Saturday, January 31, 2009

riddle me this #9

1] Is it me or does Gov. Blagovitch look like a cabbage patch doll?

2] If President Obama would say something to all of the strippers, would he say “thanks for supporting me at the Poles?”

3] If Jason of the Halloween Movie legacy drowned as a child, how can he have a zillion movies after his death that folks pay to go see?

4] If they let alcoholics charge or convict folks with DUIs should a person get mad, especially if they let a person who is a know tax evader, Tim Geithner run the secretary of Treasury? Should he get mad if we decide not to?

5] How can President Obama propose jobs in the manufacturing sector, if America has basically no manufacturing base?

6] Speaking of the former Governor of the State of Illinois, wonder what a Television show, hosted by He and Sarah Palin world be call, and would you watch?

7] Why couldn’t my start up business be selling HDTV converter boxes?

Have a great weekend. Back to what i do best Monday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

when the head of my manhood is lodged past her Adenoids

I have been asked what it is I mean when I mention or recite my penchant for throat. See I have been informed that as a man I have been blessed and albeit I enjoy licking and the temperament of a tongue sliding along the surface of my veins, I do require a bit more. I have decided to call this prerequisite throat. So before I attempt to explain, children, the frigid, the weak minded and the inhibited, please do not read any farther.

I cannot lie, there is something about a woman’s oral cavity that makes me swell and stiffen in more ways than one. Although there is nothing better than having some one gesticulate on your manhood and turn your shaft white with their elixir of contentment, the warmness of the throat will never ever be a source for comparison. I mean it is refreshing to have one gyrate their wetness intensely, and tightly, such that one can feel the crease of your hips wedged against them, stretching, opening and expanding the insides of their soma to the extent that their feet and skull becomes one.

Cause truth be told, to me, aint nothing like leaning back against the sofa and unzipping my pants; being exposed to the elements regardless of inside or outside and her reaching for the base of my shaft. Watching her deliberate motions, up and down the length of me until she feels my veins pulsating and matching her desire to lodge me beyond her Adenoids and tonsils. Her mouth against my pubic hair as I clutch the back of her head and hold it there as I stroke her throat. Maybe even blocking, constricting the passage of her larynx and air ways making her come up for air as if in the ocean.

It is my pleasure to oblige her to extend her jaw and encourage her to press her lips together around my mass. Especially if I am beveraging, wine or tequila, and inhaling, hoping she can feel my veins pulsating, before the baby batter makes her light headed. Her head against the wall. Yes, this is what call throat and I can see it now, the delight of her eyes rolling in the back of her head, and of mines looking up towards the ceiling. Bud Powell never sounded so better.

Mroe politics, history and economics starting next week – had to get that out folk.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Escargot instead of apple pie

Just found out today that the United States Pentagon has requested the Air Force, One, the airplane that transports our commander in chief, be built over seas, over seas in France. Seems that these US citizens feel that we as a nation will be better served if folks who are not American are best fit and prepared to build the best dang luxury jet in the world than folks born on these shores.

Doesn’t make too much since to me. Especially in this age in which safety is paramount. Now I know Americans can be just as likely to see harm come to our great leader, but I do not think they will be more likely than foreigners. Nope, I aint xenophobic, I just think that doing such, especially in this economy sends the wrong message.

For almost twenty years, Boeing Co. has made the 747 jumbo jet that has become equal to the flying White House. As such, it is seen is aw inspiring to other nations and a since of pride for Americans – I just don’t think it is sending a message that will encourage…. Not to mention, I know it got some with top-secret, high-tech stuff that I can’t even begin to name. However, I would not want anyone other than Americans to be privy to what this stuff is. Seems to make the job for our security forces, especially the Secret Service a lot harder. What sense does it make to have the internal blueprints of this vehicle in the hand of another nation, even if that nation is considered a friendly nation?

Although this is not schedule to start until 2016, it still seems like a slap in the face to me for of all folks, it should be our government that should by American first just as much, if not more than the American people. This is not a slap in the face of Airbus, the likely builder of the next generation of Air force one, but more so the Pentagon, who tried to sneak this tid bit of info under the cloak of darkness. And it is not as if Airbus would build a cheaper plane. Reports suggest that the Airbus A380, if passenger planes are compared, will cost $50 million more than the new 747-8.

I read once where Thomas Jefferson wrote “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” I do not thinking the consideration of building what we can build at home abroad, at a likely higher cost is taking care of the American public. Likewise I think doing such is no way protecting us, neither in the form of jobs, nor in terms of our national security. This aint no slap in the face to Airbus as I said, and I may be putting too much into this, but last I looked the Presidential limousine was a Cadillac and it was made in America. If Air force one becomes a flag ship product for Airbus, we may as well make the next limousine a Mercedes Benz, or better yet, replace Apple pie with escargot..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing the Muslim Card

I just read the transcript of The President’s interview with Al-Arabiya TV (link on left side bar under news section). I had written another post called escargot instead of apple pie, but I guess i will post it another time. First, folk rocked that shit, never before has an American President been able to say to the world, especially the Muslim and Arab world that I have lived in Muslim countries, or that members of my family are Muslim. And yep, folk here use Muslim and Arab separate because they are not the same albeit most US citizens don’t understand or know that they are; just like messenger RNA is different from transfer RNA. Arabs are a group of people from the Middle-East and North Africa. Muslims are people who practice and abide by the Muslim religion. Some Arabs are Muslim, but some Arabs are also Jews and Christians.

