Sunday, July 20, 2008

Watch yo back folk

Point of order: My son turned 16 on Thursday. I sent him a text saying that if u picked up after 12am in GA u can be arrested. He texted me back saying “Pops, in action with a girl, we be home soon.” I responded “LOL”, was I wrong?

2] Only thing bout being at shop all day I dislike is not being able to cook, my daughter had cheese grits, next whiting, yams, Mac n cheese n greens, the fried chicken. Each time she grabs a dog bed and her baby and go to sleep – apple don’t fall far from tree lol. So I am buying what I normally cook

Now back to our regular scheduled thought crimes. First a disclaimer. I am no prognosticator as described by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his Grand Inquisitor, nor do I own a 1-900 number or a crystal ball. Nor do I desire to see any harm come to anyone; unless they try to bum rush my shop or up on my 11 acres threatening me and mine, for I will bury them and they car.

But your folk just hit his global trip, first stop Afghanistan I think. Pundits say it is supposed to give clues about how he gone deal with foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East (aint no such place map wise it is Asia). Now what I am about to say is just me expressing brain cells that have yet to be depleted. Maybe it is my corpus of reticular formations or the inferior colliculus projections to the nuclei in my pons that are just as messed up. But this is it. I know the GOP are some dirt mother shut your mouths, especially after all the dirt they have slung at Obama courtesy of Mrs. Clinton. Knowing this one can see the desperation regarding winning this election in November at all and any cost. I hope I am wrong, but I just hope Obama watches his back while out of the country. These folks may plant a sniper some where in one of the countries where he is touring and just may try and take him out. That way, they cold blame it on terrorist and attempt to gather more support for this mess we already in proffered by the neo Cons, and believe me you, I don’t think the neo Cons would stop at anything to prove a point.

Not to mention the print media and TV has put this trip on front street unlike the trip made by McCain, which we barely heard a whisper about. So folk, if yo folk read this blog man, watch your back. Ok, Im through ruminating, dont get mad, like I said, thought and thinking arouses me so blame my Pons.

Addendum: Long live groupies, i mean do they make women like they used too - thanks to my homie candyrayne.


The Socialite said...

lol at your sons response to your text!

David Moore said...

I don't like thinking of the possibility of assassination and Obama in the same sentence. But were something to happen, talk about hope deferred.

Let us hope in hope that this man of inspiration is the rightful and ordained newly elected leader of the United States of America for whatever amount of years to come. :)

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

You are not the first to suspect that someone may attempt to assisinate Obama, dont know how much I would worry about that...but off topic I like the song you posted today and I dont think you were wrong for your text...dont understand how you could be....just worrying about the well being of your son

Unknown said...

One hell of a thought Scholar... But I think the conserves are aware that if they pull some ish, it'll have devastating effects on this country and their counterparts. But you're right, Bro needs to watch his back!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post as usual.

Hey bro, I have a writing request of you. One of these days, describe the freedom that running your own shyt gives you. From reading your posts for the last year, you seem to be pretty free-spirited. And I love that picture you have on your site, chilling in the woods with the 22? or 30 out 6 rifle. Reminds me of the early days when my pop would take us hunting.........basically, for anything known to be edible (lol).


msladyDeborah said...

So many points to think about.

I'll work in reverse order.

OB is first. That an across my mind too.:-0
But I suspect that he has intercessory prayer warriors working where it first matters twenty four seven. Let's hope and pray he is safe while he is there.

Next: Lil mama is my kind of girl. There is nothing like playing with a naked doll baby! :-)

Dang! I need to head south to get myself some is too damn hot to cook any in this white collar town.

Your message back to your son. I'm sure that your son appreciated your understanding. Now when lil mama gets to be sixteen will that be the case? Only time will tell.

You'll probably need to get a new plan for getting rid of any offender who might have the misfortune to step up on your property. If the po-po ever read your post~they may feel you did something to hide the evidence! :-)

professor said...

you text was appropriate, his answer was not...I get the sense that he is looking to you for approval...the message your sending is it is ok to bang a girl on your birthday just cause it's your birthday...was it just a girl, or his girl...are you teaching him that it's ok to bone and disown...not cool...
furthermore in today's society I don't think it's appropriate to post your daughters picture
1. we know where your store is
2. we know your and her daily routine
3. we know you got loot
making her a prime target for a kidnapping...folks are desperate out here...

Anonymous said...

you're son's response is priceless!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

The Socialite
I cracked up too, and u been on my roll for 3 weeks now hon

Sidebar: all I read now is Obama and mccain on Afgan – think they read this blog, their folks that is LOL

Well they say that with each bk candidate, im just saying the opportunity and policy. Others have not been connected to foreign policy

Tony OH
Tone, u know how we do LOL

George Malik Abdul-Mahdi
Thank u, and I will do that, next week even.

