved in any thing remotely gangster or regarding being a thug, I was often called and considered an OG by them young cats. In particular them that were in the same social club.

See we did not claim such for on the one had we all got along and would never drive by and shot somebody over petty shit that would put am other person other than the target at risk an innocent person getting injured over a small business conundrum. Yep, them were the days.

Seem that the gang problem has gotten worse if you asked me, and no I’m not talking about Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords or Gangster Disciples, nope I’m talking about these Bankers. Seems that bankers just don’t get it. First It was Madoff, I mean really his indication that he didn’t like jail and that he would prefer to be on house arrest in his penthouse mansion. Then the folks at Goldman Sachs, talking about how they suffering because now when they travel they have to stay in places like Embassy Suites now versus the Ritz-Carlton or the Carlyle. And before all of this, the tirade by that dumb fuck, CNBC's reporter Rick Santelli on the floor of the stock exchange. Santelli, a former financial executive himself, also served as managing director at the Derivative Products Group of Geldermann, Inc., and was Vice President in charge of Interest Rate Futures and Options at the Chicago Board of Trade for Drexel, Burnham, Lambert.

Not to mention it seems also that the folks at the FDIC [Sheila Bair] as well as the SEC [Mary Schapiro] were all former Bankers and the ones that got us into this mess by looking out or worse the other way for their fellow Banking gang members. Bankers don’t give a fuck about the common man, the investor, the home owner. Not to mention it should have been folk on places like CNBC that should have smelled all of this crap as opposed to dumb laymen as myself. But instead, they Applauded folks like former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain when he is appointed as such, but want to grill him after the fact.

I say they should change the name of the gang task force to the banker task force and chase them down wherever they are. They should put these folks in prisons all around the country so they can handle themselves when the face the Mexican Mafia, Crips or the Aryan Nation while on lock down. Maybe even give them the death penalty and apply the three strike rule as well. So I ask you who the real gangsters are. And I also suggest that we call them what they really are – O B’s (the Original Bankers).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Toenail polish on my wall

Now I am a freak and I am proud to proclaim such skill sets and bedroom prowess just as I do my cooking and parenting skills. In addition, I am not one to hold my tongue and have no reservation about saying exactly what I feel and mean at anytime, regardless of the company. Now yesterday I was out side of my shop lounging. It was a pretty 84 degree ATL day. The sun was out and not a semblance of a cloud was in the sky. Had a nice 2004 New Zealand Shiraz. So I’m lounging and beveraging, playing South African House Music and this car comes past and blows, I wave thinking its one of my customers. The car turns around and parks. Out of the car gets two women. And one had a dog – which was a turn on. So I show them the shop, they say all the right shit like “I like your store” and “it’s cute.” So I offer them some grape and they accept. A lil while latter another young lady drives up and joins us.

No as we continue to beverage, I notice that the sun has brought out all of their toes. As I look around, all the toes from the bubble gum pink, to the ice blue to the Sunkist orange seem to be calling my name. The conversation went a little like this:

ME: Dang, yawl got some pretty feet, look yummy.

They laugh and blush.

ME: Let me touch them so I can get a closer look

They all oblige

ME: Very rare three women at the same time, all have toes that I can imagine in my mouth.

BUBBLEGUM PINK: So you have a foot fetish?

ME: No maam, the only fetish I have is a Vaginal fetish

They laughed.

SUNKIST ORANGE: That’s not a fetish.

ME: Why not, I mean I am addicted to vagina, or should I say A-dicked.

They laughed again and I continued. “

ME: But I do like a pretty painted set of toes and believe me you, aint nothing like having one in my mouth as I arch a woman’s legs towards the sun and roto-root that azz.”

ICE BLUE: Boy you wild.

ME: I’m for real, ‘cause aint nothing like my shoulders pressed against the back part of your calf as I stroke you into submission, leaving your toe nail polish on the flat white paint of my wall above my headboard. Scared say you scared.

