Thursday, June 19, 2008

blinded by the Obamafication of America

Now I know most of yawl are in awe of the prospect of the first African American President in the history of these United States of America, and as well you should be. In fact it is nice seeing people being caught up in history when so many of us don’t know much about the subject. However, with the Obamafication (my own word) of America, there has been a tendency to look away from other things that are important and are historical in their own right. In fact, things that may make his presidency, if he wins in November, even more problematic and deterministic with regards to his success or failure.

This whole campaign started with hoop-la. By that I mean we were in a recession and we were engaged in war on three fronts (Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia). Yep, Somalia, but we wouldn’t know because we get our information from media magnates that we never question or even on our own, search to find out what is really going on in our world. But such is the myopia of a self-centered nation.

If you have not noticed, we don’t hear much about Afghanistan anymore. One should ask why? The way I see it, it is because we have lost ground in the country and region and because we do not want to hear such. We are happy in our frivolity of possibility without the recourse of mental anguish.

Things are hardcore in Afghanistan. Just a few years ago we were claiming victory over the Taliban because they had been removed from power and scattered into the hinterlands. We were claiming a change since we were able to install President Hamid Karzai into what we felt was a fledgling democratic government. Now true, recent reports have noted that Hundreds of Afghans (not thousands) have been holding demonstrations in support of his leadership, however we don’t know why and don’t even ask why. Namely because they are scared and don’t think he has the balls to keep the Taliban from reclaiming the country. Yep, I said it. We don’t either.

Hundreds if not thousands of Taliban have been reclaiming the country as it did before by force. A few weeks ago, like it was something out of Sun Tzu’s the art of war or the hand Book of Guerrilla warfare, the Taliban implemented a rather hep and precocious assult on Kandahar’s prison that resulted in the freeing of all the prisoners. Now not any prisoners, Taliban fighters. After this they have been able to take over a number of villages just outside of the largest city in southern Afghanistan, Kandahar, forcing US, Afghan and NATO troops to redeploy to meet the threat. Redeploying for me says two things, they did not think or expect such and that they do not have enough troops to deal with the Taliban.

So it is still on in this small poppy rich, land-locked country. But we wouldn’t know, because we are caught in to watch political play-offs and many of us would rather focus on the Obamafication aspect of this political season, than issues of war and economics – although we say otherwise. vote


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Missy said...

I'm just so glad that somebody else out there is paying attention.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Good look folk!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Obamafication - being entralled over barack obama so much that u loose focus

Jay Midnyte said...

AND 1!

Don't worry about it Torrance maybe when we start to feel the effects of all the gov's expenditures & policies (we already are), $6 gas combined with high food prices...maybe...just maybe... Americans will come out the coma??? Maybe? Late 2009?

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

You are so on point with defining go to wikipedia and add it there!

Yes there is a great deal of that especially when raising the questions about VP picks. HRC would be ideal but because of obamafication, the everyday folks can't get beyond it.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

brain cells are hard to kill lol

wasnt it though

Jay midnyte
allstar here folk. I need the ball at the end of the game lol

thanks send it to them, i know some one will try and steal it but rawdawg made it first

THE fly GIRL said...

Obamafication - SNATCH! ;o)

DivaJood said...

Torrance, you are right on the money. There are significant issues at stake: the War in Iraq (and Afghanistan and Somolia); warrantless wiretapping; War Crimes; Health Care Reform - the list is huge.

However you slice it though, Obama is better equipped to address the issues we face than is John McCain. No question about it.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

We have to look at the history of the Afgans to really understand how and why they have NEVER been defeated.

For those who are aware of that, for those who understand the historical and biblical context of the land known as Iraq for those how know how and why the Somalis have little to no refuge but Kenyan refugee camps, for those like myself who do love Obama and understand these things there is balance.

Although I commend those who are jumping on the political train now as well. If I took Obama to get people interested in Politics than let that be the gate to a world of knowledge and lets take those registered voters and increase their knowledge so that they too can be apart of the solution and not apart of the problem.

Kofi said...

So that explains the recent call-up of more (yes, more) troops from my state. I'd heard about the prison break before, but I didn't connect the two events until now.


jmsjoin said...

Obamafication love it! I just hope we can keep this election too from being stolen and keep Obama alive!
Bush's only success in Afghanistan is to take poppy production from almost zero under the Taliban to a level where they are by far the world's largest grower and grow more than the entire world can consume and pays to keep the insurgency going. This is a small part of Bush's success!

Sha Boogie said...

Wow.There you go (again) hitting me with some much needed knowledge! You are so right about the lack of 'real' news, its a damn tragedy..

Haute in LA said...

Love the word! Luckily I haven't been Obamafied. Those that have are likely the same that were politically apathetic previous to thinking "one of us" might be the featured guest on Airforce 1.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always, rather informative. I appreciate that. The issues you discuss here are definitely ones that I am aware of, but like many Americans, currently, it's all about the race, and electing a fitting president...unfortunately.

The lack of "real" and sufficient news in regards to the war and our economic standings are really hurting us as a nation. And everyone thought, Hilary dividing the democratic party was the biggest issue we had! pssssh!

uNWrItten* said...

ok here is my 2 cents..i agree a lot of us (myself included) are definitely entranced by the prospect of the 1st black president..its funny u mention Somalia because a lot of american could care less what happens in Africa....not a lot of people know that one of the reasons gas is so high is because of all the constant militia warfare in the delta region of nigeria (where the oil is produced)...its important that we all educate ourselves instead of being caught up in the moment..

However...OBAMA 08!!! lol

GOODENess said...

This post made me excited...I attend regular discussion sessions that cover everything from global policy to the Obama-non and THIS blog will give me some information to share with others that they may not have known...I know I sure didn't...I appreciate what you're doing here...THANK YOU!

Tera said...

Obamafication...I like that.

I think however that many realize that he IS the better man for the job than McCain is---yes, even some heart breaks at the mere though of that man (McCain) running this country.

The Black Snob said...

