Thursday, November 06, 2008

red rum

So it is finally over, or is it? True, I was wrong about whom I thought would win based on a history of 43 prior white men, but as for my reasoning I was not. This past 22 months has reinforced all of the positions I have laid out in text from my dissertations regarding the economy to why we as human being must obviate race from our lexicon if we can, for although this past week was historic, and the world now see America in a different light, we still see ourselves in the same fashion, well at least many of us do.

First, it is obvious that many folk prefer to emote in contrast to think. I was hard on McCain (but this was ok). Unfortunately I was just as hard on Obama (but for many this was not). I have never approached any subject matter with respect to feeling with the exception of family, my children and how I would treat my woman. Oh, and food. But with respect to politics, I have never based any decision on feeling. This has lead me to understand than many folks make selections based on feeling when I make my as a function on thinking. For I know that if there was no TV or Radio, and folks were forced to read the history and positions of the Republican and Democratic selections for this past election – you would have seen that there were basically no difference between the two and that they were more similar than dissimilar. I also learned that many folks tend to vote for the individual whereas I vote for the policy positions.

True Obama won, and I’m pleased with that, but American may be in the same position historically it has always been. Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Georgia, Lousiania, Utah, Montana and Idaho among others still remain GOP and in strong support of the divisive politics that have historically been a function of race (many in the South). And I know folks don’t like to use history to project future speculation and to form opinion – but I do. These states have been red for the longest and no end seems to be coming soon.

I feel that yes this is historic, but also may reflect a change - a regression for many back to the time before the civil rights movement. Yes, 40 years ago a great man was killed for bringing change. I just don’t know what will be, given what i feel will be major conundrums quick fast and in a hurry for the new president jones:

  • Russia: This may be the first head bump for Jones. Russia (Putin) is making a fat cat move to buy allegiance from Latin American states that are right in our own backyard. Plus they mad because of our decision to deploy elements of a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. So as a result, they have decided to place some similar equipment in Cuba – or so they say.
  • Economy: Many would like to infer that Obama’s victory brought back extreme volatility to the market, with the Dow Jones industrials falling 480 points and the major indexes tumbling more than 5 percent. After Tuesday night. True some may be pulling loot out as a form of fear, but truth as I have written before, this will continue for a couple of few administrations, irregardless of who had won. He will have to tackle this and his tax cuts, during a recession don’t make much micro or macro economic sense, but it sounds good to the voter. So he will need to foster the gumption to show how smart folk really think he is, for short term tactics as taking loot from the rich wont pay for nothing, nor do jack, when the deficit is approaching a trillion dollars; oh and did I say he wont be able to end the war as quickly as he proposed?
  • Middle East: It will be difficult for Obama to end the war as he said. Especially since his chief of staff was one of the folks that assisted and motioned that we start a war with Iraq and has a desire to start one with Iran - Israeli Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel, the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives as the Democratic Caucus chairman, will be returning to the White House, where he served as a political and policy adviser to Clinton.

Which brings me back to thinking over feeling. I as many feel that America has changed. But looking the states that McCain carried, what I call the redrum states to honor one of my favorite movies of all time, the Shining, it won’t be easy. These folks will fight tooth and nail against him, even when it may benefit the commonwealth. For unfortunately, his victory has also brought back the zealots, the folks if they don’t like the color of your skin, will post up outside your crib and chase you with an ax and string you up from a tree. Yes this is historic, but the history he has fostered via victory, has only begun. Let’s just hope it does not assist in bring back the attitudes many thought were no more, and that some as myself – feel are merely dormant.

Had a ball talking politics with 12kyle at shop yesterday.


Mrs. Mary Mack said...

Sitting in a red state as we speak. This morning one of the top local news stories involved a local gun store that has seen a massive increase in sales since Obama's win. Texas does indeed love it's guns. We live in a state where black men are STILL be dragged down streets! TEXAS-you are mighty, you are red, some of the people who reside in you are ignorant.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

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yummy411 said...

*sigh* thinking takes precedence over emotion, but i'd like to ride this wave of emotion of hope.

how you feeling fam? dropping by to say hi and to see how big your daughter's getting wishing i could pinch her little cheeks lol

The Bear Maiden said...

Dude, what map are you looking at? Cuz the final was slightly more blue than that.

There were going to be problems no matter who won. New Administration, same economy. Same problems. Brown man in the White House, same old racist Gollums slithering around.

But the difference... there is hope, now. We needed that. I realize men look at "what is". This is useful. But mothers look at "what can be", "what needs to be" and we know that time passes, month by month, into the future. The future is not certain... it can change. And mothers hope for a better future for our children, even when the odds look bleak.

Men tend to look at now, and project now onto the future.

And what this mother knew back in January, and what she prayed for when she watched those first states flip is....

No matter what happens, whether Obama does a good job or not... he NEEDED TO WIN. My son, your son, all of our brown babies needed to see a brown man who speaks eloquently (and not just like a "white boy", either, cuz the beauty of the way he speaks is you still hear his soul), who is smart as hell, has ONE WOMAN who he loves, honors and respects, and has BOTH of his children by her.

And no matter what the Gollums tried to pull out, they didn't find a Blue Dress or an Illegitimate Child. And you know they tried to.

He may fail. The worst COULD happen to him because there are enough ugly people in the world...

but on the other hand, he may not. He may show us all the true measure of a man--regardless of skin color.

And just once, I am honored to say to my son "there is a brown man... a man who looks like me, leading this country for the first time in 232 years".

More than anything, our children needed to see that.

That to me, was more important than anything else, because we have had economic depressions in the country and survived. We have had wars we won or lost and survived.

But we have never had a brown man in the White House... and it was long over due.

And enough people... of ALL COLORS, believed that and put him in there.

Yes we can, and we did.

Sista GP said...

thought you didn't watch movies. i prefered the book over the movie, more content. as most movies based on Stephen King's novels.

other than the "family name", why is it one of your favorite movies.

it did trip me out when it was disclosed the meaning of "redrum"

Lina said...

The road shall be long and hard, but nothing is impossible.

