Friday, November 28, 2008

Bike Lady (10.8.08)

Point of order: Two though Amnesties in a row. This a short story (UNCORRECTED/UNEDITED) from my next colection FREAK TYPE SCENE. Will B back on the grind monday. Enjoy or not.

Bike Lady (10.8.08)

The Fall was just two days in, meaning the South Georgia weather was still crisp with the acumen of summer yet tempered with the animosity of the half moon. It was a great time for, to see the kids running outside and even more so was the sensation of smelling steaks and ribs on the grill, even when around the side of the house chopping wood. It was supposed to be raining but the sky had not yet opened up to poor its blessing onto the earth or to nurture the first shedding of pine needles on the ground. In fact it was the opposite. It was bright and warm and mellow and refreshing. Not to mention, tomorrow Tripp would not be going into the shop and that he would be childless.

The next day, after dropping his son off at school and his daughter at the sitter, he returned home. He could take pleasure in know that his little girl would be spending the night at a slumber party with six other little girls. He knew she needed the estrogen being that each day she was surrounded by her brother and himself and that she was more used to being around them than other women, especially other little girls being that he was a single parent.

The weather men as usual were a day off on their predictions. The inclement weather rolled in like a Hurricane hitting the gulf. It was not windy, but it was dark and the mist of the impending showers were swept in with each intermittent gust. He hurried into the house for he would not be able to clear the last two trees he had hoped to clear on his day with out the kids. Instead, he started to cook: Neck bones with potatoes and cabbage. He know his children would be upset seeing that that was one of their favorite meals among many, but as usual he would cook enough for them to enjoy the following evening.

It was approaching 4pm but to the layman it would have appeared to be closer to six or seven PM. The rain had started to fall and with each ephemeral minute, it began to come down harder and harder. As his food cooked, he stripped and returned to his bed. He pretended that he was on some beach in Antigua and likewise, accepted the make-believe premonition that his shot of Tequila was some tropical drink with a tiny umbrella toothpick on the side. Upon which he dosed off.

He woke up abruptly, not even realizing that he had been a slumber. It wasn't the rain, albeit he thought it was, but rather a knock at his door. He gathered his robe and proceeded to answer. He could not believe that any of his folks would desire to see him in such horrendous weather. But it would not have surprised him any if such proffered to be the case.

Opening the door to his astonishment, it was a woman whom he had seen before. When had seen her, he was either driving out of his drive onto the street either heading out or coming home. Whenever he had seen her, she was either running or she would be on her bicycle. He always recalled of her motions, of her terse yet ballerina like appendages taking her too and from her destinations, which he had figured either home or for exercise. She was grace personified, a stallion in the complexity of Meted, an image that he kept in his mind such to the extent it should be bronzed somewhere and displayed in a museum for she was more than beauty and more than woman she was the molecular combination of elegance and refinement, even when she was running or on her bike. Often she he would pass he would slow down his vehicle just to get a double take of her poise in his rearview mirror and savor her disposition as if a fine wine on his way to his destination.

Trip had never met her formally, but he had waved seeing that they had seen each other often. He was just taken aback that she had noticed him to the extent of approaching and knocking on his door. Add to that that his house was 200 yards from the street up a country dirt and gravel road.

"Hello", he said trying not to act surprised. She was soaking wet and maintained a pair of red shorts and a white T-shirt bearing the mage of barrack Obama. The rain had revealed to him a blue sports bra underneath her top however, he was trying not to indicate to her that he had any admiration for her lithe figure.

"Hi, I know you don't know me, but I see you all the time when I am running."

"Would you like to come in, you are soaking wet, rain got you, guess you don't watch the weather channel. My name is Tripp, Tripp Hughes.

She laughed and extended her hand. "Tara, Tara Jenkins. I know your name. Been meaning to introduce myself but each time see you, you are speeding off in that pick up truck of yours."

He laughed and griped her hand firmly, but not hard. "You make me feel bad and just to think I was gonna invite you in."

"Don't have too I am already in and gonna, you are country aren't you? Nice house, never knew what all I ever saw was that dirt road was back here. You not scared to live back here by yourself?

"Well I have to children, just free from their pleasure today and I am a single parent, but nope, I aint."

"Well, I was trying to make it home but it kept raining harder and harder so I came up here seeing not another house for a while, is this all your land?"

As she dripped on his wood floor he continued. "Yes it is, here let me get you something. Turn your head. He took off his robe and gave it too her. She turned her head as he requested but did situate herself to maintain a glimpse of his nakedness and the appendage that he maintained below his waist. He quickly returned to his room and draped himself with a towel.

"I have some clothes if you would like to change. They aint woman clothes but a t-shirt and some boxers if you like and you can keep the robe. I was cooking so if you like I can show you to the restroom.

"That would be kind of you."

He showed her to the bathroom and returned to the kitchen. "Just give me your clothes and I can toss them in the dryer.

She came out and he was in the kitchen, standing over and smelling his neck bones like an artist would a fine watercolor. She watched him. She liked what she saw. It wasn't his dreds, nor was it his smile. She went back into the restroom, passing through his bedroom to return to where she had entered. She stooped in his front room and admired all of his art. She could tell or suspected that he was worldly.

