Thursday, January 29, 2009

when the head of my manhood is lodged past her Adenoids

I have been asked what it is I mean when I mention or recite my penchant for throat. See I have been informed that as a man I have been blessed and albeit I enjoy licking and the temperament of a tongue sliding along the surface of my veins, I do require a bit more. I have decided to call this prerequisite throat. So before I attempt to explain, children, the frigid, the weak minded and the inhibited, please do not read any farther.

I cannot lie, there is something about a woman’s oral cavity that makes me swell and stiffen in more ways than one. Although there is nothing better than having some one gesticulate on your manhood and turn your shaft white with their elixir of contentment, the warmness of the throat will never ever be a source for comparison. I mean it is refreshing to have one gyrate their wetness intensely, and tightly, such that one can feel the crease of your hips wedged against them, stretching, opening and expanding the insides of their soma to the extent that their feet and skull becomes one.

Cause truth be told, to me, aint nothing like leaning back against the sofa and unzipping my pants; being exposed to the elements regardless of inside or outside and her reaching for the base of my shaft. Watching her deliberate motions, up and down the length of me until she feels my veins pulsating and matching her desire to lodge me beyond her Adenoids and tonsils. Her mouth against my pubic hair as I clutch the back of her head and hold it there as I stroke her throat. Maybe even blocking, constricting the passage of her larynx and air ways making her come up for air as if in the ocean.

It is my pleasure to oblige her to extend her jaw and encourage her to press her lips together around my mass. Especially if I am beveraging, wine or tequila, and inhaling, hoping she can feel my veins pulsating, before the baby batter makes her light headed. Her head against the wall. Yes, this is what call throat and I can see it now, the delight of her eyes rolling in the back of her head, and of mines looking up towards the ceiling. Bud Powell never sounded so better.

Mroe politics, history and economics starting next week – had to get that out folk.


♔Jaimie said...



Sista GP said...

You better be careful you don't asphyxiate her. LOL

Hmmm, you gave a reader warning. So unlike you...

This is classic RDB. Sort of like the Basic Thrust Equation.

Jillian said...

well damn...

make something sometimes viewed as "dirty" sound so pretty LOL..a very eloquent way of stating how much you enjoy "head"...

loved it ;)

Anonymous said...

no wonder you make such pretty babies

ANGELINA said...

*takes notes*

Lina said...

Wow. Just wow!

rorysmomma said...

Tell me how you really feel...... somebody has got to be on her job at some point today....... whew!

The Bear Maiden said...

geez. Thanks for sharing!

Gorgeous Geek said...

oh geee meee!
that was like... inspirational lol

QuietStorm said...




Anonymous said...



So. . . .

. . . .how do you feel about going down on women?

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Oh dear. Oh Dear. OH DEAR.

Anonymous said...

...make plain the reason tortured Tantalus is baited by the fickle fruit

Lo_lah said...

Maybe if more men expressed how much pleasure this brings them in such an eloquent (not crass) way more women would jumping up and down to oblige.

Anonymous said...

That was really...funny yet informative LOL

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Spit That Game Peoples

YBW said...

Hmmmm only you love, only you. It is some sort of lovely to hear a man wax poetic about such an incredibly delicious experience. I know that I personally, have always loved that look of pure unadulterated pleasure that a man gets the very first time his "manhood" finds the back of my throat. It's even more delightful if said man has never had the joy of feeling a woman's throat before *smug face*. But alas, I'm not one to brag, and I came to salute your fantastic method of expression.

Enigma said...

Wow. What I find most amazing is the photo of the kids next to the entry. LOL (unintentional, I'm sure).

Talented writer...thank you.

Nikki Wadley said...

Great! You have given the man's point of view for a post I am working on for the very near future. I will certainly reference this post in mine so reader's can get the man's side of it. Funny, how most people probably think you are JUST talking about simple fellatio.....

Amina said...

wooow!! maybe i shouldn't have continued to
what if she coughs? lol.....

