Sunday, June 15, 2008


Point of order: 1] Big Brothers are great for little sisters (see pic)

2] Nothing Like Neckbones (see pic) with potatoes before Game 5 of NBA Finals - on my stove.

3] Tiger is the MAN.

4] is this a fad, but my homeslice did a review of a poem had in a lit journal. Im flattered.

I have often ruminated on where the term or phrase player hater arose. I have queried regarding both its ontological and teleological definition and purpose – not just the meaning.

The strange thing is that there is this term, as well as the recognition of “hate the player, but not the game" yet the SELF proclaimed hatee, never abides by this credo for his intrinsic motivation is always selfish and seen at themselves. Bazaar aint it jones?

Now I aint gone Kierkegaard this shit, I mean this non empirical investigation is one of many subjective, yet topical realities that bewilders me (like vegetarians when our teeth are made to eat meat or how folk fail to see GOP and Donkeys as the same thing).

Yep it is not a lie; I hate players and haters, but not scholars and folk. I think there is a difference. I mean I hate the New York Yankees, but love baseball, does that make me a hater? To the two bit cathode ray tube inundated serf, it does. But such is that of the fk boy mentality. Or the racist mentality. Believe it or not, disliking the act has no direct bearing on the person. Least the way folk here see it. You can be a Dallas Cowboy fan, sit next to them, drink your liquor, root against their team and have much love for them the individual.

A step farther seems that they are always the same folk who calling other player haters. Unfortunately my name aint Milton Bradley or Parker brothers, so game playing unless on a field or with my kids is reserved for stadiums and TV for me. Life is too short, not to mention expensive. So feel free to call me a player hater for I have an official player hater degree (PHD), as well as maintain a pretty hard D***. My fault. Any who, with that said, I reserve my right to call folk or policies as being foul, lame, bull shit or by any other country proper nouns laced with explicatives at any time I objectively come to such a conclusin. And to honor Paul Harvey GOOD DAY.

Side Bar: Got my first 100 comment post, done had a many with 70,80, 90 but a break through so yawl read the comments to Real in the field to see what Sun Tzu was really all about. Warfare is won in the mind. Mind empowered with thought and not with empty words and rhetoric (mindless banter).


enigma4ever said...

Happy Fathers Day....and a 100 comment is amazing...and tiring ....hope your day was good....

Unknown said...

I'm with you on that bruh. Warfare is won in the mind. If you notice my logo on my blog at the top of the page, it says "the mind is the sword."

So true. It is the natural and most dangerous weapon there is.

You can put my "Chronicles in Soul Expansion" blog up

María said...

After you said you hate the Yankees I stopped reading.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

thank u sister

Marcelle D. Ward
done folk, but many a man doesnt understand n or can comprehend stuff, welcome to the fam

Immoral Matriarch
lucky for you have time permits a quick response, BRAVES folk. But I still sell dog jerseys and jackets with Yankee emblems and logos in my store LOL

Amina said...

off topic: that stew looks so yummy!! can i get the recipe

the prisoner's wife said...

hey T, just wanted to stop by and send you some Father's Day wishes. i hope you enjoyed it!

my aunt & uncle were here from Atl & they have extended an offer for us to come visit. i might have to come on down & see ya too!

Vixenlibra said...

Happy Fathers Day luv! Even tho its like 7 minutes past. I'm really felling your blog and congrats to the 100. You have been added to my list of inspirations. Mos def going to get your books. Where are you now? Memphis, or ATL? If not here, will you be here for the Fushion show? haven't heard about it I did a post on it. If so let me know. ENjoy your week!

Dreamy said...

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

jynnefer said...

No...Tiger's my man. I'm mad The Celtics didn't bring it home, but we will wrap it up on Tuesday. :)

Happy Fathers Day folk. lol

DivaJood said...

Hating the New York Yankees does not make you a hater - that's just good sense. I personally live and die by the Chicago Cubs, which means I dislike the New York Mets, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Milwaukee Brewers, and want to see them lose every game. Loyalty does not make someone a hater. I love my civil liberties, which George Bush has stripped from us all, and I hate what he has done to America. Barack Obama has a petition online supporting the recent Supreme Court decision. We should all go and sign it. We can put an end to hate by positive action.

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by!
Cool blog, stop by again soon :-)

LaToya P said...


Happy Father's Day, and thanks for the comments. I dig your blog, I dig neckbones, I dig it. I love reading the thoughts of intelligent black folk. I'll be sure to visit regularly!!

Sista GP said...

1. That's her new b-day bike? she'll be off the training wheels soon.
2. You have your son wearing socks and sandles, too? lol
3. off (lol). I challenge you to spaghetti sauce. hubby gorged himself on mine this weekend.
4. Why have games? my preference is strategic plans

Congrats on the 100-comment post, it's interesting; I have been following.

