Monday, January 28, 2008

Ode to Miss Anne

As I have recanted an inordinate amount of time, I am a country boy. I’m proud to be a country boy and from flip flops and socks, to wearing my hair in Plats, I personify that pick-up truck driving, wild boar throat cutting while its live, Jones who owns throwing axes, rifles and 11 acres to personification.

This weekend, in-between auto junkyards looking for some parts to fix my truck, or get it fixed, I stopped by an associate of mine Birthday party. His woman had asked me to come through. Now this not one of my real folk but he my folk and I see him regularly at this little Jamaican redneck joint in Fairburn, Georgia called Latitudes. Now I’m in Palmetto, and to put into perspective it is about six miles down Roosevelt Highway from my spread.

The bar, well, they serve Jamaican food, is owned by this kat named Les who is originally from Negril, Jamaica. Like I say, he a cool kat, and a real Rum dranker. The catch is that since it is in the country, half the clientele are NASCAR, bud-drinking rednecks. And they my folk and I love them.

While at the party, one of the bartender, all of which are women, Miss Anne, had added a dish to the buffet – Brunswick stew. If you all aint never heard or tried it, let me tell you it’s the bomb. Again, from me, this country boy, for if anything, you all should know I love sports, getting head, sex, Tequila and Food.

Miss Anne is my girl, she an ole white woman that legend tells us, can cook her ass off, like all of the other r bartenders according to patrons. And I’m glad to be one. The bar is better than Cheers, I mean everybody knows your name and what you drinking. Not to mention the pool tables and DJ that be dropping the best cuts from the ATL to Memphis, as well as country music. Everybody needs a placed like this to go too. And if any yawl in town, best believes I’m gone take yawl there. Now back to this stew. The bomb in one word. And to show how country I am, it was made with pork, possum, Rabbit, Chicken and squirrel. All I could recognize was the squirrel.


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

Oooh I haven't had rabbit since I was little. My old Uncle Ed used to take me rabbit hunting in Oklahoma and my Aunt Patsy would fry it up for us in the kitchen.

For those who don't know Fried Rabbit is good eating, and your stew sounds good minus the pork:-)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

yea lil momma. oklahoma, my folk in tulsa. we used to go to the rodeo in oklmugee (sp). mike Vick had nothing on tgem LOL

Stephen A. Bess said...

That actually sounds good. :)

Anonymous said...

"I am a country boy. I’m proud to be a country boy and from flip flops and socks, to wearing my hair in Plats, I personify that pick-up truck driving, wild boar throat cutting while its live, Jones who owns throwing axes, rifles and 11 acres to personification.

Classic is all i can say & is Railhead realy your boy from the penchant post, he is scarey, and i'm trying not to let it slid to u LOL

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A'mariee so u can know its me. That's my post above. I told you i read u each day and you beter call like u said

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Stephen - do i detect some country boy or A country boy? I should have known by the pics nd your taste in music

A'Mariee (wonder if folks gone have a hard time pronoucinatig yo name like I dd lol. Phone off. Til wed, disputing Bill and when sked baby momma to help me she got irrate. It was like i can help her in emergencies but she cant help me. anywho i dont know no one in the country verizion say i do.

U still lok delicious ok hon, and i kep it on y mind (when i think about it) bout scholar here at war...i hope u understnd

Jaded said...

Never heard of it being made with possum...not sure I could bring myself to eat that particular critter. I've had a version of Brunswick stew with rabbit, chicken and turkey ham served with corn dumplings which was SO good. Actually, I had a few versions of it when I lived in the south. Hmmm...I wonder why I've never tried to make that since I really did enjoy it. I'm gonna have to see about that. (I can't do the pork though...I'm VERY allergic to it.)

If I'm ever passing through Georgia, I'll expect a trip to Latitudes.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

you better be kidding, both sides of my family are from Tulsa! My mother's mother and my father's parents...
my daddy is still there...

small world!

VAR said...

Awww man, I need to checkout this place. I dont think I seen it when I was out there. :-)

Squirrel is good.. My cousin Big Mama in Daingerfield, Texas always makes real good squirrel dumplings..

Anonymous said...

good lord... I live in the sticks but I refuse to eat squirrel (a rat) or possum (which I've seen served hot on salad at the old Roadkill Cafe up in new hampstah).

I shot squirrels and then string them up for the buzzards. Maybe I am not country enough. But I have had something similar to what Jaded describes. Rabbit is good but the ones around here taste nothing like chicken.

The Bear Maiden said...

Well, you had me at the "Negril" part, seeing as how I spent my youth in Jamdown.