LB said...

I wasn't going to comment, so I left. But then I kept thinking about the post and decided to double-back.

The only thing better than this post are the tags, lol.

Anonymous said...

you nasty mutha****a! I like it...

Miss Mika said...

Baby batter?

Wow Horse.

and I second Ann's question!

Unknown said...

your so descriptive ... and the academy award goes to ... lmao

Anonymous said...

angelina you half breed yes takes notes you stupid cunt.



P_LOCA said...

OMG Dawg!!! that was very ummm...interestingh lol
you are too much but hey that's your pleasure lol

RunningMom said...

Just reading your post did some things to me... whew.

It is as lovely to give as I am sure that it is to receive. Promise.

12kyle said...

boyyeeeee uz a fool! da memphis mack!

O' Tim said...

Fellatio, jazz and jizz - a winning combination!

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle said...

2 points.

As Tracy Morgan says, what you are describing is called getting "the car wash!" All wet and deep. Good stuff.

Plus, you got to love a woman who can overcome that gag reflex. And, you know if she has that on control, she has been working those pc muscles as well and has a "snappy" as me and my people call it. There is nothing like a woman who can clamp down and exercise some pussy control. A woman with a deft mind, and strong will, and is sexy, and to boot has a snappy is a keeper--at least for me.

Off to do my own daily round of kegel exercises.

keep writing,

chauncey devega

Untouched Jewel said...

I don't know whether to be shocked, or just plain ole turned on. LOL. Very good post. I think giving oral is a cool thing (when the person's hygiene is up to par). One of the things I hate about that experience is when a guy has his hand on the back of my head and forcing the whole thing. That irks me to no end.
P.S. WE may need to have further discussion on this subject, because there are a few more things I want to find out.

Anonymous said...

is this the one you weren't sure you should post?

i think my shock gave way to laughter. and now i'm just speechless.

*shakes head*

Anonymous said...


I don't think I've ever heard it described more eloquently folk...

Raw Dawg indeed!

Angel said...

a nice way to write about where is my notepad :)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i hope thats good

Sista GP
yes in deed got to manage the muscles in the throat lol

y thank u maam

No comment lol

did u learning anything recant practice makes perfect

wow is good right?

i was trying to maam

The Bear Maiden
anytime sis

Gorgeous Geek
what are u inspired to do is my query


see here Yum yum eatum up


nicki nicki tembo
impressive, moi?

please do oblige maam

glad to make u chuckle

Tha BossMack TopSoil
tru dat

Ma'at sounds like u got skillz remember there is a dif from a vw and a monster truck

thank u maam

Nikki Wadley
cant wait to read that post maam


the tags lol

Cheron L. Hall
rather hygenic am i amma lol

Miss Mika
again Yum yum eatum up

first i wanna thank god , and my family lol

Thankful for u i am in a good mood listening to the monte carlo opera orchraster. And are u calling me a river (may add the river Niger is lovely, especially when u cross the bridge heading west from Onitisha, Nigeria - home of the largest king cobras i have ever see - except the one i cought in my house when i lived in Nigeria) and pls dont insult folk jones

P_LOCA murch 2 murch as we say in memphis

RunningMom i can dig it

LMBAO when u coming back through shop folk?

O' Tim
yes in deed

Lady Zora, Chauncey DeVega, and Gordon Gartrelle
im with the snapping turtle syndrome

Untouched Jewel
email me im amenable to such

yep but i had to i wrote it lol

Bohemian Chick
y thank u sister

LOL need to practice maam

Katrina said...

woah woah woah! hehehe

Christopher said...

I heard that!

404 said...

Sound bout right.......

*pouring Jose'*

KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

Well...ummm...that should have come with a warning at the top to not read it at work, lol!

If more men could explain it as eloquently and vivid as you did, they would get it more often :)

Anonymous said...


Talk about liking it (licking it?) in the morning...