"You have a lot of art, nice."

Shouting from the kitchen as not to be distracted from his neck bones he returned. "Yep, all them years of living in Africa folk and I got more that need to be framed and displayed. I like this house cause it reminds me of how I live when Im in Africa. You ever been there?"

"No "she said. She walked to the kitchen. "Africa, what do you do?"

He turned around with his spoon still stirring and opined. "If I told you jones, I'd have to kill you."

She laughed and walked into the kitchen. The house was roomy and spacious yet quiet and humble. He placed the top back on his vitals and addressed her directly. She had not changed clothes and kept the robe on he had given her, and the hair; well it was still wet from the rain. He admired her pony tail.

He looked down and said, "I am who I am and if you hate so be it, and placed his lips against hers. He pulled her close to him, and the muscle of her firmness sent ripples up his spine. She did not resist. In his mind he desired to take her to his bed but he could not wait. He opened the slip not in the belt around her waist that kept the robe tightly against her body. There was no blue bra now. His hands gripped her waist and rose upward like the sun in the morning, against her curvature and made their way to her waist and eventually towards her breast. He cupped them equally with both hand and placed them together such that he could house both nipples in his mouth at the same time.

She sighed and at each sigh, he seemed to gain momentum and more confidence. She pulled back and looked down and what she had seen swinging when he first gave her his robe. Her hands began to show his kiss appreciation as she grabbed him. She motioned downward, her mouth against his chest and crossed her disposition back and forth from his neck to his chest. She was brave and no where in her action did she evince any hesitance. With him in her hands, she knew she would be forced to extend her jaw into an uncomfortable position. She let him slide beyond her tonsils with such ease and enjoyed it. She let go and went back to the head of his shaft and ever so firmly pushed her lips together around it. Her mouth had never been so moist. She enjoyed herself and slowly went back down his shaft. She wrap her mouth around his head and used quick movements as she held grip around that monstrous base. She stroked increased her alacrity; for she could feel the veins in his manhood pulsating. She wanted to taste his liquid, but he pulled away.

He picked her up, robe open and slide her on top of him. He pressed her back against the refrigerator and stroked up inside of her until he met resistance. But it did not stop him, he was confident that he would break through and in his mind felt as if he could eventually feel himself come out of her mouth. She wiggles in slight pain and amazement and sheer gratitude but did not waiver. She was determined to work as much out of him as she could take. The concern was she was taking more, much more than she desired physically, but mentally it did not matter. She wanted him and he wanted her and she played out in her mind such occurring over and over again.

Still with him impaled in her he removed her to the sofa and trusted several last times. She felt the warmness of his elixir slide down the inside of her back, and her ovaries ached; not in pain but for more of the same sensation. He laid his head on her shoulder and just breathed. They shared the sofa together and went to sleep. Good for him the neck bones were on simmer.

When she awoke. He was up. He had taken her clothes out of the dryer. She watched and smiled and smiled and watched. .

"Would you like some neck bones?" He asked as the Southern Gentleman he was.

"No thank you, I don't eat pork."

"I placed your clothes on my bed, they are dry now, and I hope I will see you again."

She said nothing and went to his room and got dressed.

When she returned she said, "Thanks for welcoming me into your home as you did." She kissed him gently on the cheek and once more on his lips. She parted them for him with a quick but unhurried darting of her tongue which he was prompt to match.

She continued, "You think it will be raining tomorrow?"

"I don't know lil momma, I don't know but I shole do hope so."

"You are country," she said getting onto her back with a simper and a laugh. He laughed too. But such was only appropriate since they had started out with smiles and laughs. He continued to watch, her legs moving elegantly as she peddled away from him down his dirt and gravel road.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Riddle me this #8

Thought amnesty: u dont have to think today

1] Why didn’t I save the picture with common and my daughter in front of my shop, but saved the one with my girl who owns the beauty salon a few doors down?

2] Where are we getting the money from for these bailouts and the stimulus plan? Is it from we the tax payer, are we just printing it out of thin air, or are we getting it from China via debt as usual?

3] Why folks hate on me when I talk about Obama’s policy, cant they separate the policy from the man?

4] Why would we risk bankrupting out government to bail out bankrupt companies?

5] Why do we have these weekend meetings and rush these deals through on Sunday night without serious rumination, and think they will be a solution, but trip when they do not work?

6] Why do folks know more about Halie Berry, Lil Wayne, or Barack Obama than they know the constitution?

7] Why are off balance sheet assets (toxic assets) basically of an unknown value and why aint it against the law or criminal not to put all assets and losses on the balance sheets like small business owners as myself do?

8] What FOOL will invest in a company like Citigroup when you only get dividends of 1 cent per share held for 3 years (for Paulson only)?

9] What is commercial backed asset paper, if it aint money, isn’t it worthless?

10] With 20 billion of TARP funds left, will treasury go back to congress and ask for some more loot?

Just a few queries I feel average folks who think should ask unless they dumb fucks. Happy nappy THANKS-STEALING – me thankful for the white man making me a slave and killing off the Indians. Back Friday. Good Look Ms Williams for stopping by the shop while you were in town.

