Thursday, October 18, 2007

the name game

Yo, first I would like to say this is for Rich – no graphics. Second, another thought entered, well really was introduced into my corpus last night. See I got a call from someone I had not heard from in a coupla few years. I didn't recognize the number and i tok it, which is unusual. The conversation went like this, me first:


“May I speak with Torrance?”

“Yes, who’s calling?”

“Horse man, you don’t remember me?”

And like the late 1990’s, her name instantly popped in my mind in concert with a few sordid acts and details I will not evince on this page.

I wonder how common is it for a woman to name, or give names to a particular attribute of the male anatomy. I have been called ‘sugarcane’ the aforementioned and ‘nineandahalfby6’ by a former math major. I have never been into naming or branding a woman’s anatomy (with the exception of me planting myself at the base of my partners spine). So I ask, women what names yawl be calling the jimmy? And fellows, yawl can tell some of the names yawl been called – just food for thought, or for lack of a better phrase, THE NAME GAME.

PS: On December 22, im pushing a book drive for one of my books (pls dont order from Amazon - they dont pay).


John "JP" Pickens said...


...they call me "L" said...

one word. dick.

CapCity said...

Danggg, Amazon don't pay? & I was hoping if I got on Amazon it meant I'd "made it". LOL!

names i give? depend on the man and is part of our secret language/code to each other so i can say it in public aloud and ONLY HE'll KNOW what I'm ready for! ;-)

David Sullivan said...

Does "where is it?" classify as a nickname?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Jr Walker and the AllStars!
Love your blog.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Thic - nope, but wondered if it was something that other women do

tha 1 & Mis - thats my word
Cap - they dont pay and i hate them for it

David - u a fool, but i would say yep

Anonymous said...

Heavy D and the Boys

Don said...

I've never really been into it but back in '90, I used to call my girfriend "Sugar Lips."

She called me "Rudy." I can't remember why.

Literary Felonies said...

Usually depends on the guy an the situation:

*Just sex- Dick,
*Meaningless, I could give a damn about the dude sex- Piece Pipe, Thang, The Big D
*Nigga-I-did-once, never to do again - Monsta
*Necessary sex - My Bestest Friend
*Awesome lover - Crack
*Sex-emergenices - "say hello to my little friend"
*In love- where YOU = DICK; "Baby, I want YOU (translation: I want your dick!)
*Bad sex- Dickless Wonder, Penile Shame
*Little Dick- I'm so very, very sorry (usually said in retreat)

Jazzy said...

Raising a brow @ "horseman". Wow. That's why chick is calling you all these years later...ha!

lmao@Heavy D and the Boyz

Mostly I use, dick, junior & Mr. man

KIKI said...

In general...Dick.

Current relationship...big/fat muthafuka...pretty dick...or Lil Daddy (my dude of course is Big Daddy)

Rich Fitzgerald said...

First I'm trying to figure out how I got named for the credit of this piece. But I'll accept the advertisment.

I'm not big on pet names, but I've been called a couple, but the one that comes to mind immediately is Dick Dick. It was actually given to me by a non-sexual partner as a play on my real name. But I was involved with one of her friends so I know she knew a brother had weight, so it became a term of endearment as well. Her girl I was dating at the time starting calling me the same.

Other than that, I've been called chocolate chip in the past or some other cute moniker. I on the other hand only have one such name that I bestowed on a sister who had it going on. -- SGP - Sista Good Pussy.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

maybe it was the fact that I used to be "Rich in the STL" and now I'm wearing the "Mega Rich" tag. Both surround the journey to riches that I'm endeavoring to take.

I don't know if that's it, but I'm sure I will find out.

jali said...

I call my last guy's penis, "Iron Man." When he gets older I'll call it "Rust Man". (that's a line from my novel)

Oh and his ball are, "the Twins".

Every penis is not deserving of a name.

Sha Boogie said...

I call my current partner 'donkey' explanation necessary!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Anon - u tripping

Don - that sounds tasty (yum yum eat um up)

LF - them a lot of names

OD - I like mr. mannnnn

Kiki - i have been told i have a pretty dick and i left out that i was called trophy dick by one woman , like she wanted to mount it like a deer lol

Rich - it was the piece on Albama law and dildo (i was looking out 4 da kids) and choc. chip, u had it going own, women love them some chocolate

Jali _ iron man, wont be rusting soon LOL

Sha - Donkey kong, LOL

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Now I get the "no graphics" part. Cool. Good looking.

Anonymous said...

I call my man's "Pointy".

Anonymous said...

I call it: dick.
I call him: the dickdealer or the dealer for short.

"'nineandahalfby6’ by a former math major."
and you know why!!
stop causing blunt force trauma with that club!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

ninja - what u mean blunt force trauma, i only message my partners back from inside her body

Xcentric Pryncess said...