Torrance: CBS Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan went on The Daily Show this week and sucked all the funny out of the room by being brutally honest about our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and said that if she had to watch our news she'd blow her brains out.

People don't want to hear the truth (which was the point of her interview). She talked about how hard it was just to get CBS interested in some of her stories, citing the oft repeated phrase that Americans are tired of hearing about the war(s).

But wouldn't we have to hear about them first to be tired of it?

María said...

The last thing I heard on the news about Afghanistan was out of Obama's mouth.

Keli said...

This entire presidential election has been plagued by sensationalism…it’s a shame how many read media takeout and take their word as bond. How many people don’t know anything about foreign or national affairs, yet feel a man has all the answers because of his recycled rhetoric of change…as you said…if Obama takes the office, there is a lot at stake…there is NO room for error…see, Bush, McCain…they can fuk it up, and it’s still all good…but a black man fuk it up…it will be another lifetime before “we” are given that opportunity again…see it takes more than speeches and race to move me…I need to see a sound concrete plan of action…I need to know you can mend fences…I want to know how you plan to get our nation where we need to be…we all know we need change…no need to hear that…tell me how you’re going to do it. I need to know how you plan to change the shape of education in this country…because our children are falling behind…I need to know what you plan to do about immigration laws (living in TX and having my identity stolen by an illegal, this is important to me)…

but most importantly, we need to mobilize and get involved in politics on a local level…that’s where it truly effects us most…the cost of property taxes, school bonds, infrastructure…I am starting to put my money were my mouth is…time to put up or shut up…we as a people are hyped about the possibility of the first black president…but then what happens after that?
And just so you know…I am a registered democrat…however, although liberal on social issues…I tend to be conservative when it comes to economic issues. Most people don’t know where they stand on the issues…they just know that Obama is black…I’m just saying.
Obama is now saying that we cannot allow Bin Laden to be a martyr…but if the US kills him, we make him exactly that in the eyes of many…we do not live within a vacuum…and it’s time that we learn that. A war on terrorism…how can you wage war on an ideal?

My bad for the blog post within your comments, lol.

Husla3x said...

You forever see where there appears to be nothing....wish you could bottle that and slip it into the red bull. We seem to have our eyes wide shut most of the time. Glad to know i aint the only one on watch for whats coming.

TRUTH! Taste like medicine.
Dr. Folk

Brianna said...

a very interesting and informative post. i thank you for that!

Garth Sullivan said...

in all fairness to obama, he has not tried to assume the cult like status some of his supporters seem to want to thrust upon him.

his race is only important to a small, but substantial, swath of americans, both black and white.

my only objection to the term is that is seems to imply that Obama himself is pushing this meme of race when in fact it is the press.

over at TPM they've been debating whether hillary was the subject of sexism. clearly not. she transcended her gender through merit, just as obama has done.

for many race or gender barrier breaking is like the cherry on top.

i have given up an all MSM and get my news solely from the net.

they got weak product...

Anonymous said...




1. The act of being so caught up in a man, one looses site of the issues.

2. The act of being excited about change; especially in the United States.

Nice new word. I agree, you should add it to wiki. On a more serious note; there are many issues that we seem to not keep up with or not shown interest in. As citizens, we need to keep abreast of all that we can, because it affects all of us, including our freedoms, our finances, and our futures. Keep us informed, and I'll do what I can to post something that many of us are not aware of at least once monthly. Great Article! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

Keli said...

Garth...I might have to disagree with your statement on Obama not trying to assume his current "cult-like-status" you receive the emails from his campaign? The rheortic is very cultish...all about joining the movement for change...I am about to tag his campaign as spam...but it a movement, or are we speaking of the presidency? Someone let me know.

DB said...

I just hope people stay enthralled about Barack if he continues on to be the leader of this country. What gets people to pay attention.

shine said...

completely agree with you on this matter. however, it's not a function of government--it is a function of the human mind. we cannot process too much negative info--after awhile we tune it out and throw our arms around "hope"

no_slappz said...

Torrance, news on Afghanistan or news on any subject is always available if you want it.

Like sports. If you're looking, you can find a re-cap of last night's game.

But, if you're not looking, the news won't come over and find you.

As for Obama, a cult is forming around him. However, that's not enough to win a presidential election. He's unfortunately a very empty suit.

He has positioned himself as the president who would declare military defeat on his first day in office while taking steps to push oil prices higher by stopping oil companies from drilling in more places in the US.

He would ensure that oil prices go up by preventing the construction of new nuclear plants.

He believes it is possible to improve the economy by taxing businesses.

I can't think of a more naive and harmful set of ambitions for a president. Meanwhile, he cannot escape from the fact that his name evokes thoughts of two of the most despised muslims in recent history. That can't help. But he has a great speaking voice. He needs a new speech, however.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Thanks for the drive by and do come back, so u donr jacked my word already LOL

Yea and u did not even mention EDUCATION
And not that it is a bad thing, I just think we loose focus on the big picture at times

Aunt Jackie
it didnt take King to get people to acknowledge civil rights. And true we created the Taliban to fight Russia – chickens have come home to roost
Well, its just a shame it took him to do that, I didnt

How many did they call up

an average patriot
Bush was foul for the Opium increase, I wrote about it four months ago see here 2 birds with one stone
. And Is your son still in poppy country

Sha Boogie
Im sorry baby, pls forgive me again liast I aint say nothing about a projected deficit of 476 billion dollars

Haute in LA
Thank u and who would that be? Not me lol

Gotta Let it Out
And how bad does it hurt us is an additional question

I feel ya and point well taken, why think of somolia when we have lil wayne, R Kelly and sex in the city?

Do share and thank u and do return and send others if they like to think

Don’t get upset and who is your bl;og crush – im nosey

The Black Snob
U dropped the bomb as usual.

People don't want to hear the truth (which was the point of her interview). She talked about how hard it was just to get CBS interested in some of her stories, citing the oft repeated phrase that Americans are tired of hearing about the war(s).

Immoral Matriarch
But what did he say or did he just mention the country’s name?