Yes maam and I didn’t say the soul food place delivers to me and my shop only – for sending business his way LOL

LOL, he was not having sex he would have told me, he was at the movie with one girl and another behind him was tapping him on his shoulder. Got home at 1215 lol

Peppermint Beauty
LOL. Trust, got to be able to tell u everything and do come back if u can

Amina said...

lol at your son's response. My parents will kill me if i ever write something like that.
I've just read your last comment and i hope he had a good 16th bday..
my parents were so strict, i couldn't go to the movies with a guy..

Anonymous said...

YAY He's a cancer!!! WOOOOOO!!!

LOL@ "in action with a girl"....and your response was wrong tsk tsk...that's why you asked 'cuz you know...when you daughter turns sixteen and she texts you "in action with a boy" Im sure your response won't be "LOL" At least he wasnt having sex and he better not be...being 16 and all...Good thing he would feel comfortable telling you he's having sex though. My mama was on us so I probably went on a date with one guy when I was living with her. She knows all about my sex life (or the lack thereof) now though ha! Except for my ex because she'd like to kill him....

and your daughter is sooooo cute! She's a little doll. I always look at those dog beds and think they are too good for a dog Except maybe one of the tiny dogs that dont get all hairy and nasty lol

Yup, I'm sure there's lots of fear for Obama. I wonder what kinda security he has...

Candy said...

Boy you are a mess!!! LOL!!! I'm mad at your for responding with a "LOL" to your son though *frowning*... but he has to learn responsibility.

Anyways, on to the the thoughts of Barack being out of the country... So I'm watching FOX News this morning (I know... don't kill me, but anything Barack catches my attention), and they're saying how Barack is over in Afghanistan and what not. But they're saying that he's only there for photo ops and -ish!!! Are you *uckin kidding me??? So it's fun to just go to war zones just to get your pic in the paper or on the news? Hell, he can do that here in the states. I can take him to several spots back home in Cali that are war zones in their own right...he ain't got to go out of the country for that mess! But what was so bad is the fact that the reporter reporting it kept using those exact words "Barack is using another photo op", or "Barack Obama taking advantage of a photo op." As a reporter, aren't you supposed to be biased on things such as this?

And yes hun... "groupie love" is alive and kickin like karate!!!

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
Your son is a chip off the ole block! LOL

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
Your son is a chip off the ole block! LOL

Rose said...

Nothing wrong with your response to the text message unless it was my daughter...if so, yours would have

anita said...

interesting you mention the whole brain stem thing. i was just reading that what's in the brain stem is the most ancient part of the human anatomy. and it's the part that scientists know the least about!!

so what is my point?

hmmm ... not sure. i might have to get back to you on that!!


The Flyyest said...

your sons a beast...LMAO!!!
but why would you text back LOL?

um all that food sound like i need to get to ATL so you can hook me up!!!!!

i jus love you daughter she is so beautiful!!!!!!

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

i'm going to need you to send some of that food my way ;)

In regards to Barack..My best friend is on the Secret Service Swat team and those men are currently on the grind while on his detail. I have heard from him that Barack's detail has been more reinforced than Bush's own detail.

Hmmm....I'm not going to comment on the response to your son,I'm sure you've taught him well.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Poor u lol

True but I talk to her like I did him, she never sees me with another woman unless at dinner table. She will know what to expect, beside her brother aint having it.

Wonder if they got it from they mommas lol

12 kyle
Yours will be the same way just start talking to them now u get 15 to 20 seconds when they ask a ques. So answer truthfull and wisely and if u not driving look them in the eye

Chk this he good. #1 son

LOL. Ill be waiting

The Flyyest
He think he is, lol, and thanks re lil momma, guess I will be seeing u soon. I laughed cause action aint ion a movie theater lol

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]
Well we eat good up in this camp LOL

shine said...

ur daughter sounds like my kinda girl. cheese grits, fried chicken, yams and fried fish--then off to bed. doesn't get much better than that.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: How odd is it that we disagree so strongly on the Clintons? You see them as immoral. I see Hillary Clinton as a competitive competitor. And there's much about both their politics I don't like. I voted absentee against her in the 2006 NY primary for Tassini and passed in the 2006 general. I voted for Brown in the NY primary against Bill Clinton in 1992 and passed in 1996.

But the same factors which make Obama popular down here and in Europe made Clinton popular. And Bill Clinton already has a record of liberating countries. Mine for one. You think Obama has the balls to do what Clinton did here in 1999? Close all the military bases and kick out all the CIA he could locate? Affirm once and for all Carter-Torrijos?

Obama's a brave guy. He isn't THAT brave. We're going to give Obama a long honeymoon. If he promotes a calmer foreign policy, he'll be beloved. If he preaches at us, we'll tell him to fuck himself same as we told Bush.