I call it "oh my god"..a little sacriligious but that is all that comes out..:P

Dee said...

the last one I saw in person I just said, whoa

Cassandra said...

@ literary felonies, those are some that I have given in the past.

T. S. Snowden said...

Okay (The names used for 3 separate ex boyriends)
The Sarge
Captain or Cap
PV 1st class

I date a lot of military men----so I like to keep it that genre when I am naming things on them.

others have been
Big Bat (I used to call the Dude Batman)
wrench (when I was dating a guy I called the Plumber)

and uhm "nineandahalfby6"? Boy! Folks gotta keep up with they kegels messing around with you! LOL

the joy said...

lmao@heavy d and the boys.

lets see... mainly i call mine, "my goodness," for many reasons.

as far as he goes, there isnt a name so much as a look that i give to signal that im thinking about it. i try to be medically technical because im weird like that.

MsFreshBananaPuddin said...


horse man?

Mizrepresent said...

Horseman- dayum it hurts to say your name, lol!

I'll play...

My friend (that's secret code -phone talk) like,
"how's my friend doing?"
"missing you "...hehhehehehe
"Can he come out to play?"

KIKI said...

So let me see if I got this right...

You got a Pretty, Horseman, Trophy dick that massages backs from the inside-out?

DAAAAAYYYYYUUUMM (walking away drooling...)

dc_speaks said...

how entertaining....

thanks for the laughs, y'all!

YBW said...

I've come to the conclusion that you are obsessed with your penis... and that's ok really it is. Some names I've used:

Shug's Mister: You've seen "The Color Purple" right?

Giraffe: Baby was just high yella lol.

Got Damnit: The only way I could respond.

Awww look at it: it was tiny but the owner was a great person...

Yeah, I like penis can we tell? Hey Torrance come here!

Anonymous said...

I'm only 3 inches and chicks always calling me, small fry!

I'm tired of crying and may get the surgery :(

ATLcutey said...

LOL!! yall got me over her dying! not heavy d & the boys. LOL.

this blog made my day!


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Maat- say it loud, im this an im proud LOL

anon - dont get the surgery and dont cry pls

Cluizel said...

Lol...well thank you for visiting my page so I could find this.

I was forbidden by my ex to name his penis. Since his nickname was "Princess" (long story) he was afraid of how creative I would he was just my "little homey."

But I did call his balls "the peanut gallery" lol

lea78 said...

Well I had no reason to name it but I would always tell him good things about it as a gently place kisses all over it, between those kisses and the heat from my mouth..... well you know what I mean

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

cluzi - u are welcome and the balls will be a blog for another day

Lea - sounds yummy, u tempting me to offer up LOL

Anonymous said...

Hmm Let's see

There has been a Lawgiver

A Mighty Joe Young and the boys

A Machete

many Mini-mes

and even more simply Dicks

However I find that it is guys naming their junk and trying to act like we should use em names too

dmarks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liang said...

I once named a penis "holepuncher." Pretty witty, no?

N.I.M.M.O said...

Long Dong Silver and I wasn't even Caribbean.

Tatiana Caldwell said...

Mr. Jibby



Anonymous said...

I usually say Dick or I just give it the pronoun of Him.....mine has been called kitty, tasty and "her"

Ms Smack said...

hehe, depends on who I'm talking to, and the context of the chat!

If the guy is well hung and I plan to eat him up, I'll normally make a comment, that he's got the weapon of mass destruction right here, and send Osama this way.

I've been known to call big guys, 'Kidney punchers'

Generic terms for me during hot nookie would mostly be 'cock' as in 'gimme some of that cock' in conversation, or 'watch your cock, honey'

In conversation with girls around the bar, it's 'frank-n-beans, monkey meat, or something less abrasive.

Afrobabe said...

Lol...u weren’t kidding man...
Horse man indeed....
I have called it “Sugar cane”!!!

Anonymous said...

you know, i don't even have a name except the medical name for it.

Anonymous said...

LMBO WOOOOOOOOOW This is the funny. I didnt know people had all of these names. I dont even say "the D-word" LOL But I dont curse in general. I say, peter (Im aware thats offensive lol) or penis when talking in general when Im not talking about sex. But I dont believe Ive ever referenced my hunnys penis to him LOL I dont believe Ive ever attached it away from him or having sex with him...

but this was entertaining lol

Anonymous said...

..or erm detached* heh

Shy said...

lol, for those of a larger size, I refer to them as shaboinkas. Small ones are pee-wees or peter-manes... One of my exes was Mandingo, and rightfully so, lol...

Anonymous said...

if they fit the criteria they are labeled "crackdick"

Maeve said...

Is this what you want to share for the fantasy thing, or you are just sharing it for me?

Missy said...

LOL...I just got around to reading this. I think I'm scared...

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