Friday, January 11, 2008

sunni or latter

With all this election stuff, it had almost slipped my mind that we were still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and trying to contrive 5 speed boats as an act of war with Iran. Then there is the northern end of Iraq, where the Turks and Kurds going at it. But as expected they say things are going well when to me they are not.

I mean if I was an Iraqi and running the government of Iraq, I would move to take our state back and urge all, Sunni’s and Shite to join in battle with the Kurds against Turkey. This may engender nationalism of my people for Iraq, and at the same time anger the US, who move for a unified Iraq but really don’t want one – and did I add, would likely be forced to help Turkey if such popped off. But this wont occur for we have effectively divided the country and encouraged secularism in the country with our pre-emptive policies and morosely laconic foreign policy.

We are now, since the surge (what ever that is) recruiting villagers of Iraq that are members of armed Sunni groups known as Awakening Councils. In theory they supposed protect their neighborhoods with the help of the US military. Haven’t we been down that path before? In 2005 The U.S. military command in Baghdad acknowledged that they paid Iraqi newspapers to carry positive news about U.S. efforts in Iraq and we saw what that got us.

Now paying folks that want to see us dead an we know they want to see us dead like that’s gone solve the problem and make the country whole and safe. The Awakening Councils are estimated to be 70,000-strong and growing. Such short sightedness tells me that the US has not even thought of the long-term implications of empowering folks that hate and want us out of their country and who also have sever disdain for the Shiite-led government established by the US. I mean these folks are very well trained and well armed. Which begs to ask what will they do when we eventually withdraw troops (cause they will leave one day – just like the British).

Not to mention in November of last year, audits revealed that some 17K of these folks were being paid but not standing post. But what can one expect when u hire folks 10,000 at a time and pay $10.00 a day (quarter billion dollars a year).

But as I said and back to the main point, the country is divided and I am not the leader of the government nor Iraqi. The Kurds up North, the Sunnis and the Shite down below. We are funding the well-armed folks in the Sunnis who hate us and let a mainly shite government set up in the country. So we funding to rival militaries and expect that we leave, the country will be all peachy keen.


Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Torrance,

I'll say it again; the only hope for peace in Iraq is dividing the country in thirds.

One third to the Kurds, one third to the Sunni's and one to the Shia.

But that's not going to happen because the Neo-Cons don't really want peace in Iraq. If there was peace what reason would the U.S. have for being there?

Jameil said...

but they (as in the people who started and continue to fund this ridiculous war-- that'd be WASHINGTON) are neither looking at the future nor caring about it. we are firmly entrenched to the point where i begin to wonder will we ever get out? b/c i'd really hoped that when all those repubs were booted out congress would stop signing every war funding bill that came across their desks but I WAS WRONG.

Jaded said...

I know I sound like a broken record, but this boils down to money too. There is no reason to leave Iraq when there's still money to be made. I knew that the Dems wouldn't do anything different once they were in control. They have the majority vote and still do what Bush wants because their bank accounts benefit from it. It's not just the Neo-cons or the's anyone who has their finger in the proverbial pie.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

true, but the neo cons are a dying breed now, beside no necon ever desires peace, they make too much loot from war

jameill1922 - one thing for sure, they dont want us there and we will be out either by choice or body bag. British were in Irak for 27 years b4 they left

jaded how true - money drives all and is the ubiquitous ROOT OF ALL EVIL

CapCity said...

Hey T-Dawg, Beby! Wha's crackalackin'? I haven't come by to check u in a bit & I DO apologize;-)...but u know how it is looking for work, trying to get my write on, and e'rythang! I'm so glad u keep up with the news - cuz i get so discouraged by it ALL: the babies getting shot & abused, this never ending war, this crazy gov't, and sech! So, I keep my head buried in books I'm reading or writing. When I come up for air & check blogs - u keep me on point!

HUGZ Daddy-o! Look forward to meetin' ya at the ATL Book event for Bloggers' Delight (when-ever that is;-).

Anonymous said...

Vibe with me for a moment......