SUNKIST ORANGE: I aint scared

ME: All yawl scared, or else yawl would accept my invite and give me your number. I’d have all yawl polish on my wall, like the gay rainbow.

They all laughed and I poured more vino in their cups.

Strange thing is that they stayed outside with me for the next 3 or 4 hours, laughing and having fun and you guessed it – calling me wild. So They all gave me their numbers and I gave them mine. Strange thing is that they all called me that night. Go figure.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

close to the edge

I believe it was Charles Dickens who started one of his notable novels with the statement “It was the best of times and the worst of times.” And believe it or not his penmanship was not talking about the failing economic crisis of the time but rather the humble experiences of common men. Today he may have even could have been describing what had happened to an Alabama man by the name of Michael Mclendon. McLendon went on a shooting rampage that resulted in the shooting of his grandparents, the murder of his aunt, uncle and killed five other people

Prior to this he burned down the home of his mother and afterwards, returned to the place of his former employment and killed himself. Authorities were trying to determine if he had killed his mother by shooting her first, since she was found in her burned down home. It is strange as to how in past we would see bankers killing themselves after loosing millions during the financial crash that started the great depression to the point currently when loosing a job can lead one to going over the edge. Two of the dead also included the wife of a local sheriff deputy and their 3-month-old child.

Authorities also suggested that McClendon fired randomly at people from his motor vehicle as he drove down Highway 52. He eventually ended up at Geneva's Reliable Metal Products where it is said he was once employed. While there he engaged in a shoot out with police and eventually turned the gun on himself.

I know many of us are close to the edge, but actually going across that cliff is something I could never fathom. Let alone for a young man 27 years of age. It will even be hard for the first African American to run the GOP, Steele will likely face a no-confidence vote on March 31 and be kicked out after only 2-months at the post. I guess Grand Master Flash was more than prophetic when he said

“Don't push me 'cuz I'm close to the edge
I'm trying not to lose my head
Uh huh ha ha ha
It's like a jungle sometimes
It makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under.”

Monday, March 09, 2009

tootin' my own horn (its the economy stupid)

I was listening to NPR today on way to take son to school. Lil Momma at camp grandma for a week. Anywho, the segment spoke of how journalist m,issed this economic crisis. I didn't. So Im tooting my own horn. My post of this since 2005. Enjoy.

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I could add more but this is enough to prove my point. If you expect the media to inform you, well one will stay ignorant. Inform yourself.

Friday, March 06, 2009

death of the free market economy

It is very difficult for me to actually encapsulate the significance of what may lie ahead for our nation and maybe even for the world. True I have the practical ability to evaluate and examine, even project out comes with respect to a diversified corpus of subject – yet I am no sooth sayer and don’t own no crystal ball. All I can do is speculate and opine with the circumscribed and ineffectual information and faculties I have.

I am concerned that none of these folks inside the belt way can be honest with me or the public regarding the economy. The truth is that nobody knows what will work. And to go on and tell folks that something will work when they do not know is a bold face lie – regardless of who delivers the message. And yes I group all of them as the same from Obama to Bush, to Clinton to Regan with respect to this problem as well as all of the senators and congressmen who let this shit occur on their watch while they were giving themselves annual salary increases. Under Bush we accumulated more debt than that of the entire prior 42 Presidents of this country combined.
What really gets me is this talk of a “global new deal” and makes me wish I could read the transcripts of what was actually said between President Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown because that April meeting will be here before you know it. I just wonder if we are seeing the beginning of the end of US sovernity. Since Regan, 78% of our economy is based on consumption, that is to say we buy more from others and produce nothing, and that for decades we have been spending more than we earn and borrowing more over the same period, it would be hard for me to see another nation or organization telling us what to do.

