Friday, January 16, 2009

Just another poly-trickster who happens to be black?

Point of order: I was asked by the Publisher of the News weekly I serve as Senior Op-Ed writer to write a piece suggesting that given Obama centrist approach to his administration, that he may forget about the folks, in particular African Americans who put him in office. This is it below: and 2] I got a call from some dude after reading it saying he was gone come down and Buss my head open and called me crazy - his number is 773-892-5150. It was based losely on a post early this week called: No End in Sight.

I feel bad for the next President with respect to our current economic prospective and his clout he has from most black folks for just being black. It seems as if many just take what he says without question. It is almost as if they see him equal to the savior, or even Jesus Christ.

I don't, see him for what he is – a regular old politician who just so happens to be president and black. From an economic perspective, I listened to his promisies and read what he wrote and I did not belive he would do what he said back then and even moreso today. Back then, we didn't have a bailout for Wall Street banks which all them dumb azz senators (including Obama) signed off on and passed under the auspices that it would "fix our economic woes" - a bailout that gave these financial institutions approximately 50% of the United States GDP, without any strings attached or requirements supposedly to "free up credit markets."

From his eloquent statements, I was under the opinion that Mr. Obama would not support the "reckless spending" that was reflective of the last 8 years – but his actions indicate otherwise. Obama talks about reigning in spending but his policies after reading are just as, if not even more reckless. Although I say this, I am inclined to give the President-Elect the benefit of the doubt. But things are drastic and not just from last January, but

I say this because I think that his desire to be seen as a moderate or centrist will reduce his ability to give us folks what we need for economic prosperity. The nation's unemployment rate got to 7.2 percent in December, and it appears as if things are only going to get worse.

I want Mr. Obama to be a success, and I want him to have the best interest of all folks, and especially those that have benefited most from the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., but I doubt it for from his actions and his appointments, he cares more about folks inside of the beltway and the big spenders of Wall street and the Ivy leaguers than regular folks like us.


Mimi said...

LOL @ that guy calling you and you posting his number :)

I'm just ready for something different...I'm giving President elect Obama the benefit of the doubt for now. I don't see him as the second coming, but I do believe he's different.

Let's hope I'm right.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Although I don't condone voilence, I understand where dude is coming from.

I'm not feeling the article, but as stated before, do you.

Oluchi said...

shit happens.

rainywalker said...

There does not appear to be anything in your post that I do not agree with, or worth fighting over. Whatever happened to people just disagreeing? But very shortly we will all find out!

The Bear Maiden said...

What annoys me THE MOST about this whole Barack thing is is folk are real quick to say "OH, he's not gonna deliver, and I'm not saying that cuz he's black!" when in fact, nobody said that about Bill or Bush,

so I say y'all all frontin'. The man's not even in office yet and the haters claim that anyone that made an informed decision is just under the influence. How 'bout people collectively looked at the options out there and came to the same conclusion? Which is... we needed something different. And if the ONLY difference between Barack and anybody else was that Barack had brown skin, it's a big enough difference to make things interesting around here.

I for one, don't think he's a saviour, or that he's any more or less likely to be our greatest or worst president ever. And he's got a fair-to-middlin' chance of being completely nondescript.

But he's smart. He's eloquent. He's a thinker. I liked what he was saying. And he looks good on a beach.


Although I hope my kid and I get a glimpse of him on Sunday. That would be freaky cool.

Luxe said...

I don't think that post warranted a threat over the phone. I guess the internet is serious business though.

Obama has his work cut out for him and while I know it won't magically disappear like that, I do hope that he & his cabinet can at least lead us in the direction to get out of this mess and to help avoid it in the future.

A Lady's Perspective said...

Obama deserves the benefit of the doubt. He is inheriting a country on the verge of collapse. The economic situation is dire.

The world is in turmoil and it is going to take all of us to make a difference.

I'm willing to give him his first term before I judge him and his policies.

A Lady's Perspective said...

Raw Dawg,

You should be entitled to your opinion without someone threating you.

Curious said...

Someone's coming to buss your head open? Just send the word when and I'll be there to back you. Just as long as there's no gun play 'cause I don't know how to use one so I'd be useless.

As far as Obama goes, forget his own? Maybe. Look how quick he forgot about Howard Dean, a major force behind him winning. Now the good doctor couldn't even get an offer of night security at the White House gates. Obama, forget his own? Maybe, especially if they get in his way. Look at the Rev Wright who he said he would never disown because he was like his racist grandmother, enbarrasing but lovable still. Obama, forget his own? I don't think so, because he knows that no matter what happens we'll still be there for him.

rainaleon said...