Our Country was founded on the arrival of a group of people who were suposedly escaping the British Rule. They were intending on creating a "free" world. But I ask you, how can freedom come from the dividing and conquering of the native human life force, by way of lies and trickery. Did we ever expect that the "free" world and those that run it (whom are all trained by their predessessors to follow the same code of non ethics). Do any of us really know that it was a couple of rich men in the banking institution that funded the defectants arrival on US soil? And their intents on purging the us of the Native Americans? Well it was, this country was founded on blood shed, greed for money, and special interest groups.

With that said, is it any surprise that they are doing it it another area in order to gain control? They aren't doing anything they haven't done before, they just tell us it is for their behalf and to establish a "free" Iraqy Governement. Bullshit.....

As I stated before, when the Laws of nature are continually broken with malicious intent, it is inevitable that more blood be shed before the truth be known. We are crazy to think that it won't happen on US soil either. You are right when you mention us training those that despise our unethical aproach to rule! They eventually will come thru our so called protected borders and attack again.

When one thinks of how many years of destruction have occured, over the almighty dollar, it makes you wanna burn every red cent you own.

One Love,

Sorry for all the typo's I'm in a hurry, breakfast is

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

cap - cant wait to actually meet the legend LOL

D - very good point. and typos dont bother the king of the grammatically incorrect....hope u have a thick and creamy breakfast LOL

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Listen, if this wasn't an election year the Dems would have wiped the floor with republican asses. But nobody wants to be seen as soft on the war on terror--meaning they want Mr. & Mrs. Middle America to know that if there is terrorist to be had everyone wants in on the credit for getting them. This war only benefits Haliburton and the Special Opps--you know the Gun-for-Hires that are doing all the dirty work--the same Cats that came to police the streets of New Orleans during Katrina with guns ready. Neighboring country's in the Middle East have to want peace--without strings and without hidden agendas. When in doubt about political strategy and policy...follow the fucking money. If you follow the money the reasons become clearer. As an ex-legislator it is so easy to fund things that aren't always in the best interest of the public---you can always use the argument of the "greater good" for anything as a credible explanation. Most folks aren't sophisticated enough to see through politco speak. And I might add, don't care to know. Notice how we get very little visual about what is happening in the Middle East--we know more about Brittany Spear's mental state than we do about national security interests--then throw in an election--it all becomes too much for the average American public to digest. (Sigh)

I have no idea what peace would look like, I mean perhaps like it does in Israel and Palestine---hhm that divison of land went over well. (tongue-in-cheek)

guerreiranigeriana said...

i'm wondering when the citizens became so damn docile/immobile (me included)...we know all this and yet, nothing...we blog or debate with friends...but do nothing...and we aren't even creative enough to think of something to do...when i share my ideas, folks immediately start with the naysaying...and here we are...reading this disturbing shit...when did governments become so powerful?...or are we so simple and incapable of thinking that britney, elections and white racists making racists comments about black people rule our world?...

...i'm tired of blaming the government...the governments do what WE allow them to do...i'd like to see a government really terminate all it's citizenry...that would be ridiculous...but we allow them to carry out this bullshit on our dime...i wonder what would happen if folks just started burning their money for real...

...*notices that it is nighttime...walks out to smoke her cigarette at night*...

Anonymous said...

An interesting read. as usual... All I'm going to say is, it will take million of years to solve anything. In fact nobody really wants to do so. Its 2008, Racism still lives...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

koffee - will never end, amerikka was built on it nd so was the west

guerreiranigeriana - im not blaming the gov, jus saying they made a poor dec, like i d m students when they do (u knoe=w about that) and I am making a change by thinking and not accepting what i m fed

Babz - im a libertarian, and i feel u, but i take personal responsibility for my 4th amendment rights, and maybe u should not have atv like me, but i feel what u said and im with u

Anonymous said...

Will this war ever end!? I can hope that it comes to an end when Bush get his a** outta office. Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jameil - the Bush administration do not care anymore what happens to Iraq - it is no longer their problem and yes the election rararah is an excellent diversion from the various US occupations. I like your blog too. Thanks for passing by Black Looks.