Monday, November 24, 2008

shoulda, coulda, woulda

I feel like im playing the drums. I know I may harp on things a bit too much, but I write about what I think. I aint trying to get no brownie points or shit, just trying to see if folks think along the same lines as I do about an assortment of topics. Now back to loot.

Ass backwards, these folk finna buy 100 big ones of Citibank, when they say all is good, everything is fine. I just don’t see why the feds gone buy now, what they said they were gone buy at first, when they didn’t. I just want to say BO, don’t bail out folk when there is no transparency to the assets they hold.

Applied probability of default is all im asking because all these folks is doing is week by week stabilization. Somebody has to restore order – confidence. Buying bad assets aint the ticket. We got to handle this shit from the bottom. Shit, should have injected loot into the student loans or gave grants of 25K to all small businesses with caps under 250k. But what I know? I just know how to count and make money.

Aint no market for anything toxic, assets included and im talking derivatives as well. Don’t nobody want nothing they don’t know the value of, that’s why I still say Obama, like the rest of the poly-tricksters is stupid – giving loot for shit one don’t know the value off.

Barack can’t do jack (hands were tied from jum street), for we still gone loose at least a million jobs next year. That’s why I know he can’t keep his campaign promise, what he lied to folks about on raising taxes or giving tax breaks. But the supple are just that and believe what anyone will tell them. That’s why I said Bernake and Paulson was just throwing loot in the wind. And I was right, but I aint saying it just to say I was right – dumb fucks.

And I aint gone get into the g21 (albeit they say 20). I had to read the word ensure about 22 times in their statement they released November 15th at the Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy. Add to that I couldn’t the word should used more than 60. This says to me or really confirms that these folks really shooting from the hips and fail to realize that nobody can monetize assets if we don’t know the value, if any said assets have. Banks will continue to lead the decliners - I say invest in mines and chips (computer)

Common share holders are the critical aspects of a bank but we make these equity injections above the common share holders, and we wonder why they don’t work. Why, because we talking about trillions of dollars and they just making sure folk got enough loot to pay themselves. No wonder things are getting worse - the approaches being used seem to be azz backwards and the answers aint nothing but should a, could a, would a. So Mr. President Elect - hit us with the up and up and dont fall for the okie doke - they setting you up, thank god u a thinker.

Friday, November 21, 2008

coming round the mountain when they come

The first time I met Ron Brown was at his home. Was in DC for the Morehouse Howard Game and one of my best Friends Dave “go-go” Gordon, was dating his daughter at the time. We sat around his kitchen table, he, go-go, his daughter and I and had breakfast. He was a funny cat, would later on that year go ahead to run Jesse Jackson Presidential campaign.

I never had the chance to met Mickey Leland. But I did work with folks, when I was a Research Specialist living in Southeastern Nigeria working with Africare that had. Congressman Leland founded the House Select Committee on Hunger in 1984 until his death in an airplane crash in Ethiopia.

Both of these men, as the current President elect defined the epitome of leadership, public service, dedication and more so than all else – intellect. They had a passion for life that showed in the manner in which they were committed to assisting and helping others. On April 3, 1994, as Leland, Ron Brown, then Commerce Secretary, along with 34 others also died when their Air Force plane crashed into a Croatian mountainside. He had gone to Croatia to broker a deal between Franjo Tudjman (a neo fascist) and the Enron Corporation.

I never quite was comfortable with Brown’s death being an accident for a number of reasons. First, in an effort to protect his son from prison, he threatens to expose an Asian fund raising plan operated by the Clinton White House's prior to this trip, which by the way had no Enron reps on board for they took their own aircraft. In addition, out of custom, the White House orders the Air Force to skip the "safety" phase of the investigation and move directly to the "accident" phase. Also strange was that the Croatian responsible for the airport's navigation system was found with a bullet hole in his chest.

No autopsy was performed on Brown after the crash albeit pictures were circulated that appeared to show a head wound that was similar to one that looked like a bullet hole. For it was bazaar that of all the 35 on board, Brown was the only one reported to have had died of "multiple blunt force injuries”. I can’t say that Brown or Leland were assassinated, albeit I think it was some strange stuff going on. Not to mention both of their planes did crash into the sides of mountains: one in Croatia and one in Ethiopia.

I just want to say folk, watch your back, the Capitol Hill and K street cats is some shady mutha fucas. And I will tell you this I will never forget fine folks, and Ron Brown and Mickey Leyland were just that. And I don’t want history to put you in the same sentence with them ever – never ever. And pleas do watch out for them mountainsides – they are killer.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

actions speak louder than words

For the record, I love me some Africa. And I have been blessed to have lived in Nigeria for 13 months, 3 months in Ethiopia, four summers in a row in South Africa, and two six month stints in Senegal. I won’t even mention the Malawi’s, the Benin’s the Zimbabwe’s or score of other countries I have visited.

As we get closer to that historic day on which the President Elect is expected to take his oath of office, I have started to think about how or what his main foreign policy targets will be. Sure I’m certain that he will deal with the Asian countries located in what many call the Middle East, and that he will have to bump heads with Putin in Russia, but I’m not so sure where he will place the needs of the continent I love so dearly.