And there's certainly one thing Obama's going to have to get up to speed on with regard to foreign policy. The religious hoo-ha is fine for US elections, but religion is a private matter everywhere else. I live in a country whose OFFICIAL state religion is Roman Catholic but is 1/3 atheist or agnostic. That's how it is throughout THE WEST ex-USA.

Colin Powell has long wore out his welcome here. I don't know what the European view of him is, but South America isn't real, real fond of him to say the least. Let's put it this way. Powell is to Panama like Osama bin Laden times 1000 to the US. And the Northern part of South America all tends to see these things similarly while the Southern part sees themselves as part of Europe.

So, this is a rare opportunity for Obama. He has 90% approval ratings here as in all of the West, ex-USA.

The issue of race and ethnicity is organized rather differently in my bend in the river than it is in the USA. All races, skin colors, religions or lack thereof mix together socially, inter-marry and it's no big deal.

NOBODY gets a free pass here. Show us. Having already had a president of African descent and woman president, Obama's "story" is pretty meaningless here. We want Obama the rationalist. The intellectual. The peacemaker. The negotiatior. The community organizer. The man who understands and respects international law and business.

We have a young assemblyman (equivalent to a senator) named Roberto "Chama" Butcher, who is Anglo-Afro-Panameno. He speaks no English, though. Ask him who Fannie Lou Hamer or Rosa Parks was. You'll get a blank stare. Ask him who So-and-so Btesh or so-and-so Traad-Porras is and he'll say "the guys who put $50k in my campaign fund." Ask him who Bill Clinton is and he'll say "the guy who made this possible for me."

This attitude is the RULE outside the USA. One of the things Panamanians like about Obama is his sense of Chicago street politics and how the gears mesh. The very things the US media attacks Obama about. That's how politics is done everywhere ex-USA FANTASYLAND. We don't take Tony Rezko as a bad thing. We understand that every up and coming politician needs a Tony Rezko to get started.

I would like Obama to win and in service of that I don't mind the religious hoo-ha or the newly-rediscovered Iraq bellicosity. I know he's smarter than that. It's just a few croutons on the pond to see how big a win he can lock down.

But if he brings THAT side of himself on foreign visits WHEN he's president, the world will drop him like a bad habit.

It's very stressful in a lot of ways to be preached to and the world is damned sick of it. We get what the US governing party is about vis-a-vis religion and war and disrespect for sovereignty and international law, convention and standards.

If the opposition is no different, then who cares? A gringo's a gringo. A gaijin's a gaijin. We'll let the USD die on the vine and continue to bend the United States over in f/x, debt and commodities markets and whatever drama happens in America will be "mierda de afuera" same as everything else. Your problem. Not ours. The color of Obama's skin? You must be joking. This is a mixed country of everything but White Christian Americans.

Nobody here talks about Obama being assassinated. Everybody is thrilled that he's the favorite to be the next president. Mention Obama and everybody smiles. Mention McCain and everybody says "NO". Mention Colin Powell and get ready to duck!

But...if part of the package is Colin Powell and a Fundamentalist Baptist reading of the bible, Obama would be better off in White America because he'll have no friends outside.

And...on the other topic, my parents allowed me and my sister equally the same freedoms and we're none the worse for wear. You're a great father.

Mondo said...


Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Good post! As the Mama of a 16 yo son, I see such a response from your son as being truthful. By the way your daughter's meal sounds good.

I agree that I do wonder about BO's safety, sadly nothing would surprise me at this point.

Unknown said...

I was watching that CNN special they had on MLK the other night and I thought of Obama.
I pray for his safety here AND there!
by the way you and your son are too funny! Glad you guys have a open relationship!

*Tanyetta* said...

your daughter is soooooo cute!!!!!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Guess that means im cooking for u when u ever in the a, for food is like u, can only be touched and experienced

We had been over this a trillion times. And like I said before, ALL of them will have to do the same for they all are lacking

Thanks for the love and do come back folk


Cant afford not to with kids nowadays

Days like These!
Thank u sister, u don’t see her horns?

Dreamy said...

your son was doing what, now look dont make me come and snatch him up,lol

just kidding

daughter is cute in the little dog bed,lol

Dione said...

"Only thing bout being at shop all day I dislike is not being able to cook..."
But you OWN the shop and u can do what u wanna do. Put a stove in there and cook for your daughter...
Then put in another stove and make some homemade gourmet doggie treats. Now it's Brain Cells for Dogs complete with FOOD for thought...

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: WE'VE been over it a zillion times because our views are the same. We're both free-market civil libertarians. We aren't innocents about any of this with regard to money or winning.