It was definitely a clear paradigm shift (Kuhn, 1957) for he specifically attempted not to alienate Arab and Muslims from being partners in the problem at hand.

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprise if he addressed the Muslim world in some place like Lebanon, Indonesia or Jordan to lay his cards on the table. In Memphis we call this a Mac move. First he attempted to broaden the discussion beyond the Israeli-Palestine Theater to the entire region inclusive of Israel. In addition, he also put the heat to Al Qaeda say in essence, what are you contributing

I give the Presidents big props on this, speaking directly to the nations of Asia that traditionally we in the west, especially back up in this camp, have historically turned a blind eye to. He spoke of respect and may have stated or said the word more than a dozen times in his interview. Only time will tell if playing the Muslim card will, work, but he did, and played it like he was sitting at a table playing in the world championship of poker. Now he may have received a D plus on his economic proposals to date, or a C minus on his quick Executive orders to close Gitmo for example, but he gets at least a 90 on this, from my narrow minded understanding of things and history and events and foreign policy.

Now true it could be smoke and mirrors. He still says that he will keep Israel as a fundamental alli of the United States, and his attempt to disenfranchise Al Qaeda by playing to Muslim and Arab moderates as being out of touch and preferring to destroy as opposed to build, may be tested. Also, the Israelis may be a source of consternations for they may prefer hegemony over peace, and with an election coming up, may put Bibi Netanyahu in office – which won’t broker well for what the President has spelled out for the region. But none the less – this tactic was trump tight. I’m just mad that he was not as lucid regarding the economy and my loot. Hats off to you folk, again, you rocked that shit and it took balls. Now fortify them balls and do something to stimulate the retail sector and business with annual earnings under $250,000.

Monday, January 26, 2009

wayne's world

I have been writing and wishing that the election of our new president would at least be a form of vicarious stimulation for many a folk to see and appreciate the value of intellect, of knowledge and more importantly of being informed and of the value of reading. Especially as it relate to young African American men and out youth of all races and creed. This is my greatest wish, superseded only by jones getting the economy right and back to par.

Especially since I am reminded that since forever, even the historic Brown versus the Topeka Board of Education, that the education gap between blacks and whites in this country has remained the same and in many cases increased. The case itself was based on understanding the premise of the Segregation of white and Negro children in the public schools of a State solely on the basis of race, based on state laws requiring such segregation. Marshall argued on my mom’s birthday of December 9, 1952 that such denies to Negro children the equal protection of the laws as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment, in particular as based on "separate but equal" doctrine adopted in Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 .

To summarize the case, Black children were denied admission to public schools attended by white children according to their race albeit white and black schools were almost the same with respect to buildings, curricula, qualifications, and teacher salaries. In conclusion the court decided that racial segregation in public education had a “detrimental effect on minority children because it is interpreted as a sign of inferiority.”

Although this case ended segregation based on race, the achievement gap remains. It doesn’t matter if we speak of reading levels or standardized test, very little has changed. With respect to the LSAT for example, using cut-off score of 145, over 60 percent of black applicants will likely be denied admittance to law schools compared to 20 percent of white applicants. Even with respect to the SAT, the average SAT scores of black students in the early 2000s was 857 compared to 1060 for their white confederates.

I know that historically standardized test scores are not an indication of intellect and that they have been historically biased toward non majority students, but they are a barometer or the academic divide irrespective of economic status. When it comes to reading, math and science the gap is consistent across all grade levels. This may be one reason why drop out rates for African Americans are higher and why since the aforementioned Supreme Court Case in 1954, high school dropout rates of blacks has only decreased by about 3% while there has been no significant change noted for whites.

Now the reason I am saying this is because I just read an interview in GQ given by Lil Wayne. Now I know Wayne aint no role model, but the truth is that parents can’t pick and decide who their kids look up too. Although I accept him as a skillful lyricist, I was troubled when I read in his interview “no one can believe what’s written down.” He continued to say “if there was a book that said, there was this bum with a mansion with twenty bitches in it, you’ll try to use it and put it toward real life. That’s why I don’t write nothing down. That’s why I don’t believe the Bible, nothing that’s written, because nothing that’s written is to be believed.” When specifically asked "so you don’t believe in books? His retort was “there is one I read and get information from. The damn dictionary.”

Now I won’t pass judgment on Lil Wayne, but I must say, that I believe and was taught that education was the great equalizer, that if you wanted to hide something from someone of my color to put it in a book. True, I know kids aint reading GQ, but not to call Wayne and idiot, I think to assert that you can’t believe anything that is written is not productive, a representation of not assuming the collective responsibility that all of us, even rappers have to the general community from which they come. We all cannot be as fortunate to have our bodies tattooed like a national geographic map, or the gold from mines in South Africa in our mouths, or diamonds from Sierra Leone on our necks. But that’s Wayne’s World, not mine.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gimme $785 Billion Jones

Point of order: Good look to Wild Gypsy – I got the check, I am so flattered and appreciate it greatly. Again thank you for your kindness.

