Thursday, July 31, 2008

U should be crying

Point of order: My folk was in town, couldn’t get by the shop. Said the blog was tight, but like his lyrics, falling of the deaf ears of the lame, mute and blinded. This is for you.

“i’m from where the catholic church is some racist shit,
they helped europe and america rape this bitch,
they pray to white spanish jesus whose face is this,
but never talk about the black pope gelasius,
i’m from where soviet weapons still decide elections,
military’s like the mafia — you pay for protection,
catamite sex tours is what the country sells,
and rich white business men make the best clientele,
i’m from where they too pussy to come film survivor,
and they murder coca cola union organizers,
i’m from where the justice system está podrido,
fuck government niggaz politic over perico,
rebelde concido, enterado vivo, como otro argentino desaparecido,
cuz rico laws don’t apply to the cia,
and muthafuckaz make sneakers for a quarter a day,”…… Immortal Technique

Take that Jeezy, Lil Wayne TI and the rest of the female dog gluteus maximus Negroes who claim to keep it real - real stupid

Talked to my folk last night. My home boy from the cut. He aint call me I called him. I love jones to death. Same neighborhood and same social club that twelve call a gang. I called him because his ex called me. She my folk too and I love her to death also. She asked me to speak with him. She said that his son would call him but that my boy would not call him back.

Now men, this will come from my heart. There is no greater blessing than the love we receive unconditionally from our kids except that of God if one believes such. For the life of me, I cant see no reason in the world why a man, in particularly one that claims to be such, and has planted himself in a woman to result in fertilization and the resulting blastocyst, cant see this greatness, especially even in vanity, of what he has created.

Personally, in the world we have around us currently, I want my seeds around me as much as possible. And when they are not around me, although I don’t worry and keep the love I have for them and that I suspect the have for me in my heart, they still contrive to cross my mind incessantly.You dont know what u missing, when im not with my daughter, when she sees me she holds me and wants to sit on my lap and hold me with her head on my shoulder all day. And my son, as son as i get in when he dont see me, he like "hey pops" and ask my advice and opinion on everything. We all sit at the table like to day and laught and talk.

So I won’t get deep, or nothing like that, just short and simple, but for all yawl men, that claim to love and miss your kids, show me, and I aint from Missouri . Cause if it was me, I’d be mad if I missed my child’s call, and even worse, every time I saw a man with his son or daughter in the street smiling and hugging and holding them, I’d buss out in tears, and my fault folk, but I think yawl should be crying too. Good day.

addendum: i have come to realize we are lost. Folks dont understand the economy, and wonder y any job is better than no job and how stupid u ask, we will turn down a job in a recession, for paying 7$ an hr and we aint got one - go figure.

update on new hustle #4

some toys and more clothes

some of the food, canine caviar on top

shampoos and stuff (all natural)

more food and clothes

Obama shirts and Intimidator dog food

Yankee jackets and Jordon warm-ups

a few of the bowls

more clothes and dog food

castor & pollux dog food and of course for dogs that cant swim

Still one of my best customers - loves the Intimidator dogfood for his pits

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brain cells will collide

Had a dream last night. And folk here don’t dream much. Don’t know if I was on Meet the Press or at a presidential debate. Guess all yawl folk precariously (depending on uncertain premises) suggesting I be a candidate for the Presidency or even an advisor of some form. Any who, here goes the dream. First shouts out to Pretty Black Gold and At-alien (4 this pic of how I get down- an no I didn’t have my gat, it was at shop, sorry pretty black for when in Rome do as the Romans) for the love – or should I say brain or teeth lust. So there I was.

Soledad O’Brien: Your message is somewhat caustic and direct, how do you expect the electorate to befriend you?

Jones Here mane: Folk, I aint trying to be nobody’s friend, I’m trying to get they kids educated, learn and do math, stack some chump and love they neighbor as themselves, if that’s foul so be it, but best believe folk who out side these boundaries gone know jones here manner and have to deal with folk on the up and up, for real though.

Larry King: Yes Dr. Stephens...

Jones Here mane: T, T-Bone or All-mi-T, my momma aint name me Dr.

Larry King: Well T, to follow Soledad’s question, your message is intemperate. Have you ever thought you may be a little to direct for the voting public?

Jones Here Mane: Jones, mane, first of all, folk here aint steel, aint tempered, no maybe uncouth and uncultured but never tempered. The truth will set u free, free your mind and your ass will follow, and I don’t steal words, that’s from George Clinton

Jonas Goldberg: Dr. Stephens, you have referred to your opponents as having “explicative boy positions on the economy and have referred to their health care plans as being of the female dog gluteus maximus variety”, can you elaborate?

Well it aint rocket science [cell phone rings] Let me get this folk.

Cell Phone Conversation (Jones here Mane): Whad up Folk?......Naw mane, up in this debate folk, whad up though? Well Let me hit you back, I’m on TV mane…..No yawl don’t need to come up her, I’m straight…….Good look folk……Love you Jones.

Sorry, but in esoteric terms, albeit I do not have the desire to provide a locution leaning toward platonic rationalization, I feel that any economic position that does not express or explain why this country is slacking in contrast to other nations is feculent. Moreover, if it does not deal with the tenable interjection of the Amero in our future economy, it is just plane ole fuck boy talk – im sorry. With regards to my solution, you know me mane, education and manufacturing productivity. I have some slides of the stochastic projections of how it may look based on what is transacted in exchange of dollars when the new currency will be introduced but your producers would not allow me to use them or use a chalk board.

And true, all my candidates on this stage to me have never studied epidemiology, let alone public health, in particular as it is a function of the dollar bill and capitated health practices, so in summary if the shoe fits wear it.

Anderson Cooper: Dr. Stephens,….