I suspect you, like me, think the Barr-McKinney or McKinney-Barr fusion ticket fits our ways of thinking better than the bellicosity of McCain or the mushy center-rightism of Obama.

Barr and McKinney are only available to us in theory.

My point isn't to rehash old issues. My point is to bring an international perspective to this. It's a fools errand, I know. Americans didn't give a damn about the epic bloodshed in Rwanda. They didn't give a damn about Bosnia-Herzegovina/Kosovo. Luckily, Clinton did. They don't give a damn about Darfur now.

So, how can I sell the case that an American icon to Black and White alike, Colin Powell, belongs in Belgium doing triple-life for war crimes? But that's what "the West" outside of the USA believes. I can take a 15-minute cab ride and see the living memorial of Operation "Just" Cause. If you saw it, I swear you'd change your mind.

Colin Powell? Free-markets? You must be joking, man. He's about central authoritarian control. Not free flow of capital.

I've tried really hard to see the other side on this. I have. I'm certainly open-minded on it given that my reaction to the New Yorker cover was more extreme than yours was. I thought about who were the most vile Jews I could come up with and they were: Henry Kissinger and Dutch Schultz. If the Lord High Jew told me that I had to reserve a place at my table for those two, I'd say "take a walk; those guys are/were socio-paths."

I think Obama has the world of promise and I'm thrilled at the thought that not only does he have a good chance to be President, he's the LIKELY next President. But we both know it doesn't stop there. The rest of the capitalist-democratic-republic world is more like all its component states than it is like the USA. Obama's great and there's the world of enthusiasm for him everywhere, but no one's under the illusion that he's the next Mandela or even the next Mbeki. Mandela and Mbeki have not only shown the world that the RSA is better MORALLY with the ANC but also better economically. Mandela and Mbeki had and have coherent, growth-promoting fiscal and monetary policies. They don't preach. They don't strong-arm.

Color and gender have tremendous valence in the USA. Outside, not so much. Been there, done that. It's about free minds, free markets, free people, economic growth and sound money.

Again, I'm asking to be understood on something "foreign." Think of the identifiably "right-wing" governments in the West: Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, and Peru. Can you imagine what a laughing stock Obama would be in the US press if he ran on the words and deeds of: Harper, Uribe, Sarkozy, Merkel, Olmert, Calderon and Garcia?

He'd have to be for no US presence in Iraq, no death penalty, no incarceration of juveniles with adults, single-payer health care, privacy rights, full judicial discretion in sentencing, no off-site concentration camps where foreign nationals can be held indefinitely without charge, wiretapping policy which requires a court order and is issued for about 14 days and may be cancelled at a judge's discretion and are equally valid for cellphones, no mixing of church and state, subsized university education, due process of law including habeus corpus, possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use either no violation or a civil violation, no "alternative minimum tax," no tax on foreign source income, no capital gains tax, fiscal prudence and monetary neutrality, the rights of consumers to 4g telecommunications encryption technology, a mutiplicity of newspapers with wide ranges of views...shall I go on?

Jeez, the USA's military adventurism financed by the Saudis and Chinese are making everywhere else RICH! And as double-digit growth continues, other Western nations are minding their fiscal and monetary houses: flexible Keynesianism on the fiscal side, flexible "Fisherism" on the monetary side.

These are the RIGHT-WING governments in the West and their heads-of-state support policies which sound like Dennis Kucinich with a Ron Paul kicker. Or like a Barr-McKinney or McKinney-Barr ticket.

So, how do you think Obama would do if he had the views of a guy like Alan Garcia of Peru who's considered kind of right-wing brute in the rest of the West? Obama would be considered a "loony liberal, totally out-of-step with his country." McCain would walk away with it.

But Obama's a careful guy and it going to lock it down. That's great, but take a second to see it with foreign eyes. What passes for "normal" in the USA is considered Extremist Evangelism in the rest of the capitalist world, really no different from Muslim Extremism.

Obama's a worldly guy. None of this is a secret to him. And the world is ready to welcome him. The question is if he can, like Bill Clinton, show one kind of simple gear to America and a more complex gear to the rest of the world.

You can do "God", "troops" and "flag" in the USA and it plays like a nickelodeon. You cannot do that outside. There's no market for it. The EU and MERCOSUR are evidence of that to be sure.

It took a hell of a leap of faith for the world to support Clinton against Milosevic. Serbia had been a little bulwark against the Nazis in WWII and it was very hard at first to DENY the Serbs their "place at the table." It was the right thing morally but Clinton had to treat the rest of the world like peers not like younger step-brothers to get the support he needed. Especially from Russia.

