Tuesday, April 29, 2008

draconian jones

Last week I referred to senator John McCain a few times. Namely because I wrote about him and his over zealous overview of economics and economic reform. Moreover because his depiction doesn't match my understanding of mathematics, as limited as it is. Also, because I could not post such given the incessant tags I was getting. Truth be told I have a major disdain for this thing they call “tagging” and don’t like math. either – I just know how to do it proficiently.

But before I go any further, I would like to say (1) Reverend Wright put it down in Detroit at the NAACP dinner, (2) George W. Bush is a funny cat at least what I can suppurate from his speech he gave at this years annual White House Corespondents Association dinner and (3) I love the LSU new baseball uniforms, throwback, Negro League style.

But Back to McCain, I have a basic difference with his math and fundamental approach to economics. I mean, I finally got a look at some semi-specifics regarding his pompous assertion that he will be able to end the budget deficit by the end of his first term as president - like he gone get in office and have a second term at that. LMBAO.

I feel that getting in office is going to be hard. First he has basically a financial vote of no confidence from the GOP seeing he has only raised about 3 million dollars for the general election. Meaning to me he will likely have to give all that loot back and accept federal funding to compete with Hillary (who has raised about 21 million) or Obama (who has raised about 8 million) for the general election slated for this November. As it stands now, Obama has 42 million available for the remanding primaries and Hillary has about 8 million. However she has debts accrued during the primaries of about 10 million dollars. Rule of thumb, if a candidate for the presidency is in debt during the primaries, how can one take their economic plan for the country serious?

But McCain, in one word is scary. He in his economic proposal is proposing a spending cut that will amount to about one third of the annual domestic budget. The package asserts about 600 billion dollars in cuts, however most of the compensation will be directed toward corporations and upper income earning households. Thus programs like education, student loans, social security and medicare will have to loose a lot of loot if what he has proposed is to take place. My problem is that Jones aint even said what he will cut - and it would be wise for him to tell me before the elections if he is going to be “straight talking” to the general electorate. Not to mention, folk say he gone do all of this while at the same time increasing the size of the military. This tells me that more money will be required for his 100 year war and more money will be needed to increase the military with respect to service personnel, support staff and equipment.

McCain is giving a new meaning to Draconian if you asked me. In fact I think from now on, in concert with his Mcainanomics and 100 years in Iraq, he has given a new epitaph to laws that can be considered exceedingly harsh; very severe - Draconian. But then again I’m a poor black man with a feeble vocabulary, so what would I know?


soupasexy said...

i like ur blog...serious stuff!
good info, i know i can get my daily tonic here.

whats with the 100yrs in iraq???
like 4 real?

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

sasha - yea lil momma, thats what McCain said, he can see us there for 100 years

CapCity said...

Wow! Am I really one of the first to leave a comment? moment of silence for this - it feels like i'm the winning number caller on a radio show! LOL!

Wha's good T-Dawg? Now, u know i'm not usually as political as u - but peek in on my latest post & see whatcha thank? do i lite a fire undah folk? lol! i know i'm small tyme compared to u! But, don't let the big bad rebs/mccain's skur ya, boo! our folk done weathered worsa den dem! ;-) shiiid a hunnert years in iraq? how long we been here wit foot in our azzes? sean bell look like rodney king look like martin luther king azz whoopin's & Black man pillagin' & killin' to me... but hey, i'm just livin' one day at a time & prayin' every day i breathe;-)

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

bottom line McCain will be dead before he pays back one red cent.

there is something about a man in the winter of life with more to gain by dying than by living...and that is what makes me uncomfortable about McCain.

His plan does not include his life he is looking to create policies at best that may out live him but he's aware that his numbers are funny but when has a old man been afraid of debt?

That is one of the reasons why love seeing Obama and his wife and those beautiful children of theirs...they are still apart of the living.

Anonymous said...

Those uniforms are "spiffy". Maybe it will catch on.

Oh - Hamilton High School, "The International School of Beauty". I didn't know they had a golf team.
That's what's up.
Later, 1-Town.