Jones Here mane: Excuse me, but cant yawl ask these other mother fucas some questions Jones?

Anderson Cooper: If I may continue. With your positions, although believingly pragmatic and workable, how do you expect to carry the white vote, by all accounts you may be too frightening to many.

Jones Here mane: If I may be Anderson, I mean Frank, that’s one of the dumbest queries I have ever had directed to me. First I am a single parent of two and I don’t scare my kids, and Frankly, Anderson, I’d rather be with them if this wasn’t taking longer than your folk told me. Second, I fell the question should be objective, and it should be asked to my white counterparts. I have never heard you ask them about scaring the African American Vote, or about the white vote. What’s next, carrying the male vote. How you get on TV Jones….Don’t make me take my teeth out my mouth.

Anderson Cooper: Could you please answer the question?

Jones Here Mane: I answered it twice as well as added some additional innuendo for some sound bites, and I aint cuss.

Larry King: This is my last question. You are critical of the Current wars as well as the current administration how could you assure us that a similar quagmire would not be the legacy of your administration?

Jones Here Mane: Great question. I would like to point out grammatically speaking, could infers the conditional. So conditionally speaking I would take a different approach. Won’t send our folk to fight for us, Im head raw dawg. If we gotta problem with another country, best believe folk her gone represent, or DO his best. I will ask for 20 US citizens to volunteer to have my back, kick where ever we gotta jet to and just trust me, things will be handled for this republic as best I can and as best I see fit. Yo, can I break out in to my final statement? I gotta go get lil momma from the sitter and catch the last of my sons baseball game and cook dinner.

Moderator: If the other candidates don’t mind, we will make this exception.

Jones Here Mane: I would like to thank all yawl for hearing folk out. Especially all yawl news Jones asking me umpteen questions in a roll. Look at the others and look at me. I got your back, it aint about the loot, although I love the idea of free worldly travel, aint bout that either. I can handle mines mentally, astutely and even informed, without advisors unlike top dawgs in the past, but Im still gone have advisors. I aint gone try and hood wink yawl, I can do this, and truth be told, me against them will just be brain cell colliding at a disadvantage, for brain cell against brain cell, Ill smash am mother fucker any day. And I canrock a suit and make hot water cornbread too. Thank you

I woke up had to fix breakfast. We headed to the shop with a desire to sell stuff for dogs. Good lookin' and thanks for the dream, but I aint presidential material.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our America aint black or white – it’s green

I’m hopeful everybody got they fix of CNN this past week, I’m sure they got some huge ratings. Unfortunately, I don’t get down with talking heads and think they may be doing more to divide America than bring us together. I mean the title alone, sure there may be two three or four Americas, but I don’t think a TV special does anything than tell folk what they already know and experience. Unless we live under rocks like Armadillidiidae vulgare, excuse me I mean pill bugs or Earth worms. Strange to me also was the timing, while Obama was on his worldwide tour. Folk brought out 200 stacks of folk out in Germany. Yep, it was a good look, but what does it do for me is my query?

Last I heard Germans don’t vote up in this camp. And I aint hating, I said the same thing about McCain when he was in Israel. Not to mention, I was gonna post on his lameness today but some more brain cells started to twitch – thus the current thought crime. As I have said in maybe too many post, our economy is fucked. As well, I have recanted a number of factors and postulates as to why we are experiencing what we are. Unlike the pundits or politicians, I have offered DOABLE solutions to this economic conumdrum.

But the way I see it, it will only get worse if we don’t take control and create our own reality. Now I’m no leader, but I was taught that leaders do two things: create their own reality and know how to say thank you. What have they created for me thus far is a porridge of unknown proportions. I se e the Dow Jones, and I see it loose and then make up some of the ground, but each time it does gain its losses, it looses another 200 to 300 points and need I remind you, that aint a good look. Dow Chemical profits dropped almost 30 percent over the past quarter, namely from what they say was due to spending 40 percent more on fuel and raw materials. Starwood Hotels, the folk that own Westin among others reported a 28% loss this past quarter and Kimberly Clark, the folk that make Kleenex and Huggies, reported a loss of 10% (do to rising energy cost as well). These are just the past quarter, I would add the last year but I don’t wanna cry in public.

The problem for me, outside of the political presidential hopefully not dealing with such specifics, is that it is only happening here in this country. I mean Daiwa Securities in Japan expects a profit of any where from 200 to 300 million over the next quarter. Credit Suisse can manage to mogul a billion dollar plus profit for the next quarter when overall net profits dropped. The Qatar Investment Authority has just increased its stake in Barclay PLC of London by more than 6 percent or $9 billion.

Now all American Based companies aint fucking up, I mean ask Occidental Petroleum, they profits increased 63 percent the past quarter, that’s right, they in oil. Now don’t get upset, so I aint watch Black in America or what ever it was called. All I am saying that the America I love and know has been foul to me and mine; that it is not black or white or mauve or polka-dot. If such was the case, we would have the black and white IRS and the Yellow and red Federal government. We have neither. The America that is ours (me my, son, and daughter) is green (dollar, dollar bill yawl), regardless of the denomination. That must and should unite us all, what color is yours jones?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Riddle me this #3

I will free your mind today.
thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u

1] Is dog toe nail polish different than human, and should I carry it in my store?

2] WORD PROBLEM: Verizion say I get unlimited calls for $99.00 a month, and that they have free calls for verizon to verizon calls, if all my calls from verizion folk, shouldn’t my bill be zero? Pleas express answer in a quadratic equation.

3] Is it just me or do Abe Lincoln and Jefferson Davis look like Twins or brothers?

4] If Iraq has 169K square miles and Afghanistan has 250K square miles, why do we have 170K troops in Iraq versus 60K in Afghanistan, when they say Afghanistan is more important on the war against Terror than Iraq?