I'm a little wary right now about what this presidential administration will offer to the country and to the world. Economics is definitely going to be a major factor in whether his work can be called a success. The reality is that the US is in a bind on many fronts, not just economically. I'll be watching this one closely. Kind of sad that you had the threat of violence. One of the goals of democracy is to allow the space for all to speak, to be a part of the public sphere. Any attempt to stifle another, especially through the use of violence, is contradictory to the goals of democracy. Our country is a champion of democracy (although we are truly a republic) and yet its people have difficulty with its tenets? Concerning.

clnmike said...

LMAO at posting dudes number, I think I will crank call him.

As for Obama there is the feeling that he has already "betrayed" black america by not having more blacks in his cabinet.

Anonymous said...

This message is not for rawdawg who gets it but people who want to attack anyone for criticizing Obama:

I posted a video of a crowded parking lot I visited a few weeks ago but one thing I left out was all of the Barack Obama bumper stickers..

That parking lot was the unemployment office. So I hope brothas and sistas wise up real quick and realize what Barack Obama eats at the White House ain't going to make me or you sh*t..

Martin Luther King weekend is the prime weekend for clearance sales as well as liquidation notification. The economic trend is always awful in march, april and may where layoffs and corporate bankruptcies are common.

Obama cannot print more money for bailouts or use 'shovel economics' by giving people government-sponsored jobs. Those will not against what we are facing right now in this country.

This country runs on intellectual capitalism and it is up to us to improvise and innovate for this country to keep food on the table.

So I'm writing this to say spare the "Obama Hero" rant and instead challenge yourself to what you are planning to do for this country.

Keli said...

What I have been saying all along...

there is no way he can carry out what he promised without increasing gov't spending...and he's been about Washington all along...just most folks were blinded by the light and could not see what was actually in front of them. It's business as usual...

"I am a kick-ass democrat and I approve this message".

SjP said...

773 area code? I'm thinking that's Chicago.

I'm like many and giving him the benefit of the doubt. But, I do know that he will do something that will defy logic and really piss me off cause he's only a man. A fact that so many seem to forget. Unfortunately, he will be held to a much higher standard than other POTUSs because he's Black. Every POTUS has made promises that he couldn't keep - don't think Obama will be any different.

But, back to this dude who called and threatened you. Now that's just way too much. I think the boy needs to get a life.

Kofi said...

I'd just like to say that some of those Ivy Leaguers (at least some of the ones I know) have been losing jobs too. No one is safe anymore. Just the other day I was on a train back to New Haven and the recruiters said a lot of students didn't even bother to come apply, and application numbers were down. It's hitting everyone, everywhere.

Sister Girl said...

It's a "watch & see" situation,because not matter what happens...the truth will always show itself in time.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

The amazing thing about You is that you elevate the discussion irregardless of "like" or "infatuation" of the moment.

I appreciate your intellect on matters of events and of course neckbones.

I am deeply appalled that someone would throw out a threat to you just for speaking your truth to power. And shame on those who say they don't condone violence...but understand where dude is coming from...(Beautifully.Conjured.Up)Sister, IGNORANCE is so not an attractive quality. And standing in support of the desire for violence over differing opinions is not only ugly and vile but lacks human decency and respect.

I suspect you fancy yourself a learned woman and as such can certainly respect or atleast appreciate differring and or opposing opinions as a way to broadened and enlighten our thinking.

Torrance is my dear friend. I do not take kindly to threats against my friends either directly or indirectly. Love him...hate him but harm will come to him.

msladyDeborah said...

No you did not post the dude's number!LMBAO!
Obviously he has no clue about how you view life and the pursuit of happyness!

I am going to say this about the current transition and all the moves that have been made.

If you have a better plan T, you really need to forward it on. For real! Suggestions are being taken from ordinary folks.
So if you have an idea or two,possibly three-why not share them with O? He may find the workings of your mind to be interesting enough to consider what you have to suggest.

Otherwise folk, we are going to be rolling along.

I don't know what you said to make someone want to come down to buss your head, but obviously they cannot stand the truth. Oh well, watch your back bro! And do what you have to do 2 be safe.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

As long as I draw breath no harm is coming to Torrance that I have the power to stop. But harm doesn't announce itself foolishly like that. It creeps in on little cat feet or jumps out of the shadows or in bad news from the clinic or like that. Not from a fool aggressing on Torrance in public. It was a bush league move.

Torrance is slowly but surely assuming an important role in the discussion America is having: the many textured voice of the INDIVIDUAL fighting in perilous times for existence and a chance at success against an INSTITUIONAL framework that has different prerogatives. We've heard these voices throught out history: Swift, J.S. Mill, Whitman, Sinclair, Veblen, Russell, Giovanni, Genovese, Baldwin, Marcuse, Hunter Thompson...voices that give life and texture (and commercial appeal!) to philosophy and science. He's obviously emerging if the legitmate and useful model of today's state of nature Torrance presents can inspire such insane behavior on some folks' parts.