But the stew? Dude, I eat kosher. That right there is a big "no-can-do". But it looked good...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Jaded - u know u down, and me either, didnt know what was i it until i had knocked back 3 bowls along with 3 turkey sandwiches

aunt jackie - u look like pam grier my folks say LOL. u know any Guillory's?

Var - thats why u need to move here asap. U spend too much time in TX and CA

sauerkraut - now thats funny. thanks for the drive by. and BTW, i had never eatten possum before, just heard they ate it on the beverly hill billy's LOL

Bear Madien - my fault hon, I love Negril. Used to go in december and stay at that guest house right across from the Tree Top (where i ate breakfast every day..Akee, salth fish, eggs, cocca bred and a red stripe (or 2 or 3) LOL

Lindah said...

Never tried rabbit but they say it tastes like chicken

...they call me "L" said...

I absolutely LOVE a good neighborhood bar, wish I could go hang out at that place wit'cha! It sounds real nice. I'll have to pass on the stew, but I might try to drink you under the table...

deepnthought said...

I am a countr girl. I have tried to run from it and I

I have had brunswick sew. I am told I make a mean one. I dont use possum (neither did my big mama) because all of the possum i our town were like the pets we always wanted growing up.

Stopped using rabbit once my youngest brother got one for a pet. I n longer eat meat so, I am not sure if the stew is as good as folks say. lol

Brilliantly Me said... just listed about 20 animals right there whose body parts I don't think I ever want to enter my mouth.

dc_speaks said...

there is absolutely nothing country about me, but I enjoy hearing your tales of the good ol' boy lifestyle.

Have a fantastic day, fam!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

DC - it is what it is, u need to come down this way on day folk and im sure we will have a bal

Ray - 20, huh, guess thats new math LOL

Deepnthought - pet rabbits (as long ar hey are not white) are edible too LOL

Skoolboi Krush said...

You in the A and talking about Miss Anne! I just knew this was going to be about the Ghetto Burger.

Brilliantly Me said...

Lol clearly they didn't tell you that I'm the exaggeration queen.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Skoolboi - now that was funny. Im gon drop by your spot if u dont mind folk. But Im from memphis, morehouse grad

Rayo - i should have known lol

Stephen A. Bess said...

Oh yeah, I'm part country boy. I was sent to North Carolina(small town, pop. 5,000) from ages 12 to 18. So, that makes me City, Country, City.

Brilliantly Me said...


Tafari said...

"Again, from me, this country boy, for if anything, you all should know I love sports, getting head, sex, Tequila and Food." These can be applied to any man, especially getting head & sex! I am country when I have to be but a certified city guy. LOL

Thew stew was sounding good until broke off them ingredients, so I am gonna have to say fuck that.


hottnikz said...

You had me until you started with the possum & squirrels. The only thing that I might try is rabbit, and that's a BIG might.

af said...

man thats some country shih. my city needs a few good jamaican restraunts. we hav a bunch of good mexican restaraunts though.

nice blog btw

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Stephen - u my kind of folks, a country boy scholar

Rayo - u silly woman LOL

ByGbaby - i would have too, but found after i had consumed 3 bowls

Hott - read the above/ first time i ever ate possum

Jamie - tre, i am what i am, where r u located

Marleaux said...

Interesting dish. Too bad I won’t be in GA anytime soon or I would probably try… lol

Eating a product before learning of its contents is how my uncle finally got me to try Liver. Still teases me about it til this day. I won’t try anymore of his mystery dishes.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Marleaux - yep, to bad, im sad now

One Man’s Opinion said...

ewwwww. lol. Sounds like something straight from the Beverly Hillbillies.

Unknown said...

I bet it's probably good but i dont think i can get down with rabbit, squirrel and possum...i mean how do u even catch them??? I just want you to know that I am laughing so hard right now! Actually it probably tastes better than the food here in England...

Mes Deux Cents said...


Awww man! I just converted to vegetarianism! :)

msladyDeborah said...

I have had squirriel and rabbit. I refuse to eat opposum period. But the stew sounds like something my peeps would of whipped up. They are from West By God VA and Virginia.

I am feeling you on the tequila!

Anonymous said...

Grew up country on a 45 acre farm no doubt. Look, we ate whatever my Daddy was killin. Ain't had no choice if you was hungry. We lived an hour and a half from the closest town (not even a city)lol. One stop light in town and they didn't put that in until my junior year of high school.