5] If folks in Thailand had documented the existence of the Giant Fresh Water Sting Ray for centuries, how can scientist say it was only discovered 18 years ago?

6] Why is that a woman can have pretty azz toes when painted but can look busted than a mug without toenail polish?

7] What gives people the right to get upset when you tell the truth about them?

8] Am I the only Jones in the blogoverse who know a plethora of folks who wear rollers (pink foam) in they hair?

Addendum: Sister Gp drop a C note at my store, good look folk and met some of them black bloggers at the conf folk. Good Look K Ross, my Morehouse class mate and alum.

Friday, July 25, 2008

2 spend or not 2 spend

Point of order:

A] Almost 600$ in sales Thursday – me likes.

B] Got a call from a former woman (would link her blog but that would be foul-lol), she don’t call unless she wants something. Aint talked to her in a while. She asked me to pay for her tuition (gumption) – I said no. Couldn’t figure out why she would ask me instead of the one she is talking to and desires. Guess prior post was prophetic – go figure.

C] Not sleepy, so made a rib eye and fried 3 eggs at 145am. – Yummy. And don’t forget 5 pieces of bread.

D] Babz blessed the shop, and started taking pictures like the blogger she is LMBAO. She partook in vino.

Was gonna have another thought amnesty today since a many folk say i'm deep or that I think to much, or that I just plane ole hate when I go on my thought crime spree’s. I was either gonna put up the speaking Memphisian #2 or Riddle me this #3. But I decided against such. As you read under point of order A, I have a penchant for paying myself. Now that said, I am reminded of how I have been taught what money was, how to use it and more importantly How to save it. Now I have not nor did I have a desire to watch the talking heads CNN producers aggregated for rating purpose, talk out the side of their necks about what I suspect many already know and experience. Not to mention the folks likely didn’t represent me nor my beliefs and that if it is on TV, it will eventually, like in math, be reduced to the least common dominator of Entertainment.

Now of all folk, I know it’s hard for the average person in America. I know that the value of the dollar aint like it used to be. I know that many of us struggle just to keep a roof over our heads – I know I do. But what I don’t understand is how and why folks say it is hard and even difficult to save.

I mean it seems we have loot for what we want, but not what we need. Sure like I said it is hard, but not that hard. I figure that if a person goes out to a club or bar (which is cool) they will spend somewhere between 20 to $30 on the low end. That’s reasonable. But if we do it twice a week or four times a month, that’s about $2080 to $3120 a year in the first example and $960 tom $1440 a year in the second. Believe it or not that is a lot of loot if such habits persist for 3, 5, 7 years – for which many of us do.

Sure you are or may say it is easy for me to talk, I got a PhD. True I do, but even before then I saved my money. Yea I invest, which think a lot more folk should do, and I see the volatility in the stock market, but I did so since high school and my family didn’t teach me that. I aint never need a flashy car or nothing and I have never had a desire to go to a club and covet the VIP section nor make it rain on a stripper. If I did have the urge to make it rain, it would likily be on a homeless person or in homeless shelter.

Then we add to the problem, for we don’t even recognize how our loot is degraded in meaning. We can go to a club and be made to pay valet parking, and pay $20 to get in when on the regular or for lack of a better descriptor – on white night, one can park they car and walk in free. We don’t even complain, we just stand in line and pay. And don’t let it be a party where some rapper or professional athlete gone be claimed to attend, then we just plum loose our fucking minds

I guess what I am saying is that its cool to enjoy life and make money, but it is not as hard as you think to save it. For although my folk aint invest or teach me how to, they did teach me how to save and that money was to make money and not to spend. Are we the only ones in capitalistic America that cant grasp this concept?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

work hard and don’t complain

Growing up in Memphis, there were 3 general things I was inculcated with from either my Grand folk, Mom or Uncles:

1] If you gone be a ditch digger be the best ditch digger and they will always call Torrance to dig that ditch

2] Somebody gotta be number one, may as well be you.

3] Competition is for folk who have to prove something to themselves; you don’t need to compete boy if you already know yourself.

Over the years, I have had a lot of things said about me, but never have I been called lazy nor have I ever had my work ethic questioned. The little I know about my mothers father and my granny’s brother, I do recant both of them giving me advice as a child under the age of 4. My Great Uncle, while drinking Scotch and chain smoking Pall Mall Red would say “what makes a man is how hard he works, not for himself but his family and neighborhood – men take care of others.” These were straight old school cats, with my great uncle, like my granny, being straight up on out of Yazoo City, Mississippi.

Even after they both died, and my mother’s brother took over the reign of my family being the last oldest male in the household, he said the same thing to me over and over but added “we will always work hard and take care of out children, and working smart is the hardest work to do.”

I am writing this because of a request I received from one of my readers. He suggested that I was always talking about self suffiency and that I should share my joy of hard work and working for myself to others such to maybe motivates them to do the same. I honestly hope that this tractate does his request honor. For it is a joy, a joy unfortunately equal to that I experienced when my son and daughter were born, only without the tears. You see after both were born, I left the delivery room, looked at the moon in one case and the rising sun in the other and cried, like it was straight out of Roots.

Nowadays, not like there is nothing wrong with it, but many of us want the easy way out, We want to rely on our looks and become models, or we want to rap, or worse, we spend $10 to $20 dollars weekly trying to hit the lotto. No longer do we desire to wait or even earn what we desire for in our myopic purview, me, and me now is all that counts. We will complain while we have other providing or taking care of us because we cannot see that their work ethic is what sustains us, or that the opportunity given to us is always a function of chance; and that we need to make the best of all opportunities for we may not get another.