Now today will keep it brief. For some reason or another I think that that 785 billion they just gave the president will be thrown around to fat cats like the first lump sum of said billions asked for by the former President. On the real, I’m been thinking that Obama has that check in his desk drawer and pulls it out every 15 minutes, thinking and saying to himself “dang, $785 billion dollar” and wondering if he should just leave the country. Or that he has already taken Air force One around the country to every check cashing place in the country to cash that joint. Albeit I know he won’t.

But with that said, and the fact he, as the former President has spelled out no plan to use the loot, this is what I would do to stimulate the economy. Yep stimulate, because I have yet to read any form of stimulus, for all I see is spending and just because one spends doesn’t necessarily translate in a stimulus – for spending and stimulus are not the same.

Any who, here is what I would do, from the bottom up, to help stimulate the economy and be reminded, I have only had one class in economics and that was during one semester of my 10th grade of high school. In no particular order:

1] If I did give it to banks, would mandate and stipulate (maybe even sign an executive order) telling banks to refinance all mortgages at the current value of the homes. Banks will get loot and expect folks to pay 300k mortgages on houses with market values of 150k, meaning they get bailout money and the extra loot from a 300K mortgage when the home is not worth such – foul.

2] Offer all small businesses having annual earnings of less than 250k, stimulus checks between 25 and 40,000 dollars. His would encourage spending for inventory and materials as well as research and development.

3] Freeze the requirements of social security and taxes on all business, even pay roll taxes. No explanation necessary.

4] Repeal the marijuana tax act of 1937. This is America’s largest cash crop.

5] Require banks that receive TARP funding or any federal monies to use the loot to pay 35% of the mortgage values of homes in or entering foreclosure. This figure would be 45% for those individuals suffering hardship due to recent unemployment.

6] Obviate and repeal the Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000.

7] Increase funding in research for NIH and institutions of higher learning.

8] Likewise, provide across the board $5,000 increases in the salaries of teachers working in public sector pre-k through 12th grade.

9] Standardize the credit card industry so they cannot willy-nilly raise, create and change rates at the drop of a hat.

10] Purchase outstanding debt, or mandate that the debt in toxic assets and complex papers be translated or transferred into student loan debt and out right purchased for consumers who have such debt.

I mailed these off to the new administration last week. So what do you suggest?

Addendum: Wonder if Obama smokes Newport’s or Kool Filter Kings, and if he does, what would Aaron McGruder say about his blackness then – LMAO.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Mountain Top and Promised Land – Not yet

I had a happy go lucky post but I was like fuc that shit. 5 The world we live in has changed in just one day. Not via the first African American President, but more so because of a change in generations. The challenge of his victory is not for the man to succeed, but rather for those of us to step up to the plate and be critical, to become more knowledgeable and aware and more importantly, to except the responsibility of change. Yep, it is not on him, but rather us. We have been moved by rhetoric proffered by an impassioned man of intellect, can and will we match his motivation is what will be required for him to leave a legacy in the name of Washington and Lincoln. His poetry again is extremely lofty, but the challenge is and will be his actions and what he practice.

It was interesting for me that he thanked and congratulated George W. Bush for his leadership – namely because he criticized the policies of the former president and not the man. I wonder if we as people can do the same; separate the person and the individual from their policies. I do such but many cannot see such a distinction. I remember when J.C. Watts was in the house and how I vehemently disagreed with his positions, I still respected him, as I do Obama, albeit I disagree with his approach. I just don’t recall nobody getting upset when I held J.C. to task and respected him at the same time. Maybe I am wrong to obviate emotion from problem solving, but such is neither here nor there. But it is ok for Obama, not for me as a simple man who cooks breakfast and dinner each day for his family, runs his own business and brushes his teeth with baking soda instead of purchasing toothpaste.

True I am an idealist, and I may upset some folks when I say what they desire not to hear, or see or think about and to them. It is not about me or you, but us, and us is not monolithic clones – we are all diverse and valuable. But I will never take any thing personally if it is on a given subject matter, but I will if it is about me or my family. Maybe it is the scientist in me for it is my desire to understand, just understand. I do not mean or intend to offend folks, or make them angry with what I write, but if I do, so be it. I do not mean or intend to make folks happy or smile with what I write but if I do so be it.

The point still remains that collective responsibility will make or break the president and his success not me being critical or folks being over protective. It will be us. It’s like its cool for the news or media to keep politicians honest and be critical of them, even when they repeat as opposed to think and evaluate, but not a regular, single black male parent who only has the interest of his kids at heart and the world the reside in. I don’t desire ratings or viewers, but if u do it is cool, if you don’t it is cool. Just be open and objective is all I request and leave your emotion on the chest of drawers.

So do what you must and say what you must, be critical, even of me but equally of those that have control over your life more so than my words and thoughts. I just happen to be a product of my elders, and not the only person whose mother (since we had no car) had to take the bus to the only hospital (John Gaston) that admitted blacks, just so I could be born, So say and do what you must with respect to me for I am strong and a leader – just not a politician. Emotion in thought is for the week minded and followers when it regards problem solving and suggesting solutions.