JayBee said...

not surprised that he's only raised 3 mil for the general election. i was telling an acquaintance that it seems like he's not campaigning. i wonder if his wife has already picked out her china pattern because mccain thinks the election is a done deal since the candidates who he has to run against are a girl(woman) and a black boy(black man/negro/whatever he's calling him behind closed doors). the pow thing makes me nervous about mccain. has he been to counseling? i'm not particularly fond of tags either. i put them in the same category as e-mail forwards and text message forwards. saw the rev. wright thing but didn't listen to much of his speech. in what parallel universe does mccain live in where he thinks everybody is gonna back him cutting education, social security and student loans and give more breaks to the wealthy? we already got that t-shirt. and no, mr. mccain, we do not intend for you to extend this war machine any further so you and your homies with your big government contracts for weapons manufacturing and stuff can continue to make money. what you said about hil makes a lot of common sense. you gotta be faithful over a little before you can be ruler of much.
...poor black man with a feeble vocabulary, so what would I know?
modesty will get you everywhere. just the other day you let it slip that you are in the top 3 or 4 in your field. btw i'ma have to look up 'suppurate.'

Jackie E. said...

Once again, you've enlightened me as to some of the specifics regarding the actual breakdown of numbers, facts and figures. Seemingly, McCain's policies are nothing more than political rhetoric, jargon, that will never come to fruition because like you said the numbers just don't add up. Do they think that no one's really paying attention?? They must not realise that there are people out here such as yourself who are dotting all their I's and crossing all of their T's, who are holding people accountable for all that they are saying. I guess they don't know, or maybe they hope not!!

jmsjoin said...

Obama is the man and we need him at the helm if we are to have a future for my grand kids and your kids. We can not afford president McCain who I am afraid is already a given as the next false Republican God.
Clinton is just as bad as McCain who will dwarf even Bush. I happen to agree with Reverend Wright but I am afraid the Right controlled MSM will keep spinning what he says until they guaranee Clinton who will then be defeated by the Right's disinformation juggernaut!

Tera said...

I shun at the mere thought of McCain being president.

P.S. Are long comments a prerequisite for posting comments here? Because if so, I SO totally fail.

María said...

Ignoring all the rest of it -
I think Rev. Wright needs to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up for a while.

If he really cared about Obama's campaign he wouldn't be taking this opportunity to promote himself and garner publicity, he would be realizing that whether unjust/undo or not - he is doing great harm to Barack's bid for presidency.

He pisses me off. I really don't care what good or bad he has to say - this is not the time to be saying anything, knowing that you are being used to destroy the very man you claim to love.

Jaded said...

Well, we're there until at LEAST 2013, and that's even if a Democrat gets elected. Of course, no one will tell us that, but that's what the army says, and they say it's etched in stone and even a new president can't change it.

McCain has said out loud, in public, that he thinks the current economic plan is a good one. How is that possible? People are losing their jobs and their homes, no one can afford gas and food prices are soaring, but it's all good?

The problem now is that the democrats are going to wage such an ugly war against one another, McCain will come out looking like a knight in shining armour. One of them needs to bow out, and SOON, if the dems have ANY chance of beating McCain in the fall. But no, Hillary will hold on until her fingertips are nothing but bloody stumps because it's all about her, not about what's best for the country. It always has been. And I am sick to death of the whole Rev. Wright issue. When Bill was nailing Monica, who did they summon to the White House ASAP to act as a spiritual advisor? Rev. Jeremiah Wright. So, he was the trusted spiritual advisor to the Clintons, which was a good thing, but now he's evil? Nope, sorry. The woman's a liar AND a hypocrite.

I'm beginning to lose hope.

This is exactly why I'm an Independent...I think both parties are out of touch with the reality of living the day to day life of most Americans. McCain and Clinton are worth millions and millions of dollars. Why do people believe them when they say they want the rich to pay a bigger share? What idiot is really going to draft legislation that makes them LOSE their own money? not gonna happen.

Obama is the best chance we have for change. At least, that's what I think anyway.

Curious said...

