Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ignorance and freedom are incompatible

You know we bring a lot of stuff on ourselves as a people. No matter what our race or gender, in America, there are certain things expected if one wants or claims to be a citizen of this country

First off, I am one that believes if one doesn’t know their rights, hey you have no rights, and don’t give me this constitutional shit about amendments and all. I would even venture to speculate that most folk’s aint never even read the constitution and may have even complained when they had to read it 8th grade civics class.

Personally, I consider myself to be a sovereign entity, or citizen-sovereign, for I and only I can “so ever reign” over myself. In fact, I may be wrong, but this is what I have reduced the general corpus of discussion to be about at and during the Constitutional convention in the late 1780s. It was implemented as such to limit the power of the federal government. I mean that’s what they fought against (the did not want or felt hat they were subjects of King George III). To buttress this position, they also created a Bill of Rights to formalize rights of the individual juxtapose to the government such that they were Un-a-lienable.

But for many of us, this means nothing, but yet we always complain about what other folks do to us versus what we do to ourselves. So folks, I know it is appealing to know whom Rhianna dating, or that Prince Henry were in Afghanistan, or that people painting Air Force One’s for Barak Obama. But on the real, it aint important nor essential at all.

I say this to repeat that our problems, our foibles and our consternation, especially as it relates to government, community, family and politics is our own entire fault. For we are a dumbed down and stupid nation as a whole. It makes me realize that that is what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said, “ignorance and freedom are incompatible.” Ok I’m finished.

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Julie said...

You win my - "Always makes me want to use my brain a little harder" Blogger Award. Every time I check in on you, I leave with the urge to pick up a book, or do some kind of research. You have a talent for inspiring thought. But, I always wonder just how many different personalities you have because your writing style is wide and varied. I keep coming back to see which of you is writing on any given day. You're quite the enigma. Keeping people on their toes.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I am downloading a copy of both right now. No debates or videos for me - for a while.

s. douglas said...

First, thanks for the "shout out." It's much appreciated.

Second, if I'm understanding you, you, like me, see that we're responsible for most of this bullshit, and now we're waiting for someone else to save us from ourselves.

As for your assertion that most people have not read the Constitution, you are absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You sound worse than me on any given day--that's usually how I talk on a pretty regular basis (my usual Queen of Cynicism disclaimer applies here--I am SO *NOT* a downer at parties, ok???).

Curious--what gives on this post? What's the source of your feelings about this--at least for today, for this particular post? Something happen, or just the usual, general, day-do-day observations. Sometimes I oscillate between the two as a source of reflection, if that makes any sense.

Thx for the shout out--much appreciated.

Jaded said...

I keep saying that things like Britney's latest breakdown or Beyonce's latest hair/fashion has its place...but that place should not be on my nightly news or in my daily newspaper. It's not news, it's gossip. The more they feed us that sensationalism as newsworthy, the less we pay attention to the things that really do matter. It's like trying to distract us from the bad stuff with some pretty, sparkly lights. Unfortunately, it works much of the time.

It even bothers me that most people don't even use the word ignorant correctly. They use it when they mean rude. It means uneducated and uninformed. It's rather ironic that their incorrect usage of it is, in fact, ignorant.

If there's one prejudice of which I am guilty, it's against ignorance and self-inflicted stupidity. I think we have to take responsibility for learning as much about our world as we can. It never occurs to most people to learn more than just what's taught in a classroom. I get annoyed at people's refusal to pick up a book or read a periodical. The information exists. People, in general, just won't get off their lazy asses and find it. And we wonder why history repeats itself.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Fatlady - i write, i guess based o what i fel when i wrie or stimulus response, u know. I go through a number of blogs each MWF, and loking for stimulating content, see stuff of entertainers, mudne political issues, and other stuff that dont deliver me brain food, so i pulled up ms word and wrote wha i felt. so no diff personalities hon LOL

anon - do that dont fel bad, i can tell u are self reflective.

Fairelane, anytime (i hope u rolled me lol).

Tamra - see Fat lady comment and u are welcome

Jaded - lol, i bet they dont, cause as my uncle would say, most folks IGNAT, which is beyound ignorant LOL

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

As someone who works in the media everyone who watches television should be aware that it exists to dull the masses. Sensationalist news exists to keep you focused on someone else's live until your civil liberties are all eaten up.

Watch Law or Order reruns to have faith in your judicial system, watch Cops so it seems normal to have them kick in your door...it goes on and on.

Torrance you hit the spot, too many people don't know their rights, haven't explored them, researched them or made them apart of their thought process...However without a true understanding of who you are and how you operate in this world and what you rights are you are flailing about like a sail with no ship!

Anonymous said...

In other word, ignorance is not bliss. Interesting perspective. I wish I could disagree.

Ed said...

There you go making me think. Damn...I hate when that happens.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I think I read the Constitution the first time I watched school house rock and only then it was because I wanted to see if the words they were singing actually matched the Preamble. It was pretty damn close. I went ahead and read it since I had taken the time to look it up. It's not like today when you can just go online.
Anyway, good post. Ironic that I should read it right after voting.


The Black Snob said...

First, thanks for the shout.

Second, I totally understand where you're coming from. I like my pop culture and I like my news but I don't like them in the same place. It's the equivalent of shitting where I eat.

That's why I almost lost my mind when CNN covered "Paris Hilton goes to jail" live. Isn't that the E! network's job? But the line of celebrity fluff and news has been intersecting a rapid pace that it actually hit the Rubicon during the OJ trial.

There was no going back after that. People wanted their crack rock news.

I was fortunate. My mother was a school teacher and my father was an architectural engineer. My childhood was all about knowledge and imaginative play. We didn't own a video game console until I was a junior in high school.

It was a world where I could read any book I wanted, even if it was a semi-controversial "adult" book. But I couldn't go to R-rated films, dress like a tramp or curse. A world where my mother taught me about sex when I was in the third grade so there would be no confusion when I was 13 and boys would insist that you couldn't get pregnant in the dark. Or if you did it "doggy style."

But I was lucky. I was one of the few kids on my block whose mother didn't have to work, so she made it her number one goal in life to get me and my sisters through college and not pregnant along the way.

