Tuesday, January 08, 2008

hope 2 die

1st I want to thank Ingrid D. Moore Curry for making me the featured writer of the month on her blog.

You know all good, and even great things come to an end. Such is also true for nation-states. The Roman Empire fell because it was fearful of technology, it had no more folk to conqueor and because the Empire's economy could no longer be fuelled by the exploitation of new colonies. They had to raise higher and higher taxes to maintain itself and its armies and the people pulled a Hall & Oates (can't go for that ,no can do).

Babylon's fall came as a result the loss of commercial relationships with other nations and depopulation, although Biblical pundits use Isaiah 47 and Revelations 16 to assert that the fall was a punishment from God due to their “false religious system”. And we all recant the fall of Constantinople by the he Ottoman Turks Empire in 1453. Today class, I would like to postulate that the next major empire to Fall will be the United States of America.

From all I can tell, it shoud not be a strange observation that the country I am citizen of is going under. Some may suggest that what I am saying may be seditious, but I would just assert that my view is just that, an observation. And If I can tell, I’m certain folks involved in the machinary of government know also. I mean based on the way our economy functions alone, it got to break down one day.

There was even a report in the mid 1970s by the Stanford Research Institute and compiled by the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policy. To sum it all up, the breakdown will be that of our form of capitalism and democracy mainly as a function of globalism and monopoly capitalism. We talking about the greed and avarice that so many cooperate and political namesakes maintain where the people at the top always implement policy for their pockets as opposed to the betterment of the greater population – meaning they have a penchant for manipulating such to maximize profits for the individuals associated with these multi-national corporations.

And thinking about it, it is not that I am the first to say such. W. Cleon Skousen's book The Naked Capitalist talks about such as well as the noted Georgetown historian Carroll Quigley in his book "Tragedy and Hope.” I first heard of him when President Clinton gave him props during his inaugural address. The book is a historical work covering the period in the US between 1890-1960 (classic must read on REAL U.S. Modern history).

It examines the mechanics of international bankers and of the organizations they formed to influence behind-the-scenes political and diplomatic activity. He provides insight on groups such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations. I would suggest he 1300 plus pages to any lover of history. So revealing and detailed, that it was pulled from bookshelves and its publication was halted for several decades. He spoke of what he called financial cpitalism and explained this tersley in his examples regarding the power of bankers, esecially investment bankers over governments.

Just going over the copy I have recently brought all of the current thoughts to fruition, especially the decline in the US economy and the increasing impact that our government policies is having on the entire world. But it would not surprise me none if what I have described happens within the next decade or two. And this is on the real, based on my own objectivity, cross my heart and hope to die.


Jaded said...

As I keep saying, the US Government is the biggest busines on the planet. It's not about doing what's best for the people or the nation, it's about power and money, both of which corrupt. Green is the only color they recognize or care about.

I feel like in this election we are trying to choose a savior from a pool of devils. How do we find the lesser evil and save ourselves?

dejanae said...

Yep. if you study the course of history and examine the downfall of empires, we're headed in that direction. okay now i'm depressed. thnx a lot man. gonna get me some cheer me up cheesecake

Blu Jewel said...

This country was founded on theft and greed and will continue for all perpetuity unless someone finally has the balls to bring it to a halt. I'm doubtful that will happen given the current state of affairs and how much time and energy it'll take to undo what has already been done.

History has a way of repeating itself if the situation doesn't come with a resolution. So sad and so scary!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

jaded - i often say its like selecting Hitler over charles Manson

dejanae - sorry hope the cheese cake makes u feel better, what kind BTW

blu jewel - yep sad, so where r u moving too

Prophetess said...

Throwing rocks and hiding their hands.

Talking but saying nothing.

Hands in cookie jar and up Mona Lisa's skirt at the same time.

The great U.S. of America!

Raw Dawg, you summoned me, didn't you? Well, here I am... (LOL)

Jaded said...

Hitler over Manson...that's exactly it.

What a sad state of affairs, don't you think?

SO glad to have found this blog.

Mes Deux Cents said...


Aren't the Neo-Cons already planning for a borderless North America?

Isn't globalism about making strong corporations and weak states?

I think that not just the U.S. will fall but nations as we know them will no longer exist.

Soon your national affiliation will not matter as much as your corporate affiliation.

Anonymous said...

1300 pages, damn thats sounds like the Bible or senate report

MsFreshBananaPuddin said...

That Hall N Oats song is my jam! lol

The rich keep getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. And min wage just went up…we are all going to die!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawg.... It is stageringly clear and yet so many people are so blind to the reality of it.

If you look at just the history of Gemany and the rise and fall of it, you will see the similarity almost to a tee with what the US has and is doing. It is inevitable that the democracy of this country will no doubt take a fall. How much time it will take is the only question.