Anonymous said...

Amen! Do it right and love it or don't bother at all.

Anonymous said...

Very eloquently written; however, I couldn't help but think of how the girl might gag . . . yet I still found it quite alluring and sexy. I'll have to get some pointers on deep throating I suppose; as I see now men really go for that shit! My G would love that, I'm sure!

Great read hun. . .Pleasant deviation from the economy and super to start of the weekend! PLL, CordieB.

Katrina said...

How have you been by the way? I haven't heard from you in a while!

Ray Ray said...

i saw this earlier and i meant to comment but i was running a lil low on time..meanwhile ummmmm wow @ this lol

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I didn't think you had haters lol, thats to tha good tho.

Sylvia Hubbard said...

and my mouth was opened the entire time reading this (twice).

i was digging that word mass. I gotta borrow that one, LOL.

"His mass filled my mouth."

gawd, you need to stop this! i'm at work dammit! and i can't changed my underwear here.

NightFall914 said...


This might be one of the most creatively expressed ode's to skullduggery I've ever come across.

iSUPPORT this Entry.

Blank Stare @

Amber-Alert said...

why did u direct me to this post lol...sooooo how "blessed" are u???

oh and lmao at anonymous

Anonymous said...

Throat. Never heard it put quite like that. Pro's heard of head, brain, skull, but not throat.

Very eloquently described, your penchant for throat. I think men enjoy oral sex because over time, the vagina loses its elasicity/tightness. A man's preference becames the mouth, with which a woman can grip the penis and provide vast amounts of pleasure.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Princess Katrina
look at u lol


Red Snapper
already lol

Kay C, The Quiet Storm
amen to that sister

Carmen D.
slip of the tongue maybe lol


thank u madam poet

Princess Katrina
doing well and how is the fam

Ray Ray
thanks for coming back around maam

Tha BossMack TopSoil im glad thanks for coming back by jones

Sylvia Hubbard
lol u wild sister

lol and thanks for the drive by and do return

do u really want to know maam lol

i may agree with u on that and thank u

RiPPa said...

I have never read or heard anyone, let alone a man, break down gettion some head as intelligent and dare I say provoking (no homo) as you did my good man.

Amber-Alert said...

uh yea lol but do i have to come all the way down there to find out

Jillian said...

no thank you ;) hey the more you know lol

LMAO @ anonymous

Sha Boogie said...

Wow.. I

Damn raw dog, you just guaranteed my boo some 'throat' tonight! lol

James Tubman said...


Anonymous said...

I would admire the woman who can unhinge her jaw like a python to take u in T. Do you give extra points for effort?

YBW said...

I can happily say that I'm not a fan of VWs lol. I prefer the challenge of a well endowed man... damn it I need to get back home

Anonymous said...

Wow! She must've been putting in some work in order for you to reach her adenoids. You think she could teach me? lol.

Anonymous said...

There's not too much I should say about this. Real bruhs know that a post like this was definitely for the ladies to relish.

But um, you have an Anonymous commenter that was straight hatin' calling some of your other commenters whores and whatnot-you need to check that fool ASAP!

SjP said...

"as I clutch the back of her head and hold it there"...say what? I think

Anonymous said...

I think you mis stated something. Blessed, your are more like "miraculous". I have found your blog a few years ago. We went to college together and I know first hand T. Fond memories are hard to forget.

Miss Lovely said...

lmao! whoa.........

you made it sound

and now I wish my dick dealer was in town so I could make him feel that way..*sigh*..I'm gonna email this too him

DrewTek said...

Great read my friend. Glad you went with that name for the posting

Dana said...

Deliciously spoken...'bout to sign off and handle mine!


oh my! lol that was interesting and inspirational all at once! that was very well said.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Buddy, reading this I realize what a very, very bad man I am.

I remember very well the best (as you call it) throat, I've ever gotten in my life. It was during my NKA (No Known Address) phase, following the 2004 elections.