I am just afraid, afraid that folks will think that we have over come that we are at the mountain top, that we have reached the Promised Land. But I know, like Richard Pryor, and Gil Scott, and George Clinton said – people can’t handle the truth. And albeit you may consider it my truth, the truth is until I see health care for all, until I see the education gap decreased (hasn’t since 1954 Brown versus Board of Topeka), until black men are not admitted to prisons disproportionate to their place in the general population, until kids in America if the are of African descent do not have a mortality rate of Uganda, until I am not the only African American father active in the PTA, I don’t care who or what color the president is, I will be critical. So take that and if such is perceived as a high horse and contrite and un-touching all I can say is Jesus wept. The work is on us folk. Maybe this is the post partisian area, maybe not. Likewise, maybe I should look at him as Barack Obama instead of Mr. President – naw, I think not. For as Obama has said, we should expect and demand more of our leaders, and I do folk.


This is the America that I have imagined, the one I have read versed in the words of Paul Lawrence Dunbar, the one Henry Clay spoke of and the one Fredrick Douglas desired. Flags waving by men and women, straight and gay, adult and child, republican and democrat, white and black. All acting as if family and friends, regardless of beliefs or affiliation, as if they are amenable to the perception that one does not have to agree or see eye to eye to walk hand in hand or side by side.

Just an open thread the day after. What were your first words, mine was wow. Facing West, looking over the graves of the many that have died for this great nation as well as the monuments. Just the thought, 45 years ago, blacks and whites could not sit together, without fear of being arrested, or vote. To just see all them folks standing on a former slave market (the Mall) and just to recant in the days of Thurgood Marshall, that he could not even eat in the places that served food, even as a Supreme Court Justice, because of his skin color. As Lincoln said in his second inaugural address “malice towards none, and charity for all”. Inspire Mr. Obama, Inspire, and we will be critical, for the burden of greatness and history demands such. Again – WOW.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I am a human being

I take this time to say to all of those who will personally take time to be a part of history – the romantic souls who brave the elements and wave on the steps of the Capitol and the Lincoln memorial, to soak in and live and appreciate being a part of history. Even those who were fortunate enough to stand along the rail tracks and hold their kids in their arms and just wave in admiration and respect to the rail cars that transported the President elect and guest to the stop block at Union station.

This is for me a proud time, for my love of history in person has never experienced such an event since the day I saw Memphis burn and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated as a 6 year old child. I take pride in this person as a man, as a father, albeit I am supra critical of him as a politician as I am all politicians that proclaim to serve the people first, over party and financial contributors. Yes the 44th president of this great country has inspired me and I hope he has inspired other, especially to be more than fanatics and drum beaters.

There will be no perfect union, but to dream of such is what is admired, unless it is only a dream deferred with folks anticipating one politician can do the job alone. Such a precept is feculent construct from beginning to end. So in DC be safe for terrorist do not care about cameras in every pole. Be careful on subways for terrorist think and read more than we do. And do watch the man or woman next to you, for just as folks coming to celebrate others are coming to rape, take and pillage. We must be able to realize that pick pockets and strong-arm robbers see large crowds when you may not; that one mans celebration is another mans pain.

I took some flack for the previous post, but I was taught that I would by my parents and grandparents who said that free thinkers make other think, even about things in times in which elation makes them ignore – for thinkers never forget. Obama has shown us that anything is possible, that thinkers are a dying breed but yet invaluable, and that elation can often get in the way of pragmatism: we can look at the populous when Hitler was elected to see such if history is of value to us. Yes I am a pragmatist that leans towards optimism but such does not abrogate my compassion and interest or concern. I was also taught that the reality we share with other, albeit not equal to truth – can offend those that want to hold back that which cannot be restrained – truth and time. For I write what I think and feel, objectively with intent to only express what I think for as I have written before, dick riding aint my thang, and I write my conscious as opposed to what I think people want to hear. I think writers do not care what other thinks of their thoughts for they will accept openly criticism and praise equally. . America is not in a vacuum; our economic problems show us such, as the manner in which the world celebrated when Obama was elected. We should honor this worldly applause and feel the pain abroad equally.

When I see the children in Gaza, I see my two kids, as a single parent that I love unconditionally and desire the best and no harm directed towards them. I see children, and although this inauguration is historic, I relic such yet feel pain for others, especially children who are thinking about things more important than a celebration. Life is not isolated for men, for your child is my child even if they are across the oceans. I am man, and I am a descendant of Africa, and I am American. But that aside, all of the aforementioned are secondary, for I am a human being first and foremost. As such I think human thoughts, and do not separate pain or elation over reality. Just because I am celebrating does not mean I think others are for in many cases they are not. I am human being first, what are you? For I can celebrate and feel pain at the same time. This is raw dawg buffalo, not cute lil kitty cat.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

enjoy the inuguaration

let us not forget, while we celebrate and bask in history, we ignore a lot. Like APIAC and K street funded Obama and Bush, like Obama and Bush support Isreal unconditionally, like what only matters to us is only in the here and now in our own backyards. Thank you MLK jr, and congrats to the history maker, Barack Obama.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just another poly-trickster who happens to be black?