I apologize sincerely to everybody for being boring about this but the USA is in a very precarious economic position and countries people give no account to can to a lot more damage to the USA with central bank policy than Iraq can do with roadside bombs. Not many Americans even know the difference between Mugabe and Mbeki. Very few Americans know that they are heads-of-state of contiguous nations. One is a brute; the other is an accomplished and respected leader.

Our hearts and minds are open. We are expecting the same of Obama. Somehow, I don't think we'll be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

You always (eventually) get to the truth, but, I swear, you're just as crazy as a bed-bug. Peace.

Anonymous said...

right the response to your text was hilarious...least he was straight but no u wasn't wrong for that...and your daughter ate better than I

cheese grits? never had them....and I'm from Texas...isn't that wild?


Ka Ntru said...

I love your spot Bro!!! Your son's response was classic. Obama??????????????? I think he's the greatest Front Man the world will ever see! Keep up the good writing!

Darius T. Williams said...

Your son really said that? WOW

Kofi said...

I dig the candid approach, as far as texting goes.

McCain's leak? Just another desperate tactic.

We saw how well those worked for Clinton.

NoRegrets said...

you should have written back to make sure he was using a condom...

I hope Obama stays safe.

Your daughter - well, you know, you can unwrap the stuff for her so she doesn't have to lie on plastic! ;-)

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Good as response to your son peoples. I think i might have some action on tha dog tees also.

Aly Cat 121 said...

we coming to yo house next sunday for dinner. LOL @ the baby in the doggie bed with her little baby. (in action with a girl? I'm scared to ask)

beezie benjamin said...

...Naw! It was sponsored by Business To Business Magazine and Atlanta Woman Magazine. Great event nonetheless.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the love! :)

Don't be a stranger.


"Who shot cha?!"

Big Man said...

What exactly does "in action" mean? Cause if that's my son, I'm concerned that I might be getting a new present in 10 months.

They won't kill Obama. They are still convinced they can beat him using the regular rules.

Anonymous said...

#1: You are very wrong, imagine if your daughter text that message...At least, and I mean at least, you and your son have an open relationship.

That has been my fear, that they will use the terrorism in Iraq to find away to attack Obama. Let's just hope the CIA and all government officials have the same IQ as George W Bush. That way we know it will be botched attempt.

Q said...

Your son is a playa...i love it...

4GOTTEN1 said...

Wish my pops had been as cool as you?

Anonymous said...

They got Ron Brown on some plane crash shit (shot him in the back of the head). I think Obama is aware and probably should ride around in a pope mobile waving like a old white guy who speaks Latin. I think he could pull it off.

Real Talk, I thought it was a setup in the first place when McCain is egging him to go.

Plus Clinton is waiting to spring into action. So we'll have a national day of mourning then the evil Clinton is back!

A Diva Undone said...

Why was I saying that very same thing about an overseas assasination today while watching the news? I bid him safe travels.

BTW- Your daughter is about as cute as they come...Pretty girl who isn't afraid to take a nap on a doggy bed...gotta love it.

no_slappz said...

torrance, I wondered how long it would take before the idea of an assassination conspiracy would pop up. Now I know.

Where's all the paranoia coming from?

Let me be clear -- your notion that the government would do what you have suggested is as crazy as the idea that the US government was involved in 9/11. Nuts. Totally nuts.

Meanwhile, you should review the history of these situations.

First -- No black politician has ever been assassinated in the US.

Second -- all political assassins in the US have been mental cases. The killers of our four assassinated presidents were nuts. Certifiably off their rockers.

Third -- the scenario YOU described would require a vast conspiracy. It is beyond all possibility that such a conspiracy could be formed. Your idea suggests there are NO patriots in the country who would reveal the existence of a group of plotters.

Fourth -- vast conspiracies like the one you envision exist exclusively in the minds of people who see murderous evil where there is only opposition.

Maybe it's news to you, but if Obama is elected, he will not become king for four years. He is not a future Robert Mugabe. He is not a future Fidel Castro. He is not a future Hugo Chavez.

However, IF he is elected, the US will see gasoline reach $10 a gallon before the 2012 election. As long as Obama opposes an expansion of domestic oil drillling in addition to opposing the expansion of the US nuclear program, it is a certainty that oil prices will continue their upward trend.

It is remarkable that an office-seeker who is determined to raise the price of EVERYTHING -- because every product has an energy component -- is popular.

I suppose his supporters believe "other people" will pay higher prices for food, energy, education and shelter. But somehow it seems Obama supporters think they will not pay higher prices.

Frankly, it's likely that housing prices will decline over the next year or so. But it seems the worst is over.

However, Obama has stated his intention of raising taxes and giving free helath care to MILLIONS and MILLIONS of illegal aliens. That's another bill for taxpayers.

He has a goofy idea of moving troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. Moreover, in his hunt for Osama, he has stated his desire to INVADE Pakistan. It is inconceivable that his belligerence will lead to a reduction of military spending or a reduction in the number of troops operating in combat theaters.