Sensationalism is so true and don’t mind, folks like reading what others think. My blog your blog, male female, black, white, American or other so don’t fret

G. R Evinrue
Thanks folk, they would say I was selling snake oil then

Thanks hon, do stop by if u want to be bored further

Garth Sullivan
True he has cult status, and I don’t think he is pushing it, it is a phenomona that is real, its good but mind numbing at the same time. I think he wants wake up America but he is a drug in himself that causes europhia like LSD




1. The act of being so caught up in a man, one looses site of the issues.

2. The act of being excited about change; especially in the United States.

Thanks hon. I just may do it, or better yet, can u do it for me

So true, but u are so wise any way

so true

paisley said...

obamafication!!! now that is perfection.. you should market that word.... and i am glad you know about politics and all cuz i am blind deaf and dumb on that subject...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Availability was not the issue
But rather .how events have a mind numbing effect on the general populous, wouldn’t u agree such is possible

As far as military defeat, it is out on that for me, we have already been defeated in my purview. It is not always winning or loose and to single him out with out including the poor decision making of others is feculent. Was it winnable in the first place and what do u call winning would be required for me to discuss this from a pragmatic locution? Moreover, what did he alone do or will do o prevent the success of these wars or thwart their success?

Oil prices will go up anyway. U well read, the rest of the developing world paying 10$ a gallon – what makes us special.

And as far as naivety, I can McCain and 100 years like this is medieval Europe and we fighting over roses.


Yobachi said...
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Yobachi said...

Good Stuff Torrance.

I've done a couple of post about our proxy war in Somalia. It's tough shit to get anybody to be interested in it.

Proxy War In Somalia

Americans don't pay much attention to anything except getting our SUVs (or now trying to get out of them), internet porn, and which celebrity "It girls" are the subject of the latest cat fight.

People will make all kinds of excuse for why they don't pay attention; but that's all they are, excuses.

Another related post:

Strategizing For President Obama To Respond To The Black Agenda"

T.Allen said...

I've (in my own conspiracy theorist way) chewed away at the prospect of Obama's win. I recently commented on another blog that I feel at once pleased and pessimistic. I see it playing out like a game of Hot Potato and Obama's being passed the 'tato just as the music is about to stop. It doesn't take away from his credibility or capabilities as a leader I just wonder if he's truly aware of the other side of the frontline? Are any of us? Have we ever been?

Thanks for another thought provoking read.


MissJuicy! said...

At Least some of us are paying attention!! Keep spreading the knowledge

12kyle said...

Mannnn, I haven't forgotten bout cha. Jussss been grindin'.

Here's my 2...

It's very easy for americans to fall victim to the rhetoric that is fed to them on the daily from the media. Wasn't the war supposed to be about gettin' Bin Laden? Where's he? He prolly is running a bodega in Brooklyn.

The focus went from Laden to Sadam. As americans...we took it and was cool with it. You will find no mention of Laden right now. C'mon...don't piss on me and tell me that its raining.

Obama will make changes. I'm confident of that. But if you're sent to clean up a junkyard...where do you start?

Good one folk!

KA said...

I am not a fan of obama because he has no military experience... or even a hint of military support. He's just... not hte guy i want to lead us in a time of war. It's all turned into a big deal about voting a woman or voting for a black man. Shit... who gives a crap about gender and race? Anyone who does needs to be euthanized.
We're at war. Pick the one that can lead a war.

Darius T. Williams said...

Damn dr. Torrance. Great post. You outlined so many importabt truths. Just goes to show you that the real america that we live in from day to day aint necessarily the truths that are protrayed. Propaganda aint worth shit, now is it. Keep bringing this kinda truth. We all need that constant reminder.

Gorgeous Geek said...

Thx for directing me to this post... I had not a clue.
hmmm Obamafication... makes sense


DivaJood said...

Torrance, I forgot to list education, because every time I think about the "No Child" program, I become sick to my stomach. The imbalance in our school systems is a tragic waste of our most precious resources: the young, inventive minds of children.

The Black Snob, just ask Barbara Bush about how people don't want to hear about wars.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Yes, many are directed and controlled by the press. They (media) know how to present something that will have the masses interested and vice versa. This is why critical thinking should be a huge part of our educational growth. Come on public school system! Nice post. Peace~

Anonymous said...

Raw Dawg, another great post, as always.

Oh, and uh, thanks for mentioning Somalia. I am one of a very minute group of bloggers out there who has been posting on Africa for quite a while:

-Ethiopia's attacks on Somalia
-Hundreds of thousands dead, mutilated and raped in the DRC, Sudan
-Darfur (and ways we can all help to try and alleviate the situation)
-African women who face genocidal rape (my term) in Liberia, the DRC, Angola, Sierra Leon, Darfur

And DON'T get me started on Obama's slavish devotion to Israel and his anti-Palestinian stance.

Yes, it is great that many people are fired up and becoming involved in politics, registering to vote, and finally starting to pay attention to this year's presidential campaign (hell, after 8 years of vicious Bush/Rethuglican mind-f**k, many people are sick of the cesspool this country has further sank into.)

Yes, millions of Americans could care less about Africa.

Those pesky Africans :(

But wait, if only we could get our hands on their:

-Oil (the Horn of Africa, West Africa)
-Diamonds ( for which many women, children and men are having their limbs cut off for, as in "blood diamonds/ conflict diamonds")

America has been an imperialistic monster towards Africa, but, America is still trying to find a way to successfully carve up Africa the way her cousins were able to do at the end of the 19TH Century. She wants Africa, but is still too scared to put American boots on the ground, (Black Hawk down, anyone?) so she has to be content with destabilizing the continent: Sudan is a good example. But, not the only example.

(What the hell can you expect from a savage country [America] that bomb little Grenanda?)

As for the Taliban, and Osama.

America can try to seek out and kill Osama all she wants to but she forgets that she has already fought (and lost) a war in Vietnam. And she is fighting a "War in Vietnam" in Afghanistan, as well.

Only this time the "VietCong" are the Taliban and Al Queeda, with Osama as leader.

As for Obama.

Hell, he is just another politician pandering to his constituents.