Point of order: I was asked by the Publisher of the News weekly I serve as Senior Op-Ed writer to write a piece suggesting that given Obama centrist approach to his administration, that he may forget about the folks, in particular African Americans who put him in office. This is it below: and 2] I got a call from some dude after reading it saying he was gone come down and Buss my head open and called me crazy - his number is 773-892-5150. It was based losely on a post early this week called: No End in Sight.

I feel bad for the next President with respect to our current economic prospective and his clout he has from most black folks for just being black. It seems as if many just take what he says without question. It is almost as if they see him equal to the savior, or even Jesus Christ.

I don't, see him for what he is – a regular old politician who just so happens to be president and black. From an economic perspective, I listened to his promisies and read what he wrote and I did not belive he would do what he said back then and even moreso today. Back then, we didn't have a bailout for Wall Street banks which all them dumb azz senators (including Obama) signed off on and passed under the auspices that it would "fix our economic woes" - a bailout that gave these financial institutions approximately 50% of the United States GDP, without any strings attached or requirements supposedly to "free up credit markets."

From his eloquent statements, I was under the opinion that Mr. Obama would not support the "reckless spending" that was reflective of the last 8 years – but his actions indicate otherwise. Obama talks about reigning in spending but his policies after reading are just as, if not even more reckless. Although I say this, I am inclined to give the President-Elect the benefit of the doubt. But things are drastic and not just from last January, but

I say this because I think that his desire to be seen as a moderate or centrist will reduce his ability to give us folks what we need for economic prosperity. The nation's unemployment rate got to 7.2 percent in December, and it appears as if things are only going to get worse.

I want Mr. Obama to be a success, and I want him to have the best interest of all folks, and especially those that have benefited most from the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., but I doubt it for from his actions and his appointments, he cares more about folks inside of the beltway and the big spenders of Wall street and the Ivy leaguers than regular folks like us.

my dear Watson

It has come to pass that times are perilous, and that men and women both must remove the mask of fear and inaction just to persevere. What many of us take for granted. I say this just as a reminder and for the purpose of releasing what is contained within my heart. Many of you know that I am an avid reader; I mean I will read anything. I have a many favorite authors, writers, historians and philosophers among others. However, one of my favorites included Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle. Many folks know of him as the creator of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

In his books, of which I am sad to admit I have only read three, he painted a vivid picture of intellectual prowess and thought. His words seemed to float off the paper. A physician by training, he was able to show what scholarship and passion could produce in the written form.

I use this as an example because it is my desire to express as detailed and briefly as I can the significance of thinking and problem solving and caring in this new frontier that we may be on the edge of as citizens of these United States of America. We must be prepared for the unexpected for as we know, often history repeats itself. I am not asking for much, just time and effort and a setting of new priorities, for change is inevitable but only if we as individuals accept and deal with the harsh reality that confronts us.

In Atlanta, there has been an increase of armed robberies, break-ins and muggings. Folks seem to be so desperate that there has been an increase in muggings and purse snatchings. On some streets, particular in the Atlanta University Center and downtown Atlanta, you can walk up and down the side walk and see piles upon piles of shattered car window glass from break-ins. Likewise, more and more people have begun to carry concealed weapons – just yesterday a man was shot by such a person when he tried to rob him outside of a restaurant.

Yes, our America has regressed; taken a step backwards. Yes, we need to be reminded that we are all Americans, and even more so, we are all human beings and that even in the worst times, we should force the greatness and good out of us at all and any cost. Now my moral compass may be shaky, but I do attempt to abide by good in so far as reason can calibrate such. But the future as it stands now may not be as stable. And it is based on a personal desire to be the best I can.

I am not a pedantic, albeit my essays and verse and assorted blog post seem to cover terse yet complicated subject matter. Again I am not, I just love truly the engagement of myself in thought, and in rumination in a diverse corpus of subject matter be it science, philosophy, economics, foreign policy or even human interactions. Now is the time for all of us to extract the same – to be as knowledgeable and understanding in as many subject areas as possible, for our personal success and existence may depend on such; maybe even our lives.

This brings me back to Mr. Doyle, for his characters in particular Holmes and Watson, demonstrated what the mind could do when well informed, exercised and even better, and expected to accomplish such via problem solving. Holmes was not alone in his brilliance although most folks may conclude such.

I used to have folk back in the day award me with accolades, saying I was rare, that I was brilliant, that it was a good thing and that the world was lucky that I used my mind for good and not evil. I sincerely appreciated those sentiments and even more, respected those who said such for in battle, I know they would die for me and that I would die for them. We must never forget that Watson was a genius in his own right. And for all of the Watson’s in the world, this beer, and tequila and hot sauce is for you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ye old revolving doors

I was some what amazed at the Bernard Madoff scandal, maybe not amazed, but rather amused. Not because a few folks killed themselves, or a lot of rich folks lost all they loot, but rather because this crook, was also once the former chairman of NASDEQ. Now if that aint funny nothing is, not to mention that his investment arm was not even registered with the SEC until September 2006. Add to that, who would not be leery of a man with the name made-off? But that is how Washington and Wall Street insiders act, they used to going through them revolving doors from Washington to Wall Street, and to the SEC in this example. Madoff had a good reputation with folk on Wall Street and for a typical insider that is good enough for them. That’s the problem.