The truth is folks can talk about the stimulus as needed and that it is the solution, but it is not. We need way more than $900 billion to deal with this problem and I have estimated $2 trillion will be needed for the banks to be supported alone. Why, because we are a $14 trillion dollar economy in a global market place with more than $40 trillion dollars in lost equity worldwide. This is just the start of a real long period of stagnation and if over here we see bigger government and more government spending as the answer that means even a bigger government, like one international government may be what will be on the table when the G-20 meets in April. I mean when they speak of “coordinated efforts” this is what I hear and that means I won’t even rule out the creation of a single global currency.

I say be on the lookout, I wrote a while back about despots and even before then as to how Rome may be showing its ugly head again. So live it up while you can, and Mr. President, go on and spend that money albeit I’d prefer you give each citizen a check $240000) instead of bank and financial institutions that are gonna fail anyway. So get gone and get health care cost under control Mr. President and spend some loot in the states, shit it is about time we spend some loot at home domestically after 8 years of the tax breaks put in under the GOP. Because we citizens gone keep on borrowing and buying from other countries (which I why I indicated before that the combined debt of American households is larger than GDP of China and India combined). So enjoy the last days of the USA and don’t be surprised after the April meeting if we start seeing G-20 buildings in every country and in DC, or hearing the words G-20 on every news cast (since newspapers in America will die off). So cheers to the death of the free market economy - Good day.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Why u lost your man

Point of order: This post is not about being dumped by a man, its about a woman or women who break up with a man and want to get back with them.

Okay, was gonna beat up Geither and his droogs today, but I digress. My folk called me and said she was up set, which is the impetus for this post. She said she asked her former man, ex, lover or whatever the dog tag was if they could work it out, you know get back together. Jones said no. I told her I agreed with him. She had indicated that he was always there for here and never lied or did anything to hurt or, or hit her.

Now this aint about the scum bag, wanna be thug fuck boys who don’t know to treat a woman like their daughter or mother, but regarding the men that represent as men. The men that provide, pay bills, pay for your car, put a rang on your finger and keep a roof over your head if they needed to and food in your stomach – yep we do exist folk. This is regarding the men who help their kids with home work and provide and take care of them without reservation. So if folk you lost wasn’t like that, well sorry – that wasn’t a man and herein could lay the problem. But that aside.

See many times, it is on you. You need to ask yourself what have you done for him. And I know many will say I am not in a position to do, as the man does, but that is beside the point. Ask yourself what can you do that is within your power. Many things men desire don’t cost money: dependability, being their when he may want or need you (the are different)

So some advice:

1] When something happens or go wrong, don’t always blame him. For some women this can become as ritualistic as cannibals in the caucuses. This means that you will all was blame before you evaluate – a def turn off to am real mutha fuca who doing what he say and walking the talk.

2] Remember that a man has needs and desires. So if yawl fucking and all of a sudden you obviate pussy privileges, don’t get mad cause folk don’t wanna kick it with you. We perceive such as a game – and tricks as games are for kids, we will get ghost and find a real woman. And don’t sleep it aint about the sex. Because if you started out not giving folk none, he wouldn’t trip. But changing the rules after half time is foul.

3] If you want folk back be real and true, admit your iniquities and most of all don’t WHINE or CRY. That’s what kids do. That’s the quickest way for a real jones to get ghost. We desire women. True women cry, but not because they can’t have their way – be with this particular dude, which that is. We look at crying as saying “damn he was good man, and I don’t want nobody but me to have him.” The is the essence and definition of selfish and most real folk don’t get down .like that. Not to mention, folk, if he gave up women to be with you, by this time he fucking a corpus of sum odd women – who don’t trip. Likely cause they had a real man and they miss him and have did some soul searching to say a good man in my bed, who makes me smile and feel like a woman is better than no man or a bich as n I double G a.

4] Do a self evaluation and write down the ten worse things you ever did to him over time. I’m certain that many could proffer a list over ten. When you do weight it against the likely bich shit you complained about to objectively evaluate the situation. Afterward ask yourself, if you sincerely apologized or attempted to for what you did. Real folk can see through pomp and circumstance and won’t tolerate and/or fall for the okie doke, for moon walking is for Usher and Michael Jackson. If your list is super foul chalk up your loses and look at it as if you were fishing – the one that got away. Chance if it is that foul you aint deserve folk and can’t be mad for folk feeling that you didn’t.