M.Dot. said...


Thank you for stopping BY.

Election year blogging is almost most as fun as the 5 coffee post mash.


Didi Roby said...

That photo is most disturbing.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hey, T...I think you should put in an application for Leadership. Is that possible. I know it is childish and irresponsible, but I try not to even think about the war and everything else going on over there in Iraq. You are right though, with all the election stuff, it does kind of make it easier to slip your mind. Everyone's focus seems to have moves, slightly. Oh, by the way, thank you for coming to see me at my other blog @home. I'm gonna start updating that damn thing again. Thanks for the prayers. They are appreciated. Happy Nappy to you too. LOL. Oh, and I like the pic of you and the little lady.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

marcus - when america is broke and we run out of money

Sokari - tru dat, he ready to get back to the ranch with his boy dick chenny and shot some more people

MDot - its kind of fun and funny 2 address, but sad also

Deirdre - whats disturbing about the pic and which one hon

OMO - you down with OMP(o) yea u know me. good look. besides u used to hit me up from there

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Of course you are a libertarian...what else would you be? Education, intellect and gainful employment allows for a Libertarian declaration (smile) Ah 4th amendent--hmm doesn't the Patriot Act cancel that out---gotta catch all those terriost cells lurking in our country. I am a TV junkie, but main stream media is very good at sedating the general population.
re: phot--which I didn't notice until someone posted here about it :) beautiful child...and you have lovely hair!

Unknown said...

Ahhh, The art of war. What a quandary! Perplexing I must state..

Anonymous said...

the shit is already a civil war, if they are not willing sit on the table and try to work together and they are effectively segregating themselves by regions and neighborhoods as well as rejecting democracy as we conceive it...really who are we to force civility and law and order upon them???...oh yeah we are those who want to have a hand on the oil revenue...

I stay forgetting about our vested precious interest, what with all the senseless carnage and all

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

lovebabz - why thank u on the pic, and no patriot act on my 11 acres citizen soverigh here

Stringfield - nice to see u back blogging. yes war is an art, but they have a mess

Qucifer - U know US, carnage is our game

Scott said...

It's a joke, the only ones who don't believe we are making progress in Iraq are the ones who have a vested interest in us losing. That would be you, Torrance.

Contrivances with small boats? I've been there, a small boat was used to attack the USS Cole in case you forgot.

We are making unbelieveable progress and sorry to tell you amigo, the surge is working.

Obama is now getting his due with real questions and his lack of quick-thinking and vague answers are not working anymore.

He's not ready for prime time, dude, on the war or most other issues.

Anonymous said...

Aerospace Engineers I see. But seriously, is there a single high school diploma here?

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Expand your horizons a bit. Here's a piece written by an Iraqi official.

If you leave the echo chamber once in a while you really might learn something.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


You have to help me sort some of this out here, son.

What vested interest could Torrance possibly have in seeing you "lose"? To "lose" one has to have an enemy or at least an opponent. Who is your opponent? And DON'T SAY AL-QAIDA because Al-qaida falls into the Sunni category. What you are is something that is in the way of three tribes which want to destroy each other. That's all. The truth is that you are THEIR enemy in the sense that your are occupying territory all three claim title to. Individually, none of the three are your ENEMY or your OPPONENT.

But back to Torrance. Where do you draw the inference that he has a vested interest in seeing you lose assuming "winning" and "losing" were possible on your terms?

Please explain how you define "working" in terms of "the surge"? And please explain to me what "the surge" is because I don't live in the US? If you mean the post 2006 election escalation, OK, how has it worked or not worked? I really don't have a clue.

As for Obama, I don't particularly care for the man, but what DUE is he getting finally? For a guy punching way over his weight, he's doing a pretty impressive job of campaigning, I'd say. I didn't think he'd get this far because he gave himself too difficult a task for this stage of life. A really top-drawer campaigner like Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon would have one hell of a time trying to pull off what Obama's trying.