At age 10 my Daddy put me in his pick up truck and told me I'd figure out the clutch on my own. No driving instructions just a full tank of gas. My job for the afternoon was to drive the property and scout for edible critters so I could tell him where they were at. Armed with only a pellet gun in case I saw somethin small I could fetch on my own. LOL

No one believes my story's of child hood any more because I now live in the city and work in the corporate world, suited and booted, 'erry day. Although outside I'm apparently a city slikka I am still country to the core. But I wouldn't trade growin up country for nothin in the world!

I eatz ma brekfast!

One Love,

Anonymous said...

Umm.. no thanks.. But like you said you country so I understand... Ain't no Jamaican country and American country gonna be the same thing... I'm from way up in the bush... we party on the road... was back home in Ja last april for my Great granny 100th bday... and family reunion.... they bought a goat and kill it... and that was the main for Negril... its beautiful there... lucky for me Uncle got connection with the hotels around....

Blah Blah Blah said...

I'dda ate it....up until the pork part...and maybe the squirrel part...and maybe even the rabbit part.

...huge sigh...
Yea, I am a city girl.
BUT...I would have eaten it had you not told me what was in it. A bowl of stew and a Sam Adams....niiiiiice!

Anonymous said...

OMG - now I'm going to be prowling Georgia to find the little town, so that I can try the Jamaican grub that the NASCAR fans dig. I've been here for 2 years and don't know my way around ATL yet (I live in Jonesboro), but I bet I'll try to bribe a friend to take me there.

When I lived in NYC, I imagined country to be one thing. I've learned that country is sexy/sophisticated/radical/witty CeeLo Green (my favorite artist) is country. Country is good.

This Colored Girrl said...

yep that's that down south food right there, it sticks to your body. i live in st. louis by way of Mississippi and I swear we at more coons, rabbits, and dear meat to last a lifetime. people up north always say " you ate coon"? this really throws them for a loop. i like country boys

Jameil said...

love brunswick stew but am a bit disturbed by your animal choices. not saying i wouldn't try it but with much caution. both sides are from the country but i'm very a very city/suburb girl. flip flops and socks? stop it.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

ameil1922 - i didn cook it, i ate it and learned what was in it after the fact, but living in africa i have eatten bushbaby (what ever it is) crocodile, chimnpanzie, guinnea fowl and some more stuff LOL

This Colored Girrl - thanks 4 the visit and do return, Miss huh, im from memphis, where bout in them there parts u from hon?

Jali - hiot m up and we can go, if u in College park its down the stret shoot me an email, and i need the name of the spokn word spot again

Blah Blah Blah - like most of the wome here, yawl soft city folk. LOL. what if u aye it first as i did, u would not have known

Koffee - geat granny sounds like the bomb and id kiss her 100 times, u enjoy that and make that day in april special pls

D - u know i love me some country girls and i got your breakfast k hon?

msladydeborah - i never ate it before but if u from dem der hills i bet have LOL

M two cents - when u convert, know there is no scientific evidence hat vegetarionas live longer or less than carnivores....and al my yers and travel in Africa, i never met a veternarian, i mean vegiterian other than those from europe or america

Memphiz - don be like that.

OMP - thats what i said LOL

Sha Boogie said...

Ohhh..who doesn't like some (good) head? And you lost me at the squirrel, no sir.

Anonymous said...

Oh My lord... Squirrel??? Not. Never bro

NOT. Never

Anonymous said...

LOL! Though I've spent enough time on my grandfather's farm to be able to claim a little bit a' country, I'm going to have to say that Bygbaby echoes my sentiments EXACTLY. Possum? Uh-uh. Squirrel? Uh-uh. Wabbit? Nope. Other? Hell no. (so NO on the possum...)

Sorry, but the same applies to frog legs, snails, caviar (which I just don't get...), etc.

I guess if I were starving, none of this would matter, huh?

Looks like I'm not as open-minded about food, eating and trying new things as I thought!

[Imagine my citified horror when my great aunt from New Orleans introduced me to gumbo with crawfish in it--still in the shell, with the legs sticking all up! Was goooood tho...]

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

sha boogie - u want soem horesmann lol let me stop

Qucifer - i aint mad, u city gir u, i hope im stil your folk, squirell helped nourish this mind LOL

Tamara - u more country than u fron not to be, i bet the gumbo was gooooooood though

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have clarified--"Midwestern citified horror..." I think it's just that thing about certain southern foods, hehe.

I seriously do miss the country though. It's almost not even the "country" anymore with all of the building and new construction going on on all the old farmland. ;-(

Rich Fitzgerald said...

So dis is where you was gone drag me too for a drink. I would have been over dressed, but I'll be ready the next time.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Tamara - its cool, u stil a city gurl lol

Rich - yep. LOL would have had a ball, never over dressed

Anonymous said...

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