And I think people need to take history into consideration more than they do, especially since history has a way of repeating itself, moreso to the ignorant.

It doesn't surprise me that McCain carried so many states, and the state that you and I live in, because these people, these confederate flag toting patriots vote that way consistently and will continue to vote that way.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

mrs. mary mack
so true, wonder what thet got going on in their minds?

loves the psa

lol she doing well - i just donty want us to sleep

The Bear Maiden
yes there is hope, and it was the only map i could find, but the states i named were red and hopme of the confederacy - we got hope but do they?

Sista GP
u gone make me date my self and say i saw it at a drive in with my parents when in high school lol - was the family thing each weekend

yep i just say be leary

Gorgeous Geek said...

Hey Hey Hey... NC is not a red state... but its not blue yet either...why is it taking so freaking long!?!
i disagree with the map up there


Anonymous said...

I'm not ready for my high to come down. I feel full with this win. And as I've said before, there's much to be done, and one man can't do it all. All of our issues will not be addressed in this presidency and Obama can only do so much. He is after all, one man. But now is the test, he's got the job; let's see if he walks the walk. He's taking over in a time of turbulence, our country has problems on top of problems, and everyone feels that their issue is more important. Plenty of roadblocks still exist. The honeymoon will be over sooner than people think and the gloves will come off. Closet bigots are coming out of the closet left and damn right. Politics is still politics. He’s going to be analyzed like no other president has. His every move criticized, and broken down play by play.

I’ve always felt connected to the black community, your failure is my failure; my success is your success. I was raised to think that way and I still do. I feel a renewed since of pride and I can see that in other black people as well. One man on the mountaintop doesn’t fix our self-image issues, it’s going to take YEARS of self-reconstruction to fix that, and the fact of the matter is that many aren’t even working on it, and some don’t realize they suffer with the disease. 500 years of self-degradation and oppression cannot one man fix. And America is still America, fucked up race relations and all. But, I’m going to enjoy this victory. Small in the big picture? Probably in the grand scheme of things, but my little cousin doesn’t feel limited by the color of his skin, he doesn’t feel like he’ll have to play a sport to achieve success, and he doesn’t question his worth as a person and he has pride in his heritage. And yes, seeing a man with skin like his make it to the White house, evoked emotion in him that he had no problem communicating. He’s only eight years old and he looked at me and said, “We can do anything” Seriously? No money can buy a present better than that. His mother’s probably still crying about it. What did we really win? Barack Obama being the 44th president of the United States has far reaching implications, of which we won't really be able to put into perspective until many many years from now. But I’m excited, and nervous. And that’s just fine with me for now. I’m going to stop now; you know I have a tendency to ramble on…
p.s. my heart and my mind led me to the right choice.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Only thing is we have to be careful of letting our past define our future and only use it as a reference for I have found later in my life when one removes time from the equation and lives in the only time we can, the now, your life changes.

After all that is what President Obama did, he lived in his now he didn’t let what Americas history determine what he could do He took his path to the presidency one step at a time.

The red states worry me especially now having lived in a blue state I wonder, but the truth is my time in a very liberal MA and a very conservative TX aren’t much different at all. Maybe it’s the circles I moves in. What I do find troubling is that the differences are mostly among my folk up here. Some of them are so busy complaining they just don’t even see how far they are in the struggle. Where I was (Boston) there was dancing in the streets and playing in fountains by people of all races, religions, and creeds. Where I am from (Houston) there was silence, one friend replied you can hear a rat pissing on cotton when I text I could hear air horns and car horns outside my window. However neither is that different especially when you look at the county break downs of the electoral maps.

I understand that you want to be cautious and we should use history but we should never let it be the predictor of a future only a reminder of what not to do.

My Zen look at these last eight years to makes sense to many. As I am sure you may know the Buddhists don’t believe in assign a good or bad thing to anything but merely letting it happen and accepting it is happening. Without the 8years of W which spawned 2 wars (one unjust) and a economic crisis almost as bad as the great depression this country would not have wanted the change and Obama wouldn’t have been able to seized this moment. The Zen me sees the Obama presidency and simply says we will see, the black me says GOOOOD GOOOGLEY MOOGLEY (nah it doesn’t but it sure is proud of something we already knew; we are a resilient strong and intelligent race of people).

Let me get off my soap box in your living room! Have a good one, sir!


The Bear Maiden said...

T, WE have hope. He flipped Va. NC and MO are NECK AND NECK. He got FL... and I've been to Northern FL and it's pretty redneck up there. It's not just Cuban. And overall, enough people turned out in the Red States and gave me some hope.

But more importantly, brown and red and yellow and pink folk banded together. Our voice was heard.. and we can never be silent and hopeless again. It doesn't matter what THEY wanted. WE did it.

Go to cuz they have the current map and you can even see what counties voted what.

John R said...

Texas is also a state that elects and then re-elects a black man as Railroad Commissioner. Railroad Commissioner is arguably the second most powerful elected official in the state.

We also happen to elect black Republican judges.

I am a Texan, I am an American. Barack Obama is my President. Not by my choice, but President he is. I think I will spend a good deal of time opposing many of his policies, just as I would have McCain's, if and when these policies seek to infringe upon personal liberties and freedoms.

President Elect Obama deserved this win. He ran a great campaign and built a solid base. Obama is smarter than Jimmy Carter ever was, and much more disciplined than Bill Clinton could ever be.

My potential opposition to Obama's policies will not be based on race, just as your (and often my) opposition to the Bush policies was based on race.

I expect we may have a few good oportunities for debate in the near future.

Keli said...

I meant for my dewey post comment to go here...but oh well...

jr. you bring up a good point, there are many black republican officals within the state of Texas...but if you're black and don't seem to count.


KELSO'S NUTS said...


Love that flick.

I'm going to back up Jones here because he's writing important, sensible, coherent, logical interpretations of American politics, as wellas American economic and foreign policy.

If there are two subjects I know VERY WELL it's Russia and Latin America. I can say with certainty that I know more about Russian and Latin affairs than Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain and Sarah Palin do. I'm mostly ethnically Russian, and also partly ethnically(whatever test they used to use for "Blackness" in the South) South American.

