Friday, January 23, 2009

Gimme $785 Billion Jones

Point of order: Good look to Wild Gypsy – I got the check, I am so flattered and appreciate it greatly. Again thank you for your kindness.

Now today will keep it brief. For some reason or another I think that that 785 billion they just gave the president will be thrown around to fat cats like the first lump sum of said billions asked for by the former President. On the real, I’m been thinking that Obama has that check in his desk drawer and pulls it out every 15 minutes, thinking and saying to himself “dang, $785 billion dollar” and wondering if he should just leave the country. Or that he has already taken Air force One around the country to every check cashing place in the country to cash that joint. Albeit I know he won’t.

But with that said, and the fact he, as the former President has spelled out no plan to use the loot, this is what I would do to stimulate the economy. Yep stimulate, because I have yet to read any form of stimulus, for all I see is spending and just because one spends doesn’t necessarily translate in a stimulus – for spending and stimulus are not the same.

Any who, here is what I would do, from the bottom up, to help stimulate the economy and be reminded, I have only had one class in economics and that was during one semester of my 10th grade of high school. In no particular order:

1] If I did give it to banks, would mandate and stipulate (maybe even sign an executive order) telling banks to refinance all mortgages at the current value of the homes. Banks will get loot and expect folks to pay 300k mortgages on houses with market values of 150k, meaning they get bailout money and the extra loot from a 300K mortgage when the home is not worth such – foul.

2] Offer all small businesses having annual earnings of less than 250k, stimulus checks between 25 and 40,000 dollars. His would encourage spending for inventory and materials as well as research and development.

3] Freeze the requirements of social security and taxes on all business, even pay roll taxes. No explanation necessary.

4] Repeal the marijuana tax act of 1937. This is America’s largest cash crop.

5] Require banks that receive TARP funding or any federal monies to use the loot to pay 35% of the mortgage values of homes in or entering foreclosure. This figure would be 45% for those individuals suffering hardship due to recent unemployment.

6] Obviate and repeal the Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000.

7] Increase funding in research for NIH and institutions of higher learning.

8] Likewise, provide across the board $5,000 increases in the salaries of teachers working in public sector pre-k through 12th grade.

9] Standardize the credit card industry so they cannot willy-nilly raise, create and change rates at the drop of a hat.

10] Purchase outstanding debt, or mandate that the debt in toxic assets and complex papers be translated or transferred into student loan debt and out right purchased for consumers who have such debt.

I mailed these off to the new administration last week. So what do you suggest?

Addendum: Wonder if Obama smokes Newport’s or Kool Filter Kings, and if he does, what would Aaron McGruder say about his blackness then – LMAO.


Babz Rawls Ivy said...

LOL! Good post!

Gee who annointed Aaron McGruder as the grantor of all things Blackness...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Obama is a Marlboro man according to something I read a while back. I wonder how long before he takes up smoking ft again after taking this job.

Anonymous said...

Yet again,another excellent post.I especially like the suggestion of repealing the marijuana tax act.God forbid,that could poss. lead to legalizing it,lol.
Whatever the prez smokes, its got to be menthols.

Katrina said...

good post, as usual Raw Dawg! :)

T.a.c.D said...

loving it! just watched the news this morning only to learn that the former CEO of Myrell Lynch spent 800K, yes 800K to REDECORATE his OFFICE! yea i know...87K for a rug...come on...all the while laying folks off...regulation on these CEOs and bankers and brokers is definitely needed...another dude just up and rolled out with over a milli the other day...come on now something has got to give

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Can't argue with anyone of these. This would DEFINITELY be a CHANGE from Politics As Usual.

I hope he surprises us and does something that will positively impact the common man. However, my fingers aren't crossed and I'm not holding my breath. Just implementing my plan to stay above it all.

Tammy said...

You have some great ideas for stimulating the economy.

Have a great weekend!!

QuietStorm said...

I think u have sum really good ideas...obama needs to come round here and read ur blog often;)

have a good weekend!

Jay Midnyte said...

always on point

Anonymous said...

Great post...

I still feel like the government is digging itself further in the grave. How much money do they have left to give away? And do you think this will change the way these companies handle their business or will they end up in the same predicament years from now.

Mizrepresent said...

Kudo's are so on point here and yes we have to keep our leaders on point...yes men and women never get you anywhere!

Keli said...