One Man’s Opinion said...

You get comments out the ass, man. Of course I went to the blog with the poem, She is Silk and of course I was feeling the Raw Dawg. Who doesn't? Then, as instructed, I went to read Real in the Field. Wish I hadn't gone there. Made me feel bad about having not doing any true art work lately.

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. Come by and visit anytime. Happy Father's Day and congrats on your 100 comment post! Oh...and most important...keep putting pen to got skillz.

AriStar said...

I wanted to say thanks for the comment you left me! greatly appericated! Also, you have a very interesting blog. I like your bloggs and I'm gonna add you to my favorites. by the way the neckbones look tasty! I haven't had any in years and now I want some!

Robyn said...

Just wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy Father's Day.

Stay thankful and remain true.

Peace, love and blessings today and always.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Neckbones indeed.

guerreiranigeriana said...

...happy belated father's day...hope the day was blessed!!!...

...regarding vegetarians when our teeth are made to eat meat, let me just state on my vegetarian behalf, in the us of a, my refusal to eat meat has more to do with the process and resulting product than anything else...i'll have to address that statement fully in a proper post sometime in the year 2011...check back then;)...haha...

jmsjoin said...

If you like game 5 wat until you see 6 at Boston! It will be a hell of a game regardless of who you like. I am from Boston but how can you not like the Lakers?
Just stopped by to say Yippee! Gore announces for Obama tonight at 8.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Very cute kid pic. What a nice big brother. The big siblings are definitely good for the little ones. Where do you fall in the pecking order? Are you a middle child? I'm the first-born so got to "enjoy" my little brothers. Interesting how birth-order shapes us.

Sha Boogie said...

I have no words for your 'neck bones & taters' so, I

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

home today son say i work too hard. would have responded earlier but was looking at Tiger Woods. 14th Major.

what u know about neck bones lol
the prisoner's wife

Thanks hon and do that would love to meet u
thanks home girl, in atl now, who these vixons And u put it down made me feel special

Thanks honyy and congrats on the chance for the new position

Thanks folk, I wanted Celtics to win too and aint never rooted for them in my life

A person with a pratical spirit. Ok I will chk it out

Ms TooFly
Thanks sister, don’t worry im gone keep on dropping by and thanks for the words of kindness

L. Peoples
Thanks u and do that pls

sista gp
u predicted it and thank u and women ddnt make or know how to make neck bones no more, wait till I blast the pig ears picture LOL

One Man’s Opinion
Thanks man, when u gone post some art work?

Writing to show case them and anytime will keep checking u out if u don’t mind, noring when no one in my store for dogs and I read my papers first thing in morning

Thank u hon and anytime, and im looking for a woman that can throw down on some neckbones and do come back sister

Thank u for the wonderful blessing, best gift, I got (only was seeing my son teach his sister how to ride her bike, even though it had training wheels, she kept saying “shoe me Biti, come (really shome) on LOL

Tha BossMack TopSoil
You know the deal and you got people in Memphis right?

Thank u and I still have much love with your nopn meat eating self

an average patriot
Man I was mad last night, wanted KG and PP to win in LA. Happy for them all and a great sports weekend, College World Series, US open, what more can a father ask for.

Waiting for Zufan!
I am an only child LOL

Melody.Darlene said...

game 5 was intense towards the end... shoulda been how game 4 should've ended. but i wont get into that.

player... hater... player hater... playter... hahahha! u say tomato... i say toe-mah-toe. lol!


Gallington Press said...

I love what you have here, dear! Consider me a fan!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Sha Boogie
translation - u love me lol

u a fool, thanks hon, even though u a laker fan lol
and what color are the nails now

VAR said...

Yo Torrance..
Hope your father's day weekend was a good one! You know them Celtics should've won that game but I guess they want to do it real big in Boston. Kobe is the next MJ as in Michael Jackson. He only know how to look pretty and wear fancy shit on his The homie Paul Pierce is showing what its all about! Hard work, mental toughness, never giving up... real true work ethic.. And you know that Denali commercial in the end is gonna show Pierce in the drivers seat because he's about to be MVP of the series.. :-)

The Flyyest said...

happy belated fathers day fam!!!!!!!

that food looks ssoooo good!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is one scary picture of paul harvey. my grandparents worshiped the guy.

yankees suck ass. no question.

hope you had a nice f-day. i mean, "father's day."

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.


Tera said...

I hope you enjoyed your Father's Day. Did you cook them neckbones??? Man that made me hungry! Cute picture of the kids by the way :)

Dione said...

Hey what u know about neckbones and potatoes?? My fam is from deeeepppp in the country of Charleston. Our pots roll like that every holiday!!
Good reading and great food! What more can you ask for!

The Pew View said...