I've lived in Russia. I currently live in South America.

I am perfectly fluent in Spanish but my Russian barely exists anymore. I know how to say bond, stock, option, thousand, million, spot, forward, that sort of thing in Russian. I can read block letters but not cursive.

I know the names of all the leaders, cabinet ministers, political parties, etc. I've met many of them.

Here's what I know whether folks like it or not. McCain made no secret of his plans for South America. He spoke them out loud at "Cuban Independence Day" in Miami in May. He planned to quarter a couple of hundred thousand US military personnel and contractors in Colombia and Peru for invasions and "regime change" in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.


So, of course we all thought he was a psycho. He couldn't quarter anybody in Colombia despite how much money the US gives them (Israel gets the most, then Iraq, then Colombia), because the people detest him and Bush and all the Republicans they know. Colombia is like no place on Earth. Maybe I'll describe it tonight because it's so insane. Every single person carries a 9mm on them at all times. Everybody has weapons caches at home. The wealthy live behind razor wire and have private armies with rotating teams of snipers on the roofs. Every single Colombian I've ever met has seen at least one family member murdered in front of them. Of the 100s of Colombians I know, maybe 10still have their fathers and older brothers. Colombia however is a large, wealthy, half-European, half-Mestizo country and people whose appearance to anybody here might seem "soft" would kill you and not think twice about it and feel no guilt whatsoever if he or she thought you were a threat. Including pre-teens and old ladies.

How's Uncle Sam going to deal with his "ALLY" then, nevermind his "ENEMIES"?

Nevertheless, all of South America polled about 94-6 Obama over McCain because the people tend to favor the Democratic Party in the US and Obama has been very cagey and pretty hard to pin down on Latin policy. Plus, he seems like an extremely intelligent, careful and peace-loving guy, as opposed to Bush and McCain.

He'll get a short honeymoon.

Neither of Obama nor McCain, however, OFFERED the deal that Putin and Medvedev did. They said they would stand in solidarity with all of democratic South America. That was the offer which they immediately backed up by sending gunships into the Caracas harbor and jet fighters onto the Venezuelan military air strips. The also began a series of petroleum and natural gas JVs with Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Words are great. Actions mean something. Russia's got our back. The USA until I'm advised otherwise is a likely enemy. While he was never so bellicose as John McCain, Obama himself was pretty lippy about "reigning in" Hugo Chavez as part of their National Security effort. Oh really, Mr President-elect? How do you plan on doing that? Why would you want to? Venezuela has a great trading relationship with the US and has no expansionist aims at all. They're literally swimming in money. They want STABILITY. Before getting all uber-patriotic please understand what Venezuela and South America are. First world, developed, modern, capitalist democratic republican self-governing mixed ethnic countries. With money. Natural resources and Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are well fortified militarily even without Russia. If you can't occupy Iraq, you have no chance to occupy one block of suburban Maracaibo. Trust me.

Panama is an interesting case. Two months or so ago the president elect praised President Bush for the firm banking blacklist on us and promised Bush that he'd do everything he could to weaken our banking system and make us change our tax law.


One problem, Mr President-elect. There's $6 TN in our banking system and we use dollar-backed notional Balboas. We like our system of banking and our tax laws quite well thanks and you have no say in the matter. Should you try something, our government will re-back the Balboa with EEU, CHF, or GBP. What will that do to the strength of your currency, sir?

On the other hand, Obama's attorney Gregory Craig is also ex-president Ernesto Perez-Balladares's attorney, so if Gregory Craig is chosen as Hemispheric Affairs advisor, he'll give the President-elect a full course on all of this.

Whether the President-elect chooses to listen to Craig or to Colin Powell who butchered 10,000 of our people and rendered 100,000 homeless just to bring one goofball up on fraud and tax charges in Miami federal court is up to Mr. Obama.

Gregory Craig would be my pick, but I really don't care. I got a whole continent, it's semi-common market MERCOSUR plus Russia to protect me.

If we get a better offer from Obama, we might just take it. He'll get a nice honeymoon period here though if he doesn't cause anybody problems. Everybody is happy that Obama beat McCain. Everybody wants Obama to abandon "Plan Colombia" and replace it with a bi-lateral trade agreement. Everyone wants Obama to be an ally, a great trading partner, a peacemaker, and maybe do something nice like help President Uribe of Colombia, get the FARC and the Paramilitaries to the bargaining table so something can be done about the wretched political and drug violence in Colombia that has gone on 45 years running -- BECAUSE OF US INVOLVEMENT IN THE COCAINE TRADE.

"War On Drugs" my grannie's left nipple!

The USA whether under Republican or Democratic rule is not the boss anymore. Anywhere. Certainly not on a continent which shielded by the blacklist from US credit problems has had one year of growth after another with Panama and Venezuela leading the pack at 9% simple over the last five years. No trace of recession or fiscal problems here.

OK, now for Israel. I'm a Humanist Jew which means I self-identify as a Jew, am an Ashkenaz by tribe, know the liturgy and texts but don't believe in the supernatural. I am fiercely opposed to Zionism. I consider Arabs to be my pan-Semitic cousins. American Jewish neo-cons like Joe Lieberman and Rahm Emmanuel make me vomit.

I want peace in the Middle-East. An accord is available with Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia if Israel will grant the Palestianian people statehood and go back to the 1967 borders. Everybody wins. Israel will always exist but no longer be an expansionist arm of the American Empire.

How's that going to happen with Rahm Emmanual at Obama's side?

Jewish people are a very diverse lot. We're not "clannish" or "private" or "superior" or any of those things. The same dispersion of values you find in every culture you find in Jewish culture of both tribes.

Believe me, there are more of me than there are of Rahm Emmanuel and Joe Lieberman. They just don't live in the USA. But some do. There's a new lobby called J-Street which believes in that peace deal and is meant as a counterweight to the odious AIPAC.