But for some of us, the easy way is the best way. Even if that means selling drugs, jacking someone’s shit, depending on others or just not being able to be on time for a job if one is fortunate enough to have one. And dont give me this bitch azz shit about its the only way folk can make money. Truth be told, hard work is a throw back like black and white TV. I mean we are so lazy that we will walk in front of a TV looking for a remote control to change the channel instead of doing it manually. We even too lazy to change our oil or even cook our own meals, preferring to waste loot at Jiffy Lube or McDonalds, while at the same time being, or saying we are too busy to sit at the dinner table together. To busy with all the convience around us – go figure. All I am saying is that work ethic is what engenders sprit of faith and accomplishment. Without such, we have nothing, for we will ask and wait for folk to give us shit, even if its freedom, liberty or equality. I see what George Clinton meant now when he said Free your mind and your ass will follow. For I am the last eldest man left in my family and outside of love, alll i can leave them with are my actions through my work ethic - can u dig it?

Amplification: In last post ACTION means macking or trying to get a girls number for yawl lames LOL - not sex.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Body Blow, Body Blow, Body Blow

Yo, I must admit, in grad school I played video games, Madden and this boxing shit. What I remember about the boxing game was that when u would hit folk, it would say stuff like “body blow, body blow, head shot, body blow.” I like-ed that shit.

I am reminded of this because I feel that it is the perfect introduction to our economic concerns as we are all citizens of the united states of America, now true, I was gonna post on something I wrote this morning called “WORK HARD AND DONT COMPLAIN.” But after reading the comments to the previous post by the scholarly Jay MidNite, Kelso (and he has interest) and No slappz, I digress. Again, blame my pons, and throw in the sulcus of my medulla oblongata and my subsequent Glossopharyngeal nerve anatomy (in picture) while u at it.

Mane, Jones here love him some loot. And as a person that has adapted capitalism for his own well being, I take pride in using brain cells to do such, just as much as I do showing love to others. But it seems as if my economy don’t got no love for folk no more. I have personally documented several contusions to my efforts to accrue capital albeit I will not be denied.

First, the housing market is basically a bust, and it aint been this bad in 70 years. As of date houses prices have dropped maybe 15 to 20 percent in real terms and its only just beginning. Before it is all over, if you pate 100 stacks for a crib, it may end up being worth 70 stacks. Add to that the credit crunch which I figure is the worse since the post war period thanks to Sir Alan green hornet, I mean Span – which I wrote about a few weeks ago. I mean when folk loose a trillion dollar globally, it makes me think that one is in serious trouble; and don’t trust what am mother fucking bankers say. Then there are oil prices coupled with equity dropping like its jumping out an airplane. Just tell me that we got to work a lot longer to buy gas, let alone a barrel of oil. So as jay said, it dont matter, Europe at 10$ a gallon and we gon finally reach the rest of the developing world -yawl aint ready though.

The strange thing to me is that households are paying interest rates no different than in the past. Sure we just got some stimulus checks, but they will only last and benefit one quarter – the second. Yep, it is good; I mean a 100 billion for one quarter but when it is gone what happens next?

All I am saying, and Jones here aint no economist, but rather a single man that like saving and counting money, for money is to make money and not to spend. We don’t even contribute to global GDP growth, but rest assure, the rest of the world does when we cant and will move alone.

The US has weakened for past to years when the rest of the world has shown increased growth and in most cases accelerated economic growth. Europe, Japan, China, and don’t add Arab countries. Not to scare yawl living like life is all that, my query is if the rest of the world can find economic growth, why cant we folk? Cause all I’m seeing and feeling is body blow, body blow, head shot and body blow.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Watch yo back folk

Point of order: My son turned 16 on Thursday. I sent him a text saying that if u picked up after 12am in GA u can be arrested. He texted me back saying “Pops, in action with a girl, we be home soon.” I responded “LOL”, was I wrong?

2] Only thing bout being at shop all day I dislike is not being able to cook, my daughter had cheese grits, next whiting, yams, Mac n cheese n greens, the fried chicken. Each time she grabs a dog bed and her baby and go to sleep – apple don’t fall far from tree lol. So I am buying what I normally cook

Now back to our regular scheduled thought crimes. First a disclaimer. I am no prognosticator as described by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his Grand Inquisitor, nor do I own a 1-900 number or a crystal ball. Nor do I desire to see any harm come to anyone; unless they try to bum rush my shop or up on my 11 acres threatening me and mine, for I will bury them and they car.

But your folk just hit his global trip, first stop Afghanistan I think. Pundits say it is supposed to give clues about how he gone deal with foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East (aint no such place map wise it is Asia). Now what I am about to say is just me expressing brain cells that have yet to be depleted. Maybe it is my corpus of reticular formations or the inferior colliculus projections to the nuclei in my pons that are just as messed up. But this is it. I know the GOP are some dirt mother shut your mouths, especially after all the dirt they have slung at Obama courtesy of Mrs. Clinton. Knowing this one can see the desperation regarding winning this election in November at all and any cost. I hope I am wrong, but I just hope Obama watches his back while out of the country. These folks may plant a sniper some where in one of the countries where he is touring and just may try and take him out. That way, they cold blame it on terrorist and attempt to gather more support for this mess we already in proffered by the neo Cons, and believe me you, I don’t think the neo Cons would stop at anything to prove a point.

Not to mention the print media and TV has put this trip on front street unlike the trip made by McCain, which we barely heard a whisper about. So folk, if yo folk read this blog man, watch your back. Ok, Im through ruminating, dont get mad, like I said, thought and thinking arouses me so blame my Pons.