She said what we did after we got the degrees was up to us. Have a ton a kids. Wild out. We just weren't going to do it as long as we were on our father's health insurance.

1/3 said...

I'll be honest and say I was one of those kids who hated my US history classes lol. I was like who cares about the bill of rights!

Now that I'm in college I have to know everything and i'm kicking myself for not paying attention lol But thanks to my buisness law and ethics class I'm also discovering that alot of stuff like police racial profiling could be avoided if we were all well aware of our indiviual rights.

But thanks for making me think. I got to get my awareness up lol

PS. Hey whats wrong with the obama airforces!!??? lol

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

I hold no scorn or disdain for those who are not media literate or even interested in history, politics or how to go about the world in peace. I only know that as we know better we do better. My purpose in the world is to be the best I can be. As I am climbing, it is my responsibility to reach back. There have been times when my own selfishness and ego driven soul has used my intellect for the sole purpose of gaining more of...everything.
What does it matter if I have read the Constitution if I have not shared what I know with the next Sister or Brother. What good is a fine education if I hold those without in contempt. I know not what road you have travelled. But I suspect you have seen a great many things... things some of us have not and probably will not. I hear your frustration (that is purely my intuiton) and I too find the state of the world overwhelming. I too am saddened at the state of our communities, schools, neighborhoods, love relationships. But most importantly I am ever hopeful, every prayerful that collectively we can change things. Change is not necessary sweeping, nor is it something that "others" have to solely take on. It begins with self and a commitment to seeking knowledge with a open heart.

You do us a great sevice with this blog. You raise the quality of the conversation at every turn and for that I am in awe of that talent. It denotes care and concern for thinking people to press on.

We press on.

Anonymous said...

i think this is what happens when people enjoy so many luxuries. its the continued cycle of who's doing what, instead of i'm doing this. politicians count on society to be ignorant and easily swayed. people don't really watch debates, or read to care about their local or national politician. they let the media give them the info. this country is lazy about being intelligent. if its not at your doorstep, then no ones going looking for it.

very nice post RawDawg. and thanks for popping in earlier today.

Unknown said...

Awesome Post! This is the same kind of thing i am always trying to get into the heads of my kids.
I was never a big fan of Montell Williams but he was right about how we get caught up in the gossip and stars and we don't even know or care about the thousands of soldiers who died in Iraq.
I don't care much about beyonce, Tom Cruise, 50cent, etc i want to know if my grandbaby will get a good education, will she have a home that is safe to grow up in, will she have to live under the threat of war all of her life?
These are some of the things that concern me.
Entertainment is fine, but there is a time and a place for it, and a time and place for real life business!

Anonymous said...

I have always told you that your blog makes me think....Me personally I have always thought that Black people especially need to know their basic rights when it comes to the police such as probable cause and things of that sort, also contracts....I think the whole foreclosure issue is a result of people not knowing or refusing to read the fine print in their homeowner's contracts..but anyway good post...(even though I'm guilty of perusing a few gossip sites every now and then)


PrettyBlack said...

First I have to say my computer illiterate ass has been clicking on this damn site ALL day and saying, "what the fuck is up why aren't the posts showing up"...never once bothering to scroll down until now, so that's why I'm so late in my reply. Forgive that please...anyhoo...

You are mufuckin' spot on, I get tired of hearing my grimey patna's (and yes I associate with the low-down to the high up and everything in between...we don't change)

complain about the police and what they are doing, educate mind body and soul, do your dirt on the land you own and you can't be fucked with. Ya dig? Yeah the white boy athletes are out there doing the same dirt the brotha's are doing difference is their doing it on their 10 acres somewhere, you wanna cut up in the strip club? Build one on your property. You wanna know why the police are pulling you over? Maybe it's because you are passing your blunt to high or the fact that you don't know anything about illegal search and seizure.

We have to better inform ourselves in order to teach our kids...most of us know this.

PrettyBlack said...

Oh and thanks for the shout out you know ain't nothin' but love...

The Bear Maiden said...

Hell yeah we do. All of us, regardless of our shade or ethnic identity. It's getting really really tiresome, especially when we get so close to doing something about it, and then fall back at the last minute, like lemmings. Afraid to be the first to stand up. For anything.

Pisses me off.

Thanks for the shout out.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

fat lady - is there such an award, and im honored i think lol

Bear maide - anytime, sorry to piss u off.

Prettyblack - don think it was your pc, and hnks, and what u doing with grimmy patnas, we call them goons down in the dirty lol

IntrospectiveGoddess - i hope making u think is a good thing

Regina - i aint hating, but i know ha if BP loses 2morrow in texas and Ohio, folks gone be mad, and i jut wonder y?

Darkbrotha - yhanks man, i just wish m brus would frequent and drop hey 2 cents for our folks to show we do exist

Babz - what rights are u guranteed if u dont know them? I have oher questions but the aforementioned will suffice for now

Anonymous said...

I love these types of posts. I'm at that point in my life where I'm doing a lot of self-reflection and your words force us to examine our own shortcomings. I truly believe that if we all spent more time doing so, dare I say the world may be a better place??

Much more useful than the usual and over-reported celebrity gossip crap.

Keep writing,

Christopher said...

But on the real, it aint important nor essential at all.

I agree, 100%.

But I see this sort of bullshit as part of the Grand Scheme to keep Murikans dumbed down and clueless.

My nephew who is 12 now, couldn't tell me who sent Christopher Columbus to America. But, he sure as hell could tell me how many kids Madonna has or who won the Super Bowl last year.

Math, Science and History just aren't emphasised in school anymore and the young 'uns are the ones who will pay the ultimate price for the failure of the system to prepare them for the world they live in.

This is why Barack Obama's message appeals to so many. Unlike the Borg Queen who is trying to scare people into voting for her, Obama says, turn the damned TV off, buy your kid a desk to use at home, and make sure he or she does their homework.

The 2008 election isn't about electing a black man or a woman. Instead it's about what kind of future we will leave to our kids? Even if you don't have kids (like me), I want to think future generations will inherent a better world than the one I inhabit.

DeadMule said...