There's a term "not keeping it real," another term "Uncle Tom," and so on, si o no? OK, we free-thinking Jews have terms like that too for Rahm Emmanuel and Joe Lieberman. Only they're way, way nastier than "Uncle Tom." In Yiddish, the word is "Meshumed". In Spanish the term is "Converso de Mierda." Imagine "Uncle Tom" raised to the fourth power and that's how serious those terms are and I use them all the time. Exactly for American neo-cons.

If anybody is OK with Rahm Emmanuel because he's Obama's guy, all I can say is "you can have him". I don't care about his DNA. He's not one of me.

I like the work of Malcolm X and even much of Louis Farrakhan's charitable and community work. I despise the meshumedim like nobody on Earth. That's how serious this is to me.

4GOTTEN1 said...

I just hope all the people who are out supporting obama are still supporting him later when he has to make some less than favorable decisions for the country. It's easy to be behind him now why everything is all good but lets see what happens when it all really begins.

Linda said...

I like what you said on 'not voting on the individual'.. See, that's why yall should copy our system :P

We vote for parties, not persons. And however one party may have the majority of votes, they will ALWAYS have to choose another party to work together with. (At least one, but usually two)

At this moment, we have 2 christian parties and one 'labour' party, which together form the government. - I voted socialists, but they're in opposition now.

That way, no lunatic can ever get laws through that everyone else opposes to.

Greetings from the netherlands! ;)

The Socialite said...

The red states are already going hard and showing that they will not tolerate Obama as President. In Texas they are burning Obama signs and hanging things from trees. Let the Race Wars begin...

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Good Post, I feel you on this 100%. I was happy Obama won, I cried because, hey it was history. I am still a little worried, many of my friends are White folk and I have heard some strange talk of late.

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Oh yeah, I didn't get those books. It may be my fault, I noticed in that email I forgot to give you my zip code. Anyhoo I sent you another email.

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Well said and greatly put. I understand where you're coming from. Much respect for those who think with their head and not their heart.

T.Allen said...

I think it is important to realize that many of us are at once hopeful and mindful. I wrote about my feelings on the win, but notice I quoted Epictetus in my foreword. I'm not cheesing so hard that my eyes or ears are closed. I see this win and the "game change" as an opening of doors-but it sure hasn't brought them down. Ever the pessimist, even I am happy on the surface-work with me Torrance!

Unknown said...

although the map you display isn't quite right...i feel what you're saying. historic tuesday night? yes. Have all the boogiemen gone away? hell no! It's going to be interesting. Hope the secret service detail Papa John had...headed straight to Obama's crib. He will need them

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Gorgeous Geek
lol whats taking so long in your state anyway

Kitty Cleopatra
well said and more of us should have that connection, it is our lives and experience that bind us, and not our religion and ;politics, but some dont see it that way

OG, The Original Glamazon
well said, diodnt say it was or should be used to predict the future, but rather where we are today, and where we may or may not be - we must learn from the past and use it as guide and thats all but we must not get happy go lucky - the trojan horse is out their somewhere, we need to find it b4 it finds us is all im saying

The Bear Maiden
ok sister. he did good. and the dems laughed at his strategy lol

So true, we are americans, he is our president. Thats what makes us great and will make us even better

thats what i dont get, saw on the dewey post how i was ridiculed for not being ademocrat in essence WOW

we gone have a great show and so true, really for most of the latin and central american countries and putin is one slick cat. And pulled the oil card too, u know that

mde too and even the ones who didnt. we can get negro comfortable real quick

that makes sense and is a good suggestion but americans never will to arrogant

The Socialite
know u got a gat under that dress jones

Kawana Aminata Oliver
i sent them dang, and be happy being a part of history is worth the while

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B
thanks babe where u been

i saw that and yes maam i am, just dont want us sleeping

Blog Queen
was the first map i saw wrote it the other night, really morning

mp1 said...

whats up pimpin. hate to call you out, but that map isnt acccurate. check out an accurate one here:

But I get teh point. That southeast corner, extending to TX (the cotton belt) remains solidly republican. I was even listening to C-Span the other night, and noticed that his harshes critics were from those states

Sister Girl said...

It's hard for them to face the fact, but it's not exactly like they've ever given us a choice either ! It was either "like it or not", but crazy interesting when the tide turns.

It's amazingly silent here in Texas...or better said,across the South & those people will just simply have to learn to get over it.

Obama '08 !


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

never said you did babe never said you did...only flexing my brain muscles on your page!!


Anonymous said...

C of S appointment RE may be strategy of "... keeping your enemies close"
Without (yours) the people's constant influx of new ideas & helping hands OHB will be just another puppet

@kelso's nuts - outspoken truth there. Changing the "drug war" to a true fair trade drug market would be beneficial for all


heather said...

i voted the way i did for one reason and one reason only. as far as their 'changes','goals' or 'promises' go they would both end up fighting the house and the senate to try to get things done and end up spending more time in the middle lane than anywhere else. out of the two main contenders, i voted for the one i felt was more able to get the rest of his team to focus a bit. our government is should work like a sports team. as it stands, that team is in sore need of direction and willingness to work.

Anonymous said...

"True Obama won, and I’m pleased with that, but American may be in the same position historically it has always been. Texas , Tennessee , Georgia , Mississippi , Georgia , Utah , Montana and Idaho among others still remain GOP and in strong support of the divisive politics that have historically been a function of race. And I know folks don’t like to use history to project future speculation and to form opinion – but I do. These states have been red for the longest and no end seems to be coming soon.

But looking the states that McCain carried, what I call the redrum states to honor one of my favorite movies of all time, the Shining, it won’t be easy. These folks will fight tooth and nail against him, even when it may benefit the commonwealth. For unfortunately, his victory has also brought back the zealots, the folks if they don’t like the color of your skin, will post up outside your crib and chase you with an ax and string you up from a tree. Yes this is historic, but the history he has fostered via victory, has only begun. Let’s just hope it does not assist in bring back the attitudes many thought were no more, and that some as myself – feel are merely dormant."

Excellent points, Rawdawg.