Addendum: Long live groupies, i mean do they make women like they used too - thanks to my homie candyrayne.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

back n the day

I will free your mind today.
thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u

Back in the day believe it or not, TV was different. In fact most shows were in black and white and there were only four channels including PBS. Check this, it would go off before mid night with a picture of an Indian in crosshairs and the sound would be a long ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooe.

When we did watch it, everybody watched it together. And on that note, I decided to list my favorite TV shows I watched when I was growing up, up to age 10, albeit I never watched more than 6 hrs a week. Here are mine, what were yours (no particular order.

1] Monday Night Football – no explanation.

2] The Red Skelton Show – Sunday nights and classic.

3] The Flip Wilson Show – Geraldine. Time Magazine had him on the Cover, 1st Black Variety Show on TV

4] Lucile Ball show – second funniest woman ever on TV to me.

5] I spy – when Bill Cosby was Black and Proud.

6] Mash – TRUE satire, exceptional writers

7] Dean Martin – drinking and smoking on TV with the first half naked women, years before the music video.

8] Carol Burnett show – Tim Conway was a tight writer and she was the FUNNIEST woman ever on TV.

9] Dennis the Menace – Poor Mr. Mitchell

10] Leave it to Beaver – made me wonder why my life as a young Black Kid was way so different.

11] Little Rascals – the way friends should be (all races). Introduced me to the “He man woman hatter Club.”

Thursday, July 17, 2008

kabul b4 december

I know a many are geared regarding the upcoming general elections to be held in November and regardless if you want Obama, McCain or Nadar to win, just do me one favor, ask them some well thought out and prospective questions regarding Afghanistan. Yep, I am about to bore you with another haterated triad.

I have come to accept that most folk don’t get me jones. And when I say I don’t give a fk bout certain things, they say I’m disrespectful or berating folks. So I am about to do more of the same. I feel that the ability to ask pointed questions, especially with respect to having some knowledge of possible solutions is the key to evaluating responses from any candidate for any office and or job. And for some reason or another, what’s going on in Afghanistan scares the shit out of me.

Just last week it was reported that say about 200 Taliban fighters attacked a US military base located in the distant and mountainous northeast province of Kunar. They say it resulted in nine dead US soldiers and nearly a score of wounded. It aint been that many US military personnel killed in a single attack in more than three

For some reason, it appears that over the past seven months, the Taliban has gotten stronger, smarter and more brazen as opposed to what the current administration has been telling us. I mean it seem like it was just yesterday when folk was saying that they had accomplished victory and had won the war in this poppy growing country. Report released by the Pentagon on the situation, among other things said “the Taliban is likely to maintain or even increase the scope and pace of its terrorist attacks and bombings in 2008. The Taliban will challenge the control of the Afghan government in rural areas, especially in the south and east."

They say that this is a problem for the current administration; I feel that it is more of a problem for which ever jones steps in office after the elections in November. These attacks just aint on the outskirts, they like a hop, skip and a jump from the capitol Kabul. The Capitol. And this recent attack was just one of many against a military base which they hitting up the regular now, not to mention it lasted all day. And this based had about 200 US troops. No little bitty convoy and it lasted all day.

When I do get a chance to hear what folks are talking about politically, they just be rehashing messages from stump speeches with little content. All I have heard Sen. Barack Obama say is that he will send two more combat brigades to Afghanistan and that he may take the troops from Iraq. All I know about Nadar is something he said 6 years ago regarding sending a small multinational force into Afghanistan to arrest Osama bin Laden. McCain, well first he disagreed with Obama saying more troops were not needed; now he is copying Obama’s position on the issue (u can read his flip flop history here at Obsidian wings, which is on my blog roll).

Like I said, I think we got to frame this issue and make it apart of the discussion, Iraq seems to get all of the attention, I am glad they TRYING to talk about the economy, albeit none from a global or international perspective in terms of problem solving (correct me if I’m wrong). Just talk of green Jobs and stuff like that. But about this small country, I’m not so sure, for at this rate, the Taliban will be in Kabul by December and in control of the government, again.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yuan Ton Soup

Addendum: Pic to rt.

Point of order: If u dont know y this blog is raw dawg buffalo, u will now. I dont melt under rain nor word.

I am an optimist true, but I have denied inside, that we can make it if we try, for I have failed to acknowledge that we aint EVEN trying. I am putting down what I am reading now to write what I’m finna (im country) write now. I only had about 45 pages of Pursuit: the chase, capture, persecution & Surprising Release of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Really I have finished the text, I am just going through the 40 or so pages and 270 sum odd footnotes, to check the authors (Clint Johnson) interpretation of the events depicted - great read. In fact checking the footnotes is the best part of reading to me cause you find out about other books. Any who, im finna stop because my blog rounds lead to such. And forgive me if I don’t know when to stop because Im listening to Chuck Brown and the Soul searchersMidnight Sun.” Appropriate cause I hope I can make some of yawl search yawl souls, which in my case is integrated with time, thought and the ability to reason.

We got to get out shit together folk. I mean, I went around the blogoverse over the last few days and all jones hear saw and read was either about Jesse Jackson, The cover of the New Yorker or Mr. Obama. Like dang folk, are we that myopic, limited in our intellectual sphere to consider such to be super important, as if these topics are all we can think about? Or as if they (these issues) were like melaninsuper ferrous magnetic. Shit jones, folks could be about to start slavery back in affect and we on the hook, line and sinker tip still. What gives? When will we value free thinking and look for ourselves as opposed to respond to what other dangle in front of us. They say the Bass is a smart fish, but I never figured he was smarter than us. They don’t bite at anything, even if it right in front of their face.