As far as I am concerned, things will be worse with him in office, but, hey, that's just my opinion.

Look at it this way:

As I have said on my blog, Obama is the lesser of two evils. McCain is nothing but a carbon-copy of Bush(only worse).

I don't won't to see McCain in office.....

...but, on the other hand, I do want to see a Black First Lady....



Unknown said...

Ah Torrance, such words of truth emanating from this post.

My niece was stationed in Afghanistan for a year..just got back a few months ago.

Its all going to shit faster than you can say "Poppies are also flowers".

As for our Corporate Media, they decide what we see and learn about. We have to search out alternative news sources to find the truth in what is happening everywhere in the world..including our own country.

I want Obama to succeed. I want him to change the course and face of America. I have a hard time believing that he will be able to do that with any efficiency however.

We are a partisan nation when you boil it all down..and frankly most politicians like it that way. It keeps them in office way past the time for them to leave. ;)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Hey man I agree. And even then we don’t see the big picture, like we paying 6$ less per gallon than the rest of the developing world

Many of us are too selfish and even afriaid to be concernd. I think that is the problem in concert with Cable television.

Thanks hon, I know u got my back.

I know man just messing with u cause u aint call folk back. I hope it is not too big a mess for his to have to clean

Tin Ma'am
I can respect your position. But going to war or serving is the sole criteria for being able to lead a county during a time of war. I mean a man that never served took us to war, someboy like Powell maybe would not have, don’t u think? I agree gender or race is a non issue, just like republican or democrat or experience or not.

Darius T. Williams
Thanks folk, u don’t have to call me dr. But you are right, propaganda is a good selection to define such.

Gorgeous Geek
Thanks hon, whats up with the scare?

Well I look at it beyond the leaving children behind program. I mean we need fundamental reform period.

Stephen Bess
So true and we are stuck with the bone. Thanks folk.

You know I know your dedication to Africa, I have read all of what you have written on the subjects, and I am in agreement with the pro Isreal talk he uses top posture – yes posture, maybe because of his name to sure up more votes. Starvation is the biggest problem now in Africa, it will leave the west with another chance to loot and steal resources, and lesser of two evils? They are still the same , in form, democrat and republican

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

my sister, so true, and the media you speak off seem not to know, recognize or either intentionally attempt to show that we are not a partisan nation when you boil it all down as u say and that frankly most politicians like it that way. It keeps them in office way past the time for them to leave.

Anonymous said...

After his denouncing his preacher and leaving his church, I can not say that I am all that excited about the brotha becoming the next president anymore. He pulled a Judas on Rev. Wright. That's why religion and a race to the political office just don't mix.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Ms. Go Getter said...

This serves as a good reminder to me to seek out information on my own instead of accepting what the media throws out to the public as fact...Obamafication, officially added to my vocab!

Unknown said...

Obamafication!! Love the word!
Even if he does win, you have to think about what he really won. He will win the hatred of some the love of others and the awesome mess that has grown over the past 8 years thanks to our present commander and chief.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

True but it is not called many (poly) tricks for nothing. How is the business coming jones?

Ms. Jones said...
U can always get info from me albeit in op-ed form

Not hard to be better than a former addict in my book

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see how many folks are suffering from Obamafication. However, I personally sought out info on the issues with Afghanistan and Iraq when I found out Obama might become our next president and have to face mending the US foreign affairs problems that I think Bush made much worse.

So in a way the Obamafication inspired me to attain more knowledge and become more active in our political system. Positive things can result from media exploitation. All is not lost!

Anonymous said...

i thought i was the only one aware that we got Vietnam double time and the news and media are turning the blind eye due to war fatigue and election coverage-greed

Anonymous said...

DivaJood said it first and it bears repeating: "However you slice it though, Obama is better equipped to address the issues we face than is John McCain. No question about it."

In many ways, that's all that really matters. I'm not sure I care if everyone in the country is well informed on the issues or not. As long as they vote for the guy who doesn't want to continue the Forever War, it's okay with me if they're picking Obama because he looks good in swimwear, or some other dumb reason.

Unknown said...

I took a class called Terrorism in the Media, and you could have taught it with all the information that I just read :) Our required reading broke down all the over used terms that the media uses to try to distract us from what is actually going on with ALL the wars. Not only the 3 you mentioned, but all the ones that have been going on for decades.

But I like your word...obamafication. To tell you the truth, I haven't paid much attention to him.


MsKayotic said...

So you're saying I'm losing focus...

Far from it. I choose not to spend my time or energy letting people know how I feel about the fact that a black man taking office allows no room for failure. I know this. Living in the south for years has seasoned me for whatever.

I choose not to allow anyone into my thoughts about this election. I haven't lost sight of anything, I choose to keep my thoughts to myself because I'm grown enough to do so.

Unknown said...

Ok dude you must be slipping! I only counted 1 mis-spelling in your essay. That coming from the King of the grammatically incorrect and the last of the 2 finger typist is unheard of!...(LMBAO)

Anywho.... That's one hell of a Post!

Great Job Doctor! :0)

a.eye said...

I agree that Afghanistan has not been in the media, I also think that there is a large focus on some of the issues that we cannot necessarily change rather than ones we can change more easily -- mainly the more local issues: education and training of teachers, curriculum of students, local taxes, local, the cost of colleges and universities, the disproportionate taxing of different socio-economic classes, the major problems of STDs among high school age children, the censorship of the media, the environment, the lack of enough public transportation in some cities... and the list goes on.

I'm not dismissing the issues in Africa, the issues in the Middle East and the hypocracy/two-facedness that both main candidates, and some of the third and fourth party candidates possess, I'm just saying that we need to focus on things that are more in the voters control rather than what we have to wait on policy makers to do. They don't have a good track record on most of the things I listed. But if voters can unite on these issues, we can make a change. Hopefully.

SjP said...

So True! As always! We've all been so caught up with the race - that we've forgotten about what is going on in the rest of the world as you so aptly point out. This post made me think about the 400+ prisoner who recently escaped. Where are they? Who are they? Shouldn't we be concerned or is the price of gas so high that we don't have to worry about them flying a plane into another building.