I live in one of those "Red States"-----"Bloody Mary" Texas. This state cares nothing for its own citizens (as I have addressed on my own blog). Yes, there are self-haters who live here who would rather have had 4+ more years of the sick sadism that President N****r B****h wrought on the people of this country and the rest of the world, and believe me, they will be out in droves. The hatred of Black Americans never went away, and I do not believe it was even dormant, as you say Rawdawg (not ragging on you). It simply went underground in outward manifestations of behaviour. The contempt and hatred of Black people in this country has had over 500 years experience in this hemisphere, so it will NEVER, go away.

As for guns......

......non-black people are not the only ones who can buy guns.

Oh, and ah, I definitely did not like many of Obama's policies (which is what cost him a vote from me).

The Massas who have been ruling this gestapo-state country have had it in for Black people for centuries, and there is no let-up in sight, especially in states such as Texas, which would give anything to purge her Black citizens from its environs as well as rescind the Fourth Amendment, the Thirteenth Amendment, the Ninth Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment.

I look at the PAST, PRESENT, and the FUTURE.

You cannot run from the past (deal with it; learn from it).

You have to make a way in the present. Work with what you have, and build more upon that.

You have to prepare for the future: not forgetting the past, not just living in the moment of the present. Not being ashamed of the past. Recognizing all the tremendous odds that Black Americans came though to survive in this Black race-hating country. Taking to task those who are supposed to represent US (US citizens), whether *they* be a mayor, judge, vice- president, or a president.

And America has a shitty past and present with her Black citizens.

I WANT to believe that Obama can make a difference, and YES, I am one of those people he spoke of that he will have to win over.

Just because he and I share "African" blood does not mean that he will necessarily look out for Black people.

That the votes of millions of Black people were taken for granted is sad enough. I for one did not feel that my vote should be taken for granted by ANYONE.

Yes, Obama was elected.

Now, he has to prove himself to me, the way so many so-called White "men" proved themselves to be less of men in the sick sordid way they have mistreated Black people with the law (U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Court, etc.)

I do not vote for any party.

The Republican Party has been shitty towards Black citizens (the Compromise of 1877) and the Democrat Party has been shitty towards Black citizens (Blease, Thurmond, Wallace, Plecker). Both parties take Black people for granted, which is why I do not vote straight party tickets when there is an election. I vote for whomever has my best interests in mind, which as far as candidates go, is unfortunately as rare as a Dodo Bird . When I DO find a candidate who has done for me and kept their door open and their phone on the hook (yes, I do actually contact those who are supposed to represent me)-------------then I vote again for that individual, because they have proven themselves worthy of my precious vote.

As for the *people* who live in many of these Confederate/red states, they will never stop fighting the Civil War, neither will they stop seeking the destruction of Black people.

Even if it means their own destruction, and the annihilation of this country.

And no, I did not have to see Obama elected to have pride and respect in myself.

I have had that all along.

I have always believed that Black citizens could do anything, as long as the filth of this country would leave them alone (which did not happen after the abolition of slavery, the destruction of Reconstruction, and the insulting humiliations of Jane Crow segregation).

Black people could always do very well, and I for one never believed that they could not, the rest of the world be damned.

In the end, Obama is only one man, and he has a hellish mess to attempt to clean up. A mountainous hellish mess left behind by President B***h and his cohorts.

Even though I am skeptical of Obama, I will pray for him to do his very damned best to bring this country back up out of the sick canyon it has fallen into. He cannot do it by himself, but, with help and support, he can at least have a start.


.....his policies on

-his slavish worship of Israel

-the kick in the face to the Black Cherokee Freedmen/Women

-his insulting Black people by comparing ethnic Whites to black people (when many of those ethnic Whites have the most hatred and contempt for hard-working "working-class" Black citizens)

-his contempt for the Palestinians

to name just a few, are making it very hard for me to have much of any confidence in president-elect Obama.

The racist hatred directed against Black human beings was always still beneath the surface. It just morphed into a pathetic collage of "color-blindness". Scratch the skin and it is still there with the contempt of still segregated metropolitan cities, gated communities, sundown towns, sub-standard, unequal *educations*, disparity in prison sentencing, and on, and on, and on............

And like a pus-filled sore, it has erupted and will ooze out more rage against the change that Obama's election signals. They don't call them "die-hard' racists for nothing.

A Black man (not Black American) now stands as President -Elect, something that racist haters thought would not happen. It did not surprise me that Obama won. I for one thought a "Bradley/Wilder Effect" was going to strike dumb millions of voters once they went to cast their ballots. I am happy that many people did really put their money (votes) where their mouths were, and did not resort to talking out their asses or out the sides of their necks. About time that some type of faith was restored in me. Then again, millions of citizens were sick and tired of the mendacious garbage that masqueraded as "leaders", *leaders* who shit on this country and thought that they would prevail.

But, the American citizenry said "Enough!"

Now that Obama is President-Elect, many haters will start in with the "Well, ya'll have ya'll's Black president now, so racism is a thing of the past".


WE U.S. citizens have a president-elect who happens to be a Black man.

And we will have him as OUR president who had better stand by us, and not seek our destruction the way President B***h did.


Electing Obama did not make racism go away, but, I am prepared for all the fools who think that now that Obama is on his way to being sworn in on Inauguration Day, that now, presto!, chango! racism is now dead.

Like hell it is is.


msladyDeborah said...

I think you've present a fair analysis of the situation. I don't know how you can make a smooth transition into a situation that is already beyond a bumpy ride.

It does take a considerable period of time to stop fighting a war. Experience has taught me that particular lesson. There's more to it that just declaring that it will end. At least now we will know if the Iraq people are really ready to assume responsibility for their nation like it has been stated.

I think that there is going to be the start of talks with Cuba. A change in the embargo acts. Not right away but at some point in time~this is going to be one of the subjects that is as least tossed out. The comeback response will be interesting to see.

Unknown said...

I am very emotional and to that end I do a lot of things based on feelings instead of knowledge.

Your post today really has made me think, and I fear your right...that Obama's election will serve to charge up the racists..the extreme racists that would take delight in harming an individual of color.