Hi T., Everything you say is true in a perfect world. We do have a responsibility to know our rights. We make ourselves "free." And yet the world is not perfect. I am my brother's/ sister's keeper, and, thus, the defender of his/ her rights also. We are all God's children, and it is my responsibility to treat others in that manner.

southpeezy said...

i'd never heard that quote before, but I have agree with it...

PrettyBlack said...

Torrance when I was in the streets bullshittn' I kicked it with a little bit of everyone, now that I am where I need to be in life I still go hang out, but now it's to teach what I know. I don't respect the grimey but I respect the person. So just know each one teach one is spot on. Because anything that I don't know and learn from this site I bring that forth also...Thank you.

So you're teaching the Cali populus all the way from your home-T you should feel proud LOL!

no_slappz said...

It's painfully obvious most people know nothing about the subject of Economics.

But if there is one subject everyone needs to understand, it is Economics.

Where does money come from? And where does it go? How do economies grow? And why do they shrink? What works? What doesn't?

There may be benefits to reading and understanding the Constitution. But there are a lot more benefits to developing a true understanding of Economics.

One area of deep misunderstanding is the world of corporations and their employees. Their benefits far outweigh their costs.

Another area of misunderstanding is the drug business. Despite the beliefs of many, the drug business itself is small. Financially, only a few players benefit. Sociologically, no one benefits. And, at the end of the line, taxpayers are penalized.

no_slappz said...

christoopher writes:

"Math, Science and History just aren't emphasised in school anymore and the young 'uns are the ones who will pay the ultimate price for the failure of the system to prepare them for the world they live in."

This is simply a false claim. Our engineering and science schools are swarmed with qualified candidates. Plenty of kids earn high Math SAT scores.

What's different today is public awarenes of the general level of science and math illiteracy.

Now we know that few kids have a serious interest in math and science. But it was always like that. There's nothing new here.

Additionally, more kids are pushed to take state and city tests that assess their math and science knowledge. Before such widespread testing, few people worried about the general lack of interest in these subjects. Now the nation seems to have begun an extended anxiety attack after having learned that most kids don't know a damn thing about technical subjects.

Here's the problem. You can't bullshit your way through a technical education. But you can earn high marks in almost any field of study that is relatively free of facts -- like most humanities majors.

In fact, most science and engineering majors require minds that can handle truly abstract thought. But that capacity is rarely called upon in non-technical studies.

This means that millions of students are simply not cut out for science, math and engineering careers. However, at the same time, there are kids who miss the boat because they've got what it takes but no one is there to guide them. But that takes the combined effort of parents and teachers.

Meanwhile, lots of kids believe they may become the next Bill Gates. But the number of kids with this idea should be far larger than it is.

And even though it is unlikely we will see another inventor as dominant as Thomas Edison, it is now possible for inventors, scientists and engineers to be far more prolific than ever. There are far more avenues of invention and creation open today than ever before. Hence, the door is wide open for anyone who has the mind for science and math.

Here's just one Billion-Dollar Challenge. Develop a battery for electric cars. Existing batteries are junk, no matter what anyone says. The best electric-car batteries weigh hundreds of pounds and contain no more energy than four gallons of gasoline, which weighs about 20 pounds. The person who cracks that problem will become richer than Bill Gates.

Anonymous said...

I use to feel that away about the pledge, but then I realize what's written isn't true, but it is a blue print that we should use to build this country. Just because someone writes it down doesn't mean it will be followed, but it forces us to be accountable for our words. If the Bill of Rights didn't exist, would slavery have ended when it did. If the sentiment wasn't that all men should be free, where would we be. I get the argument, but I disagree. We need such ideas in writing and we need to spoon feed our children every last bit of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If it's ingrained in our mentality, it becomes a blue print for which we all live our lives. Unfortunately there are greedy and evil thinkers in the world who will twist the words for their benefit, but if we are equipped with knowledge of civil liberties, we will be prepared to fight.

Anonymous said...

Peace Torrance,

I saw your response on my last comment…..have missed your mind too! All is well, just working a lot and studying. But I came by to check on ya! Hope all is well.

Maybe a little off subject but these are my thoughts on your blog…..vibe with me.

When you speak of rights, my question becomes….. Who doesn’t all have the same rights? I think the problem comes in when we aren’t as a whole, interested in getting to know ourselves because we are under some unrealistic impression that we do know ourselves. We think by our likes and dislikes. Just by reading your comments on hear, no disrespect to anyone, but it becomes clear who has some awareness of SELF and who doesn’t. Not that those who do are better or those that don’t are damned. My point is, as I have said before, our thoughts are what drive our emotion into action, therefore our behavior tells on us. I know that is frustrating for you, my dear friend, when people choose not to be aware. However, it is up to those who have an understanding to guide those who don’t. Not because they are better than but because an awareness of SELF brings about an understanding of the fact that we are all the same in nature just varied in degree. I believe this is probably part of why you became interested in teaching? Keep teaching brother!

Some of your commentors spoke on waiting for someone or something to SAVE us and I think we can look into that a little more deeply than just agreement with the statement. We all do this to varied degrees in our life. We look to people and things, even our belief systems to sort of save us from all the deceit and destruction around us. We struggle with money……so we look for a mate to help us out of it financially. We feel lonely so attach ourselves to people to make us feel more worthy and valuable. Just some random examples of what I am saying but let me see if it can be broken down a better for us…..lol.

"Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods"

~african Proverb~

Your true Self resides within the deepest part of you, where you are connected to the pure intelligence of the Universal Mind. The ultimate goal of your individuation or individual evolution is to reclaim your free will and freedom from all physical and non-physical psychological structures, attachments, veils and unconscious persuasions that binds you to this physical plane. First you need to see through all your own judgments, limited thinkings and divisive reactions, understand what causes them or how they arise. Cultivate an open yet discriminating mind that seeks awareness and continual expansion of itself.

Now, for example, religious books (bible). The process of these books are significant, although, there are pit falls in the book, if we know our selves by the process of our own mental make up the book, will make sense. Why does one get a manual to understand how to operate a car or some system or thing you’re using?

Anonymous said...