I would suspect or hope that the tope two will be Sudan and the Congo, followed closely by Rwanda. We know that genocide is the rule of thumb in the Sudan and has been so for a while. As a national government, all we have done is utter words, phrases and clauses and looked, on purpose the other way. I wonder what is Obama’s plan for dealing with the Sudanese Government and the Arab Janjaweed militias which are supported by Khartoum? Even after a July 30th UN Security Council resolution the Sudan still has yet to meet its commitment to rein in these militias.

I say this for almost 15 years after the atrocities we saw in Rwanda we must not let history repeat itself. I say this for I believe we have not learned our lesson since 1994 as a nation supposedly of moral statue. I was looking for any position papers that he may have written on the Sudan, Congo or Rwanda – but could not find any (just a statement from 2007). I just wonder if Obama really meant what he said that the United States should support the immediate deployment of an effective international force to not only protect civilians and proffer the delivery of humanitarian aid, but also to disarm militia, or support the African Union troops to do such.

Since this shit started in 2003, an estimated 450,000 plus have died as a function of and disease, and another 2 to 3 million displaced to neighboring countries. I know Obama was hard on Bush for his inaction, but my query is what is his plan, and what actions does he plan to take to support his prose? Yep, the economy needs to be dealt with, as well as issues of national security, but what will he do of substance outside of imposing tougher fiats that target Sudan’s oil revenue or implementing effective diplomacy? I know he has co-sponsoring six bills on the conundrum – but they still remain words on paper that have not yielded any results.

I’m not saying Obama can really do anything, but he can try. Especially now since we see what did happen in Rwanda, may be starting up again via the Congo. General Laurent Nkunda has actively recruited member of the Rwanda military to accomplish his stated goal to “eliminate” the militias who assisted in the genocide of nearly a million folks in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Even using and forcing children to kill in his effort.

So Mr. President elect, you were right to hold Bush accountable for his strong words but non action, just hope you don’t mind if we don’t forget, and remind you, or hold you to the same standard.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bich do your job

The bottle of Partida blanco is empty and no more hot sauce, but the effervescence remains. Been thinking lately (not like that is nothing new), and I really would like to know where is the Attorney General and where that mutha fuca been for the last 8 months to start? I would not be surprised if a lot of folk don’t know who the current Attorney General is or even what Department of the government they work out of.

The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the Office of the Attorney General. They are supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of the Federal Government. Michael Mukasey is the acting US Attorney since 2007 I think. But I have yet to hear his named mentioned at all this year. That is strange to me given the massive amounts of fraud and manipulation that has reared its head in this age of collateralizing debt and massive financial fraud. Yep I said it fraud,

A lot, not all, but a significant segment of what had happened to our financial services sector has been the result of negligence, incompetence and greed – and for lack of a better phrase – criminal behavior. From the very bottom of accepting mortgages with no money down to the manner in which securities and commodities have been traded in unregulated and a seemingly black market fashion, there is enough criminal behavior to go around. Even Henry Paulson, who said we would use the bail out loot for capital injection to supposedly buying troubled and toxic assets (which now he is doing neither) borders on criminal behavior to me.

I think instead of making a fat salary, Mr. Mukasey needs to re-read the constitution and start seeking out all these crooks from Wall Street to the Capital Hill, and start prosecuting folks. He can start if he scared, with the hedge fund industry and work his way left and right. The hedge fund industry is estimated to control about $US2.5 trillion of assets, most which are beyond regulatory supervision. This is one sector of the financial sector that can be blamed for volatility in stock markets as well as destabilizing our banking sector. The main or one what they have done such is by the short selling of stocks of companies that has resulted in reducing the values and even bankrupting said companies.

George Soros, who testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee last week suggested that hedge funds will be hit hard and maybe even destroyed by the global financial crisis to such an extent that possibly 75 percent of the money they manage may be lost.

I know some of the folks in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, UBS and Bear Stearns have some foul folks doing some foul things, and I would suggest that the AG start to investigate, if not, I hope the President Elect will hold the folks responsible and send these folks to jail, so what the contributed to your campaign, fair is fair and such will go a long way to restoring confidence in the market and responsible financial behavior in such institutions. So as me and my folk sang in 1996, Bich do yo’ job.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

thought amnesty (11.15.2008)

First wanna say good look to my folks at There ….Already for giving me the Superior Scribbler Award. I wanna pass it on to: Rich, averge american patriot, Love Babz, Kelso, Slappz, Ms Lady D, Curious, The Rippa, Boss Mack, Buelahman, 12kyle, Zack, monroe anderson & the Glamazon.

Now. Was thinking, After November 4th, 2008, my most historical memories in my life outside the birth of my seeds – my order hear goes.

1] Martin Luther King Jr. Assignation – I was there.

2] Obama election – would have, or maybe would have been number 1 if I was there.

3] Planes flying in the twin towers (was teaching class at Emory at the time. Cut TVs on in class and saw second plane fly into 2nd tower. They cleared school reports were one was heading toward the CDC. My building was next to it.

4] Hurricane Katrina (can’t say I expected to see in America, what I have only seen in Africa)

5] Falling of the Berlin Wall (Amazing is all I can say).