Here in Cali, hispanics have been the new 'blacks' for quite awhile..all the immigration talk has riled up the assholes mightily. I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day and this bag of shit behind me had the audacity to mumble 'fucking mexicans' because someone of hispanic origin was asking the clerk some questions about the price she had rung up on a product.

Without even thinking I spun on my heels and looked her dead in the eye and said What Did You Say?

She could see the anger in my eyes and face I am she meekly got out of line muttering something under her breath that I couldn't hear.

I called her an asshole in spanish as she walked away..she DID turn around and look at me..surprized I guess that she was standing behind a hispanic when she made her retarded comment.

It's gonna be scary Torrance..for awhile at least.

She Draws said...

Okay did the previous readers blog in your comment section ...LOL it took me forever to read all that.. but its all good!!I love politics.

I can't believe you didn't include Louisiana racist ass in your list of deep south Southern states.

This is what I think. Yes I'm sure they'll be some hate crimes exposed to the media but it's not like it hasn't been going on.

I'm not afraid. All I can say is black American's are not the same Black American's from about 100 years ago.

I don't think it will be as bad as before the civl rights era. Do you think one would run up on you? You can barely get them to look you in the eye.

As a people we have grown and If nothing else I hope this pulls US together. I've noticed a new mutual respect we share and it's beautiful.

Be strong brother!

Go B.

anonymous said...

We have Obama's email. Why don't we use our power to instantly comment & vote on each decision/appointment. Why not an office of PUBLIC relations (campaign precinct offices) with grass-roots crew?

Clifton said...

I'm down here in New Orleans brother and the tension is real. I'm getting reports that this is happening all through the south. The next year may be rough. These states were not red by accident.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is historic, but the history he has fostered via victory, has only begun. Let’s just hope it does not assist in bring back the attitudes many thought were no more, and that some as myself – feel are merely dormant.

hit the nail on the head right there.

Miriam said...

Hi Torrance,

If you or someone you know knows Hebrew, Obama's name was found in the bible codes in Ezekiel 38 (every 7th letter).

Anyway, for sure a change is coming, but is everything decreed already? If not, we can effect the change we want to see!

I suspect using history to postulate future events will get you right 90% of the time, but when a mutation is occurring, a change, then I don't know...

Anonymous said...

Folk are looking for change to come over night. Others I've spoken to are looking to get something poppin for themselves. I can only say that time will tell when real change occurs. Also, people may be in for a rude awakening when they realize that he isn't trying to help folk out, not like that. Not the individual when it comes down to skin color. But I hope good comes out of the Obama administration.

dmarks said...

@ann: "his slavish worship of Israel"

Just because he supports the right of the people of this nation to exist, and has not sided with those trying to exterminate the Israelis, does not mean he worships it. President Elect Obama merely has taken the most reasonable view on Israel. Way too often, I see those who defend the rights of Israelis to exist attached by antisemites as different versions of Israel worshippers. These people need to let go of their obsession with trying to bring out the annihilation of a nation. Good for Obama.

dmarks said...

@Mary Mack: You had the first comment, and I missed it. I am in a BLUE state, and one of the main employees of a local gun store told the media he was unhappy because that n***** won the election. I blogged about it here.

Anonymous said...

One of the many things that sparked ire in me with this election was unprecedented voter registration. I haven't missed voting in an election (national or local) since I could vote. So it pains me that voters came out of the closet - where in the hell have they been? Only 55-60% of eligible voters participated in the 2004 election, less than that in the 2000 election. Even when you factor in migration to other states and those that came of age since the last election the numbers are still stunning. This tells me that too many individuals have esteemed too lightly this hard earned right. And it pisses me off. To some degree it is those people that bear a great deal of responsibility for the way this country has been ran over the last 20 years. The same tired ass voting blocs have been showing up faithfully and getting their agenda's and the agenda's of those that they support shoved down our collective throats. Should the vast majority of eligible voters always participate we wouldn't be where we are now.
As for Obama's win I'm indifferent. Niether I nor my children needed to see a black man elected president to define our reality as to what heights we can ascend to. That's one of the major problems in the black community, we always looking for some messiah, savior. The same potential has been placed in all of us. We have to want it and strive, fight for it. I teach mine that the skies the limit. We have to cease this idol worship and get down to substance. "Frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me, I'm from Missouri. You have got to show me."

dmarks said...

Nicki: You have some good points. The expectations were built so high that you had some people expecting free housing and gasoline from Obama. I saw video of a children's choir singing Obama hymns. The messiah thing also helped the backlash of those who think he's an Antichrist or something.

As I said on to someone else's blog post that ranted about him being an Antichrist: "Obama's just a guy".

Hey Shae! said...

No it isn't over, it's just beginning. Not much will change immediately, because the president is just a figurehead. He'll most likely be fought on many of his decisions by the decision makers (Congress) and will have to prove himself again and again. But, if this event sparks the lightbulb in the minds of the next generation that we need to do better, to at least TRY to do better, it is definitely worth it.

plez... said...


a few corrections about the election:

red states virginia (home of the confederacy and voting republican since the infancy of the southern strategy in 1964) and north carolina turned blue during this election cycle. both went for Obama, both elected democratic US senators, and virginia elected a democratic governor.

red state georgia is barely red, as Obama lost the state by only 4 points... and the US Senate race is going to a runoff. many expect (present company included) that at worse, georgia will become a full-fledged battleground state in 2012.

and in ALL of the red states, particularly in the south, the electorate is far less RED than it was in 2000 and 2004.

i will agree that policy-wise, you'd be hard pressed to find much difference between the democrats (Obama) and republicans (McCain) - especially with the economy in tatters and the conflict in Iraq entering its final throes of US involvement ... which further speaks to the moderating effects of the country tacking to the middle as opposed to extreme conservatism (on the right) or extreme liberalism (on the left).

lastly, Emanuel was picked by Obama to force-feed his legislative agenda to Congress. if you recall, that's how Bush kept Congress on lock for the last 8 years... given the right policies and agenda, Obama will only be able to secure a successful presidency if he is able to rein in and control the actions of a Democratic-led Congress with weak Republican opposition and a damn near filibuster-proof Senate (i.e. veto-proof Congress!).