She was a pleasant, nice-looking, cheeful, half-Puerto Rican, half-Italian, CPA from Suffolk County and before I go any further, I'll you right now there isn't anything special about my Hebrew National, buddy. It's average length, cut deepish do I have good staying power, and on the thick side.

Nobody's ooing and aahing at the site of it and I'm not getting any offers to do pornos. It's bog-standard and if there's anything about it that's unusual it's in a healthy walnut because I can do target practice with the splash.

So, I did my whole "dickmatizing" thing that night, having taking a few quarters of financial accounting and tax accounting I was able to make the whole thing about her. I didn't want to go into my whole thing anyway.

After dinner, she sat "office wife" with me at Club Genoa in the wiseguy game and even hung out afterwards while I ate
"trippa'rrabiata" and played some gin with the hasidics.

We get back to the hotel which was one of my spots then and friend her mouth was MAGIC. It was like being enveloped in a warm, wet and adoring place to start with but somehow she made the fit perfect like a favorite old cotton t-shirt. She had beautiful teeth but I'll be damned if I felt the slightest presence of any of them.

The pressure and suction were at perfect levels as was her timing. She'd catch the slightest hint of a honey luv-drop out of me and she'd be off it, kind of breathing on it so I wouldn't feel any coldness. Or she'd just take it one hand of the other and cut off any possiblity of my splashing with some loving, not painful, pressure and a little lower back massage and then back to work.

It was a trip to the moon on butterly wings every fuckin time, yessir. When she was ready to get it, she'd just to everything she had beford but better if that was possible. And I saw stars when I came man. She also knew like so few do to let a little pressure off the tip in the moment so the jizz could flow free. No gag, no cough, she got it all down the right pipe in one swallow.

She also knew not to touch the tip immediately afterwards, but cradled the Hebrew National in both hands and gently coaxed out the post-splash, not sucking up but transferring it expertly to an finger and then cleaning that off with her tongue.

Man, I couldn't reciprocate fast enough or long enough to show my appreciation for something that perfect.

Maybe, I spent 10 nights with her all told before I left the country. Perhaps, on the fourth time together I asked her how many years running she'd defended her LINDENHURST BLOWJOB CROWN! It was a New York thing to say and the right thing to say.

She played her part in it. She got fake pissed-off at me and accused me of calling her a slut. I made it clear that I had meant no such thing, merely that such brilliance deserved some recognition, even if only local!

Buddy, there was no fantasizing involved or thought of the fucking I'd be doing five minutes on when her mouth was on me. It was just one perfect thing.

R. Fitzgerald, of THE RICH HOUSE note well. She was about 28 or 29years old. How is a woman supposed to know how to do something like that so perfectly without having done it 1000s of times on 1000s of guys before?

And the fuck? Gee whiz, man. All I'll say is that all of my creativity and imagination was required of me, as it got ever more extreme with each go round. It was out there, to be sure.

She told me some fairly sordid stories about her life and my only question which I never bothered pressing for an answer to was WHY her husband had treated her that badly.

"Oh, he was just an asshole," was the answer, which was plenty good because I knew in about 10 days I'd be gone for good anyway.

And if I'd learned one good piece of advice from older guys when I was first coming up it was that anything you had with a woman who used the words "ex-husband" and "asshole" together, followed up by "my kids" was one you'd gotten away with and that drama was certain to follow.

A CPA. Gee whiz. Now that I think about it, we acted out one funny scene during our first date which was a great set piece in an Ishmael Reed novel. She, half-Puerto Rican, half-"Italian" with the "Italian" part carved up really into Napolidon, Siciliano, and Bulgarian Jewish, and me Russian Jewish, ended up by virtue of latish hour eating at a traditional GERMAN restaurant called the Silver Swan, traditional except that at that hour on weeknights it was the chill-out spot for midtown's tranny hookers working the out of town businessmen at the Hilton, W, Iroquois, Marriott, etc.