The SEC will never work as an effective watch dog over folk like Madoff. Namely because they are folk. Madoff as others on Wall Street interchange jobs like a connecting flight through Hartsfield/Jackson international Airport. The Madoff scandal is a black eye to the reputation of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who is supposed to police shit like this. However, folks like outgoing SEC Chairman Christopher Cox seem to have no clue or worse, turn a blind eye to their own kind. Cox after all said that Bear Stearns was in good shape three days before this investment house belly-flopped. Not to mention he mad at folks in the SEC (when they had been informed for decades) for not being able to notice the foul stuff being implemented by Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.

Folks around the world took looses because institutions like the SEC and our Federal government care more about the folks who they know and support them than the implementation of objective critical thought. In the United Kingdom, Kingate Global Fund Ltd, reportedly lost $2.5 billion. Ascot Partners $1.8 billion, Access International Advisors $1.4 billion, Maxam Capital Management LLC $280 million and the banks HSBC and RBS have lost $1 billion and $600 million. The Spanish bank Banco Santander and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBV), have reported losses of $3.1 billion and $405 million accordingly.

I do not see these types of acts changing in the near future, and suspect a many more complex hustles in the futures and securities markets to be still in play, even with Obama naming the current head of the Wall Street Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Mary Schapiro, as the new head of the SEC. Why do I say this? Well truth is known is that the folks who work for the big banks and financial institution of Wall Street are the same ones who work in the SEC. They go back and forth like the rubber ball in a game of dodge ball. Take Cox for example, which from 1978 to 1986, who was a venture capital and corporate finance lawyer with the international law firm of Latham & Watkins. He was supposedly over the Corporate Department in Orange County (they went bankrupt a few years back). He also received a MBA and JD from Harvard as well as taught federal income tax courses at the Harvard Business School.

Schapiro is no different. She was appointed by President Clinton in 1994 to be chairperson of the federal Commodity Futures Trading Commission – we see where that got us today, although she was supposed to be responsible for regulating the US futures markets. Before that, she served for six years as a Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission being appointed in 1988 by President Reagan and reappointed by President Bush in 1989.

The SEC, regardless of who runs it, will never look out for the common man (folks who don’t work on Wall Street or hold political office). In October of last year, they gave "preferential treatment" to Wall Street executive John Mack during an insider trading investigation because he was about to become CEO of the Morgan Stanley investment banking firm. Now I am only saying that it is impossible for folks to police themselves. I don’t think you would let Crips police Crips in a federal correctional facility, so what is difference here? None, nada, zero is the answer. I don’t know why folks are so protective of the next president of these United States of America; likewise, I do not know why they are hypersensitive of folks who review and evaluate his proposed policies and his cabinet choices. It only makes logical sense to me. I remember doing the same regarding the current Bush – especially with respect to his incessant mentioning of “compassionate Conservatism.” His words, policies and appointments demonstrated neither compassion nor conservatism to me, especially with appointments of folk the likes of Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. No one, in particular black folks didn’t say a word against my evaluative pragmatism then.

Obama is the president and as president it is our job to be critical and free thinking about his office, policy and problem solving capacity – especially with respect to his words and what he said he will do. The only difference outside of his color for me is that his mantra is not “compassionate conservatism” but rather “change.” Show me some change, or better yet, where is the beef. For we will continue to have these problems until we clean house. These same old Washington folks done messed things up enough, don’t you agree? I feel that we can find just as competent folk, if not more competent folks outside the beltway. I’m just glad medicine isn’t like that, or else one would only be able to have an expert physician or Surgeon in Washington, DC.

Friday, January 09, 2009

No end in sight

I feel bad for the next President with respect to our current economic prospective. I know I wrote and said this last year back in January of 2008, but the problem today from then, albeit just 12 months ago is five fold. Back then, we didn’t have a bailout for Wall Street banks which all them dumb azz senators (including Obama) signed off on and passed under the auspices that it would “fix our economic woes” - a bailout that gave these financial institutions approximately 50% of the United States GDP, without any strings attached or requirements supposedly to “free up credit markets.”

From his eloquent statements, I was under the opinion that Mr. Obama would not support the “reckless spending” that was reflective of the last 8 years – but his actions indicate otherwise. Obama talks about reigning in spending but his policies after reading are just as, if not even more reckless. Although I say this, I am inclined to give the President-Elect the benefit of the doubt. But things are drastic and not just from last January, but even more than when he was elected in November.

America's largest aluminum maker, the Pittsburg-based Alcoa, said it will cut 13 to 15,000 jobs. Makes me wonder what other raw materials companies will follow suit? Add to that the recent announcement that Airplane maker Boeing Co. plans to cut about 4,500 jobs; the announcement earlier this week that the drugstore chain Walgreens Co., will cut 1,000 jobs; data-storage company EMC Corp. (Boston) said it will cut 2,400 jobs; Logitech International (makes computer peripherals) and has offices in Fremont, California, expects to let go about 3,500 employees; and managed care provider Cigna Corp. announced it will be laying off 1,100 employees. Add to the aforementioned that Schlumberger Ltd. (oilfield services) plans to cut 1,000 jobs in North America and the rumor that Microsoft will reduce its workforce by 17% (15,000 workers), there seems to be no sight in end. Not to mention that down in these parts Georgia-Pacific may reduce its total workforce by some 25%.