Why do we get directions? Because we don’t know, and we need guidance. Would we need any religious book, if we understood ourselves? It is obvious we don’t know are own mind and how it functions, so they put it in stories in a book, and you are to extract the principles from the story. Look at most marriages a man and woman not knowing themselves in marriage and end up in divorce, yes, because the things that will make the relationship, work, is by knowing self, and in that knowing self, there are unseen principles which we don’t perceive. They are life principles and Love, they are (FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY). EVERYTHING, and everyone need those principles in any relationship, to person, place or things.

Why is one attached to something, to property, to an idea, to an ideology, to a person, to a symbol, to a concept? If one does not fully understand the significance of attachment, then one will never be able to find the truth of life. Is not the basis of attachment the fear of being alone, the fear of being isolated, the emptiness, the sense of insufficiency in oneself? Isn’t this why so many are able to be distracted by the Britanny’s and Riahnna’s and media in general? Because we are attached to the symbols they represent for us which is really a diversion form our own selves. They have money, we want money. They lack responsibility, we don’t want responsibility. They have fame, we want fame because it would make us feel valuable. Do you see where I am going?

We are attached to people, to ideas, to symbols, or to concepts, even to nations because in them we think there is security. Is there security in any relationship? Is there security - which is really the essence of attachment - in one's wife, or husband, in one’s nation? And if one seeks security in the wife or the husband and so on, then what takes place? One possesses, legally or not legally. And where there is possession there must be fear of losing - therefore jealousy, hatred, divorce, war and all the rest of it. Is love attachment? Can there be love when there is attachment; with all the implications of that word which include fear, jealousy, guilt, irritation leading to hatred - all that is implied when one uses the word "attachment"? Where there is attachment can there be love? Can we love our nation, our freedom, our SELF? And we are not speaking of the feelings and emotions that we think love is. We are speaking of the principles of love. Because when you understand the principles, there is relating, communion with the force of life, with what we call GOD.

These are factual, not theoretical, questions. One is dealing with daily life, not with some extraordinary life. One can only go very deeply and very far if one begins very near, which is oneself. If one does not understand oneself one cannot move far. One is delving into problems which are tremendously important in one's daily life. Of pleasure and desire, or has it nothing whatsoever to do with pleasure and desire?

Here is a sense of the bible and how it only leads you to know your self. This is at least what the books are designed for. The divine in the books is based on universal principles if that is not understood or seen, in one's perception of the book then we have followed our preferences and likes and dis-likes that are filtered through our insecurity of self because lack of understanding of the principles and laws that govern life.

Anonymous said...

The 12 Disciples of Self

Jesus is the master of the disciples. They are not really 12 people, but 12 disciplines applicable to self. Such as this in order:

1) Simon Peter - power of hearing
2) Andrew - strength of mind
3) James - power of judgment
4) John - love and affection
5) Phillip - knowing and expression
6) Bartholomew - imagination
7) Thomas - power of understanding
8) Matthew - will and power
9) James - divine order
10) Thadeus - praise power
11) Simon Canaanite - listening and obeying
12) Judas Iscariot - deceptive intelligence of self

Jesus is called the master because he masters these forces within, so he becomes 1 with God. 12 represents a ruler of self, and once we can rule self, which in reality is everyone's journey, then we are worthy to govern affairs of others with freedom, justice and equality. There is a way the 5% nation of Islam use that word, they say; Islam = I-Self-Lord-And-Master, which is in consistency with the above. I do not claim a denomination because GOD is LOVE. Living within each of us, yet in some unrecognized.

The question is: master of what? From my point of view, master of our emotions. Those powers we just saw witnessed in the 12 disciples is within each of us as love of self and other than self.

Love is the discipline of self, but we must master our emotions, not as our enemy but a very dear friend to us; if the ENERGY-N-MOTION (emotions) is not under our control, it's like getting an internal message about self, and never reading what it is trying to tell us, so we follow the impulse of it's waves of feelings that can lead to a bad choice. This is why the masses are so easily distracted by all the things that make us FEEL good, because we are more governed by our emotion than a balance of logic with emotion. We elect official’s by our emotions too…….watch the primary’s, they say one thing but with all do respect, once elected who ever it may be, is bought and has to play the game. It is the way things are designed. Centuries of planning and executing of the plan has manifested our current world state. But one candidate or another touches a emotion in us and we love or hate them. This determines our vote.

Jesus represents the god within self; he is the highest manifestation, because all of those disciplines are active and functional in him, so he could forgive, he could love, he could redeem, etc...

Anonymous said...

One has to always keep in mind what they are reading, when reading scriptures, magazines, news papers, books and any other form of writing. If this is what is said of how to read the scriptures as a rule to follow, then we want to understand the depth of what we are reading, and since we are looking at human beings, then we must understand that we all have the same powers; some more some less - depending on our degree of study, and gifts and abilities. But none is greater than the other because each has something the other doesn't, in degrees. Even if theirs is the same gift, or even if particular gifts seem to be equal, there is a quality in each, the other does not posses in the same degree, in each area of being, thus rendering them created equal, but not equally, which gives us differentiation.

See we know Jesus was a spiritual man, so we are looking for spiritual wisdom, not that which is physical but mental, which can be absorbed, taken in, understood, then activated to be applied in circumstances and situations. And as we experience circumstances we start to understand its function in the spirit, and we learn to understand its many dynamics, which I say is overstanding.

Jesus gave each a piece of bread, to all 12 disciples. Well; a slice is not a loaf, so each slice he gave one, the other did not have. Each piece of bread is different in its own right, but belonging to the loaf, so when they come together, the 12 disciples, and apply what each has been given, the loaf becomes the whole again - the 1 - which means that body of knowledge is the reality of understanding how to be a ruler of self, and the experiences and the inexperience that it has on you coming in contact with opposition of various things unlocks the vast dynamics of variations, and thus the process of overstanding each situation as the same at the root, but different in appearances. For example: our candidates, our family, our friends, our nations.

You know one can go in to the make of bread and you will get words like rising, liberation, freedom, because the bread expanded and rose from an uneven state to a even/level state, which is elevation, meaning rising into a higher realm of wisdom. What is real is not what you see; what is real, is what goes on inside that projects to the outside and makes our external world, so that makes our thoughts creative and like the Creator's. Like eating….. you see an apple, you don’t see the essential vitamins in the apple but rather the whole apple. Yet, when consumed, your body breaks down the make-up of what is seen to extrapolate the nourishment or lack there of (candy). If you give your body candy, there is no nourishment. But the candy looked and sounded good, right? An example of being ruled by the EMOTIONS….. and not enough logic. It is all around us.

