Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When her idol is Superhead

I wanted to put together a list of things for us men to think about with regards to women. So for the sake of brevity, I have outlined a top ten list. Women, don’t worry, I’m gonna do one on us men this weekend.

10] The clubs and being in the VIP section is more important than spending time with and taking care of your family.

9] She looks at video’s all day and dreams of being in video’s herself

8] When she has money, it is more important to get her nails done and buy chronic than to put gas in her tank or pay her phone bill

7] She says she is saving having sex until marriage but talks about selling her body for money

6] She only takes and never offers and complains and is ungrateful and appreciative of anything one does for her

5] Her ringer on her phone is Kanye’s West “Gold Digger”

4] She thinks it is best and easier to rent her self to men than to have a job
and anybody with some money or who is balling can get them guts

3] You meet her when she is out of town with a married man.

2] She thinks, but is not sure, who the father of her baby is

1] When she looks up to and says Super Head is her idol

If there are any I forgot, please feel free to let me know.


Rich Fitzgerald said...

I take it that you meant these are the things to notice when AVOIDING women making no mind of how fine they are.

BTW, I nominated you for an award, come check out my post for details.

Unknown said...

oh see.. you need a whoopin for this.. and u gets no signature for this eeeva... witw! said...

She uses public housing and welfare as a permanet solution instead of a quick fix to a messed up situation. And she's comfortable with it! Holla!

Constance Burris said...

She has four tatoos and three of them are names of her exboyfriends.

Anonymous said...

11. She had no focus on education or self-empowerment.

12. The kids love the babysitter more.

13. She knows few females except the ones she met in the game.

14. All she has to offer is visual and sexual.

15. Has low self-esteem and needs/craves attention.

16. Feels comfortable in tight-knit groups of praise.

I thought this was interesting because this is a serious issue today with girls not having understanding. I have a niece (14) that I worry about. She seems to be on that road? Of course I know others, but I just wouldn't want to think this way about her, you know? I'm trying to teach her the difference in being a (female, daughter, young woman, girl, young lady, sister, baby,(SEXY) and being... Superhead!???

JustMeWriting said...

DAG.. with regard to what KIND of, can you explaine this??

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

u the man Big daddy. Congrats belated happy fathers day

Anonymous said...

17. she belives all of her problems will be satisfied with money, anger, violence or yelling - and has a good heart but is so self centered she is affraid

Anonymous said...

#2 is killer. If such is true then:

18 She will use the baby like a device to get back at the father while at the same time says she cares for the baby (when if she in the streets she cant be).

Which means Jazz's #12


Ticia said...


What made you write this post?

It was very interesting...

You know what, I am going to be real-- I don't know any women like this, so I can't understand it...Yet I know what a no good man is---

Mizrepresent said...

Sound the Alarm! Ladies and Gents, it's about time, way over do...just like we got to take to the streets and retrieve our young men, we got to get our young ladies off these virtual corners, BET, VH1, and every hip hop video out there. WE got to teach, retrain, educate, pray, and love them into being respectful of themselves FIRST and foremost. I ready to start a about you?

Anonymous said...

Oh boyee! See I was trying to just enjoy this posting without replying, but then I saw where the young lady responds that she doesnt know any women like this. WHHHHHAAAAAATTT?? She cant be serious. This type is woman is all over the place, not just in the hood and in videos. There are probably more in Corporate America faking the funk!! The odds are probably like 1 outta 3 women are like that in one way or another. Dont be in denial, just look around. If its not your sister on the right, check your left. If its not her, it just might be you so check yo-self. LOL! How funny that she knows what a "no good" man is though. My perspective on this topic will probably make me one. Wow!

Ticia said...

@ Satchmo Smoove

Don't dog me......
I am in school getting my doctorate and work a lot, so I don't hang out too much or have a lot of interaction with others, therefore I haven't/experienced much--- However in college I saw my number of whores men and women--

Of course I have seen women like this via, media, but I do not personally know them, and that is what I am referring to---not that fact that they do not exist, b/c I am very sure they are..I am not in company of them nor do I care to know what--that is my comment----

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


ennovy said...