Now I could go on for days for I had a prior relationship with a woman and I wrote about it here. She keep asking or saying the aforementioned. But as my daughter would say – poppa don’t get down like that. That’s why you lost your man. Guess that’s why they say you don’t miss something until its gone. LMBAO

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

buying airforce ones when others struggle to eat

Now I am supper duper loop-T-looper hard on folks especially politicians. I’m hard equally of the President of the United states regardless of who they are or what party the come from. I am equally as open to saying and admitting I am neither democrat nor Republican. And truth be told, I am as hard on them as was I on my teachers from High school to graduate school; as well as I am on my students or the folks I engage in scholarly and scientific discussion with from associates at NIH, to NCI, to my colleagues in research at place I have taught inclusive of Emory and the Morehouse School of Medicine.

I am a scientist and I am proud of such. It is great being in discussion as such with scientist for they do not get emotional or take it personal as serfs and plebeians who are ill informed and don’t even DESIRE to take the time to read anything other than a menu at a fast food drive through window. Now don’t get me wrong, at least that is reading, I just think it is worthless and improbable to have a valued and equitable discussion on economics or foreign policy when the opposition limits their reading to the likes of Penthouse, Jet or Vibe magazine - and worse look at TV to get their information ALL DAY.

Now why am I saying this, well it seems to me that if we are to deal with the current crisis we are confronting economically in America, we need to become well informed of what is going on as well as how it impacts the world. This is especially true as it relates to the success or failure of the current US administration. We have no idea or understanding of what is going on or required from the level of the individual to aid in solving this conundrum. The reason being is that too many of us are too lazy to even read what is proposed and evaluate such in terms of our daily practices. We go around and waste money buying air force ones (the tennis shoes and not helicopters) without thinking that many struggle to just purchase food. And not just in America but world wide.

Our economy is in a global market place and believe it or not contributes to unrest in places like Pakistan, which makes it a lot harder for the Obama Administration to implement foreign policy efforts that directly impact our national security. I recall giving the prior administration the business on several fronts, namely Iraq policy. Now I never assumed that the former President Bush wrote any of it. Likewise, as I hammer at what I consider irresponsible economic tinkering as implemented by the current administration. Yep it is true, Obama aint write none of the economic proposals on the table, just like he will not write a proposal on global warming, health care or HIV policy. Experts in such fields write these policies and for anyone to say being critical of the suggested plans means one is against Obama (especially when they have not read what they defend) is to me fatuous and more importantly, dangerous.

Our inability as a nation to absorb information, or even read it, and perform well in school is one reason we are where we are. Not to mention we are no longer citizens but rather consumers. Many of us live beyond our means and it is no wonder the debt we have accrued as a country is larger than the GDP of China and India combined. I apologize if I take my loot seriously, as well as for reading what each of the canidates and prior administrations have proposed. And if it offends folk because I conclude it[the recovery bill] is like a band-aid on an amputated leg, and that I see this as a short term fix if that, then so be it. Folk here follows no one blindly and I think my ability to be critical is a valued asset to anyone, from other scientist to my student’s friends, and yes, even the new administration. And yes I know folk is a man of African descent and as such I want him to succeed. But just because he is a black man as some folks say, don’t mean I should cut him slack for such and not be critical of his proposals. That aint me jones. Never have been and never will be.

Monday, March 02, 2009

morpheme-less monday

Ok we got snow in Atlanta and the city closed (outside my kitchen window)
Lil Momma had to drive her jeep (love Palmetto, GA and farm life)

On deck (outside of my sons bedroom window)

Outside my bedroom door

In the back of house

From back porch

Lil momma making a snow -gel on deck (she forget the An)

And of course my favorite (hot sauce not included)

just had to share some Sunday images & shouts to Brandi Bates and her son for coming by the shop Sat.