This superceding emotions does not mean, one should not feel, that is a necessity, we do feel. However it is that we should not allow what we feel to be the over riding factor. What we feel is based upon, our preferences and likes and dis-likes and our conditioning. So we shall look at our feelings then ask why do we feel, what we feel, understand why? Then only look at what is, not what we prefer.

Anonymous said...

OK, taken up enough space, sorry, but what your blog makes me think of is that most of us are not in relationship with our SELF and therefore, we are ruled by what we like and dislike. We always run to the feel good things and we use the excuse that life is tough and that we deserve a little joy. But look at our world, at what point do take responsibility for human actions? Do we keep making ourselves feel good while the human condition still exists, or do we act? At what point do we look beyond what society is and look into human nature and it’s delicacy? At what point do we realize that we are all the HUMAN RACE? If we don’t take a look at our life and our movements in relationship with this life, we will surely become extinct.

“If we always do what we’ve always done. We will always get what we’ve always got!”

One Love,

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Good Post once again peoples, I shit on females all tha time for looking a gossip sites, like it's they fucken duty.

Don said...

Yes, I agree with this post. Honestly, America has been dumbed down by the programming. By the time we notice it, we have been brainwashed with so much. Im thinking most people just go along with the programming - probably feeling like thats easier and more convient.

And thats from a personal level as well. I often wonder what I myself could have changed which would have made a positive difference in my life. Then I always asked myself if I am making that positive difference now. Im proud to say that I am. Life has become a little boring, but smarter, wiser, and peaceful.

Sorry for the ramble.

I had to sit on your page and read the entire lyrics to Alicia Keys song. Thats a song everyone could stand to live by.

Anonymous said...

1 word..wow...like it!its been a minute tho

rawdawgbuffalo said...

Risquediva - have u forgotten what felt like? next post is 4 u

Do - u never rmble. in fact u a warrior, and i was as i must admit, disapointed when i had to battle incog by myself, i mean, u have a brain and true, and self reflective we need more of me and u u know, u the truth, and i aint just saying that folk

Bossmack- dont do that suggest and edumacate, and show them economics, cause im gone get one of the red,black and green Ts

D - i miss u, second, i dont order wel, not even in resturants, but u speak the truth. i turned y cell off so i could rflect, been writing 9 short stories in past 10 day, albeit m goal was 14, u make my mind glow.

Grapevine - i want the same and i hope u find me prepared to fight, i will, to th death. i get deth threats from my blog from racist, but so what aint the first or last time folk say they gone kill me

Slpz - i men coleman, thanks for representing, i fell u and agree. I left Vanderbilt because i wanted to study chemistry and coach, although white, and not a racist was set in old scol ways, wanted me to majpr in kinesiology. So what u say is true, me 690 sat but prfect scores on ap test in chem and bio, ,

Prettyblack - str8, we folk, im like them more than aristotke

southpeezy - where is the love, finally, we wrote for same paper, i better see yo axx mo

KELSO'S NUTS said...

First, thanks for the link.

Second, as usual, you are spot-on.

Finally (I'll try!). I trade the big-stakes cash political market every day and am netlong Clinton right now (having taken a number of pretty good scalps with Obama during his skein of wins -- long Obama before, buy-back with Clinton after each win. I'm also favoring Clinton's position on two issues of critical importance to -- FRANK-PORTER-BERKLEY Bill and SOUTH AMERICA policy -- are my way and Obama's opposed to former and unclear on latter. And I think all of Clinton's ridiculous commercials aside, she is better versus McCain ultimately than he is because he has needed McCain voters to get to this point against her.

I also love to joke around and needle people about politics because I exist professionally in a very competitive world in which that's common currency.

Torrance, though, let the URL of one of his earlier posts in which some commenter named "Scott" made some very off-the-cuff remarks about Iraq and Obama which required a response, I thought. Mostly, because it was a way in for me to understand for myself which I had missed -- the "inspiration" factor and how a rational person might in a close situation go for it.

Here's the whole thing.

January 14, 2008 1:19 AM
Scott said...
"...It's a joke, the only ones who don't believe we are making progress in Iraq are the ones who have a vested interest in us losing. That would be you, Torrance.

Contrivances with small boats? I've been there, a small boat was used to attack the USS Cole in case you forgot.

We are making unbelieveable progress and sorry to tell you amigo, the surge is working.

Obama is now getting his due with real questions and his lack of quick-thinking and vague answers are not working anymore.

He's not ready for prime time, dude, on the war or most other issues...."

KELSO'S NUTS said...

You have to help me sort some of this out here, son.

What vested interest could Torrance possibly have in seeing you "lose"? To "lose" one has to have an enemy or at least an opponent. Who is your opponent? And DON'T SAY AL-QAIDA because Al-qaida falls into the Sunni category. What you are is something that is in the way of three tribes which want to destroy each other. That's all. The truth is that you are THEIR enemy in the sense that your are occupying territory all three claim title to. Individually, none of the three are your ENEMY or your OPPONENT.

But back to Torrance. Where do you draw the inference that he has a vested interest in seeing you lose assuming "winning" and "losing" were possible on your terms?

Please explain how you define "working" in terms of "the surge"? And please explain to me what "the surge" is because I don't live in the US? If you mean the post 2006 election escalation, OK, how has it worked or not worked? I really don't have a clue.

As for Obama, I don't particularly care for the man, but what DUE is he getting finally? For a guy punching way over his weight, he's doing a pretty impressive job of campaigning, I'd say. I didn't think he'd get this far because he gave himself too difficult a task for this stage of life. A really top-drawer campaigner like Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon would have one hell of a time trying to pull off what Obama's trying.