The Obama Paradox -- it was the most important election in American history and the correct candidate won; it was also largely meaningless in terms of how wealth and power are and will be allocated -- is there.

Torrance didn't create the paradox. He doesn't like the paradox. He (and I) would love for Obama to be the SAVIOUR.

Torrance merely pointed out that this paradox has obtaned whether you like it or not.

MonicaPayne said...

Hey there you! Thank you for always stopping by! Wishing you a blessed '09 my friend!!!

Looking forward to Tuesday I might add!!

President Obama is not the "second coming"...However, he represents change. He is a powerful Soul, A great Man...remove the color of his skin and still standing before us is a great man, with passion and integrity...a heart filled with compassion for everyday people...his voice is our voice. We are the change we're looking for, Pres Obama has encouraged many to look inside themselves..he represents Hope for a better tomorrow, as did Martin Luther King. Great Souls like these inspire folks to step out of fear and into change.

The presence and the voice of Barack Obama as our President(clearly the ppls President), signifies that change is before many have been touched, up lifted and inspired by this election...that in and of itself is powerful and significant! Where we choose to go from here is up to US!!

Let's Gooooo OBAMA...We got cha back!!!

Anonymous said...

Ol' boy that threatened harm to you is an Obama fanatic, as most blacks are these days and it is becoming more and more ridiculous. But it's not just black folks that are being fanatics, the white ones are too, but they have a whole other agenda to their fanaticism.

I agree with you in that Obama is no more than an average politician who has done his share of twisting words and truth in order to get to the most powerful position in the country. He has done the same thing the first 43 presidents before him, except this time around, he is black. White people have studied this man for over three decades and have groomed him to take this position later down the road. They know the wisdom and sense of the black man and they picked one and groomed him to be a politician who would one day become the president of the USA and right all of their years of wrong. Yeah, I just turned 30 years old today, but I'm smarter than that and see the grand plot these white folks have set up and put Obama right in the middle of it.

Now, I'm not a hater, but I'm definitely not sold either. For all of the promises that he has made, I'm more than ready to bet that Obama will lose focus of the ones that really count as it concerns common and hard working Americans.

Living in Washington, DC, I've gotta sit around here for a few days and basically watch this city transform into some thing out of the bible because damn fanatics, both white and black, have acted like this is the second coming!

In the end, we can only wait and see what and what will not happen during Obama's presidency.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i can respect that but u kilt me with the beach comment - lol

Luxe s
i wish him the best and hop he succeeds my kids depend on it

A Lady's Perspective
so true i agree and said as much and thanks for the support

yea he played howard dean like a fiddle and thanks bruh, me not violent though

thanks for the love and compassion , and I agree. I always write how folks dont know, just as south africa, America is a republic, do return sister

yep my point and he needs to find better stuff to do - dont crank call him jones lol

thanks ed, and that was tersly stated

me love this "I am a kick-ass democrat and I approve this message".

yep i think he can do it - i just keep rembering what he has said and what he has done appointment wise - thats all

yep we all hurting

Sister Girl
i can concur with that sentioment - but watch and see means from begining to end. dont wait till the building is burning up when u see smoke and flames

thanks for the love EP of the decade

i have sent economic suggestions already. Thanks hon

thanks folk and that is such great company u put me in im flatterd

thanks babe, and i agree completely, thats what i want him to be, and if writing about such is a means to keep him on track and other to look at thing objectivelly, then im good. do return

well said and i would add, i hope he got the lesson that you have to be 10 times better and work 10 times as harder - if so im good.

Anonymous said...

I don't visit you for a few days and you start popping off post like rounds at new years.

For someone to read an op-ed piece and go out of their way to react with threats of violence clearly shows the problem that can exist when people try to operate out of their depth. It has been stated that sometimes the sheeple are worse than the tyrants. Surely "these are the times that try mens souls".

Anonymous said...

Umm, you left me a comment that was nothing more than a link to this post. Were you trying to tell me something, or spread your love across my site? hahaha

Nice blog and all, but the comment doesn't really say anything, so I'm zapping it. Hope you understand.


uglyblackjohn said...

Get a BIG gun.
-been attacked by a friend
-had your shop robbed
-been called out by some random dude who left a reply number.

Seems like this year is starting out like your last one ended.

Sír Andrƹ said...

First I didn't expect this on blogspot. Guess I need to search more often.

I agree. I'm no expert on economics so I cant really speak on his expertise and capabilities to handle it all. However he's in deep shit, and he probably won't be the president to get us out of it.

Another thing. When Obama first became "popular" I tried to get people to see him, not his skin..but I realized it was a losing battle. So I say just sit back, let them enjoy him..and hopefully the hooplah will die down. The only sad part, is the reality they will face is going to crush their hope in politics.

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that the piece you posted is written so simply while your blog is not.

What an interesting dichotomy.

As for is what it is.

Anonymous said...

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