I think I need to send a letter to my representatives calling for a freeze on all interest applied to student loans, most people will never pay the principal because of the astronomical interest they are accruing.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Great post despite being there at the conceptual stage of it. By the way, I'm giving the three of us 4 bells for last night's show. I listened again and it was still funny and we covered a lot of ground.


* Make stimulus be stimulus and start with something bold and socially kind yet cost effective: RE-FEDERALIZE AFDC to the tune of $150 BN and remove it as yet another unfunded state mandate

* Recognizing that fair trade is the best diplomacy and international macro-economic policy and carries a great kicker in the form of PEACE, please begin ending both wars immediately, rationalizing the DoD, CIA, NSA, contractor and sub-contractor budgetary allocation

* Commit to a Fiscal Responsibility pledge that bailouts as such are over and any aid to a large ailing institution be in the form of an international line of credit NOT FREE MONEY

* Do a "Reinventing Government" V2009 in which it's not social assistance which get trimmed but rather the redundancies in the Command and Control State: the US simply does not need the DHS, DoD, NSA, NSC, CIA, FBI (on non-federal criminal investigations) and Armed Forces Special Investigations Units all at once. I believe in LIFO on this: Department Of Homeland Security? Adios

* At least start the Single-Payer health care conversation with a eye to a 6-year phase-in with private insurance allowed in parallel but with hard premium caps

* De-link public education from property taxes and give the Department Of Education some muscle to make NCLB a fully-funded "republican" system in which the federal government allocates money to states but leaves schools under local control

* With some luck, peace taking some air out of the overvalued USD and a re-backwardation in the commodities markets, start to think in terms of some RESPONSIBLE USD support

* With only $150 BN so alloated in extra payment for re-federalization of AFDC,

* Couple the direct transfers style stimulus of AFDC with a large program of infrastructure repair: bridges, roads, dams, filtration, aqueducts, viaducts, inland fresh-water shipping, passenger rail under Amtrak, freight forwarding with repairs to existing track, an Army Corps Of Engineers study of ALL LOCKS AND LEVEES, have the projects assigned buy transparent Dutch Auction mechansism, favoring American companies but not excluding foreign ones like AseaBrownBoveri but imposing a hard investment lock-up of 5-years with repatriation of only 50% of profits during the 5-years

* Reform the criminal justice systemm such that private prison construction and management (and allied slave labor) is a thing of the past by (including but not limited to): ending capital punishment and life sentences, eliminating all federal and state sentencing "guidelines" returning all magistrates their discretion, treat non-violent crime non-violently. Stop incarcerating children with adults.

Anonymous said...

I hope somewhat at the new administration looks at suggestions offered by you and every other citizen funding this bailout in seriousness.

I have been rather surprised by the swiftness of his actions already. To me, it seems he already has plans he aims to implement.

Does that bode well for listening?

I guess it depends upon whether he is listening as well to the 47% (or whatever number) who did not vote for him lest he fail to hold the center.

As far as his smoking goes, I lump that in with the shirtless Hawaii pics. Do we want a man in the oval office or an spokesman/action figure?

Anyway, Raw Dawg, blessings to you and your family.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Good plan I hope the take your advice!


brran1 said...

What up Jones?

I agree with what you and Kelso mentioned. We have to invest in the country before we try to "bailout" companies that got themselves into this mess

Christopher said...

The "O"-Man has had quite a week.

Reversing Bush's misery wasn't hard for Obama at all.

He just stepped up and did it.

I think he's off to a splendid start.

clnmike said...

Now this is what I am talking about!


1] I like were your going with it, but the bigger problem are the people selling the houses and these asinine prices a little check and balance on them wouldnt hurt.

2] I would like this if it was based on the amount of employees working for such buisness.

4] Agreed, this is the cash crop that can turn things around.

8] Absolutely not with out having a yearly competency exam on the subjects they teach, no tenures, and requiring a rigid back ground check.

9] Amen.

I would also have added that grants, given to towns and cities be based on their population not include prisons based there. Instead direct those funds into the communities the prisoners come from.

creatrix said...

i LOVE that picture of him...

anyway, good plan. i'm looking up that commodities futures act now (never heard of it). it all seems so common sense, doesn't it? makes you wonder why shit can't just get done...

laughing808 said...

good plan, specifically items 1, 8 and 9.

Anonymous said...

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Monroe Anderson said...