However, his position on domestic oil drilling and nuclear power matches existing law and policy. Thus, IF he does Nothing, Then his Inaction will contribute to increasing oil and gasoline prices.

With respect to your theory about what "neocons" want, those who are in the oil industry won't object too strenuously to Obama's logjam on domestic oil drilling because higher prices will keep oil-company profits without the need for heavy capital spending.

That plays nicely into the hands of people in the solar and wind businesses, too. They get free money from taxpayers at virtually no risk and for doing almost nothing. Nice racket.

Me said...

Minds alike!

As for your son's response to your text!

CLASSIC! I laughed out loud on that.

rainywalker said...

Raw Dawg,
I got your post. Play some more of that hand written music!

Jay Midnyte said...

"However, IF he is elected, the US will see gasoline reach $10 a gallon before the 2012 election. As long as Obama opposes an expansion of domestic oil drillling in addition to opposing the expansion of the US nuclear program, it is a certainty that oil prices will continue their upward trend."

It's gonna happen either way.

Anonymous said...

Will you respond "LOL", if your daughter texts you something like that at the same age?

I'm just curious

Shelly- Mom Files said...

yeah Obama will have to watch his back for real.

Your daughter is adorable :-)

no_slappz said...

jay midnyte, you wrote:

"It's gonna happen either way."

Here's what's going to happen "either way."

Global oil consumption will rise over the next four years.

It will rise because China, India, Russia and other large countries -- including the US -- are growing. The population of each country is rising and individual consumption is also increasing. That adds up to greater AGGREGATE energy consumption. Oil

If consumption of oil rises faster than production, the price of oil will go higher than it is today. That means the price of gasoline will rise too.

In is a certainty that oil Consumption will rise over the next four years.

Will oil Production rise slower? Faster? Or just keep up with Consumption? We do not know the pace of oil Production over the next four years.

But we do know the oil drilling policies supported by each candidate.

As president, Obama has promised he would maintain the current levels of oil production in the US. In other words, as president, he would do NOTHING to change existing policy and law regarding oil.

Under Obama, oil Production would NOT Increase.

IF US production remains fixed around current levels, oil prices will rise as Global Consumption increases.

But, if the US were to open all domestic drilling sites to oil companies, we would have the OPPORTUNITY to push prices lower by increasing production.

If demand exceeds the production capacity we ADD, at least the high oil prices will go to US companies, employing US workers, paying US taxes to the US government. That's how things are supposed to work.

Instead, Obama wants the US to pay even higher prices for oil to countries that fantasize about our destruction. Why would he prefer that Americans send massive amounts of cash to these nations for oil purchases when oil is abundant here?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JAY MIDNYTE: I tend to agree with you, although I think $10 by 2012 is a little extreme. $7.50, I think, is two standard deviations out from Dec 2012 contract price today.

On the Obama assassination question, my guess would be that a combination of post-9/11 security changes and that Republicans have employed the same scorched-earth policy against conservative White Democrats since 1994, so that's kind of innoculated their "base" in a sense. Their craziness over a moderates like the Clintons, the Daschle/Thune races, etc., have kind of innured the crazies to hate all Democrats. Given Obama's success in getting a decent slice of the Red State White Male vote in the primaries, his color, I'd think, is secondary to his being a Democrat.

That said, guys like Cobb were able to get away with a lot of smaller scale political terrorist acts like the Olympic bombing and the assassination of Dr Slepian, some say with the help of sympathetic law enforcement officials. Color being so important in the US, when I look at it in the light of Cobb's experience, I guess Obama is at increased risk.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I just saw your link to that picture of those 3 women on that one guy!! LOL...can we say HOT ASS MESS!!! Damn that was disturbing to look at....It seems like your son is tryna be a lil playboy...please dont let him take no pictures like that!

Lena said...

LOL at your kids. If I ate all that food, I would pull out a doggy bed and fit my butt in there as well for a nap. When I do visit your shop, make sure you have some of that food ready, lol.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ JAY MIDNYTE: My error, the Olympics bomber and assassin of Barnett Slepian was Eric Rudolph. Cobb was some other American Nazi who ran amok.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Love the picture of your little girl hanging out at the store. So cute. Sounds like you've done an awesome job of keeping the communication open with your son. Hope I can do that well. Glad to hear the "action" you were responding to was a movie!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


There is a thin line between brilliance and insanity, which I cross like Mexicans on the texas border lol


Ka Ntru
Thanks for the love folk

Darius T. Williams

I aint gon touch mccain, make me write a post right here

He wasn’t having sex ACTION = Macking LOL yawl some LAMES but I love yawl

Tha BossMack TopSoil
Cant wait for the shirts that’s business we support each other

Aly Cat 121
U welcome but bring Hubby too, don’t want no trouble

beezie benjamin
Just checking, I know Rolling out sponsored one

Big Man
LOL Action, macking, trying to get a phone number

I WAS NOT. He was not having sex – was flirting getting a number.