Think about this for a second. Though I prefer Clinton, I think too much is made of her LEGISLATIVE experience edge over his. That I would call a toss-up. Her edge is in EXPERIENCE in the campaign life. And the toughness and precision that comes with that experience. What Obama has done is really nothing short of remarkable. He had basically had to hold a very unstable coalition of Republicans, Independents, Right-Wing Democrats, liberals, African-Americans, and progressives together. How is that group going to agree on what to have for lunch, let alone candidate for POTUS?

He's really having to sell fascism to left-wingers and libertarians and hope that the skin color works at the same time. And he has to do it against a very strong candidate and campaigner in her own right. I don't think that Obama's got the world of ideas but he's doing what he needs to do in order to hold that coalition together which is to keep it simple, theme-based and off-the-issues. With about 8 more years in the game, Obama would probably have evolved into one of my favorite politicians.

It's true he's a rookie, but what a rookie! he's still a favorite to be president of the United States.

If you don't like Obama come over to my blog and you'll get chapter and verse on what I dislike about him. Really what I'm responding to is his unformed philosophy and inexperience on the stump.

I don't like him and I don't get him. But since participating over here, in reading the words of TORRANCE and THE BLACK SNOB especially, I've come to understand at a gut level his appeal in the Black intellectual community. I do not understand his appeal on any level to the goof-ball community of all colors or maybe I understand it all too well!

Reading Torrance and TBS I've had to ask myself if I've ever been inspired by a garden-variety politician before when I know that as a rule they are ALL FULL OF SHIT CAREERISTS. I came up with only 4 and you'll never understand my list. I only care that T and TBS do.

1) SENATOR HOWARD METZENBAUM (D-OH). I don't recall being prouder of a politician and prouder to be a Russian Jew living in America than when I saw an old neighborhood dude just like my father or grandfather tear the everloving shit out of Oliver North and John Singlaub and the rest of those fucks during the Iran-Contra hearings. For a few years there, I felt like I wasn't apart from the American experience. Yes, I know that Metzenbaum had been a Communist and maybe a little shady during his union days. Made me like him more.

2) REPRESENTATIVE BARBARA LEE (D-OAK) I was living in Lower Manhattan during 9/11. Believe me, we were the FIRST AMERICANS to smell a rat in all this. The vibe in NYC immediately after the disater was shock and grief and how would we deal with our losses. Not YOUR losses. OUR losses. NOBODY in NYC was resentful of Muslims except for a small bunch of freaks. And I among illions of New Yorkers detested Middle America's crying crocodile tears over 9/11 when they not only hated us New Yorkers but never had to feel the grief. Barbara Lee was THE FIRST POLITICIAN with the courage to stand up and say "bullshit."

3)HOWARD DEAN (D-VT) He's really a New Yorker. I now know friends of his and when I was a kid I played in a summer sports league against a team that he and his brother had quit over the team's refusal to allow Blacks and Jews on it a few years earlier. He was the first big-time politician of MY GENERATION in a way and the first of recent vintage to LEAD on peace, single-payer health and gay-rights. I'm still super-proud of his toughness and he makes me proud to be a New Yorker (you're always a New Yorker).

4) REPRESENTATIVE DENNIS KUCINICH (D-CLE). I have no idea how old you are but in 1978, Dennis Kucinich was the "rock star" of the Democratic Party. He was elected Mayor of Cleveland at 27 years old and his upside was unlimited. In the fall of 1979 he threw away his whole career on a point of principle. He would not let the Cuyohoga County power utility price-gouge his largely Black constituency. This cost him his mayoralty, the love of his family, friends, and the Slavic machine that got him there. That's just the balls, man. I liked the way he's tried to rebuild his career and has never given up. He also has never failed to LEAD on issues of importance to me.

I know these people are all deeply flawed, too. But I found a window into understanding how rational people who study the issues carefully and agree with me on 99% of them, could come to a choice of Obama, a choice I'd never make.

Saitek said...

amen, amen, amen!!!!

NaimaEfuru said...

hey Torrence! just wanted to let you know that even if you don't see my comments, I always check your blog! I second fat lady's nomination for the Blogger that "Always makes me want to use my brain a little more" award. Bout to go re-read the constitution. I may be wrong with my facts, but isn't the US the only country that hasn't rewritten it's constitution?

rawdawgbuffalo said...

trouble - no, it was takem (75%) from the constitution of the iriquios nation

saitek - good lok folk, and thanks 4 the drive by do return

Christopher - my problem is that intellect, not the subject is not emphasized, and u right about the election, it is about the future, i would run, but id scare too many folks. LOL

Deadmule - yep it is my responsibility and yours and al e;se. nd i think we all try and do our part, i relly do, but it takes more and effort too on part of the student, i dont see that too much

Exquisitely Black - not a short coming, we just got to put in work, me too.

rawdawgbuffalo said...


KELSO - u kill me, u know i dont care if folk agree or disgree with me. But I hope u aint hurt folk feelings, i did not post on his blog so i sent him an email, u know i can take care of myself, but i also know u like to laugh. I asked if he had ever ben to war or had a friend or family member come back in a body bag - he said no so i didnt press it furthr.

and I can agree abut B Lee and DK, but would like to add that for many of us, its nice to see new machine politics work. HC has had 35 yrs to get her shit together but she runs out of loot and writes herself a chk, BO cant do that, instead he manages his loot like us, thats cool as fuck and shows a loot of, well u know to me, as well as intellect and match skill....Coleman, yep math

Anonymous said...

Peace Torrance,
I am humbled by your words, thank you. None of us are perfect, I don't always order well either. The key is in awareness. That is where change occurs in our own activities. I miss you too. I understand taking time to reflect, getting in touch with the SELF is always needed. I am appreciative of your receptivity to my thoughts, all one can ask is for them to be considered.
One Love,

Keli said...

First off, I am one that believes if one doesn’t know their rights, hey you have no rights, and don’t give me this constitutional shit about amendments and all.
-Here here!

And I admit, sometimes i just like to escape...so celebrity gossip blogs are an escape from all things real.

Curious said...

Okay, it took me all day to figure what or who "Murikans" were but T, don't you think that you are treading on dangerous grounds when you state that --if one doesn’t know their rights, hey you have no rights--. I mean, I'm no lawyer so I have to rely on my socialist upbringing, but the Voting Rights Act of '65 was written just for that reason. People have the right to be ignorant of the facts and their rights without losing the rights afforded to them as citizens. There are probably more laws on the books written that others could state.