Think about this for a second. Though I prefer Clinton, I think to much is made of her LEGISLATIVE experience edge over his. That I would call a toss-up. Her edge is in EXPERIENCE in the campaign life. And the toughness and precision that comes with that experience. What Obama has done is really nothing short of remarkable. He had basically had to hold a very unstable coalition of Republicans, Independents, Right-Wing Democrats, liberals, African-Americans, and progressives together. How is that group going to agree on what to have for lunch, let alone candidate for POTUS?

He's really having to sell fascism to left-wingers and libertarians and hope that the skin color works at the same time. And he has to do it against a very strong candidate and campaigner in her own right. I don't think that Obama's got the world of ideas but he's doing what he needs to do in order to hold that coalition together which is to keep it simple, theme-based and off-the-issues. With about 8 more years in the game, Obama would probably have evolved into one of my favorite politicians.

It's true he's a rookie, but what a rookie! he's still a favorite to be president of the United States.

If you don't like Obama come over to my blog and you'll get chapter and verse on what I dislike about him. Really what I'm responding to is his unformed philosophy and inexperience on the stump.

I don't like him and I don't get him. But since participating over here, in reading the words of TORRANCE and THE BLACK SNOB especially, I've come to understand at a gut level his appeal in the Black intellectual community. I do not understand his appeal on any level to the goof-ball community of all colors or maybe I understand it all too well!

Reading Torrance and TBS I've had to ask myself if I've ever been inspired by a garden-variety politician before when I know that as a rule they are ALL FULL OF SHIT CAREERISTS. I came up with only 4 and you'll never understand my list. I only care that T and TBS do.

1) SENATOR HOWARD METZENBAUM (D-OH). I don't recall being prouder of a politician and prouder to be a Russian Jew living in America than when I saw an old neighborhood dude just like my father or grandfather tear the everloving shit out of Oliver North and John Singlaub and the rest of those fucks during the Iran-Contra hearings. For a few years there, I felt like I wasn't apart from the American experience. Yes, I know that Metzenbaum had been a Communist and maybe a little shady during his union days. Made me like him more.

2) REPRESENTATIVE BARBARA LEE (D-OAK) I was living in Lower Manhattan during 9/11. Believe me, we were the FIRST AMERICANS to smell a rat in all this. The vibe in NYC immediately after the disater was shock and grief and how would we deal with our losses. Not YOUR losses. OUR losses. NOBODY in NYC was resentful of Muslims except for a small bunch of freaks. And I among illions of New Yorkers detested Middle America's crying crocodile tears over 9/11 when they not only hated us New Yorkers but never had to feel the grief. Barbara Lee was THE FIRST POLITICIAN with the courage to stand up and say "bullshit."

3)HOWARD DEAN (D-VT) He's really a New Yorker. I now know friends of his and when I was a kid I played in a summer sports league against a team that he and his brother had quit over the team's refusal to allow Blacks and Jews on it a few years earlier. He was the first big-time politician of MY GENERATION in a way and the first of recent vintage to LEAD on peace, single-payer health and gay-rights. I'm still super-proud of his toughness and he makes me proud to be a New Yorker (you're always a New Yorker).

4) REPRESENTATIVE DENNIS KUCINICH (D-CLE). I have no idea how old you are but in 1978, Dennis Kucinich was the "rock star" of the Democratic Party. He was elected Mayor of Cleveland at 27 years old and his upside was unlimited. In the fall of 1979 he threw away his whole career on a point of principle. He would not let the Cuyohoga County power utility price-gouge his largely Black constituency. This cost him his mayoralty, the love of his family, friends, and the Slavic machine that got him there. That's just the balls, man. I liked the way he's tried to rebuild his career and has never given up. He also has never failed to LEAD on issues of importance to me.

I know these people are all deeply flawed, too. But I found a window into understanding how rational people who study the issues carefully and agree with me on 99% of them, could come to a choice of Obama, a choice I'd never make.

Anonymous said...

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