6] Million Man March (speechless)

7] John Thompson winning National Championship in 1984

8] Rodney King Verdict (Can still see that coward throwing a brick into the head of Mr. Denny and raising hands like a touchdown.

9] Arthur Ashe winning Wimbledon (I will never forget that Sunday - July 5, 1975)

10] Tony Dungy winning the super bowl (really two African American coaches paring off in the Super Bowl).

So what are yours? Full life, ey?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Serfs, fools, and slaves

It is unfortunate that I peck out this tractate with two lonely fingers. But I feel I have to write what I think about. And true, some bich azz mutha fucas gone say or call me self righteous or hypocritical and to them I would like to assert they embrangle a penis.

I always remind my kids of stuff I feel that I should remind adults off. Namely that there was a time when one could not read and that when they learn to do such, if caught they would either have their eyes gauged out, or tongues cut out or both.

It just upsets me that folks walk around and really don’t have an idea of the storm they are in, especially in this current economic environment. And unfortunately, it will only get worse. True I do not have the answer yet alone all of them, and all I do here in my brief essays and commentary is make assertions and opine. But such is the nature of liberty and freedom. On the flipside however, the nature of liberty and freedom requires hard work, and being able to stay informed and see through the fog often proffered by exceptional marketing.

It is just amazing how folks move around and continue in their previous ways as if what we live is different from the reality. I know folks now know that WAMU and Wachovia are no longer, and of the turmoil that has hit Wall Street. I also suspect many know that Circuit City Stores, Inc. has just filled for Chapter 11 and more importantly, that the savior, President Elect Barack Obama is headed to the Whitehouse. And I say savior to be funny and real, cause folks talk like one man, one person, can change the political out come of the executive leadership of America since the Regan years, including the Clinton Administration. But he cannot and will likely do no such thing, especially since many of us do not want to do our part and rather drop the burden on one scholars shoulder.

The sad thing is also that many of us do not know that it has only started, or that we have been in a recession for more than 2 years and that it is sure to last for at least a decade. Add to that, the sub crime (I mean prime) crisis aint even hit us yet. Shit, just this week alone, companies the likes of, Agriprocessors Inc., MicroIslet, (a publicly traded San Diego biotech engaged in stem cell therapies), Xechem International, Inc of NJ, Accentia Biopharmaceuticals (the Tampa-based drug development company that make major chemo-therapy drugs), Storm Cat Energy Corporation of Denver, Harold's Stores Inc. of Dallas, MPC - the personal computer maker formerly known as Micron Electronics, National Wholesale Liquidators and even the prestigious Yellow Stone club have fouled for chapter 11 over the last week alone (about 10 billion combined in market cap, dk how many jobs).

Add to the aforementioned, Sharper Image, Pacific Sunwear, Mikasa, Mervyns, Linens ‘N Things, KB Toys, Hollywood Video, CompUSA and a whole bunch more who have already filled for chapter 11 this year, things is looking extremely bad for America and our economy. One of my folks suggest that if we were a third world country, the World Bank and/or IMF would have come in and closed shop devalued our currency and strapped us with a structural Adjustment program like they did so many African nations. And don’t be surprised if places like Wilson’s Leather will be next.

All I am trying to say is that things aint all good, and although we hear such, we rarely take the time to thoroughly inform and apprise ourselves of what the really real is. But I guess that is the way things are and that such is the nature and can only be expected from serfs, fools, and slaves. Any who, I’m just talking out the side of my neck – yawl don’t hear me though.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

eight years of a drunken fraternity party

Ok, back on the grind and back to thought crime-ing. You know I have learned a lot since last Tuesday historic outcome. First, most folks seem to think if u criticize what someone purports or says in policy, that you are against the man. Second, I have been reinforced in my belief that folks is really ill-informed and talk out the side of their neck with a tendency to speak with emotion as opposed to reason- and more important any knowledge on the subject they tend to address. With that said, there are several things I want to say about the recent past and upcoming future.

To lead off, I wanna say I’m gonna miss George Bush. Without him I would not have been able to write so frequently on Iraq and how the GOP became the party of big spending and large government. In addition, I would have not been able to rip apart the presumptions of the neo cons nor enlighten folks on the failures of his economic approach. However, I am indebted to him for learning at least 30 different cities in Iraq (bet u cant do that) and reminding me to restudy the political affiliations with Saddam and the Taliban. His approaches to government have to me been reminiscent to eight years of a drunken fraternity party. At least i'm thankful he did what i suggested in ten weeks of seperation.

Now her comes the president elect, Barack Obama. You my folk Jones but come correct. Albeit I feel your proposed policies are a threat to my libertarian views, I support you and want you to succeed. I do feel that I believe your historic victory will do much for my personal cause. I think you will make it cool to be smart again. I’m sure you as me find it hard to find folks well read and competent in diverse subject matter such to hold a respectful dialectical tête-à-tête. In addition, I feel that you will encourage men to be men, extol the values of family, of being a father and wearing your pants around your waist with a belt if required. But like I said you need to come correct and some advice from me as a laymen idiot savant if I may proffer such.