So your outrage over a satirical drawing or an obsolete former jones who ran for president is unwarranted, I mean is it important? Shole aint interesting. But get outraged while jones her say fck that shit mane. What does it do or what purpose does it serve? Chances are folks who think about Obama that way still and would have if they never did it. That Don’t do jack for me. So yawl go ahead, cause Im more concerned about China, the Juan and global inflation. You see the way they control they currency rates, in concert with how fast their economy is growing may be bad for the world, especially US in the country of the New Yorker magazine.

I mean, in my junior high civics class, we talked about inflation and other stuff a lot albeit I don’t know what Civics is to this day, I do recall the hodge podge of subjects it encompassed. From what I learned, if China keep on growing like they are, they can boost the current level of inflation else where cause the gone need more stuff (raw materials) to feed their growth.

Seeing that we in the US have cut interest rates, its gone be hard for China to raise the value of the Juan – since it is pegged on the dollar. This means if oil don’t come down, an increase in the value of the Juan would mean the stuff they send here that we buy like crack (cellphones, TV’s. Cars, Steel, MP3 players and CDs) will make them a lot more expensive and hard for yawl to purchase. They done had the earth quake and some food shortages too – could be on like pop corn. Cause its already real in the field.

So Jones, don’t think for me mane, or tell me what I am supposed see or feel when I read or see an image. Cause im like, fk that shit, Midwest air lines just laid off 1400 workers and we dont know how many GM finna lay off. Its cool if yawl wanna be outraged over a magazine cover that I doubt many yawl read. Care about what impacts you for real though. So with that said, go find your self some Chuck Brown and get that head right and soul search with the master. Other wise, go and suck down some Juan Ton Soup, oh I mean Won.

Monday, July 14, 2008

One TV – one bullet

point of order: listening to the foolish makes the fool an idiot....torrance stephens

You know, before I actually had the chance to visit and live in South Africa for 4 summers in a row, I recant when Nelson Mandela was granted his freedom. As such I also recall when the first DEMOCRATIC elections were too be held. It was a major point of consternation for me because I knew just as the US; South Africa was a republic and not a democracy. As such, my folk was hating on Jones because he was down with the PAC as opposed to the ANC. I used to love their slogan – one settler, one bullet. But that is just the live free or die, don’t tread on me, and Patrick Henry in Jones.

When I found out that TV-One was going to air the Democratic National Convention and Not the Republican National convention, I decided to modify the slogan proffered by the PAC to one TV, one bullet. Now don’t get me wrong I aint hating on TV-one, but rather I am hating on their lack of acceptance that black folk in America only watch TV, are poorly informed and basically no where close to being well read. It made me mad. I mean we get mad at a satrical cartoon on the cover of the New Yorker but aint got the gumption to say shit bout stuff that keeps us stupid.

I mean, we need to see these mutha fucas and what they actually propose so we can have a better understanding of the issues that we HOPE Barack Obama can handle if Jones wins the general election in November. I mean we already poorly informed and if we don’t know the issues, or have tenable suggestions about how to solve the problem, then we cant or wont be able to tell if the answers we get from Obama or McCain are satisfactory or pragmatic. As a result, we will accept anything a mother fucker will tell us without objective and valid query. For me, that’s foul. I already see problems equally in how both the front runners of both parties want to deal with the Economy and Health care. Not to mention they connections to K Street.

TV One should be ashamed to keep information from the community they say they care about. It is no different than saying since you black, you can’t learn to read (you a slave). But then again what do folk here know, I’m just an Idiot Savant who is trying to become well read.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Plum foolish

This weekend I was doing my basic cowering of scientific journals from around the globe. For me this is like going to the club or bar hopping. It started because I had these two articles I had to proof for some journals that I wrote – BTW Cardiovascular risk reduction for African American men through health empowerment and anger management will be out soon in Health Education Journal, 67(3)208-218. Stephens et al (2008).

Any who, in my reading I went over the latest press releases from research facilities across the countries because shit like this never makes the news papers. One that struck out involved the possible relocation of the Plum Island Animal Research Center.

Now I first heard of this place in a book, Silence of the Lambs. In the book the white FBI lady was talking to Hannibal Lechter and told jones that if he helped them catch the killer, he would be relocated to Plum Island. Plum Island is where the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in concert with the Department of Homeland Security and selected pharmaceutical companies are conducting research on foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) among other deadly animal toxins and viruses. Smart you would think to have such a research instillation on an Island true. But now, based the urging of The Department of Homeland Security, the Feds want to move the facility inland. Yep, inland for a research facility that holds the world's most contagious livestock diseases.

Plum Island is located approximately 2.5 miles from tip of Long Island a used to be run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) until 2003, when the Department of Homeland Security took over. I just do not get how this could be safer in the eyes of supposedly people who got protecting the security of our country as their first mission. Can we learn anything from the British? I know we knew they were in Iraq for 27 years and eventually had to bail – lesson not learned. Also, there was an outbreak in Britain in 2001 – lesson obviously not learnt (spelling intentional) now this.

I mean from my minor background in infectious disease, I do know that FMD is way more (about 20 times) more infectious than smallpox. Add to that, FMD virus can be transferred via ones breath, saliva, mucus, clothes, or even a car. Sure it aint harmful to people – yet, but jones here eat meat. And I have not even attempted to calculate the economic impact on the country if an outbreak did occur – I like loot too much and the figures I produce may scare me.

The strange thing is that I juts want to know what kind of scientist folk got working for them – the Department of Homeland Security and If I can get a job. Because I would never make a recommendation of such, not on my understanding of disease vectors or behavioral epidemiology, but based on what I know security to mean - freedom from danger. Don’t these folk know they just giving terrorist ideas? Dang folk, now that is plum foolish.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The scorn of Lady Macbeth

remember muzk u hear is jones here mane, all live impromptu funktry muzk

Addendum: They done raised the price of the AJC to 75 cents. Bought one for 50 cents tuesday from the machine-dang.