Just polishing his skills LOL

Aint trying to be cool, just keeping him in the real world.


U know I will from one musical scholar to another

Jay Midnyte

Wont have to, number one son will have to take her, be there and wait by her side LOL

Thank u sister, I mean Mom

Firstly Jones, what poly (many) trickster doesn’t Lie or say stuff out the side of their neck, u give more attention to Obma than all else

We are just catching up with the rest of the developing world

That’s foul. He wont.

Well I anticipate your visit with an openbed (doggy) too small for u though LOL

This my blog lol

Waiting for Zufan!
Thank you
And you have too if u desire to see a young blaclk mail stay on the str8 and narrow

no_slappz said...


The Atlanta Olympics bomber was Eric Rudolph -- a screwball of the highest order.

The killer of Dr Slepian was NOT Rudolph. I can't recall the killer's name off the top of my head, but I remember he left the country and was tracked to France. After his whereabouts were discovered he was apprehended. He may have usrrendered because he had nowhere else to run and no money.

no_slappz said...

torrance, you said:

"Firstly Jones, what poly (many) trickster doesn’t Lie or say stuff out the side of their neck..."

Does your statement mean you admit Obama is a liar?

You said:

"..u give more attention to Obma than all else..."

Obama offers a bizarre hodge-podge of plans for his possible presidency. Based on his promises, an Obama presidency will bring higher energy prices, higher taxes, more planned military interventions, higher healthcare costs, and higher costs for public school and college.

The only issue on which he has the right idea is the issue of decriminalizing drugs. He has suggested he believes treating the drug issue as a criminal issue is wrong. But he will NEVER have the honesty and nerve to make his belief part of his campaign. And he will never tell America he believes the best way to fight drugs is to end the criminal strategy and focus on drug abuse as a medical problem.

Obama has NO history. Based on Nothing, his supporters believe he is everything. Meanwhile, McCain has a history in office that is easily examined.

Whether you support him or oppose him, McCain is a visible quantity.

NoRegrets said...

Ah, but one leads to another! sometimes. if he's good... :-)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

yep, dont u lie? aint yawl both human - whats the point? and im gone comment to your first [post give me a second jones

no_slappz said...

torrance, you asked:

"yep, dont u lie? aint yawl both human - whats the point?"

Your rhetorical question is an example of faulty logic.

My willingness to lie is irrelevant. I am not running for the presidency. My integrity means nothing. But the integrity of the candidate is all he's got. Especially Obama, who has no personal record of achievement in office. He's done Nothing.

Obama supporters have reached the point of claiming that having No Record is better than having a record of which some people disapprove.

Strangely, the idea of having no experience seems to appeal to millions. It's hard to imagine why, since people always complain about the incompetence of newly hired employees who seem to know nothing.

With respect to the presidency, the candidates acknowledged to have the best preparation are state governors. But this year both candidates are senators, which means both of them lack some valuable administrative experience. The last senator to become president was John Kennedy.

But getting back to lying, there is miles of difference between voicing hopes and dreams of what may be versus making obviously false statements.

Then there is lying by mischaracterization. In a recent speech Obama said the US "faced down" fascism in World War II. To "face down" an opponent suggests that two parties circled each other, looked tough, made noises and eventually negotiated an acceptable co-existence.

That's not what happened.

The US undertook a massive and violent assault upon the most vile and reprehensible governments of the 20th Century and blew those governments, their militaries and huge numbers of civilians to pieces.

The lethal hammering led to Unconditional Surrender, followed by the generous rebuilding and restructuring of the two main aggressors in WWII.

And 63 years later we still have large numbers of troops in Germany and Japan. Why? To stop other nations from meddling and to keep the Germans and Japanese from reasserting any latent militaristic and warring sensibilities. Of course there are still 30,000 US troops on the border between North and South Korea. They've been in place for 55 years and the North Koreans have kept out of South Korea.

Yet Obama thinks it's possible for Iraq to keep insurgents out of the country with no assistance from the US.

After the US left Vietnam, communist forces seized the entire country and began the customary slaughter of all those who "posed a danger to the state."

History says Obama has no idea what he's doing when he says he wants to remove troops from Iraq and redeploy them to Afghanistan while threatening to invade Pakistan.

When it comes to energy, based on his own statements, he is clueless.

Charece said...

ABOUT YOUR SON: That respond was wrong, you should have said are you using protection, a rubber, a jimmy? Something... I'm just saying :)!