  • Auto Industry: Don’t bail out the auto industry; we gave them 25 billion earlier this year. If they fail we looses 3 million jobs, if you give them loot, we will still loose about 500,000 jobs and maybe have 10 plants closed. You cannot bail out a company that has a target price of $0. If you do, make them competitive, that’s the problem and make it incentive based only. Give tax rebates to folks who buy cars, and give a credit for those based on the more gas efficient vehicles they purchase. And make the workers take a 40% pay cut – they aint that productive, and for what when Americans aint even buying their cars. So don’t bail out company like GM, whose stock as I write this is worth nothing. Zero. And also, don't forget, place thyem crooks in jail. All them, I mean find out who did what and who much they looted from the people - that will go a long way to restoring confidence. Maybe then I will bring my loot back and invest, maybe. But DONT REWARD FAILURE.

  • Job Creation: If you really want to move forward with this, which is something I suggested, would be required to energize job creation several months before you said such, please give the loot to the states and let them decide. Washington can not decide for the states and such would go farther and will be used more efficiently at the state level. Who better than the sates to know what road or bridges need to be fixed/replaced first. In addition, I know you speak of education, but I would suggest you fund more research so scientist such as my self can put our creative prowess for the betterment of America. Although we are few in number, world wide the scientist/researchers that we have are the cream of the crop. I mean if foreign countries offer me payment for my expertise why not my countyry? Research will take us back to being creative and enhance what is currently dormant in American ingenuity.

  • Over all economic approach: If I asked most folks what you gone do or said you were gone do Mr. President Elect – chances are either they don’t know or don’t know the extent of the problem. Ergo, don’t make any economic decision until your team is in place. You are smart, but it scares me that I aint an economist and see the problems from the ground, as an independent investor and small business owner better than you do. Be truthful, tell folks the economy is falling off a cliff, don’t hide it. And please stop giving away loot to these mutha fucas – I let you slide with signing on to the bail out which was foul, especially when we don’t know what the loot is going for, and you don’t know either or else AIG wouldn’t be getting 80 billion, then 123 billion then 150 billion at final tally. Especially since you gone have us pay for such by issuing more debt in the form of bonds, which will, if history is correct will increase interest rates. I hope you study the stock market crash of 1929. Like now, all the big wigs; the Thomas Lamont's and the Charles Mitchell’s, just as now, came out and said the markets were straight. Back then the Banks tried to stabilize the market by spending 14 big ones, not the government, and what happened it still crashed.

All I’m saying jones is that I am down on your team, but I am not a mindless voter who has not read the constitution, nor any of the bail-out bills nor any of your policy proposals. I mean, unlike them that wanna yell and hollar and party for having a black president, and say the emancipated and dont wanna do no work, I fell you are a president who happens to be black and I desire to do my part. Because being happy aint gone do shit if you dont work to make certain you are a success. So if anything make us competitive. Because I said it before, the sub Prime crisis aint even hit us yet, and many more business and banks will fail. So tell us up front, because you know the states will be next, seeing their unemployment coffers cant or were not designed to sustain or support record job losses that we see currently. So Mr. President just a few words – be smart and what ever decisions you make, let them be finite. And make GWB take his empty kegs with him.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I wanna lay on you daddy/Pop’s I’m running the shop today

Its Sunday and I am, Home today. Usually I would have been at my shop by now, for at least a good 3 hours. Now it is double figures in the morning – something I have not had a chance to wake up in since I started my store for dogs and my son returned back to school.

Little momma woke me up. She scatted out of her room on the other side of the house I can imagine and crawled in my bed. I asked if she was ready to eat and she shook her head in the negative and said, “I just wanna lay on you daddy.” I said ok. She arranged the covers and adjusted the pillows and assumed her spot under my arms laying her head on my shoulder, and as she always does, grabbed my arm and placed it around her. With my arm around her waist and my hand on her stomach, she gently rubbed her hands up and down my arms and whispered “love you so much poppa.” I smiled.

As we returned to slumber again, I received a phone call. It was from my son. “Hey man, where you at Jones?” I asked. He responded, “I’m at the shop pops, you stay at home to day, I’m gonna run the shop for us today. You don’t have to come down, Ill catch the train and ride the bike back home.

All I could do was smile. Nothing like a family business but still better than that, nothing like having the two best kids in the whole wide world. I don’t know what it is about them; maybe it’s the way they call me poppa, or just the way they laugh in their usual uncontrollable manner. I have tried in detail to remember when they have not been able to smile or laugh. I do know I see it when I take lil momma to her mom’s house and it crushes me. And I do know I see it when I tell little man he can’t do something or that he is doing something incorrectly. They so head strong and independent – wonder where they got that from.

They both love being at the shop. My son is the CFO on paper, and makes sales, cleans and counts the loot in the cash register each morning and every night at closing. Lil Momma, COO on paper, is always outside asking folks to “come into my daddy’s store” and passing out the shop’s postcards. She sometimes ask me to be quiet when I am telling folks about the products by saying “let me do it, let me show them.” I like, really love it all, especially when she pretends on her play phone to answer it and always with “Braincell.”

I tell ya folk, especially you men who may read this, gotta get you a number one son and a number one daughter, and even more so, start a family business. I mean, dang, best day I done had in a while, just hearing them two phrases: “I wanna lay on you daddy” and “Pop’s, I’m running the shop today.”