I'm going to skip everything including your main point only to say Dubya like you say is really funny when he's doing lines that don't affect anybody. You also got to keep in mind - writers. With good writers anyone could become the Bob Hope of the 21st Century.

But we still should never have trusted him with the corner store let alone the presidency.

shine said...

Draconian, that is the word. As if the current drug laws aren’t enough. McCain’s proposal is fundamentally flawed; it’s provincial and hardly masks McCain’s pro-corporate agenda. Mc Cain makes me laugh—parading around black folks pretending to be the “softer side of bush.” Will we bend over and take it gently, or will we turn around and fight?

Melody.Darlene said...

and to think that many republicans consider his ideals to be liberal!! ppfssshh!! please!

MisStory said...

Absolutely love the blog. Thanks for checking my blog out, just thought I would return the favor.

DeadMule said...

Hi T.,

Yes, McCain is scary, and I'm not even black.

Yes, Wright gave one strong speech. The NAACP has white members, too. Like Wright said, it's not white people that's the enemy; it's the white system.

Sadly, I have to say I like Wright better than Obama right now. Mayne I just like preachers better than politicians. LOL

Maybe with Obama it's "by any means necessary." (That's Malcolm.) Any rate Barack Obama will have my vote, if he's the Democrats'candidate.


BLKSeaGoat said...

McCain is such a fucking liar and hypocrite.

I can't believe people actually consider him a straight shooter, unless one considers shooting bullshit to be straight.

I used to like Hillary BEFORE she went all evil and ahit, but I have NEVER thought her husband was a good president and certainly NOT the first black one. Her assessment and plan for IRAQ are riddled with grossly misleading promises that NO politician will be able to keep. Short of the creator him/herself pulling the troops out, they are there to stay.

Several trillion dollars, tons of spilled blood, and damaged lives later I hope every prick who supported this war REALLY challenges their deluded notion that this war was worth it.

Thanks for the post.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

McCain has me worried now, shit is real right now.

The Love Collective said...

Those uniforms is kinda fresh.
But McCain is seriously smoking dust, and we all know it.

Lena said...

Thanks for this post, once again I am more informed and educated than I was prior to reading it.

Anonymous said...

aye, thanks for the comment. really appreciated it. never really thought people actually looked my blog. and thanks for stopping by as well. i really enjoy your blog. a lot of informative stuff that i can learn about. much love. peace.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

What's good folk. I see you holding class again. Just can't stay out of the classroom can you. I'm one to talk, I'm always preaching something which comes pretty close to teaching as long as i don't "hooping"

MartiniCocoa said...

you know more than all the people who think McCain is going to save them.

A McCain presidency gives me nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Real talk, McCain needs to take his outlandish economic plan and go sit down somewhere!

Marcus LANGFORD of MLDTees.com

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

How ya been book hustla, u don’t have to be, ill be your political, wont let folk on tv analyst LOL

Aunt Jackie
I think so too, I me he is almost as old as his mom, I like Obama, bgut he need to step his game up, I mean he us a great orator, and thinker, but he nedd to think more about this stuff if u asked me as they all do and I love his woman to, ride or die she is

DN Lee
Yes we did, we were the first for the school, me Roscoe Overton, Chuck Evans, Authur Saulsiberry, Killer Guilder

And them uni’s is tight, I saw the whole thing when they swept South Carolina this past weekend

That's what's up.
Later, 1-Town.

U right, he does think that the election is a done deal

I don’t know about the counseling? But I think he needs it, I means he can be out right manic att times
But I could use some folk with big government contracts
And my fault on the humility and honesty – to gather;collect

Jackie Edwards
Thank u, and I think so as well, he just repeating stuff his folk tell him. Glad you did well at the Penn

an average patriot
I agree and true Clinton is just as bad as McCain who will dwarf even Bush. LOL I just want Obama to step h8is game up, instead of focusing on minsisters and stuff

You an say what ever u want, and at any length, my page your page, our page

The Immoral Matriarch
Maybe, Maybe not, it is America and if he wasn’t there they would find someone else. Great point and I do see where u coming from

2013 (LOL) and him saying just that is my problem and true, im tired of it too (plan to get HC more votes) and don’t loose hope….up with hope and down wityh dope or dopy politrixters
Well said ”I think both parties are out of touch with the reality of living the day to day life of most Americans. McCain and Clinton are worth millions and millions of dollars. Why do people believe them when they say they want the rich to pay a bigger share? What idiot is really going to draft legislation that makes them LOSE their own money? not gonna happen.”


