Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Monkey in the middle

I have repeated on inordinate occasions that I see no difference between democrats or the GOP. In my defense, I have asked for proof with regards to policy, affect and impact on problem solving and/or saying what they do. To this date no one has accepted this challenge and those that do tend to assert America is a democracy when I ask, as opposed to KNOWING it is a republic.

Now, as the typical Washington inside machine operates, it reared its selfish and good old folk head again. The U.S. Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama was appointed by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to the former attorney general of Illinois Roland Burris. When Jones got to Washington, The Senate good old boys told folk he was not accepted (his credentials were not in order). He was refused entry to the Senate based on them citing Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution, which states "Each house shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members."

In two words – bull shit. This is purely political, blocking the appointment of one man because they dislike the other. And I tell ya if as many black folks who followed Beyoncee would follow this the same way, these folk in Washington would have a lot of noise back home in their districts. I was optimistic that Obama meant what he said, and would do accordingly. But I am slowly becoming disillusioned. He spoke of change, and not having the “good old boy” network of “Washington Insiders” in his administration – yet he does. I won’t even get on the usual talk of tax reduction, war ending and other stuff that all democrats and republicans chant like some Taoist mantra.

The situation with Burris is ridiculous and shows us how theatrical politic inside the beltway are. If I know the signature from the Illinois Secretary of State is not required but rather ceremonial, then they should too. Blagojevich legally appointed Burris to the seat vacated by President-Elect Obama. Now I don’t really give a care about Senate appointee Jones one way or the other, but I do care about the right of the Illinois citizenry. That's some of the dumbist shit I done seen in recent times. I mean they give more attention to this than the economy, the decline of the dollar, a non-existant manufacturing base, despots like the former NASDAQ Chairman (Madoff) or education.

As it stands, seems as if the Senate is reminiscent of a bunch of kids on the little rascals refusing another kid into the he man woman hatters club, or not letting a kid play with them because he friends with another kid they don’t like. Go pick on the kid you don’t like, Senator Burris aint done nothing wrong and should not be treated as if he is the governor. That man is 71 years old and you holding the ball over his head, and passing the buck like he a monkey in the middle.

Point of order: told yawl I could write a post about Beyoncee.


Sista GP said...
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Sista GP said...

Hey cuz, I've received "junk" mail about this issue just like other junk mail without any reasoning behind it.

I have been trying to read up on the constitutional regulations on this matter, but hadn't much time these past few days. Thanks for the link.

BTW, son got all A's on report card (blogged about it) Yippee!

Anonymous said...

*back of hand on chin, fingers wigglin'* - you get the hi sign Torrance.

I was never swayed by BHO, read him like a book. His senate voting record over the last year, his weak policies, his alliances, his appointments (Leon Ponetta - WTF?)as far as I'm concerned he's beyond suspect.

Hope you faring well my fella. What happened to 'man milk or baby batter'?

T.a.c.D said...

it was totally unacceptable what they did yesterday...but like you said people weren't following it, until the news got wind of it, sometimes as much as i hate to admit it the media does infact work...yea i be saying something totally different tomorrow...but here is the kicker...as you would say jons won't let the other dude in either because he knows if he does he will be considered a racist...classic right...

being that i live here its going to be very interesting to see how this all unfolds!

rainywalker said...

The Congress does stupid things so that the stupid people keep their stupid minds off the real issues. The American people have watched so much crap on TV that they no longer think. They go for the laughs and thats what they get inside the beltway.

404 said...

It is the he man woman haters club!

So, since they turned Burris away what will now happen with the vacant seat? Is it still goin to the highest bidder?

*squeezin lime in my glass*

Kofi said...

In the end they're probably going to seat the guy anyway. Can we move on already?

RealHustla said...

I still don't know what to think of all this.

Every time I read/hear about Burris and his circumstance I do so with a look of dumbfounded confusion on my face.

This was prolly TMI but I just wanted to let you know I'm still readin'

Curious said...

You know this is like Shakespeare, except I'm not sure if it would be a tragedy or a comedy. In fact add some drums and a flute and we've got Kabuki theatre.

In defense of the O-man, unlike what the Republicans say he really isn't the magic negro and can't turn water into wine. Change? Change has just become a change of roles but with all the actors remaining in the cast.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Dem leadership feels that Burris can't carry the next election and don't want to take any chances.

B.Marie said...



msladyDeborah said...

What a cute group of monkeys! They are really nasty little creatures in reality. But I digress.

Burris has done nothing wrong. And Barack has spoke up on his behalf since you posted this.

I can understand your expressed feelings about what has gone on since 11/04. But I am going to wait until he is in office to see what happens in regards to his cabinet choices.

I think that it will interesting to watch what happens then. I have learned that we all have different interpretations of how BO should or could move.