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pay check away from a pink slip

If you dint know, my store for dogs is about three minutes from the Martin Luther King Jr. birth home, and 3 blocks from his grave and the eternal flame that lights his heart and passion. The day after Obama won, I walked around there and just stared, just a few moments. It was like his crypt was talking to me. Nope I aint crazy, but it felt that way. I was reassured and went back to my shop.

I guess yawl know how much King means to me. He was one of many that informed me of the importance of intellect and thinking for yourself and not accepting what people tell you and/or following blindly. I went to the tomb to respect my elder. It made me feel good, and reinforced that I still was challenged to the task such elders engendered in me.

I have said that I did not Vote for Obama or any of them other same ole lame okie dokes. My logic which many of you said was foolish, and self righteous, was neither to me. As I pointed out I voted for not the man, nor the party, but the policy. And if I must accept blame for seeing no difference in word on paper between the two – then so be it. Likewise, If I decided to study in an applied manner what they say they will do in concert with the problem that needs to be addressed, with the economy for example, and it is my conclusion such is far fetched, I will say such.

I particular felt this way about several things. Both he and McCain said the basic: I will lower taxes, I will reduce the deficit, and I will grow the economy. I want jones to be a success, but I will not reduce my penchant to evaluate his suggestions just as rigorously as I did the recent candidates, or past presidents regardless of party affiliation, nor will I give him a past. Unlike many I don’t see jones as the first black president, I see him as a president, who happens to be black.

Now some may say I need to get a life, for over the past day I have mulled over his economic position papers as well as his speeches on the economy and his latest transcript from his first press conference as the President elect. But it is my life to make certain I am in a stable milieu in which my kids and I can prosper economically.

I still feel that my note selecting either he nor McCain was based on logic. Re-reading I feel vindicated. What Obama has said and has [proposed on paper is just as bad as what Paulson and Bernake suggested with the bailout which he and McCain supported. All he proposes, either the break for 85% of Americans or raising taxes on the rich wont work and is just a tweak on a system that will not have any long term effect on a problem that has been building via debt collaterilization since the 1980s. The system needs to be gutted, not tweaked for our economy is riddled with structural problems – namely that we have a closed economy in a global world. This means he wont be able to raise taxes on the rich or cut taxes for poor folks like me.

Couple this with the fact that the bailout has had the opposite impact that Paulson has desired, the deficit is at about another trillion dollars and we still do not know how the money is being spent with respect to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), Obama as we have – are sitting on a ticking time bomb. None of his solutions even include the aforementioned.

In two days since his historic victory, the Dow dropped as much as it did in September 1987 although 200 plus points were gained on Friday. For me it is a policy as opposed to an individual issue. He needs to address the volatility (which is a sign of investor confidence (so folk like me put loot back in the market), the housing crisis (which is getting worse) and stabilizing consumption (creating jobs, cause black folks are the only ones spending in a depression for we don’t know how to save anymore). As well as the structural concerns I have sited previously. For if he attempts to raise taxes on the rich – I just have two words - Sarbanes-Oxley, which means folks will move over seas to start new businesses than stay home in the states. Then he has not even addressed or considered revamping value-asset accounting principles nor obviating the Commodity Futures Modernization Act – which are two things that got us in this mess. Let alone accept the premise that folk like me don’t believe we should give banks money to buy other banks – especially when you talk about main street.

True he does mention job creation, but all I have read is the mantra of “new Green Jobs” without any relationship to reformulating the economic conundrum we are in and confronting currently. True, I am no economist, but I read and I try to use reason, but there is a lot more needed. It kills me when I read and hear folks say “freedom”, or “we aint got 40 acres and a mule but we got Obama”, or “Abolition” to describe his historic win, but go out and party and don’t feel as if they have a roll in this, and can see he is just one man, makes me feel that many think things have changed, without asking has America changed? I say no. It will be on us all for there is no such thing as magic. Something must be said with reason over feeling and emotion because although he won, most folks a pay check away from a pink slip.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

red rum

So it is finally over, or is it? True, I was wrong about whom I thought would win based on a history of 43 prior white men, but as for my reasoning I was not. This past 22 months has reinforced all of the positions I have laid out in text from my dissertations regarding the economy to why we as human being must obviate race from our lexicon if we can, for although this past week was historic, and the world now see America in a different light, we still see ourselves in the same fashion, well at least many of us do.

First, it is obvious that many folk prefer to emote in contrast to think. I was hard on McCain (but this was ok). Unfortunately I was just as hard on Obama (but for many this was not). I have never approached any subject matter with respect to feeling with the exception of family, my children and how I would treat my woman. Oh, and food. But with respect to politics, I have never based any decision on feeling. This has lead me to understand than many folks make selections based on feeling when I make my as a function on thinking. For I know that if there was no TV or Radio, and folks were forced to read the history and positions of the Republican and Democratic selections for this past election – you would have seen that there were basically no difference between the two and that they were more similar than dissimilar. I also learned that many folks tend to vote for the individual whereas I vote for the policy positions.