The Flyyest said...

whoa fam...i gets no text back??????????

i know you seen the 206 area code!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man I am feeling you all this one. Thanks for coming by my spot and telling me to come read it. I definitely know what you are talking about.

The Bear Maiden said...

I've been disturbed by "Obamifcation" from the very beginning, because it does him no justice to blindly follow him cuz he's a rockstar. He IS a rockstar... but I think that's a front he's put on, rather calculatedly.

Personally I've been rooting for him since January, and the more I read about him the more I know it's time for him. Don't sleep on him; he's smarter than he's playing.

And I wholeheartedly disagree with lovebabz on the HRC thing. I can't stand her for several reasons I found out on my own when I did some of my own digging into the Harlem Empowerment Zone.

As for Afghanistan, well that happened thanks to Bush. When 9/11 first happened folks up here in NYC were all set to support an invasion of that region and when Bush instead invaded Iraq we were like "WTF?" We knew all along Iraq was a diversion. Why?

My guess is because doing away with Heroin would put an awful lot of government folk out of work.

Anonymous said...

The media makes sure that the American people are distracted. They would rather focus on Mcihelle and Barack's 'fist bump' (which is nothing new) The American people need to let the media corporations know that we are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

i wish i had more interest in american history and polotics. i just lack the focus with it.

i know that were still in afganastan first hand because a lot of my friends are there and in saudi. infact when i was in the air force they were going to send me to either saudi or afganastan, there was no mention to me of iraq.

Anonymous said...

I hear you about the other issues going on in the world--that's why I hate most of our major partial, biased, non-objective, sensational, blind, pussy-whipped American news/media outlets.

It really disgusts me that so much of *our* news is occupied by stupid stuff and by things like Jamie Lynn Spears having a friggin baby.

The thing that disturbs me most is the psychology behind the "myopia" you referenced.

BTW, did you watch "Bush's War" on Frontline? Pretty interesting piece.

Keli said...

An uninformed an ignorant vote...just my two cents...

Constructive Feedback said...


Your story is all over the board. You started out detailing how America has taken its eye off of the ball after being enthralled by Obama and then you switch into a tale which is 100% Afghanistan.

In truth an Obama election is going to shake things up - particularly among his supporters. Just as one of your posters said "the only thing Bush has accomplished in Afghanistan is to make for an abundant poppy crop". If Obama takes the reigns - this becomes his problem. The honeymoon of "cleaning up after Bush" will only last until the next crisis ensues - likely per the script of some outsider - a script that Obama does not control.

Please recall - Obama is a supporter of the Afghan war. In fact he states that he would have gone in to Pakistan as well to pursue Osama Bin Laden - the people who actually attacked us on 9/11 unlike Iraq.

In his current state as Monday Morning Quarterback he is able to claim that Bush's flawed execution of the war is what is disagreeable about Afghanistan. We will soon see how far rhetoric said on an American presidential campaign goes in regards to the actions of outsiders. Some have been so "Obamaified" that they believe that the people fighting against the USA in the region will put down their arms and applaud if Obama gets into office. I think this line of narrative would have allowed you to stitch your two stores above into one.

In my view the $4 gasoline and other issues shows NOT that "George Bush's policies have failed". Instead they show that the sleeping giants around the world HAVE WOKEN UP. What we are seeing is America gravitating more toward ROOM TEMPERATURE. As other people's around the world rev up their economic engines and put their people to work - the economic prowess that the USA has built up will be countered in some measure.

In my opinion Obama, nor any other man walking this Earth, is going to be able to reverse the course of this inevitable destiny. Teh fact is that a good portion of America's strength was built while the others were weak - having been destroyed by war or by colonialism. The question for Obama (or John McCain) is really the question for all Americans - how do we live in a world that is blossoming with economy power and which is not as US-centric as it once was?

While I certainly might be impacted with a USA that has more stiff competition in the world - I realize that we are only 3% of the world's population and it is a great thing to see about 45% more of this world wake up from its slumber.

An Obama presidency will cause his most loyal supporters that were willing to accept logical leaps of reality to get to the "Land of Audacity" to be made aware that it takes more than one man with good marketing to change their fate in life.

(By the way - I am not in a recession brother - I am still expanding)

CapCity said...

Sadly, too many Americans get their news & history lessons from this warped media & movies. both = smoke & mirrors!

1/3 said...

wow I didnt even know that all of this was going on. Only thing they talk about on the news is Iraq and the presidential campaign. Obama does have alot to fix. Im sure its gonna take a couple of presidents to finally bring America back into a surplus before bush ruined everything.

T.a.c.D said...

oh its definitely on and popping over good girlfriends husband was redeployed over its real in the field

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I read this last night. You make some very good points. I like the new word too.

You got everybody using the word "Folk" now.

And like Tony Oh, I'm noticing the precise typing as well. I ain't mad atcha.

AriStar said...

I thought it was just me who realzied all of sudden there was no talk of the middle east....

MuscleDaddy said...

The problem lies in depending on the MSM for your news (or Chris Matthews' tingling leg for that matter).

The news is out there:

The Taliban were, in fact, pushed back out - but that's not the biggest problem...

But the declaration of victory was tempered by concern that Afghan officials had unwittingly helped the militants score a propaganda coup by exaggerating the threat they posed..

(this story gibes with what my friends on the ground are saying)

Media's been manipulating the public into swaying their way on armed comflicts ever since Cronkite successfully lied to us about Tet.

Want the public against further involvement?


Tell 'em the bad guys are making a big comeback and we're not doing any good...

..and see who passes it along.

- MuscleDaddy

K. Denise said...

If it's not one form of distraction its another.

Anonymous said...

Re: Afghanistan, it has had a lot of media attention here in Britain of late. Mainly because one of our royal parasites was serving there at the start of the year ... and the small matter of nine deaths of UK soldiers this last week. Funnily enough we

1) Rarely hear about casualties among Afghan civilians.
2) Never hear anything about the other NATO forces operating in Afghanistan. This has led some - usually on the right - to believe Britain is the only one facing Taleban attacks.