Almost like a dream. If I didn't still have her details in my cell phone, I'd think it was one.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

lol u know how we do home slice

maybe its on u

anon was tripping

Sha Boogie
glad to be of service

James Tubman
thanks jones

me too lol

im sure he will enjoy it

wasnt a particular person thats how i like it,. and depends on who u practicing on

yea man u know i watch oput for us

realy fingers running through hair as well

could have left a name folk

Ms. Lovely
maybe i should be a dealer lol

told ya lol

i aint mad and thank u

thank u would love to see your expression

u know how the old scholl is

Anonymous said...

Damn u that was so good i'm about to call up my ex so I have his manhood lodged past my adenoids LOL

Anonymous said...

If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it. LOL

Gia Shakur said...

hahaha you is krazy. I'm feeling your
pussy manifesto though...very detailed and organized

Tiffany said...

That was a sweet read! Very educational hahaha and may I say extremely hot!

Linda said...

I think I'll have to say it again.... an A+ for anatomy! *lol*

Greetings from the netherlands ;)

Shannon said...

I can appreciate a Brotha who knows what he likes and how to express it -- nice post.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Anonymous dymepiece
glad to have been of service maam

it waqs an amalgamation of life long experience, id have a harem if i did that lol

Gia Shakur
that sounds yummy lol

Be one with the Fro
glad to have been able to turn u on maam


y thank u maam

Unknown said...


Now if you excuse me...i gotta take a shower!!!

That's was well said, and described exactly the way it should be...i loved how you expressed the sheer intimacy of the act...sometimes folks forget that part of it...well said...well said...

Anonymous said...

Well excuuuuuse me! With this piece, you leave no questions to be asked. Well written! My imagination is peaked. Now if you'll excuse me, I think a quick cold shower is in order :)~ LOL.

~ Katrina

Judy / IslandBroad said...

Poetic. Eloquent. I'm pretty sure a lot of women after reading your "entry" would LOVE to oblige you.

Shonell Bacon said...

Not much left to say after the plethora of oohs and ahhs and wows and mmms that others have bestowed upon you.

Decadent read. Definitely makes a mind's canvas open and vividly conjure up sexy scenarios.

Jamale (*PoeticMind*) said...

When I was first reading this I was waiting for you to say sike or I was hoping it was just a poem but reading further I see that you put a lot of thought in this. You actually made something that could be so "nasty" to something very poetic (in a strang way). I acutally did enjoy it! LOL But please make sure you let whomever come up to breathe, it's not a good look if she passes out from head. Lastly, if you love the head, I'm afriad to see what you'll poetically say when you have sex?? Blog about that!

Jamale (*PoeticMind*) said...

When I was first reading this I was waiting for you to say sike or I was hoping it was just a poem but reading further I see that you put a lot of thought in this. You actually made something that could be so "nasty" to something very poetic (in a strang way). I acutally did enjoy it! LOL But please make sure you let whomever come up to breathe, it's not a good look if she passes out from head. Lastly, if you love the head, I'm afriad to see what you'll poetically say when you have sex?? Blog about that!

TJ Loco said...

Well broken down information!! have to make that call for some head and pay more attention!! lol

Unknown said...


I never knew one could feel so passionately about this subject...

I enjoyed reading it tho...

JaeSpenc said...

Holy smokes! I love "prerequisite throat" and will be using that term as soon as it is able to be entered into a conversation comfortably...

haha I like this blog...

Dazediva said...

Hey .. cheers for dropping by my page, and of course I subsequently came onto yours straight onto this particular post ..

I was grinning from ear to ear reading this - great to hear a man express himself on the pleasures of what boys refer to as 'blow jobs' (so crass) !

If more men had the vocabulary and vocal chords (other than grunts) then their women would be more than willing to go deeper and deeper until they couldn't take it anymore !

Just read Yum Yum Eatum Up - and hats of to ya !