I believe that it is the responsibility of good government or those people who are aware, not to allow those rights to disappear for people who are unaware.

So even if someone should care more about Brittney's breakdown rather than their Miranda rights, or rights to an abortion or the right not to lose their home to a slick mortgage company, we as a people or nation are bound to protect them from those who would take advantage from them.

I know you wont agree with me because I could hear the Liberterian in your post, but I am reminded of the old cliche of the chain being only as strong as blah blah blah, you get my point.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

man, why you always holding class...Professor.

professor said...

the heathen don't know...the wicked know, but chose not to do the right thing...

KELSO'S NUTS said...


If you mean "folk" collectively on your blog, I would be very surprised if I've offended anyone because while I've written from head and heart and disagree on a position of great importance here, I've never been foolish, disrespectful or patronizing.

And if I have hurt any regulars' feelings, I'd like to know about it and settle it.

If you mean "folk" in terms of "Scott," I doubt I offended him either. If I did, he's way too sensitive. I represented myself and my thoughts exactly as they are and did not ridicule his musings.

In a way his stuff hurt MY feelings with the statement that you wish death upon your own countrymen. But I'm not going to go batshit over it. I was just curious to know how he arrived at his conclusions.

As for Obama, I think I made it clear that I have no problem with the way he's managed his life or career at all. Moreover, I like machine politics. I respect people who get things done. I was very lucky early in life to have mentors who taught me an early version of not being a playa hata. I was taught it's always to hang around with people who are BETTER and SMARTER than you are and LEARN, as opposed to hanging around with people DUMBER than you are to make yourself feel big.

I'd like Obama to become a FORCE that lasts in American politics because to take a leaf out of Trotsky's book, I know that it doesn't matter if I'm not interested in America. America is interested in me. Better Obama than most.

If the secular humanists, the unions, the gamblers, the dopers, the poor and unfortunate, the LBTG community, the Muslims, the pacifists, the international community, the criminal defense bar, and the entrepreneurs are not part of that machine, it's not for me either even though I don't self-identify into all of those categories.

All that kind of machine would be is Tom DeLay's machine with a darker-skinned guy up top.

And I still don't know what Obama's about. Right now, I could see an Obama power-structure going either way: inclusive center-left or hard religious-right.

Maybe those aren't words you like much to read but I know I didn't hurt YOUR feelings and I doubt I hurt anyone else's!


the prisoner's wife said...

say word.

(and hello!)

rawdawgbuffalo said...

KELSO - yep, i meant scott, and i dont think anyone was offended at all, especially with one giving their honest opinion as u do which is well thoughtout. I wasnt even gone suggest his absurd sugestion about wanting to see mine dead.

Prisoner wife - hey u where u been

professor - me likes who said that.

rich - man, thought u aint have no love for your folk no more, i know u on the grind and im sorry, but we at war, lol

Curious - i know what you are saying, and do know that the avethem, bu if they dont kow, they will never engage any thing with the assidiouness required to proffer any meainingful accomplishment thats all - just be informed of your rights and informed in general

D - u welcome...go on and reflect then take yo time and whic discile am I?

keli - i hope i didnt offend u

Anonymous said...

I love love love to read what you have to say, is never some "talking out the side of my mouth" shit, always so informational a good balance to my diet too

*kisses to cheer you up and un-angry-fy you*

Miriam said...

Hi Raw Dawg B,

My issue with this is that these statements always gets heard by the "choir" so to speak.

Yes, we can all improve on our education and knowledge. But I think we are trying.

Maybe I got it wrong (correct me please) but the bulk of BF - or the Sheniqua's as I am hearing it called, aren't hearing that message. Are they?

I wish I knew a way to make the bulk group of BF change. Or is that wrong way of thinking???????? help!

mp1 said...

Blog amnesty....what is this thing that you speak of? Do I want to be on this list??

Damn, that's some good stuff. I might have to bite that from you, with attribution of course.

And to think our unalienable rights are lienable. Tell me, homie who has the lien on them? Dubya, the gov, the illuminati, ourselves or all of the above?

Curious said...

I whole heartedly agree with you Torrence, ignorance is no excuse, but looking at things as they should be and looking at them as they really are, can be and often are 2 very different things.

I have gotten to an age where I've seen my father die early and realized that my mother was clueless without him. Should I blame her for not knowing about certain monetary things that she should know? Do I blame the teenager who gets beaten by the police after he's been arrested for not knowing his rights? I can blame them, but what good will it do?

If these are the people that I can help, I should help, because there may come a time that I will be unaware of something, a right, a law or even a priviledge that can help me and then I can reach out and say with good concious "help me." And the funny thing is, I know that you will be one of the people there for me and others like me.

You teach, I've read your work and I know that you're not one to turn his back. So don't ask me to condemn people that you yourself would help without hesitation.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Curious - you right, I take all with me but I follow no man, I turned 45 this pst december, and all i know is tha each day with insight, is god day to die with no regret.

MP1 - dont bite, create, we never desire to follow. and you will be on the next one bet.

Miriam - how is Isreal, if u are still there. I was venting, I just feel that with folks as they are now, we will never have democratic republic for it requires they be infprmed, knowledgable nd well read - i dont see that. I blame me before other though.

qucifer - whats an "un-angry-fy you*"

Marleaux said...

Well you know they say ignorance is bliss; some folks like living in paradise...

Thanks for the link love.

msladyDeborah said...


Thanks for the shout out! I am still learning how to be a decent blogger. It is an on going educational project for me. Hopefully, I am improving and will continue to improve.

You know that I value educational experiences period. No matter how old or how young the individual is~we all need to be fed good brain food.

I fully understand where you are coming from with this post. I feel that it is a personal responsbility to acquire knowledge that can be sown and used.

It is difficult for me to imagine not reading a book, magazine or some form of intelligent information.

Yeah, I do like a good gossip line up~but it is not my main line brain diet. I have been reading books since I was four years old. It is natural to me to have one in hand or near by. My sons are avivd readers also.

Many black people do not realize that many of the great minds of the last century were self-educated in the public library. They left school for various reasons~but instead of hanging out on the streets~they went to the library and read books.