Anyway, on a lighter note nice blog! I've added you to my blogroll.

brotherkomrade said...

I haven't come by to visit lately, maybe that's the Obamafication taking effect on me. Cool word, fam. I will visiting maore again.

Tera said...

Curiosity finally killed them cats...

msladyDeborah said...

It is true that there is more to politics than just the election of the next national leader.

We are taught through the disconnection method. The Middle East almost like a seperate continent within a continent.

I view the situation as being an major political upheaval that the United States has no real control over~even though this particular administration is good about monitoring chaos, confusion and mayhem.

The media breif coverage of the prison escape caught my attention on the first round. It sounds like the stuff that movies are made of. But in this case there is no American hero to head off the next phase of their plan.

Perhaps we can consult with Mr. Phelps to see what the mission will be

I'm good to wait until Obama announces the Veep and the commotion dies down about the moves that he is making.

As always, I appreciate being served some mental nourishment. The point is made and those who have eyes and ears will handle it.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

The Savvy Savage
No all is not lost and the acquisition of knowledge is always good

Yea girl, u aint never lied

Voting for dumb reasons scare me, but im a lame

Just Startin' Out
I oly use what come out my mind, im already boring, and talk about stuff most don’t pontficate upon. And I don’t think u want teacher as your teacher lol

No hon, just we, the American people, it has happened before, how u think 911 came to fruituion?

Tony OH

Stuck in my head
I want an informed voter not a proxy vote, I will never reward ignorance let alone stupidity, how can you ask valid questions folk?

I have no fear of emotions, yet alone consider to be at war with them like terror or humor

The Flyyest
Got ya babe

Ghetto Philosopher
Im by there weekly folk aint u notice LOL

The Bear Maiden
About them poppies, u aint never lied – but im the ROCK STAR, STUD GIGOLO lol

Native Son
That’s y we got to keep them in chk by being well read and informed

Maybe I can increase your interest, and I didn’t know u were in the airforce hats off to u

I saw it and thanks for the blog post of the future America is pussy whupped

So true. So true

Constructive Feedback
All over the board, I think not. It was targeted and well positioned. I wrote about what u spoke of months ago poor mr. or mrs. next president

And your individual economic prowess does not match the masses nor does mine, im being objective

Ain that the truth

1/3 of what I used to be said...
Glad u honest and where u been jones?

I will keep him in my prayers

U and Tony wild LMBAO.
And who uses folk
And nice profile pic

Stop making me blush

I agree but euphoria is to like a microdot hazei wish they would Tell 'em the bad guys are making a big comeback and we're not doing any good...

and thanks for the drive by

K. Denise
Aint that the truth and glad to see u over here stranger

a very public sociologist
I know we just aint got no prince serving from the states, thay shy away fropm war, along with the rich and the politicals

I know but I hit u up bi weekly, no love lost

Dang I am your crush, how and y

I talked about the jail break in this piece
And the middle east don’t exist really, its asia

Unknown said...

Damn shame that most people would rather watch "The Real World" on MTV than be engaged by the political, social and economic ramifications of the war effort. I think we are kept blind by not only your title subject, but the fact that the media is the opiate of the masses. Marshall McLuhan said that...

focusedpurpose said...

hi T:-)

thanks for such an informative, truthful post.

i am so not obamafied! i have said from the beginning that the "it" is about to hit the fan and a colored face attached to the mess will be the cruelest joke of all time.

all those opposed to the militaristic direction america must go in for this country to sustain its way of life have been shut out of the campaign. every single one of them all colors. so the masses are left with key players that are very much figureheads for the powers that be. neither will do a single thing aside from personally grow richer and play along.

the u.s. is working diligently to get africom off the ground, seize control with a dummy government of iran, pakistan and hell the world. manifest destiny anyone? anyone?

i will continue to watch and see just how long we have before dissidents are rounded up and held. i truly believe that this is the direction this country is headed in.

thanks again for a great post.


KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: Sorry for absence. I've had a bad eye and the Gunslinger is down here for a week's rest before the 50K HORSE event and MAIN EVENT.

I am for Obama all the way, as is 99.99% of my country. But you're raising a point that must be raised. Obama isn't perfect. If he were he'd be our triplet!

I'd say that while he has been willing to link market speculation over continuous war with high gasoline prices, he hasnt been nearly aggressive enough about it. I find his advocacy of the death penalty disgusting (I know he can't take the opposite view and hope to get elected). I find his lack of attention in general to the system of criminal injustice in the USA to be, well, unjust.

I didn't care for his rhetoric at all until March of this year, when he began taking stands on issues and by and large I tended to agree with those positions.

Of course, he's given short shrift to certain foreign affairs issues he ought to be focused on, Somalia being but one. Palestian statehood another. I'm Jewish and I'll always be Jewish but I don't care for AIPAC and I don't like what fine a line he's been made to walk on this. He's buying into AIPAC bullshit on Israel. Most Israelis don't hate Muslims. Most Israelis favor a two-state solution YESTERDAY. I've got no problem with Muslims, Palestinian or otherwise. Fanatical freaks of any religion I cannot abide.

It's good that you and I and your readers and ours have the time to ponder the global issues. Obama has no end of domestic messes to come to grips with and take positions on. I can't blame the guy for wanting to win. The world outside the USA doesn't need him to be a saint, merely President.

Sista GP said...

I predict another 100+ comment post! lol

Thanks, Doc. You have diagnosed my recent ailment. The major symptom is the desire for any information other than Obama. My self-treatment has been to avoid any article title that hints it relates to the general election. I have been reduced to repeatedly listening to the interview with Scott McCullen on CSPAN-RADIO.

Yeah, hooray, impeachment hearings now when the odd couple is leaving office next year.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T: Once again, Jay gets to the point quickly. If elected Obama will face the same economic quandry that Reagan and Clinton did only with two wars going and lots of desire for more war still in the media and in the half of the country who wouldn't have voted for him.