It has been said that love is a many splendid thing. This can be no truer than with respect to the love a parent has for their child. But sometimes we can be so selfish that we place our desires and even misery over ourselves to the point where we could care less about the wants, needs, and desires of our children. Which means selfishness and hate can be more powerful and of value for some than love.

I heard a popular female radio commentator say on the air, that she used to tell her child that her father did not want to see them and that he did not love them. In the same sentence she said that told the child that because it made her feel better and gave her the fortitude to justify her keeping the child from seeing and bonding with her father. And the reason, because she did not like him and that their relationship did not work out. It was during the weekend of Father’s day when I heard this. At the end; she said she regretted it for as her child got older and learned, she despised her and that, she sawthe hurt she had caused "her baby."

It made me think. I mean not to use myself, but I have been told by a woman that she would take our child, and the reason she gave was that it would hurt both of us. She smiled when she said this. I ignored it saying no woman would use a child as a pawn and desire to hurt their child, using a child’s love with their father as a weapon. I must add at that time, I did fill out legitimization papers, for if such a day came I would be ready; so if I had to fill for custody, I would be prepared and it would be joint custody, for no matter how I feel about the other, her love and parental rights toward our child would be just as important and equally respected and valued in my eyes.

I often wondered how any person; any parent would deny a child the love of the other parent. It is some of the dumbest and most selfish shit I have ever heard. Up there with weapons of mass destruction and reminds of William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

All Lady Macbeth cared about was herself and the idea of being Queen, but at the same time, she despised her husband for his kindness as king. In her heart, he was not evil enough, as she was to be King. She even called him a coward for being just and kind and loving and stated that she had no pity and would even kill her own baby as it suckled at her breast, if she needed to please herself.

So is it true? Is there any justification for a woman to use a child to get back at a person for a failed relationship? Especially if the requirements of love and provision are provided for the child? I would suspect in some case the said woman may even be provided for by the father, but still may lack consideration for the child desire and love of that parent.

I would suggest that a person that does not has no love or concern for their child, especially if the child is not being abused or neglected. That if they did, they would desire for their child’s happiness to come first, in particular if the child had a strong bond with the father. But I also feel that women who grow up in homes with the father present would not do such, for they would have learned the value and love that a father or any parent would give under optimal circumstance. I also feel that women that do not have such in the home do not see the importance of a man in the lives of children and may even be the type to say they don’t need a man. I think that such is what is wrong with our communities and leads young women to think their value is only in their looks and sex, or worse, that they can only make a living by turning tricks or stripping in front of some rapper.

Yep, we men do neglect our fatherly responsibility at times and that’s something I have written about a lot. But not all of us. So ladies you tell me, why is it that some folks cannot live with the reality that a relationship is over, or why is it that the selfishness of an individual can over ride the love a child may have for each parent. Is scorn that much of value that, one would scar a child just to hurt another and make themselves feel good?

Friday, July 11, 2008

intro to memphisian 099 (remedial)

I will free your mind today.
thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u

I have been told by some that I speak memphasian, as well by others that I need to learn how to type and use a spell checker. That aside. I will introtuce yawl to some of the terms i grew up saying. You alread know about words and phrases such as Jones, folk, fck boy, bitch azz ni**a. So here are a few more. With a sentence to match.

Panties - brown paper bag used to cover an ice cold deuce-deuce, quart or can of beer such to hide its contentsw and keep beverage cold.
Sentence: Mane, take them panties of that 40.

Foglin' - used to describe a lazy or triffling person that talks more than their acts produce.
Sentence: Mane, I dont mess with jones, he be foglin' all the time.

Kroger sac - in the days of brown paper bags, this was used to describe what one would have to do to tolerate having sex with a woman of none cosmetic astutness.
Sentence: man, I saw slim you was with, know you had to use a Kroger sac.

for real though (pronounced - 4 real dough) - used to state exclaimation. Similar in context to "Word" and synonomous to "straight" and "true" as used in these parts of the dirty

Use of prepositions - this is more of semantics and phonetic. Most folk use one preposition in a sentence. Memphis folk add them together.

Example: In traditional English people may say "I am out."
We say: : "Mane, I'm gone on up out of this camp." Please note 5 prepositions in a row.
Pony Piss - Colt 45 malt liquor. No sentece required.

Chiefin - the term used to describe the consumation of herbs. Can be used in statment or question.

Mane, what you doing jones
Response: Chiefin

Pimp - professional in the management of a prostitute
Putting paper in my pocket.

Deuce-Deuce - 220z beverage, most likey a Beer

Cut - Plase of domicile or abode.
Sentence: Mane, I'm at the cut.

I would go on, but this is just a small and brief primer on why Jones talk the way he do and how my folk at cut talk. Hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We the corporation

Jones, originally I was gone post one of two essays I found on my jump drive today. The first is called Scorn of Lady Macbeth (about women using kids as pawns in relationship) and the second is called Work hard and don’t make excuses (about demise of work ethic in youngins today). Maybe next week, but I had to detour for a few based of an astute comment left on the prior post by my folk Curious. His comment reads as follows:

"I had to look up wt the Glass Steagall Act was and what effects it may or may not have had in the banking industry. As a Liberterian I would have thought that you would have approved of repeal of the Act. Doesn't this mean that there is less government interference and therefore more chance to make money by the industry and less chance of losing money on waste and regulation?"

Yes it is true; I am a Libertarian, a civil libertarian. But it is also true that I do feel as I do about the repealing of the Glass-Stegall Act. How can this be since I am against government intervention and protecting me from myself? It is simple. When I read the constitution of these United States of America, especially the Preamble, which learned as a child looking at Schoolhouse Rock on Saturdays in between cartoons, the first thing that I recall is the phrase WE THE PEOPLE.