However my friend, I have a theory of my own about how to be a force from within. Most people believe that you go straight at what you believe to the oppositional force by using force. Why not use the easiest way in first-gain entrance and then implement your plan.

Harry Reid seems to be "that one" in this particular situation. Even the members of the Black Congressional Caucus have finally demanded that Burris be seated. Reid talked mucho smack about not seating Blago's choice.
Now he has nothing left but the signature of the SoS of Illinois to save face.

I want to see what happens once things settle after 1/20.

And you know that Average Jane and Joe are not interested in the government. Nor do we insist that adequate knowledge be taught about how things work in America.

Even though I supported Barack-I have never believed for one minute that he would perfect or act like he was not a politican. I am preparing for the days when he will make me cuss and fuss just like they have since I was old enough to vote back in the seventies.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

I agree. Totally ridiculous. They have no legal basis to keep Burris out. They went after Blagojevich prematurely. He hasn't been convicted of any crime and he called the Dems bluff. Shame the Dems acting like this after Obama has been elected. This isn't Change I Can Believe In, this is a circus. Get your act together before Jan. 20!

Dream Weaver said...

I agree with the Burris incident and the fact that his "credentials" are not in direct correlation with Blagojevich's previous actions or misbehavior. It's ashame he was shut out.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh...Chitown stand up! Okay...just had to do that cause...well...I'm from...

anyway, seeing Chicago politicians on television always makes me cringe. I'm so convinced that Jesse White *the secretary of state* in his decision knew full well what he was doing and frankly, Jesse White being another brother in a high ranking position here in Illinois didn't want his name tarnished with whatever dirt that may or may not have gotten under Burris' nails. It's a dirty game...but he shouldve sent a text before taking his ass up there without those signatures...seems like Illinois may be stalling for time...can you say election?????

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Jones: We got a BIG WIN today. A combination of citizens availing themselves of their constitutional rights to the courts, namely Blagojevich, Burris, Rush and the conservative constitutionalist group JUDICIAL WATCH, brought suit in federal court and you'd better believe they got a date on the calender.

What happened? They then OWNED Barack Obama and Harry Reid. Don't be fooled by Obama's sudden turn-around into the great civil-rights leader in SUPPORT of Burris against the racist Reid. It's bull. Obama and Reid yesterday acted like a cartel but in broad daylight and YOU, American citizen, ended up winning.

eclectik said...


LOL He man woman haters...I remember all of that

Love this blog, my daily does of grownness

...cuz you know I aint shi....


Audiophile Girl said...

I also thought it was ridiculous that they wouldn't let Burris in; gotta agree with Kofi...just seat him and let's move on to more important things.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Well, this has certainly not been one of the President-elect's finest weeks to be sure. He certainly put on the two of the most vulgar displays of his career in the same we and was very lucky not to get called on either one.

Over the weekend, he's preening like a male model and getting into Hollywood celeb-like tiffs with the paparrazzi at the same time Palestians in Gaza were getting blown into strawberry sauce.

This display of class, was followed up on Tuesday by his encouragement, participation and leadership in the public humiliation of an older fellow who seems to be perfectly fit to be a Senator, perhaps even well-deserving of the job, no matter what anyone thinks of the Governor's personality.

Once out-played by Burris & Co. in court, he does the fastest flip-flop of any politician in a long time and aggresses on his cartel partner Reid for racism, insisting that Burris beat seated.

In Spanish, all of that is called being "muy mal educado" -- "HAVING VERY POOR MANNERS".

Since I've lived here there have been all sorts of political squabbles including a series of TV commercials during the PRD primaries in which Navarro accused Herrera of being "the criminal's friend" and "a communist" and "having ties to Noriega". For a South American country in this day and age, those are fighting words because politics is mostly about economics and the politeness of the debate is what wins points. [Commercials of course written and produced for Navarro by some Democratic consultant from the US!]

The Election Commission hit him with a $100,000 fine and asked Herrera if she intended to file civil or criminal slander charges but she just shrugged it off and said "it's a tough race and I know Mayor Navarro's a good man...we'll see what happens after the vote, but I don't want to cause trouble."

When she won, she asked Navarro to be her running mate as first-vice president a week later. He accepted and there you go.

If a Panamanian President carried on as Obama did this past week, he or she would need a year of perfection to claw back the public's respect.

Different cultures, but I'm used to the South American way and found Obama rather off-putting this week not to mention anti-Constitutional.

Anonymous said...

Burris is a feisty little fellow, beaming with personality... gotta like him. His appointment, though never in doubt was clouded by disdain for Blogo, but never in doubt... and I'm sure he'll do very well in the Senate.

Interestingly enough, O has to become a fiscal conservative and actually do something about entitlement programs (social security and medicare)... all the while enjoying the support that no conservative could have ever garnered... I am still hopeful~ Interesting, also, because in order to become really successful, O has to open the door for the oportunist from Alaska~

Anonymous said...

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