I just hope that his desire to be seen as a moderate or centrist doesn’t reduce his ability to give us folks what we need for economic prosperity. The nation's unemployment rate got to 7.2 percent in December, and based on Labor Department's report, it is only going to get worse for President-elect Barack Obama. My concern is both pragmatic and rhetorical. His focus for Congress to "act boldly and act now," will just be a short-term fix and will not do ANYTHING to end the recession – it will be a while before this is over. Not to mention that his approach on taxes in contradict his own objectives (providing more discretionary income for middle-class families). Because if such was his desire, he would see that middle-class tax cuts amount to more loot than planned taxes for folks making more than $250,000 annually. All I am saying is that true, we need to take urgent and significant measure to deal with the economy, but they need to be reasoned and pragmatic. Taxing folks over 250k will only in my logic, make them move loot overseas to safe havens. If they were allowed to keep more of their loot, they would most likely save more, invest more, making more loot available for lending and more jobs. I don’t know where he got this advice from, I hope not Robert Rubin, who just resigned from being the head of CitiGroup ($20 Billion in losses last year). Whatever the case, things are bad, robberies are increasing and I am sure homeless shelters are becoming over-crowed nationwide. But then again, what do I know, its all speculation on my half. God Speed Mr. Obama, God speed.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

which side is obama showing?

Point of Order: 1] This weeks OP-ED in RollingOut. 2] Shouts out to Rainywalker - got thet $50 check for my shop - love u too jones.

For some reason or another, I am becoming more convinced that the president-elect may have forgotten about us common folks. He may have forgotten about a large mass of people such as me, albeit as a Libertarian, I did not vote for him. He may have not forgotten completely, as I don’t know if he ever enjoyed the educational privilege of those like me, who attended an HCBU.

On the surface, I am not really too thrilled by his cabinet picks, nor of the selection of Elizabeth Alexander. True, she is a prize-winning poet and professor of African American studies at Yale University. I don’t know if she will be his poet laureate, but I do know she will read a poem at the inauguration of the nation’s first African American president. And of his cabinet, some are top-notch selections. I just feel that a few more folk from Main Street (not Ivy Leaguers or folks in D.C.), could have been selected. Why not? Main Street runs just as effectively, if not more effectively as K Street or Pennsylvania Avenue.

Maybe I am overreacting, maybe not. However, Obama is not giving the appearance of change as was his mantra during his campaign. No, it looks like the same old elitists who have been running this country into the ground. I am willing to give him a chance — but of the poets, Paul Beatty, Anne Pierson Wiese, Sol, or Ben Doller could have been great choices as well. He could have even looked in his own backyard; Jeffery Renard Allen, who was born in Chicago, or the founder of the oldest black press in America — Haki Mahabuti Or he could have selected Herman Beavers, Terrance Hayes, Harryette Mullen, Crystal Williams, Evie Shockley, Joshua Clover, Reginald Shepherd or myself.

These are the common poets, those not from Harvard, Yale or Georgetown. They are regular people. Wonder which side Obama is showing now, the Ivy League-educated political elitist or the pick-up game loving community leader from the South Side of Chicago?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Monkey in the middle

I have repeated on inordinate occasions that I see no difference between democrats or the GOP. In my defense, I have asked for proof with regards to policy, affect and impact on problem solving and/or saying what they do. To this date no one has accepted this challenge and those that do tend to assert America is a democracy when I ask, as opposed to KNOWING it is a republic.

Now, as the typical Washington inside machine operates, it reared its selfish and good old folk head again. The U.S. Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama was appointed by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to the former attorney general of Illinois Roland Burris. When Jones got to Washington, The Senate good old boys told folk he was not accepted (his credentials were not in order). He was refused entry to the Senate based on them citing Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution, which states "Each house shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members."

In two words – bull shit. This is purely political, blocking the appointment of one man because they dislike the other. And I tell ya if as many black folks who followed Beyoncee would follow this the same way, these folk in Washington would have a lot of noise back home in their districts. I was optimistic that Obama meant what he said, and would do accordingly. But I am slowly becoming disillusioned. He spoke of change, and not having the “good old boy” network of “Washington Insiders” in his administration – yet he does. I won’t even get on the usual talk of tax reduction, war ending and other stuff that all democrats and republicans chant like some Taoist mantra.

The situation with Burris is ridiculous and shows us how theatrical politic inside the beltway are. If I know the signature from the Illinois Secretary of State is not required but rather ceremonial, then they should too. Blagojevich legally appointed Burris to the seat vacated by President-Elect Obama. Now I don’t really give a care about Senate appointee Jones one way or the other, but I do care about the right of the Illinois citizenry. That's some of the dumbist shit I done seen in recent times. I mean they give more attention to this than the economy, the decline of the dollar, a non-existant manufacturing base, despots like the former NASDAQ Chairman (Madoff) or education.

As it stands, seems as if the Senate is reminiscent of a bunch of kids on the little rascals refusing another kid into the he man woman hatters club, or not letting a kid play with them because he friends with another kid they don’t like. Go pick on the kid you don’t like, Senator Burris aint done nothing wrong and should not be treated as if he is the governor. That man is 71 years old and you holding the ball over his head, and passing the buck like he a monkey in the middle.