This is very important to me for it “ordains and establishes” a foundation for my civil liberties as an individual as well as a self professed civil libertarian. Especially as implied via the 14th amendment for I consider myself a sovereign citizen. I do not believe nor do I accept that institutions, groups and last but not least – corporations, are ordained as such under the constitution. Consequently I do not equate the rights of corporations as that of or equal to those of individual citizens, I just don’t and folk don’t get down like that with respect to dialectical ruminations of the constitutional sort. For again, in the preamble to the constitution, it reads WE THE PEOPLE and not WE THE CORPORATION. Curious, hope that answers your query. Great comment as usual.

Addendum: The song today is Citizen Sovereign – corner of my eye (1996) by savagebeastmonsta-sameblakmuthafucas - us. My interpretation and application of what the 14th amendment is to me if yawl aint ever read it. For as I have written before, Ignorance and freedom is incompatible. Enjoy

PS – Buy Fast and Gamin’ Today.

CORPERATION, 14th amendment, Libertarian, liberty, Glass-Stegall Act, constitution, savagebeastmonsta-sameblakmuthafucas, Preamble, Schoolhouse Rock

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

$3 ATM

Point of order: Sorry for delay in post, forgot I was still a scientist and had two journal articles to proof and correct for Health Education Journal and Global Public Health

Now since I was finally able to post Recess – is- on and PP (which were written in April), back on the grind, which you know in most cases means loot. I am kind of frustrated with America, I mean we aint got what it takes it seems anymore. I can understand how K street gets politicians in a bind but I can’t understand why regular folk don’t see why things are the way they are economically.

We are big on crying and asking folks to do for us, but we never have a good understanding of first what needs to be done or even what or how serious the problem is. Come this November, after the general election, well really before, I hope we can come to an understanding of the aforementioned.

This country has not been in this bad of shape economically since the 1920s and 1030s. I’m sure some will disagree with me, but this is just my opinion. Right now, at least based on numbers from two years go; our domestic financial debt was more than 14 trillion dollars. Fourteen trillion. Today I suspect it is maybe 4 or 5 trillion more, but there aren’t any real numbers available, just estimates so I made my own.

And although we talk about the housing market as being a major contributor to this problem as well as multiple wars, the truth is that the financial sector is mostly to blame, along with republican and democratic leadership at the legislative and executive level. For as I said before, with regulatory constraints basically removed, this created an environment for this particular sector of our economy to go buck wild. Bill Clinton repealed the Glass –Stegall Act and bam.

Long time ago, there were regulated fees for Credit Cards for example, now they can make up fees and even charge you for paying on time or even if you pay off your monthly balance. Don’t even throw in the outrageous and wide ranging interest rates credit card companies (the financial sector) can charge, that is a whole ‘nother story. But to sum it all up, this is where the problem lies. We didn’t have this type of concern when America made stuff and had a strong manufacturing base. Since the financial sector has replaced manufacturing as our largest industry, our national debt has sky rocketed. This sector alone accounts for more than 30% of all of our national debt. Namely as a result of what is called Securitization or what can be called collateralizing debt obligation

Like I said back in the 20s and 30s when we saw similar problems, the national debt was about 250% of our gross domestic product. Today it is about 350%. What does this mean, well in simple terms, maybe a 10% reduction in the values of our houses for those of us who own one, commodity inflation (as mentioned in a prior post) and a 500 trillion dollar debt, which will eventually come back to bite us in the ass one day. I think that is one of the reasons I don’t have an ATM card. Never had one ever. So they next time you go to an ATM machine, just remember that the $3.00 they charge you to use it, is just adding to our national debt. Three cheers for the financial sector. Hip Hip Hooray.

Addendum: Love the fact folks can come in shop with dogs and kids, lay up and drink wine for free – they always end up buying stuff.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Pomegranate pu**y

point of order:
1] It’s clear i'm man of the year and I wont go near them hot stage lights VAN HUNT

2] again as I said before some folk think not getting caught in a lie is the same as telling the truth

3] More Funktry muzk, 4give jones, pause if u don’t like folk

First I would like to apologize for the title, but the rectitude’s of my sexuality have gotten the best of me for the time being, so forgive me, As a man I have desires, needs, wants, passions and penchants that, let us say, define my spiritual exchange with women. This exchange is mandatory in my view and mandatory preferably to the extent of at least 5 times a day. I acknowledge this in the simplest of terms for when I go to sleep I am rigid against my navel and I wake up the same way.

Prior to this vacuous state, I was involved and albeit the object of such stimulation stimulated me, even to the point of every time I drove my vehicle orally and to the end result of child. She had an epiphany and made a promise to God – so she said, not to have any such activity until across the ubiquitous broom. I believed her. But this is not the point. The point is that I have desires, needs, wants, passions and penchants.

I can never be with a woman, another woman that doesn’t want to French, Kiss, swallow manhood, or even let me lick the kitty. Yep, Before had one that said they were disgusting and for dogs – so I barked.

Yep, I’m writing about expectations, and I aint afraid to say what I expect when a woman deals with folk. I’m man all man, and don’t get mad if I feel like dreaming about the Orion nebula when I’m getting throat, or if I take a liking to long slow stroking your eyeballs into submission. Don’t get mad at me because I want to cut up apples and sprinkle cinnamon in your bath water or if I want to sprinkle cinnamon or ginger and honey on your nipples and lick them off. I’m just me, and if you down with folk, that means you like long thickness, deeply buried in the darkness of your soma, and wont even get mad if I cut open a Pomegranate, and place the seeds, in your wetness and retract them with my tongue – that’s passion, it aint nasty. Let me stop. vote