And that’s the honest to god truth

Very well put however his “ McCain’s pro-corporate agenda” makes me scared as fuck (not really) but enough for me to start my own business – what kind of law u studying hon .

That’s because of his mingle with Se, Fiengold

Thank u and any time sister

LOL liking Wright over Obama – I aint mad at ya, and I love the Memphis use Of

Mayne I just like preachers better than politicians. LOL

Rock on Helen …when will the eymail me a copy of the lates issue, cant wait to see my poems in print in a major anthology


Yea, that is some shit, straight shooter my ass unless it was in Vietnam I never cared for Mrs Rose Law Firm. Yep that’s a lot of loot and meanwhile back at the ranch, oil is 117 a barral and Iran is changing standard to Euro and Yen

Thanks for the drive by hon and do come back pls

Tha BossMack TopSoil
Not the Compton mac, worried - lol

The Love Collective
Yeas they are tight and he smoking more than LoveBoat

No maam, thank you for reading

Mary Ann Santa Ana
Thank u as well, and next time leave you link ok and do come back if u ever wanna be bored

You main, and stop fronting, u a scholar warrior priest – just doing what we do. Besides in look at writing about MCCain as my duty, like jumping on a live grenade around a group of women and children

I am not Star Jones
Thanks for the stop by, but I don’t know about that, I bjust don’t have a social life so without sex five times a day, I reads mundane policy papers by folk like jones….and do come back

Maybe u can train him and give him a Myo infarction that’s wrong let me stop

Jamal O said...

No Doubt.

Thanks for the invite. was a pleasure.

I see your keeping up with the circus... Magic tricks indeed.

Informative as usual.


Jamal O said...

Big leg woman...!

hahah u funny.

Kofi said...

I can't believe McCain is alert enough to run without some signs of aging / mental issues cropping up before the end.

At least that's my hope.

T.a.c.D said...

this entire situation is scary, the entire country is scaring me...economically, morally, politically, you name it, its scray...so much we don't know...yet so much we do...

Vee said...



I have to agree with A. Jackie on this one : )

I know several Africans Americans that actually routing for this GUY, but no one can really convince me WHY!?

DeadMule said...

T., The Dead Mule is an online litmag. Here you are http://www.deadmule.com/poetry/2008/04/torrance-stephens-two-poems/
and check out the entire April issue


Anonymous said...

Thanks for laying this out--I've been meaning to look into JMC a bit further but just hadn't had a chance to.

Been busy. ;-)

Blah Blah Blah said...

Good point on Hil and her ability to work the countries deficit.

Bush is inherently funny because he's the court jester in nature...but the lines he gave at the WHCA dinner were written for him...his awkward delivery just added to the humor.

You...not proficient?...sorta thought you did everything profieiently.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Jamal O
maybe it was the liquor, maybe I should have said exposed legs - lol

Some think they stem from his POW days

Yep and it would be even mnoreso if we didnt know or want to know - feel me?

Veronica Wright (Hunnie)
baby, why me, what did I do to deserve this LOL

aunt jackie is the bomb and u like most folks then who read her comments
maybe they are veterans, thats cliq tight like a gang

DeadMule said...
Thanks sister, will add to my links too.

thanks for the appreciation hon

Blah Blah Blah
well I just try hon, and treat everything like im cleaning my plate

SHE_UNIQUE said...

Very Insightful. Love the blog in its entirety. I shall come back for more. :)

Unknown said...

To be truthfully honest, it's not McCain we need to worry about...It's his beer brewing wife!
She's about to get the whole world drunk on starvation! Trust me, " The Devil Wears Prada!"

Anonymous said...

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