In nature, there are laws. These laws function and manifest no matter if we want them to or not. When destruction based in the lack of principles has occured to the degree we see in this country, it is inevitable that the demise will also occur. It is the Law of Causation and the Law of Vibration at their finest!

Right now, and for centuries, it has been the blind leading the blind. The problem is, the majority of humans have followed blindly. It will definately get worse before it gets better and there will be more blood shed.

It is sad and scary at the same time but one can either be aware of what is, or still be one of the blind led!

"Every object has a its own form and its own nature. Man is completely unaware of his real nature, which is love and compassion. He is so much immersed in selfishness that every activity he undertakes is only for furthering his own interests and accumulating possessions for himself. Even the love that man displays towards other persons is with a selfish motive of gaining something out of them and not for the other person's sake." - Baba

The quote supra is no different for the members of the banking institution, which is really who control the government, not the puppets who are our presidents, senate, and congress. It is the puppeteers we should be looking at.

Every cause has it's effect and in every effect is the cause!

One Love,

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Great post T!

guerreiranigeriana said...

*singing*...i second that emotion...yours and d's...i've been trying to tell folks abd they don't want to listen...this country is venturing even further into the depths of hell...it has happened to them all...besides germany, i like to use these two as more 'recent' examples: portugal and the ussr...the list goes on and on...

Jaded said...

I was talking about this last night, and I think part of the problem stems from our educational system. All high schools require US History, but most only offer World History as an elective. Since kids often find history to be irrelevant, they don't take extra history classes. We can't paint a broad picture and illustrate that history DOES repeat itself if we don't require our kids to learn a world view. Yes, it's good to know our history as a nation, but that's only a fraction of the story, especially when you consider that the majority of us came from other parts of the world originally. It's rather arrogant and narrow minded of us not to require our children to learn about more than their own back yard. That arrogance can be dangerous.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

kawana - thank u hon

Jaded - so true and u speak of history, the myopia is so bad that they cant read well enough to understand history

guerreiranigeriana - give up on the singing LOL, u are on point with USSR, I am ashamed to say I don't know much about Port. I guess u safe in Nigeria for the time being

D - right and eloquent again. yep, we follow aimlessly, every body wants a leader but they should want to lead themselves

Hoodoo'ed - i did nd u came, now can u save the US with your powers

Jaded - yep thats basically our choice, democrat or republican

MD2 - true with regards to globalism, but we the only empire now that wil fall, not india or china for sure

puddin - great taste i music u have there

Anonymous said...

Great post (again). I'll see if I can get my hands on the book. There are truths that make us uncomfortable that we must face.

The Love Collective said...


Just showing some love.

Jameil said...

I started thinking about this in elementary school when reading about all the empires falling. it was only a cursory view, of course, but i was thinking these civilizations had hundreds of years to be on top if that long, when will the fall come for the US? it used to scare me. now i'm just watching.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

JALI - thanks hon, now how about them dates and locatio for spoken word again plssssss

The Love collective - good look and do return

jameil1922 - just be prepared if u can be

Unknown said...

Brick and mortar, bound to crumble.
Foundations of sand, bound to give in.
However,houses of wood sway in the quakes but are unfortunately prone to fire.

This giant appears to have been struck on it's clay feet and as the story goes," London Bridges, we all fall down.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

stringfield - faling down, falling down, my fair lady

Constructive Feedback said...

Quick introduction on my theory since I am new to your blog:

I always hold certain "conspiracy theories" to be TRUE in the mind of the pontificator and then ask them to justify their actions in other areas IF they assume the main point at hand is true. (I know that the foretelling of the eventual demise of the USA is not a CT but you know what I am saying - out of brevity)

My challenge to you is this:

IF the fiscal situation of the United States is not sustainable

THEN WHY is it that the Black Community in particular continues to YIELD so much of our cultural consciousness into the investment and hopes for GOVERNMENT based solutions our problems?

For example we are currently yielding any and all community based solutions to HEALTH CARE for the grand national schemes that the major candidates in the Democratic party have produced.

Is this consistent with people who will one day face the economic collapse of their nation?

How many local doctors, nurses, Black run medical schools and clinics AS FUNDED BY the economics of OUR OWN COMMUNITY will be squandered as we live ARTIFICIALLY off of the debt that AMERICA has run up on her credit card?

How many voices of Black consciousness in this manner who bring up this point that is contrary to the course planned by Mr. Obama would stand the verbal beat down that he is likely to suffered for daring to question the macro strategy for Black people in this manner.

I have little confidence that the economic situation for America is sustainable. In about 50 years the total unfunded liability for our big 3 entitlement programs is $75 TRILLION DOLLARS.

You would think that the masses of Black people would be preparing their SEPARATION from the nest with this as a fact. Instead we are plucking our own leaves from our wings and using them to stuff our seating cushions so that we can be more comfortable where we reside now.

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