Miriam said...


Yep, still in Israel. Shoulda heard what happened in my neighborhood a few days ago.

Sorry you're feeling down and ranty, I just want you to know that I think you are definitely a GREAT asset!

At times, I think everyone wants the BC to succeed-- but on the New World's term. But nobody looks at the dynamics of the BC.

For one, I think we traditionally learn things by word of mouth. An African once told me that they used a form of rap for history telling.

Maybe a classroom setting is nice, but what goes in could be more ....different? (don't laugh but more like a salon-ish type of "talk")

Also, I always hear talk of how women are "queens" so I guess by default the men are considered as "kings".

In a society, I dunno how kings can deal with another king right next door. Same for queens. But if we can just acknowledge that mentality and run with it, perhaps we can get somewhere --rather than trying to encourage people to conform to the American ways?? Just thinking out loud.

And lastly, one thing I really admire about you, is your ability to be humorous, say *bad words* (lol, sorry!) and you're brilliant. I think that is what the BC needs.

Very intelligent folks have come, but the mass can not deal with them. They lacked the 'color' the humor (according to judaism humor is of a higher rank of intelligence than alot of other things).

Then you have jocks, they say all the right slang words -but what in the world are they saying! God protect us!

And then there's the right combination. Like a perfect cup of coffee.

I think its hard to lead the BC, but not because "day so dumb" but because the appeal is different than the usual system of things. I suspect, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great post and I agree completely. It's my firm belief that the goal is to keep the general populous stupid so they won't "get" what is being pulled over their eyes. General education sucks because they don't want anyone to smarten up. I heard a politician once say he though only college educated people should be allowed to vote. Seems to go right inline with what you just said. Ignorance and freedom are incompatible.

dc_speaks said...

well done, T. I thank you for the shout out.

I saw this post late, but I share the same sentiment as most of your other readers.


KELSO'S NUTS said...

The perfesser's absolutely right on all of this. The keys to the bank vault are not hidden. They are right there for the taking in the library and on the net.

It doesn't matter if you are in college or in "college." As to the latter, if anyone knows anyone who's been inside, ask them if the Russians are ashamed of using the library. I have no opinion that's worth a penny on the Black American experience. I wouldn't presume to.

But I know how it goes for the cheloveks. They get there. They watch videos and play chess for money for a while and then they get bored. When they get bored they start reading. In English. And memorizing. And understanding.

If anyone thinks the cheloveks have an advantage because of White skin, they ought to just turn on the TV or go to the movies. Who are the villains in the crime stories these days? Is there one single Russian-American actor who is as bankable as Denzel Washington? Is there one single Russian actor you can even name?

It all depends on what interests you.

I'm not a big believer in conspiracy theories but I'd suggest taking a good look at how the "affirmative action" in higher-education debate is framed in the context of Torrance's post. By making "affirmative action" a dirty unspeakable phrase throuought the body politic, a lot of malign things happen.

1) Race/Class/Education nexus is off the table for even the most progressive Democrat

2) Anything that prevents anyone with "less" from learning is great for status quo

3) If the word "affirmative action" are political death than the BIG KAHUNA, "reparations," has not a shadow of a whisper of a chance of even being discussed in America, yet globally it's considered a normal, appropriate, and thoroughly material debate. The Swiss paid the Jews cash money. The Russians paid the citizens of the satellite states in real property. What was so hard?

Pick up an introductory finance textbook and figure out the value of slave labor since the birth of the repubic and start tallying it up. Using compound interest, you can't put down a number big enough.

The value of slave labor in the United States reckoned at the smallest purchasing power level of any minimum-wage as arbitrarily set since Gompers is far bigger than the current wealth and productive capacity of the whole country. Just with compound interest paid a prevailing costs-of-capital of the average Confederate agricultural business. Never mind penalties, effects of discrimination, or whatever else can be tossed into the stew-pot.

That's the reason ignorance is preferable to freedom to -- yes -- the ruling class. And I like to go on about shit but I don't judge. Pop culture's fine and there's no reason no to enjoy one's self. The keys to the vault, however, are in the books.

Your leaders are TERRIFIED that you're going to stumble upon an essay written long ago by some conservative finance professor entitled something like "The Indians Got The Best Of The Dutch In The Manhattan Island Trade" or some version of it in an introductory finance book and you're going to read it and understand it stop and think of Switzerland and Russia and say "wait a second...."

But this isn't my fight. I don't live in America anymore. And as long as they leave me and mine alone, I'm going to remember the good parts and the bad parts and hope that it all gets sorted out justly.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Marleaux & Msladydeb - yawl should know, anytime and u are welcome, and u both are right about ignorance and the value of education

Kelso - dang, that ws on point, a new post i guess now, the POPularity of ignorance

DC - anytime and thanks

2sweetand say - yep, wish it ws back i the ays where folks just read a zillion books on thir own

Miriam - take what u wrote as compliment and if i am considered very intelligent, or not i get this all the time " the mass can not deal with them. "

Unknown said...

It always amazes me how most people in America are swayed by the court of public opinion or by what's POPULAR or how they change their flavor with the shifting of any strong wind.

I guess it is easier for most people to follow (their form of freedom) instead of taking out the time to study or use their brain to process and dissect the different matters of this world.

My first time checking out your site. Very Nice!

Anonymous said...

I agree that ignorance and freedom are incompatible, and that this nation is stupid as a whole. But I also find it very disturbing that even reading through the Constitution won't truly educate you about rights. The Supreme Court has molded and tailored the Bill of Rights in so many ways that it's sometimes impossible for the average citizen to know what's permissible and what's not.

Anonymous said...

I will also add that while the original intent of the Constitution may have been to limit the Federal Government and empower individuals, that hasn't been the case for a long time. Essentially, the government took the notion of "consent of the governed" and ran with it. They use all the tools permitted take more and more power when it fits their purposes.

Anonymous said...

OK, one more thing...

My last 2 posts really just make your point that ignorance and freedom are incompatible that more important. Maybe if people educated themselves, the masses would see what's wrong and try to reclaim the right to rule themselves the way it should have been all along, since the inception of this country.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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