I agree with one of the other women who just posted. I know that there are women who do those things, but I have no personal experience with women who do those things. It's all about your circle. And for the blogger that replied to the young lady, maybe she's not the one who should check her surroundings...could it possibly be you? How's that adage go, "birds of a feather..." It's not about hood versus corporate America. It's about self worth and self-actualization versus miseducation and low self esteem. And no, you disagreeing with her doesn't automatically qualify you as a man to avoid. Everyone has different experiences and consequently different perspectives.

Carole McDonnell said...

Ah come on, Torrance! It's easy to come up with a list of horrible common stuff for men to avoid.

Get corny, my friend. Create a basic list of good traits that every good woman should have ...That's hard...not funny, mind you. But hard.

What to look for in a good woman:
a kind heart
a brave heart
a sense of humor
a woman who is your physical type (whatever that is)
a woman who is respectful of her parents
a woman who values education and is always learning...even if she was horrible in high school
a woman with a sense of joy
a woman whom all the old ladies and kids on the street love.

Ticia said...

Thank you Kort...
You summed up what I was saying---


Barbara Joe Speaks said...

I appreciate what you have to say. The young women and men need to read this.

Barbara Joe Speaks said...

Thank you. I appreciate you saying this...

Anonymous said...

This blog is a good way to solicit thoughts...however I think that we should not assume that just because people are of age, they are mature and 'grown' in thought and action. Meaning, some people see this as a springboard for thought and corrective action or just a good laugh. Others, however will use this (as they do other pieces of information, ect) to justify or validate the degradation of black women instead of taking some time to dissect the problem of our societies ills (absence of functional,respecting relationships between black men and women due to lack of teaching)that perpetuate this image for girls to immulate because guys give attention to this 'type' of woman no matter how much they dog her out. Also for males to long for because that is what they see MEN doing and imitate what they see as manhood. I am ready for some real dialog WITH men about the realities of what we have been programmed to think and feel about the opposite sex (particularly us brown people) and how to do the work to make the change starting with ourselves. I can't wait to see your list of the the positive attributes you see in sistas everyday ( you see more of that than SuperHead) and a list of 'things to work on for the brothas.

Sorry for the length, but I felt it needed to be said. Peace- DLT

dc_speaks said...

um..dude, Karrine is a lot of peoples dream come true and nightmare rolled into one.

the list is quite entertaining though.

thanks for sharing, T. I'll just ease out of this into something less controversial today. I do that enough on my own blog. hahahaha


Anonymous said...

-1) She uses her ass to get into the FRONT door then after it is abused, she uses her ass to land on being thrown out the Back door.

...Mini Moog/Prophet 5

Lais... said...

*moment of silence*

my little sister is 17 and LOVES superhead...she wants to be in videos praying for her. I think its a stage, the same way white girls think *dumb blonde* is a term of endearment. Media is a sneaky lil dangerous tool if fed into a weak mind...

Anonymous said...

Society has placed a value on beauty which creates a monster inside of those who are percieved to have it. With more money and higher profile the women are considered "Trophy Wives" and "Top Models"... In more familiar territory, "Strippers" and "Groupies" and "Gold Diggers". Some may have went to college and dropped out, after being sold dream of becoming a "Top Model", but if you miss the mark... You still have to survive. No, high profile "classy and independent" but needy and dependent in a tight knit circle. They get it where they can, because even praise in a "tight knit circle" has a value that affords a life style many of us desire. Getting to the root of the problem is not blaming the individual, but looking at the value we place on beauty, which allows this individual to become a visible role model for our young ladies. We all bring value to "Superhead" by acknowledging her. In doing it generates interest, this makes us research and provides an additional outlet for her earning potential... As long as we contribute others like her will continue to thrive. The entertainment industry will not change overnight. Maybe by grooming future generations who will produce movies and videos, we can affect viewpoints and values of the generations after them. Substance and values start at home and each requires a record amount of time to be spent with our youth, do you have the time? If not what is the alternative?

The 78 Ms. J said...

Dag at Carol its like you know me personally LOL, anywho there is a war on girls/women and it's been since eve ate that apple, we got a hard row to hoe and it desn't seem to get any easier. I would like to add that the type of women you wrote about looks like a superhead type chick, or an angel lola luv and guys will always go for the slut with the big butt ALWAYS and then kick themselves in hindsight because they knew what she was and about but they couldn't see past her booty and beauty so don't get mad fellas when you come out the situation but now she got a baby by you and that child support is coming out your check real tough, you can't turn a trick into a treat, a whore into a housewife, nor a slut into a good girl!

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