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you prompted me over here to read this. :-D All I can say is wow! Makes a woman wish she had the skills. ;-)

NoRegrets said...

So, you directed me over here twice and I had read it once before that. Thing is, I don't find it sexy, because to me, choking is no fun, no matter how much the guy might like it. Sorry, just being honest. As I am wont to do.

Kyandei said...

I don't even know what to say... ;-) RDB, you are so off the chain! Lovez it!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Danie s
i may need to hold a thraot training academy

rinse good maam

i would love to be obligated maam any volunteers

Chick Lit Gurrl
me like decadant

i have basic thrust equation

TJ Loco
thats what im talking about

yes maam - me odd lol glad u liked

lol i cant do nothing with head, i need some throat

well i have to say what i feel and i appreciate maam do come back jones

practice makes perfect

girl u can say what ever u desire we folk, beside i wrote what i wanted i dont mind

y thank u maam and thanks for the drive by do come back

Yannize said...

oh my damn...i cannot handle you...ever!
who else would pontificate on throat?? I retire from you..


Ishea said...

"before the baby batter makes her light headed"

...if she doesn't pass out from needing to take a breath before this happens. lol...

I'm sure you have a soft spot for those void of a gag reflax and masters of the fine art of breathing thru their nose :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChocolateOrchid said...

Well damn... Just damn.

La Libertine said...

*smiles broadly*

Just reading that brings back my fondest memories of my previous lovers. I do genuinely enjoy fellatio. I gotta echo Charrose King, though. Anything poetic about my other favorite activity?

Anonymous said...

Damn!!!!! I am in Atlanta and i need a practice partner.

Eryn said...

Only you can make it sound so poetic and nostalgic. lol

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

lol, just the facts maam

South Loop Social Light yes i do have such a soft spot maam

Charrosé King
yes i have called yum yum eattum up

sorry hon lol

open wide lol. gl;ad u could appreciate that

email me for a test drive lol

y thank u and where have u been sister

Anonymous said...

YOu continue to amaze me with your way....your words.....they go through me like......see there? I can't even describe it!

Lucky lady that gets to show off her talents, as she, it sounds, would definitely be favored in return...

Whew! *goes to change!*

Anonymous said...

lmao! Well thanks for trying to cheer me up and yes now i feel better...

Sister Girl said...

I ain't mad at 'cha !


Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Woo-Hooo! Who knew sucking dick could be so FABULOUS! LOL!

Bougie Applebum said...

aw shucky ducky. watchoutdehnow

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

thank u maam

Eclectic Style
anything to help folk

Sister Girl
better not be lol

lol # 100

Bougie Applebum
look at u lol

Marina said...

Pure poetry my brotha...cigarette please...Ahhhh, the beauty of a black man. Love it! Thanks for the invite. I will be back for more:)


Anonymous said...

lol...can't really get any better than that. it's always a pleasure stopping by. i must say: You made my day! lol...take care love. lata

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Why do I feel like I just watched the opening scene of a porno? lol. Excellent writing nonetheless *smh* :)

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Sharita H said...

from a female perspective......that feeling that you describe...OH HOW I LOVE IT. I dont have any tonsils or adnoids so in the words of my boo..."its all throat". Idk for sdome reason having a man grab the back of my head and fuck my throat at which ever speed he finds most appeasing will send me into an orgasm......its a beautiful feelin..

flutter said...

Well, if you'll just excuse me, i think I need a moment alone

Tamina said...

u tryna choke a chick lmao...gag reflux much? lol i hear u though!

Kingsmomma said...

Wow.. think everything i can say has been said.
I enjoy the pureness to gave to such a naughty deed. Like a little boy in a candy store.

Butumm yuo might want to be careful with how you hold the neck, end of with some stomach excrement on your shaft. Not nice

Queen of My Castle said...

Well um, alrighty then. Can't say that I have ever read anything that made me want to give head. Guess there's a first for everything.

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