Suggestions number 4 and 6 are very good. The prez should take those two actions this week.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I think most of your suggestions are excellent.

About Aaron McGruder. The people who commented on that article disputed that he said Obama isn't black. One pointed out that he issued a press release, and another said he was there and the reporter grossly twisted his words.

It's like we get attacked on all fronts.

Amber-Alert said...

good post...i heard that with the first bailout each and every us citizen over the age of 18 could have gotten 400K...u wanna stimulate the economy give us some money and not that bullshit ass 600 or 900 they gave us before. give me 10K and i'll be good....

a.eye said...

Even though weed is the largest cash crop in the nation, I don't see the gov ever making it legal. The programs set up to keep people off drugs make too much money for the gov. Look at all the people in jail for non-violent drug offenses. Most of the people who make jails make their money based on how many prisoners they have in their buildings. And the government has so many people in so many different departments working to keep kids and grown folks off drugs -- despite the fact that kids can get drugs way easier than they can booze -- that ending these programs would lead to a lot of jobs lost.

The government could make a lot of money off the sales, but it seems that they have weighed that against the money they make by illegally distributing it themselves as well as to the agencies set up to prohibit drugs and come up with a number that is higher if they keep it illegal.

It would make sense, and make life easier for all those that use the drugs for health reasons and those that use it for recreational reasons. But I don't see it happening.

But maybe change in that area will come, too.

Who knows.

James Tubman said...

if i had that much money black people would be the most dominant ethnic group on this earth

1st i would buy up as much property as i could from all around the country

then i would buy government state and municpal bonds all around he country (these assets are the safest assets in the country. especially municipal bonds)

build my own lending institutions and lend the money to blacks in the community to build businesses themselves (and drive the parasitic aliens out of our communities)

yup terrence, if i had this money we would truly be free of the white mans dominance over us

msladyDeborah said...

LMBAO at the photo and check cashers-can we afford the percentage rate for their services? :-)

I have to say this. After watching National Geographic's series on Marijuana-isn't it silly not to re-consider the potential earnings from the legalized sale of the herb? When I heard how much was grossed from the sale of hemp-I wanted to move onto a farm myself.

You get an on line Belgium chocolate from me.

I am glad that you sent your ideas in. Who knows? You may have given the right idea.
There are some good suggestions on your list.

enigma4ever said...

great post...and a great list., you are on it as always....really thinking WHERE we need the money ( and WHO)...( is he still smoking ? hmm, I bet it's Salems....he is almost too cool to smoke Cools...LOL..)

have a good week...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

thank u and good question

all black folk smoke menthols - makes the lungs bleed lol

Princess Katrina
thank u moom

aint that foul - bailout loot too

Rich Fitzgerald
my fingers crossed too

thank u hon

im flattered

Jay Midnyte
good look folk

thanks and i agree

yep cause he spending outr loot

i concur

now thats what im talking about but k street wont listen to us

Wild Gypsy
not the shirtless beach pic. lol

OG, The Original Glamazon
thanks scholar

so easy why cant they think of it they politicans and we aint

i hoping it is a start - waiting to see the outcomes

thanks lmao at amen to 9

my question exaxctly

and how have u been?

will chk it out

Monroe Anderson
i hope he is open to CHANGE

Kit (Keep It Trill)
cant win for loose

i want my whole 400k lol

didnt think of that we copuld save money by not incarcerating NV offenders too

James Tubman
this is a possibility

always go the fine confection for u maam

lol at salems

Kofi Bofah said...

Let's see.

1: Mortgage rates would shoot up. Banks would charge higher rates of interest to compensate for the risk of taking on future losses.

2: Are businesses that are going bust allowed to tap this money?

3: Good.

4: Ha Ha. Not politically viable. (Marijuana).

5: Again, mortgage rates would skyrocket.

6: Dunno.

7: Increased R&D is always a good thing.

8: Teachers definitely need par raises - but nothing can be across the board in America. Cost of Living. C.O.L. is cheap in the South. Northerners will need more than $5K.

9: Additional regulation on the credit card industry will raise rates for everybody. The credit card companies will raise rates to mitigate the risk of carrying losses due to a lack of flexibility.

10: I don't understand what your intent with number 10.

Either way, the government will be running the printing presses to pay for everything. The bill will ultimately fall upon my generation.

DOB: 5/12/80

Well, maybe we will "float the note" again at that point.

That's the American Way.

Anonymous said...

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