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...


In between class. But Emmanual is not an American CITIZEN. Obama wont be able to control - after all he has advocated openly for pre-emptive neo neo con like invasion of Iran

and the map is just to make a point. Most of the folks in the areas like VA and NC are not from their and dont reflect Southers to me. Like saying a new yorker who moves to geaorgia this year is a Georgian. Rasied in a completly diff world view (albeit up south - down south)

Economy of Style said...

I am a certainly a supporter of Obama, but like you, I am a very skeptical one. This election has gotten so engulfed in emotions that there has been no space allowed for well needed complex discussions of Barack.

While I recognize that Obama has to be a politician, he has not done a satisfactory job of addressing the social injustice issues that concern progressives.

One of your commenters rightly said that we should look to history for insight. I agree. America has a history of trying to pacify Negroes with idealism. Our history also tells us that important change does not come without unrest, without us being so disgusted by our situations that we 'demand' change. Obama's victory, an important one, represents idealism to me. Real Negroes will have to make him accountable for.

President Anthony Taurus said...

Mannnnnnnn I had that map at 302-320+. Obama got like 500 and he still gettin points lol. And you didn't say a word about marijuana. UPDATE.. UPDATE I SAY.. UPDATE. lol

rawdawgbuffalo said...

mp1 v.8.0
its just a picture - make it sound like folks get a book ton look at pics over words lol. WHERE HAVE U BEEN jones? missed ya

Sister Girl
we have to do the work, we call him a black president instead of a president and we party instead of evaluate if he can do what he has said from what he has written

OG, The Original Glamazon
anytime my queen

Point well taken

but the work is really on us

thank u but u said it better than me

I aint mention Dafur, and what will happen if he has to institute martial law for what ever reason.

Yep we have to have faith, be informed and ready to deal with it though

A Go Bytch
Thanks hon, I took care and added the Bayou Knights LOL

good gueestion

Dang tell me more

Thanks scholar

I didn’t know that thanks for the information sister

Urban Thought
The people I feel need to accept the responsibility of being the administration

nicki nicki tembo
So right, the youth vote needs to be responsive now, but I suspect they see him as one man and that he is the salvation – that’s not how it works.

She does and great perspective yourself.

You are one of the wise ones

MUATA NOWE said...

I am with ya on this one! You typed every damn word I wanted to say!


Ms. Jackson said...

I don't think it is fair to say that the states then went red went red because of race. If you are a conservative, than it makes sense for you to not vote for Obama especially if you are a social conservative. THe major thing is there were no upsets for Obama, which I think is way more telling. He didnt lose any states that Kerry won and he won some that Bush won. Including the Southern States of VA and NC.

MUATA NOWE said...

Below is a response that I posted after reading the article at this link:

I think my response is fitting to some degree on your post ("red rum")


What we we (those who voted for Barack) have done is RE-ENERGIZED and RE-IGNITED the hatred that has always been in the souls of the hater. Our votes were cast for several reasons. Change for some. Putting an intelligent person in the White House was another reason for some. Ultimately, we did it for a better tomorrow. But, Derrick, these haters will not come around. No way whatsoever. The hate runs deep. If you can hate someone just because they are black tells me a lot about these people. Rember, we did NOTHING to be hated! America, a black president, an accepting Generation X white person will not change the hatred in the pits of the red states. Believe me, I understand that you are aware of this. Believe me, I am TRYING my BEST to be POSITIVE about this particular topic (God knows that I am) - but we have YEARS of hate-filled experience as our example. Should I all of sudden believe that America has really changed? That all are on board? That the evil will not prevail? It has for YEARS in spite of our so called God ordained blessings i.e. Jesus, Martin, Ghandi, Medgar, Moses, etc. If God is involved: HE WILL HAVE TO WORK THIS MESS OUT. We (people from all backgrounds) are incapable of moving past bias, mind-sets, beliefs, and behaviors to rectify the MESS we have created. But, I must say BARACK OBAMA IS ANOTHER START. We can't go through 40 more years of this crap! I just stress people look to the past for the future. The past is critical in this case. So critical. I am praying the past does not repeat itself. I am also praying that I can force my thoughts to the positive at all times inspite of the realities of history. -Muata

SoulOnIce said...

I'm in as big a red state as there is in this country (the great state of Texas). Trust, there are plenty of us who ride with Obama, but there are plenty others who just stick to their beliefs, regardless of who was on their ticket. It sucks, but such is life.

I will say I've seen more people show their true colors, or get loose with their lips, fingers, etc since this result came in. It's unfortunate, but I learned a long time ago to never be shocked by race relations in this world, especially right here. I'm happy to see things have gotten better, but we can't be so jaded as to think they've gone away.

Amenta said...

T, Your prediction of 300,000 job losses was pretty much right on last night. News announced today 250,000 lost so you are probably right since their numbers are based on filings for unemployment!

Drea Inspired said...

Some of my co-workers said that they were disappointed in Georgians because he didn't win Georgia, but I knew that he wouldn't so I had to remind that just because we live in metro Atlanta where chocolate folk and liberals are everywhere you look that is not the case in rural south Georgia where I was born and EVERYWHERE else in this state.

None the less, Barack Obama is our President-Elect and I am most definitely happy about. I heard one brother say that it's the ultimate test of accountability for black folks. We can no longer say that we can't do it because our father wasn't there...

I was floored because I hadn't thought about it that way, but it's the same thing I've always said, I guess now with a brother in the white house it makes it seem silly to have so many excuses for why we can't do better. Not that the disparities that exist on so many levels are not a issue for us as a nation and not just the black community, but in many ways, I would like to see us not wait on the Baracks of the world and bail ourselves out.

Still it's a great victory for our nation.

ŵù gamßina said...

I truly feel this year is going to be a VERY DIFFICULT road for us, and I can't lie, I am a bit afraid of the challenges ahead... but I can TRULY say that the night of 11/4/08, I felt INVICIBLE! The amount of pride I had in this country was to powerful to translate into words. We'll see what the future has in store for us and may God bless each and every one of us!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hey, I live in one of those REDRUM states. LOL

Lena said...