I don't envy his position. Stagflation is a tough thing to stave off. Stagflation with two wars going on and (despite any polls) a bloodlust that runs through the populace, is a beast of a problem to handle.

Clinton had tough economic choices but Bush Sr at least had some sense of being a public servant and held the line fiscally and monetarily at his own cost. Clinton bit down hard and restored confidence in the USD by fiscal and monetary restraint. It worked out but it didn't have to and the pain was severe enought to cost the Democrats control of Congress in 1994.

I'm not sure how Obama's going to handle it. If it were me as Obama, I'd commit to a plan to draw down forces in Iraq in the hopes that the market will believe I'm committed to peace and begin to take some profits in energy, in short-USD, and other commodities and hard assets. If he can get a significant organic move from say a 15,000/person per month draw down, he can encourage his Fed chair to bite down hard and begin raising them 25bps on a regular basis, while allowing the smaller financial commitment to Iraq pay for some kind of deal in the CMOs. I could see a long forclosure/mortgage holiday in exchange for Brady-izing most of the CMOs to 5% or so, so neither the lenders nor borrowers get pounded but each contribute something.

But he has to be creative because he can neither grow, nor cut, nor fight wars as a way out of the economic mess. It all has to be slow, prudent, transparent and fair.

If he's just going to maintain the Bush policy of war at these levels in Iraq and Afghanistan couple with total fiscal and monetary looseness, it's no good but it's still better than what McCain has planned.

McCain will see the USA partitioned during his presidency. He'll initiate two more wars to be sure and too much USD government debt and too many physical dollars are held outside of US, not to mention the amount of public equity and corporate debt. This stuff carries embedded call options on default, so with a national debt of $11 trillion, Ecuador and Norway can put the US into legal default and TAKE in real property or central bank assets the amount of dollar debt they hold.

Obama under the Bush economic plan would merely see the loss of the USD as a reserve currency and store of any value,, and passage to status as a FIRST WORLD MINUS country. Maybe like Russia 1999.

If Obama is careful, however, and GETS PEACE RIGHT the markets will do a lot of his work for him and give him room to tinker.

mp1 said...

It's not just obamafication, it's hyper partisanship that's preventing us from seeing whats really going on.

Kofi said...

150 or so... it was a redeployment... and now I wonder if they kept the number low to keep it under the radar.

Vixenlibra said...

Whats up luv! I am so excited at the thought of Obama winning presidency. It is a plus that he is representing our race, but I love him anyway. And Like Kelis said on the widget, I have thought about the same issues, but instead of someone else pulling my card, I pull my own because I hate to focus on what further troubles this nation will have. But it is necessary to view all aspects of the situation and not loose focus. Thanks for the enlightenment. It is nice to see more people involved in the politics that control our nation.

Vixenlibra said...

So I will put more focus on what is most important and pay more attention to details that are not on the surface.
Enjoy your weekend luvs!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

no tv at shop so no college world series for me boo hoo

WArd PrEfEct
Aint that the truth, or Lil wayne million sold, or sex in the city, or R kelly

Thanks for the blessings and I think that is what we all have to do – watch and look out the side of our for additional events that may help us understand how dire times are

Perfection only exist in the momment

At the rest, u got me rolling, are we the only ones who think like we do

To bad folk don’t find me electable, id run this shit

sista gp
Dang, 100 again, cant deal, lol but im flattered and enjoy the discussion

Not happy with possibilioty of hearing, especially in light of 476 billion deficit by end of year, wonder what that’s gone cost me folk

No doubt.
The dollar will be the bioggest problem (manufacturing, really a lack off and education as well). For that’s how we gain perspective towards stability.

Bush sr. was a business man of the kind that we rarely see in political office out side of the state levels – governors.

And I am hoping he will be creative.

mp1 v.8.0
With that kind of analysis folk hyper partisanship u already a ren. Man love the word

Dang, u know that is only the beginning.
Good deal homeslice, I was flattered by the piece u did on me, I hope im not all on the surface to u

Unknown said...

I will watch the Fresno game for you today Torrance. :)

They are down the road from where I am..and we have been rooting for em all the way through.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

LSU broke my heart last nite

now i want GA
wanted an all sec championship - biased LOL

KELSO'S NUTS said...

TORRANCE: I don't think we're the ONLY ones who think like this, but there aren't too many. Take neighborhood kids who have lots of ambition, give them nice families, give them a small "c" catholicity of interests and a lot of education and we're what pops out.

And how the hell did we both hang on to our neighborhood accents after all these years and all the different things we've done? I know I speak a very odd variant of English known as Neoyorquino and I'm guessing you speak a variant of English maybe Memphisian!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

love that word Memphisian

Daenel T. said...

I am so happy to see that someone else is asking questions. I wondered how someone could seemingly come out of no where and take the world (ok, the US, but still...) by storm without anyone seriously questioning the brother. I respect him and his wife (and I have defended her against some nasty attacks on her character), but my question is "WHO IS HE?"

He rose to rock star status at a time when we really needed our attention diverted from some serious issues: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan had run out of usefulness (don't tell me no one else noticed how they kept hitting the front page every time 3 more soldiers died).

We need to question who our leaders are and move beyond the "shiny."

Do you mind if I link to your blog during one of my history course discussions? I am the facilitator and I will be covering from 1865 to the present and I'm always on the look out for information/ideas that will cause my students to question the world and the information around them. Thank you.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Unfortunately, politics isn't a lot like being a rock star. It is a hard road to tow to get elected on the local level. It begins with making your way in a neighborhood and doing work on behalf of communities and then getting a team together to get you elected on the local or State level. It just seems like Obama came out of nowhere. He kind of did. His jumping off point was his speech at the Democratice Convention when then presidental nominee John Kerry asked him to speak. It was sensational.

The media's role these days is to bring you sexy soundbites. Critical analysis is really up to individuals. The problem is most folks don't have a clue as to how to analyze a candidate with a critical and discerning eye. Most only know how to gage how they "feel" about a candidate based on someone else interpretation of their words, deeds and voting records.