True Obama won, and I’m pleased with that, but American may be in the same position historically it has always been. Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Georgia, Lousiania, Utah, Montana and Idaho among others still remain GOP and in strong support of the divisive politics that have historically been a function of race (many in the South). And I know folks don’t like to use history to project future speculation and to form opinion – but I do. These states have been red for the longest and no end seems to be coming soon.

I feel that yes this is historic, but also may reflect a change - a regression for many back to the time before the civil rights movement. Yes, 40 years ago a great man was killed for bringing change. I just don’t know what will be, given what i feel will be major conundrums quick fast and in a hurry for the new president jones:

  • Russia: This may be the first head bump for Jones. Russia (Putin) is making a fat cat move to buy allegiance from Latin American states that are right in our own backyard. Plus they mad because of our decision to deploy elements of a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. So as a result, they have decided to place some similar equipment in Cuba – or so they say.
  • Economy: Many would like to infer that Obama’s victory brought back extreme volatility to the market, with the Dow Jones industrials falling 480 points and the major indexes tumbling more than 5 percent. After Tuesday night. True some may be pulling loot out as a form of fear, but truth as I have written before, this will continue for a couple of few administrations, irregardless of who had won. He will have to tackle this and his tax cuts, during a recession don’t make much micro or macro economic sense, but it sounds good to the voter. So he will need to foster the gumption to show how smart folk really think he is, for short term tactics as taking loot from the rich wont pay for nothing, nor do jack, when the deficit is approaching a trillion dollars; oh and did I say he wont be able to end the war as quickly as he proposed?
  • Middle East: It will be difficult for Obama to end the war as he said. Especially since his chief of staff was one of the folks that assisted and motioned that we start a war with Iraq and has a desire to start one with Iran - Israeli Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel, the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives as the Democratic Caucus chairman, will be returning to the White House, where he served as a political and policy adviser to Clinton.

Which brings me back to thinking over feeling. I as many feel that America has changed. But looking the states that McCain carried, what I call the redrum states to honor one of my favorite movies of all time, the Shining, it won’t be easy. These folks will fight tooth and nail against him, even when it may benefit the commonwealth. For unfortunately, his victory has also brought back the zealots, the folks if they don’t like the color of your skin, will post up outside your crib and chase you with an ax and string you up from a tree. Yes this is historic, but the history he has fostered via victory, has only begun. Let’s just hope it does not assist in bring back the attitudes many thought were no more, and that some as myself – feel are merely dormant.

Had a ball talking politics with 12kyle at shop yesterday.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

open thread (11.4.08)- what is historic

what makes this morning (guess last nite historic) and what will you tell your kids, for thoes who dont have any yet

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dewey revisited

As I write this, I figure there are about 36 hours left before we find out who the next president of this great country will be. I hope Obama can pull it out, albeit I wrote my name in on the ballot, but I feel that McCain will be that next one. Unless he passes out on his 8 state tour tommorow and folks can see what old age will get them.

Don’t hate folk, let me just tell you why. First, I will never forget what I learned in History regarding Dewey and Truman. But that is besides the point. Mathematically, even including or not including McCain’s appearance on SNL, America has a history replete with skeletons in its closet. I don’t expect most white folks to agree but America was made and founded centrally on racism. This is a truism that even many of my arch nemesis will not disagree with. From the fundamentally flawed constitution which Obama spoke about concerning all other than white being three-fifths of white men; to the collective unconscious that may assert that many white folks feel they must do for African Americans before we do for ourselves. And dont let it rain, or be cold anywhere Obama urban supports live for they may not show up.

Hillary Clinton knew this and campaigned to this and is even seeing her words used in McCain’s robot calls. Admit it, a lot of yawl aint gone vote, yawl think it is in the bag. Shit yawl basically complacent, I mean you don’t read the constitution – tell me im wrong. Then add to that them folks that may be mad that Obama always on each and every magazine cover, and on TV all the time – they may just want to prove a point. Then there are some folks who never ever will believe nor support that a man of color will have the interest of them when they know and don’t expect folks like them to care about others – more greed and selfishness that has been a trade mark of the impact of race in America.

Then two-thirds of voters this time gone be using new technology, like optimal scanning machines that aint even been field tested. Add to that provisional ballots, where if your middle initial is missing from your name, or you address on your license is different for what ever reason – you may be obviated as being a legal voter, shit may hit the fan and law suits may hold off the announcement of a victor for days if not weeks. I mean when I see McCain, in places like Peterborough, New Hampshire, or any where, it’s hard to count folks who aint white in the crowd. This aint racist, just math, like not supporting Israel is anti Zionist and not anti Semitic. So if Obama looses don’t trip, its American and will always be the place where General Amherst gave Indians on the trail of tears blankets infected with small pox and where dogs and water hoses where put on folk demanding their un-alienable rights. Think I’m tripping, ask Joe Lieberman. And McCain has the nerve to say he won’t be tested - I just say this, Russia don’t give a fuck about you either; they still putting missiles in Cuba, because your boy GWB put them in Poland. I mean, folks don’t want change although most black folks do and some white folks, the average American like how they been living since they ganked the Indians for turkey and cranberries back in the day of the Mayflower.

PS: had a ball skoolboi stopped by shop for some vino sat.