Point of order: told yawl I could write a post about Beyoncee.

In Battle with Apophis

I will not go into how I was awarded the name of All Mi T, but over the last 30 days, I will say I think I have given that label the recognition of its real value via perseverance, fortitude and commitment. I mean from what happened to me and my boy, to the current economic quagmire, the window in my truck being shot out when my son had the truck at a party, to my run in with twelve (believe me) to my shop getting beasted; prior to that my vehicle getting impounded and today finding out my great Aunt Peedy died – I must say I am in great spirits albeit a little bit angry as well as sad. But I have also realized that I am in a battle, and for lack of a cliché like phrase – of good versus evil.

Let me tell you a little bout evil. Its only desire is to distract, distort and throw you off your path. Evil is selfish and will try to bring you to the point of doubt and self pity. In simple terms it breeds fear and inaction. Now I aint no pretty boy, nor am I without sin or iniquity, but I am a good person and the spirit in me dictates a smile feels a lot better and more enjoyable than a frown any day. In concert as I have said before, that I am a blessed mutha fucka and any day is a good day to die, my goodness must show and engage in combat when confro9nted, in particular by evil. A lot of folks see evil and turn the other way as opposed to letting the righteousness of good in their heart lead the way. They can follow a great civil rights leader in an effort of freedom, but when alone, thay cannot nor will not take the same action by their lonesome.

I don’t know how to translate what I feel. Not like I am a mythical figure or something, but it is as if I am Ra, the Kemetic (Egyptian) Sun God in a battle with my arch adversary Apophis - not the asteroid names after this figure expected in 2029, but Apophis, the embodiment of “dissolution, darkness and non-being”. The ancient Egyptians retorted that Apophis needed no nourishment other than to "breathe" his own shouts. They say that Ra even enlisted the services of Seth to deal with Apophis. He was once a sun-god before being replaced by Ra and creeps in the waters of the Celestial Nile.

I feel as if Ra, each day I have to fight with Apophis, as he tries to eat me and prevent sunshine. Kemetic mythologies say that when he succeeds in his daily attempts, there is a solar eclipse. But I feel as on most days when Ra and his companion stabbed him with knives and spears and defeated him, I too will defeat evil.

All I am saying is that times are hard and obstacles will be the equivalent of infinity in math. So no matter what happens to me, I live life with love in my hard and will not have any debts to pity or sorry or self-doubt, and neither should anyone else. Yep, All Mi T is in an incessant battle with Apophis and as Pato Banton said in two of his songs “Life is a Struggle but never give in” and “settle Satan, settle Satan”. Keep your heads up folk and have a blessed 2009 – I know folk here will, as i listen to Gil Scott Heron - Legend in His Own Mind.

Addendum. Thanks to Clumps of Mascera and HBW for stopping by my shop Saturday and happy nappy birthday to my folk Kennie88.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

they beasted my shop

Between 5am and 6am this morning, some folk beasted my shop and stole my cash register with $8.42 in it (cash register worth $342). Same folks hit 6 other shops with same MO. Replacement glass $690. Didn't steal the bikes, nor gat, nor merchandice, nor phone. Told yawl , these folk real n the field. So wont write just some images.

Obama got his hands full


Me and lil momma got out bed - she was in PJs all day.

So if yawl know anyone in the ATL with dogs, send them my way and support free enterprise. 87% of all products made in America. Need to recoop this loss. Thanks folk.

Braincell, a store for dogs; 572 edgewood, suite 117; atlanta, GA 30312: 404-228-5497

Thursday, January 01, 2009

1967 Again, maybe?

As a kid, I recall a little of the Detroit Riot of 1967. I was in Memphis and the flames on the front porch were a lot more visible at the time. It began after a police raid in a predominantly black neighborhood. And although race was significant as well as police brutality, economic, and social factors such as lack of affordable housing, added to the Riot, another one may be brewing in the D-town, if it don’t become a ghost town first. Today may be even worse with the collapse of the big car manufacturers, Ford, Chrysler and GM. Monday, and this Dec 23, 2008 report noting that the average price of a home is now $18,513 (less than a new car) and unemployment has reached 21 percent. Just in June the average home price was $19,448.

In October, 98 metropolitan areas reported jobless rates of at which was up 7.0 percent, up from 16 areas a year earlier, In October, Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn, Mich., Add to the mix a 21.7% graduation rate for the 11th largest district in the country, Detroit Schools – this may be where the economic crisis first blows up and gets an human face.

Nationally some project that the December's job loss total will exceed November's and predicts the economy will have lost 3 million to 4 million jobs for the two years ending at December 2009. True, I look at it as the glass is half full and with the understanding that there aint no consistent definition of a Depression. The only consistent thing is the presence of long scale and extended unemployment. Im just cautious and with the way things work now: online banking and ATMS. Long lines in hospital emergency rooms because of no insurance and food prices across the country increasing about 7 percent alone in 2008, one doesn’t have to be absorbed with economics to know things do not look too good or that the depression looming will look a lot different than the great depressin. For if it ever gets to where 6 out of 10 households are economically distressed, then something is liable to hit the fan – question is where? So tell me what it looks like in your city.