Americans have already said they prefer entertainment news/gossip over hardcore news. It is no accident that even the New York Times has been looking more and more like a thinly veiled newspaper and more and more like a celebrity magazine.

Keep the faith and keep reading all types of media and news outlets and forums.

CC Solomon said...

If ever we didn't know before, the media and the government are partners in crime. When the gov't messes up the media should be the one to spot light it but it doesn't always (unless its sensational). What's going on in Afganistan and Somalia should be something we hear about even if between reports on Obama and McCain. My fear is that all the things going wrong under the Bush administration that we don't know about will come out in the light when the next president comes in and that person will be blamed (ex. the role or lack there of Clinton had before the terrorist attacks but not many point fingers at him at being the one who could have taken measures but Bush, not that I don't mind the finger pointing at Bush but still...)

a.eye said...

@ Cat

I agree that there may be some news items that come up after the election, but I also think that (like always) not many people will come to know about these things. The mainstream media will not cover much of it.

storm indigo said...

Oh, you know you'd better speak!

this campaign has been such an expensive joke. too many people are looking the wrong way. Yes, it's exciting to know that an African-American has a real shot at the White House, but is he really ready. So much time was wasted on his pastor, there have been many how have ran for office whose religious beliefs are questionable. It really was a non-issue. Its just laughable. And Hillary was even worse. Please talk to me about how we can improve education so that our kids have a chance in this world, or about the price of gas, the banks that are going to fold along with the housing market. Can we talk about those things?

Oh...sorry, i got a little carried away.

Anonymous said...

Great article as usual

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I couldn't say it better myself.

King Rucks said...

Obamafication is a disease that occurs to the American population at least ever 4 years (presidential elections). A need is suggested (change, for instance), a product is introduced (a candidate you can trust- Clinton, Obama, Gore, Kennedy), and the private interests try to make you invest your emotion in the purchase (success) of this obviously great product. This is marketting; as long as corporate interests rule the federal government, only corporate candidates (products) will be displayed. There is a consensus between corporate Democrats and corporate Republicans that is more significant than there differences; they both perpetuate an eco-destructive economic system by capitulating to the ideology of the corporate messengers (Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, executive board members and lobbyists, behind door bankers). Obamafication re-invigorates the population like a new product does; just like the new product (new Nikes, for instance), you find you still have the need (manufactured need like new clothes) after purchase, and that the product is just as worthless as the product you bought last week (4 years ago). But, at least we get that emotional rush for a couple months; I participated in democracy (yeah for slavery called freedom!). This rush lasts...let's say up to the point our product gets the nomination and starts pandering to the same right-wing Zionism as its 'competitor' (Republicans). Or, if you missed that, until our product makes even tougher incarceration laws to expand the prison industrial even more, now making sure 50% of blacks end up behind bars. Brought to you by your black/irish/wigga President product.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I rather like this political season. Never before have we had so many different voices being raised in support of and in opposition to. I think whatever it takes to spoon feed Americans real information is a good thing. Yes the American political season is very circus-like in its layout, but this is what WE have. It is not enough to say its a joke. That is insulting to those that deemed this process worthy of dying for. It is not the few that drive the elections that I am afraid those that do nothing that I am most afraid of. Apathy and the delight in ignorance is far more dangerous than anything any body of plotoicans can do. It is the lack of engagement by the apathetic and the ignorant that allows for legislation that does more harm than good.

WOWHOO! I am the 100th post!

Charece said...

Great insight, I never even thought about these kinds fo issues...sometimes I feel like they are too far beyond my reach to even start to ponder, it just frustrates me even more.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Anytime sister, do come back and feel free to use my essays (wo) the cuss words in your class scholar

And the sound bits aint even sexy

Some would say media and government (with exception of CSPAN and ESPN) are one in the same. Do come back sister

Stuck in my head
So true

storm indigo
Don’t worry, get carried away, this is a forum for all, male, female, us, non us, black white. I have been thinking about education. First I would outlaw TVs lol. But it starts in the home. Do come back again sister

Thanks for your continued reading folk

Silhouette Of Your Thoughts
Y thank u very much

KJ Rucks
A scholar after my own mold. Well said. And albeit I ascribe to neither GOP or democratis, what u say, especially about K street is so true. Do come back folk
True, more harm than good, and did u comment just to be the 100th ? LOL

Don’t worry, im boring and think about stuff like this all the time, so feel free to keep coming by, thank u

Alyssa Jacob said...

I concur. Moreover, people are caught up in the possibility of having a president of color and lack true knowledge of his policies. Black people assume, wrongly I might add, that because you are a person of color, you too are an Obamite.

plez... said...


i see nothing but GOOD coming from Obama's candidacy. he has energized not one, but several generations to become engaged in the political process. but Obama has also cast light on areas where we'd never look.

i'm sure his presidency will prompt the "radical right" and the "enlightened left" to begin a thorough examination behind his every move... his presidency will be under a hubble-sized microscope for the next four to eight years!

maybe, just maybe, the Obamification of America will continue to fester after his inauguration and see us begin to withdraw from iraq and move to apprehend bin laden, maybe we'll begin to address the problems that the continued rape of the African continent has wrought on that miserable place, and maybe...

TiffJ said...

Great post. Great points. Perhaps the "Obamification of America" offers this country an escape after having been saturated with media coverage of the alleged "War on Terror," the ineptness of a corrupt White House administration, the deaths of thousands of Iraqi and American civilians and soldiers, the ineptness of an owned and corrupt media, the fact that this country is practically re-experiencing The Great Depression, poverty, homelessness, plummeting stocks, the disintegration of the American dollar, people losing their homes, etc etc etc.
I don't think the media hype surrounding Obama necessarily blinds us to the reality of current events... but it offers people HOPE and a different perspective on what the world would be like if someone DIFFERENT ran the country.
People are fed up, overwhelmed, and desperate. Hence need to be swept off our feet by the mere concept of Obama for President.

TiffJ said...

Obama for President has even breathed life into a Black Pride Movement in France... The impact is far-reaching... said...

This cannot truly work, I believe so.

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