ABOUT OBAMA:Oh definately.You better believe that somebody is out there right now planning that assasination as we blog!They've got it all mapped out!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: Come to our blog more often and I'll come by yours less! LOL

Anonymous said...

I had that thought about Obama being over there. It gave me the chills so I instantly stopped and said a prayer for his safe return. I'm hoping they don't pull anything... but I wouldn't put it past them neither and that's sad.

The little princess is adorable! Great pic.

The Jaded NYer said...

uh... YES you are wrong for laughing at your son's response!

what if your daughter did the same at 16- would it still be funny?

and damn- that sniper scenario is straight out of a movie, but how sad is it that I wouldn't put it past the GOP to attempt it? Just sad...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

no_slappz said...
I can get platonis. It is not faulty. You talk you don’t expect no one to lie. That’s fatous to me, unrealistic and borders on delusional and I know u aint the latter.
It is relevant, for its like saying obama uised the bathroom – never hold others to standards we cant abide by ourselves

Most folk is politics say they have experience, but it is not like a physician, and who cares, what has experience gotten us – recession, some scandals, raped pages and a few dead bodies.

History or His –story?

I didn’t know u were lame too – keep up on the slang folk LOL

I do, sometimes hard to post a comment because of the side bar over lapping on the comment button

Thank u sister

The Jaded NYer
Yep, obviously u don’t have a teen ager – action me talking to a babe , macking, trying to get them digits

no_slappz said...

torrance, you wrote:

"You talk you don’t expect no one to lie."

It's remarkable that you and others claim you are accepting of lying and deceptive behavior when there are indications your claims are not true.

On this site you have told personal tales about people who lied to you and deceived you -- and you were angry about it. Not accepting. Not philosophical. It was clear from your comments that you expected something better from those who misled you.

It's one thing to recognize that dishonesty is part of life. It's something else to say you willingly accept the dishonesty when you don't.

You said:

"That’s fatous to me, unrealistic and borders on delusional..."

You should review your posts. I think you will see that your earlier statements on this site contradict the statement above. You have devoted a lot of verbiage to letting people know about the issues and activities that unsettle you.

You said:

"It is relevant, for its like saying obama uised the bathroom – never hold others to standards we cant abide by ourselves"

Your posts are filled with examples of situations in which you were disturbed by the actions or inactions of others. You obviously have standards which others sometimes fail to meet.

But when it comes to choosing a person to become the most powerful individual in the world for four years, you're claiming there's no need to expect the best. Based on your own statements, that view is out of place.

You said:

"Most folk is politics say they have experience, but it is not like a physician, and who cares, what has experience gotten us – recession, some scandals, raped pages and a few dead bodies."

Based on the preceding statement, you are claiming that we could elect either Barack Obama or David Duke and it would make no difference to the country or the world.

Anonymous said...

Another great post. I have found that money is another necessary evil I need to have some comforts in this life; but I try to not let it consume me. The econ may be bad; but we are still holding afloat. Those who are not holding afloat either sadly did not learn how to swim, didn't wear a life jacket, or don't have a support system, be it God, family, or friends, to keep them afloat until they reach the shore. I'm blessed to have all; plus I learned to swim at an early age. From your writings, I can see that you did too. With that said, don't waste too much of you beautiful energy worrying about the encon or money; these things will always be there for you dearest Rawdawg. No need to worry, for we as a Nation will pay for the sins of our nations forfathers-the tables always turn. You, a child of God, will always have at least enough; most times more. Use that beautiful energy of yours to teach; to inspire; to help those who have not yet learned to swim. Because before this is all over, a lot of our brothers and sisters will be up the river without a paddle - lecturing will not inspire them. Reach out and touch; show compassion; take them under your beautiful wings so that they can learn to fly, or at least learn to swim. Peace, Light and Love to you and yours dearest Torrence. P.S. I can't wait to read your book! So talented! I'm really glad to have met you in cyberspace - pass it on my kindred spiritual brotha.

Hannah Miet said...

your daughter is so cute.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Yes I did, im sorry, but still bgot love for u folk
Thank u sister, but no one wants to listen let alone fly under my wings

Thank u very much and do come back again soon ple

Marleisse Avery said...

I didnt go and read all 71 comments before so this may be a bit redundant but.... what does "in action" mean. I'm 19 and to me I would think he was implying that he was doing someting sexual???? So if im right, are you ok with him having sex at that age??? And if not, then yeah ur text was fine. If he's just chillin w/ a female friend then the "LOL" was a perfect response. Me and my mom text all the time, but I wouldnt dare tell her I was in the midst of sexual activity w/ a guy!? hahaha maybe because im the girl, and an only child and her little princess?? and maybe it's just a man thing to be ok w/ stuff like that. LOL

Anonymous said...

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