Hey...what time will you be at the shop Monday and where is it again?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ MUATA: He did have a good call on the figure. I could have gone as high as 400,000 official unemployed.

Thinking about the US election in the context of living in Panama City has been the weirdest political experience of my life. If anyone ever visits here the first thing you notice is that you become unaware of the color of anyone's skin or their features except as a means of describing them to someone else. The city is a complete mix of everything with about 1/4 of the population Afro-Panameno. 1/2 mestizo. 1/4 huge mix of "other". The stereotyping and the ethnic clumping is not pervasive at all.

So, during the US general election "Kill him!" sort of was so extreme that no one could express it right, so nobody talked about it. But the manners culture is so ingraind that everybody was infuriated by McCain's use of "that one"("ese") during the debate and the cries of "he's an Arab" during the Palin rallies. It is an absolute rule here that you refer to someone by their honorific, doctor or plumber. It is also considered vulgar beyond belief to speak out loud about a person's ethnicity or any sort of self-idenity. It's never done in normal conversation. It's a civil violation to do it in a political context.

The country has reached a kind of left-libertarian consensus on all the social issues and the social part of the economic issues -- single-payer health, strong union rights, and low taxes and entrepreneurial tax holidays, fiscal and monetary conservatism, so the debate is about very, very specific economic issues and how they affect the people and the country but more in material terms like credit rating on external borrowing.

The candidates (we're in a presidential election) debate every other Sunday in neat/casual clothing on TV in a free-form round-table style with or without a moderator and there is only discussion of the issues and no canned insults or anything like that.

While 75% of the country does attend religious services regularly, church and state are very separate, and religion is regarded as a very personal thing, so it would be the most vulgar thing imaginable for a presidential candidate to say anything about his or her religion.

I know so much more about the American policians' religions than I do about my own country's leaders' religions. It's never mentioned in the public sphere as part of a political discussion.

Not only is the debate frequent and specific, the candidates are very respectful of one another's views and are very careful to give no offense whatsoever. In the primaries Navarro's ads against Herrera which accused her of being "soft on crime" were a criminal offense! Very strict libel and slander laws. Your only defense is if what you said was categorically true.

Of course, politicians let all this go more or less.

It's just that there are culturally acceptable forms of behavior including overt racism in America that are not tolerated by Latinos. "Not tolerated" is the wrong expressed. "Not done" is better, because of the emphasis on courtesy. Whether that's good or bad, I can't say but it's more relaxed and different to be sure.

And Sarah Palin could never be a Vice-President here. No party would nominate someone like that with no achievements in poltics, business, law, academia, hard science or even the arts. It would be considered an insult to the voters' intelligence.

Again, maybe the codes of behavior are too rigid here, but I don't think so because it's very relaxed socially and with language and is way less prudish on a lot of things than the US is.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

That attitude has already started here in CA with the defeat of Prop 8 and the white gays gunning for Black people, for some stupid Black people to go along with this analysis and almost nobody connecting the dots!

It's more important than ever that we as individuals make every effort to stop the encroaching tide of idiots and racial arsonists.

Anonymous said...

Yes I spent some time in texas and having never been given a speeding ticket in Maryland, DC or Virginia all blue states b/t/w. I got 3 dubious speeding tickets and car searches, Texas is truly a police state. I believe prison is the number 2 source of income behind oil and gas. UGLY!

Anonymous said...


"Just because he supports the right of the people of this nation to exist, and has not sided with those trying to exterminate the Israelis, does not mean he worships it. President Elect Obama merely has taken the most reasonable view on Israel. Way too often, I see those who defend the rights of Israelis to exist attached by antisemites as different versions of Israel worshippers. These people need to let go of their obsession with trying to bring out the annihilation of a nation. Good for Obama."

And I stand by what I wrote.

If Obama can be for Israel, then he can also be for Palestinians.

And calling Zionists out on their atrocities, just as I call the Islamic fundamentalists out on their atrocities, does not make me an anti-Semite, as if only Isralies are Semites, as if Israel as a nation has not committed wrongs against her neighbors.

So too, are Arabs Semites.

I do not have anything against the right of Israel to exist.

Just not at the expense of another group of people who have just as much right to exist and have a place of their own as do the Israelis/Israel.

T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T said...

Your map is a little off. Obama carried Colorado, Indiana and Virginia. I'm not sure about Colorado, but Indiana and Virginia are historically red states.

Not to mention he carried Florida as well. If that's not change, I don't know what is.

And yes, you're right, I'm a lil silly. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Way to get the juices flowin!!! I applaud you for getting the proactive thoughts going. Me personally dont like to base anything off of the past due to the fact WE have an AWESOME GOD that lets NO PREDECESSOR determine his will. I believe That there has been no foundation for action(positive) amongst the urban communities, but if we can capitalize on the hope, motivation, and direction this election provides, All states can not only be erased of any color red or blue, but goodness can supress evil for once...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

thanks man, when u stopping by the shop?

Ms. Jackson
im saying the history of the south from carpet baggers to dixie crats is more race oriented than others, i mean dems/gop in south really the same in beliefs about black folks

u represented with that one folk. great letter

aint that the truth, now we have to be more observant than ever

thanks, they always under report

true - like i have been saying in most of our post, we have choices - individual responsibility and work ethic is all that matters for success

ŵù gamßina
no need to be affraid when we can be informed and think through problems

One Man’s Opinion
me too - lol

where were u woman lol

so different a world it is when one has the chance to live in and not visit another country, Kelso u and I have been blessed, many dont see what we saying

i heard and find it ridiculous
what up my fellow morehouse alum

im down to wait and see, my loot is a tad bit more important at the momment than foriegn policy

the map is just a graphic, its the words that count.

The Hip Hop DEMOCRAT thanks, i think it is on us now if we desire for him to be successful, and being supportive and critical at same time to get iodeas flowing is how would like to see us do it

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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