Baby I know you aint have neckbones and didn't invite me and Mabel to dinner. See now you acting ugly and you know God don't like that. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Considering your distaste for f*ck boys I would think you are the perfect candidate for being a player hater. Hating the cats who purposefully run game on otherwise good women as opposed to just coming out and saying they want to knock the boots. I'm not a player, but I do have mad game. I guess you can call me a coach, since I'm only down for the home team.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Brandi Bates
thanks and look 4 your blog on the roll we fam up in this camp

Thanks man, and yea. I love that commercial. Cant wait to hook up jones – again.

The Flyyest
Thanks baby sister, u know ill cook for fam any day. No more problem up that camp I hope.

Thanks man, I worshiped him – im crazy, used to think he and billly grahm were the same person GOOD DAY

No u got good stuff, im adding u, never heard of no one getting bit on the dick by a snake, but I guess that’s whjy u down under lol and what u smoking on on the profile pic sister?

Yep I cooked them and thank u babes

Girl im from Memphis, show me yours and I will show u mine (neckbones) lol

The Pew View
U welcome to my neckbones any time and I cant find no woman that can make them, can any woman make neckbnones any more

Coach put me in the game LOL. U right, all I do is say I wanna bone up front and they respect that. And I despise fk boys (the the new KKK) just as I do racist so call me equal opportunity hatter

The Artist In Me said...

1: I am drooling over here looking at those neckbones...LOL!

2: I feel you about players and haters. I subscribe to neither, but there are always folks that deem you to be one or the other.

Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Wow those neck bones look good! So you're a playa hater huh? I don't think so. Only wanna be playas are playa haters. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

KA said...

... You know, I really never subscribed to much that sun tzu said.


The picture is priceless....and for a womaan with a weight problem, Am i speaking of your son and daughter? Or the neckbones and potatoes, just kidding, the kids of course hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Vee said...

Yes! Big Brothers are GREAT for little sisters. You already know a little of my story on that.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

The Artist In Me
Yea I make some mean neckbones and I cant find no woman that even know how to make them no more and where my dog accessories lol

well I never though of myself as a player sister

Tin Ma'am
I know u ascribe to the ak 47 LOL

Yep the best fathers day gift ever
Didn’t expect they mommas to give me nothing as I do them
But seeing him teach his sister how to ride a bike – even with training wheels was the best FD gift ever, mad me water in the eyes
even better seeing how they are in the shop together, she follows him everywhere

Veronica Wright
Yep I do and sometimes I feel like I am your adopted big brother lol

angela said...

happy daddy's day. and damn them neck bones look good!!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

TORRANCE: You know what a lot of gamblers call the Yankees? RUDY GIULIANI'S GIRLS...or just "THE GIRLS" for shott. Does my heart good as a Met fan to know you hate them, too.

Tiger...gee whiz...He finally proved something I've believed all along and Paul Goydos said after his playoff loss to Garcia in the TPC. Goydos was asked "who's the most underrated golfer in the game?" Goydos said "Tiger Woods."

I've been betting golf every weekend since 1994, PGA, LPGA and European Tour. I've been using a calculus-based model I designed with a math professor in grad school. Tiger Woods is the most dominant athlete in the world as against the competition but people don't realize that because even he loses way more tournaments than he wins.

On my ratings he's 5.18 strokes per tourney better than my #2, FIGJAM, and 6.20 better than the guys tied at #3 S Garcia and V Singh. Mickelson, Garcia and Singh are all Hall-Of-Fames and you can lay 3/1 over a tournament agaisnt any of them and have way the best of it.

The only athletes comparable are Ruth, Josh Gibson, and Bob Beamon.

But this shit was SICK and glorious. I had PERFECT INFORMATION on him from a guy who's son is on the Nationwide Tour who's a member of the Pines. I heard he couldn't walk. So, I worked out a portfolio of outright bets on the good value players, Singh at 20/1, Cink at 50/1, Karlsson, Jimenez and Westwood at 80/1. That type of thing. But I had to wait to see what Tiger would do. I wish I could say that I bit down hard and took tiger at 13/4 but I wasn't that brave.

So, I find out that he plays 9 holes on the tuesday prior in 30 but my source said that his physical condition was horrible. I figured nobody knows his body better than he does and if he starts he'll perform. I just bet him in every tournament and round by round matchup and went 9-1 with him. The absolute gift was -177 over Mickelson for the tourney.

And he won a 5 1/18 round US Open with a torn acl and two broken bones. He'll have surgery and a year of rest and rehab and then there's no telling what he can do. If he's back in time for the '09 masters, I'd take a slam at 30/1and 3 wins at 8/1.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Princess Tinybutt
Thank u and they were. How u feeling, still in hospital?

That’s what I like about u folk, its all about the numbers, now examinging such in this manner ios POWER

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: Russian expressioin -- "Charaschow illi nikak" -- means do something right or not at all.

Jarred said...

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